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    Caveat: Use dated material accordingly.


    July 2006: Kowabunga! Councilwoman Schipske's El Dorado Skate Park Agenda Item Won't Be Heard July 3 But Will Be Rescheduled

    April 2007: CSI Miami Likes LB Locations, See Behind-The-Scenes Scenes In El Dorado Park

    March 2007: Living History: "Rosie the Riveter" Park Named @ Clark/Conant; Real Life "Rosies" + WWII Vets + Familymembers Attend

    March 2007: East Village Arts Park Celebrated At Re-Opening

    Feb. 2007: KaBOOM & Partners of Parks Build Second LB Playground, This Time At Orizaba Park in Fourth Council District

    Dec. 2006: Better Balance for LB Begets Action: Community Christmas Party In Renewed/Upgraded 14th St. Park As Volunteers Dispense Approx. 1,800 Donated Gifts; LB Mayor Foster & First Lady Nancy Foster Among Attendees...And Donors

    Oct. 2006: Emotionally Powerful Grand Opening Of Officer Daryle Black Memorial Park

    Oct. 2006: Big Explosion With Fireball, Pyrotechnics & Helicopter Activity Expected In El Dorado Park Glider Park Area As City Hall Grants Permit For "CSI Miami" Filming

    Aug. 2006: Extended, In-Depth Coverage: Ed "Pops" Davenport Park Opens in NLB...And Is Slated To Double In Size

    Dec. 2005: Better Balance For LB Brings Xmas To 14th St. Park

    Nov. 2005: Better Balance For Long Beach Holds 1st Anniversary Picnic As 14th St. Park Neighborhood Celebrates Accomplishments, Faces Challenges

    Aug. 2005: Elm St. Band To Play Aug 12 @ El Dorado Park...And Councilmembers Colonna & Gabelich Seek Report On Extending Muni Band Season

    July 2005: Donations From Fans + Vice Mayor Kell's Donation Of Part Of Her Charter-Mandated Raise Will Fund Elm Street Band Concert in El Dorado Park Aug. 12

    July 2005: City Hall Announces Coming Improvements @ 14th St. Park

    May 2005: Councilwoman Lowenthal Announces 14th St. Park Closure At Dusk, Part of Pilot Pgm. To Increase Community Safety

    April 2005: "Better Balance For LB" Says Multiple City Hall Agencies Have Agreed To Coordinated Approach Re Nuisance and Law-Flouting Activities In "14th St. Park"; Activist Says She'll "Trust But Verify"

    Feb. 2005: El Dorado Nature Center Will Be Closed Wednesday Feb. 23 -- Evaluated Daily Thereafter -- Due To Downed Trees, Extensive Flooding On One Mile Trail

    Jan. 2005: Councilwoman Lowenthal Requests Update on 14th St. Park Master Plan

    Dec. 2004: News / Perspective: Awakening A Sleeping Giant: LB Activists Vow To Empower Nuisance & Crime-Impacted Neighborhood And Hold City Hall Accountable

    Dec. 2004: LB Project Dev'ment Mgr. Amy Bodek Says Had Positive Sac'to Meeting w/ State Parks Officials & Staff re Scherer Park PD Stn. & Replacement 55th Way Park; Says She Provided Docs & Info

  • State Agency Will Now Review Materials; High Ranking Agency Official Indicates He's Pleased With Progress & Cooperation Received To This Point

    Nov. 2004: San Gabriel River Draft Master Plan Suggests Making Part Of El Dorado Park's Northern Area Wetlands & Widening San Gabriel River With Soft Bottom Eastward To Partially Restore Floodplain

    Nov. 2004: Meetings Scheduled Re Revitalization of Downtown's Lincoln Park (Civic Center Plaza)

    Oct. 2004: Gala Opening Of Upgraded Skylinks Golf Course

    Oct. 2004: New LB Golf Fee/Rate Structure Announced w/ Fee Increases, 30% Resident Discount & Three Pricing Tiers; Upgraded Skylinks Will Be LB's Priciest

    Sept. 2004: City Staff Says Constructing Replacement Park (for lost Scherer Park land) On 55th Way Now Costing $2.5 Million More Than Originally Estimated (Nearly Double); City Hall Is Exploring Alternatives To Reduce New Park's Construction Costs; Budget Issues Not Expected To Impact Construction Timeline, Staff Says

    Sept. 2004: Preview of New Skylinks Golf Course

    Sept. 2004: Upgraded Skylinks Golf Course Opening Delayed For About A Month, Now Scheduled For End of October

    Sept. 2004: New North LBPD Facility Begins Initial Operations In Scherer Park As State Agency Asks About 55th Way Replacement Park Not Yet Built

    Sept. 2004: NLB's Houghton Park Now Has A State of the Art Skateboard / BMX Bicycle Facility

    Aug. 2004: Delayed: El Dorado Park "Elm St. Band" Concert Moved From August 20 to August 27

    Dec. 2003: Parts of Nature Center's One Mile Trail May Close Dec 15-30 For Selected Eucalyptus Removal, Native Tree Replanting Near Power Lines

    Nov. 2003: Powerful Ceremony At Site Of Future Neighborhood Park To Be Named For Slain LBPD Officer Daryle Black

    Sept. 2003: Nature Center To Close Sept. 8-12 For Tree Trimming, Says Diseased Or Dying Eucalyptus, Alder, Oak & Pine Trees Are Falling & Posing Safety Risk; 27 Trees Will Be Removed

    Aug. 2003: The Beat Goes On: Elm Street Band To Perform El Dorado Park Concert: Aug. 22, 6-8 p.m.

    June 2003: Muni Band Concerts Underway Thru August 15, We Post Schedule

    May 2003: Council Will Meet May 13, 2 P.M. As Charter Amendment Committee To Discuss Requiring Vote Of People To Convert Parkland to Non-Park Use

    Feb. 2003: El Dorado Nature Ctr. Exhibits Watercolor Paintings -- Most With Images Taken From Nature Center Itself -- By Prominent Local Artist Willellyn McFarland Thru March 5

    Jan. 2003: Feds OK Taking Scherer Park Land For Police Stn.: "No Long-Term, Significant Adverse Impacts" Says Nat'l Park Service Pacific Regional Office

    Nov. 2002: Scherer Park Decision: Court of Appeal Rules City Hall Met Legal Standards In Taking Park Land To Expand North Police Facility...But Court Orders Its Opinion "Unpublished" Where It Can't Effectively Be Cited As Precedent By Others

    Oct. 2002: Stearns Park Neighborhood Ass'n Conducts Park Planting; See Pix

    Sept. 2002: New Pocket Park Rises At Orange Ave. and San Antonio Dr.

    July, 2002: Federal Bill To Study Making Lower L.A. River & San Gabriel River Part of Nat'l Park System Won't Include LB

    July, 2002: LB Nature Center Seeks Volunteers for Training as Part of "Sharing Nature in the City" Program

    July, 2002: Major July 18 Planning Comm'n Vote Recommends to City Council: Two For One Replacement of Parkland Taken For Non-Park Purposes; Parkland Taken To Be Replaced In Specified Areas; Putting Charter Amendment on Ballot Letting Public, Not Council, Approve or Quash Projects Taking Parkland For Non Park Purposes

    July, 2002: LB Municipal Band Concert Schedule

    July, 2002: Chinese Dragon Boat Races Coming July 27 & 28 -- Plus Add'l Events in August - At LB Int'l Sea Festival

    July, 2002:

  • City Hall Proposed "Parks in Perpetuity" Zoning Code Change, To Be Considered With New Open Space & Recreation Element, Would OK Taking Parkland For Non Park Purposes By Council Majority If Parkland Is "Replaced" Where "Needed"

    July, 2002: Cong. Solis' Bill To Study Making Lower L.A. River & San Gabriel River Part of Nat'l Park System Not Marked Up July 10; Hearing May Take Place Before August Recess

    June, 2002: Kell Kills Any Chance Of Her Own Park Charter Amendment Appearing On Nov. 2002 Ballot, Requests Council Postpone Discussion For Months, Still Hasn't Disclosed Text, Cites Open Space & Rec. Element to Gen'l Plan

    June, 2002: 5th district Councilwoman Jackie Kell Wants Charter Amendment Committee To Discuss Ballot Measure re Construction in Parks; No Specific Draft

    June, 2002: Congressional Bill To Study Making Lower L.A. River (and tributaries south of Arroyo Seco) & San Gabriel River Part of Nat'l Park System Stalls In House Committee, Perhaps Only Temporarily

    June, 2002: Council Asked To Advance Charter Amendment Giving Non-Elected Rec. Comm'n Exclusive Power Over Leisure Activities in Parks and Rec. Facilities; Deletes Comm'n Authority Over School District Recreation

    May, 2002: Nature Center Master Plan Follow-Up Meeting Set: June 1, 12:30-3:00 p.m., 2800 Studebaker Rd.

    April, 2002: Council Votes 8-1 To OK $6.67 Million Contract For Expanded North Division LBPD Facility In Scherer Park

    Mar. 2002: Gigi Fast Elk Bannister Readies Charter Amendment To Protect LB Park Land; Could Be Put On Ballot By Council Or With Petition Signatures

    Feb. 2002: Cantrell & May File Council Appeal Over Water Dept. Plan To Take Chunk of El Dorado Park Land for Filtration Facility

    Feb. 2002: Water Dept. Wants Chunk of El Dorado Park Land for Filtration Facility

    Feb. 2002: Nearly 100 People Fill Public Meeting On Nature Center Master Plan

    Jan. 2002: Jan 1, 2002: Car Club Event Draws Big Crowd to El Dorado Park; LB Park Officials Close Park Area Involved; Crowd Forms Along Studebaker Stretching from Spring to Wardlow, Eventually Disperses Peacefully

    Sept. 2000: LB Activists Rally Against Taking Chunk Of Scherer Park For New NLB Police Substation

    Aug. 2000: Park Advocates Wary As Grabinski Park Proposal Moves To Committee

    July, 2001: Councilwoman Kell abruptly removes her agendized park protection ballot measure from agenda at July 24 Council meeting

    July, 2001: Details of Councilwoman Jackie Kell's Proposal For Ballot Measure To Decide If All Future Building on City Park Property Will Be For Recreational Use

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