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Sept. 2005: With Rita & Katrina Crimping Gulf Area Gas, Would A PoLB-Located LNG Facility Mean Lower Gas Bills For LB? LB Energy Dir. Garner Tells Council...

Sept. 2005: City Hall Says Higher Winter Gas Rates Coming Due Largely To Katrina

March 2003: LB Will Receive $17 Million From El Paso Natural Gas Settling LB's Antitrust Suit

Jan. 2002: Court Denies City Hall Motion To Kill Class Action Suit Seeking Gas Bill Rebates from City Hall for LB Consumers

July, 2001: City Hall Files Demurrer To Class Action Suit Seeking Consumer Rebates for LB Utility's Natural Gas Rates

July, 2001: LB Energy Cuts July Natural Gas Commodity Rate Nearly 64% to $ .2872 per therm

June, 2001: LB's Natural Gas Commodity Rate For June Is Over 50% Higher Than So. Cal Gas (in neighboring Lakewood); LB's June rate is .7947 per therm (down from .9310 in May); So Cal Gas June rate is .52120 per therm (down from .62049 in May)

June, 2001: City Att'y Shannon Delivers Significant Public Statement On His Office's Interpretation of Charter Sec. 1502 (rates by City Hall-run utilities); We Post It Verbatim

May, 2001: LB Citizens for Utility Reform & Several LB Residents File Class Action Lawsuit Alleging City Hall Violated City Charter With Natural Gas Utility Rates Exceeding Prevailing Area Rates, and More

May, 2001: Vice Mayor Baker Suggests, And City Mgr. Welcomes, Having City Staff Discuss City Charter Section 1502 (requiring City Hall-run utilities to charge prevailing area rates) At June 5 Council "Budget Workshop" (6-7 p.m.)

May, 2001: LB's Natural Gas Commodity Rate For May is 50% Higher Than So. Cal Gas (in neighboring Lakewood); LB's May rate is $ .931 per therm; So Cal Gas rate is $ .62049 per therm

April, 2001: City Att'y Shannon Tells Interpretation of Charter Sec. 1502 Is Legal Issue and His Office Has Opined City Hall Can Legally Pass Through High Natural Gas Commodity Prices (incl. Nov-Feb) but Whether Or Not To Provide Gas Utility Rebates Is a Policy Issue Within the City Council's Discretion

April 2001: City Hall Reiterates Policy: Since Mid-Feb. Only Those Historically Habitually Delinquent on Payments and Who Haven't Made Payment Since Dec. 2000 Are Subject to Gas Cutoff

April 2001: LB Gas Dept Slashes April Natural Gas Commodity Rate to 0.1914 per therm; LB Rate was 0.69 in March, roughly 1.43 in Feb. & 1.62 in January

April, 2001: LBCUR Co-Chair Donaldson Presses Council To Agendize Discussion of City Charter "Consumer Protection" Section 1502; Also Says City Hall Shutting Off Gas To Some Consumers For Non-Payment; City Manager Details Significant LB April Rate Cut, Suggests It May Help Compensate For Past High Charges; Confirms Gas To Some Customers Is Being Shutoff If Made No Payments Since December

March, 2001: City Hall Announces Composition of its "Energy Task Force"

March, 2001: View LB City Hall's Class Action Lawsuit Against Various Natural Gas Suppliers

March 2001: "LB Citizens for Utility Reform" Formed, Will Hold March 24 Community Meeting

Mar. 2001: LB Gas Dept. Slashes March Natural Gas Commodity Charge In Half; City Hall Will Effectively Subsidize Consumers' March Rate With Savings From New Deal For Tidelands Gas

Mar. 2001: Councilman Carroll Admits In TV Interview: Council Has Legal Authority To Use General Fund To Rebate Gas Bills; Carroll is cool to this option but says issue deserves Council study.

Feb. 2001: City Manager Says CA Will Reduce Cost Of Natural Gas From LB Tidelands, Reducing City Hall's & Consumers' Cost For About 1/3 of City's Annual Gas Supply; Taboada Says Savings Will Be Passed On To Consumers As A Credit

Feb. 2001: Public Speaker at NLB Council Meeting Gets Extended Applause Slamming City Hall On Gas Bills

Feb. 2001: Analysis & Perspective: LB Councilmembers Fail To Use Their Power To Roll Back and Rebate City Hall's Oppressive Gas Bills; City Hall's consumer relief equates to nickles/dimes on the dollar while continuing status quo spending

Feb. 2001: Details of City Manager/Council Approved Gas Bill Relief Package; Manager's memo shows est. $3.8 million FY 00-01 utility tax windfall; it will cover part of relief package and some increased City Hall costs; $2.25 million in higher utility costs to be absorbed

Feb. 2001: Mayor O'Neill & Councilman Grabinski Agendize Separate Proposals For Limited Utility Tax Reductions Due To Gas Rate Hikes; Set For Feb. 6 Council Meeting; We post their verbatim proposals

Feb. 2001: Council Previews Limited Moves On Soaring Natural Gas Bills at Jan 30 Meeting; We Post Excerpted Transcripts

Feb. 2001: LB Natural Gas Rates Drop Slightly for February to 1.4332 per Therm; Jan Rate was 1.6244; Adjoining Lakewood (served by So. Cal Gas) to pay only 0.662 per therm in February, less than half of LB's rate.

Jan. 2001: LB Residents & Businesses Paying More Than Twice As Much For Natural Gas Commodity As Lakewood Consumers; Read City Charter section enacted to control LB Gas Co. rates

Jan. 2001: Council OK's Staff's Proposed 25% Natural Gas Bill Discount Limited To Qualifying Low Income Seniors and Low Income Disabled 'Til April 30; Groups Are Already Exempt From Utility Tax; Includes Mayor's Letter to Governor Davis re natural gas situation

Dec. 2000: LB Gas Bills Rise and Could Double or Triple Over Last Year's Level; LB Consumers Pay As City Hall Reaps Utility Tax Windfall But Net City Hall Costs Unclear; Mayor O'Neill and C'man Grabinski Agendize Utility Bill Issue for Jan 2 Council Meeting But Don't Propose Utility Tax Adjustment

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