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    Caveat: Use dated material accordingly.


    June 2007: First on Sen. Lowenthal Says He's "Negotiating" Over L.A. Councilmembers' Proposal Urging Port-Backed Changes In Container-Fee Bill...That Haven't Been Publicly Discussed by LB Councilmembers

    June 2007: State Senator Alan Lowenthal's "Port Investment Bill" Passes Senate, Advances To Assembly

    June 2007: Bill To Give Priority Bond Funding To Port-Related Infrastructure Projects With "Highest Benefits Compared To Costs" -- But Not To "Projects That Reduce Pollution" -- Passes With "Yes" Votes By LB Area Ass'ymembers Karnette and Richardson

    May 2007: In Depth: Compare Port of LB On TV Vs. Letter For Lawmakers On Whether "Clean Air Action Plan" Will Deliver Or Fall Short

    May 2007: BNSF Says It's Added "Enhancements" To Its Proposed "So. Cal Int'l Gateway" Container Facility; WLB Neighborhood Leader Remains Critical, Chamber Chief Continues Support

    May 2007: In Depth: Port of LB Seeks Legislative Loopholes & Entitlements In Sen. Lowenthal's "Port Investment Bill," While Admitting LB/L.A. Ports' "Clean Air Action Plan" May Not Deliver Claimed Pollution Reductions

    May 2007: Hoping To Keep Getting Fed'l Taxpayer Money To Expand Transportation/Port Capacity While Not Meeting Fed'l Clean Air Standards Now, SCAG & AQMD Seek State/Fed'l "State of Emergency" Declaration, SCAG Proposes Futuristic Transit Systems For Containers

    April 2007: Priority Funding For Projects To Reduce Pollution Removed From Ass'y Bill Steering Money From Nov. 06 Infrastructure Bond; LB Ass'ywoman Karnette Doesn't Dissent And Votes "Yes"

    April 2007: Westside Industrial Redevelopment Project Area Committee Approves Resolution Urging Council To Support State Legislation Enacting "No Net Increase" In Port Air Pollution Mechanism

    April 2007: Sen. Lowenthal Adds Verbiage To His "Port Investment" Bill Letting CA Transportation Comm'n Decide If LB/L.A. Ports Meet Their Self-Declared Clean Air "Goals"; PoLB May Seek Separate Amendment Facilitating Using Container Fees For Capacity-Expanding New Version Of Desmond Bridge

    April 2007: AQMD Board Hears Concerns From Local Enviro Politeo Over Sen. Lowenthal's "Port Investment" Bill; AQMD Backs Bill With Modest Amendments, Remains Silent On Senator's Failure To Reintroduce "No Net Increase" In Pollution Bill

    March 2007: Council Votes 8-0 To Prepare Resolution Endorsing Sen. Lowenthal's "Port Investment" Bill SB 974; Attaches No Conditions To City Hall Support But Will Send Letter To Senator Listing Local Concerns

    March 2007: LBReport Makes Freedom of Information Request For City, Port, SCAQMD & CARB Docs Re Sen. Lowenthal Abandoning "No Net Increase" In Air Pollution While Urging Container Fee For Port-Related Goods Movement Capacity

    March 2007: Perspective: Your Tax Dollars At Work: Read Response Of State Senator Alan Lowenthal's Office To Critical Editorial

    March 2007: SCAQMD Exec. Officer Wallerstein Calls Sen. Lowenthal's SB 974 "One Of The Most Important Clean Air Bills Proposed In Recent Years And With A Little Fine Tuning Will Provide Tremendous Public Health Benefits"

    CA Air Resources Board Staff Quietly Seeks Fed'l EPA Waiver Until 2020 To Deliver Req'd Reductions In Health-Affecting PM2.5 Air Pollution Particulates; SCAQMD Executive Officer Blasts Move

    March 2007: With Extended Audio/Perspective: Mayor Foster In Sac'to Urges Large Percentage Of Bond Funds For LB/LA Port Infrastructure With Each Project Linked To Specific Mitigation Funded By Container Fee Or Tariff

    March 2007: With Perspective: Sen. Lowenthal Proposes "Port Investment" Bill Funded By Container Fees, Substantively Differs From 06 Proposed Container Fee Measure...And Not Accompanied By No Net Increase Legislation

    At Feb. 28 "Faster Freight, Cleaner Air" conference, Sen. Alan Lowenthal didn't mention not reintroducing "no net increase" bill in 07 (blocked in 06 by Ass'y Dems), says he changed his 07 container fee bill after discussions with Governor Schwarzenegger's office (Governor vetoed 06 container fee). Sen. Lowenthal notes he's introduced a bill to link distributing 06 infrastructure bond money to environmental criteria but acknowledges this depends on agreement by state legislature.

    Faster Freight, Cleaner Air Feb. 28/07

    Feb. 2007: Environmental Committee Chair Reyes Uranga: We Weren't Briefed On Sen. Lowenthal Dropping "No Net Increase" In Port Pollution Bill

    Feb. 2007: Sen. Lowenthal Doesn't Reintroduce His "No Net Increase" In Port Air Pollution Bill; We Post Statement From Him

    Jan. 2007: LB Harbor Commission Halts LNG Project

    Jan. 2007: Cong. Millender-McDonald Explicitly Backs 100% Container Inspection Provision In New Dem House Homeland Security Bill; Measure Passes

    Nov. 2006: CSULB Conference Organized By State Sen. Lowenthal Presents Multiple Speakers Urging Cargo Container Fees

    Overflow crowd for joint meeting of LB/L.A. Harbor Commissions on Ports' "Clean Air Action Plan"; speakers include LB & LA Mayors, local officials, clean air advocates, neighborhood activists and industry reps; Harbor Commissioners make amendments, adopt their Plan.

    Above, L.A. Mayor Villaraigosa greets crowd in LB Council Chamber

    LB & L.A. Mayors Foster & Villaraigosa address meeting chaired by LB Harbor Comm'n President Hankla alongside L.A. Harbor Comm'n President Freeman. All screen saves via LBTV cable channel 8

    Nov. 2006: Prop 1B For Port/Transportation Projects Passes By Wide Margin Statewide & In So Cal; LB Councilwoman Richardson Advances To Assembly; Assemblywoman Oropeza Advances To State Senate; Kawasaki Outpolls Ryan For Water Replenishment District; Lakewood Fireworks Ban Fails

    Nov. 2006: We Post Text of LB Harbor Comm'n President James Hankla's Speech @ "World Shipping (China) Summit" in Shenzhen, China; Speech Title: "It's Not Easy Bein' Green"

    Nov. 2006: Ports of LB & L.A. Largest Dues Paying Members ($100,000+ Per Year) In "CA Ass'n of Port Authorities" Didn't Object As Group Opposed Clean Air Legislation Backed By LB City Hall, AQMD & Clean Air/Health Groups

    Nov. 2006: AQMD Holds "Town Hall Meeting" In LB, Full Board Meeting Day After At LB City Hall

    Nov. 2006: Several Harbor Comm'nrs + Two Councilmembers Scheduled To Jet To Australia; Harbor Comm'n President Hankla Will Join Them After Speech At Conference In China

    Oct. 2006: Mayor Foster Tells CSULB Journalism Students He "Reluctantly Supports" Prop 1B, Opposes Proposed LNG Facility In City's Port

    Oct. 2006: In Depth With Audio + Perspective: Hear Their Words, Make Your Choice On $20 Billion Taxpayer Debt Prop 1B For Port/Transportation Infrastructure: We Post Extended Audio Of Sen. Lowenthal, Mayor Foster, PoLB Exec. Dir Steinke, Vice Mayor Lowenthal & LB Taxpayer/Neighborhood Activist Pressburg At Recent Hearing

    Oct. 2006: Poll Shows Two Costliest Proposed Taxpayer Debt Measures -- Prop 1B (Port/Transportation Infrastructure) & Prop 1D (Educational Facilities) -- With Bare Majority Support

    Oct. 2006: Reuters: Dubai Ports Exec Knocks New U.S. Port Security Law As Fundamentally Inadequate

    Oct. 2006: Rand Corp. Study Urges Attention To Protecting Cruise Ships, Ferry Boats From Terrorism

    Oct. 2006: In Depth with Perspective: Here's Salient Text Of Congress-Passed, President-Signed, Industry-Backed Container Security Text In "SAFE Port" Act

    Oct. 2006: Gov. Schwarzenegger Creates "CA Maritime Security Council" -- With No Elected Officials -- To Devise Statewide Maritime "Security Strategy"

    Oct. 2006: Big Turnout For 2nd Annual Port of Long Beach "Green Port Open House"

    Oct. 2006: LB/LA Harbor Comm'n Presidents Hankla & Freeman To Receive "Greening Awards" From "Coalition For Clean Air"...Presented by LB Mayor Foster

    Sept. 2006: Poll Shows Taxpayer Debt Ballot Measure For Port Infrastructure With Thin Lead And Many Undecided; Education Bond Trailing

    Sept. 2006: LB Chamber Cheers Gov. Schwarzenegger's Veto of Cargo Container Fee SB 927

    Sept. 2006: Governor's Staffers Listen, Governor Spurns Advice of Downtown LB Associates In Vetoing Container Fee Bill

    Sept. 2006: Add'l Reaction To Gov. Schwarzegger's Veto Of SB 927 (Container Fee At Ports of LB/LA For Clean Air Programs, Rail Cargo Projects, Port Security); LB Mayor Foster: "Veto Solves Nothing"; Coalition For Clean Air: "Governor Schwarzenegger Let California Down"

    Sept. 2006: Gov. Schwarzegger Vetoes SB 927, Sen. Lowenthal's Container Fee That Would Have Funded Clean Air Programs, Rail Cargo Projects, Port Security At Ports of LB/LA; Sen. Lowenthal Says It's "Not The End Of The Fight, Only The Beginning"

    Sept. 2006: LB Mayor Foster, Sen. Lowenthal, Councilwoman/AQMD Boardmember Reyes Uranga, L.A. Councilwoman Hahn & Multiple Clean Air Advocates Tell Gov, Schwarzenegger: Sign SB 927 (Container Fee For Clean Air, Rail Projects, Port Security)

    Sept. 2006: Senate-Passed "SAFE Port" Bill Sets No Deadline For Integrated Container Scanning System...And Doesn't Authorize It Unless It "Doesn't Significantly Impact Trade Capacity & Flow Of Cargo At Foreign Or U.S. Ports"; LB & L.A. Mayors Silent As Amendment To Require Hong Kong Style Anti-Nuclear Scanning Shelved

    Sept. 2006: Port of LB Website Tells Public: PoLB And Its "Seaport Security Partners" Working Diligently To Minimize Risk

    Sept. 8, 2006: The U.S. Senate briefly took up HR 4954 "SAFE Ports" Act passed by House of Representatives this spring). In today's Senate session, Senators DeMint & McCain separately proposed amendments (the latter dealing in part with rail security). As previously reported by, in May 2006 Republicans in the House defeated an amendment by Dems to require inspection of all incoming cargo containers (202-222). The amendment was opposed by the "American Ass'n of Port Authorities," an advocacy group in which the Port of LB is a member. Neither LB's City Council nor Board of Harbor Commissioners have taken publicly voted positions on the container inspection issue.

    Sept. 2006: In Depth/Perspective: We Find Assemblymember Judy Chu (D., Monterey Park) At Local Labor Day Picnic And Ask Why Sen. Lowenthal's Port Anti-Pollution Bills (Including "No Net Increase") Were Blocked In Appropriations Committee She Chairs...And She Replies

    Sept. 2006: Voters Cool To Port Infrastructure Expansion/Transportation Bond, Survey Shows

    Aug. 2006: Daily Breeze Gets The Story On Who's Blocking Lowenthal Port Bill(s) & Why; We Link To Their Report

    Aug. 2006: In Depth/Perspective: Where's LB, As Boston Port Area Congressman Cites Rand Study On LB Nuke Scenario To (Again) Call For 100% Inspection Of Incoming Cargo Containers?

    Aug. 2006: LB Harbor Comm'n President Hankla Re Rand Report Scenario On Container-Concealed Nuclear Bomb

    Aug 17: Senator Lowenthal's container fee bill (SB 760) and LB-L.A. port air pollution pollution baseline ("no net increase" SB 764) bill were placed on "hold" in the Assembly Appropriations Committee, which they must pass before going to the Assembly floor. Sen. Lowenthal's Chief of Staff tells us their office is working to pass both bills which have already passed the state Senate.

    Aug. 2006: Rand Corporation Evaluates Scenario: Ten Kiloton Nuclear Bomb Concealed In Cargo Container, Shipped To Port of LB, Unloaded And...

    Aug. 2006: DLBA Board Votes To Support Senator Lowenthal's Container Fee Bill (SB 760) For Port Security, Container-Related Rail Projects, Air Pollution Mitigation

    July 2006: UK PM Blair & CA Gov. Schwarzenegger Choose PoLB As Site For Signing Agreement To Reduce Greenhouse Gases Linked To Global Warming

    July 2006: State Senator Alan Lowenthal Tells Ports of LB/L.A. Their Draft Clean Air Action Plan Is Laudable...But Needs Container Fee For Revenue (SB 760) And Statutory Teeth For Enforcement (SB 764)

    June 2006: Ports of LB and L.A. Unveil Draft "San Pedro Bay Ports Clean Air Action Plan"

    June 2006: Councilwoman Reyes Uranga Irked By Press Event Scheduled To Unveil PoLB-PoLA Clean Air Plan...Without Telling LB Councilmembers Specifics

    June 2006: Harbor Commissioner James C. Hankla Named Comm'n President

    June 2006: Port of LB Says It's Neutral On Sen. Lowenthal's "No Net Increase" In Port Air Pollution Bill Despite Opposition To Bill By "CA Ass'n of Port Authorities"

    June 2006: Port of LB "Stealth Lobbying" Again Against City of LB Via "CA Ass'n of Port Authorities" Opposition To Sen. Lowenthal's "No Net Increase" In Port Air Pollution Bill; SB 764 Passes Ass'y Transportation Committee & Advances

    June 2006: Port Of LB Reviewing Application To Test Dockside System Proponents Say Can Catch & Treat Ships' Shoreside Engine Emissions, Cuttting Pollutants Over 95%

    May 2006: L.A./LB Area Rates #2 Nationwide On Fed'l Homeland Security Dept. "Risk & Effectiveness Based Approach" To Allocating Fed'l Anti-Terrorism Funds

    May 2006: Perspective: House-Passed "SAFE Port" Act Neuters Local Control, Gives DC Control & Industry Interests Clout In Mandated Protocols Favoring Swift Return To Trade After Terrorist Attack

    May 2006: LB's Mayoral Candidates On Inspecting All Inbound Cargo Containers

    May 2006: Representing Your Interests? On Inspecting All (Not Just Some) Inbound Cargo Containers, Read What House Members Said & How They Voted

    May 2006: In Depth (with updated text): Fed'l Legislative Verbiage That Could Put Truck Inspection Facility Somewhere On 710 Fwy Inserted In SAFE Port Act By Congresswoman Millender-McDonald

    May 2006: House Repubs Defeat Dem Effort To Require Inspection Of All Incoming Cargo Containers, Fails 202-222; "SAFE" Port Bill Without 100% Inspections Passes 421-2. Senate Legislation Requiring 100% Inspection Advances

    May 2006: Port of LB Tentatively Agrees To "Landmark Lease" Amendment With SSA Terminals That Includes "Green Port" Enviro Upgrades Including Phased-In Use Of Shore-Side Electrical Power ("Cold Ironing")

    July 2006: Final LB Public Comment Meeting On Port's Clean Air Action Plan Tonight July 19 @ Cesar Chavez Park, 7 p.m.

    July 2006: Port of LB Invites Public Comment On Its Clean Air Action Plan July 19 @ Chavez Park

    March 2006: Assemblywoman Karnette Denied Permission To Attend Roundtable With Congressmembers & LB-LA Port Officials Re Proposed Fed'l SAFE Port Legislation; List Of Invitees Excludes LB & L.A. Councilmembers But Includes Multiple Port & Industry-Related Interests

    March 2006: In Depth/Perspective: Congressmembers Dan Lungren & Loretta Sanchez Meet With PoLB/PoLA & Fed'l Harbor Officials On Proposed SAFE Port Act; No LB Councilmembers Present (PoLB Blames It On Bureaucratic Snafu); Will Customs Duties Really Cover Proposed New Security Measures? We Ask About Container Fees...And Congressmembers Reply

    March 2006: Howard Jarvis Taxpayers Ass'n Blasts Proposed "Infrastructure Bond" As "Chock Full Of Pork"

    March 2006: New/In Depth/Perspective: CA Senate Repubs Balk At Dem-Drafted "Infrastructure" Bond For June Ballot; Dem. Sen. Leader Perata Says "Now We're Talking About November"; Schwarzenegger Says He's Ready To Meet Over Weekend; Measure Included $2 Billion For CA Ports Without Requiring No Net Increase (Or Real Decrease) In LB-LA Port Pollution

    March 2006: CA Congressman Duncan Hunter To Introduce Fed'l Legislation To Make All U.S. Port Terminals & Other Defense-Critical U.S. Infrastructure Majority U.S. Owned...And Require Inspection By Feds Of All Cargo Coming Into U.S.

    Feb. 2006: Small Plane Crashes In Port of LB Pacific Container Terminal (Pier J, Berth 270); Pilot Injured, Ground Workers & Cargo Containers Escape Unscathed

    Feb. 2006: Collision Course On Clean Air Standards: AQMD Adopts Tougher Locomotive Anti-Idling Rules Than CARB-RR MOU Accepted Statewide; Next Step Up To RRs

    Feb. 2006: Assembly Passes "Diesel Magnet Sources" Anti-Pollution Bill After Assemblywoman Oropeza Agrees To Take Amendments As Legislation Moves To Senate

    Dec. 2005: Ports of LB & L.A. To Begin Joint Air Quality Monitoring, Promise Data On Internet; Clean-Air Advocates React

    Dec. 2005: L.A. Mayor Villaraigosa Nominates Port of LB's Managing Dir. Geraldine Knatz as Port of L.A.'s New Executive Director

    Nov. 2005: At AQMD Board Meeting In LB:

  • Board Chair Burke Announces "Clean Port Initiative," Tells Ports of LB & L.A. To Speed Efforts To Reduce Emissions Or Face AQMD Regulation To Maximum Extent Possible, Including Measures On Ships
  • Burke Backs State Legislation For Container Fee Or Some Other Mechanism Sufficient To Fund Clean-Up
  • AQMD Board Enacts Regulation On "Flaring" At Area Refineries

    Nov. 2005: Gov. Schwarzenegger In LB Says Prop 76 Needed To Control Budget And Enable Infrastructure For Projects Including Port Growth & 710 Freeway

    Oct. 2005: CA Air Resource Board Refuses To Rescind Controversial RR MOU, Directs Staff To Meet With RRs To Produce "Clarifying" Report In Jan '06

    Oct. 2005: CA Lawmakers Voted In 2003 For Industry-Backed Bill Exempting High-Polluting "Bunker Fuel" Burned By Ships in CA Ports From CA Sales Tax, Despite Estimated Multi-Million Dollar Annual Taxpayer Cost

    Oct. 2005: CA Air Resources Bd. Proposes Rule Requiring Ships To Use Less-Polluting Fuel While In Port Or Adopt Alternative Emission Strategies

    Oct. 2005: Study Says Areas Including Downtown LB, Belmont Shore, Los Altos, Bixby Knolls At Estimated Heightened Cancer Risk From Port Operations

    Oct. 2005: AQMD Executive Officer Says PoLB Should Adopt Specific Clean Air Measures Like L.A. Port's "No Net Increase" And...

    Oct. 2005: Port of LB Releases Draft LNG EIR

    Oct. 2005: Schwarzenegger Vetoes Karnette's De-Fee'd Container/Port Security Bill

    Oct. 2005: Overflow Crowd Jams Silverado Park Pre-EIR Meeting On Truck-To-RR Container Transfer Yard Proposed Next to WLB

    Oct. 2005: Port of LB Holds First Green Port Open House

    Sept. 2005: Extraordinary Meeting As Multiple Local Officials & Members of Public Blast CA Air Resources Board's "Memorandum of Understanding" With RRs

    Oct. 2005: Traffic Alert: This Weekend No Direct Traffic Across Terminal Island Between Downtown LB & San Pedro: Ocean Blvd. Will Be Closed @ TI Fwy (47) Fri Oct 21 7 p.m. Thru Mon Oct 24 5 a.m., Part of Major Construction Project

    Sept. 2005: Major Port-Related Truck-To-Railroad Container Transfer Yard Proposed Next To WLB

    Sept. 2005: Port, City Hall Officials Praise Congresswoman Millender-McDonald At Luncheon Thanking Her For Delivering Fed'l Funds For Desmond Bridge Rebuild, I-710 Expansion

    Aug. 2005: Old Diesel Locomotives Operating Inside Ports of LB & LA To Be Replaced With New Clean Diesel Rigs; Add'l Anti-Pollution Measures Being Implemented & Tested

    Aug. 2005: Sen. Lowenthal Withholds His "No Net Increase In Port Air Pollution" Bill; Focuses On Container Fee Talks

    Aug. 2005: Editorial: Thank You, PoLB

    Aug. 2005: State Senator Lowenthal Halts Advance Of His Container Fee Bill For Clean Air, Security & Infrastructure -- Legislation Opposed By "Goods Movement" Interests -- Hoping To "Work Something Out" With Schwarzenegger Administration

    Aug. 2005: Read Rohrabacher Container Fee Bill For Security And More That Port Of LB's DC Lobbying Firm Said It Helped Defeat

  • Port's DC Lobbyists -- Simultaneously Paid To Rep City Hall Under Separate Contract -- Recite Port's Position On Bill At Council Meeting; We Post Extended Council Transcript + Congressional Record & House Vote On Measure

    Aug. 2005: Editorial: Invoke The Contract; Put LB City Hall's DC Lobbying Contract Out To Bid

    Aug. 2005: Port's Lobbyist Says Major I-710 Fed'l Money Is Related To Rebuilding Desmond Bridge (Which Would Allow 10,000 TEU Mega-Ships); Claims Credit For Helping Defeat Increased Container Fee (For Homeland Security); Says Port Should Let Council Take Lead on LNG

    July 2005: LB Mayor O'Neill, PoLB Harbor Comm'n President Topsy-Elvord React To Final Version Of Fed'l Trans. Bill

    July 2005: Updated: Fed'l Trans. Bill Includes Desmond Bridge, Alameda Corridor East As Projects of "Nat'l & Regional Significance" With Funding At Levels Lower Than Sought; House Passes It, Senate Passage Expected

    July 2005: NLB Residents Revolt Over 24 Hr. Port, Insist On EIR

    July 2005: Returned From Rio, Councilwoman Reyes Uranga Reports On Port-Paid Trip To Conference w/ Harbor Comm'rs. Topsy-Elvord, Hankla & Cordero

    July 2005: Council (Again) Requests Transfer Of 10% Of Port's Net Income To City's Tidelands Fund...But $9.5 Million 06 Infusion May Still Not Avoid Red Ink

    July 2005: Council Votes 8-1 To Ask Feds For Initial Study To See If There's Fed'l Interest In Studying Reconfiguration of LB Breakwater

    June 2005: AQMD Board Chair Burke Blasts CA ARB MOU With RR's

    June 2005: LB Harbor Comm'ners Choose Topsy-Elvord As Their President, Hankla As VP

    June 2005: Council Votes 8-0 To Approve Mayor's Choice Of Mike Walter For Harbor Comm'n; We Post Extended Excerpts

    June 2005: Editorial: A Respectable, Not Rubberstamp, Hearing For Mayor's Harbor Nominee

    June 2005: Editorial: Mayor's Mushroom Maneuver Re Port Post Requires Principled Council Response, Not Rubberstamp

    June 2005: Mayor's Choices For Harbor & Other Comm'ns Approved Without Questions In 90 Secs. By Council Committee

    June 2005: Mayor O'Neill's Latest Choice For Harbor Commission Held b/w $100,001-$1,000,000 In ConocoPhillips Stock in 04; Firm's Subsidiary In 05 Partnering To Develop Proposed Port LNG Facility

    June 2005: Mayor O'Neill's Latest Choice For Harbor Commission Is...

    June 2005: Ports of LB-L.A. Will Have Radiation Portal Monitoring By Year's End, Feds Say

    June 2005: Reuters: Coast Guard's Outgoing Port Security Chief Says Sailors' IDs & Containers Main Loopholes Making Ports & Ships Vulnerable To Terrorists

    June 2005: CA Senate Passes Bill That Could Take Millions From LB Now, More Later, In Tidelands Oil Revenue City Hall Expected To Cover Future Clean-Up Costs For Tidelands Oil Field; Sens. Lowenthal, Bowen & McClintock Oppose Bill To No Avail, Now Advances To Ass'y

    June 2005: U.S. EPA Bestows Environmental Award On Port of LB

    April 2005: Ass'ywoman Oropeza Declared Cancer Free, Girds For Battle Over Her Bill To Declare Ports, Airports, Rail Yards & Distribution Centers Diesel Magnet Sources

    April 2005: We Post City Mgr Memos re LB DC Legislative Advocate Del Smith Attending April 19 Council Meeting re House Energy Bill (Which Contains LNG Provisions Affecting CA & LB Local Control)

    April 2005: LNG Fed'l Fiasco Calls For Rethinking Poisoned PoLB Pork...And Those Who Sell It

    April 2005: LB City Hall's DC Lobbyist -- Who Simultaneously Represents Port of LB -- Slated To Give Council His Version Of Fed'l Energy Bill's LNG Provisions

  • Read What City Hall's Contract With DC Lobbying Firm Requires

    April 2005: Councilmembers Baker, Lowenthal, Reyes Uranga & Gabelich Want City Hall To Support State Sen. Alan Lowenthal's Clean-Air Bills...Incl. "No Net Increase" In Port-Related Air Pollutants

    April 2005: Sen. Alan Lowenthal's "No Net Increase In Air Pollution" Bill Advances

    April 2005: Calhoun Exiting Harbor Comm'n At Term's End June '05

    March 2005: Council Votes 7-1 (Gabelich Dissenting) To Endorse Port's "Green Port" Policy Without Port Commitment To No Net Increase in Pollution; Gabelich Questions Continued Support For Fed'l Projects Expanding Port's Capacity; Some Councilmembers Pledge To Revisit No Net Increase Issue in Coming Weeks

    March 2005: Editorial: No More Excuses: Council Should Tell Port: Commit To No Net Increase In Pollution Or We Won't Support Fed'l Projects That Increase Your Capacity

    Jan. 2005: Storm Silting Prompts Catalina Express To Shift Daily LB Service To QM Port Starting Feb. 4

    Jan. 2005: Councilmembers Lowenthal & Baker Back Away From Call For L.A.-Styled Port Clean Air Task Force; Council Instead Votes For Quarterly Committee Meetings w/ Port Presentations

    Jan. 2005: Port of LB Adopts Self-Declared "Green Port Policy." We Post It. You Read It...and Decide

    Jan. 2005: Councilmembers Lowenthal & Baker Seek To Establish L.A.-Styled Task Force To Implement "No Net Increase" In LB Port Related Air Pollution

    Nov. 2004: PoLB Names City Hall Savvy Carl Kemp Dir. of Community Relations & Gov't Affairs; PMSA's Tom Teofilo Is New Managing Dir. of Maritime Services; Interim Security Director (former LBPD Chief) Bill Ellis To Exit

    Oct. 2004: One of World's Biggest Container Ships Makes Maiden Call @ Port of LB

    Sept. 2004: More Reaction to Governor Schwarzenegger's Veto Of AB 2042 ("No Increased Air Pollution With Port Growth"):

  • Statement by LB Area Chamber Pres/CEO Randy Gordon

    Sept. 2004: Governor Schwarzenegger Vetoes AB 2042 ("No Increased Air Pollution With Port Growth")

  • We Post Full Text of Governor's Veto Message
  • Ass'yman Lowenthal Blasts Veto, Vows To Reintroduce Measure On This Issue In '05

    Sept. 2004: In Depth: LB Bd of Harbor Rescinds Pier J EIR; Port Staff Will Revise It; Enviro Groups Urge Broad Revision; Several Harbor Commissioners Pledge Revision Will Address All Issues

    Sept. 2004: America's Ports Hold Convention in LB, Ground Zero For Public Policy Controversies

    Sept. 2004: With extended transcript excerpts: Port Pummeled In Hearing on Pier J EIR; Council Gives Both Sides Until Nov. 16 To Discuss Issues Before A Council Vote

    Sept. 2004: Did LB Harbor Comm'n Hold Money Transfer (Used By City Hall For Beach & Shore Related Items) Hostage To Council Approval of Port's Budget With No Changes? We Post Transcript; You Decide

    Sept. 2004: LB Bd of Harbor Comm'rs Calls Special Meeting Sept. 29 To Rescind Pier J EIR; Action Triggered by AQMD Letter (We Post It); Amended EIR Could Result But Add'l Issues May Remain

    Sept. 2004: Following Council Directive, City Mgr. Transmits Letter To Gov. Schwarzenegger Stating City Support For AB 2042 ("No Increased Air Pollution With Port Growth") & Requesting That He Sign The Measure; We Post Text

    Sept. 2004: Assemblyman Lowenthal, Councilwoman Reyes Uranga & Clean Air Advocates Hold San Pedro Press Event Urging Gov. Schwarzenegger To Sign AB 2042 ("No Net Increase in Port Pollution")

    Sept. 2004: LB Council Urges Gov. Schwarzenegger To Sign AB 2042 (No Increased Air Pollution w/ Port Growth), Puts Off Charter Amendment Changing How Port Is Run...For Now

    Sept. 2004: Editorial: Bowing to Port Potentates: A Self-Respecting Council Can't

    Sept. 2004: Editorial: When A Law Seeking Clean Air Produces Port Hot Air

    Sept. 2004: Major Fallout From Port's Actions Opposing Clean Air Legislation That Council Voted To Support:

  • Councilmembers Reyes Uranga & Gabelich Seek Charter Amendment To Ensure Council, Not Port, Determines LB's Legislative Policies...And Seek City Mgr. Communication To Gov. Schwarzenegger Supporting AB 2042

    Aug. 2004: Schwarzenegger Pulled Into Showdown on Port Air Pollution: PoLB Exec. Dir. Wants Governor To Veto AB 2042 (No Increased Air Pollution w/ Port Growth) That Port of LB Opposes & City of LB Supports; LB Mayor O'Neill Says...

  • Bill's Author, Ass'yman Lowenthal Responds

    Aug. 2004: LB Harbor Comm'n OK's Project With British Petroleum To Begin "Cold Ironing" (Shoreside Electrical Power To Avoid Polluting Shipboard Engines At Berth) In Mid To Late 2006...Or Perhaps Sooner

    Aug. 2004: Port of LB Preliminary Schedule To Start "Cold Ironing" (Ships Plug Into Dockside Electrical Power And Shut Off Shipboard Engines At Berth) With British Petroleum Ships Is Mid To Late 2006 [See further coverage, above]

    Aug. 2004: LB & L.A. Port Terminal Operators Announce "PierPass" In Effort to Shift Portion of Truck Traffic To Night & Weekend Hours

    Aug. 2004: Cargo Ship Worker Killed When Cable Snaps, Pier T Area

    July 2004: In Depth/Exclusive: Harbor Comm'rs. Hankla & Cordero, Port Planning Dir. Knatz & Councilwoman Reyes Uranga Visit Boston LNG Facility & Meet w/ Boston area Coast Guard

  • Comm'r. Hankla Says He Thinks Terror Scenario Was Somewhat Debunked In Visit w/ Coast Guard; Councilwoman Reyes Uranga Says She Drew Somewhat Different Conclusion
  • LB Harbor Commrs. Give Preliminary OK To Contract w/ Hazard Assessment Firm For What Port Calls "Worst Case" Scenarios, Would Compare Proposed PoLB LNG Facility To Other Flammable Fuel Facilities Like Refineries, Tank Farms & Gas Storage
  • Comm'r. Hankla Wants Hazard Assessment Firm's Rep To Attend Coming Harbor Comm'n Meeting To Respond To Points Raised By LNG Project Opponents, Wants Harbor Comm'n To "Lay This Issue To Rest And...Meet It Head On"

    June 2004: Editorial: Chumps?

    June 2004: Ass'yman Lowenthal's "No Increased Port Pollution" Bill Gets Teeth; CA Senate Committee Writing Language To Implement Rules If Port Polluters Don't Reach Agreement By Bill's Deadline

    June 2004: Homeland Security Sec'y Ridge Announces New Nationwide Port Security Measures @ PoLB; Calls Ports of LB & L.A. Nation's Best Examples of Layered Security

    June 2004: Cattle From Hawaii, Shipped In "Cowtainers," Will Now Be Arriving At Port of LB

    May 2004: Assembly Passes -- By One Vote Margin -- AB 2042 (Lowethal Zero Net Increase in Port Air Pollution Bill); To Gain Assembly Passage, Some Changes Agreed To As Bill Heads To CA Senate

    May 2004: Council Backs AB 2042 (Lowenthal Zero Net Increase in Port Air Pollution) & And Two Related Port-Pollution Bills

    May 2004: Assemblyman Lowenthal Amends Parts of AB 2042 Re Zero Net Increase in Port Air Pollution

  • LB Harbor Commission Still Votes 5-0 To Oppose Bill Based On Old Text
  • LB Councilmembers Scheduled To Take Position Tuesday Nite

    May 2004: LB Port & LB Council On Collision Course -- Again -- This Time Over Assemblyman Lowenthal's AB 2042 For Zero Net Increase In Port Air Pollution

    April 2004: Report To Port Says Dockside Electric Power (Cold Ironing) To Run Ships At Berth Is Cost Effective In Some Cases, Urges Voluntary Or Incentive Pgm, Not Gov't Mandates

    April 2004: House Defies Bush Veto Threat, Passes Nat'l Transportation Bill Incl. Millender-McDonald's "Projects of Nat'l & Regional Significance"

    April 2004: Port Completes Petroleum Coke-Dust Reduction Projects

    March 2004: Cong. Millender-McDonald, Ass'yman Lowenthal & Vice Mayor Colonna w/ Gateway Council of Gov'ts Schedule LB Forum On Strains To Transportation Infrastructure, Air Quality & Quality of Life From Region Becoming Nation's Primary Trade Gateway

    March 2004: Pres. Bush Says Int'l Trade Benefits U.S. Jobs...As Trade Deficit Hits Record $43.1 Billion In January and Stocks Fall In Response

    Feb. 2004: Assemblyman Lowenthal Introduces Bill To Require Zero Net Increase In Air Pollution From Future Growth At Ports of LB and LA; Another Bill Would Create "Maritime Port Strategic Master Plan Task Force"

    Jan. 2004: Port of LB Enviro Planning Mgr. & Grassroots Civic Watchdog Heard on Statewide Radio Pgm. Discussing Air Pollution From Ships

    Jan. 2004: Public Pounds Port-Related Pollution At Congresswoman Millender-McDonald "Open Mike" Town Meeting

    Nov. 2003: Cong. Millender-McDonald Introduces Legislation Proposing System Of Fed'l Funds Fueling Goods Movement Projects of Nat'l Significance

    Oct. 2003: CA Air Resources Bd, Pressed By AQMD, Sets Higher Clean Air Goals & Development Of Tougher Regs As "Appropriate" & "Contingent On Feasibility" Incl. Cold Ironing Of Ships (Using Electricity In Port);

  • LB and L.A. Ports Oppose Adding Cold Ironing To "Short Term" Pollution Reductions (Action 2005-08, Implement 2006-2010) But ARB Includes It

    Nov. 2003: Mayor O'Neill Lobbied In DC For Millender-McDonald Goods Movement Bill HR 3398 During Conf. of Mayors Event After Deflecting Public Questions About City's Lobbying Role At Council Meeting

  • Cong. Millender-McDonald Seeks To Make HR3398 Part of Six-Year Omnibus Nat'l Transportation Bill

    Nov. 2003: Mayor O'Neill Attends DC Press Event As Part of U.S. Conf. of Mayors' Support for Proposed $375 Billion Transportation Bill

    Nov. 2003: Reaction Pro & Con To Cong. Millender-McDonald's Proposed HR 3398 To Create System Of Fed'l Funds Fueling Goods Movement Projects of Nat'l Significance

  • Neighborhood Activist Confronts Mayor, Asks What Lobbying City Hall, U.S. Conf. of Mayors & Regional Gov't Groups Played in the Proposed Legislation
  • LB Area Chamber of Commerce Issues "Call To Action" With Suggested Form Letter Supporting the Bill

    Oct. 2003: Pres. Bush Signs Homeland Security Funding Act With Money For Port Security...Including Container Security Initiative

    August 2003: Port of LB Quietly Sent Objections To Parts Of Clean Air Plans Proposed By AQMD and CA Air Resource Board; No Public Vote By Harbor Commissioners, Read Port's Letters To Regulators

    Aug. 2003: Council Votes 8-1 Not To Require Harbor Commission To Conduct Enviro Review Of Carnival Cruise Terminal Expanded Dock

    Aug. 2003: Enviro Groups Use Revised State Law To Get Council Review Of Harbor Commission's Permission To Expand Dock At Carnival Cruise Terminal Without Environmental Review

    July 2003: One Of World's Two Largest Container Ships, Hong Kong Reg'd "OOCL Long Beach," Arrives in Port of LB

    July 2003: LB Harbor Commission Puts Hankla & Steinke In ACTA Governing Board Seats

    July 2003: Harbor Commissioners Will Agendize & Publicly Vote On Naming Jim Hankla As Port Rep To Alameda Corridor Governing Board

    July 2003: Port of LB Names Hankla As Its Rep To Alameda Corridor Governing Board

    June 2003: Hankla Will Ankle As ACTA CEO For POLB Post

    June 2003: Councilmembers Vote To Approve Mayor's Appointees To Commissions; No Councilmember Publicly Asks Any Appointee Any Question

    June 2003: Assemblyman Alan Lowenthal On Port Of LB Impacts...And Councilman Val Lerch's Fundamental Question On Growth

    June 2003: Port Could Get Add'l Fed'l Security Funding After Angry Senator Prompts Homeland Security Sec'y Ridge To Send Money To Ports, Not Budget Switch; We Show Other Recently Allocated LB Related Fed'l Homeland Security Funds

    June 2003: Will Jim Hankla Give Up Alameda Corridor CEO Post If Council OK's Him As Harbor Comm'r? Read His Response To Our Question

    June 2003: Mayor Names Hankla To LB Harbor Comm'n; Appointment Is Subject To Council Vote; We List Other Mayoral Appointments

    June 2003: Hankla Speech On Port Growth & Trade Advises Marketing Infrastructure Projects To Public As Mitigation; Read Full Text of May 2003 Speech

    May 2003: Further Info Re Proposed LNG Facility @ Port of LB

    CA Ass'n Of Port Authorites Opposed AQMD-Backed Emission Control Bill In Assembly Committee (read bill text); Oropeza Declines To Vote "Yes" or "No" In Committee But Votes For Reconsideration; Bill Will Now Likely Be Amended

    May 2003: Alameda Corridor CEO Hankla Testimony & Colloquy at LB City Council 710 Fwy Study Session, May 20, 2003

    May 2003: News/Perspective: Sounds of Silence: Read Transcript of Council Action On Proposed Liquefied Natural Gas Terminal (MOU for discussions of future long-term gas contract and feasibility of gas pipelines to proposed LNG facility & to facilitate marketing potential of LNG facility @ LB)

    May 2003: Proposed Liquefied Natural Gas Terminal Advances at Port...And City Mgt. Seeks First Council Vote

    May 2003: Port of LB Begins Converting Equipment To Cleaner Fuel, Includes Pollution-Control Devices

    April 2003: NY Congressman Tries, But Fails In Effort, To Add $15 Billion To Fund Fed'l Inspection & Sealing Of All Cargo Containers Bound For U.S.

    March 2003: Mayor O'Neill On Fox News Channel Says She Thinks Ports Like LB Are In Danger, Calls It One Of The Most Vulnerable Spots In U.S., And Chides Wash. D.C. For Puny Port Security Dollars

    March 2003: U.S. Senators Feinstein (D-CA) and Kyl (R-AZ) Introduce Major Port Security Legislation

    March 2003: President Bush Delivers Speech On Homeland Security; Two Passages Discuss Port Security

    March 2003: U.S. Customs Container Security Initiative: Background & Must Read Remarks by Customs Commissioner Robert Bonner

    March 2003: LB Congresswoman Millender-McDonald Comments On Bill By NYC Congressman To Require Inspection Of All Inbound Cargo Containers Abroad By Homeland Security Dept. Personnel; Would Also Require Inspection Of Inbound Container Ships By Coast Guard 200 Miles From Shore

    March 2003: NYC Congressman Introduces Bill To Require Every Cargo Container Bound For U.S. Be Inspected, Contents Verified & Sealed Abroad By Homeland Security Dept. Personnel; Also Requires Coast Guard to Board & Inspect U.S.-Bound Cargo Vessels 200 Miles From Shore

    March 2003: Port of LB Unveils "Healthy Harbor" Initiative, Spotlighting Environmental Efforts; Starts With Air Quality Improvement Program

    March 2003: LB Port Begins Talks To Develop Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) Terminal on Terminal Island

    Feb. 2003: Port of LB & Group of U.S. Importers To Promote Greater Use of Warehouses and Fwys During Off-Hours

    Feb. 2003: Council Votes 9-0 To Confirm Mayor O'Neill's Appointment Of Former Councilwoman/Vice Mayor Doris Topsy-Elvord To Harbor Commission

    Feb. 2003: O'Neill Appoints Former Councilwoman Doris Topsy-Elvord To Harbor Commission; Council Vote Expected Feb. 25

    Feb. 2003: Yikes! Cargo Container Stolen From Hanjin Terminal At Port of LB Jan. 30! LBPD Notified Of Theft Feb 6; Driver Picking It Up Appeared To Have Proper Paperwork But Container Hasn't Shown Up At Proper Destination

    Jan. 2003: Ports of LB, L.A. To Test High Tech Worker ID Cards

    Dec. 2002: Council Unanimously Approves Proposal By Councilmembers Lowenthal & Baker To Have City Mgr. Work With Harbor Dept. To Halt Idling Of Ships While At Berth in Port of LB

    Dec. 2002: Councilmembers Dan Baker & Bonnie Lowenthal Do It Again, Agendizing Another Port Anti-Pollution Measure For Council Vote: Request City Mgr. To Work With Harbor Dept. To Halt Idling Of Ships While At Berth in Port of LB

    Oct. 2002: Mayor O'Neill & Port Exec. Dir Steinke Appear On CNN's "Lou Dobbs MoneyLine"

    Oct. 2002: Fed'l Court Approves Pres. Bush Request For 80 Day Cooling Off Period in Maritime Lockout

    Oct. 2002: Text of White House Press Release re Pres. Bush Executive Order on Maritime Lockout

    Oct. 2002: Bush Takes First Step That Could Lead To Mandatory "Cooling Off" Period in Maritime Lockout; We Post Text of President's Executive Order

    August, 2002: AQMD Chief Labels Ports of LB & L.A. "By Far The Largest Source of Air Pollution In Our Region"

    August, 2002: See Pictures of What City of LB Did With Former LB Naval Stn. & Historic Roosevelt Base: Port of LB Opens "Pier T," LB's Largest Container Cargo Facility & First "Mega-Terminal"

    July, 2002: Environmental Group CA Earth Corps Praises LB Port & Gateway Cities Council of Gov'ts Move To Reduce Port Related Diesel Emissions...And CA Earth Corps Suggests Add'l Measures

    August, 2002: Aug. 7: Assemblyman Lowenthal Amends Anti-Idling Truck Bill (AB 2650) To Remove "All Opposition"; We Provide Amendments As Described By Lowenthal In Senate Committee

    August, 2002: Aug. 6: Historic Moment On LB Port Pollution:

  • Council Votes 8-0 To Support Lowenthal Anti Idling Truck Bill (AB 2650)
  • Elected Councilmembers Say "Yes" After Non-Elected Harbor Commissioners Say "No"

    August, 2002: Aug. 5: Harbor Commissioners Vote To Oppose Lowenthal Anti-Diesel Truck Idling Bill AB 2650 As Now Written...And Include Cover Letter Saying Port Wants Meeting w/ Lowenthal Seeking To Amend Bill

    August, 2002: Port Area Councilmembers Bonnie Lowenthal & Dan Baker Agendize Council Resolution To Support AB 2650; Bill By Assemblyman Alan Lowenthal Seeks To Cut Diesel Emissions By Reducing Allowable Truck Idling Times

    July, 2002: Fed. Court Won't Issue Injunction Halting Construction On Huge L.A. Port Container Terminal But Enviro Suit Will Proceed; NRDC Simultaneously Appealing Denial of Injunction

    June, 2002: All Clear and OK At Port After Customs Search Found Suspicious Looking Item In Vehicle Inside Container about 4:30 p.m.; No Explosives; Device Was Apparently To Give Impression of Car Alarm Type Device For Vehicle(s)

    April, 2002: City Hall & Port Quietly Negotiate Deal That Could Take Police From Neighborhoods For Port, Harbor District Security

    Feb. 2002: LA Times Article Discusses Pollution It Attributes To LA/LB Ports

    Feb. 2001: Federal Appeals Court Issues Decision in Cantrell v. City of LB, et. al. (LB Naval Station case); Appeals panel sides with LB area residents on federal environmental (habitat/mitigation) issues, reinstates claims against Navy but upholds dismissal of plaintiffs' action against defendants City (and Port) of LB, Harbor Commissioners and CA Lands Comm'n.

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