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New: Man Is Shot, Area Hill St./Pine Ave.
New: Fed'l Dept. of Transportation Map Shows Noise Impacts (Aviation/Highways) in Long Beach Neighborhoods And Nationwide

Source: U.S. Dept. of Transportation
Statement by the Publisher / Perspective: Seeks Answers And Action After E-Mailboxes Containing Public Records Of Some Now-Former City Officials Are Deleted Thirty Days After They Exited City Hall


New: LBCC Trustees Mull But Don't Yet Choose New Sup't-President
Union reps testify in opposition to Dr. Nish
by Denny Han, Special to

New: City's New Lessee/QM Operator/Adjacent Land Developer Urban Commons Proposes This For Land Next To Queen Mary; See Company Release, Artist Drawings, Video
Two Adults (Man & Woman) Shot/Wounded, Neighborhood East of LB Blvd., North of Market St.
In Depth / Perspective: State Senator Ricardo Lara Is Running For CA Insurance Comm'r...And If He's Elected It Could Trigger Feeding Frenzy Among Local Pols Seeking Higher Offices learns Lara filed Insurance Comm'r paperwork in late Jan. 2017. weeks before staged LB rally alongside LB Mayor Garcia for Lara's "single payer"/state gov't run health care bill
In Depth / Perspective: Long Beach City College Is Starting Work On A Fully-Funded New Aquatics Center That Will Have Olympic-Size Competition-Worthy Pool Like Unfunded Proposed Pool At Belmont Plaza; There's Stadium Parking + New Hotels @ Douglas Park + More Central Location + Existing Bus Lines + Nearly Straight Shot From Four Freeways AND LBCC Included Dual City/Public Use In Voter Approved Bond Documents...So Why Not Use It?
Sic Transit: Chuck Berry
With VIDEO Coverage: Airport Advisory Comm'n 3-3 Vote Declines To Recommend Council Reconsider Its Vote Nixing Customs Facility (Int'l Flights)
LB Airport Gives Two Flight Slots To Southwest Airlines, Puts Delta and JetBlue On Wait List, As American Airlines Gives Up Two Of Its Five Slots
Two Shootings Within About 28 Hours: (1) North of PCH, West of L.A. River (Man Hit/Wounded); (2) About Two Blocks North of PCH East of L.A. River (South Wrigley), Teen Fires Gun (No One Hit)
VIDEO: See Long Beach Native Snoop Dogg's Video -- Unedited, In Full -- Subject Of National Media Attention
Councilwoman Pearce Schedules And Delivers Her Own Presentation To Elections Oversight Committee She Chairs, Cites Reasons To Lower Voting Age To 17 In Long Beach Amid Sac'to Move Proposing It Statewide; No Comments From Committee Members Supernaw Or Andrews, No Action Taken...For Now
Update: (1) FPPC Investigation Continues Into LB Resident's Allegations Of Conflict of Interest Re Two Mayor- Chosen/Council-Approved "Airport Advisory Commission" Members, One Of Whom Resigned Mar. 10; (2) City Att'y Office Clears Airport Advisory Comm'n To Consider Recommending Council Reconsideration of Airport Customs Facility (Int'l Airport)
Sac'to Bill Would Provide Grants To Cities For Gunfire Detection Technologies...Like The "SpotSpotter" System A Previous LB Council Funded, LBPD Didn't Deploy And The Council Then Spent The Money For LBPD Overtime
Council Committee (Pearce, Andrews, Supernaw) Will Hear Presentation On "Lowering Voter Age In Long Beach to 17"
Homelessness, Hunger Span Generations: CSU Study Finds Disturbing Number Of Its Students Are Homeless While Volunteers Work To Help Seniors Facing Hunger And Lack Of Affordable Housing
by Joe Segura
Special to

Perspective / Amnesia File: Two Decades Ago, Long Beach Residents Had This Civic Right...That The City Council Should Restore Now

Airport Advisory Comm'n Vice Chair Glenn Ray, Veteran LB Airport Business Owner, Resigns...Says 14 Yrs Is Plenty, Notes He Would Have Recused Himself On March 16 Comm'n Agenda Item Proposing To Recommend Council Reconsider Customs Facility
:Perspective / In Detail: Gasoline Prices At The Pump Could Jump Under Sac'to Bill Backed By LB-Area's Sen. Lara; Would Increase CA Gasoline Tax, Diesel Fuel Tax Plus Annual Car Registration Fee For Highway/Road Repairs
Bill is among early results of Nov 2016 elections that gave Sac'to Dems 2/3 majorities in Assembly and state Senate with ability to unilaterally raise taxes without Repubs
LB Firefighters Ass'n & City Hall Negotiators Reach Deal On Tentative New Contract, LB Taxpayers Will (Again) Be Last To Learn Taxpayer-Impacting Details (And Here's Why)
Much of ELB Voted Against L.A. County's Measure H Sales Tax Hike, While Roughly 60% of LB Overall Voted For It, Roughly 8.8% LB Voter Turnout
Did Road Rage Trigger Deadly Downtown/East Village Double-Shooting (Man Died, Woman Wounded, 200 block Liberty Ct.)?

Council OK's Metro Blue Line Policing Contract, Mayor Garcia Again Claims It Will "Add" Officers Although LBPD Mgm't Has Acknowledged It Will Initially Use Overtime From Current Citywide Officers To Produce "Full Time Equivalents" For Metro
UPDATE: Transcript added of soft questions from Councilwoman Price to Chief Luna
Follow-Up: Open Gov't / Digital Transparency: LB City Att'ys Office Tells Mayor and Council This After CA Supreme Court Rules Emails On Public's Business Are Subject To Public Records Act Disclosure If Sent/Received Via Private/Commercial Email Account
Polarized Public Testimony But Unanimous Planning Comm'n Approval Of Legal Prerequisites To Proposed $103+ Mil Belmont Plaza Aquatics Center/Pool Rebuild, Virtually Ensuring Appeal(s) To City Council
Seal Beach Police Chief (Former LBPD Commander) Joe Stilinovich Resigns Following Publicly Unexplained SB City Mgm't Investigation
Open Gov't / Digital Transparency: CA Supreme Court Rules City Officials' Emails On Public's Business Are Accessible Under Public Records Act Even If Sent/Stored Using Private Email Account; Read Full Court Opinion Here
Subsequent development above
Fiscal, Equity, Competitive, Recreational And Environmental Issues Re Proposed $100+ Mil Belmont Plaza Aquatics Center/Pool Rebuild Comes To Planning Comm'n March 2

Image via City of LB Power Point

Two Men Shot, One Dies, 48th St./LB Blvd.

Gunfire In 1 p.m. Hour, 1200 block Chestnut, Damages Vehicle and Fence
Man Is Shot/Wounded, Early a.m. Area PCH / 710 Fwy
Two More Shootings Shake Wrigley/East Wrigley-Central LB; Since Jan. 25 6th District Shootings Per Capita Parallel Chicago Citywide

2014 to date: Red Xs=homicides; Blue Xs= shootings, person wounded; Brown Xs=shots fired at victim(s), not hit; Purple Xs=shots at occupied residence/vehicle; Green Xs= shots at unoccupied vehicle/residence; Grey Xs=shots fired (no hit, no target identified); Orange X's=non-fatal stabbings. Map is unofficial. A separate map (not shown here) indicates add'l shootings in NLB.
Four-Hour Council Study Session Hears Methods To Increase Affordable and Workforce Housing
by Barry Saks

Photo by Barry Saks
VIDEO: See/Hear It & Reaction To It: LB Area State Senator Ricardo Lara (LB-Huntington Park) Orders LB Area State Senator Janet Nguyen (SE LB/West OC) Physically Removed From Senate Floor, Rules Her Out of Order For Using "Adjourn In Memory" To Recall Deceased Vietnamese Refugees In Criticizing Late State Senator Tom Hayden
4 of 9 Airport Advisory Comm'n Members Set March Vote To Recommend Council Reconsider Customs Facility / Int'l Airport; JetBlue Mum Amid Phone Survey Indicating Someone Preparing Possible Ballot Maneuver
Sunday Event Advisory:
Sunday Is Chrissy Strong-Marshall Memorial Kickball Tournament Benefiting Nat'l Law Enforcement Cancer Support Foundation and City of Hope, Honors Memory Of Beloved LB Parks/Rec Bureau Mgr
Perspective: Putative Write-In / Returning Council Candidate Schipske: "I Have Not Taken Position Publicly" On Int'l Terminal, Most 5th Dist. Constituents "Support An Int'l Terminal"
No Discussion, No Questions, No Taxpayer Disclosure Of Terms As Council Votes Without Dissent To Authorize City Mgm't To Sign Documents Relating To LB's Role In L.A.'s 2024 Olympics Bid
See "Story-Pole" Showing Real-World Height Of Proposed $100+ Million Belmont Pool Rebuild

Sic Transit: Ann Denison: Successfully Fought To Protect Portion Of El Dorado Park Open Space From Commercial Exploitation, Continued Working For Los Cerritos Wetlands And Other Environmental/Animal Advocacy Causes

VIDEO: Retired Lt. Gen'l Keith Kellogg -- With Long Beach Family Ties -- Will Be Chief of Staff To Pres. Trump's New National Security Advisor Gen. H. R. McMaster

Screen save from WH video
Feb. 21 Council Consent Calendar (no discussion unless sought by a Councilmember) Would Authorize City Mgr. To Execute Documents, Not Shown To Taxpayers, Relating To LB's Role in L.A.'s 2024 Olympics Bid
First (Again) on Mystery Entities/Persons Are Conducting Professional Telephone Survey re Possible Ballot Measure That Could Require City To Allow Int'l Airport, Testing Attitudes And Campaign Messages
Fifth Dist. Resident Also Received Call From Firm, Hired By Mystery Entities/Persons, Conducting Professional Telephone Survey re Possible Ballot Measure That Could Require City To Allow Int'l Airport
LB-Area State Senator Lara (And SD-Area Sen. Atkins) Propose State-Gov't Run "Single Payer" Health Care System
VIDEO: See What Feb. 17 Storm Did At Its Height, And Stats

Long Beach Soaked, Socked With These Serious Rain Rates and Totals
Neighborhoods In These Two Long Beach Council Districts Combined Experienced More Shootings Per Capita Than Chicago Citywide (Jan 25-Feb. 12)
Long Beach Councilwoman Pearce Closes Her City Hall Office For "Day Without Immigrants"; See Her Facebook Explanation
Subsequent coverage above
Nat'l Weather Service Says "Atmospheric River" Headed For Us, Could Mean 2-3" (Or More) Of Rain For LB, Heavy With Rates At Times Of Roughly 1" Per Hour; See NWS Text, Make Prudent Preparations <
Council Votes 9-0 To Let Metro Contract Away LBPD Officers For Blue Line Policing, No Details Provided (Incl. Number Of LBPD Officers Taken From Other Citywide Police Tasks, Sums Metro Will Pay And If Citywide Officers Will Be Replaced One-for-One For LB Taxpayers In FY18)
LBPD Mgm't Told Us It Plans To "Initially" Use "Overtime"
Council Votes 9-0 To Restore NLB Paramedic Rescue 12 And Add Nine Officers to Staff Police Training Academy...But Mum On Internal City Management Memos Resisting Further Police or Fire Dept. Restorations For Taxpayers
Express Blue Line Trains Between LB / LA During Peak Hours? Metro Boardmembers Mayors Garcetti And Garcia Plus Supervisor Hahn And Garcetti-Appointee Dupont-Walker Will Ask Metro Board To "Study" This And Other System Upgrades
Subsequent development above:
In Depth/Perspective These Four Councilmembers Seek Council Support For Mayor-Backed Plan To Contract-Away Police Officers From Citywide Tasks To Handle Metro Blue Line; No Contract Terms Disclosed, No Assurance Citywide Officers Will Be Replaced As PD Mgm't Plans To "Initially" Use "Overtime"; Action Scheduled On Short-Notice For Council Vote This Tuesday
Subsequent development above Tues. Council Action / In Depth:
Despite Millions More In New Taxes, City Mgm't Resists Restoring Police Officers And Fire Engines For Taxpayers; 19 Officers Restored Out of 208 Erased, And LBPD Mgm't Puts Restoring Officers LAST Among Its Budget Priorities; Fire Stn 17 Remains Without Fire Engine
Pres. Trump Taps Retired Gen'l Keith Kellogg -- With Long Beach Family Ties -- As Interim Nat'l Security Advisor
Monday Afternoon Broadway Corridor/Alamitos Beach Armed Robbery (Knife); LBPD Nabs One Suspect Right Away, Conducts Multi-Hour Search And Apprehends Second Suspect
Man Is Shot In Willmore City Neighborhood, 1100 block Daisy Ave (1st dist.)
Man Is Found Shot To Death, 10th. St Just East Of Alamitos Ave. (border 1st/6th Council districts)
As Seen LIVE: LBPD Chief Luna Announces Arrest Of A Suspect (A Lynwood Man), With An Alleged Female Accomplice, In String Of Residential Robberies (Incl. A Sexual Assault And Attempted Sexual Assault) That Victimized Elderly Women in Long Beach

Long Beach Council Supports Sacramento Legislation Limiting State/Local Cooperation In Fed'l Immigration Actions
by Barry Saks

Photo by Barry Saks
Click here to read Fed'l Court of Appeals Order in States of Washington/Minnesota vs. Donald J. Trump, President. Three judge Appeals Court panel declines to lift lower court order that halted, pending a trial on the merits, President Trump's executive order temporarily banning entry of non-citizens from seven countries linked to terrorism.
Perspective / Viewpoints

Pool Point/Counterpoint
To City Council: Build Aquatics Center At Belmont Plaza Because...
by Lucy Johnson, Vice President & Development Director
Aquatic Capital of America.


To City Council: Obsession Trumped Reason When Planning Comm'n OK'd Belmont Plaza Pool Rebuild; Same Project Could Be Built On Smarter Sites At Less Cost
by Joe Weinstein, Ph.D.

Perspective: Schipske Eyes 5th District Council Return, As Questions Arise About Her Record Re Int'l Airport And (Surprisingly) Openness
Editorial: No on Police Union Contract Today, Because...
Editorial: Council Hasn't Pursued -- But Could And Should Seek -- Overdue Responsible Measures To Better Protect LB's Airport Ordinance Before Inviting Int'l Flights
Entering 2017

Public's Money, Public's Business, Unbusinesslike Mayor/Council Response To Public
Jan. 1, 2017: The Highest Sales Tax Rate Among Neighboring Cities And Among The Highest In CA

Giving Away Tax Dollars, Croney Capitalism/Corporate Welfare

Editorial: What's This?

Perspective: Mayor Garcia Says He Spoke With Michelle Obama At WH Staged Event...But City Hall Still Hasn't Released Docs Showing What She Said Months Ago When He (And Councilman/Now Vice Mayor Richardson) Invited Her To Attend Opening Ceremony Of LB Library Named In Her Honor

Op - Ed: Rethinking AES Power Plant On Los Cerritos Wetlands: We Can Do Better
by Elizabeth Lambe, Executive Director, Los Cerritos Wetlands Land Trust
Digital Editorial Cartoon: Polling and Press, Past is Prologue

Opinion: Vote Yes on Measure MM and NO on MA
by Diana Lejins *
* Ms. Lejins heads Advocates for Disability Rights and is a long-time proponent of access to medical marijuana

Editorial: Homeless Parking Lot Proposal Scrimped On Public Notice, Fails To Consider Unintended Consequences, Deserves Fact-Check, Scrutiny And Vetting First In Council Committee
UPDATED Editorial: Ending Mayor/Mgm't Manipulative Mushroom Treatment Leading Up To Homeless "Study Session"
Editorial: Reschedule Coming Camouflaged Council Vote On Controversial Less-Than-Transparent "Road Diet" Proposed Along Nearly Two Miles of Ocean Blvd. (Livingston Dr. To End of Peninsula)

Editorial: LB Firefighters Union Prez Pens These Pusillanimous Words As Mgm't/Mayor Propose To Leave Fire Stns (Including Stearns Park area Stn 17) Without Fire Engines and NLB Stn 12 Without Paramedic/Rescue
Editorial: Restore At Least 35 Officers For Taxpayers...Now
Counter-Point: A Responsible Budget -- That Restores Public Safety
Text from mass emailing sent by Mayor Robert Garcia
Opinion / Point-Counterpoint: Comments Re Police Shootings And Upcoming Dem Convention:
  • Steve James on Facebook: Scheduling Appearance By Michael Brown's Mother (Ferguson, MO) Is "Slap To The Face Of All Law Enforcement" (Personal Comment by LBPOA Pres; Group Has Taken No Position At This Time)
  • Dem Convention Website Text Describing Its Upcoming "Mothers of the Movement" Event
  • Aug. 2014 Open Letter To Youth of Ferguson, MO by Long Beach Councilman (Now Vice Mayor) Rex Richardson
  • Grand Jury Conclusion and US DOJ Conclusion re Ferguson MO police shooting
  • Fraternal Order of Police Statement ("Shocked, Angered, Saddened") re Dem Convention
    Opinion: Future File: Results Of SEASP (Son of SEADIP) Reviewed in 2026
    by Joe Weinstein, Ph.D.

    Perspective / Opinion: In the Running for Long Beach Outrage of the Decade

    Editorial: LB's 2016 Elections
    Perspective / Opinion: Is That All There Is? By The Numbers On "More Police" Under "Measure A" Sales Tax Hike
    Perspective / Opinion: How Many Bogus Arguments Can You Spot In This Last Minute Facebook Item By the LB Firefighters Ass'n Urging Votes For City Hall's Blank Check Sales Tax Increase To 10% (Measure A)? Here Are A Few We See, Plus Our Comments
    Perspective / Opinion: How Many Bogus Arguments Can You Spot In This Facebook Item From One Of Mayor Garcia's Ten Office Staffers, Urging Votes For City Hall's Blank Check Sales Tax Increase To 10% (Measure A)? Here Are A Few We See, Plus Our Comments
    Editorial: LB's New Sample Ballot And Election Practices?

    Editorial: LB City Hall's Public Works Infrastructure Scandal: Going Where Facts Lead Without Flinching, Avoiding Damage Control/Cover-Up
    Statement by the Publisher / Opinion: No On Measure A Sales Tax Hike...To Build A Better Long Beach
    Editorial: Censored In East Long Beach?
    Editorial: How Many Bogus Statements Can You Spot In PT Editorial Supporting City Hall-Sought Sales Tax Increase To 10% (Measure A)? Here Are A Few We See, Plus Our Comments
    Editorial: How Many Bogus Statements Can You Spot In This Letter Signed By Presidents Of LB Police Officers/LB Firefighters Unions Supporting City Hall-Sought Sales Tax Increase To 10% (Measure A)? Here Are A Few We See, Plus Our Comments
    Editorial: How Many Bogus Statements Can You Spot In Gazettes Editorial Backing City Hall-Sought Sales Tax Increase To 10% (Measure A)? Here Are A Few We See, Plus Our Comments
    Editorial: Reckless "Feasibility" Of Risking Uncontrollable Outcome At LB Airport
    Opinion: Mayor's Proposal That Council Recommend Councilman Austin As LB Rep For "Lower Los Angeles River Working Group" Mocks Open Space Again After Approving "Riverwalk" Development
    by Laurie Angel
    Opinion: What I Saw/Heard At One-Sided Meeting Staged By Councilman Supernaw With Mayor Garcia On Their Tax Hike Ballot Measure
    by Tom Stout, co-founder LB Taxpayers Ass'n
    Perspective / Opinion: Significant Differences Emerge Between 8th Dist. Council Candidates On Airport
    Subsequent development at this link:
    Statement by the Publisher: City Is Attempting To Stall And Potentially Stonewall Public Records Act Release Of Full Results Of Survey (Portions Selectively Released By Mayor Last Month) Purporting To Show Support For Raising Sales Tax To 10%
    Opinion: Three More Reasons To Oppose Mayor/Council Proposed Tax Hike
    by Joe Weinstein, Ph.D.

    Editorial: LB's "Let Them Eat Cake" Mayor & Councilmembers
    Statement by the Publisher / Opinion: Standing Alone
    Opinion: Below the Radar In Attempt To Oust Coastal Comm'n Exec. Dir.
    by Joe Geever
    Editorial / Amnesia File: Battle For Soul Of Coastal Comm'n Will Have Long Beach Link
    Editorial: Annulment or Divorce
    Perspective / Opinion: Councilman Austin Twists And Turns To Avoid "T" Word -- Taxes -- In His Weekly E-Mail Update
    Perspective / Amnesia File: Mayor/Council Talking Taxes Before Exploring Taxpayer Savings And Meaningful Spending Reforms
    Editorial: We Publish "Censored" Words And Say Council Should First -- As Threshold Matter -- Evaluate Undeniable Risk Before "Feasibility" That Could Destroy LB's Protective Airport Ordinance
    Editorial: What To Watch For On Queen Mary Re-Do Vote Tonight: Responsibility Exercised Or Scorned

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    Reference links

  • Council District Map
  • How To Recall a LB Elected Official
  • Email Your Council Member
  • LB Schools
  • Crime Data
  • Beverly O'Neill Administration
  • Perspective / Opinion: The Mythological Mayor: Beverly O'Neill In Balance
  • Transcript Excerpts of Historic Feb. 13, 2001 City Council Vote on QW Bay "Pike" Development
  • How ELB Traffic Project Was Canceled And $1,000,000 Diverted For Downtown Walkway; Other Projects At Traffic Circle & Iron Triangle Not Delivered As Promised
  • 2003: Independent Consultant Says City Hall "Has Created A False Impression Of Solvency"
  • Deputy City Auditor Report Shows LB Convention & Entertainment Center Operations Cost LB Taxpayers $2.5 Million in FY 2000, $3.0 Million in FY 99; Cumulative operating losses since 1978 opening exceed $60 million; City Auditor Burroughs' Recommended Action: "Receive and File"
  • Video Shows Councilman Garcia Typing, Texting, Seemingly Not Focused On Testimony During Residents' Quasi-Judicial Appeal of City's Planned Handling Of Toxic Contaminated Colorado Lagoon Soil
  • What Some Councilmembers Did While Taxpayers Testified On Toxics

  • Interactive Map: AQMD Multiple Airborne Toxics Exposure Study (MATES III)
    Mates3 broad

    Archival Access: Hear What Council Was Told In 1995 About Aquarium Paying Its Bond Debt Without Taxpayer Bailout
    Study Says Areas Including Downtown LB, Belmont Shore, Los Altos, Bixby Knolls At Estimated Heightened Cancer Risk From Port Operations

    "Draft Estimated Diesel PM [particulate matter] Cancer Risk From POLA and POLB" cited in Diesel Particulate Matter Exposure Assessment Study for the Ports of Los Angeles and Long Beach, p. 8
    24 Hrs. in LB Air: Bixby Knolls AQMD Monitor, Dec. 2003. Details, click photo
    AQMD Air Monitor in LB, Dec. 2003
    2005: Scientists @ LB Conference Say Air Pollution in L.A.-LB Region is High Enough to Cause Illness and Deaths; Economist Says Ports Receive Subsidies That Invite More Growth
    RecentlyWeeks AgoPast Few Months
    Subsequent development above LBPD Releases Surveillance Cam Video Of Person Of Interest; LBPD Believes Thursday Morning's (Feb. 9) Los Cerritos Residential Robbery W/ Attempted Sexual Assault On 90-Year Old Woman IS TIED To String Of Similar Residential Robberies (Incl. One Sexual Assault) In Area of Atlantic/Via Carmelitos
    As Seen LIVE: Long Beach Council Votes To Support Sac'to Bills (SB 31 & SB 54, Latter With Amendments) That Would Support Statewide Immigration "Sanctuary" Actions; Two Councilmembers Vanish On Vote; Multiple Public Speakers Urge Council To Separately Declare Long Beach a "Sanctuary City" Which Council Declines To Do
    Via CSULB President Says Campus Will Function As A Sanctuary But Won't Be Called One To Avoid Losing Fed'l Funds
    As Seen LIVE: Council Votes 6-0 To Approve New Contract With Long Beach Police Union; Council Doesn't Seek Disclosure Of "Market Analysis" On Pay Or Discuss Mgm't Plan To Pay For FY17 Costs Using "Less Conservative Budgetary Actions...For Unfunded Retirement Liabilities," Leaves FY18 and FY19 Costs (Reaches $14.3 Mil) To "Annual Budget Processes"
    On-Demand: Hear Fed'l Appeals Court Oral Arguments On Whether To Let Pres. Trump's Executive Order (Banning Entry Into U.S. By Non-Citizens From Seven Countries) Take Effect Or Remain Blocked Until Trial
    Man Is Shot, 1200 block Stanley Ave. (South of Anaheim, East of Junipero)
    Feb. 7 Action Proposed By Four Councilmembers Could Put Long Beach On Record Supporting Sac'to Bills Creating "Sanctuary State" Policies...While President Trump Says Such Policies Could Prompt Cut-Off Of Fed'l Funds
    LB Firefighters Battle Blaze In Virginia Country Club Area Home

    LBFD photo
    Developing: Four of Nine Long Beach Councilmembers Agendize Feb. 7 Item To Support Sac'to Bills That Would Forbid State/Local Law Enforcement Cooperation With Feds Re Immigration And Forbid State/Local Gov't Disclosure Of Person's Religious Beliefs/Nat'l Origin For Compiling Fed'l Dababase For Law Enforcement/Immigration Purposes
    Half Century Ago: How Some L.A./Long Beach/OC Viewers Saw Blacked-Out First Superbowl
    Uplifting Actions By Generous Resident + Commendable Cops + Generous Donor Bring Joy To LB Family
    Planning Comm'n Seeks Study Session To Discuss Making Changes -- Including Increased Density On Eastside -- Before Sending New Land Use Plan To City Council
    As Seen LIVE: AQMD Boardmember Kuehl Proposes Amendments -- Favored By Enviro/Grassroots Groups, Opposed By Cargo Industry Interests -- To Regulate Indirect Sources Of Emissions At Ports, Airports And Warehouses If "Voluntary" Measures Don't Reduce Pollution As Promised In Agency's Draft Air Quality Management Plan; Board Defers Vote To March
    Ass'y Speaker Rendon says in submitted statement: "Voluntary efforts alone" aren't enough
    Long Beach Clergy And Impacted Residents, Joined By Three Councilmembers, Rally At City Hall In Opposition To Pres. Trump's Sanctuary City / Immigration Executive Orders
    by Barry Saks

    Photo by Barry Saks
    Man Is Shot, 1000 block Lewis Ave. (West of Alamitos Ave. Near 11th St., 6th dist., bordering 1st dist.)
    It's LB's 4th shooting within 16 days in parts of 6th and 1st Council districts
    Subsequent development above It's Big, It Could Affect Your Property And Your Neighborhood, And It's Coming To LB's Planning Comm'n (One Step From City Council) On Feb. 2: Proposed Revisions To All Of LB's Land Uses Citywide. See How This Could Affect You
    Subsequent development above
    See How And Where City Staff Proposed Land Use Revisions Could Invite Higher Commercial And Residential Densities In Parts Of Low Density East Long Beach
    In Detail: Proposed Sac'to Bill To Prohibit CA/Local Law Enforcement From Detaining, Reporting or Arresting Persons For Fed'l Immigration Enforcement Advances To Key Fiscal Committee
    Among Supportive Witnesses In Public Safety Committee Was Son Whose Father Illegally Entered U.S. From Mexico, Was Twice Deported, Returned To Build Family, Was Stopped In Feb. 2016 By CSULB Police For Broken Headlight, Held For Feds And Deported For 20-Yr Old Fed'l Drug Conviction

    Follow-Up / VIDEO: FBI Is Investigating Bomb Threat To Long Beach's Jewish Community Center -- And To JCCs In Multiple U.S. Cities Today And Over Past Few Weeks -- As Possible Civil Rights Violations; LB's AJCC Is Evacuated; LBPD Search Follows; No Device Found
    Gunfire Flies, Area San Antonio Dr/Orange Ave.; LBPD Finds Evidence of Shooting But No Victim(s) Located
    New Long Beach Police Union Contract's Taxpayer Cost: $6.2 Mil This Year, $14.3 Mil In Three Years; Mgm't Says It'll Pay This Year's Cost In Part By Taking "Less Conservative Budgetary Actions," Leaves Future Years' Impacts To Future "Budget Processes"
    Perspective / VIDEO: Democracy -- People Powered Political Advocacy -- Successfully Pressed Mayor Garcia To Seek City Auditor "Efficiency Review" Of LB Animal Care Services
    Extended VIDEO Coverage: See / Hear It: Volunteers Recognized, Progress Cited, At Annual LB Animal Care Services Open House
    Teenage Boy Is Fatally Shot, Willmore City/Drake Park Area

    2014 to date: Red Xs=homicides; Blue Xs= shootings, person wounded; Brown Xs=shots fired at victim(s), not hit; Purple Xs=shots at occupied residence/vehicle; Green Xs= shots at unoccupied vehicle/residence; Grey Xs=shots fired (no hit, no target identified); Orange X's=non-fatal stabbings. Map is unofficial. A separate map (not shown here) indicates add'l shootings in NLB.
    New Oregon/Del Amo Park Will Use Artificial Turf Soccer Field -- With Natural Infill, Not "Crumb Rubber" -- Same As Drake, Seaside & Admiral Kidd Parks; Groundbreaking For New C. David Molina Park (Public Invited) Is Sat. Jan. 28 @ 9:30 a.m.
    Pres. Trump's Exec. Order (See Full Text) Re Enforcing Fed'l Immigration Law Puts CA and Long Beach On Collision Course With Fed'l Dollars
    CAUTION Very Disturbing Video: LBPD Asks if You Recognize This Car Or In Area Of 7th/Redondo After Car Struck/Fatally Injured 78 Yr-Old Woman Pushing Shopping Cart Across 600 Block Redondo...And Left screen save from LBPD eleased video
    JetBlue Prez/CEO Says Company "Taking Stock Of How We Go Forward" After Council Vote Nixes Int'l Flights From LGB, Doesn't Rule Anything Out, "Watch This Space, More To Come" He Says
    Man Is Shot, Possible Location (Under Investigation) Is LB Blvd/56th St.
    As Seen LIVE: Long Beach Council Nixes Int'l Airport

    Man Is Shot To Death In Overnight Hours, North of LBCC Pacific Coast Campus
    Perspective: Long Beach's Incomplete, Primitively Provided Crime Stats
    Subsequent development above
    Gathering Storm: Neighborhoods First/LBHUSH2 Announce They'll Focus On Taking Political Action To Replace Councilmembers Who Vote To Advance Customs Facility/Int'l Flights At LB Airport
    ELB Resident Submits CEQA Objections To Council Action Without New EIR On Potential Impacts Of Customs Facility/Int'l Flights
    Follow-Up Re Airport Customs Facility/Int'l Flights: These Long Beach Councilmembers Received These Campaign And/Or Officeholder Contributions
    Councilwoman Stacy Mungo's Record On Int'l Airport
    Deluge Drops Nearly An Inch Of Rain Per Hour For TWO Hours (On Top Of Previous Soakings), Leaving Multiple Long Beach Streets Flooded, Some Cars Stranded
    By the numbers: 1.92" of rain at LGB between 1:53 p.m. and 3:53 p.m.; 2.47" between 12:53 p.m. and 3:53 p.m.; 3.01" between 9:53 a.m. and 3:53 p.m...and 3.71" between 9:53 a.m. and 6:53 p.m. on Sun. Jan. 22
    Rain To Continue Thru Sunday, Heavy At Times With 15-25 mph Winds; With Multiple Downed Trees/Branches Already, City Issues This Safety Advisory
    Downed Trees/Tree Limbs Prompt City Safety Advisory As Second Of Three Storms Soak City: 1.18" Within 9 Hours At Long Beach Airport

    Photo credit: Sharon Katchen
    First (Again) on / In Depth / AUDIO: LB Mayor/PD Mgm't Made Blue-Line Policing Proposal Without Disclosing Police Staffing Impacts To LB Taxpayers Or To Council; Metro Staff Seeks 14 LBPD Officers Immediately From LB's Already-Thin Citywide Police Level
    LBPD Mgm't Says It'll Cover With Overtime; Sheriff McDonnell Cites Public Safety Reasons In Metro Committee Against Multi-Agency Policing Plan
    Long Beach Residents Will Cheer And Jeer Trump Inauguration: Opponents Plan March/Rally Downtown, Supporters Will Celebrate At SE LB's 49'rs Tavern
    Cong. Alan Lowenthal Reverses Himself, Now Says He Won't Attend Trump Inaugural Because...
    UPDATE: Man Is Fatally Shot, 600 block E. Burnett St., (6th dist., South of Willow, Just East of Atlantic)
    With VIDEO Coverage: Multiple People Report Knife-Wielding Woman Allegedly Threatening/Trying To Cut/Stab People Area Bellflower/7th, LBPD Officers Take Multiple Steps (Including Electronic Device) To Urge Her To Drop Knife Until She Allegedly Advances On Officers And Is Fatally Shot; VIDEO: Speaks With Person At Scene Who Describes For Us What Knife-Wielding Woman Allegedly Did To Her

    LBPD released photo
    VIDEO: See/Hear Emotion Packed Memorial, As Family and Veteran Civic Activists, Celebrate Life Of Jack C. Smith -- From Rocket Scientist To Academy Award Winner to Creative, Compassionate Community Advocate

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