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Follow the Money: See Salient Contributions To Campaigns Of Council Incumbent O'Donnell And Challenger Supernaw


(June 2, 2012) -- With the June 5 runoff in the 4th Council district days away, campaign finance reports filed by challenger Daryl Supernaw and Council incumbent Patrick O'Donnell show who gave money to whose campaigns and how much. Below are salient contributors to the candidates' campaigns between April 22 and May 30 (with sums for these contributors also indicating amounts for the primary (P) and general election runoff (G)).

The sums below are for candidate-run campaign activities. Political action committees (PACs, formed by various interest groups) can contribute to a candidate's campaign AND separately spend sums to conduct their own independent activities in support of a candidate. Because independent campaign contributions aren't limited by the LB-voter enacted $350 maximum on contributions to a candidate's campaign in LB's primary and general election cycles, they may eclipse the sums you see below. Councilman Patrick O'Donnell is supported by three major PACs: the LA County Federation of Labor AFL-CIO PAC and the LB Police Officers Ass'n PAC and the LB Firefighters Ass'n PAC. Challenger Daryl Supernaw hasn't received money or support from any PACs. will be reporting independent PAC campaign spending separately.

Salient contributors to Councilman Patrick O'Donnell's campaign included:

BNSF Railway Co.$700 (350 P, 350 G)
Amalgamated Transit Union PAC$700 (350 P, $350 G)
Ass'n of Orange County Deputy Sheriffs PAC$700 (350 P, 350 G)
Big Daddy's Cigars$600 (250 P, 350 G)
Bo's Cigars$600 (250 P, 350 G)
Don Lupe Cigars$350 ($350 G)
Taylor's Cigar Lounge$600 (250 P, 350 G)
Harbor Trucking Ass'n State PAC$600 (250 P, 350 G)
Heat & Frost Insulators & Allied Workers Local 5$250 (250 G)
Hooman Toyota Scion of Long Beach$700 (350 P, 350 G)
ILWU Local 13$700 (350 P, 350 G)
Samuel A. "Skip" Keesal, Esq.$700 (350 P, 350 G)
L.A. League of Conservation Voters$700 (350 P, 350 G)
Laborers Int'l Union of North America Local 507$700 (350 P, 350 G)
Laborers Local 300$350 (350 G)
ILWU Local 802 PAC Fund$100 (100 G)
Long Beach Lifeguard Ass'n$650 (300 P, 350 G)
Long Beach Police Officers Ass'n PAC$700 (350 P, 350 G)
Los Angeles County Firefighters Local 1014 Legislative Fund Committee$350 (350 G)
Los Angeles/Orange Counties Building & Construction Trades Council$700 (350 P, 350 G)
Doug Otto, Esq.$700 (350 P, 250 G)
Pacific Merchant Shipping Ass'n$700 (350 P, 350 G)
Republic Services [a waste mgm't firm]$700 (350 P, 350 G)
Joe Sopo$700 (350 P, 350 G)
UA Journeymen & Apprentices Local 250$500 (150 P, 350 G)
John Allen [member of LB's Water Comm'n]$450 (200 P, 250 G)
CA Machinists PAC$350 (350 G)
CA Nurses Ass'n$700 (350 P, 350 G)
CA Real Estate Pac$350 (350 G)
Cycle LLC$700 (350 P, 350 G)
Eric Donnelly (VP, Lyon Realty$350 (350 G)
Grand Prix Ass'n of LB$500 (250 P, 250 G
Long Beach Lambda Democratic Club$250 (350 P, 250 G
Los Angeles Police Protective League PAC$350 (350 P, 350 G)
Occidental Oil & Gas Co.$350 (350 (G)
Sheet Metal Workers Int'l Ass'n$700 (350 P, 350 G
Southwest Regional Council of Carpenters PAC$700 (350 P, 350 G)
Frank Suryan (Chairman Lyon Communities$600 ($350 P, 250 G)
UFCW Local 324 PAC$700 (350 P, 350 G)
UFCW Local 770$350 (350 G)
UFCW Region 8 States Council$700 (350 P, 350 G)

Total monetary contributions: April 22-May 30 2012 = $14,096. Year to May 30: $65,465 (includes $10,000 loan)

Salient contributors to challenger Daryl Supernaw's campaign included:

Paul de Jung$700 (350 P, 350 G)
Tom Poe$200 (200 G)
Art Levine$100 (100 G)
Tom Stout$100 (100 G)

Total monetary contributions: April 22-May 30 2012 = $2,693. Year to May 30: $8,796 (includes $2,000 loan)

The June 5 runoff will decide whether LB has a new 4th district Councilman or reelects its incumbent seeking a third term. All LB Councilmembers have a co-equal vote on citywide spending priorities, budget decisions and development projects.

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