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    Miriam YardenAnimals Are Not For Suffocating Or Burning

    by Contributing Editor C. Miriam Yarden, B.Sc., MS

    (Jan. 24, 2009) -- was first to report the death of a small Chihuahua type dog who was found Wednesday, burned in a plastic bag in Houghton Park in north Long Beach. This appears to be almost a copy of the two Chihuahuas who were known to have been burned alive by being confined to a portable carrier, doused with a flammable substance and set on fire. This also happened in North Long Beach in 2006.

    At that time, Friends of Long Beach Animals, together with many outraged citizens and businesses collected and offered a $15,000 reward for information leading to the arrest and conviction of the sick minds that planned and perpetrated this horrendous cruelty. THERE WERE NO TAKERS! The criminals are still at large.

    Could they have been the same? Only the Police and Fire Department investigations will tell.

    A Jan. 23 statement by LBFD says a "review of all formal investigations dating back to October of 2008 did not reveal any connections nor were there any animals matching the description. A review of all officers logs from January 19-21, 2009 did not reveal any connections to this incident. A review of the lost and found information dating back to October of 2008 did not reveal any connections to the dog in question. Currently there is no evidence to indicate that this incident is connected to any other arson fires involving dogs in the past."

    But it also adds, "The veterinarian's findings indicate suffocation in the bag [before the fire was lit]; we are inclined to think that this is an intentional act, and could fall under Penal Code 597: Crimes Against Animals. If this is the case, we might find ourselves filing a second count felony of animal cruelty and will need to collect as much information as possible from subjects/witnesses that are identified."

    And the investigation is ongoing as we publish.

    In Mission Viejo, a man stabbed an 8-month old puppy seven times on the body and head during a domestic dispute where the girlfriend fled, fearing for her life. Hopefully, there are no children in this relationship.

    This in not restricted to Long Beach, to California or to the United States. Cruelty to animals is far too often the precursor of cruelty to humans. There is no doubt or argument about that. In Dendermonde, Belgium, this week a man made his way into a daycare facility and slashed two 3-year olds to death as well as an adult caregiver, and ten other toddlers were also slashed, requiring surgery.

    This week in Tromsoe, Norway, an off-duty policeman shot ad killed his ex-girlfriend, outside and elementary school and kindergarten where she worked. And while no children were hurt, the sick disregard for the safety of others is significant.

    The disturbing fact is that while Houghton Park was bustling with children and other people, NO ONE SAW ANYTHING!

    How one can NOT be aware of a fire being started is baffling.

    The frightening aspect is that the area was full of children, who may be the next target. It is therefore, most important that whoever committed this crime of arson and cruelty to an animal is found, criminally prosecuted and separated from society.

    As for not being aware of what was happening, this writer wonders: is this a symptom of ignorance, nonchalance, indifference or approval? Is the refusal to answer the investigators the result of fear of reprisal? Can we sit back and let this happen because we are afraid of such sick people? And wait until one of our companions meets the same fate? Thinks about it and express your outrage in any way you can!

    By the way, as for Azure, the puppy who was stabbed in Mission Viejo, the veterinary cost is extremely high. If, Dear Readers, you are so inclined, donations can be sent to Alicia Pet Care Center, Attention: Dr. Wheaton, 25800 Jeronimo Road, Ste. 100, Mission Viejo, CA 92691, (949) 768-1313 and mark your check "For Azure."

    And hope and pray that her owner will NOT go back to the monster who hurt her Companion.

    Ms. Yarden and welcome your comments in response to this perspective piece. Please include your name, your general part of town, and a telpehone number [not for publication] so we can reach you.

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