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State Legislature (Incl. LB Lawmakers Bonnie Lowenthal And Ricardo Lara) Approves, Sends To Governor AB 484, Would End Current CA Standardized Annual School Tests And Academic Performance Index Scores, Have Students "Field Test" New "Common Core" Test Not Yet Fully Field Tested/Developed
U.S. Education Sec'y Threatens Cut-Off Of Some Fed'l Funds; LB School Board Let LBUSD Mgm't Support AB 484 Without Publicly Voted School Board Approval
Groups Pursue Referendum Petition In Effort To Put Transgender Student Rights Law On Statewide Ballot
by Joe Mello, Community Correspondent
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Long Beach Unified School District + Seven Other CA School Districts Get Obama Admin Approval To Avoid Meeting Some Academic Req'ts (Test Scores) For Some Schools Under "No Child Left Behind" Act
U.S. Dept. of Education waiver lets under-performing LBUSD schools meet standards approved by administrators based in part on attendance and student and parent surveys

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Districtwide LBUSD shows gain BUT lags state average in some categories BUT LBUSD finishes close to statewide average because state numbers fell; major LBUSD bright spot: students excel in 8th grade Algebra
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