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RELIEF! THURSDAY Nat'l Weather Service forecast highs range from 79 in shoreline 90802 to 85 in ELB's inland 90808.
New / Perspective: When LBPD Crime Stats Don't Match Community's Experience
New: Friends of Danny Gomez (Killed By Hit/Run Driver After Leaving El Dorado Park Skate Park, Trying To Cross At Karen Ave. Without Crosswalk) Ask Council To Post Reward; Council Offers Kind Words But No Reward At This Point
New: Long Beach Reports Over Twice The Number of Mosquito-Borne West Nile Virus Cases This Year As In All of 2013; City Urges These Precautions


New / ShoreLines: Former Journalist Bill Hillburg Plans Return To LB After DC Retirement; (2) Might Naples Seawall Work Temporarily Sideline Gondolas?

by Joe Segura
Special to

Two People -- A Man And A Woman -- Shot In Wrigley, 100 block E. Eagle St. (East of Pine, South of Burnett)

Seen At Scene of Fatal Hit/Run Spring St. Just East of Studebaker: Heartfelt Grassroots Shrine...And Graffiti

77 Yr Old Lakewood Driver On 405 Dies After Losing Control, Impacting Fwy Curb And Striking A Truck's Trailer, Sending His Car Off Fwy And Landing Upside Down In Shrubbery/Trees Along Willow St; His Passenger, a 71 Yr Old Lakewood Woman, Survives
UPDATE: State Sen. Rod Wright Resigns From State Senate
[Previously] How Long Will Eight Felony/Jury Convicted/Judge Sentenced/Appeal Pending State Senator Rod Wright Remain "On Leave" And Collect His $95k Annual Salary?
Will City Hall Apply Code Enforcement To Deal With Political Campaign Signs Left On Private Property After Elections?
Coroner Has Identified 20 Yr-Old LB Victim; Driver Hits Man Crossing Spring St. Outside Crosswalk Near Studebaker Rd.; Driver Flees; Man Dies
Oil Islands Didn't Do "Burn-Off" On Night Of Latest "Mystery Stink" And Don't Do Burn-Offs At All, Oxy-LB Official Tells
  • Roughly 40 Callers To LB Gas + About 20 To LB Fire + 12 To SCAQMD Reported Refinery Type/Gas Type Odor
  • SCAQMD and LB Gas Explain What They Do When You Call
  • Over 24 Hrs Later, Source And Components Of Odor Remain Undetermined
    Car Flies Off 405, Lands In Shrubbery/Trees Along Willow St. Near Clark Ave.; Driver Is Ejected

    Photo by Charlie McGrail
    Hotter Sat & Sun; See UPDATED LB Temps By Zipcode Plus Real Time Temp, Humidity & Heat Index Figures; ELB Fri High Hit 90 With Heat Index (Plus Humidity) Of 94
    Via Will the Daily News et al. [including PressTelegram] Be Sold?
    Reported by Kevin Roderick on
    Meet, Greet & Eat With Candidates For Fed'l, State, County & Regional Offices at Historic LB Dairy and Creamery (Sat. Sept.13, 9:30 a.m. to 1:30 p.m.)
    South Bay Cruises, "The Liberty" & Berth 55 Fish Market/Deli Say "Thank You" To Community (For Supporting Them In Now-Resolved Battle With Port) By Taking Boatload Of Invited Central LB Kids On Saturday Fishing Trip
    Rod Wright, LB-Inglewood State Senator Now Eight-Count Convicted Felon, Sentenced To 90 Days In Jail + 1,500 Hrs. Community Service + Banned From Future Elective Office; Appeal May Follow
    Subsequent development above
    Another Long Beach "Mystery Stink," From Belmont Shore Thru Alamitos Beach Into Port And Wafting Into ELB; Cause And Chemical Composition Thus Far "Undetermined" (Again)
    UPDATE: LBFD denies story elsewhere that dept. "believes it was burn off from the oil islands."
    UPDATE: Coroner Says Man Killed By Blue Line Train (Pacific/5th St.) Was A 46 Yr Old Transient, Classifies Death As Accidental
    Subsequent development above:
    Balloting Thurs. (Sept. 11) For Belmont Shore Residents Ass'n Board
    by Joe Segura
    Special to

    On Thurs. (Sept. 11) LBPD set up a containment perimeter, SWAT cleared a location in the area of 500 W. Anaheim St./11th St./Daisy Ave,/Loma Vista...but the suspect is "in the wind" (eluded capture.) PD was dispatched shortly before 10 a.m. re an assault with a deadly weapon call; an armed man was believed to be in a residence; the suspect was instructed to exit; there was no response; precautionary evacuations were made; SWAT cleared the location but didn't locate the suspect.
    ELB Resident (Bellflower/Willow Neighborhood) Sees Burglary Suspect Flee His Residence; LBPD Searches, Suspect Eludes Capture reader photo
    Corps of Engineers Report (See Full Text) Discloses That All Three Breakwater Sections Have Hurricane Damages, Focuses On Repairing Middle Section Protecting Ports, Says "Structural Integrity of the Breakwaters Has Been Compromised" (Esp. Middle Section Fronting Ports)
    Rash of Car Thefts in Belmont Shore Area: 12 Vehicles Stolen b/w Aug. 16-Sept. 8
    by Matt Fleischman
    Mr. Fleischman owns/operates Diversified Threat Management, a private security firm offering security assessments, patrols and security services to neighborhoods and Business Improvement Districts. Diversified Threat Management is an advertiser.
    Passage: John Bloeser, Sic Transit
    Councilmembers Ask Harbor Comm'n Nominee No Questions In Council Meeting (Committee Chair Austin Asks One Question in His Committee) Before Voting 9-0 To Approve Mayor Garcia's Choice Of Tracy Egoscue As New LB Harbor Commissioner
    Council Majority Rebuffs Mungo On Proposal That Would Have Given Her and Mayor Garcia (Not Other Councilmembers) Access To LB Business' Confidential Sales Tax Data; Mungo Said She Wanted To Formulate Measures To Stop "Leakage" of Sales Tax Revenue To Other Cities And Encourage Businesses To Locate/Return To Long Beach; Council Referred Item To Mungo's Committee To Return With Different Version Within 60 Days
    ELB Biz Becomes Biz Burglary Victim, 4300 block E. Carson St.
    Details / Perspective: Long Beach City Hall Stalls Timely Public Records Access To Application By Harbor Comm'n Nominee Egoscue; Here's Other Information That's Already Public
    Man Dies After Somehow Wedged/Trapped Under Blue Line Train, Pacific Ave./4th-5th St. Station; LBFD Uses Jaws of Life To Free Him, He's Transported To Hospital In Critical Condition And Doesn't Survive
    LAPD Arrests Long Beach Man On Suspicion Of Alleged Sexual Act With Child Under Age 10; Investigation Triggered By Alleged Internet Activity; DA Will Decide Whether To File Charges
    For the Record: Committee And Full Council Motions And Recorded Votes That Approved No Restored Police Officers, Fire Engines, PD Field Gang Unit Or Park Rangers; On Sept. 9, Council Has One More Budget Action Left Before Enactment
    Man Is Shot Overnight (Sept. 7), 29th St. Near Santa Fe (South of Spring St.); It's Sixth WLB Shooting Since July, Seventh Since May

    Red Xs=2014 murders; Blue Xs=2014 shootings, person wounded; Brown Xs=shots fired at victim(s), not hit; Purple Xs=2014 shots at occupied residence/vehicle; Green Xs=shots at unoccupied vehicle/residence
    LBPD Says Equipment Malfunction Caused Radio Communication Disruption Sept. 7; Says It Switched To Backup Plan And Public Wasn't In Jeopardy; Multiple City of Long Beach Radio Communication Channels -- For Police, Fire, Airport And Other City Services -- Appeared To Suffer Disruption of Service Sunday Morning, PD Says Its Operations Now Partially Restored
    Detailed Coverage w/ AUDIO: Long Beach Park Safety Advocate Claudia Schou Testifies To Crime, Gang, Drug, Repulsive Conditions In Several LB Parks As Described By 22 LB Neighborhood Groups, Seeks Two Add'l Park Rangers; Public Safety Committee (Price, Austin, Mungo) Votes To "Receive & File" (Take No Action); Hear What Took Place
    SUNDAY AM UPDATE: Port of LB Reports No Damages From Any Hurricane Norbert Surge Sat. Nite. SAT UPDATE: Port Says No Major Problems Fri Nite From Norbert, Which Reached Category 3 But Is Weakening Now
    UPDATE: Grassroots Central Project Area Council Votes Unanimously To Send A Letter (To Be Drafted/Reviewed In Coming Weeks) Objecting To Council/Mayor Actions That Group Says Showed Lack of Concern For Public Budget Input And Public's Stated Budget Priorities
    Subsequent development above
    Council's Public Safety Committee (Price, Austin, Mungo) Meets @ Noon Fri. Sept. 5; Agendized Topics Include Res Burgs and Park Rangers
    Subsequent development above
    Hurricane Norbert + Coming P.M. High Tides (6.5 Ft Sat) May Amplify Coming "Surge" BUT Forecast Surf Heights Roughly Half Of Previous Hurricane BUT Now With Middle Breakwater Breaches
    With Pix: Corps of Engineers Says Middle Breakwater Has THREE Open Breaches Plus FIVE Near-Breaches That Will Be Adversely Affected By Ongoing Wave Action; At Same Time, Hurricane Norbert Is Heading North/Northwest With Another Surge Expected To Be Smaller Than Previous Hurricane

    Photo from U.S. Army Corps of Engineers shows what agency classifies as significant damage to middle breakwater.
    VIDEO: See Governor Jerry Brown (Dem) Debate Challenger Neel Kashkari (Repub)

    Screen save via The California Channel
    ELB Man In His Mid-70s Dies From Mosquito-Borne West Nile Virus
    Reported Belmont Shore Res Burg Last Night (Sept. 3): 100 block St. Joseph (just south of 2nd St.)
    Follow-Up: See List Of Long Beach Neighborhood Groups That Urged Council To Add Park Rangers For Taxpayers
    With No Voted Dissent, Council Adopts Mgm't/Mayor Proposed FY15 Budget w/ No Restored Budgeted Police, No Field Anti-Gang Unit, No Fire Engines In Three Fire Stations...And No Add'l Park Rangers; Councilwoman Price Successfully Allocates $350k For PD Residential Burglary Unit
  • Perspective / Viewpoints

    Editorial: Do You Want This (A Continuing Series) Councilmembers Gonzalez, Uranga, Mungo Propose These Changes To LB Political Contribution Laws:

  • More Than Double (Councilmembers) Or Triple (Citywide Pols) Allowable Contributed "Officeholder" Slush Fund Totals
  • Allow Now-Banned Transfers Of Campaign Contribs To Other Politicians' Campaigns
  • Consider Creating "Legal Defense Fund"
    Ha! (New Periodic Feature): Council Vote Makes 7th dist. Budget Meeting Mockery...So Meeting Morphs

    Opinion: Let Them Drive Teslas
    By Jon Coupal
    President, Howard Jarvis Taxpayers Ass'n

    Opinion: Here's A List of Top Reasons Why Park Patrol Program Doesn't Work
    by Claudia Schou *
    Ms. Schou is a Bluff Park resident and advocate for public safety at city parks

    Editorial: City Mgm't Memo On Park Ranger Pgm Materializes At Midmorning, See It Here: [Previous] In the Dark: Here's What Public Sees Saw On Restoring Park Rangers



    Opinion: What Fire Chief Says Isn't What I'm Hearing About "Monomedic" Paramedic System
    by Les Robbins
    Mr. Robbins represented LB's 5th Council district from 1988-1998. Photo above by Mr. Robbins

    Editorial: A Potential Ray Of Hope On Public Safety
    Editorial: Past Precedent, Present Excuses And Public Safety
    Opinion: New Council Needs To Do Its Homework, Ask Tough Questions And Repair Damages Done To Long Beach's Fire And Paramedic Service

    by Les Robbins
    Mr. Robbins represented LB's 5th Council district from 1988-1998. Photo above by Mr. Robbins

    Opinion: Mayor and Council Records Shouldn't Be Destroyed
    By Retired Councilwoman Gerrie Schipske

    Editorial: Wear This At Tues (Aug. 5) "Nat'l Nite Out" (These Locations)
    Editorial: Wear This At Upcoming Events And Send A Worthy Message
    Editorial: Don't Resuscitate Deceased Economic Development Bureau(crats)
    Editorial: Respecting Diversity
    Editorial: Transparency, Disclosure Deserved For Inaugural Dollars
    Editorial: More Trees ≠ More Cops
    Opinion/Perspective: Mayor Bob Foster In Balance: Espoused Sensible Principles But In Our View Left Long Beach Worse Than He Found It In Key Areas; New Council Majority Should Reject Notion That Long Beach Can't Deliver Taxpayer Services At Levels Other Cities Do
    Editorial: An "Inaugural" Fit For Kings
    Editorial: Check/Balance Civics Lesson From Stymied Mayoral Attempt To Usurp Council Power
    Editorial: How To Pay For A World Class Belmont Plaza Pool
    Editorial: Inviting Uncontrollable Impacts At LB Airport
    Opinion: City Mgm't Position On Civic Center Rebuild Understates Future Taxpayer Costs, Gives No Basis For Current Claimed Costs, Fails To Offer Obvious Alternative, Unwisely Rushes Council Decision With Long-Term Public Consequences
    by Retired City Attorney Jim McCabe
    Includes city management response
    Editorial: Unfinished Business
    Opinion: The Election: How To Spend Big And Lose Big
    Editorial: Unaffordable
    Opinion: Irrational Decision Making Merits No Vote From Me
    by Joe Weinstein, Ph.D.

    The Night Long Beach Ran Out of Cops: Are You Better Off Now Than You Were Eight Years Ago?
    Opinion: What Is City Mgm't Trying To Hide From Council And Taxpayers On New Civic Center, And Why Are They Hiding It?
    Common Sense by Terry Jensen

    With Perspective: "For Garcia and Johnson, Leadership's Limit Is the 5th District Border"
    by Dave Wielenga,
    Opinion: Double Standard Accepts Defeat As Victory
    Common Sense by Terry Jensen

    Editorial: Latest On Lemming Run Toward Taj Mahal Civic Center: $450,000 (60% Of What's Likely Needed) Proposed On Council "Consent Calendar" For Outside Lawyers
    What LB Schools Should Do When We Get Fire Fallout
    Editorial: LB Municipal Code Says Councilmembers Shouldn't Just Vanish On Pesky Votes But Mayors Let Them Do It...And Shouldn't
    Editorial: Real Persons Here, Non-Persons Elsewhere

    Editorial: Making A Mayoral Mockery Of Public Safety
    Flashback: Editorial, Nov. 2011: "Would You Want To Live There?"
    Editorial: Council Should Say NO Tonight To Looting $2.6 Million In Pothole, Street, Sidewalk And Infrastructure Funds to Pay For This; We Propose Alternatives
    UPDATE: Council action: Passes 8-0 (Schipske absent) No questions or comments from Councilmembers regarding the use of infrastructure funds for the item.
    UPDATED / Perspective: Fed Up With "Political Graffiti?" We Invite Campaigns And Independent Committees Either To Claim The Signs We Show Here Are Lawful/Consensual Or Remove Them

    This "political graffiti" spotted in Los Altos. Email us your pix to:
    Editorial: The Election

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  • Transcript Excerpts of Historic Feb. 13, 2001 City Council Vote on QW Bay "Pike" Development
  • How ELB Traffic Project Was Canceled And $1,000,000 Diverted For Downtown Walkway; Other Projects At Traffic Circle & Iron Triangle Not Delivered As Promised
  • 2003: Independent Consultant Says City Hall "Has Created A False Impression Of Solvency"
  • Deputy City Auditor Report Shows LB Convention & Entertainment Center Operations Cost LB Taxpayers $2.5 Million in FY 2000, $3.0 Million in FY 99; Cumulative operating losses since 1978 opening exceed $60 million; City Auditor Burroughs' Recommended Action: "Receive and File"
  • Video Shows Councilman Garcia Typing, Texting, Seemingly Not Focused On Testimony During Residents' Quasi-Judicial Appeal of City's Planned Handling Of Toxic Contaminated Colorado Lagoon Soil
  • What Some Councilmembers Did While Taxpayers Testified On Toxics

  • Interactive Map: AQMD Multiple Airborne Toxics Exposure Study (MATES III)
    Mates3 broad

    Archival Access: Hear What Council Was Told In 1995 About Aquarium Paying Its Bond Debt Without Taxpayer Bailout
    Study Says Areas Including Downtown LB, Belmont Shore, Los Altos, Bixby Knolls At Estimated Heightened Cancer Risk From Port Operations

    "Draft Estimated Diesel PM [particulate matter] Cancer Risk From POLA and POLB" cited in Diesel Particulate Matter Exposure Assessment Study for the Ports of Los Angeles and Long Beach, p. 8
    24 Hrs. in LB Air: Bixby Knolls AQMD Monitor, Dec. 2003. Details, click photo
    AQMD Air Monitor in LB, Dec. 2003
    2005: Scientists @ LB Conference Say Air Pollution in L.A.-LB Region is High Enough to Cause Illness and Deaths; Economist Says Ports Receive Subsidies That Invite More Growth
    RecentlyAbout a week or two agoAbout two-four weeks ago
    Subsequent development above Learns Long Beach's Federal Breakwater Sustained Significant Damage in Hurricane Marie Surge
  • Sources Say Some Breakwater Chunks/Rocks Dislodged/Missing b/w Angels Gate & Queens Gate
  • Unclear If Damages Extend To Eastern End Across From Peninsula (Portion Being Considered For Possible Reconfiguration To Promote Greater Tidal Movements/Possible Wave Action)
  • Federal Team Has Inspected Breakwater Damage, Will Issue Report Including Likely Costs And Next Steps
  • Port of LB's Own Infrastructure Sustained Damage, Full Extent And Costs Being Assessed
    See Letter Circulating Among Neighborhood Groups Urging Council To Reinstate Park Ranger Program; Describes Increased Public Drug Use In Parks, Says If Council Can't Budget One Or Two More Rangers, One Or Two Of Three Now Allocated To El Dorado Park Should Be Shifted To Other City Park "Hot Spots"
    LBPD Officers Arrest Man After Alleged Sexual Assault On Woman, Area PCH/San Gabriel River; Responding Officers Encounter Suspect Who Allegedly Releases And Refuses To Recall Pitbull; Dog Is Shot And Treated At Vet; Suspect Is Arrested/Booked On Alleged Sexual Related Offense
    UPDATE: "Gut and Amend" Bill That Attempted To Keep Garcia On Coastal Comm'n Is Kaput; Statement By Unnamed Conservation Activists Implies Sac'to Dem Leadership Won't Advance 11th Hour "Gut and Amend" Bill To Change State Law For Long Beach Mayor Garcia...Meaning Garcia Would Exit Coastal Comm'n By Mid-September And What's Next Is Currently Uncertain
    LBPD Detectives Link And Arrest Five Suspects Re Two Recent Robberies: One At Gunpoint With Physical Attack To A Man In Ocean Blvd/Shoreline Dr. Parking Lot, Another 23 Hrs Later To Three Women Walking In 2nd St/Argonne Area of Belmont Shore
    LBPD Officers Faced THIS in NLB (New Details) When Armed Carjacking Suspect Allegedly Opens Fire On Them And Flees; PD Finds His Car, Finds And Arrests Suspect, Allegedly Finds Assault Rifle Nearby With Expended Shell Casings In Car

    LBPD photo
    ELB (Lakewood Village) Coyote Attack (Cat Is Killed); Bixby Park Menacing Coyote Encounter (Owner Walking Dog, Coyote Scared Off)
    Subsequent development above
    In Detail: Sac'to 11th Hour ("Gut and Amend") Attempt To Change State Law To Let Long Beach Mayor Robert Garcia Remain On Coastal Comm'n Where He's Ineligible Under Current Law
    15 other L.A. County and OC elected officials have submitted their names for consideration to fill vacancy
    Subsequent development above
    Gunfire At Midafternoon Weds. In NLB As Armed Carjacking Suspect Allegedly Opens Fire on LBPD Officers in Busy 6300 block of Atlantic Ave; Suspect Speeds Away, Vehicle Later Found In Nearby Community
    City crews attached plywood to the boardwalk along the Peninsula to provide extra protection...just in case seawater surging from Hurricane Marie breaches a sand berm. Photo via LBFD.

    VIDEO ON-DEMAND (as seen LIVE): Hurricane Surge + High Tide Arrive, Surge Overtops Breakwater, Produces Modest Wave Sets Along LB's Beach & Peninsula; Protective Berm Holds, Residents & City Crews Await Next Surge
    VIDEO coverage, plus photos, by Community Correspondent Dan Halverson

    VIDEO screen save from LIVE webcast by Dan Halverson
    Hurricane Surge + High Tide Surf = Brings These Waves To Long Beach's (Now) Near Waveless Beach

    This buoy somehow landed on the beachPhoto by Dan Halverson
    Tues Nite: Hurricane Swell + High Tide Bring Some Seawater Thru Part Of Peninsula Sand Berm, Flows Onto Part of Ocean Blvd. (LBFD Says Roughly Curb Level, Only Ocean Side of Street) b/w About 55th-57th Pl.; Crews Divert Flow, Reinforce Berm, Remain Watchful Until Pacific Hurricane Passes

    Photo via Jake Heflin, PIO/LBFD

    Tense Predawn/Daybreak Police Activity Area 6th/Linden: Suspect Allegedly Threatens To Shoot Victim (Who Escapes); SWAT Activated, Arrests Barricaded Allegedly Armed Suspect
    Photo courtesy of KaRi, publisher of
    Why Was This Water Spewing At LB's Downtown Metro Station In A Drought?
    Photo by Joshua Michael Orr via Facebook
    With VIDEO: Anti-Israel Protest Didn't Halt Unloading Of Israeli-Flagged ZIM Cargo Ship, Port of Long Beach Says

    Screen save from YouTube video, below
    Midafternoon Sunday Stabbing, Area 39th Place Near Belmont Pier Entrance, Allegedly Involved Two Transients; Victim In Hospital, Suspect in Custody
    Aug. 24: 3.3 Quake San Pedro Channel/Off Pt. Fermin (Aug. 24 7:50 p.m.) Lightly Felt in LB

    Collision: Willow St./Clark Ave.
    Photo by Dan Halverson
    West Long Beach Overnight Shooting, PCH Just East of Santa Fe

  • Flashback: KFWB All News/Newstalk 980 Kaput, Will Flip To All Sports; Flashback To June 2011: See's Supernaw & Mello On-Air When Station Spent A Day in Long Beach

    Man Is Shot At Midafternoon Thurs (Aug 21) Across Street From Central LB's MacArthur Park

    Archery Advocates Push Back El Dorado Park Permit Plan, Object To Letting Parks/Rec Director Approve Their Target Images, Bristle At Ban (Urged By Animal Advocates) On Animal Images/3D Figurines As Targets; Parks/Rec Comm'n Sends Initially Proposed Verbiage Back To Staff For Unspecified Revision(s)

    See Message From Lakewood Sheriff Deputy Attacked While Responding To Domestic Violence Related Call @ Lakewood Mall; DA Charges Bell Gardens Man With Attempted Murder Of A Peace Officer Plus Other Felonies, Alleges Defendant Repeatedly Kicked And Stomped On Deputy's Head and Neck Area
    Midafternoon Collision, Willow/Studebaker
    With photos by Daryl Supernaw

    Council Votes 9-0 To Deny Appeal, Independently Approves On Its Own ("De Novo Review") Contracts Enabling Continued Coal/Petroleum Coke Export (Using Open Rail Cars) With No New Environmental Review Since '92; Mayor Garcia Voices No Views Pro or Con
    City Mgr Tells Budget Oversight Committee Cost To Restore A Park Ranger = $75k-$96k Each
    State Senate OK's AB 2188, That Could Make Solar Permits Simpler For CA Homeowners; Now Heads To Ass'y For Concurrence, Then To Governor
    Lobbying Group For CA City Halls Opposed It; LB City Hall Was Neutral On Measure
    Long Beach City Mgm't Recommends Parking Meter Rate Increases For New "Smart Parking Meters" In Belmont Shore and Downtown...But Not For "The Pike"
    Subsequent development above
    Long Beach Port's Petroleum Coke/Coal Policy Percolates Into City Council With High Visibility Appeal Of Harbor Comm'n Approval Of Two Pet-Coke Contracts
    Subsequent development above
    City Mgr Tells Budget Oversight Committee Cost To Restore A Park Ranger = $75k-$96k Each
    Says Mgm't Recommends Without Lethal Weapons (And If Lethal Weaponry Sought, Would Discuss Transferring Program To Police Dept.)
    Long Beach Councilman Rex Richardson Releases This Open Letter To Youth Of Ferguson, MO
    With Perspective: 1st dist. Neighborhood Wakes Up To Graffiti Vandalism at Three Corners Of Magnolia/Loma Vista Dr.
    During Mayor Garcia-Organized Council "Retreat" @ LBCC

  • Richardson Says Council Should Face Need For New "Revenue"; Lowenthal Says She Favors Putting Infrastructure "Bond" On Ballot; No Others Publicly Back This
  • Price Focuses on Police & Fire Needs, Mungo Cites Res. Burgs; Both Cite Budget Challenges, Urge Creativity
  • Lowenthal Says Her 2nd Dist. Is Microcosm Of All Districts In Urging Support For Infrastructure
  • Mungo Says She Favors "Culture of Collaboration" And "Shared Language of Collaboration," Says Each Councilmember Should View Himself/Herself As Representing Entire City; Uranga Says "One for All, All for One" Is Fine But His Constituents Are His Priority
  • Garcia Urges Collaboration, Partnerships; Says Various Gov't Levels Should Work Together And Best Ideas Come From Outside City Hall; Predicts Stronger Downtown, Says LB Needs Better Entrance Signs For Better Sense of "Place"
  • Andrews & O'Donnell Are No-Shows; Austin Present For Most, Lowenthal Leaves Early
    Largest Traveling Vietnam Veterans Memorial Wall Is Currently in Lakewood's Mayfair Park Thru Sunday 2 p.m. Aug. 17

    UPDATE: Sheriff Dept. Says Suspect Unexpectedly Knocked Deputy To Ground, Allegedly Continued Assault "With A Shod Foot"; Sheriff Deputy In Critical Condition, Suspect Booked On Suspicion Of Attempted Murder Of Law Enforcement Officer, After A Fight -- No Shooting -- Involving The Deputy & Suspect @ Lakewood Mall

    Six Pedestrians Struck By Vehicle, Anaheim/Gundry
    In Budget Discussion, No Councilmembers Openly Support Amending Mgm't/Mayor Proposed FY15 Police/Fire Budgets (No Add'l Council Budgeted Police, No PD Field Anti-Gang Units, No Restored Fire Engines, No Return To Paramedic System Prior To Current Test)
  • Fire Chief DuRee tells Council paramedic responses under pilot/test paramedic program (RMD) are on average faster and LB has fewer calls for L.A. County/OC mutual aid
  • Police Chief McDonnell cites double-digit drops in multiple violent crime categories, says proposed budget would mean 736 FY15 Council-funded officers (not including 70 contracted officers paid by/assigned to handle Port/LGB/LBTransit/LBUSD/LBCC/Carmelitos)
  • Public Safety Committee chair Price makes very strong statement re importance of public safety in budget priorities, addresses rise in residential burglaries, asks Chief McDonnell directly: "If in fact additional monies were available, could you find a place to allocate them where there would be a focus on residential burglaries and property crime?" Chief McDonnell replies: "Absolutely." Price has scheduled Public Safety Committee meeting for Sept. 5.
  • No testimony from Police or Firefighters unions
    Mayor Garcia-Organized Council "Retreat" Will Be At LBCC Saturday; Here's Agenda
    Text of Marin County Sheriff/Coroner Office Prepared Statement re Death of Robin Williams
    Long Beach Reacts On Facebook With Shock, Disbelief On Learning Robin Williams Is Dead at 63, Apparently A Suicide; President Obama Issues This Statement
    Council Scheduled To Discuss Police, Fire & Health Dept. Budgets On Same Night (Aug. 12)...And Council Meeting Will Start An Hour Later Than Usual (6:00 p.m.)
    LBPD Issues This Release re Predawn Fatal Shooting in 2800 block E. Third St.
    What's A Burglary? CA Law (PC 459) Says...
    Neighborhood In Vicinity Of 2800 block 3rd St. Fatal Shooting (Of Alleged Intruder/Res Burg Suspect) Had 12 Reported Res Burgs (Attempted or Completed) Within Past Six Months
    Decedent Is Identified In 2 a.m. Shooting, 2800 block E. Third Street, Was Fatally Shot By Home's Resident As Alleged Residential Burglar
  • Public Safety Committee Chair Councilwoman Suzie Price WON'T Hold Committee Meetings on Public Safety Aspects of Mayor/Mgm't Proposed FY15 Budget
    CounterPoint: We Publish Public Safety Committee Chair / Councilwoman Suzie Price Response Following Report On No Public Safety Committee Meeting Re FY15 Budget's Public Safety Aspects
    East Long Beach Man Recovering From Mosquito-Carried West Nile Virus; Officials Again Recommend Taking These Mosquito-Protective Measures

    A "King Tide" (Higher-Than-Usual-High Tide) Will Arrive Sunday Night, Coinciding With A "Super Moon"

    File photo, Jan. 1, 2014, portion of seawall as seen at 61st and Bayshore Walk
    LBPD Detectives Arrest, DA's Office Charges, LB Man -- On Probation for Burglary -- In Connection With A Dozen Burglaries Near LBPD HQ And More...
    Retrospective: At Long Beach's Franklin School in the Mid '80s, We Learned of Horror and Empathy From Childhood Survivors Of Cambodia's Killing Fields
    by Rachel Powers, as originally published (July 2010) by

    Public Safety in LB Parks: Friends of Bixby Park President Urges Council To Restore/Bolster Former Park Ranger Service, Describes Disturbing Park Conditions, Says Problems Are Citywide; Vice Mayor Lowenthal Urges Council Not To Decide Until Receiving Full Costs Of Park Rangers; Parks & Rec Dir. Reveals His Dept. Has Begun "Park Patrols" (10-12 City Staffers) Who'll Try And Abate Bad Activities Without Police...And Will Call Cops If Necessary

    Amnesia File: Aug. 2011 on "Bixby Park Neighborhoods Say Public-Safety Cuts Hurting Restoration" by Dave Wielenga

    Priority Matter: Via "A Billion Passwords Have Been Stolen. Here's What To Do Now"
    Council Votes 9-0 To Preserve Pending Further Action (Instead of Authorize Destruction of) Several Years Of Records of Mayors' Offices And 7th dist. Council Offices
    As seen LIVE during Aug. 5 City Council meeting: City Attorney Parkin reports "no reportable action" following closed session on litigation related to BNSF-sought SCIG railyard.
    Event Advisory: Thurs. Aug. 7 Is Friends of LB Animals 20th Annual Benefit, Includes LB Playhouse Performance of Fiddler on the Roof; All-Volunteer Group Recently Celebrated Its 25th Anniversary of Helping Save Animals' Lives Thru Spay/Neuter And Promoting Responsible Pet Ownership
    With Perspective: BNSF Gave Money To Every Current Long Beach Councilmember And LB's Mayor (via their officeholder and/or campaign accounts) Who'll Meet Behind Closed Doors Today (Aug. 5) On City's Lawsuit Challenging EIR To BNSF-Sought WLB-Adjacent SCIG Railyard
    UPDATE: City Attorney Parkin reports "no reportable action" following closed session on litigation related to BNSF-sought SCIG railyard.
    Council Holds Aug. 5 Closed Session On Its EIR Litigation Re BNSF-Sought WLB-Impacting SCIG Railyard
    Subsequent development above:
    Long Beach Council Is Asked To Authorize Destruction of Records From All Or Parts Of Terms Of Office Of Three Mayors And Three 7th Dist. Councilmembers
    Did You See It?: UPDATED: Long Beach and L.A.-OC Area Got Good View of Int'l Space Station Monday Night

    Photo by Don Haselroth on Facebook: "Watched it go over clear as a bell.".

    Image via
    Follow-Up: See It: Cyclone Racer Developer/Investor Team Offers Digital Preview Showing Rebuilt Attraction (And Its Pedestrian-Drawing Shoreline Synergy)
    Team says it's has met with city staff and is pursuing city's site plan review process and will use private, not taxpayer funds

    Image by Larry Osterhoudt/Cyclone Racer project team
    In Detail / Perspective: Garcia/Foster Recommended FY15 Budget Contains No Funding For Long Beach Police Field Anti-Gang Units
  • Taxpayers had 22 field anti-gang officers + 2 sgts two years ago, now it's roughly 4 officers + 1 sgt.
  • New Council majority will decide whether to restore all or part or none of field anti-gang units
    In Detail/Perspective: No New Long Beach Cops Proposed For Council Funding In Garcia/Foster Recommended FY15 Budget
    PD would hire 11 non-sworn personnel to shift 18 "full time equivalent" sworn officers to "high priority investigations of burglary, homicide, gangs and narcotics."
    Late afternoon Sunday on-shore flow brings less humid, more normal ocean breeze to Long Beach

    Sunset Aug. 3. Photo by Max Pearl
    Muggy Sunday With 30% Chance of Scattered Thundershowers After Light Rain Saturday Night
    Long Beach Sprint Nationals Speedboat Drivers Survive Two Scary Saturday Crashes

    All photos by Steve Brown (Copyright © 2014 Steve Brown / Sepia Productions). All rights reserved
    Mylar (Metallised Film) Balloon Triggered Lengthy ELB Power Outage: SCE Offers These Tips And Cautions
    LBPD Finds & Arrests, DA Files Charges Against, LB Man In July 18 Murder Hill/Earl (Murder, Weapons + Gang Enhancement Allegations)
    Now It's Murder: 26 Yr-Old Man Shot July 25 in WLB -- Police Say DOESN'T Appear He Was Affiliated With Any Gangs -- Dies Of His Injuries; It's Fourth WLB Shooting in July, 13th LB Shooting in July (Now Includes Three Murders)

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