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Miriam YardenHeat Alert For Your Pets: They Can't Sweat And High Heat Can Kill; Keep Them Inside

by C. Miriam Yarden, B.Sc., MS, APDT Contributing Editor

(July 15, 2010) -- This is an urgent reminder to all pet owners that the hot weather is upon us and upon our animals. This is the time when all pets must be kept indoors to prevent heat prostration and heat stroke, both of which can be fatal in a very short time.

Remember that animals do not have sweat glands and can not perspire to cool their body temperatures. The only means of cooling is panting in air. However, on days like today and the upcoming week-end, they can only pant in HOT air which does not cool and provides no relief.

Shaded outside patios, balconies, cars and yards are not cool enough and garages can be positively lethal as they collect heat. Again, a fan merely mixes the hot air, but does not cool it.

If you notice that your pet outside is panting heavily, staggers, can not get up, has a dazed look, shallow breathing or his gums are extremely red, cool him immediately and carefully with cold water from head to toe to bring down his temperature and as soon as he breathes normally, rush him to the veterinarian to check to make sure he did not suffer any possible brain damage.


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