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April 2003: L.A. County Issues SARS Update: As of April 25, County Reported 9 SARS Cases (5 Probable, 4 Suspect), CA Reported 49 Cases (14 Probable, 35 Suspect)

Mar. 2003: Pres. Bush Signs Executive Order, Adding SARS To List of Communicable Diseases For Which Person Can Be Quarantined

L.A. County Now Reports Seven Suspected SARS Cases

CDC SARS Advice To Travelers: Don't Go To Mainland China, Hong Kong, Singapore, and Hanoi, Unless You Really Have To

CDC Says As Of April 1: 19 CA SARS Cases, 85 in U.S.; World Health Org Issues Travel Advisory re Hong Kong and PRC's Guangdong Province

Mar. 2003: CDC Now Concerned SARS May Spread More Easily Than First Thought; Travelers Who Just Passed Thru Affected Asian Areas En Route Now Being Alerted; Will Involve 23 U.S. Ports of Entry

Mar. 2003: CDC Says As Of Mar. 28, CA Has 12 Suspected SARS Cases, Double From A Week Ago & Largest Number Of Any State; 59 Suspected Cases Now Nationwide

Mar. 2003: L.A. County SARS Update: Written Advisory, Info On Seven Suspected SARS Cases

Mar. 2003: CDC Issues Updated Travel Advisory re Frequently Fatal Flu/Severe Pneumonia: Defer Non-Emergency Travel To Vietnam; Continues Suggesting Postponement Of Non-Essential Travel To Hong Kong & PRC's Guangdong Province TFN

Mar. 2003: Now 22 U.S. Cases -- 6 in CA -- of Severe, Frequently Fatal Flu/Pneumonia Suspected & Under Investigation

Mar. 2003: L.A. County Reports Possible Case of Fatal Flu "Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome (SARS)"

Mar. 2003: U.S. Centers For Disease Control Issues Health Alert on Fatal Flu; Several Cases Now in Canada; Recent Travelers to S.E. Asia To Be Warned And Their Illnesses Investigated If They Passed Thru U.S.

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