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Caveat: Use dated material accordingly.


May 2006: LB's Jan. 1/06 Population 490,166, Signal Hill Grows Nearly 2%, Tops 11,000 State Agency Says

Aug. 2005: Census Bureau Says LB Has Sixth Highest Poverty Rate Among All U.S. Cities (over 250,000 pop.); LB Ranked 7th A Year Ago, 37th In 2000...And Is Only CA City In This "Bottom 10"

May 2005: LB Population Now Exceeds 491,000; SH Pop Grows 3% in One Year

May 2004: LB's Population Increases To 487,100; Lakewood & Signal Hill Also Grow

Feb. 2004: L.A. County Population Tops 10 Million, OC Over 3 Million

July 2003: LB Population As of Jan 1/03: 481,000 (updated per annual State of CA official report)

May, 2002: LB Population: 473,100 as of Jan. 1, 2002 (official CA agency update)

Apr. 2002: Council Asked to OK $6.67 Million Contract For New NLB Police Facility In Scherer Park; Stop Taking Our Parks Leader Blasts Move

Feb. 2002: LB Population: 473,600 As of Jan. 1, 2001 CA Agency Says, Includes Estimated Census Undercount

Feb. 2002: Major Scherer Park Development: Court of Appeal Denies Stay ("halt") Pending Appeal of Lower Court Ruling OK'ing Expansion of NLB Police Facility Into Park

Feb. 2002: City Hall Wants To Start Removing Scherer Park Trees for NLB Police Stn Expansion As Soon As Feb. 21, No Later Than March 1

Jan. 2002: L.A. Court Upholds NLB Police Facility Expansion in Scherer Park, Denies Park Protection Advocates' Petition for Writ of Mandate

Dec. 2001: NLB Police Facility Development: Feds Won't Approve Scherer Park Replacement Land on 55th Way Until City Hall Conducts Fed'l Environmental Review and Provides Appraisal of Both Parcels Meeting Professional Standards

Aug. 2001: Suit Filed To Stop Scherer Park LBPD Station Expansion, Alleges Violation of City, State and Federal Laws

July, 2001: Council votes 8-1 to put LBPD north station on 2.5 acres of Scherer Park

July, 2001: Vice Mayor Dan Baker, who'll preside at July 17 hearing, will let appellants use audiovisual equipment

July, 2001: Mayor's staff tells appellant: You can't use Council chamber audiovisual equipment at hearing on Scherer Park police stn; City Att'y Shannon issues memo (we post it) saying he's advised "the decision is within the discretion of the Mayor/City Council"

July, 2001: Scherer Park/Police Station Development: LBUSD confirms former "Dooley's" site, studied in City Hall's EIR as possible alternative to Scherer site, now in escrow as possible future school

June, 2001: Recreation Comm'n Members Send Advisory Letter To Council Opposing Expanded North Police Facility In Scherer Park

May, 2001: Scherer Park/NLB Police Station Sparks Council Encounter w/ Councilmembers Grabinski & Webb and Colloquy With City Mgr. Taboada

March, 2001: Scherer Park Site for NLB Police Station Draws Council Meeting Sparks

Feb. 2001: New NLB Police Station: City Hall Memo Says Cost Now $7.2 Million (excluding financing & acquisition costs); We Post Memo Including Site Plan for Scherer Park Location

Sept. 2000: LB Activists Rally Against Taking Chunk Of Scherer Park For New NLB Police Substation

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