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    Caveat: Use dated material accordingly.


    Aug. 2005: First '05 LB Human West Nile Case Reported

    July 2005: West Nile Infected Mosquitoes Found in Lakewood

    July 2005: Mosquito Mystery: Greater L.A. County Vector Control Crews Trudge Door To Door Saturday Thru ELB Neighborhood Distributing Info & Trying To Spot West Nile Mosquito-Breeding Sources

    July 2005: Anti-Mosquito Crews Will Go Door To Door In Part of ELB Sat. July 30 (Palo Verde-Studebaker, Atherton-Willow) Requesting Entry To Backyards, Trying To Spot Mosquito-Breeding Sources; Agency Stresses Activity Is NOT Spraying; Goal Is To Help Homeowners Find Unnoticed Backyard Mosquito Sources & Correct The Situation

    July 2005: More ELB West Nile Mosquitoes In Area b/w Bellflower-Studebaker, 405-Atherton Prompt Greater L.A. County Vector Control + UC Davis + CA Dept. of Health + Fed'l CDC Experts To Schedule July 21 In-Person Meeting On Issue

    July 2005: Map Shows ELB, Alamitos Bay Marina Areas Had Concentrations Of West Nile Mosquitoes This Year, Prompting Forceful Vector Control Agency Response

    July 2005: "Higher Than Normal" West Nile Rate Found Among Mosquitoes b/w Bellflower-Studebaker, Willow-Atherton; Residents Urged To Take Extra Precautions; Tests Underway To Determine If It's a "Hot Spot" Or More Widespread

    July 2005: LB Health Dept. Urges West Nile Precautions During July 4 Holiday; Agency Says It's Increased Anti-Mosquito Efforts

    July 2005: Greater L.A. County Vector Control Does 2 a.m.-5 a.m. Ground Foggings To Kill Adult Mosquitoes In Bixby Oil Field/MarketPlace Areas

    June 2005: Human Monoclonal Antibody Against West Nile Virus Shows Promise In Animal Studies

    June 2005: Uh-Oh: LB's First '05 West Nile Positive Mosquitoes Found

    May 2005: Oh $%#!: West Nile Infected Dead Crow Found In ELB Zip Code 90815

    April 2005: CDC OK's New Repellents To Fight Mosquito-Borne West Nile Virus

    Oct. 2004: In Depth: West Nile Gives Researchers New Data To Ponder

    Oct. 2004: Three More: LB WNV Cases Now Total 13 (as of Oct. 1)

    Sept. 2004: One More: LB WNV Cases Now Total Ten (as of Sept. 24)

    Sept. 2004: Nine Confirmed Human West Nile Virus Cases in LB in '04 as of Sept. 17

    Sept. 2004: West Nile Virus Fever Worse Than Formerly Thought, Study Indicates

    Sept. 2004: Seven Confirmed West Nile Virus Cases in LB in '04 As of Aug. 31

    Aug. 2004: Council Directs City Mgt. To Provide Monthly West Nile Reports & Report on Standing Water in Storm Drains & Culverts; City Mgt. Promises Comprehensive Report on Sept. 7 That Will Also Address Stagnant Water On Residential Property

    Aug. 2004: Reuters: L.A. Council Backs Preparation of Emergency Ordinance To Curb West Nile, Penalizes Citizens Who Allow Standing Water On Their Property

    Aug. 2004: CDC Publication: West Nile Recovery Can Take More Than a Year For Some, Esp. Those Over 65

    Aug. 2004: Aug. 20: LB Has Three Human West Nile Cases, NOT Fatalities

    Aug. 2004: 4th Dist. Councilman O'Donnell Agendizes Request For Report On LB West Nile Virus Prevention Activities...And Measures To Avoid Stagnant Water Buildup In Culverts & Open Drains

    Aug. 2004: Councilman Colonna, Chair of San Gabriel Mtns. & River Conservancy, Says Agency Is Studying Anti-Mosquito Activities, Warns Against Complacency on West Nile Virus; Councilman O'Donnell Will Seek City Mgt. Report On Stagnant Water Buildup and Gen'l Overall Maintenance of Storm Drains, Culverts and Open Drainage in ELB's 4th Dist. & Citywide

    Aug. 2004: Major Rivers, Flood Control Channels in L.A. County Appear Associated With West Nile Virus Transmission, Agency Reports

    Aug. 2004: Local Anti-Mosquito Expert Wouldn't Be Surprised If CA Had A Thousand Or More West Nile Human Cases This Year; Says We're In Epidemic & "Real Action Hasn't Begun Yet"

    Aug. 2004: 22 Backyard Mosquito Breeding Water Sources Found In One Square Mile Of ELB

    Aug. 2004: L.A. County Human West Nile Cases Now Total At Least 25

    Aug. 2004: LB's First Human West Nile Death Is In ELB Area With Standing Water In City Gutters; LB City Hall Sends Complaining Residents Letters; L.A. County Vector Control District Says It Treats ELB Gutters and Storm Drains On Recurring Cycle

    Aug. 2004: Frustration, Anger in Neighborhood Where LB Woman Died of West Nile Virus

    Aug. 2004: Mosquito Bite Kills Elderly LB Woman, First In City To Die From West Nile Virus

    Aug 2004: Aerial Spraying Against Mosquito-Borne West Nile Virus Could Result In Hardest Hit CA Areas

    Aug. 2004: Second Human West Nile Fatally Confirmed; San Ber'dino County Man Dies; No Human WNV Cases in LB As of Aug 2

    Aug. 2004: Confirmed: First LB Human West Nile Virus Case

    Aug. 2004: Second OC Human West Nile Virus Case Confirmed; Patient Recovering

    July 2004: ELB Heads-Up: Multiple West Nile Infected Mosquitoes ID'd, Vicinity of South Lakewood/Old Lakewood Village; Drain b/w Clark & Bellflower Is One Problem Area

    July 2004: Three More Human West Nile Virus Cases ID'd in L.A. County, But None In LB As of July 30

    July 2004: Four More Human West Nile Virus Cases ID'd in L.A. County, None In LB As of July 28; Statewide Total Mounts

    July 2004: More West Nile Virus Infected Mosquitoes Locally & Now In SD & Central & Northern CA

    July 2004: First West Nile Virus CA Human Death Is In OC

    July 2004: So Many West Nile Virus Dead Birds, Gov't Agencies Stop Testing Them In Various Zip Codes Including Some In LB; Phone Reports Still Welcome

  • Seven Human West Nile Cases ID'd in L.A. County, Some Leading To Encephalitis and Meningitis, All From "Eastern Region" of County

    July 2004: Residents Urged To Take Protective Measures At Evening Muni Band Concerts Due To West Nile Virus; Other Sobering Info At Council Briefing on WNV

    July 2004: LB Dead Crow Toll Mounts, Dead Birds Increasingly Prevalent As West Nile Virus Spreads

    July 2004: West Nile Virus Infected Mosquitoes Found In Vicinity of Alamitos Bay Marina & PCH/Westminster area; Numerous Infected Dead Crows From Zips 90808 and 90815, Also Lakewood Zip 90713

    July 2004: LBUSD Sends Updated West Nile Virus Prevention Tips To Principals for Distribution to Staff & Parents; We Post Text

    July 2004: Kell Agendizes Report On City's West Nile Virus Efforts

    West Nile Virus Watch:

  • LB Dept. Of Health Received Multiple ELB Resident Reports Re Standing Water In Untended Swimming Pool; Didn't Return Phone Calls; Didn't Refer Reports To County Vector Control And Didn't Ensure Follow Up
  • ELB Neighbors Now Say They've Got Mosquitoes En Masse, Can't Be Outside At Dusk And Just Found A Dying Crow
  • Incident Follows Other Reports of Standing Water in ELB Streets, Gutters

    July 2004: First LB West Nile Virus Infected Mosquitoes Found Vicinity Heartwell Park

    July 2004: West Nile Virus Warning Signs To Be Posted in El Dorado, Heartwell Parks

    July 2004: Two New West Nile Virus Dead Crows From LB (90807 & 90804) + Three From Lakewood (90712 and 90713) + Two From Hawaiian Gardens (90716)

    June 2004: First '04 Human West Nile Virus Cases In L.A. & Riverside Counties, One Becomes Meningitis

  • No LB WNV Dead Crows or Mosquitoes Reported In Past Week
  • Cerritos, Whittier, Fullerton Had Multiple WNV Dead Crows

    June 2004: LBUSD Administrators Alerted to West Nile Virus Prevention Tips [subsequent update, , click here]

    June 2004: Dead Crows, Possibly West Nile Virus Infected, Increasingly Visible in Cerritos

    June 2004: West Nile Virus Warning Signs Posted @ Lakewood Golf Course & Bolivar Park in Lakewood

    June 2004: Ground Zero For West Nile Virus: See Maps Showing WNV Totals & Recent WNV-Infected Dead Birds

    June 2004: It's Here: Dead Crow w/ West Nile Virus ID'd in LB; Residents Again Urged to Take Precautions

    June 2004: Two LB Mosquitoes Test Positive For WNV; More Infected Crows in Cerritos...And First CA 04 Human Case in San B'dino County

    June 2004: West Nile Virus Expert Says We're In Midst Of Largest Mosquito-Borne Virus Outbreak in North American History & Biggest West Nile Virus Outbreak Ever Documented in the World

    June 2004: Editorial: Biting Back: Our Suggestions Re WNV in LB

    May 2004: West Nile Virus Now Found In Dead Birds From Lakewood, Cerritos & Gardena As L.A. County Numbers Rise; Two Infected Mosquitoes Found South of El Monte; Officials Advise Taking Precautions

    May 2004: West Nile Virus Found In Birds, Mosquitoes Near LB; Health Officials Advise Taking Precautions

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