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Advisory: Thanksgiving Holiday City Closures And Related Info

Advisory: USDA Offers These Food Safety Tips For Cooking Thanksgiving Turkey will maintain our coverage for you during the holiday period.

New / Follow-Up / AUDIO: LBCC Admin. Quietly Provides List of Previously Non-Itemized Expenditures Under $25k Persistently Pursued By Trustee Sunny Zia
Sup't-Pres. Oakley Says A New Electronic Board Agenda Mgm't System With Greater Access To Details Has Been Discussed For Over A Year And Will Be Rolled Out January; Board VP Otto Seeks Study Session On Practices And Implementation Costs
New: LBPD Arrests, DA Charges Two Suspects, Alleges NLB Murder + Five Counts NLB Shootings/Attempted Murder + Gang Enhancements + Weapons + Drug Charges
New: City Mgm't Seeks Council OK For These Parking Meter Rate Hikes To Cover Costs Of New "Smart Meters," Schedules Council Votes On Meter Contract And Meter Rate Increases Dec. 2


New / Security Tip of the Week: VIDEO: Valuables in Plain View
by Matt Fleischmann
Mr. Fleischmann owns/operates Diversified Threat Management, a private security firm offering security assessments, patrols and security services to neighborhood groups, business groups and Business Improvement Districts

Did Two San Bernardino Children Die In Fire Because Their Bankrupt City's Council Did What Long Beach Councilmembers Are Doing Right Now: Leaving Fire Stns Without Fire Engines?
by Daryl Supernaw *
* Mr. Supernaw was the runoff candidate in the June 2012 4th Council district election.

Midnight Hour Sunday: Potential Explosive Situation Averted: Vehicle Crashes Into Garage, Area 10th St/Gladys, Damages Gas Main, Triggers Gas Leak; LBPD Evacuates Nearby Area; LBFD Shuts Off Gas/Electricity; LB Gas & Bldg Inspectors Respond; 34 Yr Old LB Man Arrested On Suspicion Of DUI/Driving With Suspended License
LB Water Dept. Cuts Allowed Landscape Watering Days To Only Mondays And Thursdays
LBPD Arrests, D.A. Charges, This Alleged Sexual Assault Suspect (And Parolee)...And LBPD Wants To Know If There Are Add'l Victims

Coroner Identifies Decedent, LBPD Releases This Info re (Nov. 21) Wrigley Area Officer-Involved Shooting; Suspect (Alleged Knife-Armed Male Adult) Is Killed, Officer And Female Juvenile Uninjured; UPDATE: Decedent Is 18 Yr Old From LB
Motorcyclist Is Killed Entering Southbound 405 Fwy At Willow St., Strikes Entry Median, Is Ejected
Assistance League's GLITZ Holiday Sale Is On NOW (Sat AND Sun) On Trendy Retro Row (2100 E. 4th St. just east of Cherry); See Pix

Cong. Alan Lowenthal Issues This Statement re Pres. Obama's Executive Orders On Immigration
Text of Pres. Barack Obama's Televised Address re His Executive Orders On Immigration
ON-DEMAND VIDEO: See/Hear Dueling Testimony By LB Fire Chief DuRee And LB Firefighters Ass'n Pres. Pritchard After LB Data Show Less Expensive Paramedic System Didn't Meet County Agency's Rule Requiring Second Arriving Paramedic w/in 3 Mins Of First Paramedic 95% Of Time
  • Chief DuRee says County agency rule requiring 2nd paramedic to arrive w/in 3 mins of 1st unit 95% of time is arbitrary, not backed by empirical data...and new system has delivered 1st arriving paramedic faster than previously; LBFFA Pres. Pritchard says City "trying to move the goal post" in trying to change the rule
  • Chief DuRee tells Commission faster first arriving paramedic can begin patient assessment faster; Pritchard tells two paramedics are legally required, and first arriving paramedic must wait, to administer controlled drugs ("full scope" of services.)
  • A Comm'n member now evaluating 32 patient data points indicates no adverse outcomes to date
    City Mgr. Chooses Shreveport, Louisiana Regional Airport Director Bryant Francis As New Director Of LGB

    City of LB released photo
    Diver Works To Assist Belmont Shore's "Octopuses' Garden"; See Underwater "Littleville" And Mother Octopi
    by Joe Segura
    Special to

    Former 7th Dist. Councilman, Two-Time Mayoral Candidate Ray Grabinski, Sic Transit

    Extended VIDEO: See/Hear SCAQMD Town Meeting Re Repeated LB-Area Odors; Agency Says It Treats Odor Incidents Seriously, Encourages Residents To Report Incidents In Real Time Via Phone And Online, Hears Public Testimony, Incl. Belmont Hts. Area Resident Who Poses Pointed Questions and Seeks Answers And Remedies
    Council Action On Lowenthal-Price-Mungo Proposal Seeking Draft Ordinance Requiring Dog Owners to Spay/Neuter Their Pets (Unless Medical Exclusion Or Breeding Permit) AND Would Forbid Sale Of Dogs, Cats or Rabbits In Any Store Unless Animals Obtained From City Shelter, Humane Society or Non-Profit (Or Bred On Premises With Breeding Permit)
    Council Action Erasing Parts of LB's Campaign Reform Act; Will Let LB Candidates & Incumbents Divert Their Campaign Funds To Other Candidates For Local, State and Federal Offices, Removes LB Req't (Tougher Than Sac'to) To Obtain Contributors' Names/Occupations Before Depositing Their Contribs
    -- Councilwoman Gonzalez calls current req'ts "antiquated," says changes will "make it a lot easier for us" and bring us "up to par."
    With Perspective: Redondo/Hill Crash: 5 Vehicles, 11 Patients, 1 Suspected Hit/Run Driver
    Incident likely stressed LB's Mayor/Council thinned firefighting resources
    Governor Picks LBCC's Oakley & Former Assembly Spkr/Dem Caucus Leader Perez For UC Bd of Regents; Action Comes As UC Admin Seeks Tuition Increase Blasted by Governor, Other Pols & Students
    Details / Perspective: Columbia University Master of Science Thesis Says Long Beach Could Retrofit City Hall For Estimated $30 Million; It's Second Retrofit Cost Figure Significantly Lower Than City Mgm't Estimated Cost Figure Given To Council And Taxpayers

    Retrofit showing connections across outer columns. Exhibit from thesis
    Security Tip of the Week: VIDEO: ATM Safety
    Subsequent coverage above
    SCAQMD Schedules "Mystery Stink" Town Hall Meeting Tues. Nov. 18, 6 p.m., Golden Sails Hotel In Long Beach
    Subsequent coverage above
    LBFD Data Shows Reduced-Cost Paramedic System Didn't Deliver Second Promised/Required Paramedic 95% of Time From Outset (July / August) As County Test Requires; County Agency Has Sought Improvement Plan; LBFD Mgm't Has Provided This Response
    VIDEO: "Up Your Game" Benefit/Dedication/Music Held At Long Beach's "Flying Morrison" Mural

    Victim Critical After He's Stabbed, Area PCH/Myrtle, Gang Detectives On-Scene

    Reward Offered Re Fatal Hit/Run (Spring St./East of Studebaker Rd.) That Killed Danny Gomez

    Mr. Gomez in photo released by LBPD

    "Up Your Game" Benefit/Dedication/Musical Performances For Long Beach's "Flying Morrison" Mural On One Year Anniversary; Will Webcast Event LIVE
    by Joe Mello Community Correspondent

    Video via technical facilities of

    Perspective / Amnesia File: As CSU Trustees Meet LB To Mull Pay Raises For Administrators, Recalls Actions That Invited Pension Spike For CSULB's Immediate Past Interim President
  • Perspective / Viewpoints

    New / Opinion: Fifth in a Series: Memo to Councilmembers, cc'd to Taxpayers, re the Civic Center Proposal
    by Terry Jensen

    Amnesia File / Opinion: Jensen (Dec. 2011): Public Officials Shrugging Public Costs Of Project Labor Agreements

    New: Special "Common Sense" Series by Terry Jensen

    New / Opinion: Fourth in a Series: How Council Is Asked To Squander MILLIONS Annually In Civic Center Deal

    Opinion: Third In A Series: Civic Center: An Open Letter to Councilmember Stacy Mungo and 5th District Residents (And Anyone Who Cares About Long Beach)
    Opinion: Second in a Series: Civic Center: "A Once in a Lifetime Opportunity" OR "Just Another Stupid And Expensive Idea"?
    Opinion: First in a Series: Civic Center: "A Once in a Lifetime Opportunity" Or The Biggest Boondoggle in Long Beach History?

    Editorial: Council Study Session Should Welcome, Not Throttle, Thoughtful Financial Concerns And Constructive Civic Center Options On The Merits
    Editorial: Mayor/Council Should Respect The Public By Respecting Its Rules On Council Meeting Start Time (Updated Text)
    Subsequent development here: Action Editorial:
    How To Take Action On Long Beach's Latest "Mystery Stink"

    Vincenzo Cristiano and the Best Dish Washer Nino's Ever Had
    by Terry Jesen

    Editorial: A Poor Call On A Contagious Virus on Long Beach
    Perspective: When LBPD Crime Stats Don't Match Community's Experience
    Editorial: Do You Want This (A Continuing Series): Councilmembers Gonzalez, Uranga, Mungo Propose These Changes To LB Political Contribution Laws:
  • More Than Double (Councilmembers) Or Triple (Citywide Pols) Allowable Contributed "Officeholder" Slush Fund Totals
  • Allow Now-Banned Transfers Of Campaign Contribs To Other Politicians' Campaigns
  • Consider Creating "Legal Defense Fund"
    Ha! (New Periodic Feature): Council Vote Makes 7th dist. Budget Meeting Mockery...So Meeting Morphs

    Opinion: Let Them Drive Teslas
    By Jon Coupal
    President, Howard Jarvis Taxpayers Ass'n

    Opinion: Here's A List of Top Reasons Why Park Patrol Program Doesn't Work
    by Claudia Schou *
    Ms. Schou is a Bluff Park resident and advocate for public safety at city parks

    Editorial: City Mgm't Memo On Park Ranger Pgm Materializes At Midmorning, See It Here: [Previous] In the Dark: Here's What Public Sees Saw On Restoring Park Rangers



    Opinion: What Fire Chief Says Isn't What I'm Hearing About "Monomedic" Paramedic System
    by Les Robbins
    Mr. Robbins represented LB's 5th Council district from 1988-1998. Photo above by Mr. Robbins

    Editorial: A Potential Ray Of Hope On Public Safety
    Editorial: Past Precedent, Present Excuses And Public Safety
    Opinion: New Council Needs To Do Its Homework, Ask Tough Questions And Repair Damages Done To Long Beach's Fire And Paramedic Service

    by Les Robbins
    Mr. Robbins represented LB's 5th Council district from 1988-1998. Photo above by Mr. Robbins

    Opinion: Mayor and Council Records Shouldn't Be Destroyed
    By Retired Councilwoman Gerrie Schipske

    Editorial: Wear This At Tues (Aug. 5) "Nat'l Nite Out" (These Locations)
    Editorial: Wear This At Upcoming Events And Send A Worthy Message
    Editorial: Don't Resuscitate Deceased Economic Development Bureau(crats)
    Editorial: Respecting Diversity
    Editorial: Transparency, Disclosure Deserved For Inaugural Dollars
    Editorial: More Trees ≠ More Cops
    Opinion/Perspective: Mayor Bob Foster In Balance: Espoused Sensible Principles But In Our View Left Long Beach Worse Than He Found It In Key Areas; New Council Majority Should Reject Notion That Long Beach Can't Deliver Taxpayer Services At Levels Other Cities Do
    Editorial: An "Inaugural" Fit For Kings
    Editorial: Check/Balance Civics Lesson From Stymied Mayoral Attempt To Usurp Council Power
    Editorial: How To Pay For A World Class Belmont Plaza Pool
    Editorial: Inviting Uncontrollable Impacts At LB Airport
    Opinion: City Mgm't Position On Civic Center Rebuild Understates Future Taxpayer Costs, Gives No Basis For Current Claimed Costs, Fails To Offer Obvious Alternative, Unwisely Rushes Council Decision With Long-Term Public Consequences
    by Retired City Attorney Jim McCabe
    Includes city management response
    Editorial: Unfinished Business
    Opinion: The Election: How To Spend Big And Lose Big
    Editorial: Unaffordable
    Opinion: Irrational Decision Making Merits No Vote From Me
    by Joe Weinstein, Ph.D.

    The Night Long Beach Ran Out of Cops: Are You Better Off Now Than You Were Eight Years Ago?
    Opinion: What Is City Mgm't Trying To Hide From Council And Taxpayers On New Civic Center, And Why Are They Hiding It?
    Common Sense by Terry Jensen

    With Perspective: "For Garcia and Johnson, Leadership's Limit Is the 5th District Border"
    by Dave Wielenga,
    Opinion: Double Standard Accepts Defeat As Victory
    Common Sense by Terry Jensen

    Editorial: Latest On Lemming Run Toward Taj Mahal Civic Center: $450,000 (60% Of What's Likely Needed) Proposed On Council "Consent Calendar" For Outside Lawyers
    What LB Schools Should Do When We Get Fire Fallout
    Editorial: LB Municipal Code Says Councilmembers Shouldn't Just Vanish On Pesky Votes But Mayors Let Them Do It...And Shouldn't
    Editorial: Real Persons Here, Non-Persons Elsewhere

    Editorial: Making A Mayoral Mockery Of Public Safety
    Flashback: Editorial, Nov. 2011: "Would You Want To Live There?"
    Editorial: Council Should Say NO Tonight To Looting $2.6 Million In Pothole, Street, Sidewalk And Infrastructure Funds to Pay For This; We Propose Alternatives
    UPDATE: Council action: Passes 8-0 (Schipske absent) No questions or comments from Councilmembers regarding the use of infrastructure funds for the item.
    UPDATED / Perspective: Fed Up With "Political Graffiti?" We Invite Campaigns And Independent Committees Either To Claim The Signs We Show Here Are Lawful/Consensual Or Remove Them

    This "political graffiti" spotted in Los Altos. Email us your pix to:
    Editorial: The Election

  • CHILL IS COMING...Is your heater operating properly? Call LB-based Charlie McGrail and stay toasty warm!

    Carter Wood Floors
    Hardwood Floor Specialists
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    WX Radar from NOAA
    7-Day Forecasts: Shore Lakewood & Marine LGB Details

    Weather Details
  • Latest LB Area Weather Forecast
  • Latest Marine Forecast
  • Multiple Detailed Conditions @ LB Airport) (1)
  • Weather Data @ LB Airport (2)
  • Live Radar & Satellite & Weather Details
  • Latest Data @ Regional Monitoring Stns. & Map
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  • Council District Map
  • How To Recall a LB Elected Official
  • Email Your Council Member
  • LB Schools
  • Crime Data
  • Beverly O'Neill Administration
  • Perspective / Opinion: The Mythological Mayor: Beverly O'Neill In Balance
  • Transcript Excerpts of Historic Feb. 13, 2001 City Council Vote on QW Bay "Pike" Development
  • How ELB Traffic Project Was Canceled And $1,000,000 Diverted For Downtown Walkway; Other Projects At Traffic Circle & Iron Triangle Not Delivered As Promised
  • 2003: Independent Consultant Says City Hall "Has Created A False Impression Of Solvency"
  • Deputy City Auditor Report Shows LB Convention & Entertainment Center Operations Cost LB Taxpayers $2.5 Million in FY 2000, $3.0 Million in FY 99; Cumulative operating losses since 1978 opening exceed $60 million; City Auditor Burroughs' Recommended Action: "Receive and File"
  • Video Shows Councilman Garcia Typing, Texting, Seemingly Not Focused On Testimony During Residents' Quasi-Judicial Appeal of City's Planned Handling Of Toxic Contaminated Colorado Lagoon Soil
  • What Some Councilmembers Did While Taxpayers Testified On Toxics

  • Interactive Map: AQMD Multiple Airborne Toxics Exposure Study (MATES III)
    Mates3 broad

    Archival Access: Hear What Council Was Told In 1995 About Aquarium Paying Its Bond Debt Without Taxpayer Bailout
    Study Says Areas Including Downtown LB, Belmont Shore, Los Altos, Bixby Knolls At Estimated Heightened Cancer Risk From Port Operations

    "Draft Estimated Diesel PM [particulate matter] Cancer Risk From POLA and POLB" cited in Diesel Particulate Matter Exposure Assessment Study for the Ports of Los Angeles and Long Beach, p. 8
    24 Hrs. in LB Air: Bixby Knolls AQMD Monitor, Dec. 2003. Details, click photo
    AQMD Air Monitor in LB, Dec. 2003
    2005: Scientists @ LB Conference Say Air Pollution in L.A.-LB Region is High Enough to Cause Illness and Deaths; Economist Says Ports Receive Subsidies That Invite More Growth
    RecentlyAbout a week or two agoAbout two-four weeks ago
    As Webcast by us LIVE, and NOW with VIDEO ON-DEMAND: See and Hear It: Seven Councilmembers (Andrews And O'Donnell Absent) Attend First -- And To Date Only -- Study Session On Financial Details Of Complex Proposed Civic Center Transaction; Mayor Garcia Indicates -- Without Council Objection -- That Decisional Vote Could Now Come Within Weeks
    Council To Vote On Changing LB's Voter-Enacted Campaign Reform Act To Let Candidates Divert Their Campaign Funds To Any Other Candidate For Federal, State, Local Races And Remove Tougher-Than-Sac'to Req't To Disclose Contributors' Names/Occupations
    Negotiate Citywide "Project Labor Agreement" Applied To All Public Works (Taxpayer Paid) Contracts (Over $500k + Specialty Contracts Over $25 Mil)? Councilmembers Gonzalez, Uranga and Austin Add This To Council Agenda For Nov. 11 Vote
    Council vote: 8-0: Also on Nov. 11 Council agenda: Councilmembers O'Donnell, Austin and Uranga agendize: "Request the City Manager to schedule an Airport Noise Ordinance Study Session to educate the entire council as to the history, importance, and background on this vulnerable protection for our community. Said Study Session shall include but not be limited to city management, city prosecutor, and city attorney staff. Community stakeholder input should be accommodated as well. This meeting shall be scheduled/conducted within the next 45 days." For full agendizing memo, click here.
    New / Security Tip of the Week: VIDEO: Simple Graffiti Prevention
    City Mgr. West Chooses Deputy Chief Luna As Long Beach's New Police Chief

    ON-DEMAND VIDEO: See / Hear It: 18th Annual Long Beach Veterans Day Parade

    Our VIDEO ON-DEMAND for this special event is made possible by the Signal Tribune, providing weekly community news, independent and proudly in print AND online serving the Long Beach communities of Bixby Knolls, California Heights, Wrigley, Virginia Country Club and the City of Signal Hill. Click here most recent edition online
    F18s To Conduct Training Ops at LB Airport, Nov. 7 Thru Nov. 12
    VIDEO COVERAGE: Lakewood 28, Millikan 14 In ELB Rivalry Ending Regular Season Varsity Football
    VIDEO coverage is made possible by CIRIVELLO'S, 4115 N. Viking Way in ELB:

    Since 1965, CIRIVELLO's has been a community focused, family-owned with a new family and the same great concept! Stop by after the game or anytime for great food and beverages. 4115 N. Viking Way (near Bellflower/Carson). Click HERE for info from their website

    VIDEO of this event is provided through the facilities of

    LBPD Displays Evidence Found At Alleged Clandestine Drug Lab, Including Several Large Drum Containers of PCP; Two Individuals Arrested

    LBPD released photo
    Assistance League's Holiday Gift Boutique Is On Now, Offering Shoppers Unique, Creative Holiday Gifts And Helps Support Group's Philanthropic Programs

    4th District 2012 Run-Off Finisher Daryl Supernaw On Whether He'll Seek Council Seat O'Donnell Vacated For Assembly

    City Clerk Estimates Cost For Special Election To Fill 4th Council District Seat Vacated Nearly Two Years Early By Now Assemblyman-Elect Patrick O'Donnell = $160,000-$180,000
    VIDEO: See/ Hear It: Trustees, Tempers, Transparency: LBCC's Zia Rankles Colleagues In Comments Declining To Join Routine Approval Of Spending Items Under $25k (Totaling $1+ Mil) Without Seeing What They Are
    Nov 4 Elections Set Stage For Further Changes
  • Councilman O'Donnell Exit to Sac'to Means 4th dist. Voters Will Choose New Councilmember In Early 2015
  • State Senator-elect Nguyen Will Rep SE LB In New District, Her Election Prevents Sac'to Senate Dem Supermajority
  • LBPD Chief McDonnell Elected LA County Sheriff And LB City Mgr. Will Choose New Chief From Among LBPD Command Staff
  • LB Water Board Appointee John Allen Is Elected To Water Replenishment District
    SWAT Resolves South Wrigley Police Standoff, Takes Suspect Into Custody, Area PCH/Daisy Ave.

    Photo via Andre Sabatucci

    Coroner Identifies Decedent; LBPD Issues Release On Nov. 1 Officer-Involved Shooting (300 block Cherry Ave.; Says Unexplained Dispute Between Long-Time Neighbors Preceded Officer-Involved Shooting Of Alleged Knife-Wielding, Crowbar Wielding Neighbor/Suspect
    Officers Learn After Shooting That Suspect Allegedly Tried To Force His Way Into Neighbors' Residence, Entered As They Fled And Killed Neighbors' Dog, Attempted Other Vandalism; PD Recovers Knife
    Details / Perspective: See Sac'to Lawmakers Who Voted For And Against Governor Brown's AB 109 Budget "Realignment" (2011) That Sends More Prisoners To Counties Where Sheriffs May Release Them Early And Sometimes Without Any Jail Time
  • Latest example is former State Senator Wright, sentenced to 90 jail days for felony voter fraud and perjury [appealing his convictions.] His 2011 Senate vote helped enact AB 109 whose County effects ironically let him avoid 2014 jail time
  • Long Beach Police Chief McDonnell, likely next L.A. County Sheriff, says AB 109 has been a factor in increased Long Beach residential burglaries and property crimes
    Follow-Up / Opinion: Long Beach City Prosecutor Haubert Says Sentenced State Senator Walking On Felony Jail Time Shows Dysfunctional Corrections System: "New Norm In L.A. County Is 90-Day Sentence Doesn't Even Mean 90 Minutes...And It's Happening For Criminals Convicted of Vehicular Manslaughter, Vandalism, Battery, Theft And Other Misdemeanors"
    Haubert says people have a right to be outraged...and next L.A. County Sheriff, Jim McDonnell, has a big job ahead
    Former State Senator Rod Wright, Now A Convicted Felon (Voter Fraud/Perjury) Appealing His Convictions, Reports To Jail, Is Booked...And Promptly Released
  • Man Is Fatally Stabbed, 200 block E. 68th St. (NW LB), PD Says It's NOT Believed Gang-Related

    LBPD Arrests Woman They Say Is Mother Of Two Toddlers Found Alone On North Long Beach Street
    See SEADIP (SE LB Zoning) Consultant-Prepared Four Development Scenarios; Conceptual Options Presented To Advisory Committee For Discussion Include Potential Height And Density Increases
    by Joe Mello, Community Correspondent
    Follow-Up: "Stayin' Alive Long Beach" Response As LB Animal Shelter Manager Ted Stevens Announces Hiring "Adoption Rehoming Coordinator" & Mayor Garcia/Mgr. Stevens Agree To Visit Sac'to Animal Shelter
    Subsequent coverage above:
    LB Animal Shelter Director Rearranges His Council-Allotted Budget To Add A New Position: "Adoption Rehoming Coordinator"
    At Public Meeting, Mayor Garcia Says It's Really Important To Him And Council To Reduce City Shelter's Euthanasia Rate, Thanks Others For Their Current Work But Doesn't Offer Independent Animal Shelter Initiatives Of His Own, Makes No Commitment On "No Kill Equation," Says He'll Visit Sac'to Shelter During Legislative Visits

    Subsequent coverage above:
    SEADIP (SE LB Zoning Update) Community Advisory Committee To Present Prototypes And Analyses Of Alternatives At Public Meeting: Oct. 29, 6 p.m., Golden Sails Hotel
    by Joe Mello, Community Correspondent

    Current SEADIP zoning; map source: City of Long Beach
    City Mgr. Says He'll Choose LB's New Police Chief From Among Current LB Deputy Chiefs and Commanders...And Expects To Announce A Decision By Mid-November
    City Staff Hasn't Appraised Former Courthouse Land, Ocean Blvd/Magnolia, It Wants Council To Convey To A Private Civic Center Developer/Operator, Will Let Proposed Developer/Operators Value It To Suit Their Desired Uses/Densities And "Bridge Any Financial Gaps" Between City Payments And Developer/Operator Costs
    Did You See it? Long Beach (And L.A.-OC) Got Clear View Of Int'l Space Station Nearly Directly Overhead Early Evening Monday (Oct. 27)

    Image via

    Former Mayor Bob ("You Don't See My Name On It") Foster Quietly Files DBA, Hasn't Yet Begun To Transact Business Under Fictitious Name Of, "Prometheus Advisors"
    LB Ministers Alliance Announces Weekly Night Walks In Effort To "Curb Crime In Neighborhoods And Build Community Strength"
    Sat Nite Downtown Hit/Run, Ocean @ Linden; Pedestrian In Critical Condition; Suspect Driver Found/Arrested On Northbound 710 After Single Vehicle Collision @ Willow St.
    City Prosecutor Doug Haubert Files Case Stemming From Alleged Sexual Battery Of A Nine Year Old While Inside A Long Beach Business
    City Manager Taps Tom Modica For Ass't City Mgr; Choice Will Come To Council Nov. 11
    How Did Mayor Garcia Get So Many Chances To Choose New City Commissioners?
    LBPD Detectives Pursue Tip, Locate & Arrest Suspect In Jan. '14 Sexual Assault (LB Blvd/15th St.)...And DA Files Eight Felony Counts
    Ha! (A Continuing Series): Hear It: In Major Market Broadcast Ads, Gov. Brown Mangles Name of Long Beach-OC State Senate Candidate He Calls One Of His "Closest Allies"

    Long Beach Man Charged With Murder During Robbery/Carjacking of CSU Northridge Student
    An Appreciation: Vincenzo Cristiano -- In His Own Words

    Vincenzo Cristiano and the Best Dish Washer Nino's Ever Had
    by Terry Jensen

    "...I was a bit nervous as I walked through the front door and made my way past the booths and tables covered with red checked tablecloths and the enormous "Blue Grotto" picture on the North wall. I was on my way to the to the kitchen to check in with Vincenzo and Inge Cristiano for my first night as Nino's one and only night shift dish washer...:" MORE

    Sat Night Collision: Carson St. @ Palo Verde Ave.; LB Firefighters Use "Jaws of Life" For Extrication; Two Trauma Patients Taken To Hospital Double Drive-By Shooting, Area Atlantic/Artesia, Early Evening Thurs (Oct. 23); It's Second NLB Double-Shooting In Six Days

    Red Xs=2014 murders; Blue Xs=2014 shootings, person wounded; Brown Xs=shots fired at victim(s), not hit; Purple Xs=2014 shots at occupied residence/vehicle; Green Xs=shots at unoccupied vehicle/residence. Map accounts for shootings in NLB area only.
    Long Beach Pays Respects, Bids "Arrivederci," To Vincenzo Cristiano
    Carina Cristiano Returns Home Following Her Father's Funeral...And Finds Her ELB Home Burglarized
    LBPD Issues Release With Info; Woman Is Killed, Man Injured In Three-Vehicle Collision, Cherry Ave./33rd St.
    LBPD Has Suspect In Custody After A Man Is Stabbed Weds Afternoon (Oct. 22) In Downtown Long Beach (Area 5th St Just West of LB Blvd.)
    AUDIO: Council Votes 9-0 To Approve Three Garcia Planning Comm'n Appointees (UP RR Port-Affairs Rep, IBEW VP, South Bay Latino Chamber of Commerce CEO)
  • AUDIO: Mayor Garcia Blocks WLB Community Advocate From Asking City Att'y If Garcia's Appointees Have Possible Conflicts of Interest In Speculated Future Upzoning Of WLB SCE Land Related To BNSF-Sought Railyard; Garcia Claims Only He Can Ask City Att'y A Question (And Doesn't); Councilmembers Could Ask Question(s) But Don't
  • One Garcia Planning Comm'n Nominee (City of LA Planning Director) Application Is Pulled For Now As Lawyers Examine Possible Conflicts
    Second Lengthy, Still Secret, Council Session Re Choice of New Ass't City Mgr. And Job Performance of Current City Manager Runs To 1:48 a.m...With No Reportable Action
    Council OK's Belmont Shore Rebuild At Cost Now Estimated To Reach Nearly $104 Mil, Adds Nearly $5 Mil To Include Movable Floor, Diving Well + 600 More Seats
    Union Pacific RR Port-Affairs Rep, Proposed By Garcia For Planning Comm'n, Submitted Application Just Days Before Appointment Announced; See Portion of His Resume Text And UP RR's Campaign Contribution Recipients How Did Mayor Garcia Get So Many Chances To Choose New City Commissioners?
    LBPD Detectives Pursue Tip, Locate & Arrest Suspect In Jan. '14 Sexual Assault (LB Blvd/15th St.)...And DA Files Eight Felony Counts
    Ha! (A Continuing Series): Hear It: In Major Market Broadcast Ads, Gov. Brown Mangles Name of Long Beach-OC State Senate Candidate He Calls One Of His "Closest Allies"

    Long Beach Man Charged With Murder During Robbery/Carjacking of CSU Northridge Student
    An Appreciation: Vincenzo Cristiano -- In His Own Words

    Vincenzo Cristiano and the Best Dish Washer Nino's Ever Had
    by Terry Jensen

    "...I was a bit nervous as I walked through the front door and made my way past the booths and tables covered with red checked tablecloths and the enormous "Blue Grotto" picture on the North wall. I was on my way to the to the kitchen to check in with Vincenzo and Inge Cristiano for my first night as Nino's one and only night shift dish washer...:" MORE

    Sat Night Collision: Carson St. @ Palo Verde Ave.; LB Firefighters Use "Jaws of Life" For Extrication; Two Trauma Patients Taken To Hospital
    Three Firefighters Injured, A Dog Dies, Another Dog Injured, In Predawn Business Blaze, Area 4th/Bonito
    Fire was next to, but didn't affect, historic "Coffee Pot" building

    Photo by Cathy Franklin
    Saturday Fire That Sent Smoke Across 405 Fwy Left Three LB Firefighters Injured (Two With Second Degree Burns)
    Police Chief + Fire Chief + Public Works Director Implement "Emergency Action Plan" Given "Significant Public Safety Concerns" From Magnitude Of Planned SCE Power Outage Sat Nite-Sunday Morning; SCE Says Much Of Its Work Will Be In SE LB And Residents/Busines In Areas Affected Are Being Notified In Advance
    Two Men Shot While Driving Area Cherry Ave./South St. (Oct. 17)

    Sports / ON-DEMAND VIDEO As Seen LIVE: Big Turnovers On Both Sides -- Including 100 Yard Millikan Touchdown Run (See It) -- As Millikan Outscores Wilson, 48-27

    Wilson passes near goal line...

    ...and Millian intercepts for 100 yard touchdown run

    VIDEO COVERAGE is made possible in part by Cirivello's! Since 1965, Cirivello's has been a community focused, family-owned restaurant. Click here for info. Your friends are at Cirivello's, 4115 Viking Way (near Bellflower/Carson.)

    AND click here to support Millikan High at where you can choose from multiple items in the Millikan High WebStore. Great gifts for the coming holidays!
    See Details On Dueling Civic Center Developer Operators, Would Cut Main Public Library Size, Put Hotel, Commercial, Residential On What's Now Public Land + Possible Inclusion Of Port HQ
    Foul Odor Follow-Up: SCAQMD Exec. Officer Emails This Reply After Readers Respond To "Action Editorial"; We Publish Dr. Wallerstein's Reply In Full
    Subsequent coverage above:
    Arrangements for Vincenzo Cristiano -- Family Patriarch And Founder of Nino's In Bixby Knolls
    As Seen LIVE: Oct. 14 "Study Session" On Proposed New Civic Center Lets Two Remaining Competing Developer/Operators Present Artist Renderings & Videos Without Financial Details; Mayor Garcia Promises Details Oct. 15; DLBA, Downtown Residents Praise Proposals; Retired Councilwoman Gabelich and Retired Deputy City Attorney McCabe Urge Caution, Seek Add'l Info
    Ralph's at "Iron Triangle" (PCH/Bellflower/7th) Will Close Nov. 8
    by Joe Segura
    Special to

    Sic Transit: Vincenzo Cristiano -- Family Patriarch And Founder of Nino's In Bixby Knolls -- Has Passed Away; Words Today Are From His Daughter Carina

    Source: Carina Cristiano Facebook page
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