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Oct. 20, 2006: City Manager Jerry Miller may exit his City Hall position in 2007. City Manager Miller indicated as much during a management retreat on Friday, City Hall sources say, although City Hall has not officially commented. The development comes as the City Council prepares to discuss City Charter changes...which could invite a more powerful role for the Mayor's office (subject to voter approval if there are five Council votes to put it on the ballot). Developing.

July 2007: Councilwoman Schipske Seeks Open Council Study Session To Discuss Council's Expectations For Interim City Manager Batts...And His Salary

July 2007: Council Names LB Police Chief Batts As Interim City Manager
Councilwoman Schipske Blogs Her Dissenting Vote On Appointing An "Interim" City Manager...But Approving Chief Batts To Do That Job

May 2005: City Mgmt Says LB On Credit Rating Agencies' "Negative Outlook" [corrects misspeak, not Negative Watch] For Past Three Years & Credit Downgrade Still Possible, Urges Council To Adhere To Three Yr Deficit Reduction Plan

Feb. 2005: City Mgt. Names Official w/ County's Affordable Housing & Community Dev'ment Agency As LB's New Mgr. of Economic Development

Feb. 2005: Mike Killebrew Named LB Dir. of Financial Mgt.

Feb. 2005: Fire Services Review Advises Maintaining LB's Four-Firefighter Per Truck/Engine Staffing

  • LB Fire Chief Ellis Says He Will NOT Recommend Relocating Or Consolidating ELB Fire Stns Advised In Study
  • Many Study Findings Validate Current LBFD Practices, Others Offer Revenue Suggestions

    Jan. 2005: LB Community Dev'ment Dir. Melanie Fallon Resigns (eff. May 6)

    Dec. 2004: City Hall Issues Report to the Community 2003-04 Highlighting Steps It's Taking To Accomplish Its 2010 "Strategic Plan"

    Dec. 2004: Editorial: When Sixty Seconds Isn't Enough

    Dec. 2004: Follow-Up re $3 Million Amendments To Construction Management Consultant Contracts: Council Votes 9-0 To Approve; Mgt. Sends Second Memo Prior To Vote; We Post Memo & Transcript Of Council Proceedings (approx. 60 seconds)

    Dec. 2004: City Mgt. Asks Council To Approve $3 Million More -- Double Original Amt. -- For Three Current Public Works "Construction Management" Consultant Contracts

    Dec. 2004: Editorial: City Management's $3 Million Christmas Package

    Aug. 2004: Los Alamitos Hires Former LB City Mgr. Taboada As Interim City Mgr. During Job Search

    April 2004: Council OK's First-Ever MOU With LB City Mgt. Union

    Dec. 2003: City Manager Miller Releases "Report to the Community: Accomplishments Oct. 1, 2002-Sept. 30, 2003"

    Sept. 2003: LB's New Dir. of Public Works Is...

    Sept. 2003: City Management Tells Council "ShoreFest" (Oct 3-5) Is Being Downsized, Revised, But Will Proceed

    July 2003: City Mgr's Wife Exits Parks & Rec. Job, Now Slated For Port of LB Job; Shift Is To Avoid Appearance Of Conflict of Interest

    July 2003: City Hall Sets Sat. July 12 ELB Public Meeting On 2004 Budget: Staff Discussion + Public Input & Questions

    July 2003: Mum's Morris: "It's the City (Hall) That Lost...I'll Go Another Round"

    July 2003: John Morris Verdict Reversal Of Fortune: Trial Court Vacates (Tosses Out) Judgment Against Former City Mgr. Taboada, Reduces Damages Against City Hall to $1, Giving Morris Option Of New Trial On Damages

    May 2003: Punitive Damages Per Jury in Morris v. City of LB: $7,500 Against Former City Mgr. Taboada

    May 2003: "Mum's" Owner John Morris Wins $425,000 In Civil Suit Against City Hall, Jury Decides City Hall Punished Him For His Critical Views; Punitive Damages Could Follow Next Week

    May 2003: New City Mgr. Jerry Miller's Salary Is $197,000

    May 2003: LB's New City Mgr. Is...Gerald Miller, Was Serving As Acting City Mgr.

    Oct. 2002: Oct 1: City Mgr. Taboada's Final LB Council Meeting:

  • See Pix, Read Excerpts Of Presentations By Officials, Local Groups and Councilmembers
  • Hear Song Sung By Public Corporation for the Arts Boardmember Lucy Daggett; We Post Finale
  • Councilman Carroll Narrates Text Accompanying Video Chronicling His Life & City Career
  • Councilmembers Colonna, Webb, Uranga & Kell Also Offer Praises
  • Mr. Taboada Urges Council To Hire New Mgr. Unanimously...And Discloses He Was Hired on 6-3 Vote Publicly Portrayed as 9-0
  • Taboada Says Current State of Affairs Directly Linked To "Term Limits, Parochial District Politics, A Leadership Vacuum in our Community and an Unresponsive Electorate"

    Nov. 2001: Grabinski Denies "Walking" on City Mgr. Pay Raise Vote; Says He Was "Sick"; Mayoral Candidates Ryan and Baker React

    Nov. 2001: Council Votes 6-1 To Raise City Mgr. Pay to Nearly $200,000 (salary + deferred comp); Baker votes No; Grabinski disappears (absent) on item

    Nov. 2001: LB Utility Tax Cut Leader/Mayoral Candidate Norm Ryan Blasts Proposed City Manager Pay Raise, Calls It "Unimaginable"

    Nov. 2001: City Manager Offers Council List of Accomplishments; We Post It Verbatim

    Nov. 2001: Mayor Asks Council To Renew City Mgr's Contract w/ $2,000 Raise in Annual Deferred Compensation, Further Boosting $180,000+ Annual Pay Package

    Jan. 2001: Veteran NLB Activist Pressburg Tells Council: Lower City Mgr's Contract Authority to $25,000

    Dec. 2000: Read Actual "Purchase Order" Retaining Kristy Ardizzone and See How Council Let City Mgr. Do This

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