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    Caveat: Use dated material accordingly.

    (School Performance Scores Are Also On Link, Below)

    [Updated as data released] LB School Performance & Related School Information

    June 2007: Teachers Ass'n Exec Dir. McVarish Returns To Work, Reinstated By Union's Representative Council, Reversing Union Board

    June 2007: Teachers Ass'n of LB Rank-And-File Representative Council Votes To Reverse Union Board And Reinstate Exec. Dir. Scott McVarish

    May 2007: Mayor Foster, School Superintendent Steinhauser, Launch "Architecture, Construction & Engineering Academy" @ Jordan High

    April 2007: LB's Rogers & Stanford Middle Schools Named "Distinguished Schools" By CA Dept. of Education

    April 2007: LBUSD Named Finalist For 2007 Broad Prize Honoring Urban School Districts Nationally, First Time LBUSD Eligible Again Since Winning Prize in 2003

    March 2007: About 200 Cabrillo High Students (Out of Cabrillo's 3,600+ Student Body) Leave Classes, March Downtown, Rally To Make Cesar Chavez Day Fed'l Holiday

    March 2007: LB Teachers Union Elects New Prez, Will Likely Continue Political Activism Of Recent Union Leadership

    March 2007: "Read Across America Day" In LB: Councilwoman Schipske, Fire Chief Ellis + 27 Firefighters Reading To Dr. Seuss-Hatted Kids At Henry Elementary

    March 2007: Mayor Foster Visits Students At Henry & Chavez Elementary Schools For "Science In The School Day"

    Jan. 2007: Proposed Changes To LB City Gov't -- Including Mayoral Line Item Budget Veto (w/ 2/3 Council Override), Easing Council Term Limits & Creating "Compensation Comm'n" (Which Could Raise Council Pay); Removal Of City Commissioners (On Council Majority Vote) -- Advance For Possible May 07 Special Election Ballot

  • LB Teachers' Union Proposal To Create "Inspector General" To Oversee LBUSD Is Forwarded By Councilwoman Reyes Uranga

    Jan. 2007: LB Teachers' Union Urges City Charter Amendment Creating Elected Inspector General To Oversee LBUSD Spending

    Jan. 2007: Before She Was A Hollywood Topic, LB Straight Talk Host/Exec Prod'r Art Levine Interviewed Erin Gruwell ("Freedom Writers"); We Post Link To 2004 Archived Audio

    Oct. 2006: ELB Emerson Academy Charter School Hit By Post-Midnight Intruder...Apprehended By Savvy East Division Cops Including Nephew of LBUSD Superintendent

    Oct. 3: Can do! LBUSD Board of Education's Tuesday meeting is taped for cablecast replay on LB cable channel 24 & Lakewood cable channel 35: Weds 10 a.m., Thurs 8 p.m., Fri 8 a.m., Mon. 10 a.m. and (with luck) Tuesday nights after board meetings at 9 p.m.

    Sept. 2006: Governor Schwarzenegger Signs Into Law Bill Sought By LBUSD, Carried By Ass'ywoman Karnette, Requiring Seriously Underperforming Students To Take Part In Supplemental Instruction Programs

    Sept. 2006: LBUSD School Board Votes 5-0 to Begin Televising Its Meetings

    Sept. 2006: At the Sept. 5 LBUSD School Board meeting, Boardmembers discussed staff report (requested Aug. 22 by the Board) on options for televising School Board meetings. After hearing discussion and comments from his colleagues (on topics including costs), proponent/Boardmember Dr. David Barton indicated he plans to bring back (agendize) an action item allowing the Board to move forward on the matter at its next meeting (Sept. 26). The School Board also voted 5-0 to approve an item by Boardmember Mary Stanton to post on LBUSD's website Boardmembers' conflict of interest/financial disclosure forms and (amendment made tonight) campaign finance reports, honoraria and federal and state income sources from preceding year.

    Aug. 22: The LBUSD School Board has voted 5-0 to support a motion (Barton) directing the Superintendent to provide Boardmembers with a report by Sept. 6 on at least three options for broadcasting School Board meetings on TV and the internet, including possible costs and ideas to offset any such costs.

    Aug. 2006: See 2006 School Standardized Testing & Reporting ("STAR") Results

    July 2006: LB's New School Board Members Barton & Ellis Announce Agenda Items -- For Action At Next Board Meeting -- Seeking Options For Televising School Board Meetings & Directing Posting Of Agenda Details/LBUSD Documents On District Website

    June 2006: LBUSD Board of Education Extends Contract With Sup't Steinhauser To June 2010

    June 2006: City Mgm't Asks Council To Cut Two More School Crossing Guard Locations, Reject Public Requests For Five New Crossing Guards, Relocate One And Add New One

    June 2006: Teachers' Union Says It's Negotiated Major Pay Raise With LBUSD And Now Plans...

    May 2006: Details on LB Pass Rates For CA High School Exit Exam: English, Math & Overall

    May 2006: CA High School Exit Exam Reinstated

    May 2006: Sacramento Revises Its Latest "Similar Schools" Academic Performance Rankings, Produces Mixed Results For LB Schools

    May 2006: Bill Letting LBUSD Require Supplemental Instruction For Its Seriously Underperforming Students Clears Assembly, Heads To CA Senate

    May 2006: Florence Wilson, Finished Third In April School Board Race, Endorses School Board Incumbent Jim Choura In Runoff

    May 2006: Recount Of Selected School Board Precincts Indicates Schoolboard Member Stanton Outpolled Challenger Deaton

    May 2006: Schoolboard Candidate Deaton Retains Counsel, Seeks Recount And Inspection Of Ballot/Voting Materials Re April Election vs. Incumbent School Boardmember Stanton

    May 2006: LBUSD Has Four High Schools Among Newsweek's List Of America's Best High Schools

    March 2006: Afternoon Mar 28: LB School Sup't Steinhauser Sends/Posts Letter To Parents: "There Are Consequences When A Student Leaves Class Or Campus Without Permission"

    March 2006: Second Day Of Student Walk-Outs From LB High Schools & Middle Schools

    March 2006: Hundreds of LB High School Students Leave Campuses On Mar. 27, March Thru Large Parts of City, Converge At LB Civic Center & NLB Houghton Park Areas To Protest Congressional Proposals On Immigration Laws; LBPD Deploys Major, Visible Resources; Protests End Peacefully

    March 2006: Ten LB Schools Are Finalists For CA Distinguished School Awards

    Feb. 2006: Further On Fire @ ELB's Emerson School: LBFD Says Evidence Indicates It Wasn't Accidental

    Feb. 2006: Overnight Fire Damages K-Classroom At ELB's Emerson Parkside Academy Charter School; LBUSD Vows Damages Won't Affect Instruction (Moved To Other Campus Rooms) When School Resumes Tuesday

    Feb. 2006: Superior Court Strikes Out Portions Of Candidate Statements By Schoolboard Challengers Barton & Ellis As False Or Misleading, Leaves 10 of 14 Other Statements Intact...With Caveat

    Dec. 2005: Haunting Words: City Mgt. Recommended But Council Declined "Pending Further Study" Cutting Crossing Guard At 6th/Daisy...One Block From Recent Fatal 7th/Daisy Crash

    Dec. 2005: Letter From Jordan High Tells Parents Efforts Being Made To "Discuss Solutions To The Climate On Our Campus"

    Sept. 2005: Second Off-Campus Shooting Near Poly High, This Time Near Poly PAAL Satellite Campus, LB Blvd/16th St.

    Sept. 2005: Shooting After-School, Off-Campus Just North of LB Poly High; Two Juveniles Involved; Classes Not Disrupted But As Precaution Security Will Be Increased

    Aug. 2005: Overnight Blast From Incendiary Device Rocks Burcham Elementary School & ELB Neighborhood

    Aug. 2005: Aug 05 LB Schools' Scores On Standardized Test & Reporting (STAR) And High School Exit Exam

    July 2005: Council Cuts Nine of Twelve Crossing Guard Locations, Spares Willow/Palo Verde, 6th/Daisy, Willow/Magnolia For Now With Future Uncertain; Add'l Sites To Be Examined For Possible Elimination Next Year

    June 2005: Shooting in Parking Lot of ELB's Vets Stadium During Weds. Nite Poly High Graduation

    June 2005: Tincher 8th Grader Arrested, Allegedly Had Knife

    June 2005: LBUSD Detains & Arrests Jordan High Student -- Without Incident -- Allegedly Carrying Gun

    May 2005: LB PTA Rep Voted As Part Of "Pedestrian Safety Advisory Committee" To Support Cutting Twelve Crossing Guard Locations...And Stands By Her Vote

    May 2005: Council Defers Decision On Crossing Guard Cuts, Sends Issue First To Public Safety Committee

    May 2005: Council Districts 3, 8 & PTA Positions Vacant On Mainly Management-Appointed "Pedestrian Safety Advisory Committee" That Recommended Cutting Twelve Crossing Guard Locations, City Clerk Document Indicates

    May 2005: Council Slated To Vote On City Mgmt Proposal To Cut Twelve Crossing Guard Locations Now, Possibly More Later; Read Details

    May 2005: Three LBUSD Schools Among Newsweek's Top 1,000 American High Schools

    May 2005: Inspiring Victory! NLB Jordan High Debaters Win Statewide Championship

    March 2005: Harvard Study Says CA High School Graduation Rates Lower Than Officially Claimed, Says LBUSD Graduates Approx. 7 in 10...With Poly & Jordan Defying Odds & Performing Higher Than Expectations

    March 2005: Latest LB Schools Academic Performance Index Scores

    Feb. 2005: Poly High Students Encounter Searches of Backpacks & Bookbags Feb. 10 After Two Guns Confiscated About A Week Earlier; Principal Says Searches Will Continue Sporadically For Remainder Of Year

    Nov. 2004: Close Case: LB Wilson High Team Edged Out By Louisville High (Woodland Hills) In Mock Trial Semi-Finals

    Nov. 2004: Wilson High Team Among "Final Four" In Prestigious Mock Trial Competition In L.A.

    Oct. 2004: 52% of LB Schools Meet Academic Performance Index Growth Targets...And That's Better Than Statewide Results; We Link To Detailed Data For Every LB School

    Oct. 2004: LB Elementary School Enrollment Down, Will Cost LBUSD About $7 Million (CA Tax Dollars Per Student), But...

    Oct. 2004: Nine LBUSD Schools Not Currently Making The Grade On Fed'l "No Child Left Behind" Standards

    Aug. 2004: See Academic Performance Index Scores For All LBUSD Schools

    Aug. 2004: See Test Results For LBUSD Schools On Standardized Test & Reporting (STAR exams)...And LBUSD High Schools On Exit Exam

    May 2004: School Bus Equipped With Child Safety Seat Overturns And Four Yr Old Passenger & Bus Driver Are NOT Injured

    April 2004: 14 LB Unified School District Schools Win "No Child Left Behind" Awards

    April 2004: LB Newcomb & Prisk School Classes Win Prizes For Agriculture Exhibits

    March 2004: Latest Academic Performance Index Scores, Rankings for LB Schools

    March 2004: "Read Across America" Day Brings Dr. Seuss Rhymes And Cat In Hat Readers to LB Schools

    Jan. 2004: LB School Sup't Steinhauser Says Staff Will Recommend School Board Declare Boardmember Jon Meyer Re-Elected; Meyer Has No Ballot Challenger; Move Would Save Money By Canceling Election...And Preclude Write-In Challenge

    Jan. 2004: We List Members Of Non-Elected LBUSD Budget Advisory Committee That Staff Says Will Recommend School District Cuts; Final Decision Rests With Elected School Board Members

    Dec. 2003: W. Mack Tyson to Seek LB School Board Seat Being Exited By Bobbie Smith; Tyson Says He's Endorsed by 7th district Councilwoman Reyes-Uranga + Former Vice Mayor/Current Harbor Comm'r Topsy-Elvord

    Dec. 2003: LBUSD Had Policy Of Spending Down Its Formerly Large Surplus, Now Blames Sac'to For District's Serious Financial Situation

    Dec. 2003: Bombshell LB School District Disclosure:

  • LBUSD Reveals It Has Serious Financial Problems
  • LB School District Has Been Spending More Than Taking In For Years, Now Can't Meet Legally Required Minimum Reserve, May Affect Credit Rating

    Dec. 2003: LB School Board President Bobbie Smith Won't Seek Re-Election

    Nov. 2003: Loaded Gun Found On ELB's Marshall Middle School Campus; Three Students Taken Into Juvenile Custody

    Oct. 2003: Academic Performance Index Results for LB Schools

    Oct. 2003: Jordan High Posts Big Gain In 2003 Academic Performance Index Results

    Oct. 2003: Oct 2 Noontime Fights at NLB's Jordan High; LBPD Responds To Quell Fracas; As Precaution, Security Tighter Oct 3

    Sept. 2003: LB School District Chosen As Best Urban School District in U.S. By Broad Foundation

    Sept. 2003: See Percentage of LB Grads, Sorted By LB High Schools, Rated Unprepared For College By CSU

    Sept. 2003: Bill To Require Clean School Bathrooms Passes, Goes To Governor; Sen. McClintock Votes "No"

    Aug. 2003: Proposed CA Law To Require Clean School Bathrooms Advances

    Aug. 2003: Center For Indiv. Freedom Foundation Urges CA Supreme Court To Decide If LBUSD Improperly Influenced School Bond Measure Election

    June 2003: State Schools Chief Will Advise State Board of Education To Delay High School Exit Exam Until 2006; Is Cancelling July '03 Exit Exam Administration

    June 2003: CA Assembly -- With Lowenthal & Oropeza -- Votes To Defer High School Exam Graduation Reqt. For Two Yrs...and More

    June 2003: Burcham Elem. School Gets "End of the School Yr" Treat: Visit from LBPD Helicopter "Fox"

    June 2003: Meyer Wins 4th Dist. LB School Board Race; Makes Local Media History, Beating Every LB Media Outlet With Returns First

    June 2003: Would School Bd. Candidates Require High School Exit Exam If State Makes It Optional? Read Responses

    May 2003: LB School Board Candidates Take Near Final Shots...In Signal Hill

    May 2003: LB School District Using Its Cable TV Channel & Video Equipment To Show High School Baseball Games, But Not School Board Meetings

  • Additional Game Expense: School Board Members Voted in Jan & March To Spend Several Thousand Dollars More To Hire Sports Announcers

    April 2003: 6 of 7 School Board Candidates Pledge They'll Vote To Televise School Board Meetings; Meyer Says He Needs To Know More, Including Costs

    April 2003: Greet and Grill Candidates For School Board (southern ELB Special Election) At Stearns Park Rec. Ctr., April 24, 6:30-8:30 p.m.

    March, 2003: Big Battle Brewing For School Board: Those Obtaining Nominating Papers Include:

  • Norm Ryan (Prop J Utility Tax Cut Advocate)
  • Marilyn Russell Bittle (Former Pres. CA Teachers Ass'n, Former Exec Dir. Teachers Ass'n of LB) Update 3/12: We list early endorsers and other info
  • Richard Green (Former Pres. Long Beach Area Citizens Involved - LBACI)
  • George Nagle (Retired lawyer, Minnie Gant PTA Legis. Rep.)
  • Plus: Yolanda Benavidez, Matt Duggan & Jon Meyer
  • Dinko Bozanich Update 3/12: Won't be filing
  • June 10 Special Election Will Fill Vacant Seat of Late Ed Eveland Covering Southeast LB

    Feb. 2003: See Latest LBUSD Academic Performance Index Rankings Comparing LB Schools To Others Statewide

    Feb. 2003: Ed Eveland, LB School Boardmember, Dies

    Jan. 2003:

  • ACLU Tells LB School District It Considers Millikan High Mandatory Uniform Policy For Fall '03 Illegal Without "Opt Out" Or Exemption Procedure; Calls Transfers "A Form of Reprisal"
  • Responding For, LBUSD Provides What It Calls Some Key Facts In The Matter; We Post Them

    Oct. 2002: Academic Performance Index Scores Posted For LB Schools

    Sept. 2002: Posts CA High School Exit Examination (CAHSEE) Results for Each LB High School

    Sept. 2002: Posts Latest STAR Performance Results For Every LBUSD School; Disturbing Percentages Attending Some LBUSD High Schools Perform Below Or Far Below Basic Levels; Results Mixed in Middle Schools, Better in Many Elementary Schools

    August, 2002: LBUSD School Test Scores Not Among Statewide Results Released For Now, But Will Be Released At End of Sept. Reflecting Later Testing For LB's Multi-Track School Schedule

    August, 2002: Editorial: Ending LB School Board's "Mushroom Treatment": Show Us Your Meetings

    July, 2002: Two LB School Boardmembers (Eveland & Smith) Reject Call to Televise School Board Meetings; Eveland Says Televised LB Council & L.A. School Board Meetings "Become Nothing But Zoos"; Other Boardmembers (Stanton, Lowenthal, Polacheck) Watch and Say Nothing

    July, 2002: LBUSD Legal Adviser Gives Written Response To School Activist's Query re Superintendent's Salary; We Post Letter Verbatim

    June, 2002: LB School Boardmembers Questioned By Taxpayer, Give No Response, Then Vote Without Comment To Pay New Superintendent Steinhauser $198,000 Per Year In Four Year Deal

    Jan. 2002: Detailed LB Schools Academic Performance Scores

    Jan. 2002: LB School Board Races Shape Up

    Oct. 2001: LB School Board Votes To Televise High School Sports But Still Doesn't Televise School Board Meetings For Public

    Aug. 2001: LB Schools STAR Test Results Won't Be Released Aug. 15; LBUSD Only CA District To Use New Law Allowing Delay Until 85% of School Days Taught Before Test; Reflects Late Cycle Start For LB Yr. Round Schools. LBUSD Officials Say

    Jan., 2001:Several LB Schools At Bottom, And Some Near Top, In Latest Statewide Academic Performance Index Rankings

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