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Caveat: Use dated material accordingly.


July 4, 2007: Vets Stadium fireworks over ELB.

July 4th a.m.: Justin Rudd's "Great American 4th of July Kids Bike Parade" drew a big crowd in Belmont Shore [we've pixeled kids' faces for internet posting]. Grand Marshals were Mayor Bob Foster, First Lady Nancy Foster, son and two grandkids.

July 2007: LB Transit Bus Strikes, Kills Pedestrian, Anaheim St. @ Gardenia Ave.

July 2007: Photo Album: Anime Expo Brings Thousands of Fans of Japanese Animation To LB Convention Center

June 2007: Your News Photos: Dead Whale Washes Ashore @ Sunset Beach

May 2007: Video Coverage: See Stunning & Compassionate Video Of LBPD Officers/Purple Heart Recipients Yap & Wade, Jr., Presented During LBPD Awards Ceremonies

May 2007: With Video: LBPD Awards Ceremony Bestows Purple Hearts On Downtown Shooting Survivors Officers Yap & Wade, Salutes Police & Citizen Heroes

May 2007: Video: See & Hear Highlights Of 2007 LBPD/LBFD Memorial Ceremony Honoring Fallen Police Officers & Firefighters

May 2007: Supervisor Knabe Turns Office Website Into Catalina Info Outlet; Photojournalist Lejins Captures Evacuees' Plight

May 2007: B1 Arrives, Makes Picture-Perfect Landing @ LGB

May 2007: Photo Coverage: 2007 LBPD/LBFD Memorial Ceremony Honors Fallen Police Officers & Firefighters

April 2007: Photo Album: Cambodian New Year Festival

April 2007: Photojournalist Diana Lejins' Eye On Grand Prix

April 2007: How Many Arrests During Three-Days Of Grand Prix Related Events?

April 2007: Grand Prix Continuing Photo Album (click for updates)

Smooths April 12/07John Morris, owner of downtown Pine Ave's Smooth's Sports Grille, discusses development (or is it redevelopment?) with two visitors. Photo credit: Daniel DeBoom

April 2007: Photo Album: Cambodian New Year Parade

April 2007: Photo Album: "Haute Dogs" 07 Easter Parade

March 2007: Photo Album: Past Is Prologue As Craftsman District Mural Comes To Life @ Orange Ave/7th St.

March 2007: "St. Baldrick's Day" @ Tracy's in ELB: 200+ LB-Area Men, Women & Kids Shaved Bald To Raise Money In Fighting Childhood Cancer

March 2007: Photo Album/First Person: Former President Clinton At Fundraiser For LB Boys & Girls Club

Feb. 2007: Photos From You: Reader Captures Breathtaking Cloud Formation & Sunset From Atop Signal Hill

Feb. 2007: Photo/Perspective: Snow-Capped Mtn. View For LB Vs. Midwest Snow/Windchill For Former LB Activist

April 17, 2007: Los Altos post office, approx. 5:10 p.m. with many patrons filing their taxes.

Los Altos branch PO, April 17/07

Jan. 2007: Extended Photo Coverage of 2007 MLK Parade

Jan. 2007: One Of Last Remaining Large Orange "76 Balls" To Be Replaced At ELB Service Station

Jan. 2007:
Jan 1: A three vehicle smacker at Woodruff/Spring shortly before 6 p.m. isn't a good way to start a new year.

Dec. 2006: LB Barbershop Is Personally-Built Museum To Movies, Music & More...And Draws A Nearby LB Celebrity

Dec. 24, 2:30 a.m. SUV wedged under tanker, Willow St. @ Redondo Ave. We smelled some kind of petroleum product. LBPD & LBFD responded.

Merry Christmas, LB!
Daisy Lane Parade

Naples Holiday Boat Parade

Dec. 2006: Newshound Cellphone Photos: NLB traffic crash, Walnut Ave/Market St area, Dec. 6 shortly before 7 p.m. Two cars collide, one hits parked vehicle and one of the vehicles catches fire; some people transported to hospitals.

Nov. 2006: 5:30 a.m. post-Thankg'ing shoppers jam Los Altos, other shopping sites similarly packed.

Nov. 2006: Truck Brakes, Load Shifts, Falls Onto Parked Cars

Oct. 2006: Photos: ELB Halloween, 2006

Oct. 2006: Photo Essay: 2006 LB Marathon...Thru the Eyes of Photojournalist Diana Lejins. Click for More

Photo credit: Diana Lejins

Photo credit: Diana Lejins

Oct. 2006: LB Marathoners in the midst of mile 20 (Atherton approaching Clark) at about 11:00 a.m. Oct. 15 along the 26.2 mile course. They're probably about to "hit the wall," a feeling of exhaustion that comes at about this point in Marathons.

Runners head south on Clark appraoching 21 mile mark along upgrade to PCH...which probably feels like Mt. Everest after pounding the pavement from downtown LB since 7:30 a.m. They're all winners in our book.

Oct. 2006: Who's "Jen"? What did she say? We dunno! And neither does reader Scott Gray who spotted this banner on Oct. 14 along the Shoreline Mole Road as seen from the Queen Mary.

Photo credit: Scott Gray

Oct. 2006: Another Boom! Hollywood "Blows Up" Bus Near Cedar/3d For "Criminal Minds", 1:45 p.m. Tuesday

.Sept. 2006: The GOODYEAR Airship (blimp) is stationed at Long Beach Airport, at least temporarily. The GOODYEAR Airship arrived Sept. 13 and is scheduled to leave September 20. The airship will be stationed at LB Airport while its airship operations site, located in Carson, is being refurbished.

Blimp 9/13/06
Photo credit: Bruce Tennant

July 2006: Ha! Initial Responses To "Caption This Photo" (from our ELB tomato garden)

Photo Album: LB July 4, 2006

The balloon toss @ the Los Cerritos/Virginia Country Club event. Photo credit: Nancy Noe

Justin Rudd's 5th annual "Great American Bike Parade" in Belmont Shore. Photo credit: Ralph Millero

Fireworks @ Vets Stadium Light Up ELB Neighborhood

June 2006: Fine Digital Photo: Rocket Launch From Vandenberg AFB Viewed From LB

Father's Day, 2006: Alamitos Bay resident Roger Carroll and grandson, four year-old Nolan McKellar, enjoy walk on Alamitos Bay.

Fathers Day 2006
Photo taken by grandmother

June 2006: Jacarandas 2006!

May 2006: Extended Photo Coverage: 23rd Annual Long Beach Pride Parade

Feb. 2006: Huzzah! CSULB Co-Ed Cheerleading Squad Wins Nat'l Championship In Its Division

Jan. 2006: Spectacular Sunset

Dec. 2005: Serious Dec. 6 Morning Accident, 405 @ Cherry

Nov. 2005: Candles in the Wind: Family & Friends Gather To Remember Caitlin Finucane

Nov. 2005: ELB Resident Celebrates T'giving With Fresh-Caught Ahi Tuna...Six Of 'Em Weighing About 200 lbs. Each, Caught Off Cabo San Lucas

Nov. 2005: We Post Pix Of Senator Alan Lowenthal, Councilmembers Reyes Uranga & Bonnie Lowenthal Modeling Enviro-Friendly Fashions To Benefit Coalition For Clean Air

Nov. 2005: Fabulous Foto: Gorgeous LB Sunset: Cherry Beach From Bluff

Oct. 2005: Photo Album: Halloween in ELB, 2005

Oct. 2005: Spectacular Pix of Recent LB Electrical Storm

Sept. 2005: Special: Spectacular Images Of LB Lightning PLUS In-Motion Video w/ Thunder Audio

Aug. 2005: Awful Accident, 7th/Euclid, Takes Pedestrian's Life

Yikes! 18-20 Ft. Burmese Python -- Well-Cared For -- Retrieved From LB Garage

July 2005: Read Your Titles For This ELB Tomato

July 2005: Photo Album: Colorful Sight: LB Mounted Police In Huntington Beach July 4th Parade

July 2005: LB's July 4, 2005: Sunny Shore, Festive Parade, Rockets' Red Glare

June 2005: See Video, Photos Of Industrial Plant Explosion, Fire in St. Louis

May 2005: 2005 LB Lesbian & Gay Pride Parade

May 2005: B-17 "Flying Fortress" & B-24 Liberator Visit LB, Draw Awestruck Visitors, Hushed WWII Veterans, As 60th Anniversary of V.E. Day Approaches

April 2005: Blimp's Hot Helium Hind Rises, LB Firefighters Use Physics, Apply Cold Shower

Feb. 2005: Large Crowds Attend LB Model Train Show

Feb. 2005: Taxi Cab Crashes Into -- And Winds Up Inside -- Renaissance Hotel

Feb. 2005: Trash Truck vs. Power Lines, Bluff Park Area, Ocean Blvd./Kennebec

Jan. 2005: 2005 Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Parade

Dec. 2004: We Post Readers' Emailed Storm Photos...And Report Tree Damage At Henry Elementary School

Dec. 2004: [Updated, see above] Thunderstorm Type Winds Hit ELB: Trees, Branches Downed In Area of Woodruff/Wardlow; Other Areas Also Affected; Power Interrupted For Period Across Large Area

Dec. 2004: Fierce Winds & Rain Lash LB; Shore & Peninsula Areas Hardest Hit

Dec. 2004: Photo Album: 2004

Dec. 2004: State Senator Alan Lowenthal & Councilwoman Bonnie Lowenthal Model Environmentally-Friendly Clothing @ Coalition For Clean Air Fashion Show; We Post Pix

Dec. 2004: Dec. 27: Yikes! Another Section of Artesia Blvd. Water Main Springs A Leak Overnight; Water Dept. Repairs It By Afternoon

Dec. 2004: Dec. 26: Large Water Main Breaks In NLB; LB Water Dept. Makes Repairs Before Dusk, Restores Service

Oct. 2004: LB Neighborhood Halloween, 2004

Oct. 2004: LB Activists & TV Producer Receive "Everybody is Good At Heart" Awards

July 2004: Water Main Breaks on 4th b/w Cherry & Junipero

May 2004: Photo Coverage: 2004 Long Beach Pride Parade

April 2004: Winds Rock Top of the Town, Large Tree Branch Crashes Onto Parked Car 59th/California

Feb. 2004: 80th Birthday For Nino's Patriarch Vincenzo Cristiano...In Sights And Sounds

Dec. 2003: See, Hear 2003 In Photos & Sounds

Nov. 2003: Revealed At Vets Day Parade: Councilwoman Tonia Uranga Indicates Spouse/College Board Trustee Roberto Uranga Tried To Alert A Co-Grand Marshal To, Er...

Nov. 2003: LB Fall Colors

Aug. 2003: Pix Of Mars Fly-By From Hubble Space Telescope

Aug. 2003: Flaming Fuchsia! Deep Purple Sunset Captured by Reader

Aug. 2003: LB Geyser: Broken Fire Hydrant @ Wardlow Rd./LB Blvd Aug 13, Captured by Reader

Aug. 2003: Crimson Sunset Captured Digitally

July 2003: Real Field of Dreams: See Pix of Baseball Wedding @ Blair Field

June 2003; Boeing Lakewood/Carson Corner Pix; Company Plans Site For New PacifiCenter

May 2003: See Photos Of Freedom's Flame Memorial Convoy, With Parts of Sept. 11 Wrecked World Trade Center & Damaged NYC Fire Truck, In LB

May 2003: Parts of Sept. 11 Wrecked World Trade Center & Damaged NYC Fire Truck Will Convoy Into LB For Memorial Display @ LBCC ELB Campus, Carson @ Clark, Sunday May 18, 5:30 p.m.-10:00 p.m. Only

April 2003: Belmont Shore "Haute Dogs" Easter Parade: We Post Large Photo Gallery

April 2003: Parrots in NLB Trigger "Snow" Flurry From Silk Trees on Atlantic Ave.

Jan. 2003: See Pix of Spectacular Sunrise, Jan. 3/03

Dec. 2002: 2002: In Words, Pictures...and Some Sounds

Dec. 2002: Nice Picture: Snow Capped Mt. Baldy, Viewed from LB

Oct. 2002: Spectacular Vandenberg Missile Defense Test Launch Visible From LB; See Photo; Update: Test successful with target intercepted high over Pacific

Sept. 2002: Miracle on MLK: Crash Sends Car Into House at 21st St...And No One Injured

Apr. 2002: LB Post Office, 2300 Redondo, April 15, 11:45 p.m.

March 2002: We Told You So: LB Gets Spectacular View of Missile Defense Shield Test; See Our Pix

March, 2002: LB Residents May Be Able To See Launch Plume In Missile Defense Shield Test, Scheduled b/w 6 p.m.-10 p.m., March 15 If Launch Occurs Roughly b/w 6-7 p.m.

Feb. 2002: Photos: Queen Mary's Smokestacks Being Repainted To Original Color

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