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Caveat: Use dated material accordingly.


June 2007: West Redevelopment Project Area Committee Plans Fresh July Advisory Vote On Electronic Message Sign Proposal

Sept. 2005: "U.S. Conference of Mayors" Fighting Remedial Legislation Protecting Property Owners From Eminent Domain Consequences Following Supreme Court Ruling

Sept. 2005: Annual Financial Report Says Redev. Agency's Combined Financial Statements Don't Meet U.S. Accounting Principles Because CA Law Requires Including Low & Moderate Income Housing Fund Figures Not Maintained by Agency; Auditors Note No Matters Involving Agency's Internal Control Or Financial Reporting They Consider Material Weaknesses

Aug. 2005: Redevelopment Board Member John Gooding Blasts Council Redevelopment Take-Over Move And...

June 2005: Showdown On Running Redevelopment & Spending Millions In Public Money: Hearing Scheduled June 14 On Whether Council Will Take Over LB's Redevelopment Agency Board

June 2005: Backdown, Not Showdown: No Councilmember Moves To Take Over Redevelopment; Council Votes 9-0 To Ask City Mgr. For Report On Implementing "Independent Study" Recommendations

June 2005: Editorial: "Independent Study" Of LB Redevelopment Is Up...and Redevelopment's Time Is Up

Jan. 2005: Council Asked To Approve $200 Million In Redevelopment Bonds

Jan. 2005: Editorial: A $200 Million Blank Check That Risks Expanding Redevelopment

Dec. 2004: Redevelopment & Race: LB LULAC Leader Alleges Impacts

Dec. 2004: Council Delays Action On Redevelopment Until June '05, After Independent Study Completed

Dec. 2004: OC Supervisor & Statewide Redevelopment Critic Chris Norby: Redevelopment Itself Is The Problem, Not Just Who Runs It

Dec. 2004: Editorial: Redevelopment

Dec. 2004: If Councilmembers Govern Redevelopment Agency & Set Their Compensation Above Current Council Salary, This Could To Some Extent Increase Their Retirement Pensions, CalPERS Says

Dec. 2004: Councilman Colonna Proposes Creating Three-Councilmember Redevelopment Committee, Requiring RDA To Give Committee Systematic, Timely Reports On Current Projects; New Committee Would Give Council Quarterly Reports On RDA Projects

  • Council Would Also Explore More Authority & Accountability Over Independent RDA Board

    Nov. 2004: Council Votes 6-3 To Delay Vote On Redevelopment Takeover Until Dec. 21, w/ Two Study Sessions First

    Nov. 2004: LB Area Chamber of Commerce Opposes Having Council Become Redevelopment Agency Board Until Pending Study Is Completed & Informed, Public Debate Takes Place

    Nov. 2004: Showdown Nov. 16 Vote Set On Whether Councilmembers, Or Current Non-Elected Body, Will Govern LB Redevelopment; Councilman Lerch Modifies His Proposed Limits

    Nov. 2004: Council Defers Action On -- And Councilman Lerch Will Press Ahead With -- Proposed Limits On Possible Future Council Redevelopment Powers; Showdown Expected Nov. 16

    Oct. 2004: With Council Poised To Become LB's Redevelopment Agency Board, Councilman Lerch Wants Ordinance Requiring Unanimous Approval To Merge Any Redevelopment Project Areas

    Oct. 2004: Council Votes 6-3 To Hold Hearing To Replace Non-Elected Redevelopment Agency Board with City Council

    Oct. 2004: Kell, Baker, Reyes Uranga Seek Hearing To Make City Council LB's Redevelopment Agency Governing Board

    Aug. 2004: City Mgr. Proposes Councilmembers Consider Becoming LB's Redevelopment Agency Board

    March 2004: No Audit, No Confidence: West Redevelopment Project Area Committee Votes "No Confidence" In RDA Study Without Audit

    March 2004: LB Activists Lewis Lester, Traci Wilson-Kleekamp & Bry Myown Receive Awards At Statewide Conference On Redevelopment Reform

    Feb. 2004: LB's Redevelopment Agency Has Special Web Page on Independent Study

    Jan. 2004: LB Redevelopment Agency Wins Award From CA Redevelopment Ass'n For Downtown CityPlace

    Oct. 2003: Showdown Deferred: Council On Motion By Richardson Votes 5-3 To Defer Action On Redevelopment Merger And Expansion Until After 6 Mo. Independent Study; Foes of Merger And Expansion Continue To Oppose Plan

    Oct. 2003: Potentially Powerful Political Pairing:

  • LB ECO-Link Joins With Activists To Seek Redevelopment Moratorium From LB Assemblyman Alan Lowenthal

    Aug. 2003: Mayor's Nominee for Appointment To Pivotal Redevelopment Agency Board Post Is Alan Burks (Central Project Area Committee chair); Mayor Chooses Metthew Jenkins For Planning Comm'n & C.J. Mike Walter For Water Comm'n; Council Will Have Final Say

    Aug. 2003: Central Redevelopment Project Area Committee Says No To Redevelopment Area Merger, Yes To Independent Study...And No To Mayor's Request for Add'l RDA Board Nominees

    July 2003: Mayor O'Neill -- Denied Retroactive Appointive Power By Council -- Again Seeks More Nominees For Redevelopment Agency Board From Central PAC; We Post Her Letter

    July 2003: Council Majority Shifts, Blocks Mayor's Move To Gain Retroactive Power To Name Possible Pivotal Redevelopment Agency Boardmember

    July 2003: Lewis Lester Announces Campaign Against Redevelopment Project Area Merger, Vows "We Will Stop The Merger"

    July 2003: RDA IOU: Downtown Redevelopment Project Area Owes City Gen'l Fund Over $90 Million; Repayment To City Expected To Start in 2015

    July 2003: Divisive, Acrimonious Council Battle Produces 5-3 Vote Giving Mayor Retroactive Power To Fill RDA Board Vacancy On Her Terms

  • Requires PACs To Send Mayor Double The Number Of Potential Appointees From Whom She Can Select New RDA Boardmembers
  • Mayor Says It's Motivated By Desire For Diversity, Not Merger

    June 2003: Leaders of NLB Community Action Group Declare Opposition To Redevelopment Area Merger

    June 2003: Mayor O'Neill Defends Seeking Change in City Law Re RDA Appointees: "This Community Being The Most Diverse Does Not Need Every PAC [Project Area Committee] To Present Names Of White Males"

    June 2003: Redevelopment Merger & The Mayor: O'Neill Seeks Council OK For Retroactive Change In Rules Governing Appointment Of New Redevelopment Agency Board Members

    June 2003: Redevelopment Agency Bd. Votes 4-3 To Proceed Toward Possible Merger of All Project Areas While City Hall Creates Redevelopment Strategy, Defeats Substitute Motion 3-4 For Independent Study First

  • Councilwoman Reyes-Uranga Tells City Mgr. She's Concerned Abt. Adequacy Of Community Outreach...And Wants Redev. Strategy With Ind. Study First

    June 2003: City Mgt. Recommends Merging All Seven Existing Redevelopment Project Areas...And Adding New Territory To North & Central Project Areas

    April 2003: So. Cal. Conference On Redevelopment Abuse Meets In LB, Hears OC Supervisor Chris Norby, State Sen. Joe Dunn, Legal Experts and LB Activist Colette McLaughlin, PhD.

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