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Caveat: Use dated material accordingly.


June 12, 2007: A bankruptcy court in L.A. has dismissed a lawsuit with summary judgment against an entity (Bandero) that contended it had purchased development rights to land around the Queen Mary. The court action facilitates an auction of the (now-bankrupt QSDI) lease with City Hall, planned for August, which includes development rights conveyed by a City Council action years ago.

June 2007: First in a Series: Expert Painstakingly Reverse-Engineers Plans For Legendary LB Cyclone Racer Roller-Coaster, Says "World's Greatest Ride" Could Be Rebuilt On Pier Linking Pike & Bay

April 2007: Queen Mary Operator (QSDI) Bankruptcy Trustee Inks $41 Million Deal With A Firm; Competing Bidders Would Have To Overbid In Auction

April 2007: QM Discount Expanded: Now All Californians (Not Just LB Residents) Can Come Aboard QM Free In April, Change Prompted By State Lands Comm'n Policy Re Equal Treatment On State Tidelands

April 2007: LB Residents Allowed Aboard QM Free In April

Nov. 2006: LB City Hall & Queen Mary Operator QSDI Reach Tentative Settlement Over Disputed Unpaid Rent/Rent Credits And Payment Of Sums To City In Bankruptcy Proceeding; Arrangement Is Subject To Bankruptcy Court Approval

Nov. 2006: Five Injured In Motorcycle Crash @ AMA SuperMoto Series @ Queen Mary

Aug. 2006: About Queen Mary Back-Rent, Bankruptcy Trustee For QM Operator Says...

March 2006: LB QM Long Way From Returning To UK, City Hall Indicates After British Newspaper Report

Jan. 2006: "Queensway Bay" Back On Front Burner: CA Supreme Court Dismisses City Hall Effort To Overturn Ruling Nixing State Agency Approval of Queensway Bay "Land Swap"

April 2005: Reversed! CA Appeal Court Rules State Approval Of Queensway Bay Tidelands Trust Exchange ("land swap") Was NOT Supported By Evidence; We Post Full Opinion

April 2005: Fiscal Red Tide: Major Elements Of LB's Downtown Beach/Waterfront Area Are Losing Millions And Have For Years, City Mgt. Memo Tells Mayor & Council

April 2005: Up Close & Personal: LB's Rainbow Harbor Will Be Pre-Race Staging Area For Boats In July '05 Transpacific Yacht Race

March 2005: Editorial: Outting The Queen Mary's Chambermaids

March 2005: Queen Mary Operator QSDI Seeking Chapter 11 Bankruptcy Protection, Seeks Opportunity To Resolve Rent Dispute Without Threat of Lease Termination

Feb. 2005: Back to the Future...As Carousel & Ferris Wheel Begin Operating At The (New) Pike

Jan. 2005: Storm Silting Prompts Catalina Express To Shift Daily LB Service To QM Port Starting Feb. 4

Nov. 2004: Hotel Proposed On Pike Site

Aug. 2004: New Operator for Queen Mary? Joe Prevratil Tells City Hall A Firm Is Poised To Acquire All of QSDI's Stock

June 2004: Editorial Photo: Pike @ Rainbow Harbor, June 2004

May 2004: Deputy City Att'y McCabe Who Handled Queen Mary Says He Exited City Hall Last Month Dissatisfied w/ QM Matters; Says He Shares Staubach Co. Report's Opinion That QM Operator Owes City Hall Rent

May 2004: City Hall-Sought Report Concludes QM Operator Misinterpreted Lease & Likely Underpaid Rent; Urges Forensic Accounting Review To Determine Amount & Discuss Reconciliation Plan

March 2004: City Auditor's Queen Mary Report Didn't Mention His Signed Confirmation In Nov '02 Re Rent Credits; See What He Signed, Compare What His Report Said

Jan. 2004: Activist Wilson-Kleekamp Files Suit Alleging City Hall Can't Document Portions Of Rent Credits Allowed Queen Mary Operator Under Lease; Also Seeks Documents Not Produced By City Hall In Public Records Act Requests

Jan. 2004: State Lands Comm'n Asked LB City Hall To Provide Info & Docs in 2001 & 2003 re Convention & Entertainment Center & In 2003 re Conv/Ent Ctr. & QM; City Hall Hasn't Responded Yet But Says It's Preparing Response Now

Dec. 2003: City Mgr. & City Auditor Want Roger Staubach's Real Estate Advisory Firm To Conduct Independent Review of City Hall's Business Relationship With QSDI (which operates Queen Mary under City Hall lease)

Sept. 2003: ShoreFest Won't Happen

  • City Mgr. Miller: "I...Cannot Allow This Event To Move Forward"
  • ShoreFest Spokesman: "Civic Leadership Has Failed..."

    Sept. 2003: City Management Tells Council "ShoreFest" (Oct 3-5) Is Being Downsized, Revised, But Will Proceed

    Sept. 2003: Pike @ Rainbow Harbor Initial Retail Operations Expected In Or About Mid-Nov. 2003

    Sept. 2003: Post Saturday Nite Fight In Area 2d St/Santa Ana Ave. in Belmont Shore; LBPD Arrests Two

    Aug. 2003: Pictorial / Perspective: Lt. Gov. Bustamante's Long Beach/CA Coastal Legacy

    Aug. 2003: Council Votes 8-1 Not To Require Harbor Commission To Conduct Enviro Review Of Carnival Cruise Terminal Expanded Dock

    Aug. 2003: Enviro Groups Use Revised State Law To Get Council Review Of Harbor Commission's Permission To Expand Dock At Carnival Cruise Terminal Without Environmental Review

    May 2003: ShoreFest Organizers Schedule May 21 & 22 Community Briefings (Public Invited) Re Plans For October 3-5 Air Show & Citywide Festivals

    March 2003: Test Docking Of Carnival Cruise Ship, With Photo

    July, 2002: Council OK's 3-Day Corporate Backed Oct. '03 "ShoreFest" To Celebrate "Pike at Rainbow Harbor" After Supportive City Staff Memo Says Police, Fire, Public Works And Other City Services Will Cost Up To $250,000 But Resulting Sales Taxes Are "Anticipated" To Equal or Exceed This; Our Math Says That Would Require $25 Million In Taxable Sales; City Hall Gets Roughly $40 Million in Sales Tax Revenue For Entire Year

    July, 2002: City Mgt. Says Promoters Of 3-Day Oct. '03 "ShoreFest" To Celebrate "Pike at Rainbow Harbor" Want City Hall To Donate Various City Services; Event Would Require Up To $250,000 in Police, Fire, Public Works & Other Services...And It's "Anticipated" Sales Taxes Will Equal or Exceed Costs

    July, 2002: California Earthcorps Files Notice of Appeal Re Superior Court Decision Upholding QW Bay Tidelands Trust Exchange ("Land Swap")

    June, 2002: Pix Posted Of Pike @ Rainbow Harbor Grading Underway

    June, 2002: Council Asked To Authorize Negotiations For Massive, Corporate Proposed, Possible Taxpayer Supported 3-Day AirFest, HarborFest, KidsFest, MusicFest, TasteFest. WaterFest (and possible BlimpFest) To Promote Opening Of "Pike at Rainbow Harbor" in Oct. '03

    May, 2002: Activists Including Norm Ryan Hold "Heart Breaking" Ceremony Over Pike Project While Mayor & City Manager Cheer Governor's OK of Pike Facilitating "Land Swap" (State Lands Exchange Agreement)

    May. 2002: Activists Plan QW Bay "Heart Breaking" Ceremony At City Hall Tonight

    May, 2002: Mayor, City Manager & Developer DDR All Smiles At Construction Kick-Off Ceremony for "Pike at Rainbow Harbor"

    May, 2002: Sacramento Superior Court Upholds QW Bay State Lands Exchange Agreement ("land swap")

    May, 2002: Pike's Historic "Lite A Line" Rooftop Awaits New Home

    Feb. 2002: DDR Says Total Costs Incurred As of Dec. 31/01 For Pike at Rainbow Harbor (QW Bay entertainment/retail project) Approx. $23.8 million

    Jan. 2002: City Hall Statement On Delay In "Pike at Rainbow Harbor" Groundbreaking

    Sept. 2001: State Lands Comm'n Approves QW Bay Tideland Swap, Adding Conditions Sparked by LB Activist

    Sept. 2001: Sept. 13 Special Council Meeting OK's QW Bay Tidelands Swap; Council vote is 8-1, Grabinski dissenting; we provide extended transcript excerpts

    Sept. 2001: Mayor O'Neill Announces Special Council Meeting, Open Session For Sept. 13, re QW Bay Tidelands Designation Swap

    Sept. 2001: City Manager Report re QW Bay Tidelands Swap Includes Appraisal Values & Background Info

    Sept. 2001: Downtown LB Associates Board Votes Resolution Opposing Building Movie Theater on Tidelands; Board's advisory vote is 3-1, with 4 abstentions and 3 absent

    Sept. 2001: Aug. 28 QW Bay Developments: Activists prompt Council not to hold agendized closed meeting on proposed QW Bay tidelands swap; City Mgr. delivers report on proposed tidelands swap incl. QW Bay status; stresses project is fully entitled and permitted to proceed, cites references in original 1994 plan to a theater and in subsequent docs to cinema; City Mgr says Council gave him authority to negotiate in closed session but item agendized for that date raises more questions; activists charge City Hall violated Brown Act (open meeting law); some speakers propose paying developer to leave rather than proceed with current QW Bay retail/ent'ment project; one activist says she'd fire City Mgr.

    Aug. 2001: State Lands Comm'n Aug. 29 Meeting With QW Bay Item Postponed to Sept. 17

    Aug. 2001: LB Assemblyman Alan Lowenthal on Proposed QW Bay Tidelands Swap

    Aug. 2001: LB Activists Try To Exclude State Wetlands Grant Area From QW Bay Land Swap; Grabinski & Taboada Duel; Grabinski Motion Fails for Lack of a Second

    Aug. 2001: State Lands Comm'n Issues Staff Report Detailing Proposed QW Bay Tidelands Trust Swap

    Aug. 2001: Details of City Request for $2 Mil. From CA Taxpayers To Restore Wetlands Near Downtown LB at LA River and in ELB S. of Willow at SG River

    Aug. 2001: QW Bay Developer DDR Sends Letter to Councilmembers, Presenting Current Project Status from Firm's Perspective

    Aug. 2001: Details Emerge on Possible LB City Hall-State Lands Comm'n QW Bay Land Swap

    July 2001: State Lands Commission tentatively sets next meeting for August 29 in Sacramento with QW Bay likely on agenda

    July, 2001: DDR web site calls its QW Bay developent: "Pike at Rainbow Harbor"

    June, 2001: Ass'yman Lowenthal Tells He Isn't Sure City Hall's Current QW Bay Plan Is Good Use of That Tidelands Property

    May, 2001: Analysis/Perspective: Persistent Taxpayers, Resistant City Hall, Bring QW Bay Threshold Questions To State Lands Comm'n; LB City Attorney's Office Correspondence Part of Issue (we post letters)

    April, 2001: 2 State Lands Comm'ners Won't Support What They Call Precedent Setting Comm'l Uses at QW Bay (Movie Theater & Like Uses) Unless City Hall Provides Add'l Public Benefits Or Improvements in Tidelands

    April, 2001: Documents Show What LB City Hall Told State Lands Commission Staff re QW Bay and Tidelands

    April, 2001: State Lands Comm'n Staff Says 18-acre QW Bay Ent'ment/Comm'l Uses Do Not Violate State Tidelands Statutes

    April, 2001: QW Bay Anchor Tenant Will Be "State of the Art" 15-Screen Movie Theater

    March, 2001: "Lite-A-Line" From Pike Seeks Permit to Move Game To 2500 LB Blvd.

    March, 2001: LB City Hall and QW Bay Developer Issue Joint Release Re Public Input on QW Bay Project

    Feb. 2001: Transcript excerpts of historic Feb. 13, 2001 City Council vote on QW Bay, granting developer 15 month extension

    Feb. 2001: City Manager Will Ask Council to Amend QW Bay Agreement And Grant QW Bay Developer 15 Month Extension To Meet Deadline; In Return, City Hall Would Get Additional Developer Commitments; Includes City Manager's memo, describing the new deal

    Jan. 2001: Paternoster Leaving as LB City Hall's QW Bay Project Director, Going to Sunnyvale CA as Director of Community Development

    Jan. 2001: City Manager's Office Releases Major QW Bay Development

    Dec. 2000: Vice Mayor Dan Baker Issues Statement re QW Bay Development; Read Verbatim Text Here

    Dec. 2000: Read LB City Mgr's Letter to DDR OliverMcMillan LP & Queensway Bay Partners, LLC re QW Bay; Also read DDR statements

    Oct. 2000: LB Activists React As Second Theater Chain Pulls Out of QW Bay, Throws Current Plan Into Doubt

    Oct. 2000: Our Editorial Opinion on QW Bay

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