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    Caveat: Use dated material accordingly.


    July 2. 2007: : LB Airport says, "In response to the increased threat level overseas, law enforcement presence has been increased in and around US airports. Additionally, LB Airport may experience some additional military aircraft operations. In fact, several F-18 flight operations occurred over the weekend."

    Jan. 2007: Cong. Millender-McDonald Explicitly Backs 100% Container Inspection Provision In New Dem House Homeland Security Bill; Measure Passes

    Oct. 2006: Reuters: Dubai Ports Exec Knocks New U.S. Port Security Law As Fundamentally Inadequate

    Oct. 2006: Rand Corp. Study Urges Attention To Protecting Cruise Ships, Ferry Boats From Terrorism

    Oct. 2006: In Depth with Perspective: Here's Salient Text Of Congress-Passed, President-Signed, Industry-Backed Container Security Text In "SAFE Port" Act

    Sept. 2006: LB Launches "Reverse 911"...To Call YOU With Emergency Info

    Sept. 2006: LB Firefighter's Annual 9/11 Memorial Ceremony On His Front Lawn Grows Larger, Draws Bigger Crowd & City Officials

    Sept. 2006: President Bush In Oval Office Address On 9/11 Anniversary: America & Other Civilized Nations Face Enemy That's Evil And Kills Without Mercy But Not Without Purpose...Global Network Of Extremists Driven By Perverted Vision of Islam, A Totalitarian Ideology That Hates Freedom, Rejects Tolerance And Despises Dissent; War Against This Enemy Is Decisive Ideological Struggle of 21st Century, Calling of Our Generation; To Bin Laden: America Will Find You & Bring You To Justice; Read Full Text of President's Speech

    Sept. 2006: In Depth/ Perspective: How Long Beach City Hall Quietly Worked, Or Let Others Work, To Skew Or Kill Port-Related Homeland Security Legislation

    Sept. 2006: On 9/11 Anniversary, Someone Leaves Very Suspicious-Looking Item In Rental Car Returned At LB Airport; Major Response Includes Bomb Squad; Item "Rendered Safe" (Was Empty); All-Clear Sounded

    Sept. 2006: Port of LB Website Tells Public: PoLB And Its "Seaport Security Partners" Working Diligently To Minimize Risk

    Sept. 8, 2006: The U.S. Senate briefly took up HR 4954 "SAFE Ports" Act passed by House of Representatives this spring). In today's Senate session, Senators DeMint & McCain separately proposed amendments (the latter dealing in part with rail security). We'll report details when the Senate clerk posts info. As previously reported by, in May 2006 Republicans in the House defeated an amendment by Dems to require inspection of all incoming cargo containers (202-222). The amendment was opposed by the "American Ass'n of Port Authorities," an advocacy group in which the Port of LB is a member. Neither LB's City Council nor Board of Harbor Commissioners have taken publicly voted positions on the container inspection issue.

    Aug. 2006: In Depth/Perspective: Where's LB, As Boston Port Area Congressman Cites Rand Study On LB Nuke Scenario To (Again) Call For 100% Inspection Of Incoming Cargo Containers?

    Aug. 2006: LB Harbor Comm'n President Hankla Re Rand Report Scenario On Container-Concealed Nuclear Bomb

    Aug. 2006: Rand Corporation Evaluates Scenario: Ten Kiloton Nuclear Bomb Concealed In Cargo Container, Shipped To Port of LB, Unloaded And...

    Aug. 2006: TSA Eases Some Air Traveler Restrictions...But All Passengers Must Remove Shoes; Shoes To Be X-Rayed With Carry-On Bags

    Aug. 2006: President Bush: UK Arrests In Terror Plot Are "Stark Reminder That This Nation Is At War With Islamic Fascists"

    May 2006: L.A./LB Area Rates #2 Nationwide On Fed'l Homeland Security Dept. "Risk & Effectiveness Based Approach" To Allocating Fed'l Anti-Terrorism Funds

    May 2006: Perspective: House-Passed "SAFE Port" Act Neuters Local Control, Gives DC Control & Industry Interests Clout In Mandated Protocols Favoring Swift Return To Trade After Terrorist Attack

    May 2006: LB's Mayoral Candidates On Inspecting All Inbound Cargo Containers

    May 2006: Representing Your Interests? On Inspecting All (Not Just Some) Inbound Cargo Containers, Read What House Members Said & How They Voted

    May 2006: House Repubs Defeat Dem Effort To Require Inspection Of All Incoming Cargo Containers, Fails 202-222; "SAFE" Port Bill Without 100% Inspections Passes 421-2. Senate Legislation Requiring 100% Inspection Advances

    March 2006: Reuters: Investigators Able To Enter U.S. With "Dirty Bomb" Nuke Material

    March 2006: CA Congressman Duncan Hunter To Introduce Fed'l Legislation To Make All U.S. Port Terminals & Other Defense-Critical U.S. Infrastructure Majority U.S. Owned...And Require Inspection By Feds Of All Cargo Coming Into U.S.

    Feb. 2006: President Bush Says U.S. Foiled 2002 Al Qaeda Plot To Attack Downtown L.A. Skyscraper

    Feb. 2006: LB Memorial Med Ctr/Miller Children's Hospital, St. Mary Med Ctr, Community Hospital & Alpert Jewish Community Center Among L.A. Area Non-Profits To Receive Homeland Security Assistance Funding

    Oct. 2005: Fed'l Homeland Security Money Directed By Congress In 04 To Protect At-Risk Non-Profits Awaits Allocation By Sac'to In Late 05...And LB Entities May Not Get A Share

    July 2005: Coast Guard Confirms Parts of Port of LB Within Mass Transit Sector Raised To "MARSEC 2" (Marine Security 2) Level Consistent with July 7 Homeland Security Directive; Means Increased Security

    July 2005: LBPD Chief Batts & LBFD Officials Viewed Anti-Terrorist Measures On Recent Visit To Israel

    July 2005: LB Officials Respond Following London Transit Terror Attack: Mayor O'Neill, Councilwoman/MTA Boardmember B. Lowenthal, LBPD Chief Batts, LBFD Chief Ellis Hold News Conf., Announce Add'l Security Measures As Precaution...And Urge Residents To Feel Secure But Call 911 If Anything Seems Amiss

    July 2005: LB's Ed Espinoza Reports From London On Transit Terror Attacks

    July 2005: Text Of Homeland Security Sec'y Chertoff's DC News Conference -- With Reporters' Q & A -- On Raising Threat Level To Orange (High) Targeted Only To Mass Transit Portion of Transportation Sector

    July 2005: Homeland Security Issues Targeted Rise In Threat Level To Orange -- Or High -- Only To Mass Transit Portion of Transportation Sector

    June 2005: Reuters: Coast Guard's Outgoing Port Security Chief Says Sailors' IDs & Containers Main Loopholes Making Ports & Ships Vulnerable To Terrorists

    Sept. 2004: LB Marks Third Sept 11 Anniversary As LB Firefighter Gary Biggerstaff Again Creates Homegrown Memorial & Heartfelt Ceremony On His Front Lawn

    Aug. 2004: Al Qaeda May Target V.A. Hospitals, U.S. Law Enforcement Officials Say

    Aug. 2004: Pres. Bush Says "We Are A Nation in Danger," Backs Revamping U.S. Intel & Further Steps; We Post White House News Conference Transcript

    Aug. 2004: Homeland Security Sec'y Ridge Says No Reason "At This Juncture" To Think L.A, S.F. Or Chicago Finan Ctrs. At Higher Risk After Multiple, Recent Intel Sources Indicate Possible Attacks On Specific Finan. Ctrs. In NYC, NJ & DC

  • Raises Threat Level to "High" For Financial Services Sector In NYC, Northern NJ, DC

    July 2004: FBI Confirms It Was NOT Anthrax In Threat/White Powder at LB Postal Center, 2300 Redondo

    May 2004: Atty Gen'l Ashcroft and FBI Dir. Muller Say Al Queda Planning U.S. Attack In Coming Months

    Jan. 2004: Reuters: Terrorist Threat Level Reduced To Elevated (Yellow) But Certain Unnamed Locales in Pvt. Sector Will Receive Higher Vigilance

    Dec. 2003; Gov. Schwarzenegger Orders Increased Security Measures, Says Airports, Harbors, Bridges, Power Plants & Other Key Areas Will Get Extra Security, Has Conferred With U.S. Homeland Security Sec'y Ridge

    Dec. 2003: Nat'l Terrorist Threat Level Raised to High, Read Text of Homeland Security Sec'y Ridge's Statement

    Dec. 2003: Reuters: U.S. Flights Scare, Bombs Invoke Al Qaeda Shadow

    Dec. 2003:Pres. Bush statement on capture of Saddam Hussein

    Nov. 2003: Homeland Security Dept. Warns Of Al-Queda's Continued Interest in Aviation Including Cargo Jets To Attack Critical Infrastructure & Target Liquid Natural Gas, Chemical & Other Hazardous Materials Facilities

    Nov. 2003: Feds Give LB Area $12.1 Million In Latest Homeland Security Allocations

    Oct. 2003: Pres. Bush Signs Homeland Security Funding Act With Money For Port Security...Including Container Security Initiative

    Sept. 2003: LB Firefighter's Hand-Made, Home-Grown, Personal 9-11 Memorial Draws Crowds In Emotional Tribute

    Sept. 2003: FBI Urges "Be On The Lookout For" These Men re Possible Threats Against U.S.: Considered Armed & Dangerous. Click Images

    FBI Wanted Sept. 4 FBI Wanted Sept 4
    FBI Wanted Sept 4FBI Wanted Sept 4

    Sept. 2003: Pres. Bush: "We Will Do What Is Necessary...Spend What Is Necessary, To Achieve This Essential Victory in the War on Terror"; We Post Transcript of White House Address re Iraq & Terrorism

    Sept. 2003: Sept. 11 Prep: Dept. of Homeland Security Advisory (Sept. 4) to Security Personnel Says No Change in Threat Level...For Now

    June 2003: Port Could Get Add'l Fed'l Security Funding After Angry Senator Prompts Homeland Security Sec'y Ridge To Send Money To Ports, Not Budget Switch; We Show Other Recently Allocated LB Related Fed'l Homeland Security Funds

    May 2003: Feds Lower Terror Alert Level From High To Elevated, But Warn U.S. Remains At Significant Risk of Terrorist Attack; We Post Statement by Homeland Security Sec'y Tom Ridge

    May 2003: LB To Get $6.46 Million In Fed'l Homeland Security Grant Money Allocated Nationally To Urban Areas With High Density Population & Critical Infrastructure; Ports of L.A.-LB Will Get Approx. $9 Million

    May 2003: See Photos Of Freedom's Flame Memorial Convoy, With Parts of Sept. 11 Wrecked World Trade Center & Damaged NYC Fire Truck, In LB

    May 2003: Terror Alert Level Raised to High Nationwide; Read Statement by Homeland Security Sec'y Ridge

    May 2003: Parts of Sept. 11 Wrecked World Trade Center & Damaged NYC Fire Truck Will Convoy Into LB For Memorial Display @ LBCC ELB Campus, Carson @ Clark, Sunday May 18, 5:30 p.m.-10:00 p.m. Only

    April 2003: National Threat Level Lowered From "High" To "Elevated"

    April 2003: LB Congresswoman Millender-McDonald Adds Amendment To Funding Bill That Will Send Roughly 25% of Surface Transportation Security Funding To Transit Security

    April 2003: NY Congressman Tries, But Fails In Effort, To Add $15 Billion To Fund Fed'l Inspection & Sealing Of All Cargo Containers Bound For U.S.

    March 2003: Mayor O'Neill On Fox News Channel Says She Thinks Ports Like LB Are In Danger, Calls It One Of The Most Vulnerable Spots In U.S., And Chides Wash. D.C. For Puny Port Security Dollars

    March 2003: U.S. Senators Feinstein (D-CA) and Kyl (R-AZ) Introduce Major Port Security Legislation

    March 2003: President Bush Delivers Speech On Homeland Security; Two Passages Discuss Port Security

    March 2003: U.S. Customs Container Security Initiative: Background & Must Read Remarks by Customs Commissioner Robert Bonner

    March 2003: LB Congresswoman Millender-McDonald Comments On Bill By NYC Congressman To Require Inspection Of All Inbound Cargo Containers Abroad By Homeland Security Dept. Personnel; Would Also Require Inspection Of Inbound Container Ships By Coast Guard 200 Miles From Shore

    March 2003: NYC Congressman Introduces Bill To Require Every Cargo Container Bound For U.S. Be Inspected, Contents Verified & Sealed Abroad By Homeland Security Dept. Personnel; Also Requires Coast Guard to Board & Inspect U.S.-Bound Cargo Vessels 200 Miles From Shore

    March 2003: LB Officials Say City Has Ramped Up Security; Advise Residents To Be Watchful...And Prepared

    March 2003: LBPD Creates Telephone Hotline Providing Threat Assessment Info To The Public...And Another Line To Take Reports of Suspicious Info

    Mar. 2003:

  • Terrorist Threat Level Nationwide Raised To "High"
  • Update: Homeland Security Director Asks Governors To Deploy Nat'l Guard or Add'l Police Forces To Improve Security At Critical Locations; We Post Statement

    Mar. 2003: Governor Davis Directs CHP To Begin Heightened Coverage of Bridges, Waterways, Electrical Grids, Key Bldgs. & Puts Inspection Facilities At Water & Land Ports At Maximum Capacity

    Feb. 2003: Dept. of Homeland Security Urges Americans To Take Steps To Protect Themselves In Event Of Terror Attack

    Feb. 2003: Pres. Bush Warns of Potential Threat To U.S. Coast & Beyond, Says Iraqi-Developed Biologically-Armed Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (shown at U.N. presentation) -- If Launched From Ship Off U.S. Coast -- Could Reach Hundreds Of Miles Inland; We Post Transcript

    Feb. 2003: Nationwide Terrorist Threat Level Raised To "High"; Read Transcript of Wash. D.C. News Con. with Att'y General Ashcroft, Homeland Security Sec'y Ridge & FBI Director Mueller

    Feb. 2003: Hold The Duct Tape For Now...But Have An Emergency Supply Kit Ready: Transcript of Homeland Security Sec'y Ridge News Conf.

    Dec. 2002: FBI Asks Your Help In Locating Five Men; FBI Believes They Entered U.S. Illegally On Or About Dec. 24

    Oct. 2002:

  • LBReport Posts LB Area Congressmembers' House Debate Statements and Recorded Votes re White House Favored Resolution on Use of Force in Iraq; We Also Post Resolution Text

    Oct. 2002: October 7: Text Of Significant Address By President Bush Concerning Iraq

    Sept. 2002: L.A. County Board of Supervisors OKs Motion by Knabe & Antonovich Supporting LB City Council's Resolution Urging Use of Outlying Airports With Underutilized Capacity As Alternative To Increasing Flights At LB Airport

    Sept. 2002: Sept. 10: Terrorist Threat Level Raised To "High," Up From Previous "Elevated"

    July, 2002: FAA Issues Special Vigilance Alert for Civil & Gen'l Aviation Pilots & Airports

    Mar. 2002: U.S. on "Yellow" (Elevated) Threat Level Likely For Foreseeable Future; We Post Homeland Security Statement On New Threat Advisory System

    Feb. 2002: FBI Issues New Terror Alert, Warning of Possible Attack "On or Around" Feb. 12 in U.S. (or against U.S. interests in Yemen)

    Nov. 2001: President Bush, FBI Dir. Mueller, Homeland Security Dir. Ridge Offer Info, Comments re CA Gov. Davis' Bridge Alert

    Dec. 2001: U.S. Trans. Sec'y Mineta Details Bush Admin. Port Security Plan, Stresses Need to Address Container Cargo and Intermodal Operations, indicates LB, LA ports are among areas where Feds are "focusing our attention"; Cong. Millender-McDonald attends as Transportation Committee member, urges sea marshalls for LB, LA ports

    Nov. 2001: Nov 1, 6:00 p.m.: Gov. Davis Tells CNN Three Fed'l Agencies Indicated Potential Terrorist Attacks on West Coast Suspension Bridges In Rush Hours b/w Nov. 2 and Nov 7

    Oct. 2001: Oct. 29: U.S. Att'y Gen'l Ashcroft Issues New Terrorism Alert, Not Specific as to LB or Other Site(s), Warning of Possible Add'l Terror Attacks Over the Next Week

    Oct. 2001: LB Health Dept. Says No LB Anthrax Exposures But Over 12 Hoaxes or Overreactions To Normal Substances in LB b/w Oct. 12-17

    Oct. 2001: Oct. 11: FBI Posts Statement on Its Website, Not Specific as to LB or Other Site(s), Warning of Possible Add'l Terror Attacks Over the Next Several Days

    Oct. 2001: Mayor O'Neill Tells Capitol Hill Anti-Terrorism Hearing on Water & Infrastructure Security LB Lacks Sufficient Funds In Future Years To Sustain Three Anti-Terrorism Programs Started With Three Fed'l Grants

    Oct. 2001: LB Cong. Steve Horn Chairs House Hearing on Preparations for Bio & Chem Attacks

    Sept. 2001: Sept. 13, 4 p.m.: LB Airport Update, Traveler/User Info

    Sept. 2001: Text of LB Cong. Steve Horn's House Statement re Sept. 11 Terror Attack; Also text of House/Senate Joint Resolution

    Sept. 2001: Sept. 11 (posted 2:50 p.m.): Mayor O'Neill, City Officials, Brief LB Residents re City Status After East Coast Terror Attacks

    Sept. 2001: Sept. 11 (posted 10 a.m., updated 12:30 p.m.): LB On Alert After East Coast Terror Attacks: LB Port Closed, LB Airport Closed; LB World Trade Center Voluntarily Evacuated

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