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Community Hospital Transition Or Trainwreck?: UPDATE: The immediate future of LB Community Hospital remains unclear despite an 8-0 vote (Austin absent) and public plaudits for Councilmembers (particularly Daryl Supernaw), Mayor Garcia and city staff for fashioning a complex work-around to enable a new entity -- Molina-Wu-Network, LLC -- to operate a reconfigured, smaller version of Community Hospital (Garcia described it as a "boutique" hospital with roughly 40 beds plus an ER) on its seismically challenged city owned site.

Meanwhile, the hospital's current operator, MemorialCare, reiterated to the LB Business Journal that it plans to cease operating the facility July 3. The Mayor/Council publicly pressed MemorialCare not to close the facility and allow the hospital's current license to lapse, which city staff said would require a new operator to get a new license, a process consuming multiple months with a cost estimated by city staffer John Keisler at $10 mil-$30 mil. A representative of the Community Hospital Foundation said its board offers to purchase an insurance policy with $1 mil in liability coverage for MemorialCare during the transition period.

Shortly before the Council meeting, the Mayor/Supernaw/City Manager sent a letter to MemorialCare's CEO contending MemorialCare had made inaccurate statements about the possibility of meeting seismic requirements. The letter urged MemorialCare to let the hospital remain open under its current license and negotiate a smooth transition with the new entity, giving the City and new entity time to pursue a seismic engineering remedy and seek a Sacramento legislative extension of time to meet seismic standards. MemorialCare's CEO told the LB Business Journal that it disputes the City's contentions, said not enough time remains for the smooth transition sought by the City..and reiterated its intention to cease operations on July 3

Councilmembers publicly continued to urge MemorialCare to negotiate a smooth transition, saying it should "do the right thing"...and implicitly positioned MemorialCare if a closure/lapse occurs.

Seemingly lost in the dueling positions was a statement by city staff indicating that the new operator seeks "city participation" in cost of seismic improvements. No Councilmember(s) asked publicly for details of the public costs of such "city participation." Details to follow.

New / UPDATE: Overnight Homicide: Man Fatally Shot, 1700 block Daisy Ave.; It's Possible Bicycle-Ride-By Shooting: Victim Believed Homeless, May Have Lived In Nearby Encampment (Area 17th/Daisy)
Second shooting within two weeks just south of PCH in 1st district but not believed gang-related
Statement by the Publisher / Opinion: More Than Ever

Follow the Money Coverage
Campaign & Officeholder Contribs re Incumbents Seeking Re-Election: Councilmembers Gonzalez, Price, Mungo, Uranga, Vice Mayor Richardson & Mayor Garcia

LB Gov't Transparency

Land Use Element / Density / Related Sacramento Legislation

See Pitch That Got Now-Emerging Deal Rolling For Three-Member LLC To Operate LB Community Hospital; On June 19, Council Will First Meet In Closed Session, Then Take Public Action On Entering Exclusive Negotiating Agreement With These Terms

Prop 47 Begat More Thefts, Esp. From Vehicles, PPIC Says Data Show
Amnesia file: In April 2018, Councilmembers Mungo and Price co-agendized Council item to support petition-initiative seeking changes in Prop 47, AB 109 and Prop 57, but faced with local push-back, then-runoff candidate Mungo withdrew it
UPDATE: LBPD Says Possible NLB Kidnapping Is Possible Prostitution/Human Trafficking
New: Catalytic Converter Thefts Increased April-Early June In LBPD East Division (Council Dists 3 + 4 + 5); See Map
Analysis / Perspective: Procedural Irregularities, Substantive Omissions And Emerging Non-Public Process Mark First Of Three Hearings On Mayor-Proposed Nov. 2018 Special Election Charter Amendments
Nearing Final Tally: Measure M Carries Citywide By Approx 53%; 5th Dist. Incumbent Mungo Re-Elected With Roughly 55%, Uranga With Approx 53%
Perspective: Lessons of the Dogz Fire: Restored Engine 8 Shows Need To Prioritize Restoring Three Remaining Fire Engines Beyond Belmont Shore That LB Taxpayers Had But No Longer Have

Photo via Ben Goldberg
Mayor Garcia's 12-Year "Term Limit" Proposal Tilted Toward Incumbents (That He Labels "Strengthening" Term Limits) Similar To Proposal Rejected By Over 2/3 Of LB Voters; See 2007 Ballot Arguments Pro/Con
Mayor Garcia Proposes Mayor-Chosen, Council-Approved Advisory-Only "Redistricting Comm'n," Could Allow Council To Continue District Gerrymandering
Mayor Garcia Proposes Changing LB's Term Limits Law To Allow Himself & Council Incumbents 12 Years Without Facing Third-Term Write-In Bypass But No Fourth Term; Garcia Calls It "Strengthening" LB Terms Limits
Mayor Garcia Proposes "Ethics Comm'n" Whose Members He'd Choose, Council Would Approve, To Administer And Implement Campaign Finance, Lobbying, Conflicts of Interest And Gov'tal Ethics, Could Adopt, Amend, Rescind Rules & Regs With Council Approval
Two Shootings Within Less Than A Mile Within Less Than Seven Hours...On Election Day
See Water Quality Grades of LB Beaches In "Heal the Bay" 2018 Beach Report Card
Measure M Carries Citywide By Approx 53%; 5th/7th Dist. Council Incumbents Mungo and Uranga Appear Re-Elected With Approx 54%
Still undetermined number of absentee and provisional ballots remain to be counted
Mayor Garcia Tweets This W/ Pic Re Measure M
City-Sought Sac'to Bill To Delay Community Hospital Seismic Compliance Deadline Misses Assembly Passage Deadline
City continues seeking alternative operators
City Paid Measure M "Informational" Flier Printing Cost Using Election Savings And Says No Added Cost To Insert Flier In Utility Bills; FPPC Staff Says A Mailer Quoting City Mgr. Re Measure M Didn't Violate Statute Prohibiting "Explicit" Advocacy
Add'l Info Plus 2016 Garcia Letter Re Dines & His 2016 Response
Fifth Dist. Council Candidate Dines Says Two Individuals Met With Him In Late Dec. 2017, Suggested He Drop Out Of Race Against Garcia-Favored Incumbent Mungo With Possibility Of Future Commission App'tment; He Refuses, And A Few Weeks Later Garcia 2016 Letter Disciplining Then Harbor-Comm'r Dines Surfaces As Public Record
L.A. County Dem Party Blasts As Misleading Indie-Committee Pro-Milrad Mailer's Use Of Logo Similar To Democratic Nat'l Committee Logo...When Incumbent Councilman Uranga Is Only Candidate Officially Endorsed By Dem Party
Councilwoman Pearce Appears Likely To Dodge Recall: With Slightly Over Half Of Recall Petitions Checked, City Clerk Says Validity Rate Under 50%
LB Rent Control/Just Cause Eviction Initiative Petition Proponents Miss Signature Deadline For November 2018 Election Ballot
May still qualify for later ballot IF they submit sufficient valid signatures by late July
On Tiananmen Square Anniversary, Hear Courageous 1989 Report By Radio Beijing's "Radio Tankman"

City Auditor Doud Says Anti-Dines Mailer From "Long Beach Neighborhoods PAC" Misstated Her Words/Findings In Harbor Dept. Audit
Special Report / Detailed Coverage: Fact Check: Is Long Beach's Fifth Dist. Crime "Down" Or "Up"? Displays Neighborhood-Level LBPD Crime Data Here
State Senate Passes Land Use Impacting SB 828 With Amendments, Requires Cities To Identify 125% And Make Available For Residential Development 100% Of SCAG-Dictated Regional Housing Need, Sends Bill To Assembly
City of LB opposed bill; Sen. Lara advanced it to Senate floor with "yes" vote in Committee he chairs, and voted "yes" on Senate floor but flipped his vote to "no" when Dems had sufficient votes to pass it; Sen. Nguyen votes "no"
State Senate Approves Bill That Would Let City Councils In Seven Cities -- Incl. Long Beach -- Allow 4 a.m. Bar Closing; Measure Advances To Assembly
Sen. Lara (among bill's co-authors and candidate for statewide Insurance Comm'r) votes "yes"; Sen Nguyen (seeking re-election) votes "no."
UPDATE: Feds Drop Charges After Arresting El Dorado Park South Resident / Serving Search Warrant Re Aliso Viejo Fatal Explosion, He Was Never Charged With That Crime But On Allegations Of Possession Of Unregistered Destructive Device
Names Of Over 6,000 U.S. Servicemembers Who Gave Their Lives Since 9/11 Attacks Are Read Aloud At Wall of Remembrance In LB's Rosie the Riveter Park

Perspective / Viewpoints

Op-Ed: Things They Need to Tell Us Before They Lease Community Hospital
By Gerrie Schipske *
* Ms. Schipske, an attorney, served two terms as LB's 5th dist. Councilwoman (2006-2014) and is the author of Historical Hospitals of Long Beach

Editorial: Mayor Garcia's Anti-Reform Charter Amendments
Perspective: Councilwoman Price Says She Opposes Sac'to Bill That Could Let LB Council Allow 4 a.m. Bar Closings In Parts of LB...But Here's What She Didn't Say And Hasn't Done
Editorial: Apply This CA Jury Instruction To Mayor/Councilmembers Who Claim Blank Check Measure M Isn't A Tax
Editorial: "Alternative Facts" In Long Beach
Perspective: Did Mayor And Your Councilmember Tell You Measure M Isn't A Tax? Compare Exactly What Council Voted To Approve When It Put Measure M On Ballot
Using Cops As Props

Perspective: Long Beach, According to the New York Times
Perspective / Opinion: Some Major Matters Missing In Mayor's "Homeless Initiative"
Perspective: Will Mayor Garcia Commit To Serving Full Four Year Term LB Voters Just Gave Him Without Jumping Ship For State Senate Seat In November Or Congress In Two Years? We Asked, And...
Thoughts on Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., A Half Century Gone
by Joe Segura (retired Long Beach journalist)
by Bill Pearl ( publisher)
Perspective / Opinion: LBCC Candidate Ntuk's Mindless Mailer Invites 2016 Party-Over-Principle Politics For Non-Partisan LBCC Board
Editorial: Urges This March 6 LUE Motion: Prudent, Neighborhood Protective, Data Driven And Responsible

Perspective / Opinion: How Some LB Dems Shoved Independent-Minded Dem Schipske Out of State Senate Race
Editorial: I-710 Travesty
Perspective / Opinion: Guess Who's Trying To Derail Gerrie Schipske's State Senate Bid
Perspective: Mayor Garcia Didn't Preside At Council Meeting (One Of His Charter Duties) To Attend L.A. County Democratic Party Event; His Former Online Calendar Has Apparently Vanished And We'd Like To Know If He Took Metro To The Event
Perspective Via Former L.A. City Planner Platkin Collapses Rationales For "Transit Rich" Density-Dictating SB 827
It's titled: "The More You Stir it, the More It Stinks: New Planning Legislation from Sacramento"
Long Beach City Hall Using "Mushroom Treatment" (Again) To Delay Our Reporting This Taxpayer-Impacting Information To You
Editorial: End LB's Transparency-Mocking Mushroom Treatment As Council's "I-710 Oversight Committee" (Austin, Uranga, Richardson) Prepares To Receive Publicly-Hidden Update And Select "Locally Preferred Alternative" To I-710 Expansion Project

Point-Counterpoint / Opinion: We Question These Statements Mayor Garcia Submitted For Inclusion In Official Election Pamphlet, And He Says...

Friends of LB Animals
Adoptable pets and more:

Reference links

  • Council District Map
  • How To Recall a LB Elected Official
  • Email Your Councilmember
  • RecentlyWeeks AgoPast Few Months
    City Clerk's Tally Of Roughly First Quarter Of 2nd Dist Pearce-Recall Petition Signatures Finds Less Than Half Valid; Process Continues With High Validity Rate Needed For Remainder To Trigger Recall
    Governing Board Of LB Area Republicans Votes To Oppose Measure M Although Group Endorses Council Incumbent Mungo Who Voted To Put It On Ballot While Her Dem Challenger Dines Opposes Measure M;...And Mungo Sends Mailer Telling Dem Voters She's "Supported By OUR Democratic Leaders"
    4 a.m. Bar Closing Bill Advances To Upcoming Full Senate Vote With Support From Its Co-Author, LB-Area State Senator [and Dem Party Endorsed State Insurance Comm'r Candidate] Ricardo Lara
    Did Mayor/Councilmembers Misinform You About Measure M (Including Denying It's A Tax)? City Att'y Sends "Privileged Communication" to Mayor/Council After Retired Councilwoman Schipske -- Co-Author Of Ballot Argument In Opposition And Part of Legal Team That Enforced State Taxpayer Protections -- Alleges They Did And Cites These Items To City Att'y
    VIDEO & PODCAST AUDIO (Again) on See It/Hear It: Incumbent 7th Dist.Councilman Uranga, Challenger Milrad, Spar in Runoff Election Forum

    In Fifth District, Dines Appears Solo After His Campaign Spokesman Says Incumbent Mungo Rejected Suggested Dates
    Council Votes To Censure Councilwoman Pearce
  • Pearce reads written statement: apologizes, accepts responsibility for her actions and "accepts censure as a call to do better."
  • Public testimony sharply split between Recall/Resign proponents and "We Stand With Jeannine" supporters
  • Apart From Pearce, no Councilmembers speak on agenda item

    Subsequent coverage coming
    7th Dist. Council Runoff Face-Off b/w Uranga/Milrad...But In 5th Dist. No Scheduled Runoff Face-Off Thus Far b/w Mungo/Dines
    UPDATE To Campaign Notebook / Perspective: Councilwoman Mungo Responds Re Her Campaign Mailer Labeling $150 Mil For Sidewalks/Streets From "Bond" (Instead of Measure A Sales Tax Increase): (1) Says Graphic Designer Made Change Consultants Didn't Catch, A Mistake; (2) Says Measure A Wasn't "Blank Check" As Far As She's Concerned And Explains
    Previous headline: Mungo Campaign Mailer Tells Voters She Made Street Repaving/Park Repairs Top Priorities In LB's "$150 Million Infrastructure Bond"...But There Wasn't One
    Subsequent development above
    Councilmembers Austin, Price, Supernaw & Andrews Agendize May 22 Council Item To Censure (Express Strong Public Disapproval Of) Councilwoman Jeannine Pearce's Conduct As Councilmember And They Cite These Grounds
    Publisher's Perspective: Long Beach Mayor Garcia's Tightly-Controlled, Non-Transparent "#GoLongBeachTour": Public Records Act Docs Delayed, Independent Access Stymied, Imagery/Messages Filtered Thru City Gov't-Run Social Network Channels...And His Own
  • Photo Gallery / VIDEO: Long Beach Homeowners Display Their Impressive Sustainable Gardens (Changed From Water Consuming Lawns) on 7th Annual LB Lawn-to-Garden Tour, LB Water Dept. Event Included Festival at Agency HQ
    In 5th Dist. Council Runoff, Challenger Dines Draws Clear Line, Urges "No" On "Blank Check" Measure M (Utility Fund Transfer/Diversion) That Incumbent Mungo Voted To Put On Ballot...As She Did With Measure A Sales Tax Increase That Failed Passage In Nearly Every 5th Dist. Precinct
    Many Questions Remain, But Learns These Add'l Facts After A Transient Allegedly Steals A Woman's Cell Phone, Bystanders Seek To Detain Him, An "Altercation" Ensues, PD/Marine Patrol Cuffs Him...And He Dies
    Feds Arrest El Dorado Park South Resident After Serving Search Warrant Re Aliso Viejo Fatal Explosion, But He's Not Charged In Connection With That Crime But On Allegations Of Possession Of Unregistered Destructive Device

    First (Again) on Fair Political Practices Comm'n Enforcement Division Confirms It Has An "Open Case" Re 7th Dist. Council Candidate Jared Milrad; In Late March, City Att'y Forwarded WLB Resident's Five Page Allegation Letter, Which Included Nearly 70 Pages Of Attached Documents
  • Per policy, FPPC says it doesn't comment on open investigations
  • LB City Att'y office seeks FPPC review and investigation, while City Att'y separately investigates WLB resident's allegations related to LB's local campaign contribution limits
  • Candidate Milrad calls complaint a "desperate attempt" to distract from incumbent's "failed record," says allegations are filled with "numerous legal and factual errors"
    ALL LGB Aircraft -- Large and Small -- Will Use Runway 25R/7L For Eight Day Period
    At Midafternoon, Man Walks A Block South of LBCC's PCH Campus, Waving Gang Signs, Shooting Gun Into Air; He's Gone Before Cops Arrive
    Re Community Hospital: No Supernaw-Promised May 15 Public Study Session, But Closed-Door Council Discussion re Lease Terms With These Three Negotiating Parties
    City Att'y Seeks State Att'y General's Office Review For Investigation And Appropriate Action After Learning Of Email Seeking Volunteers To Oppose Pearce Recall Allegedly Sent On City Computer During Scheduled Work Hours By An Employee In Councilwoman Pearce's Office
    First (Again) on June 26, 5 p.m. Is Likely Rescheduled Date/Time For JetBlue-Requested Showdown Hearing On Some Late-Night-Flight Fines
    Two Armed Robberies Within An Hour Hit NLB Businesses At/Near Cherry Ave.: One At South St., Another At Artesia Blvd.
    Recall Supporters Aiming To Oust Councilwoman Pearce Submit 9,462 Petition Signatures; 6,363 Valid Would Trigger Election; City Clerk Will Now Count/Verify How Many Sigs Are Valid 2nd Dist. Registered Voters
    Who's Put Up Money (Thus Far) In Recall Effort To Oust Councilwoman Pearce Or To Keep Her In Office?
  • Analysis / Perspective: City Begins "Informational" Blitz re Blank-Check Measure M With Utility Bill Insert, Webpage

    Sic Transit: Long Time Long Beach Presence Former Gov. George Deukmejian Passes Away At Age 89; GOP Stalwart Prioritized Public Safety, Fiscally Conservative Policies While Finding Common Ground With Dems On Some Issues
    See extended video of his Jan. 2012 advice to LB's Lincoln Club (Republican party loyalists)
    President Trump Blasts Obama Admin Negotiated Iran Deal, Announces U.S. Withdrawal, Reimposes Sanctions, Offers To Work With Iran's Rulers On New Agreement And Cites Progress With North Korea As Evidence Of His Seniousness; Within Minutes, Cong. Alan Lowenthal Issues Statement Supporting Obama-Admin Deal And Deploring President's Actions; See Full Texts Of Both Statements
    Perspective: City Hall Stalls Release Of Public Records On Mayor Garcia's Citywide "Tour"
    Perspective: LB Latest Population Number Is...And Data Show LB's Thin Mayor/Council Budgeted Ratio Of Police-to-Population Despite Measure A Sales Tax Increase
    LBPD Finds Human Remains, 500 block W. 8th St., With Search Warrant/Excavation In Connection With Missing Person
    Gunfire (Two Vehicles Struck) Along NLB's Orange Ave., Just North of South St. (Border 8th/9th Districts)
    Subsequent development above
    First (Again) on JetBlue Seeks Postponement Of May 8 Council Showdown Hearing On Some Late-Night-Flight Fines; City Plans To Grant Company's Postponement Request With New Date Being Prepared
    Seen, Heard At LB's 2018 May Day March & Rally
    by Barry Saks
    Special to

    Subsequent development above
    In Depth: JetBlue/City Mgm't Escalate Dispute Over Some Late-Night Flight Fines To May 8 Council Showdown Hearing; Agendized Docs Omit JetBlue Letter Arguing City's Stance Raises Federal Issues (Implied Risks to LB's Airport Ordinance)
    Perspective: Elections Matter: City Spent $42,000+ To Send LB Residents This Mailer Purporting To Show Its Record Re Measure A "Blank Check" Sales Tax Increase...Just As It Seeks LB Voter Approval For June 2018 Measure M "Blank Check" Water/Sewer Fee

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