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    Caveat: Use dated material accordingly.


    Dec. 2004: LB Project Dev'ment Mgr. Amy Bodek Says Had Positive Sac'to Meeting w/ State Parks Officials & Staff re Scherer Park PD Stn. & Replacement 55th Way Park; Says She Provided Docs & Info

  • State Agency Will Now Review Materials; High Ranking Agency Official Indicates He's Pleased With Progress & Cooperation Received To This Point

    Sept. 2004: New North LBPD Facility Begins Initial Operations In Scherer Park As State Agency Asks About 55th Way Replacement Park Not Yet Built

    Sept. 2004: City Staff Says Constructing Replacement Park (for lost Scherer Park land) On 55th Way Now Costing $2.5 Million More Than Originally Estimated (Nearly Double); City Hall Is Exploring Alternatives To Reduce New Park's Construction Costs; Budget Issues Not Expected To Impact Construction Timeline, Staff Says

    July 2003: Scherer Park/North Police Facility Site, July 2003

    Feb. 2003: Council Votes 9-0 To Approve Diversion of NLB Redevelopment Money To Build North Div. Police Stn.; Not One NLB Resident, Business or Neighborhood Rep Speaks Against It At Council Meeting

    Feb. 2003: NLB Community Action Group Board Opposes Diverting NLB Redevelopment Dollars To Build North Div. Police Stn...But At Monthly Meeting Members Won't Back Board's Blazing Opposition Statement

    Jan. 2003: Retired 8th Dist. Councilman Jeff Kellogg Opposes Spending NLB Redevelopment Funds To Build New North Div. LBPD Facility

    Jan, 2003: Retired NLB Councilman Shultz Backs Using Redevelopment Bucks To Build New North Div. LBPD Facility

    Jan. 2003: NLB Project Area Committee Votes To Support City Hall Desired Shift of Redevelopment Dollars From Otherwise Possible NLB Projects To Expand North Div. Police Stn. In Scherer Park & Create Replacement Park on 55th Way

    Jan. 2003: Park Supporter Cites NLB Support For Scherer Police Facility To Urge Building It With NLB Redevelopment Money

    Jan. 2003: W.C. Fields Financing ("Never Give A Sucker an Even Break"):

  • City Hall Asks NLB To OK Diverting Blight-Reducing Redevelopment Money To Build North Div. Police Stn.

    Jan. 2003: Jan. 17, 2003: City Hall Begins Cutting Down & Removing Trees At Scherer Park

    Jan. 2003: Feds OK Taking Scherer Park Land For Police Stn.: "No Long-Term, Significant Adverse Impacts" Says Nat'l Park Service Pacific Regional Office

    Nov. 2002: Scherer Park Decision: Court of Appeal Rules City Hall Met Legal Standards In Taking Park Land To Expand North Police Facility...But Court Orders Its Opinion "Unpublished" Where It Can't Effectively Be Cited As Precedent By Others

    Apr. 2002: Council Asked to OK $6.67 Million Contract For New NLB Police Facility In Scherer Park; Stop Taking Our Parks Leader Blasts Move

    Mar. 2002: Scherer Park Trees Stand As City Hall Weighs Options

    Feb. 2002: Major Scherer Park Development: Court of Appeal Denies Stay ("halt") Pending Appeal of Lower Court Ruling OK'ing Expansion of NLB Police Facility Into Park

    Feb. 2002: City Hall Wants To Start Removing Scherer Park Trees for NLB Police Stn Expansion As Soon As Feb. 21, No Later Than March 1

    Jan. 2002: L.A. Court Upholds NLB Police Facility Expansion in Scherer Park, Denies Park Protection Advocates' Petition for Writ of Mandate

    Dec. 2001: NLB Police Facility Development: Feds Won't Approve Scherer Park Replacement Land on 55th Way Until City Hall Conducts Fed'l Environmental Review and Provides Appraisal of Both Parcels Meeting Professional Standards

    Aug. 2001: Suit Filed To Stop Scherer Park LBPD Station Expansion, Alleges Violation of City, State and Federal Laws

    July, 2001: Council votes 8-1 to put LBPD north station on 2.5 acres of Scherer Park

    July, 2001: Vice Mayor Dan Baker, who'll preside at July 17 hearing, will let appellants use audiovisual equipment

    July, 2001: Mayor's staff tells appellant: You can't use Council chamber audiovisual equipment at hearing on Scherer Park police stn; City Att'y Shannon issues memo (we post it) saying he's advised "the decision is within the discretion of the Mayor/City Council"

    July, 2001: Scherer Park/Police Station Development: LBUSD confirms former "Dooley's" site, studied in City Hall's EIR as possible alternative to Scherer site, now in escrow as possible future school

    June, 2001: Recreation Comm'n Members Send Advisory Letter To Council Opposing Expanded North Police Facility In Scherer Park

    May, 2001: Scherer Park/NLB Police Station Sparks Council Encounter w/ Councilmembers Grabinski & Webb and Colloquy With City Mgr. Taboada

    March, 2001: Scherer Park Site for NLB Police Station Draws Council Meeting Sparks

    Feb. 2001: New NLB Police Station: City Hall Memo Says Cost Now $7.2 Million (excluding financing & acquisition costs); We Post Memo Including Site Plan for Scherer Park Location

    Sept. 2000: LB Activists Rally Against Taking Chunk Of Scherer Park For New NLB Police Substation

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