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MARTHA FLORES GIBSON won't do what our current Assemblyman did. SEE how he behaved on VIDEO:
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    New: City Mgm't Wants Council To OK New Lease For Queen Mary Lessee That Would Advance Up To $23 Million In Public Money For Queen Mary "Infrastructure Repairs" (Using Nearly $6 Mil from Tidelands + $17 Mil From New Debt Bond) And Reduce By About $5 Mil/Yr For Ten Years Sums Public/Council Were Told Would Go To QM "Historic Preservation Capital Improvement Plan"

    MORE News

    Statement by the Publisher / Opinion: Attn: Belmont Shore: Remain Skeptical Of What City Officials Say At Tonight's Meeting Re Ocean Blvd. Lane-Erasing "Road Diet"/Diagonal Parking, Because...

    Woman Is Shot At Midafternoon Sunday, 10th/Elm, Near St. Mary Med. Ctr.

    2014 to date: Red Xs=homicides; Blue Xs= shootings, person wounded; Brown Xs=shots fired at victim(s), not hit; Purple Xs=shots at occupied residence/vehicle; Green Xs= shots at unoccupied vehicle/residence; Grey Xs=shots fired (no hit, no target identified); Orange X's=non-fatal stabbings. Map is unofficial. A separate map (not shown here) indicates add'l shootings in NLB.
    In Depth Coverage (Incl. "Amnesia File") Re Long Beach Airport Advisory Comm'n Study Session Item On Proposed Customs Facility / Int'l Flights

    Oct. 24 Meeting Will Discuss Consultant-Prepared Belmont Shore Parking Study
    Councilwoman Price Schedules Oct. 25 Community Meeting To "Update" Ocean Blvd. (Belmont Shore Area) Lane-Erasing "Road Diet"/ Diagonal Parking As It "Moves Foward" awaits access to Public Records Act materials requested in mid-August
    Naples Island Officer-Involved Shooting: PD Says Knife-Wielding Man Was Trying to Cut His Own Throat, Officers Tried To Negotiate With Him When Suspect Allegedly Advanced On Officers

    LBPD released photo

    City Hall Sending THREE "Informational Mailers" -- Taxpayer Cost Nearly $100,000 -- On Its Marijuana Tax Measure MA
    Density Watch / Coming To Planning Comm'n: Developer Seeks, City Staff Supports, Increasing Residential Units By Roughly 42%, While Increasing Parking Roughly 16%, In Planned 35-Story Eastern Tower At Ocean/Alamitos

    Friday Night Oct 21: "Roaring 20's/Casino Night" @ LB Petroleum Club For At-Risk-Youth / Veterans Supportive "Rock Club / Music is the Remedy"
    LBPD says an argument between two men (adults) in the 3700 block of Atlantic Ave. escalated to a stabbing; both parties were transported to hospitals with what appeared to be non-life-threatening injuries.
    City Hall Sends "Informational Mailer" On Its Marijuana Tax Measure MA; It's A "Blank Check" Tax That Council Says It'll Prioritize For These Uses
    Not immediately clear who authorized City mailer or how much it cost
    LBPD/SWAT Apply Hours Of Patience -- And Ultimately Flash-Bang -- To Arrest 6th/Pine Robbery Suspect In Nearby North Pine Ave. Neighborhood
    Council Votes 8-0 To Ask Mgm't To Prepare "Feasibility" Report On Pearce/Price/Andrews/Uranga Proposal To Allow Homeless Parking Lots
  • Councilmembers Price and Supernaw Ask Mgr To Include Info On Possible Detrimental Impacts/Unintended Consequences
  • Pearce Indicates She Agendized Her Requested Feasibility Report On Homeless Parking Lots To Dovetail With Forthcoming Report On Possible Ban/Restrictions On Some RV Parking
    Councilmembers Pearce, Price, Andrews & Uranga Seek Report On Feasibility Of Designating Locations Where Homeless Persons Could Park and Live In Their Vehicles ("Safe Parking Program")
    Council Chamber At Near Capacity For Study Session on LB Homelessness; City Staffers Describe Current Programs, Residents Urge More Affordable Housing
    by Barry Saks
    Man Participating In Long Beach Marathon's Bike Tour Suffers Cardiac Arrest And Dies
    Less Than Two Miles From Long Beach Marathon Start/Finish, Man Is Shot At Midmorning Sunday, LB Blvd/PCH
    JetBlue Violations Of Late Night Flight Provisions Of City's Airport Ordinance Have Increased; It Pays Sizable Sums To Non-Profit LB Public Library Foundation Under Consent Decree With City Prosecutor's Office City Warns It Will Cite And Tow Vehicles Parked Along Marathon Course After 12:01 a.m. Sunday; Here's Info
    Follow-Up To Man Found Shot To Death In Port: LBPD Finds Murder Suspect In Wilmington, Who Allegedly Tries To Flee, Crashes Into A Detective's Car And Officer-Involved Shooting Occurs; Police Recover Loaded Gun & Ammo, Suspect In Critical Condition

    Three Long Beach Firefighters Suffer Electrocution-Type Injuries Battling Blaze In NLB Garages

    LBFD photo
    Magnitude 2.9 Earthquake, Epicenter In Belmont Shore/Naples Area -- Not Far From Newport-Inglewood Fault -- Jolts SE LB and ELB
    Hear phoner with CalTech staff seismologist Dr. Jennifer Andrews

    Source: USGS website
    LBPD Says This Man Is Now MURDER SUSPECT (Not Merely "Person of Interest") In 9th/Locust Slaying Of Mother & 4 Yr Old Daughter, Says Detectives' Review Of "Extensive Surveillance Video" Enabled Detectives To Track Him From Murder Scene; Nationwide Search For Him, $40,000 Reward Awaits

    See City Hall-Hired Consultant's "Feasibility Study" And Accompanying City Attorney Opinion Re Allowing Customs Facility/Int'l Flights At LB Airport
    As seen LIVE, Planning Comm'n votes unanimously to approve See Major New Shopping Center With Retail & Drive-Thru Restaurant Uses Proposed For ELB Within Douglas Park (4069 Lakewood Blvd., area Carson St.); Developer Proposed "LBX Center" Will Seek Planning Comm'n Approval Oct. 6
    UPDATE: Councilwoman Mungo arranged a briefing for Lakewood Village Neighborhood Ass'n, and its president has indicated that his group supports the project

    /font>Perspective: As seen LIVE: Neighborhood Crimes/Nuisances Receive Relatively Little Attention (Police Chief/Fire Chief Not Heard), No Action Plan Offered By Mayor/Councilmembers To Change Status Quo, In Over Three Hour Discussion Of Homelessness
    As seen LIVE: Council Votes 7-0 (Mungo, Andrews Absent) To Give Largest City Employee Union 6% Raises Over Next Three Years; Gen'l Fund Taxpayer Cost = $3.8 Mil
    As seen LIVE: Council Votes 7-0 (Mungo, Andrews Absent) To Seek City Att'y Report Before Proceeding To Possible Ordinance On Possible Restrictions On RV/Oversize Vehicle Parking
    Subsequent development above
    Councilmembers Price & Supernaw Propose, Council Majority Will Decide Whether To Advance, Restrictions On RV Parking In Residential & Comm'l Corridors
    Subsequent development above
    Public Council Vote Tonight On 6% Raises Over Next Three Years For Largest City Employee Union; Gen'l Fund Cost = $3.8 Mil
    It's one of several city employee contracts now being negotiated; still to come: police and firefighters
    Man Is Fatally Stabbed, PCH/Pacific Ave.; LBPD Investigating As Gang Related
    Taxpayer Diana Lejins -- Represented by San Diego Law Firm Joined As Co-Counsel With Former LB Councilwoman Schipske -- Sues Long Beach City Hall, Alleges Violation of Prop 218 By Imposing Water/Sewer Pipeline Fees on LB Water Dept. Used To Feed City Hall's General Fund
    Councilwoman Price Newsletter Says This About Ocean Blvd. Lane-Erasing "Road Diet" / Diagonal Parking From 39th Pl-54th Pl.....Over A Week After Council Votes To Allocate Funds For "Road Diet" From Livingston Dr. To 72nd Place
    Woman Is Shot In Washington Middle School Neighborhood (1st Dist.); She's Fifth LB Shooting Victim -- Third Woman Shot -- Within Thirty Hours

    2014 to date: Red Xs=homicides; Blue Xs= shootings, person wounded; Brown Xs=shots fired at victim(s), not hit; Purple Xs=shots at occupied residence/vehicle; Green Xs= shots at unoccupied vehicle/residence; Grey Xs=shots fired (no hit, no target identified); Orange X's=non-fatal stabbings. Map is unofficial. A separate map (not shown here) indicates add'l shootings in NLB.
    Three Shootings Within Five Hours Within A Quarter Square Mile: 1000 block E. 10th; 600 block Cerritos; 700 block 8th St.; LBPD Says Its Gang Unit Is Investigating And Shootings Appear Unrelated

    2014 to date: Red Xs=homicides; Blue Xs= shootings, person wounded; Brown Xs=shots fired at victim(s), not hit; Purple Xs=shots at occupied residence/vehicle; Green Xs= shots at unoccupied vehicle/residence; Grey Xs=shots fired (no hit, no target identified); Orange X's=non-fatal stabbings. Map is unofficial. A separate map (not shown here) indicates add'l shootings in NLB.
    Now Publicly Disclosed: Council Offered Largest City Employee Union 6% Raises Over Next Three Years; Gen'l Fund Cost = $3.8 Mil; Deal Comes To Council For Publicly-Voted Approval On Oct. 4
    It's one of several city employee contracts now being negotiated; still to come: police and firefighters
    Woman Is Killed, Hit And Run Under Investigation, Area Spring St./Temple Ave.
    Man Is Shot, Area Anaheim/Olive
    Follow-Up: Here Are Ocean Blvd. Traffic Study And Power Point Re Lane-Erasing "Road Diet" / Diagonal Parking
    Advisory: Attn: Yahoo Account Holders: Your Info May Have Been Stolen, Company Says Theft Affects "At Least" Half A Billion Yahoo Account Holders Worldwide; Here's Info And Advice

    Cooler Tuesday LB Highs Forecast From 90 (90803/Shoreline) To 97 (90808/ELB-Inland LB), With Further Cooling Wednesday; Monday Temp Reached 106 Degrees @ LB Airport
    Man Is Shot, Cherry Ave. Just North of PCH
    "LB Residents Empowered" ("LiBRE") Renters Hold Bus Tour Of LB Neighborhoods, Describe Burdensome Costs, Overcrowding, Substandard Conditions; Participants Are Welcomed by Vice Mayor Richardson, Councilwoman Pearce

    by Barry Saks

    Photo by Barry Saks
    Perspective: Transparency Lacking In City Hall's Non-Response To Our Request For Public Record Docs re Belmont Shore Area / Ocean Blvd. Lane-Erasing "Road Diet"/Diagonal Parking

    Temp Hits 106 Degrees @ LB Airport at 1:40 p.m., Blasts Past Forecast Highs Of 95 Along Shore (90803) To 101 Inland (90808); Humidity In Single Digits
    See Who Gave Sums Now Totaling Over $100k To LB "Measure A" Sales Tax Hike Campaign Committee AFTER June Election; Total Campaign Cost Topped $700,000...And Committee Is Still In Debt
    Yes, There Was Flaming Garbage On Bellflower Blvd. Near CSULB Friday; Here's Why

    LA2024 Olympics Organizers Add Shoreline Long Beach Events -- 5 Downtown, 1 in Belmont Shore -- To LA's Pitch For Games

    Image accompanying LA2024 release text
    SCE Says Wind-Launched Canopy Hit Wires, Triggered ELB Outage, At Its Height Affected 3,500+ SCE Accounts (We Estimate Likely 7,000+ Residents)

    Area Marber/Pageantry. Photo independently captured by an area resident
    Extended On-Demand AUDIO: Riled Residents Force Council Discussion Of Belmont Shore Area Ocean Blvd. Lane-Shrinking "Road Diet"; Councilwoman Price Says It's City Traffic Engr's Idea As Council Votes To Allocate Tax Dollars To Fund It; Indicates Traffic Slowing/Diagonal Parking Measure Will Be Implemented After One Add'l Public Meeting Explains It To Peninsula Residents
    City Continues To Delay Providing Public Record Documents re "Road Diet" Requested By

    Anaheim And Pasadena Submit Paperwork, Along With Long Beach, To Join L.A.'s Pitch For 2024 Olympics
    Rome's Mayor Says Olympics Would Be Too Costly, Leaves Paris, Bucharest And L.A. As Contenders
    Fight Among Men (Adults) Living In WLB Abandoned Carport Leads To One Battered, Another Stabbed
    Man Is Stabbed, 5400 block Atlantic Ave., Police Investigating Possible Gang Involvement
    LBPD Seeks Public's Help: LBPD Says This Man Is A "Person Of Interest" Wanted For Questioning Re 9th/Locust Murder of Mother And Her 4 Year Old Daughter

    UPDATE: Council Votes To Approve Joining L.A.'s Pitch For 2024 Olympics; No Disclosure Of Contract Terms, No Current Limit On Potential Costs And Council Asked To Set Aside Taxpayer Sums Annually For "Reserve" To Cover Potential Exposure
    Are Documents Like These -- Transparently Shown To Santa Monica Residents But Not Disclosed To Long Beach Taxpayers -- Part Of LB Council Approval Sought To Join L.A.'s 2024 Olympics Pitch?
    UPDATE: No Mention Of This Issue By Mayor, Council Or City Staff At Sept. 20 Council Meeting: Nearly Ten Months After Council OK'd It Without Seeing It, There's No New Lease Yet With New Queen Mary Lessee; Public Hasn't Seen Full Lease Terms ("Still Being Negotiated")...Yet Today (Sept. 20) Council Will Hear Mayor-Chosen Group's Ideas On What To Do With Leased-Away Land That City May Or May Not Control
    Attn Neighborhoods Along Ocean Blvd. From Livingston Dr. To Eastern End of Peninsula: Sept. 20 City Council Agenda Item Would Approve Lane-Erasing "Road Diet" And Along Some Portions Create Diagonal Parking; Would Also Continue It Along Broadway from Cherry to Temple
    Extended On-Demand AUDIO: Hear It: 3rd Council District Meeting Draws Roughly 200 People To Hear -- And Be Heard -- On Increasingly Visible Homeless Persons, Related Neighborhood Crime, Police Responses And Homeless Services By City of LB
    Councilwoman Price and Police Chief Luna Criticize Prop 47, Urge Residents To "Read the Fine Print" On Ballot Props

    Maria Mendoza, Critically Injured In Sept. 10 Hit/Run at Willow St./LB Blvd., Has Passed Away
    LBPD Has Arrested Suspect, An 83 Yr Old Man

    LBPD released photo of Ms. Mendoza
    Historic LB RR Depot -- Preserved And Moved To Willow Springs Park For New Visitor Center -- Is Destroyed In Overnight Fire; Cause Is Under Investigation

    Photo source: LBFD
    Further Update: DA Alleges It Was A Neighbor With Previous Criminal Convictions Who Shot/Killed A Man Who Was His Neighbor And Shot/Wounded Neighbor's Wife In North Long Beach Double-Shooting, 5400 Block of Atlantic Ave.
    Man Is Shot/Wounded, 3400 block E. 67th St.
    Gunfire Damages Vehicle, No Persons Hit, Area 11th St./Gaviota Ave.
    Animal Advocacy Group "Stayin' Alive Long Beach" Files Second Complaint With City Attorney, Alleges LB Animal Care Services Violated State Laws In Euthanizing A Dog By Using A Pre-Euthanasia Sedative Recommended For Use Only With An Anesthetic; Failed To Allow Enough Time For Sedative To Take Effect; Failed To Keep Accurate Records Of The Procedure
    Update: LBPD Arrests Suspect -- 83 Yr Old Man -- In Hit-Run That Critically Injured Woman Crossing Willow St. @ LB Blvd.
    LBPD Releases Updated Info, And Context, Re Sunday's LB Officer-Involved Shootings, Says Officers Were Investigating String of Violent Crimes That Included A Homicide, Involved Multiple Suspects And At Least Six Victims
    Suspect In Custody In Double-Shooting In North Long Beach: Two Adults Are Shot Weds Afternoon: Woman Is Wounded, Man Is Deceased At The Scene -- 5400 Block of Atlantic Ave.
    Crime scene is roughly four blocks south of just-opened "Michelle Obama Neighborhood Library"
  • Perspective / Viewpoints

    Opinion: Vote Yes on Measure MM and NO on MA
    by Diana Lejins *
    * Ms. Lejins heads Advocates for Disability Rights and is a long-time proponent of access to medical marijuana

    Editorial: Homeless Parking Lot Proposal Scrimped On Public Notice, Fails To Consider Unintended Consequences, Deserves Fact-Check, Scrutiny And Vetting First In Council Committee
    UPDATED Editorial: Ending Mayor/Mgm't Manipulative Mushroom Treatment Leading Up To Homeless "Study Session"
    Editorial: Reschedule Coming Camouflaged Council Vote On Controversial Less-Than-Transparent "Road Diet" Proposed Along Nearly Two Miles of Ocean Blvd. (Livingston Dr. To End of Peninsula)

    Editorial: LB Firefighters Union Prez Pens These Pusillanimous Words As Mgm't/Mayor Propose To Leave Fire Stns (Including Stearns Park area Stn 17) Without Fire Engines and NLB Stn 12 Without Paramedic/Rescue
    Editorial: Restore At Least 35 Officers For Taxpayers...Now
    Counter-Point: A Responsible Budget -- That Restores Public Safety
    Text from mass emailing sent by Mayor Robert Garcia
    Opinion / Point-Counterpoint: Comments Re Police Shootings And Upcoming Dem Convention:
  • Steve James on Facebook: Scheduling Appearance By Michael Brown's Mother (Ferguson, MO) Is "Slap To The Face Of All Law Enforcement" (Personal Comment by LBPOA Pres; Group Has Taken No Position At This Time)
  • Dem Convention Website Text Describing Its Upcoming "Mothers of the Movement" Event
  • Aug. 2014 Open Letter To Youth of Ferguson, MO by Long Beach Councilman (Now Vice Mayor) Rex Richardson
  • Grand Jury Conclusion and US DOJ Conclusion re Ferguson MO police shooting
  • Fraternal Order of Police Statement ("Shocked, Angered, Saddened") re Dem Convention
    Opinion: Future File: Results Of SEASP (Son of SEADIP) Reviewed in 2026
    by Joe Weinstein, Ph.D.

    Perspective / Opinion: In the Running for Long Beach Outrage of the Decade

    Editorial: LB's 2016 Elections
    Perspective / Opinion: Is That All There Is? By The Numbers On "More Police" Under "Measure A" Sales Tax Hike
    Perspective / Opinion: How Many Bogus Arguments Can You Spot In This Last Minute Facebook Item By the LB Firefighters Ass'n Urging Votes For City Hall's Blank Check Sales Tax Increase To 10% (Measure A)? Here Are A Few We See, Plus Our Comments
    Perspective / Opinion: How Many Bogus Arguments Can You Spot In This Facebook Item From One Of Mayor Garcia's Ten Office Staffers, Urging Votes For City Hall's Blank Check Sales Tax Increase To 10% (Measure A)? Here Are A Few We See, Plus Our Comments
    Editorial: LB's New Sample Ballot And Election Practices?

    Editorial: LB City Hall's Public Works Infrastructure Scandal: Going Where Facts Lead Without Flinching, Avoiding Damage Control/Cover-Up
    Statement by the Publisher / Opinion: No On Measure A Sales Tax Hike...To Build A Better Long Beach
    Editorial: Censored In East Long Beach?
    Editorial: How Many Bogus Statements Can You Spot In PT Editorial Supporting City Hall-Sought Sales Tax Increase To 10% (Measure A)? Here Are A Few We See, Plus Our Comments
    Editorial: How Many Bogus Statements Can You Spot In This Letter Signed By Presidents Of LB Police Officers/LB Firefighters Unions Supporting City Hall-Sought Sales Tax Increase To 10% (Measure A)? Here Are A Few We See, Plus Our Comments

    Editorial: How Many Bogus Statements Can You Spot In Gazettes Editorial Backing City Hall-Sought Sales Tax Increase To 10% (Measure A)? Here Are A Few We See, Plus Our Comments
    Editorial: Reckless "Feasibility" Of Risking Uncontrollable Outcome At LB Airport
    Opinion: Mayor's Proposal That Council Recommend Councilman Austin As LB Rep For "Lower Los Angeles River Working Group" Mocks Open Space Again After Approving "Riverwalk" Development
    by Laurie Angel
    Opinion: What I Saw/Heard At One-Sided Meeting Staged By Councilman Supernaw With Mayor Garcia On Their Tax Hike Ballot Measure
    by Tom Stout, co-founder LB Taxpayers Ass'n
    Perspective / Opinion: Significant Differences Emerge Between 8th Dist. Council Candidates On Airport
    Subsequent development at this link:
    Statement by the Publisher: City Is Attempting To Stall And Potentially Stonewall Public Records Act Release Of Full Results Of Survey (Portions Selectively Released By Mayor Last Month) Purporting To Show Support For Raising Sales Tax To 10%
    Opinion: Three More Reasons To Oppose Mayor/Council Proposed Tax Hike
    by Joe Weinstein, Ph.D.

    Editorial: LB's "Let Them Eat Cake" Mayor & Councilmembers
    Statement by the Publisher / Opinion: Standing Alone
    Opinion: Below the Radar In Attempt To Oust Coastal Comm'n Exec. Dir.
    by Joe Geever
    Editorial / Amnesia File: Battle For Soul Of Coastal Comm'n Will Have Long Beach Link
    Editorial: Annulment or Divorce
    Perspective / Opinion: Councilman Austin Twists And Turns To Avoid "T" Word -- Taxes -- In His Weekly E-Mail Update
    Perspective / Amnesia File: Mayor/Council Talking Taxes Before Exploring Taxpayer Savings And Meaningful Spending Reforms
    Editorial: We Publish "Censored" Words And Say Council Should First -- As Threshold Matter -- Evaluate Undeniable Risk Before "Feasibility" That Could Destroy LB's Protective Airport Ordinance
    Editorial: What To Watch For On Queen Mary Re-Do Vote Tonight: Responsibility Exercised Or Scorned
    Editorial: "Shots Fired"
    Editorial: What's In A Name? Politics And Clumsy Self-Promotion Too Often Propel Council Actions
    Opinion: My Detailed Analysis Of Management-Negotiated Civic Center Transaction: Council Should Vote NO Because...
    "On December 15, Long Beach Councilmembers will be asked to do what I believe no prudent company board of directors would do: to authorize a multi-million dollar transaction, carrying over four decades of binding obligations, on terms I expect an objective analysis would deem unwise, unbusinesslike and disadvantageous to the City and its taxpayers. It's a proposed action I believe the City frankly cannot afford..." MORE

    Editorial: Proposed LBCC Communication Policies Don't Facilitate Better Communication Or Oversight
    Opinion: City Pays More, Gets Less...And Boasts About It
    by Terry Jensen

    Perspective: So, Now With A Gifted CSULB Student A Victim of ISIS, How's The War On Terrorism Going? Read This Actual State Dept. Worldwide Travel Alert For American Citizens
    Opinion: Proposed Queen Mary Lease Offers Illusory Rent, For Taxpayers Basically A Sham
    by Jim McCabe *
    * Mr. McCabe is a retired Long Beach Deputy City Attorney

    Editorial: Council Spends $3.6-$4.4 Mil (And Millions More Coming) That Mgm't Initially Said It Wouldn't Have To Spend...But Just Did Without Serious Council Discussion Or Dissent
    Opinion: Show Us What's In And Isn't In Proposed Revised Queen Mary Lease, Because...
    by Terry Jensen

    Opinion: I'm A Long Beach Crime Victim...Again
    by Terry Jensen

    Your Views: What Bigger Story/Stories Does This LB Marathon Course Map Show About Long Beach?

    Red Xs=2014 and 2015 murders to date; Blue Xs=2014 and 2015 shootings, person wounded; Brown Xs=shots fired at victim(s), not hit; Purple Xs=2014 shots at occupied residence/vehicle; Green Xs= 2014 and 2015 shots at unoccupied vehicle/residence; Grey Xs=shots fired (no hit, no target identified); Orange X's=non-fatal stabbings. Map is unofficial.
    Editorial: A Royal Pain? Council Retreats Behind Closed Doors -- To Discuss Price & Terms Of Payment -- Regarding Lease Negotiations On Part Of Property Next To Queen Mary

    Image from Assessor's Parcel Number on agendized item (which refers to a "portion" of the area.)
    Perspective: Mayor Garcia's Disturbing Budget Boast About LB Murder Total Is No Longer Even Numerically Accurate
    Editorial: Why Can't Long Beach Provide Its Taxpayers With Police And Firefighter Levels That Other Cities Do?
    Editorial: Economics Lesson For Council On Plans To "Repurpose/Reposition/Rename" Downtown's "CityPlace" Shopping Area
    Opinion / VIDEO: Nobel Prize Winning Economist / Professor Milton Friedman On The Minimum Wage
    Editorial: Transparency Shrugged, Public/Press Access Blocked In Sac'to Actions That Put Pols On Coastal Comm'n; Bill To Let Garcia Return Needs Amendment To Ensure Accountability And Public/Press Access
    Opinion / Common Sense: Mungo's Mangled Facts Misstating Airport History, Shrugging Constituents' Concerns, May Mean Short Council Reign
    by Terry Jensen

    Editorial: Will Assemblyman O'Donnell Carry City Hall Water Or Speak Up For LB Taxpayers In Sac'to On Awful Civic Center Enabler Bill?
    Editorial: Advice About Fireworks And Police That Mayor Garcia Doesn't Want To Hear...But Should
    Editorial: Kudos: LB Public Works Director Reveals New Shoemaker Bridge WON'T Have Its Supports Inside L.A. River Channel; It Will SPAN L.A. River, Apparently Including Cables, Avoiding Major Issue In Leaving Old Shoemaker Bridge Up For New Park
    Opinion: For Naples Canal Property Owners, Much Is Given But Little Or Nothing Is Expected
    by Jim McCabe, retired LB Deputy City Attorney
    Subsequent coverage coming:
    Caution Needed On Contract Coming To Council Tonite: Saving L.A. River Bridge To Create Park Is Clever, But Guarantees Needed -- And Overdue -- That It Won't Trigger Costly, Mandatory "Flood Insurance" On Homeowners In LB And Beyond
    Editorial: Inviting And Welcoming, Not Discouraging And Demeaning, Residents Who Cite Pesky Facts And Pesky Laws In Public Matters
    Real Police (Fire & Core Services), Not Meat Police: Our Mighty Meaty Monday Meetup Manifesto
    Editorial: A Long Beach Lawless Shrug: Snubbing A Long Beach Gay Rights Pioneer
    Opinion: Sac'to Senate Republicans Join Lemming Run Toward Costly New Long Beach Civic Center
    by Terry Jensen

    Via New Technology Facilitates Transparency, Openness in CA State Govt.
    by Katy Grimes

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    Study Says Areas Including Downtown LB, Belmont Shore, Los Altos, Bixby Knolls At Estimated Heightened Cancer Risk From Port Operations

    "Draft Estimated Diesel PM [particulate matter] Cancer Risk From POLA and POLB" cited in Diesel Particulate Matter Exposure Assessment Study for the Ports of Los Angeles and Long Beach, p. 8
    24 Hrs. in LB Air: Bixby Knolls AQMD Monitor, Dec. 2003. Details, click photo
    AQMD Air Monitor in LB, Dec. 2003
    2005: Scientists @ LB Conference Say Air Pollution in L.A.-LB Region is High Enough to Cause Illness and Deaths; Economist Says Ports Receive Subsidies That Invite More Growth
    RecentlyWeeks AgoPast Few Months
    Three Months After Voters Approve Sales Tax Hike, Council Mainly Approves Mayor/Mgm't Budget Recommendations With Some Quarrels And Little Transparency On Some Changes
  • 8 police officers restored (out of 200 erased since FY10, per management/Mayor) + 2 officers + 2 firefighters (per Mungo) for "Homeless Rapid Response" (unexplained publicly)
  • Engine 8 restored but Rescue 12 and Engine 17 not restored; Richardson supports seeing if November statewide/county/local ballot measures on marijuana, transportation pass, bringing City more revenue; Mayor says City will restore Rescue 12 regardless of election outcome (no details); Supernaw cites benefits of restoring Engine 17, no audible/visible Council support
  • Council specifies up to $500,000 from $2.2 million annually budgeted for LBPD for overtime (used to respond to out-of-scheduled-shift violent crimes, shootings, gangs, plus Directed Enforcement Team operations) for "neighborhood safe streets initiative" at Police Chief's discretion (unexplained publicly)
    LBPD Says 36 Yr Old Mother Killed Her 8 Wk Old Son, Then Killed Herself, In Quiet ELB Neighborhood
    Woman Found Dead In NLB Residence...And LBPD Says It Was Homicide
    Perspective / Opinion: Were Councilwoman Stacy Mungo's Statements To ELB Neighborhood Residents About LB's Police Level, Police Academy Graduation Rate And Police Academy Applicants Accurate? Here's What We Found
    Vagrants Visible, Neighborhoods/Residents/Businesses See Nuisances/Crimes, Mayor Garcia Says City Should Adopt New "Homelessness Plan," No Specifics Yet, Schedules Oct. 4 Council Study Session
    Six Armed Robbery Suspects Flee, One Is Hit In Officer-Involved Shooting, All Are Booked On Armed Robbery Charges
    Man Is Fatally Shot, Area 12th St./Locust Ave., Three Blocks From Where Mother & Four Year Old Daughter Murdered Five Weeks Ago (1st dist/Gonzalez)
    In Detail / With VIDEO & Photo Gallery: Over 1,000 Long Beach Residents Come To See New "Michelle Obama Neighborhood Library" But She's Not Among Them, Although She Was Likely Only About 120 Miles Away From Long Beach...In Coachella Valley
    In Detail / Extended ON-DEMAND AUDIO: Hear It: 100-150 ELB Residents (From El Dorado Park South to Plaza Area) Meet On Neighborhood Street To Demand City Action On Neighborhood Crimes; Councilwoman Mungo Says She'll Propose "Homeless Abatement" At Sept. 13 Council Budget Session That Would Add Two Add'l Police Officers (Beyond 8 Out of 200 That Mayor/City Mgr Propose To Restore) Plus Two Add'l Paramedic-Trained Firefighters To Deal With Addiction Component
    Mungo tells residents: "The reason we have the number of officers we have is not because we have a budget issue." Blames decline in police job applicants, alleges only half of recent LB Police Academy recruits graduated.
    In Detail / Perspective: Is City of Long Beach Violating Taxpayer-Protective Prop 218 By Charging Its Own Water Dept. "Pipeline Fees," Taken By City Hall To Spend As It Wishes Without A Vote Of The People? Protests By Taxpayer Lejins (Rep'd By A Law Firm That's Sued Cities on Prop 218 Grounds) And Retired Councilwoman Schipske (Who Raised The Issue Years Earlier) Could Trigger Court Test
    Port of LB Exec. Dir. Slangerup Abruptly Resigns, He Says For Int'l Aviation Technology Firm; Speculation Swirls Over Effects Of Hanjin Bankruptcy Following Harbor Comm'n Closed Session For Conference With Legal Counsel Over Anticipated Litigation
    Extended VIDEO Coverage: See It: Dedication Ceremony For LBUSD High School -- Sato Academy of Mathematics and Science -- Honoring Former Mayor Eunice Sato, Who Overcame Wartime Prejudice, Rose To Civic And Political Leadership Roles

    As seen LIVE: Long Beach Council Votes To Dump Its Own ("The Long Beach Way") Minimum Wage, Will Follow Sac'to's Way With Statewide Law's Slower Pay Increases
    Over Councilwoman Price's objections, Council budgets roughly $700,000 to take local actions, possibly assisting state, without knowing what actions city can or can't take under state law, sum includes newly-added $220,000 without knowing from where to pursue/assist in wage theft matters ("friendly amendment" by Gonzalez)
    Council Prepares To Enact FY17 Budget, Alamitos Beach Residents Seek Professionally Prepared Parking Plan, Several Taxpayers Blast $100+ Mil Belmont Pool Rebuild
    Perspective: What To Watch For In Coming Council Budget Votes Sept. 13...Which We'll Carry LIVE
    Update: City Worker Dies After Terrible Industrial Accident @ LB Fleet Services on Temple Ave: A Trailer (Or The Like) Fell On Him
    Man Found Fatally Shot On Road Within Long Beach Port
    LBPD Describes Tragic Circumstances In Zaferia District, Says Officers -- Incl. Mental Evaluation Team -- Respond To Armed Suicidal Man (Reporting-Caller Indicated He Wanted To Commit "Suicide By Cop"), Begin Negotiating With Him When He Allegedly Charges Them Wielding Large Knife (See Photo), Is Shot...And Doesn't Survive (Area 16th St./Obispo Ave.)

    LBPD released photo
    Two Shootings In Two Days Hit Vehicles, Miss Persons: One in NLB, Another in Central LB
    In Depth / Perspective: Within Past 30 Days, This Central LB Area Had More Shootings Per Capita Than Chicago Citywide
    In Depth / Perspective: Sac'to Dems Join Repubs To Kill Coastal Comm'n Bills That Would Have Added Transparency, Restricted Lobbying
    Ass'yman O'Donnell Co-Authors Both Bills, Carries One On Assembly Floor...Which Goes Down To Lopsided Defeat
    Sept. 1 Planning Comm'n Hearing Item On Belmont Pool Rebuild Will Be Continued (Put Over To Future Date) So City Hall Can Comply With LB Muni Code Notice Requirement Requiring "Story Poles" Showing Public Full Extent Of Proposed Structure's Height
    Someone Somewhere In LB Has Become City's First Confirmed Human Case of Mosquito-Borne West Nile Virus This Year; LB Health Dept. Offers These Tips To Avoid Becoming Next One
    Man Is Shot -- And Killed -- 1600 block Hile (West of Temple, A Few Blocks NW of "Joe Jost's")
    It's fourth shooting, third with people hit, since Sun. Aug. 28

    2014 to date: Red Xs=homicides; Blue Xs= shootings, person wounded; Brown Xs=shots fired at victim(s), not hit; Purple Xs=shots at occupied residence/vehicle; Green Xs= shots at unoccupied vehicle/residence; Grey Xs=shots fired (no hit, no target identified); Orange X's=non-fatal stabbings. Map is unofficial. A separate map (not shown here) indicates add'l shootings in NLB.

    Two Shootings Overnight/Early a.m. Mon (Aug. 29); One in Central LB North of MacArthur Park, Another Roughly Two Blocks Away Says Second Victim
    Advisory/Perspective: Large Portion Of 5th Council Dist. May See/Hear Loud Aircraft Overhead Using Runway 25R Overnight Over Three Weeks; It's One Of Several Impacts That Could Result Permanently As Fateful Council Vote Approaches On Whether To Allow Airport Customs Facility/Int'l Flights That Could Arguably Put LB's Protective Airport Ordinance At Risk

  • Details / Perspective: Councilwoman Gonzalez Tries To Block Our Camera Lens, Refuses To Speak With Us, When We Ask Her Position On Adding More Police Than Mayor/Mgm't Propose...After Not Responding Minutes Earlier To Similar Questions From LB Resident During Community Budget Meeting

    Follow-Up: DA's Charges Shed Light On What Allegedly Happened Re Young an Found Murdered In Early August In Area Of Willow St./San Gabriel River
    Details / Perspective: Despite Sales Tax Hike, City Council Has Mainly Cut (And City Staff Is Proposing To Cut More), While Adding A Few, Crossing Guards For Schoolchildren And Their Taxpaying Parents
    Belmont Plaza Pool Rebuild Would Consume $1 Mil More From Tidelands AND $500k From Sales Tax Hike (For FY18) AND $500k From Any FY16 Surplus Listed In Mayor/Mgr Proposed FY17 Budget
    SCE Spokesperson Says Trash Appeared To Be Stuffed In Vent Pipe To Downtown LB Underground Power Vault (Pine/Ocean) Where Smoke Rose And LBFD Doused Fire; No Power Outages Reported
    Photo right is SCE file photo from another location, provided at's request for illustrative purposes.
    Man Shot At Predawn, 11th St./MLK; It's Second Shooting In Same Area Within 11 Days

    2014 to date: Red Xs=homicides; Blue Xs= shootings, person wounded; Brown Xs=shots fired at victim(s), not hit; Purple Xs=shots at occupied residence/vehicle; Green Xs= shots at unoccupied vehicle/residence; Grey Xs=shots fired (no hit, no target identified); Orange X's=non-fatal stabbings. Map is unofficial. A separate map (not shown here) indicates add'l shootings in NLB.
    As Seen LIVE: Residents Blast Proposed Density-Inviting SEASP (SE LB) Rezoning That (Draft EIR Admits) Could Further Worsen Already Terrible Traffic
    A number of speakers urge retaining the area's current low-density protective SEADIP zoning

    Advisory: To Avoid Colliding With Planning Comm'n Meeting Re Proposed SEADP Rezoning, Councilwoman Price Moves Parking Study Meeting To Sept. 1...Where It Now Collides With Planning Commission Belmont Plaza Pool Rebuild / EIR Hearing
    Teen Playing PokémonGo Near Pike Is Allegedly Struck In Head By Man Wielding A Metal Pole; DA Says Defendant Previously Convicted Of Assault With Deadly Weapon
    Advisory: A USAF military training aircraft (a T-38) blew out its tires on landing at LB Airport at about 11:15 a.m. Friday Aug 19, rolling on its wheel rims to an area that effectively shut down LB Airport's main runway 30-12 and alternate runway 25R which sent some passengers to other airports. Later in the day and into the evening, some LB flights arrived and departed using runway 25R.
    UPDATE: Council votes 7-0 (Price, Andrews absent after being present earlier) to approve city mgm't recommendation If City Council Agrees On Tuesday (Aug. 16), These Seven Intersections Previously Found To Deserve School Crossing-Guards -- But Currently Not Assigned -- Definitely Won't Have Them...And These Three New Intersections Will
    Subsequent development above
    Planning Commission Will Hold Study Session Aug. 18 on SEASP Increased-Density-Inviting SE LB Rezoning

    Source: SEASP Specific Plan (hearing version, released July 2016)
    Perspective: At 8th dist. Budget Meeting, Councilman Austin Mum On Whether He'll Move To Restore Some Police Beyond What Mayor/Mgm't Propose
    Perspective: By The Numbers: Long Beach Mayor Garcia Proposes -- After Sales Tax Hike -- Not Restoring Roughly 96% Of Police Long Beach Previously Had For Citywide Deployment But Cut By Councils (Including Him) Since 2009; If Not Changed By Council, This Would Leave L.A. County's Second Largest City With Thin Police Level Roughly Equivalent Per Capita To Erasing Over A Third Of LAPD's Officers
    Sat. Dawn: Two Men Shot, Area Anaheim/Walnut
    19 Yr Old Driver Strikes/Kills 77 Yr Old Pedestrian After El Dorado Park Summer-Ending Concert
    VIDEO Coverage: $40,000 Reward Offered -- And LB Police Chief Luna Makes Passionate, Intense Appeal For Info (See VIDEO) -- To Help Solve Murder of Mother And 4 Yr Old Daughter, 9th/Locust

    Imagine Waking Up To This: Someone Steals Wheels Off Your Car Parked In Your Driveway, Just Happened To ELB Resident

    Two Late Afternoon Shootings (Thurs. Aug. 11) Within Seven Minutes: One in Central LB (MLK/11th St.), Another In Far-Northern NLB (200 Block 69th Way)
    As LB and CA Voters Prepare To Vote On Selling It, Obama Admin DEA Nixes Reclassifying Marijuana To Less Restrictive Category But Will Allow More Research Into Cannabis' Chemicals
    Former Long Beach Council Candidate / Lobbyist/Advocate Carl Kemp Launches Go Fund Me Page For Family Support, Discusses His Fed'l Plea Agreement On Facebook, See Details From Court Doc
    In First Discussion Of Police/Fire Budgets After Sales Tax Hike, Some Councilmembers Indicate They'd Like To Restore Some Fire / Police Levels Beyond What Mgm't/Mayor Propose...But None Offer Any Plans Or Commit To Doing So
    Council Settles Lawsuits Re Fatal LBPD Shootings: Hector Morejon, 19 = $1.5 Mil; Jason Conoscenti, 36 = $2.0 Mil; Plaintiffs Sought $10+ Mil In Each Case
    In Depth: Los Cerritos Wetlands Authority OK's Key Action That Could Enable Synergy Oil Proposal To Restore 150+ Acres Of SE LB Wetlands; Local Enviro/Wildlife Advocates Cautious, Retain Legal Counsel Who Says CEQA Requires Doing EIR First To Disclose Expected Impacts And Results

    LBPD Says No Gang Ties Known, Urges Members Of Public To Come Forward With Info Re 9th/Locust Mother + Daughter Murder
    Council Will Discuss Police, Fire, Disaster/Emer Comm Budgets @ 6:30 p.m. Today
    Councilmember Supernaw, Plus Price, Pearce & Gonzalez, Propose At Least Seven To Eleven Add'l Days For Public Review Of Forthcoming "Feasibility Study" On Airport Customs Facility (Int'l Flights) Before It Comes To Council
    Driver Allegedly Tries To Strike LBPD Officer With Vehicle In Central LB Traffic Stop; Pursuit Follows; He's Taken Into Custody in So. Wrigley
    LBPD Says Fatal Shooting Of Mother/Daughter At 9th/Locust WASN'T A Drive-By; Tearful, Prayerful Residents Bring Flowers, Candles To Grassroots Shrine; Go Fund Me Page Seeks Help To Cover Funeral Expenses; LBPD Urges Anyone Who May Have Witnessed What Happened Or Has Information To Come Forward

    Photo from grassroots shrine, cropped by us to show mother and daughter.
    Child's Father Was With Mother And Daughter And They Had Just Arrived Home And Were Walking To Their Residence When Mother And 4 Yr Old Daughter Fatally Shot, Downtown Long Beach 900 block Locust Ave.
    Group Fight, 2600 block E. Anaheim St: Two Men Stabbed, One Of Whom Dies
    NLB SWAT Activity After LBPD Spots A Man In Houghton Park In 1 a.m. Hour, A Fight Follows And Suspect Allegedly Hits Officer In Head With A Handgun
    Update: Homicide Victim Was 19 Yr Old Downey Resident, Body Found Thurs a.m. At Willow St./San Gabriel River
    Follow-Up / Perspective: Nearly Nine Months After Council OK'd It Without Seeing It, There's No New Lease Yet With New Queen Mary Lessee And We And You Haven't Seen Its Full Terms ("Still Being Finalized")
    Perspective: Mgm't/Mayor Proposed FY17 Budget Adds Eight Police Officers (Out of 200 Gone), Restores One Belmont Shore Fire Engine (Leaves Los Altos Station 17 Without Engine), Includes Mgm't-Map-Specified Infrastructure Projects
    See Who Else Gave Money To Pro-Sales-Tax Hike Campaign AFTER Election Was Over (There's More)
    Fracking Foes Form Message Along Long Beach Bluff Beach Captured By Drone Digital Pic: "No Fracking"
    by Barry Saks

    Photo credit: Kurt Lieber, Ocean Defenders Alliance
    To Get $600K Sac'to Grant, City of Long Beach Said LBPD Lacks Diversity, Is Seeing Decreased Community Support / Decreased Satisfaction In High Crime Areas, Needs Anti-Bias Training
    Weeks Before A LB Airport "Feasibility Study" On Possible Fed'l Customs Facility (Int'l Operations), LB City Mgm't Hires New Airport Dir. Who Put One at Van Nuys Airport
    Iconic And Beloved Nino's Italian Restaurant -- Oldest Italian Restaurant In Long Beach -- Marks 58th Anniversary At End of July...And Will Close In Mid-August
    Federal Drug Enforcement Action In West Long Beach Re Alleged "Spice" Lab, Part of Search Warrants in LB, Tucson and Denver
    If Long Beach Gets A Historic Looff Carousel At Queen Mary, It Will Be Due To This Man
    City Hall's "Queen Mary Land Development" Advisory Task Force Announces "A Presentation On Proposed World Class Icon on the Queen Mary Site"
    Summer Early Evening: Not Yet 18, There's A Street Fight, He Allegedly Has A Gun, Shoots At Someone -- And Misses -- And Is Arrested

    2014 to date: Red Xs=homicides; Blue Xs= shootings, person wounded; Brown Xs=shots fired at victim(s), not hit; Purple Xs=shots at occupied residence/vehicle; Green Xs= shots at unoccupied vehicle/residence; Grey Xs=shots fired (no hit, no target identified); Orange X's=non-fatal stabbings. Map is unofficial. A separate map (not shown here) indicates add'l shootings in Central LB.
    One Day After He's Baptized In Eyes of God, Carl Kemp Stands Before Federal Judge And Pleads Guilty To A Federal Tax Offense; Sentencing Now Scheduled Nov. 7
    Multi-Car Accident, Palo Verde Ave. @ Carson St.

    Perspective: Mayor Garcia's Choices For Sales Tax Hike "Citizens Oversight Committee" Are...
    Detailed Coverage: City Staff Releases, Council Majority Will Eventually Decide On, This Re-Zoning Of Key Part Of SE LB ("SEASP"), Proposes To More Than Double Current Housing, More Than Double Current Population And Allow Up To Seven Story Bldg. Heights Along Parts Of PCH Near 2nd St
    Draft EIR Offers Options Of "Reduced Intensity Alternative" Or "Reduced Building Height Alternative" But Says Traffic Impacts At Multiple Intersections + Nearby Freeway + Cumulative Traffic Impacts "Significant And Unavoidable"

    Three LB Firefighters Suffer Heat Exhaustion Battling Second Alarm Blaze In Alamitos Beach (1000 block E. Broadway)
    Advisory: If You Want To Swim In It, City Says Long Beach Ocean Water Now Tests "Within State Requirements" After 1.75 Mil Gallons Of Poop Sent Down L.A. River From L.A. Sewage Spill
    In Depth: Below The Radar: Internal LB Airport Docs Show How Southwest Sought And Got Temporary Use Of Three JetBlue Flight Slots Thru Dec. 31; So What Happens Jan. 1?
    As seen LIVE: On 5-4 Vote, Council Chooses Councilman Rex Richardson As Its New Vice-Mayor For Next Two Years
    As seen LIVE: Council Directs City Att'y 9-0 To Prepare Nov. Ballot Measure To Tax LB Medpot/Recpot If LB/CA MJ Nov. Measures Pass
    Broken L.A. Sewage Pipe Sent Estimated 100k+ 1.5+ Million 1.775 Million Net Gallons Of Poop To Long Beach, Closes Long Beach Beaches To Water Activities
    Memorial Ceremony For Fallen K-9 Officer Credo Will Take Place Weds. July 20; Here's Info
    Uh-Oh: CalPERS (Paid By LB Taxpayers To Pay LB City Employee Pensions) Says It Only Earned 0.61% Return On Its Investments Over Past 12 Mos; How Much Could This Drain/Divert From LB Taxpayer Services To Pay City Retiree Pensions?
    DTM Security Cautions That "PokemonGo" Augmented Reality Games May Create Personal Security Threats, See VIDEO
    LBCC's Sup't/Pres. Oakley Is Newly Chosen Chancellor Of CA Community Colleges
    Subsequent development above
    Council To Mull Measure(s) To Tax Medpot/Recpot If LB/CA MJ Nov. Measures Pass
    In-Depth: Pro-Sales Tax Hike Committee Still Collecting Money After Election, Recent Contribs Incl. LBPOA PAC and LBCC Trustee Doug Otto 2016 Re-Election Committee
    As of June 7. Pro-Tax-Hike-Committee Owed Roughly $150,000+ More Than It Had Cash On Hand
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