SB 250 "Pet Responsibility Act" Dies in Ass'y; Ass'ymembers Lowenthal & Furutani Vote "Yes" But Several Dems Join w/ Repubs In Defeating Bill

(Sept. 1, 2010, 12:30 a.m.) -- At 11:47 p.m. on Aug. 31, the Assembly voted to defeat SB 250, the "Pet Responsibility Act," effectively killing the measure for the remainder of this legislative session.

The Assembly's Aug. 31 floor tally was 27-39 [the subsequent Clerk tally was 28-40] (with 41 votes needed for passage). Assemblymembers Bonnie Lowenthal (D., LB) and Warren Furutani (D., Carson-LB) both voted "yes" while a number of Dems continued to vote "no" or didn't vote, joining with Repubs in killing the measure.

The Aug. 31 Assembly vote was more lopsided against passage than an Aug. 26 Assembly vote (33-40 on the floor, 34-40 by subsequent clerk tally). Reconsideration led to the Aug. 31 vote...which was preceded by a brief floor colloquy during which some Assemblymembers ridiculed the bill. To hear the Assembly floor colloquy, click here (begins with Ass'y supporter, Bob Blumenfield, D, SFV).

The floor tally as shown on the Assembly webcast via the California Channel is below; the Ass'y Clerk's tally is slightly different (reflects an added "aye" vote by Eng, and an added "no" vote by Galgiani).

AUTHOR:	Florez
TOPIC:	Dogs and cats: spaying and neutering.
DATE:	08/31/2010
MOTION:	SB 250 Florez  Senate Third Reading  By BLUMENFIELD
	(AYES  28. NOES  40.)  (FAIL)


Ammiano	Arambula	Bass	Beall
Blumenfield	Brownley	Davis	De Leon
Eng	Feuer	Fong	Fuentes
Furutani	Gatto	Hall	Hayashi
Hernandez	Hill	Huffman	Jones
Lieu	Bonnie Lowenthal	Nava	Portantino
Ruskin	Solorio	Torlakson	John A. Perez


Adams	Anderson	Bill Berryhill	Tom Berryhill
Block	Buchanan	Caballero	Charles Calderon
Chesbro	Conway	Coto	DeVore
Evans	Fletcher	Fuller	Gaines
Galgiani	Garrick	Gilmore	Hagman
Harkey	Huber	Jeffries	Knight
Logue	Miller	Nestande	Niello
Nielsen	Norby	V. Manuel Perez	Salas
Silva	Smyth	Swanson	Torres
Torrico	Tran	Villines	Yamada


Bradford	Carter	Cook	De La Torre
Ma	Mendoza	Monning	Saldana
Skinner	Audra Strickland	Vacancy	Vacancy

SB 250 previously passed the Senate with "yes" votes from LB-area Senators Alan Lowenthal (D, LB-Paramount), Jenny Oropeza (D, LB-soutbay) and Rod Wright (D, PV-LB-Inglewood).

SB 250 would have required owners of unlicensed dogs to spay/neuter their canine if impounded, and forbids owners of cats from letting their unsterilized felines roam. Licensed dogs wouldn't have been affected by the measure unless the owner was repeatedly cited for animal control violations. The bill also included exceptions added for specific situations (full bill text below).

SB 250 was supported by a number of animal advocacy groups seeking to reduce euthanasias with spay and neuter programs, including Friends of Long Beach Animals, and by a number of government entities and animal shelter operations, including the City of Long Beach.

SB 250 was opposed by the American Kennel Club, breeder interests and dog and cat show aficionados and other animal owners who for various reasons want their animal to remain intact.

To view SB 250's text that was defeated, click here.

A May 2009 legislative analysis listed supporters and opponents when a Senate committee took up SB250. Below are its listed supporters and opponents as of that date and time:


          Social Compassion in Legislation (sponsor)
          A Dog's Life Rescue
          A New Hope Animal Foundation
          A Passion for Paws Rescue, Inc.
          All Creatures Animal Caring Society
          American Tortoise Rescue
          Angeldogs Foundation
          Animal Advocates Alliance
          Animal Alliance
          Animal Birth Control Assistance
          Animal Legal Defense Fund
          Animal Shelter Assistance Program
          Animal Shelter Relief Rescue
          Animal Welfare Services for Atwater Village
          Arf!  We Go Pet Care
          Bark Avenue Foundation
          Basset Hound Rescue
          Bay Area Bird Hospital
          Bellflower Veterinary Hospital
          Beverly Hills Police Department
          Bichon Furkids Rescue
          California Federation for Animal Legislation
          Canine Canyon Ranch
          Cat Cause Foundation
          Cats at the Studio
          Cats in Need
          Central Valley Seekers
          Chief of Police Richard J. Ehle, Jr., City of Capitola
          City Attorney Rockard J. Delgadillo, City of Los Angeles
          City of Bell Gardens
          City of Fresno
          City of Hayward Shelter Volunteers
          City of Huntington Park
          City of Lathrop, Animal Services Department
          City of Long Beach Animal Care Services
          City of Palm Desert
          City of Richmond Police Department
          City of Vallejo
          City of Santa Rosa
          City of Stockton Animal Control
          City of West Hollywood
          Community Concern for Cats in Contra Costa County
          Contra Costa Animal Services - Volunteer
          County of Lake, Department of Animal Care & Control
          Delta Paws Animal Rescue
          Dog Land Spay and Neuter
          Dogs Run Free of Nevada County

          East Bay Animal Advocates
          Feral Cat Coalition
          Fieldhaven Feline Rescue
          Foundation for the Care of Indigent Animals
          Friends of Auburn/Tahoe Vista, Placer County Animal Shelter
          Friends of Long Beach Animals
          Friends of Madera Animal Shelter
          Furry Friends Rescue
          Genesis Digital Art Studios
          Golden State Humane Society
          Happy Critters Guinea Pig Rescue
          Happy Tails Pet Sanctuary
          Haven of Hope Animal Sanctuary
          Hayward Animal Services
          Helping out Pets Everyday
          Hits Magazine
          Home at Last Animal Rescue
          Husky Haven of LA
          IAG Coffee Franchise, LLC
          In Defense of Animals
          It's the Pits Rescue
          LA Yoga Ayurveda and Health Magazine
          Lake Balboa Neighborhood Council
          Lancaster Animal Shelter
          League of Humane Voters
          Long Beach Spay & Neuter Foundation
          Madera County Animal Services
          Mayor Antonio R. Villaraigosa, City of Los Angeles
          Mayor Keith Bohr, City of Huntington Beach
          Mayor Maggie Houlihan, City of Encinitas
          Norcal Boxer Rescue
          North Bay Animal Advocates
          North Coast Animal Welfare Advocacy Center
          Northern California Animal Rescue Friends
          OCPoundhounds Small Breed Rescue
          Pacific Yoga and Ayurveda
          Pact, Inc.
          PAL Humane Society
          Paw Parent
          People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals
          Pet Rescue Center
          Pet Sitters I.N.C.
          Pet Welfare Proposition
          Pets Lifeline, Inc.
          Photo Research
          Poinsie Pets
          Pomeranian Rescue Group
          Pooses & Pups Rescue
          Positive Pet Parenting Saves Lives
          Producers Guild of America
          Propp Productions
          Purrfect Partners Cat Adoptions
          Re/Max Elite Team
          Resqcats, Inc.
          Resqpet Dog Rescue
          Rosedale Animal Rescue
          Safe Cat Foundation
          Samson PR
          San Diego Animal Support Foundation
          San Diego House Rabbit Society
          Santa Cruz SPCA
          Save a Dog Today
          Save Tehachapi's Orphaned Pets
          Scooter's Pals
          Seal Beach Animal Care Center
          Seaside Realty
          Second Chance Pet Adoptions
          Self, Family and Furry Friends Rescue
          Senior Citizens for Humane Legislation and Education
          Sequoia Humane Society
          Shelter Animal Advocacy Fund, LA
          Shelter Pet Alliance
          Silicon Valley Animal Control Authority
          South County Animal Shelter Coalition
          Southern California Golden Retriever Rescue
          Southland Collie Rescue
          Southwest Homes and Land
          Stockton Police Department
          Tails of the City
          Take Me Home
          The Catherine Fund
          The Dog Squad Rescue, Inc.
          The Pet Care Foundation
          The Pet Place
          The Reva Foundation
          The Uncommon Canine, Inc.
          Tooth Fairy Pet Care
          UCLA People Animal Connection
          United Action For Animals
          Village Cat Club of Laguna Woods
          Voice For the Animals Foundation
          Weil Public Relations
          Western University Vets for Spay and Neuter
          What Animals Tell Us
          Windansea Law
          Yogafit Inc.


          Alaskan Malamute Club of America
          American Herding Breed Association
          American Saluki Association
          American Shih Tzu Club, Inc.
          American Sighthound Field Association
          Bloodhounds West Breed Rescue, Inc., Northern Chapter
          Butte County Kennel Club, Inc.
          California Airedale Terrier Club Incorporated
          California Animal Control Directors Association
          California Cattlemen's Association
          California Chamber of Commerce
          California Farm Bureau Federation
          California Outdoor Heritage Alliance
          Concerned Dog Owners of California
          Dog Judges Association of America
          Gold Country English Setter Fanciers
          Golden Retriever Club
          Golden Retriever Club of Greater Los Angeles
          Miniature Schnauzer Club of Northern California
          Northern California Siberian Husky Club, Inc.
          Peninsula Australian Shepherd Association
          Poodle Club of Central California
          Saluki Club of America
          San Angeles Saluki Club, Inc.
          Social Compassion League
          Southern California Alaskan Malamute Club
          Tally Ho Dawg Walkin' Club
          The Animal Council
          The Roseville Dog Owners' Group
          The Staffordshire Bull Terrier Club of America
          Ventura County Dog Fanciers Association
          West Highland White Terrier Club of California
          West Los Angeles Obedience Training Club, Inc.
          Yorkshire Terrier Club of America, Inc.
          Yosemite Kennel Club

The American Kennel Club remained strongly opposed. In a mass emailing on Aug. 19, 2010 the AKC's Government Relations Office stated in pertinent part:

...Amendments have been adopted, but they only modify the appeals process and do not alter our fundamental opposition to this legislation...

While the AKC strongly encourages all dog owners to abide the animal control laws and to be responsible owners, Senate Bill 250 is unreasonable. Two animal control violations may occur years apart and therefore not accurately reflect the true nature of the dog or the responsibility of the owner. Mandatory sterilization in these cases is an extreme punishment. Furthermore, the owner could be denied from ever owning an intact animal again...

This legislation will not improve the lives of cats and dogs, will negatively impact responsible owners and breeders. Additionally, by placing additional burdens on owners of intact animals, this measure may lead to an increase of animals in shelters. Concentrating animal control efforts on dogs whose behavior demonstrates that they are a problem for the community, regardless of their reproductive status, would be a much better use of taxpayer funds.

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