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Caveat: Use dated material accordingly.


July 2. 2007: : LB Airport says, "In response to the increased threat level overseas, law enforcement presence has been increased in and around US airports. Additionally, LB Airport may experience some additional military aircraft operations. In fact, several F-18 flight operations occurred over the weekend."

June 2007: Jet Blue Founder Neeleman & Billionaire Investor Soros Sell Chunks of JetBlue Stock

May 2007: JetBlue, LB Airport's Major Comm'l Tenant, Removes Founder David Neeleman As CEO

April 2007: In Depth: Council Votes 5-3 To Expand LB Airport's Permanent Terminal Area Facilities, Will Grow From Roughly 57,000 sq. ft. (Perm + Temp) To Nearly 90,000 sq. ft. Permanent; Multiple Residents Cite Pollution As Major Concern

April 2007: Editorial: Common Ground On The Airport

April 2007: Guest Opinion: Jensen: Too Big, Too Risky

April 2007: Perspective: City Mgm't Proposes Counter-Measure Against Gabelich-O'Donnell-Uranga Green Airport & Neighborhood Protection Programs

April 2007: April 24 Council Meeting On Airport Terminal Expansion Will Include Green Airport & Neighborhood Protection Programs Recommended By Councilmembers Gabelich, O'Donnell, Reyes Uranga

April 2007: JetBlue Slips To #2 In Annual "Air Quality Rating" Compiled By Midwest Academics

March 2007: LB PTA Files Suit Challenging Environmental Impact Report Re Expansion Of Airport's Permanent Terminal Area Facilities

March 2007: JetBlue's Website Flight Tracker Back Up After Apparent Morning Overload As Carrier Cancels Many Flights Due To Northeast Winter Weather

Feb. 2007: Residents filled Stearns Park rec room for meeting of City Council's Environmental Committee. Air pollution monitoring was detailed and discussed...and Councilman Patrick O'Donnell urged real time monitoring of Airport-related pollution.

Dec. 2006: Bird Strikes JetBlue Plane On LB Airport Take Off, Crew Hears Sound Consistent With Bird Ingested Into Engine; Crew Trained For Such Events & Brings Plane Safely Back To Airport

Nov. 2006: Long-Time LB Airport Manager Chris Kunze Is Retiring

Oct. 2006: JetBlue To Begin Flights To Chicago O'Hare Airport From LB Airport (And From NYC's JFK Airport)

Oct. 2006: JetBlue Lengthened Shifts For Pilots On Some Transcontinental Passenger Flights (May NOT Include LB) For Two Weeks In 2005 To Collect Data On Pilot Fatigue; FAA NY Office OK'd It; FAA DC HQ Said NY Office Erred; [Perspective] Data Collection May Preview Future Effort To Urge Revising FAA Rules On Pilot Work Hours

Oct. 2006: JetBlue Foresees Slower Growth, Cost Cutting

Oct. 2006: Kristy Ardizzone Exits JetBlue and LB, Relocates To Las Vegas, Will (Again) Operate Her Own Aviation-Related & Consulting Business

Sept. 2006: City Mgm't Asks Council For Approx. 60 Days More In Ongoing Talks With Airport EIR-Appellants With Goal Of Avoiding Litigation

Aug. 2006: TSA Eases Some Air Traveler Restrictions...But All Passengers Must Remove Shoes; Shoes To Be X-Rayed With Carry-On Bags

Aug. 2006: Heads-Up: Homeland Security Dept. To Conduct Survey Flights @ LB Airport

July 2006: What Is, And Who Runs, The LB Public Library Foundation That Receives Penalty Fees Paid By JetBlue Under City Prosecutor Consent Decree Re LB Airport Late Night Flights? How Much Money Are We Talking About?

July 2006: LB Airport Ass'n Bd of Directors Wants New Airport Terminal Named "Beverly O'Neill Terminal"

July 2006: City Prosecutor & JetBlue Extend '03 Consent Decree On Late-Nite Flights Thru June 07 With Continued Revenue For Library Foundation; Meanwhile, East Coast Summer T'Storms Apparently Result In JetBlue LB Late Night-Early A.M. Arrivals

July 2006: LB Unified School District Files Legal Action Against City Hall Alleging Flawed Airport EIR...BUT Will Ask Court To Stay Proceedings Until Oct. 24 While LBUSD Engages In Negotiations/Discussions With City Officials In Effort To Resolve Issues; Action Is Meant To Preserve LBUSD's Legal Options, School District Says

July 11: Airport votes: Council motion by Reyes Uranga to rescind EIR fails 4-5 (Yes: S. Lowenthal, O'Donnell, Reyes Uranga, Gabelich; No: B. Lowenthal, Colonna, Kell, Richardson, Lerch). Subsequent motion by Reyes Uranga to extend statute of limitations within which appellants could file suit to challenge EIR until Oct. 24, directing staff during interim period [summary paraphrase, details below] to discuss with representative group of appellants size of terminal project and mitigation measures passes 7-2 (Yes: B. Lowenthal, S. Lowenthal, Colonna, O'Donnell, Kell, Reyes Uranga, Gabelich; No: Richardson, Lerch).

The motion as stated by Councilwoman Reyes Uranga was: "That the City refrain from asserting as a defense in any litigation the statute of limitations resulting from the filing of the Notice of Determination on June 22, 2006. The limitation period would be extended to October 24, 2006. During this time period, staff shall discuss and negotiate with a representative group of the appellants regarding the size of the terminal project and any appropriate mitigation measures and shall report back to the Council on the progress of the discussions no later than September 19. This motion essentially extends the filing period for lawsuits for roughly 90 days...The first 60 [days] would be used by staff to meet with the appellants which would be defined as a representative group of the 49 who filed appeals and by returning back to the City Council for what still is in the hands of the Council. On returning back to the City Council at the end of the 60 day period on approximately September 19, the Council could further extend the time period or end any further negotiations and leaving the appellants a full 30 days to file suit if they so desire and if they still don't feel satisfied."

July 2006: News in Depth/Perspective: Add'l Facts Re Chronology Preceding Scheduling Of July 11 Airport Item

July 2006: Councilwoman Reyes Uranga Agendizes July 11 Council Item To Rescind Council Vote Certifying Airport Terminal EIR/Adopting Conceptual Site Plan, Moves To Set New Hearing Date & Conduct Further Assessments Re EIR

July 2006: Website Launched Announcing Plans To Recall 7th Dist. Councilwoman Tonia Reyes Uranga

June 2006: City Att'y Shannon Says No To Motion To Reconsider Airport EIR On June 27 As Not Agendized w/ Notice Under Brown Act, Says Motion To Reconsider Won't Be Consistent With Roberts Rules On July 11; Councilwoman Reyes Uranga Indicates She Will Bring Something Forward On July 11

June 2006: Editorial: Fairness Flouted

June 2006: Council Makes Major Airport Decisions: Certifies EIR For Expansion Of Permanent Terminal Area Facilities Incl. 12 Aircraft Parking Positions (5-2 vote); Approves Conceptual Site Plan For 98,000 Sq. Ft. (4-3 Vote)

June 2006: Mayor-Elect Foster On Pending Airport Terminal-Area Expansion EIR; We Post His Comments

June 2006: Editorial: A Fire Bell In The Night At The Airport

June 2006: With Audio & Expanded Text: Appellants Pound City Mgmt-Proferred Airport Facilities Expansion EIR; Council Votes 5-2 To Delay Action For One Week

June 2006: Vice Mayor/Councilwoman Kell Is At North Dakota Family Gathering...And Told Mayor In March She Wouldn't Be At June 13 Council Meeting; Kell's Office Says If Council Doesn't Vote On Airport EIR Tonight, She'll Watch Tape & Vote When/If Matter Is Heard On Her Return

June 2006: Editorial: Common Ground At The Airport

June 2006: Vice Mayor/Councilwoman Kell Indicates She Won't Be Present At June 13 Council Meeting...Which Includes Appeals Of EIR Re Expansion Of LB Airport Permanent Terminal Area Facilities

June 2006: Prelude To Major Airport Action: City Att'y & Mayor Invite 49 Appellants To Pre-Hearing Meeting On Procedures For Airport Terminal Expansion EIR Hearing

May 2006: 49 Appeals To Council Filed Re Planning Comm'n Certification Of LB Airport Environmental Impact Report On Expanding Permanent Terminal Area Facilities

May 2006: City Mgt's Airport Financing Report Downplays Risks...Despite City Hall's History

May 11: In a specially continued evening meeting, LB's non-elected (Mayor appointed, Council approved) Planning Commission voted to certify as legally adequate a city management-proferred Environmental Impact Report (EIR) on a city management-desired expansion of LB Airport's permanent terminal area facilities to roughly 102,000 sq. ft. An appeal to the City Council is virtually certain...and the Council is scheduled to hear the matter in mid-June.

May 2006: In Depth: Law Professor Warns Airport EIR's "Preferred" 102,000 Sq. Ft. Permanent Terminal Facilities Expansion Invites More Flights, Loss Of LB's Noise Ordinance

May 2006: May 4 Planning Comm'n Hearing Re Airport EIR (Expanding Permanent Terminal Area Facilities) Will Be Televised And Replayed Multiple Days...Plus May 11 Planning Comm'n Hearing Will Be Telecast AND Webcast Live

May 2006: Two Planning Comm'n Hearings On draft Enviro Impact Report Re Expanding Airport's Permanent Terminal Area Facilities

March 2006: LB Council Votes 8-0 On Revised, Softened Gabelich/Reyes Uranga Motion Re Late Night Airport Flights Exceeding Noise Limits

March 2006: Councilmembers Gabelich & Reyes Uranga Propose Stiffer Penalties, Tightened Exceptions, Lease Termination Provision Re Late Night Airport Flights/Noise Ordinance Violations

Feb. 2006: LBPD Arrests Suspect In Bellflower/Conant Neighborhood After Morning Security Situation At LB Airport

Feb. 2006: JetBlue Has Run Of Weather-Related Late Night LB Flights; Two Local Activists Describe Their Experiences

Feb. 2006: Small Plane Crashes In Port of LB Pacific Container Terminal (Pier J, Berth 270); Pilot Injured, Ground Workers & Cargo Containers Escape Unscathed

Feb. 2006: JetBlue Sees Red Ink, Posts Net Loss For Last Quarter Of 2005 & Full Year 2005

Jan. 2006: Two B-1B Bombers Depart LB Airport (LOUD!) Jan. 5; See Pix of Jan 4 Take-Off For Rose Bowl Flyover

Jan. 2006: Two B-1B Bombers Arrive @ LB Airport, LOUD Wednesday Jan. 4 Afternoon Take-Off For Rose Bowl Pre-Game Flyover

Dec. 2005: JetBlue Makes Two Late-Night Flights On Christmas Night, One After Midnight; Carrier Cites NY/JFK Fog & JFK Runway Light Problems

Dec. 2005: Councilmebers O'Donnell, Reyes Uranga & Gabelich To Ask Mgr. For Cost Estimates & Financing Strategies For Each Potential Alternative In Airport Terminal Area Expansion EIR & Financing Strategies That Won't Encumber City With Debt

Dec. 2005: Council Votes 6-3 To Extend Public Comment on Airport EIR Beyond Kell-Proposed Jan. 6, Public Now Has Until Jan. 30

Dec. 2005: JetBlue & Alaska Seek Leftover American Airlines Flight Slots

Dec. 2005: American Airlines Spokesman Confirms Report, Says Carrier Hasn't Yet Announced Plans For Its LB Airport Flight Slots When It Ends DWF Service in Early 06

Dec. 2005: American Airlines To End LB Airport Service To/From DFW Effective March 2

Dec. 2005: JetBlue LB To NYC Flight Returns To LB After Indicator Showed Something Amiss; Indication Found Erroneous, Plane Departs OK Next Morning

Nov. 2005: Vice Mayor Kell To Seek Add'l 15 Days For Public Comment On Airport Draft Environmental Impact Report Re Proposed Permanent Terminal Area Facilities Expansion

Oct. 2005: LB Airport Operations Resume After Major Police Search On Security Matter

Oct. 2005: L.A. Presidential Visit + LB Main Runway FAA Maintenance Work = Late Nite Runway 25R Take-Off, Sending Large Jet Over Cal Hts. Rooftops, Angering Residents

Oct. 2005: JetBlue Forecasts Red Ink Due To Increased Fuel Costs

Oct. 2005: Councilmembers Reyes Uranga, O'Donnell & Gabelich Seek City Mgr-City Att'y Report W/In 45 Days On Airport Late Nite Flight Penalties

Sept. 2005: NTSB Preliminary Info On LB Airport Sept. 11 Small Plane Crash

Sept. 2005: LB Airport Launches Snazzy New Website Feature Letting Public Track Incoming, Outgoing Aircraft & Info

Sept. 2005: Small Plane Crashes On Takeoff From LB Airport; Falls Behind Facility On Industry Ave. (behind Cherry Ave. auto dealer); Two Aboard Plane Die; LBFD Extinguishes Fire, Prevents Spread

Aug. 2005: JetBlue Names New Member To Its Board of Directors Who's An Exec With HNTB, Firm That Advised 133,000 sq. ft. LB Airport Terminal Area Expansion Project

Aug. 2005: Banner Comes Off Tow-Plane; Banner Falls Into Los Cerritos Homeowner's Backyard, Downing Power Lines

Aug. 2005: Recently Formed Nevada Entity Headed By Former JetBlue Exec Seeks All 22 Vacant LB Airport Commuter Flight Slots

June 2005: Councilwoman Gabelich Seeks One Member From Each Council District On "Airport Advisory Comm'n"

June 2005: JetBlue CEO Neeleman Scheduled As "Special Guest" At Fundraiser For "LB Alliance"

May 2005: LBHUSH2 & CA Earth Corps To Set Up Multiple Monitors Letting LB Residents See Real Time Airport Air Pollution Data Via Internet

May 2005: Gabelich Says LB Alliance, Some HUSH Members & City Staff Working To Find "As Much Common Ground As We Can"

May 2005: Council Votes Unanimously To Direct New Reporting Req'ts For Groups Advancing LB Ballot Measures; CA Common Cause Supports "Increased Transparency" In LB Contributions

May 2005: Mayoral Candidate Randal Hernandez on LGB & LB Alliance

May 2005: Alaska Airlines Tells City Hall Current Scope of Airport EIR More Than Sufficient To Meet Terminal Enhancement Needs

May 2005: Emails Linked To JetBlue Website Urge Support for "Long Beach Alliance"

May 2005: Council's Elections Oversight Committee Recommends Seeking City Att'y Opinion On Requiring Political Action Committees To Report Contribs Of $1,000+ On Behalf Of Ballot Measures...And Report Expenditures In Pursuit of Placing An Initiative On Ballot

April 2005: "LB Alliance" Fallout:

  • Councilman O'Donnell Calls Meeting of Elections Committee To Explore Adopting City Req'ts for Reporting Contributions In Pursuit of Ballot Measures & Large Contributions
  • Former Councilman & Alliance Supporter Shultz re Alliance Use of "800" Number To Call Councilmembers: "So What?"

    April 2005: "Long Beach Alliance" Holds Press Event:

  • Message: "Improve Long Beach Airport! Improvement, Not Expansion"
  • Among Those Attending And/Or Supporting: Three Harbor Comm'rs., Five Former Councilmembers, LB Chamber's Bynum & JetBlue's Ardizzone
  • Alliance's Donelon Says Airport Ballot Initiative "A Possibility" And "An Option" But Group "Hasn't Gone There Yet"

    April 2005: Why Is "Long Beach Alliance" Using 800 Number On Its Website To "Call Your Councilmember"...When LB Councilmembers Don't Have 800 Numbers?

    April 2005: "Long Beach Alliance" Hires East Coast Media Message Mavens Amid Still-Murky Campaign Re LB Airport

    April 2005: "Long Beach Alliance" Launches Website

    April 2005: Murky Meetings Mark Mysterious Mulled Measure re LB Airport

    March 2005: LB Airport Street Named For Pioneering Aviator Barbara Erickson London

    Feb. 2005: JetBlue To Begin Burbank Flights

    Feb. 2005: Reuters: FAA Received Dozens Of Warnings Before 9/11 But Seemed More Concerned About Airport Congestion, Delays & "Safety," Report Discloses

    Feb. 2005: Council Unanimously Agrees To Proceed With Study Of Airport Terminal Expansion Alternative 2 But Splits 5-4 On Studying 12-14 Aircraft Parking Positions

    Feb. 2005: Learns County Supervisor Knabe -- Who Backed Southbay Cities Against Proposed LAX Expansion -- Faxes LB Councilmembers Urging Them To Evaluate "All Alternatives" Re LGB Terminal Expansion

    Feb. 2005: JetBlue Chm/CEO Neeleman Sends Councilmembers Letter Urging Approval Of "Airport Advisory Comm'n" (6-3) Recommendation On Sizing Permanent Airport Terminal Area Facilities For EIR Purposes

    Feb. 2005: Here's What Happened: Transcript Of Historic Feb. 1/05 Council Proceedings Re LB Airport Permanent Terminal Area Facilities Expansion

    Feb. 2005: "Blitz" Transcript Of Councilwoman Gabelich's Feb. 1 Council Presentation Regarding LB Airport Permanent Terminal Area Facility Expansion

    Jan. 2005: Major Airport Item: Councilmembers O'Donnell, Reyes Uranga & Gabelich Urge Council To Proceed With EIR On Airport Mgt. Terminal Expansion Option "Alternative Two," Smaller Than Mgt's Current Preferred Choice But Deemed Plausible By Mgt. & Larger Than Mgt. Proposed In Sept '03

  • O'Donnell & Gabelich Also Introduce Neighborhood & Stakeholder Protection Plan

    Jan. 2005: LB Chamber Urges Council To "Immediately Initiate" EIR Process To Expansion Of Airport's Permanent Terminal Area Facilities And Consider All Options

    Jan. 2005: City Hall-Selected "Economic Development Comm'n" Wants Airport's "Economic Benefits" Included In Guiding Principles

    Jan. 2005: Council Committee OK's & Sends Airport "Guiding Principles" To Council For Approval

    Jan. 2005: Public Works Dir. Says America West Plans To Seek Three Vacant Airport Commuter Flight Slots

    Feb. 2004: Major Airport Item: Councilmembers O'Donnell, Reyes Uranga & Gabelich Urge Council To Proceed With EIR On Airport Mgt. Terminal Expansion Option "Alternative Two," Smaller Than Mgt's Current Preferred Choice But Deemed Plausible By Mgt. & Larger Than Mgt. Proposed In Sept '03

  • O'Donnell & Gabelich Also Introduce Neighborhood & Stakeholder Protection Plan

    Jan. 2005: Three Airport Advisory Commission Members Send 18 Point Letter Detailing Reasons For More Modest Airport Expansion Than Favored By Airport Mgt.

    Jan. 2005: Councilmembers Colonna & Gabelich Ask City Mgr. For Details On City Staff Presented Alternative For More Modest Airport Terminal Facilities Expansion Than Favored By Staff

    Jan. 2005: LB Airport Ordinance Very Defensible...And If Ordinance Were Challenged In Court, City Could Fund Legal Defense From Airport Fees, City Mgt. Says; Plus Add'l Noteworthy Discussion At Council Study Session Re LB Airport

    Nov. 2004: Follow-Up: City Att'y Says No Reportable Action From Closed Council Session Re Strip of Boeing Property Adjoining LB Airport

    Nov. 2004: Council & City Mgr. To Hold Closed-Door Session On Price & Terms Of Payment For Strip of Boeing Property Adjoining LB Airport

    Oct. 2004: After Urging Election & Ethics Reforms, LB Lawyer Haubert Advises Caution & Alternatives On Airport Terminal Expansion

    Oct. 2004: Aircraft Owners & Pilots Ass'n Holds Three-Day Trade Show @ LB Convention Ctr. Incl. Static Aircraft Displays @ LB Airport

    Oct. 2004: Council To Develop Guiding Principles Re City Hall Airport Policies

    Oct. 2004: Councilmembers O'Donnell, Uranga & Gabelich Urge Establishing Guiding Principles On Airport Marketing & Users' Responsibilities

    Oct. 2004: Airport Advisory Comm'n Votes To Recommend Project-Specific Health Risk Assessment In Permanent Terminal Area Facilities EIR

  • Airport Mgt. Says It Will Re-Issue Notice of EIR Preparation For Project (Now Larger Than Proposed in '03) With Two Smaller Versions Of Project As EIR Alternatives

    Oct. 2004: American Airlines Will End LB-NYC Flights Effective Nov. 1

    Oct. 2004: Los Altos Area Neighborhood Ass'n South (LANAS) To Hold Meeting Thursday Nite (Oct. 14) re Airport Terminal Area Expansion; Councilmembers O'Donnell & Gabelich Expected To Attend

    Sept. 2004: Some ELB Residents Notice Unusual Aircraft Approaches To Main Runway: It's Temporary While Recalibrating Instrument Landing System After Runway Rehab; Approaches Should Return to Normal By Oct. 6; Includes Maps of VOR & ILS Approaches

    Sept. 2004: Citing Several Factors, City Mgr. Directs City Staff Not To Engage in Proactive Marketing Of 25 Vacant Commuter Flight Slots For Now (Although Slots Will Remain Legally Available)

    Sept. 2004: Updated: City Hall's "Airport Advisory Comm'n" Rejects Downsized Options, Backs Airport Mgt's Permanent Terminal Area Facilities Expansion As Proposed; Council Will Ultimately Decide

    Sept. 2004:

  • LB City Hall Is Preparing Airport-Related "Economic Impact Analysis" (w/ CSULB) And "Real Estate Value" Analysis (w/ Community Dev'ment Dept.)
  • LB City Att'y Office Says Human Health Risk Assessment Shouldn't Be Part of EIR For Permanent Expanded Terminal Area Facilities
  • Airport-Related Human Health Risk Assessment Will Be Part of Douglas Park EIR, Expected in October
  • Airport Mgt. Provides Two Smaller Alternatives For Expanded Terminal Facilities...But Says Smaller Concession Areas Will Generate Fewer Sales

    Sept. 2004: Sept. 12: LBPD Responds After Citizen Observes Smoke Trail Heading Upward from CSULB (on LB Airport path); LB Airport Suspends Operations For Half Hour; LBPD Says For Now, This Is NOT Being Considered A Significant Event

    Sept. 2004: Reuters: FAA Maintenance Lapse Caused Radio Breakdown, Lost Contact b/w Pilots & Controllers, Closed LB & Other Southland Airports

    Sept. 2004: Sept. 2, Approx. 11:01 p.m.: JetBlue Flight Approaching Alternate Runway 25R (Main Runway Closed For Rehab) Makes Three Tries, Then Diverts To LAX Due To Fog/Visibility

    Sept. 2004: Sept. 2, 9:00 a.m.: Another Comm'l Jet On Los Altos Approach Pulls Up & Makes Second Approach; This Time Due In Part To Reduced Visibility From Fog

    Aug. 2004: Sat Aug. 28, 11:30 a.m.: Comm'l Jet On Los Altos Arrival Pulls Up & Makes Second Approach When Another Aircraft Downwind Has Radio Failure; Precautionary Safety Maneuver

    Aug. 2004: Here's What Happened Weds. Nite Aug 11 That Diverted Large Jets Onto Runway 25R, Brought Late Flights & Blocked Residents' Phone Complaints To LB Airport

    Aug. 2004: LB Airport Mgt. Won't Recommend Reducing Some Parts Of Its Airport Terminal Expansion Plan, Raises Issues Over Downsizing Others

  • Airport Mgr. Says Exploring Second Story For Parts of Terminal Expansion Might Make Sense In Future Design Process

    July 2004: Pilot Dies, Residents Shaken As Homebuilt Aircraft Crashes Into Seal Beach Neighborhood Near SE LB City Limit

    July 2004: Airport Advisory Comm'n Wants To See Alternatives To Airport Mgt's Latest Terminal Expansion Plan

    July 2004: Reuters: JetBlue Among Several U.S. Airlines Cutting Fall Fares Early, Launching "Fare War"

    June 2004: LB Airport Mails Mass Advisory That Main Runway Repaving Will Mean Seven Weekend Periods of Large Jet Diversions Onto Shorter Runway 25R/7L

    June 2004: Main Runway Repaving Will Mean Add'l Weekend Periods of Large Jet Diversions Onto Shorter Runway 25R/7L

    June 2004: Details Of City Mgt's Proposed LB Airport Permanent Terminal Facilities Expansion; Parts Are Larger Than City Hall's Notice of EIR Preparation For Project In Sept. 03

    June 2004: July 2001 City Mgr. Letter Responded To JetBlue Requests For Airport Improvements & Services By Itemizing $55+ Million In City-Provided Marketing + Airport Improvements + Lakewood Blvd. Improvements Then Underway or Scheduled

    June 2004: Much Of LB Airport-Hired Firm's Recommended Terminal Facilities Expansion Is Larger Than EIR Scoping Proposed in Sept. 2003...And Some of JetBlue's Proposals Are Even Larger

    June 2004: Size Matters @ LGB:

  • LB Airport-Hired Firm Recommends Significant Expansion of Airport's Terminal Area Facilities; Firm Also Builds Airports And Other Public Works Projects, Worked on Alameda Corridor
  • LB Chamber Backs Recommendation; JetBlue Seeks Some Add'l Space; LB Convention and Visitors Bureau Wants Permanent Facilities To Replace Temporary Structures And Opposes Having EIR Address Issues Beyond New Facilities
  • LBHUSH2 Urges Health Risk Assessment First, Minimum Expansion in Stages...And Creating Airport Ordinance Litigation Fund -- Paid By Airport Revenues -- To Protect LB From Future Legal Challenges

    June 2004: FAA-Sponsored Study Puts LB Airport on Nat'l List It Contends Will Need Add'l Capacity By 2013 & 2020

    June 2004: B-1B Takeoff Following Boeing "Family Day" Event Hits 121.7 dB SENEL, Triggers Noise Complaints

    May 2004: "Airport Advisory Comm'n" Chair in Testy Exchange w/ LBHUSH2's Mike Kowal At Public Meeting; Hear It

    May 2004: LB Airport Mgt. Now Forecasts Closer To 4.1-4.2 Million Annual Passengers (Not 3.8 Million), Citing Higher Load Factors & New Aircraft Designs

    April 2004: Reuters: JetBlue, Other Low-Cost Airlines Top U.S. Survey

    April 2004: Tues. Reversed Winds Cause Reversed Airport Approaches & Takeoffs, Rankling Residents

    April 2004: Heads-Up: B-1 Bomber Flyover Expected For Grand Prix.; Military Jet Will Come From LB Airport, Will Leave Mon A.M.

    March 2004: Here's Position of LB Area Chamber of Commerce on Scope of LB Airport Permanent Terminal Area Facilities EIR

    March 2004: City Mgt. Responds To FAA Draft Study Listing LB Airport Among Those Nat'lly Needing Increased Capacity By 2013

    March 2004: FAA Draft Study Lists LB Airport Among Those Nat'lly Needing Increased Capacity By 2013

    March 2004: South Bay Officials Charge LAX Development Plan Allows More Growth Than Promised; Urge Regional Approach Focused On Inland Empire, Ontario & Palmdale

    March 2004: Small Plane's Landing Gear Failure Ends With Safe Emergency Landing, Closes LB Airport Main Runway For About 90 Mins, Diverting Flights Onto Shorter Runway 25R

    Feb. 2004: Council Silent But 8th Dist. Candidate Gabelich Answers SCAG Exec. Dir. re LB Airport; We Post Her Comments And His Response

    Feb. 2004: Vroom! B-1B Bomber Departed Weds. @ 9:55 a.m.

    Feb. 2004: B-1B Bomber Arrives In LB For Boeing Visit

    Jan. 2004: Overview of Contemplated Expansion of Airport's Permanent Terminal Area Facilities

    Jan. 2004: SCAG Exec. Dir. Warns If Regional Airport Plan (Expanding Palmdale & Ontario) Doesn't Fly, "Political Pressure" Will Mount On Others, Including LB, To Take More Flights

    Jan. 2004: Follow-Up On What Was Discussed, And By Whom, At LB Airport Meeting Involving Mayor & House Aviation Subcommittee Chair

    Jan. 2004: Mayor O'Neill Meets At LB Airport With Powerful House Aviation Sub-Committee Chair

    Dec. 2003: Councilmembers Carroll & Kell Agendize Council Resolution Expressing City Policy Of No Airport Expansion Beyond City's Current Airport Noise Ordinance; Measure Would Not Legally Bind Future Council Action

    Dec. 2003: Two Council Items Re LB Airport Policy Agendized By Councilman Carroll on Dec. 2 But Held Until Dec. 16 Council Meeting Don't Appear On Dec. 16 Council Agenda

    Dec. 2003: Council Declines To Press For Production of City Mgt. Report -- Unanimously Requested in May 2002 -- On Airport's Effects On Health & Home Values

  • Council Referral To Advisory Group Delays Previously Scheduled EIR Vote On Terminal Expansion Issues
  • LBHUSH2's Gabelich Blasts Council's Conduct From Podium

    Nov. 2003: No Agendized Response From City Mgt. To Requested Report On Airport's Effects on Residents' Health & Property Values, First Sought in May 2002 w/ Add'l Council Motion In Oct. 2003; Mgt. Now Seeks To Send Issue to "Airport Advisory Commission"

    Nov. 2003: Councilman Carroll Discusses LB Airport Issues On City Hall Cable TV Show with City Atty Shannon, Deputy City Attorney Mais, Aviation Counsel Gatzke & Airport Mgr. Kunze

    Nov. 2003: News/Perspective: Councilman Carroll Agendizes Two Airport Related Items:

  • Non-Binding Resolution Opposing Airport Expansion
  • Binding Charter Amendment Requiring Voter Approval To Modify LB Airport Noise Ordinance

    Nov. 2003: We Post JetBlue Letter To City Hall In Response To High-Level NYC Confab re Post-Curfew Flights

    Nov. 2003: Replay in Prime Time re Shorter Runway 25R:

  • Councilmembers Reyes-Uranga & Webb Agendize Presentation By Cal. Hts. Resident Mebust On Issues Involving 25R (Impacting Cal. Hts. & ELB)
  • Report Sought From City Mgt. On Processing of Residents' Noise Complaints

    Oct. 2003: CA Air Resources Bd. 2000 Map Indicates LB Airport Vicinity Has Highest Inhalation Cancer Risk in LB

    Oct. 2003: Inside Oct. 24 High Level LB-JetBlue Meeting Re Post-Curfew Flights

    Oct. 2003: Council Kills Carroll's Proposed "Blue Ribbon" Advisory Group On Airport Terminal Expansion, Votes 8-0 To Refer Issue to Airport Advisory Commission

    Oct. 2003: City Hall Bigwigs To Big Apple For Confab With JetBlue CEO Re Flights Past Curfew; City Att'y Shannon Says Civil Remedies Exist But Are Premature Now

    Oct. 2003: Intense Two Hour Airport Discussion Stretches Past Midnight; Speakers Seek Health, Pollution Risk Assessment

    Oct. 2003: Carroll, Colonna, Kell & Webb On Airport Report They Requested (Received 9-0 Council Vote) In May 2002 Re Airport's Effects...Still Undelivered

    Oct. 2003: Councilman Carroll Proposes Creating (Another) City Hall Chosen Airport Advisory Group, This Time For Issues Surrounding Proposed Permanent Expansion Of Airport Terminal Facilities; LBHUSH2 Blasts Proposal

    Oct. 2003: Over 200 Attend Second Airport EIR Scoping Meeting:

  • LB Council Of PTA Urges Inclusion of Health Study
  • Numerous Speakers Decry Pollution, Voice Conern Over Airport Growth
  • FAA Certificated Pilot Hands $500 Check To LBHUSH2
  • Some Shouts For Council Recall

    Oct. 2003: LB Airport Releases Annual Noise Budget, Announces No Add'l Flight Slots for 2004

    Oct. 2003: Residents - Riled By Restrictions On Speaking At Meeting On Scope Of Airport EIR Re Permanent Expanded Terminal Facilities - Force Change In Format, Then Focus On Noise, Health & Pollution

    Oct. 2003: Censored @ City Council:

  • FAA Certificated LB Pilot (17,000+ Hrs) Blasts Diversions Of Large Jets Onto Shorter Runway 25R/7L...And Mayor Blocks Him From Displaying Maps Supporting His Testimony
  • Airport Mgr. Says 25R/7L Is Safe FAA-OK'd Alternative

    Oct. 2003: See Satellite Photos Showing Where LB Shorter Runway 25R/7L Sends Planes; Compare It To OC Airport

    Oct. 2003: Carroll vs. Reeves, The Saga Continues:

  • Councilman Wants City Mgr. To Report On Airport Curfew Violations After City Prosecutor Entered Into Consent Decree Dropping JetBlue Prosecution For Enhanced Fines For Future Late Night Flights

    Oct. 2003: Councilman Webb Agendizes Item Asking When Report On Airport's Effects On Residents -- Requested by Council In May 2002 -- Will Be Delivered

    Sept. 2003: Details Of Proposed Airport Terminal Facilities Expansion & Impacts City Hall Proposes to Evaluate In EIR

    Sept. 2003: Council Is Asked To OK Runway 30/12 Rehab Plans, Including Diverting Large Jets Onto Runway 25R/7L During Parts of Ten to Twelve Month Construction; Airport Says It's Working to Minimize Diversions

    Sept; 2003: Reuters: JetBlue Apologizes For Divulging Info

    Sept. 2003: Councilman Webb Says He'll Agendize Item Asking When Report On Airport's Effects On Residents -- Requested by Council In May 2002 -- Will Be Delivered

    Sept. 2003: LB Airport's Main Runway Closes For Sudden Pothole Repair, Diverts Big Planes Onto 25R/7L From 4 PM Sept 9 To 6A Sept 10, Rattling Northern ELB and Los Cerritos

    Aug. 2003: Northern ELB May Experience (More) Large Planes Occasionally Diverted Onto Runway 25R As Officials Inspect Aging Main Runway; Seven Full Day Saturday Diversions To 25R Planned For Summer '04

    Aug. 2003: Aug. 15: NYC Blackout Means Add'l Late Night Landings But Not As Late: JetBlue Lands Three Flights b/w 10 p.m. & Abt. Midnight

    Aug. 2003: LB Fallout From NYC Blackout: Two JetBlue Arrivals Aug 15 @ 1:16 a.m. and 4:30 a.m.

    Aug. 2003: Error On Ground Closes Main LB Runway Early, Sending Post-10 p.m. Flight Over Rooftops Onto Runway 25R, Rattling Residents b/w Studebaker Rd. & Clark Ave. between Wardlow Rd. and Conant St.

    Aug. 2003: Alaska Airlines Will Add 3 Daily Flights Filling LB Airport's 41/Day Noise Budgeted Large Aircraft Slots In December '03

    July 2003: LB Airport, FAA Encounter Verbal Turbulence From Overflow Crowd Of HB Residents Complaining Of Low & Loud Overflights

    July 2003: Single Engine Plane Takes Off From LGB, Has Trouble, Returns In Skidding Landing; No Injuries; Closes Main Runway For About 2 1/2 Hrs Sending Large Planes Onto Runway 25R

    July 2003: U.S. Trans. Sec'y Mineta Says His Agency Won't Step In To Advance L.A. Bid On El Toro Airport

    July 2003: OC Regional Airport Authority & OC Airport Working Group Sue Over "Great Park" EIR & Related Actions

    June 2003: L.A. County Bd. Of Supervisors Votes 4-1 To Support L.A. Plan To Operate Airport @ El Toro...And Adds County Support For Sen. Murray's SR 23; We Post Motion Verbatim As Amended

    June 2003: County Supervisors Knabe & Yaroslavsky Bring Motion Urging Support for L.A. Plan To Operate Airport @ El Toro; We Post Motion Verbatim

    June 2003: Airport Data Shows Comm'l Aircraft (Over 75,000 lbs.) As A Group Exceeded Takeoff Noise Budget From April 1/02-March 31/03; Suggests Over 41 Flights/Day Over 75,000 Lbs. Won't Fit Under Oct 1/02-Sept. 30/03 Group Noise Performance

    June 2003: Top Navy Brass Says USN Has No Interest In Leasing Any Part of El Toro For Aviation And Is Proceeding With Plans To Sell It

    June 2003: State Senator Kevin Murray (D., Los Angeles) Introduces Resolution Backing L.A.'s Offer To Operate El Toro As Commercial Airport; We Post Text

    June 2003: Orange County Regional Airport Authority -- Comprised of 14 North OC Cities -- Backs L.A. Bid to Operate El Toro As Comm'l Airport; We Post Resolution

    June 2003: Dissenting OC Supervisors Smith & Silva Send Letter to U.S. Trans. Sec'y Mineta Applauding L.A. Proposal To Operate Airport @ El Toro; We Post Letter

    June 2003: OC Supervisors Vote 3-2 To Remove Pro-El Toro Airport Supervisor Smith As OC SCAG Rep...And Replace Him With Anti-El Toro Airport Supervisor Norby

    June 2003: OC Bd. of Supes Votes 3-2 To Send Letter to U.S. Trans. Sec'y Mineta Blasting L.A. Proposal To Operate Airport @ El Toro; We Post Letter

    June 2003: OC Cong. Chris Cox -- South of OC Cong. Rohrabacher -- Reacts To L.A. Proposal To Operate Comm'l Airport @ El Toro; We Post Statement Verbatim

    June 2003: LA Airport Agency Seeks To Operate El Toro As Airport; LB-HB Cong. Rohrabacher Supports Plan Subject To OC Voter Approval; We Post L.A.'s 37-Page Legal Brief Style Memo

    June 2003: Councilwoman Kell Criticized For Agendizing LB Voter Survey -- Funded By JetBlue -- As "Update" on JetBlue's "Community Outreach Efforts"

    June 2003: JetBlue Orders 100 "Embraer 190" 100-Seat Aircraft With Options For Add'l 100; Targets "Growing 70-110 Seat Mkt"

    May 2003: Follow-Up On $2.8+ Million In LB Taxpayers' Gen'l Fund Money Used To Support "Self-Supporting" Airport:

  • City Hall's Comprehensive Annual Financial Rpt. Says (as of Sept. 30/02) Repayment To Gen'l Fund Will Be Contingent on "Airport Increasing Flights"
  • City Hall CFO Torrez Says Report's Statement Does Not Refer To Policy On Flights Above Current LB Airport Noise Ordinance

    May 2003; LB Airport According to Councilman Carroll: Transcript of His Council Remarks, May 2003

    May 2003: JetBlue & City Prosecutor Enter Into Consent Decree Re Noise Violations; We Post Details

    May 2003: Opinion: Some "Speak Out" Comments on LB Airport The PT Didn't Print

    May 2003: Editorial: FAA v. LB

    May 2003: Councilman Webb Describes FAA Letter re LGB As "Letter of Support...Stating Our Ordinance Is Fair and Reasonable"

    May 2003: FAA Lets LB Implement 2003 Airport Flight Slot Settlement, But...

    May 2003: Councilman Webb Says If City Mgr. Doesn't Have Schedule For Agendizing Report On Airport Developments & Land Use (Sent to Mayor & Council & Posted On LGB's Web Site), "My Constituents & I Will Make a Decision on Whether It's Appropriate To Agendize The Report And Bring It Back for Public Discussion"

    April 2003:

  • City Mgt. Airport Report Reveals Plans For Potential Two Story Airport Terminal Area South Holdroom & Potential Two Story North Holdroom w/ Possible Concessions
  • Says Negotiations Now Underway For More Off-Site Parking; Also Possible Off-Site "Temporary" Parking If Funding For 4,000 Car Structure Can't Be "Readily Obtained"
  • Mentions Above-Ground Fuel Tanks
  • Includes Detailed Map Of Airport Area Developments

    April 2003: Four Above-Ground JetFuel Tanks (50,000 Gallons Each) Don't Require Environmental Review, City Staff Says

    April 2003: Further On Proposal To Store 200,000 Gallons Of Jet Fuel Above-Ground @ LB Airport In Four-50,000 Gallon Tanks West of Lakewood Blvd. Near Runway 25R:

  • City Mgr. Says Proposal Is Not Prohibited By Any Specific Req't, Would Meet All Applicable Safety Standards, Is Consistent With Underlying Land Use/Zoning And An Airport Business' Lease

    April 2003: JetBlue Orders 65 More Airbus A320's, With Options For 50 More

    April, 2003: Permit Sought To Store 200,000 Gallons Of Jet Fuel Above-Ground @ LB Airport, Putting Four-50,000 Gallon Tanks West of Lakewood Blvd. Near Runway 25R

    April 2003: Kristy Ardizzone Exits, Curt Castagna Enters L.A. County Aviation Commission

    April 2003: Did You Hear Them? Take-Offs & Intervening Landing By F-18's As Part of Toyota Grand Prix "Fly-By"

    April 2003: City Mgt. Says $2.8+ Million Owed By Airport To City Gen'l Fund Will Be Repaid...With Interest...Already Scheduled In Recently Adopted 3-Yr. Financial Strategic Plan

    April 2003: Airport Subsidy Below The Radar: Audit Shows LB Airport Supported By LB Gen'l Fund Taxpayers For $2.8+ Million, Set For "Consent Calendar" With No Planned Discussion

    April 2003: F-18's To Shake LB Again...Not For U.S. Defense, But In "Fly By" For Toyota Grand Prix of LB

    April 2003: Advisory: Post-Midnight LB Airport Noise Expected April 15 Between Midnight and 2 a.m.

    March 2003: Outrageously Loud March 30 Airport Noise Came From Three Navy F-18's, Took Off After Angels Game "Fly By"

    March 2003: LB Airport Web Site Now Provides Updated Monthly Noise Reports, Including Details on Late Night Flights

    Feb. 2003: Council Votes 6-3 (Uranga, Webb, Lerch dissenting) To OK Parking For Airport Employees, Rental Cars On Part Of Veterans Stadium Lot

    Feb. 2003: LB Airport Noise Complaints re Air Carriers Up Further in Jan '03

    Feb. 2003: Council votes 8-1 (Uranga dissenting) To Adopt Proposed Agreement b/w Alaska Airlines, American Airlines, JetBlue Airways & City Hall Resolving Dispute Concerning Allocation of Air Carrier Flight Slots @ LB Airport; Agreement Depends on FAA Concurrence By Feb. 28 (unless extended by the parties); Substitute Motion (Favored By Uranga, Webb, Lerch) To Delay Vote For One Week Fails 3-6

    Feb. 2003: City's Legal Team To D.C. For FAA Meeting Re Agreement On Air Carrier Flight Slots

    Feb. 2003: Airport Done Deal & Expanded Despite Appeal? With Feb. 18 Council Hearing Pending, Community College Bd of Trustees Holds Special Meeting To OK Leasing Part Of Clark Ave. Vets Stadium Lot To City For Parking...Not Restricted To "Rental Car & Airport Employee Parking" City Currently Says It Wants

    Feb. 2003: Webb Unable To Get Council Approval For City Mgt. Report On LB Airport "Land Use Strategy"; Colonna, Carroll & Kell Raise Various Objections; Webb Settles For Report on Current Land Use Status & Process For Changes

    Feb. 2003: Councilman Webb Seeks City Management Report On LB Airport "Land Use Strategy" Within 30 Days...Too Late To Affect Crucial Feb. 18 Hearing On Expanding Airport Employee/Rental Car Parking Into Veterans Stadium

    Feb. 2003: Updated with photos: Small Plane Crashes on LB Airport Runway 25R; Pilot Seriously Burned

    Jan. 2003: Legacy Of City Hall's Full Flight Slot Airport Policies:

  • Noise Complaints Involving Air Carrier Operations (as a class) Increased 652% In 2002
  • December 02 Air Carrier Complaints (as a class) Up 3,533% Over Dec. 01
  • November 02 Air Carrier Complaints (as a class) Up 1,425% Over Nov. 01

    Jan. 2003: City Att'y Sets Council Item Re Agreement b/w Alaska Airlines, American Airlines, JetBlue Airways & City Hall Resolving Dispute Concerning Allocation of Air Carrier Flight Slots @ LB Airport

    Jan. 2003: JetBlue CEO Says Will Be Flying 23 Flights A Day From LB Airport By May, 2003

    Jan. 2003: Main Airport Diagonal Runway (30/12) To Close Jan 28-31 10 pm-6:15 am; Alternate Runway 25R/7L To Be Used Overnight After Commercial Flights Completed

    Jan. 2003: LB Area Chamber of Commerce Gov't Affairs Committee Position: Maximize Potential For Job Creation & Growth At LB Airport Within Existing Airport Noise Ordinance; Will Be Forwarded To Chamber Board For Consideration

    Jan. 2003: LB Area Chamber of Commerce Gov't Affairs Committee Meeting Jan. 16 To Consider Possible Positions Including Support For (What Draft Verbiage Calls) Airport Area Business Council Efforts To Maximize Potential For Job Creation and Growth At LB Airport

    Jan. 2003: Veterans Stadium Airport Parking Follow-Up:

  • Planning Commission Approves, And Activists Vow To Appeal To City Council, Conditional Use Permit For Use of Part of Veterans Stadium Parking Lot (Clark/Conant) For Airport Employee Parking & Rental Car Storage; LBHUSH2 leader Rae Gabelich accuses City Hall of piecemeal Airport development in violation of CA Environmental Quality Act

    Jan. 2003: Details & Documents Re City Hall Proposal To Use Part of Vets Stadium Parking Lot (Clark/Conant) For Airport Employee Parking & Rental Car Storage; Read Details In City Staff Memo

    Dec. 2002: LBHUSH2 Founder Rae Gabelich Says Council Recalls Should Be Next Step If Incumbents Don't Represent Their Community On Airport

    Dec. 2002: Airport Development Follow-Up:

  • Council Votes 8-0 To Acquire Vacated Nat'l Guard Site Alongside 405 Fwy Near Airport
  • Will Accommodate Completion Of Kilroy Airport Development, Could Mean More Office Space, Possibly Another Hotel; Master Plan OK'd in the 80s But Final Configuration Not Yet Conclusively Determined
  • Item Put In "Consent Calendar"; Two 8th Dist. Residents Ask For Separate Discussion; Mayor Moves Consent Calendar To End Of Lengthy Agenda...Without Council Objection
  • 8th Dist. Residents, Unable To Remain For Hours, Rely On Councilman Webb To Present Their Concerns; Read -- And Hear -- What He Said

    Dec. 2002: Airport Development:

  • Council Scheduled To Vote -- Quietly -- To Acquire Airport Area Nat'l Guard Site Vacated Paralleling 405 Fwy
  • Along With Adjacent Parcels, Would Accommodate Completing Kilroy Development; Could Mean More Airport Area Office Space, Possibly Hotel

    Nov. 2002: LBHUSH2 Hires Legal Counsel, Incorporates As Non-Profit Group And Schedules Two Neighborhood Meetings To Discuss Public's Rights In EIR Process Anticipating Attempt to Expand Airport Facilities

    Oct. 2002: Oct 8: Unscheduled LB Airport Runway 30 Pavement Maintenance Sends Large Planes Onto Runway 25-R, Rattling ELB Homeowners

    Sept. 2002: L.A. County Board of Supervisors OKs Motion by Knabe & Antonovich Supporting LB City Council's Resolution Urging Use of Outlying Airports With Underutilized Capacity As Alternative To Increasing Flights At LB Airport

    Sept. 2002: L.A. County Board of Supervisors OKs Motion by Knabe & Antonovich Supporting LB City Council's Resolution Urging Use of Outlying Airports With Underutilized Capacity As Alternative To Increasing Flights At LB Airport

    Sept. 2002: Terrorist Threat Level Returned to "Elevated," Reduced from "High"

    Sept. 2002: LBHUSH2 Tells City Council: Stop Marketing LB Airport And Remove Airport Advertising Costs From Budget

    Sept. 2002: Gov. Davis Vetoes AB 2333 That Would Have Required So. Cal. Ass'n of Gov'ts to Provide For "Fair Share" Distribution of Aviation Burdens Throughout SCAG Region

    Sept. 2002: Airport Noise Complaints Soar:

  • 284 re Air Carriers in August '02...Compared to 28 in August '01
  • Airport Complaint Phone Line Swamped, Forces Change In Policy: Can't Promise Returned Calls, But Will Research Each Complaint

    Sept. 2002: Text of Sept. 17 City Att'y Update to Council and Public re Negotiations concerning LB Airport Flight Slots

    Sept. 2002: Story update: Fast Follow-up To Coverage
    Councilwoman Kell's Office Moves Swiftly To Halt Further LB Airport Promotional Fliers That Suggested Drivers Use "Alternate Approach" Thru South of Conant Neighborhood

    Sept. 2002: Updated: See story immediately above: LB Airport Promotional Flier Suggests "Alternate Approach" to Airport from Northbound 405: Advises Taking Bellflower Blvd. To Wardlow Rd., Then West on Wardlow Rd. to Lakewood Blvd.

    Sept. 2002: County Supervisors Knabe & Antonovich Agendize Sept. 24 Board Motion Supporting LB City Council's Resolution Urging Use of Outlying Airports With Underutilized Capacity As Alternative To Increasing Flights At LB Airport

    Sept. 2002: Councilmembers Carroll, Reyes-Uranga and Webb Seek Public Update on Negotiations With Air Carriers, FAA and LB

    August, 2002: Aug. 29/02: Sights & Sounds of JetBlue 1st Anniversary at LB Airport

    August, 2002: Proposal To Expand Airport Facilities Draws Standing Room Only Council Crowd:

  • LBHUSH2 & Enviros Blast Councilmembers for Bringing More Flights; Council Directs Environmental Review (probably via Negative Declaration) Within 120 Days For Proposed Permanent Expanded Airport Facilities
  • No Councilmember Supports Moratorium On Expanded Airport Facilities...And Shouts of "Recall! Recall!" Erupt After Council OK's Temporary Expansion

    August, 2002: Major Airport Development:

  • City Att'y Shannon Announces "Settlement in Principle" That Will Avoid Airport Litigation
  • Public Details Still Pending And Deal Awaits FAA Approval
  • We Provide Transcript of Mr. Shannon's Statement to City Council & Public

    August, 2002: See It Here: Map Showing Proposed Airport Facility Expansions -- Temporary & Permanent -- Plus Data Charts Detailing Current & Proposed Square Footage...and More

    August, 2002: Update: Councilman Webb Tells That's Not All There Is: Adds That His Aug. 13 Airport Motion Will Include Request That LB, Burbank and L.A. County Work Together For "Regional Solution" That Puts Flights Inland (incl. Ontario & Palmdale) Where There's Capacity And They Want Them

    August, 2002: Is That All There Is? Webb's Aiport Item (August 13) Is Request For Council Resolution To Encourage Fed, State & County Lawmakers To "Explore Solutions" Using Outlying Airports; Meanwhile, Report Requested By Council In May On Airport's Environmental & Other Effects Is Again Not Agendized

    August, 2002: Aug 6: Surprise Airport Announcement: Councilman Webb Says He Plans Aug. 13 Council Airport Item "That Will Be A Series Of Local Communities Not Only In Opposition, But With A Solution"; Follows OC Resident Urging LB To Join Northern OC and Southeast L.A. County Cities In Opposing Airport Flight Increases

    August, 2002: FAA Meeting with LB re Airport May Not Be Purely Informal Process; We Report The Rest of the Story

    August, 2002: County Bd. of Supervisors' June Vote Supports LB Efforts To Maintain Airport Noise Ordinance & Flight Limits; Motion By Supervisor Knabe Passes 4-0

    August, 2002: Council On Airport Collision Course With LBHUSH2:

  • City Mgt. Proposes Expanded Temporary Airport Facilities While LBHUSH2 Seeks Moratorium, Public Review & Council Vote On Expanded Airport Facilities
  • LB Homeowner Ron Noe Files Appeal Forcing Planning Commission Hearing On Permanent Airport Terminal Expansion
  • Councilmembers Carroll, Webb & Kell Agendize Three Airport "Questions" For City Mgt. Although "Answers" Are Already On Public Record

    August, 2002: Possible OC Allies? At Costa Mesa City Council Meeting, Costa Mesa Resident Complains About Increased Overflights & Two Costa Mesa Councilmembers Say They've Noticed Them Too; Costa Mesa City Mgr. Confirms They're Not From John Wayne, They're Headed Into LB

    August, 2002: Text of City Atty's Proposed Resolution Urging Airport Flights Be Sent Inland (to Palmdale & Ontario) As Part of Regional Air Transportation Plan; Council Will Vote On Text Aug. 27

    August, 2002: Airport Noise Complaints Rise To 143 in July '02 For Air Carriers As A Class, 17 Fold Increase From 8 Complaints in Feb. '02, and 15 Complaints in July '01

    August, 2002: August 13 Council Airport Action:

  • Council Readies Resolution, Coordinated With Burbank & L.A. County, To Encourage Further Flights Inland At Palmdale & Ontario;
  • LBHUSH2 Seeks Moratorium On Airport Terminal Expansion And Halt To Pro-Airport Advertising & Marketing; Council Doesn't Respond;
  • Councilman Carroll Says He's Asked To Put Report He Requested In May On Airport's Homeowner and Environmental Effects In A "Holding Pattern," Says He Doesn't Want To Disturb "Negotiations" Ongoing With FAA...But Doesn't Say What's Being Negotiated

    August, 2002: Major LB Airport Terminal Addition Fast Tracked By City Hall In Ways That Avoid Public View & Council Review Until Deal Largely Done

    August, 2002: "Airports Without Runways" Offered For Discussion By So. Cal Regional Airport Authority As Concept To Replace Lost El Toro Flights

    August, 2002:

  • CA Bill Directing So. Cal. Ass'n of Gov'ts (SCAG) To Provide "Fair Share Distribution Of Comm'l Aviation" Is Amended To Spread Burdens "Throughout the [Multi-County] SCAG Region"
  • Amended Bill Passes Senate Transportation Committee; Sen. Karnette Votes For The Bill; Enviro Groups Support It, O.C. Rep Opposes It
  • Directs SCAG To Adhere To Environmental Justice Principles To Assure Goal of SCAG Plan Is No Ethnic Or Racial Minority or Low Income Community Bears Disproportionate Share Of Environmental Burdens Of Regional Aviation Activity

    August, 2002: Airport Manager Says LB Airport Doesn't Impact Residents, Including Lower Socio-Economic Groups, As LAX Does; Says Doing New EIR Could Backfire

    August, 2002: Concern Over Expanded Airport Flights Prompts Rebirth Of Formerly Massive LB Homeowner Group: "HUSH, Inc." (Homes Under Stress & Hazard)...New Name: LBHUSH2

    July, 2002: Editorial: Where Is That Report the Council Requested Over Two Months Ago on LB Airport's Environmental & Other Issues?

    July, 2002: Alaska Airlines Drops Plans for Temporary Service at LB Airport For Now; In The Interim, Horizon Air (Alaska's regional affiliate) Requests Three Now Vacant Commuter Slots

    July, 2002: City Hall Wants LB Airport Addition -- Larger Footprint Than Terminal Building -- Linked To South Side of Terminal

  • City Staff Says 38,000 sq. ft. Addition Is To Handle 41 Comm'l + 25 Commuter Flights/Day...But It's Bigger Than Previously Recommended For These Levels
  • Proposed Airport Addition Would Enlarge LB Airport Terminal/Passenger Hold & Bag Claim Footprint From Roughly 23,000 sq. ft. A Few Yrs. Ago To Over 60,000 sq. ft.
  • City Staffer Indicates Newly Completed Temporary Facility On North Side May Likely Be Replaced With Permanent Facility

    July, 2002: City Hall Sets Neighborhood Briefings on LB Airport Noise Ordinance, Related Issues

    June, 2002: Airport Noise Complaints Post Big Increase in March, April and May 2002...And Large Comm'l Flights Are Set To Jump From 24 Now to 41 By October

    June, 2002: Polite But Relatively Small Group of LB Officials Attend American Airlines Media Event At LB Airport, Touting New AA Flights

    June, 2002: Mayor and Council Erase Derek K. Brown as Airport Advisory Commissioner

    June, 2002: CA Bill Would Direct So. Cal. Ass'n of Gov'ts (SCAG) To Decide Annually If L.A., OC and Inland Counties Taking "Fair Share" of Aviation Burdens and Benefits Using SCAG Forecasts Of Flights Needed; Requires Applying Environmental Justice

    June, 2002: Kristy Ardizzone Named JetBlue Gov't & Community Affairs Mgr, Western Region...And Will Give Up Seat (Chair) on LB Airport Advisory Commission

    June 2002: Wat Wuz Dat?! Big Decibels as U.S. Air Force B1-B Blasts Off From LB Airport, Part of "Boeing Family Appreciation Day"

    June, 2002: Laughlin Waters, Fed. Court Judge Who Blocked LB Airport Lower Flight Limits & Imposed Minimum 40 Allowed Air Carrier Flights/Day, Then OK'd Current 41 + 25 Noise Budgeted Airport Ordinance, Dies

    June, 2002: 9th Dist. Councilman-Elect Lerch Adds Airport Views

    June, 2002: American Airlines Flight 587 (NY crash) Investigation Update: Summary of Witness Accounts, High Tech Testing Continues

    May, 2002: JetBlue Retains Powerhouse LB Law Firm Keesal, Young & Logan

    May, 2002: Councilman Colonna Presents D.C. Advocacy Report, Including Airport & Security Issues

    May, 2002: Council OK's $500,000 War Chest For Expert Aviation Law Firm Which Also Reps OC's John Wayne Airport; We Post Transcript Excerpt of City Att'y Response To Taxpayer's Concern About Possible Conflict

    May, 2002:

  • Closed Session Cancelled on Possible Airport Litigation Due to Absence of Mayor, Councilman Webb...But Agenda Item To OK Agreement With Outside Aviation Law Firm Still On; Learns Law Firm Provides Legal Services to Orange County's John Wayne Airport And Has For Roughly 20 Yrs

    May, 2002: May 14: Council Adopts Three Items Supporting City Hall Defense and Advocacy On Airport Noise Ordinance; We Provide Transcript Excerpts

    May, 2002: Council Asked To Authorize Agreement With Aviation Law Firm, Primary Focus To Maintain and Preserve LB Airport Noise Compatibility Ordinance, Readying Up to $500,000 Legal War Chest

    May, 2002: Alaska Airlines Seeks Three "Final" (Permanent) Flight Slots, Pursues City Hall Appeal And Says It Will Begin Selling Tickets for LB-Seattle Flights

    May, 2002: Vice Mayor Baker Issues Statement re LB Airport, Calls For Referendum on Any Plan That Would Expand Airport Capacity

    May, 2002: LB Airport Group -- Independent of City Hall -- Formed For Homeowners & Taxpayers:

    May, 2002: Second Meeting On Airport Issues Draws Nearly 200 in Bixby Knolls

    May, 2002: Council To Take Up Three Items Supporting Defense and Advocacy For City's Airport Noise Ordinance

    May, 2002: Text of American Airlines Spokesman's Emailed Response to Media Inquiries After JetBlue Announces It Expects to be Flying All 27 of its LB Airport Flight Slots by End of Oct '02

    May, 2002: JetBlue Notifies LB Airport It Intends To Use All 21 Of Its Remaining Flight Slots by October, 2002

    May, 2002: Overflow Los Altos Crowd Gathers To Hear City Officials On LB Airport Developments

    May, 2002: American Airlines Flight 587 -- Second Deadliest Airline Accident in U.S. History, Crashed Into NY Neighborhood (Nov. 2001) Shortly After Takeoff -- Now Being Analyzed by NTSB and NASA

    May, 2002: Must Read Letter From City Hall to American Airlines Details LB's Airport Position, Asks AA To Limit Any Challenge To Allocation of Flight Slots And Leave LB's Airport Noise Ordinance Alone

    May, 2002: LB Airport Developments:

    May, 2002: JetBlue Announces 17 More Flights Will Begin Sept. & Oct., Kell Delivers News At End of May 28 Council Meeting; LB Airport could hit 37 flights within months

    April, 2002: Editorial: The Danger at the Airport

    April, 2002: American Airlines Accepts Four Revocable Flight Slots, Warns of Possible Litigation And Pursues Administrative Appeal That Could Confront Council With Protecting or Abandoning LB's 41 Flight Cap

    April, 2002: Feds Give LB $2.8 Million Grant for Airport Security

    April, 2002: Alaska Airlines Seeks Three Flight Slots At LB Airport

    March, 2002: American Airlines Plans New Flights June 15, Reiterates Demand For 4 More Final LB Airport Flight Slots...And Questions Whether LB's Flight Limits Are Legal Under Federal Law

    March, 2002: Ryan Supports, O'Neill and Grabinski Uncertain On, Charter Amendment Letting Voters Say "No" To Future Council Increase In Allowable LB Airport Flights

    March, 2002: American Airlines Tells LB Airport It Wants Four More Flight Slots, Although All LB Slots Are Currently Held By Others Airport management will ask other carriers if they wish to give up slots; Council may face showdown on assurances it will adhere to its own 41 flight limit

    March, 2002: LB Airport Main Runway 30/12 Will Be Closed Mar 19-21 from 10:00 pm-6:15 am, Possibly Diverting Flights Onto Neighborhood Runway 25R/7L

    Feb. 2002: JetBlue To Start New 7:00 a.m. and 9:45 p.m. Takeoffs in May

    Sept. 2001: Sights and Sounds of Jet Blue Inaugural LB Flight to NYC, August 29, 2001

    Aug. 2001: Giant Antonov 124 Aircraft Makes Steep Take-off Over Los Altos, 9:45 a.m. Thursday Aug 9 (with photo)

    Aug. 2001: Giant Antonov 124 Aircraft Tentatively Set To Take Off From LB Airport Thursday Aug 9

    Aug. 2001: Giant Antonov 124 Aircraft -- Largest Regularly Flown Cargo Jet In the World -- Lands At LB Airport

    July, 2001: JetBlue To Begin LB-DC & DC-LB Daily Flights Starting Oct. 8

    July, 2001: JetBlue Retains Kristy Ardizzone (who chairs City Hall's Airport Advisory Comm'n) As Its West Coast Opportunities Mgr. as a Consultant

    July, 2001: LB Airport Monitors Measured Four Recent Late Night, Early A.M. Jets (Two Charter, Two Privately Owned) Exceeding LB Noise Limits

    May, 2001: JetBlue LB Airport Noise Contour Maps, Comparisons & Data (provided by the airline)

    May, 2001: Boeing Realty's "PacifiCenter" Plan: 2,513 Residential Units, 600 Hotel Rooms, Plus Industrial, Office, R&D & Retail Uses For 260 Acres N. of LB Airport, W. of Lakewood Blvd. & South of Carson St.

    May, 2001: LB Airport Could Have 41 Commercial Flights Per Day Within 2 Years as NY Based "JetBlue" Takes All 27 Vacant Flight Slots with City Hall's Help; Makes LB Airport Its Second Nat'l Hub

    May, 2001: Councilwoman Jackie Kell Gives Additional Perspective On Recent Council Vote Re Filling Now Empty LB Airport Flight Slots

    May, 2001: First Significant Council & Staff Discussion of LB Airport Since 1995; We Provide Extended Transcript Excerpts; Council Amends Flight Slot Rules, Hoping to Fill All 41 Comm'l Slots By Letting Airlines Reserve and Hold Slots Longer

    May, 2001: LB City Hall Says 3 Million Passengers Per Yr. At LB Airport Possible (Nearly Five Times Level Handled in 2000); City staff says could be done within current LB noise and flight limits

    May, 2001: Group of Non-LB Southland Congressmembers Urge Bush Admin. Support For "Regional Airport Approach" That "Fairly Allocates Benefits and Burdens" Across So. Cal

    April, 2001: City Hall Quietly Obtains On-Call U.S. Customs Availability for Gen'l Aviation (private, non-major) Flights At LB Airport; Councilwoman Kell says it resulted from "lengthy collaborative efforts" between LB's City Hall-run Airport and "interested tenants"

    April, 2001: LB Councilmembers Grabinski & Webb Fail To Attend Regional Gov't Meeting For Vote That Adopts Plan w/ Airport Scenario Incl. 3 Million Pasengers Per Yr. at LB Airport by 2025 (Nearly Five Times More Than in 2000)

    March, 2001: LB Councilman Grabinski Votes (as member of So. Cal. Ass'n of Gov'ts Committee) To Recommend Regional Airport Scenario That Includes 3 Million Air Pasengers Annually at LB Airport by 2025

    Feb. 2001: Two Small Planes In Deadly Midair Crash Over LB Harbor Near Breakwater; 4 die in sunny afternoon tragedy

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