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April 19, 2014
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New: March Incident Involving Individuals Who Came To City Hall To Cast Early Ballots But Names Weren't On Voter Registration Roll (May Have Recently Registered); Were Allegedly Accompanied By Person (We Independently Learn Garcia Campaign Worker) Who Argued They Should Be Allowed To Vote Provisionally On Same Day; City Clerk Declines, Cites Elections Code, Explains Procedures; City Prosecutor Opens Inquiry (Stress Inquiry Only At This Point)
Editorial: LB Municipal Code Says Councilmembers Shouldn't Just Vanish On Pesky Votes But Mayors Let Them Do It...And Shouldn't


LBPD Responds To Escalated Domestic Situation Last Night (April 17): Woman Is Assaulted, Allegedly Suffers Injuries & Escapes; Suspect Refuses To Surrender; SWAT Is Activated; Suspect Is Now In Custody

Long Beach Police Officers Association Political Action Committee Endorses Vice Mayor Robert Garcia For Mayor; See Garcia Campaign Release, Including Quotes
New: Council Votes To Settle Nine Remaining Police Donning/Doffing Lawsuits; Garcia (arrow in photo right) and Lowenthal Vanish From Council Chamber On Vote, Return Shortly Thereafter; Johnson Makes Motion To Approve After Short Colloquy With City Attorney Parkin (See Transcript)

New: LBPD Becomes Crime Victim: Burglar(s) Break Into Building Slated To Become LBPD's New East Division Station (Willow/Grand), Steal Copper Wiring...In November 2013
New / With "Amnesia File": Man Is Shot, Found In 14th/Chestnut Alley (West End of 14th St. Park Near Seaside Park), Quick Walk From "Mayor's Build" House That Mayor Foster & Habitat for Humanity Renovated And Invited Family To Buy/Move Into

Coverage coming: Candidates For County Sheriff And State Legislative Offices To Attend Saturday (April 19) Grassroots One-On-One "Meet-Greet-And-Eat" At Long Beach Dairy & Creamery b/w 9:30 a.m.-1:30 p.m.; Dan Pressburg Provides Details Here

UPDATE: Council action: Passes 8-0 (Schipske absent): In Depth with "Amnesia File" & Audio: City Mgm't Wants Council To Spend $2.5+ Million In Capital Projects/Infrastructure Money To Buy Back Part of City Swapped Public Service Yard And, Under Terms of Controversial 2009 Wetlands Swap, Pay To Remove Toxic Land For Developer That Acquired The Rest Of Yard For Industrial Uses
Mgm't also proposes to spend $400,000 to relocate RR station to Willow Springs Park
See Memo Summarizing Proposed Settlement of Nine Remaining "Doffing/Donning" Police Lawsuits; City Attorney Parkin Says Settlement Coming To Public Council Vote Mirrors Previous Settlement of Lawsuits By Roughly 790 Other Officers
Finalized: City Clerk's final ballot tally shows Roberto Uranga has won 7th dist. Council seat without a runoff, finishes with 50.9% of vote. Final citywide (+ areas consolidated for LBCC/LBUSD races) voter turnout = 17.5%
Follow-Up: Election Opponents In April Offer Endorsements In June Runoff
  • Pappas Endorses Johnson Over Parkin for City Attorney
  • Luyben Endorses Mungo Over Kemp For 5th dist. Council
    Perspective w/ Amnesia File Audio: Coastal Commission -- With Garcia Voting "No" As Sought By Unite Here Union And Councilwoman Suja Lowenthal -- Unanimously Denies Approval Of Proposed Boutique Hotel (2010 E. Ocean Blvd.); Council Voted To Approve It Less Than A Year Earlier With Garcia & Lowenthal Voting "Yes" Despite Opposition By Neighborhood Residents
    Councilwoman Lowenthal submitted letter on official City Hall Council urging Coastal Comm'n to deny project, contrary to voted policy position of the Council which approved the project -- on Lowenthal's motion -- only months earlier. See her 2014 letter, hear and compare it to her 2013 Council statements
    Latest Ballot Count Including Remaining Vote By Mail Ballots: (1) Garcia's Vote Total Included Higher Percentage Of Vote By Mail Ballots Than The Other Top Candidates; (2) In 7th Council dist. Uranga Now Has 50.42%, Closer To Avoiding Runoff With Greenwood; Provisional Ballots Remain To Be Verified Over Weekend And Tallied Monday; (3) Voter Turnout -- With Newly Counted Vote By Mail Ballots -- Was Over 16%
    UPDATE (And Good News In Tragic Event): They've Been "Treated And Released": Two LBUSD College Hopefuls Headed To Visit Humboldt State University Were On Bus In Horrific No. Cal Crash
    Gunfire Last Night (April 10) In NLB, Bullets May Have Struck Vehicle But No Persons Hit, Same General Area (Artesia/Paramount) Where Man Was Shot In Mid-March

    Now, It's Murder; One Of Two Men Shot, Wrigley Area 2300 block Eucalyptus, Dies

    See Percentages Of Vote by Mail vs. Polling Place Ballots Cast in April 8, 2014 Long Beach Area Elections
    April Election Wrap: Massive Amounts Spent, Very Low Voter Turnout Beget June Runoffs for Mayor (Garcia vs. Dunn), City Att'y (Parkin vs. Johnson) and 1st & 5th Council districts; 7th dist. (Uranga at 50.2%) Too Close To Call; 3rd district (Price) and 9th district (Richardson) Win Without Runoff; Admin Supportive Majorities Elected To LBCC Board of Trustees and LBUSD School Board has on-demand video below (carried LIVE) of Garcia's election night statement to supporters.

    Video streaming by Ustream
    Argument Escalates Into Stabbing, Leaves Man Dead, South Wrigley Area

    In Depth: Is Long Beach Crime Really "Down" Or At "Historic Lows?"
    Recap: Election Day News Ticker
    Councilwoman Schipske Announces Deal To Bring July 4th Fireworks Back to ELB's Veterans Stadium (Clark/Conant)
    Says event would also be perfect for patriotic Muni Band concert

    UPDATED Figures On Number Of Vote-By-Mail-Ballots Returned (Voted) By Council District; 1st District (With 60% Voter Reg Increase Since April 2010) Has Now Exceeded Number of Vote By Mail Ballots It Cast In April 2010
    City Clerk says citywide it's issued add'l 4,500+ vote by mail ballots since March, total issued now 96,490; separately learns nearly 20,000 vote by mail ballots returned citywide as of April 4/5
    Two Shot, Wrigley Area, 2300 block Eucalyptus (Sat. April 5)

    Fact Check
    Fact Check / Recap: Doug Otto for Mayor
    UPDATED: Response received and added from Mr. Otto

    Fact Check / Recap: Robert Garcia for Mayor
    Fact Check / Recap: Bonnie Lowenthal for Mayor

    Long Beach gets beautiful clear air view of Int'l Space Station on Sunday night.

    Image via
    Subsequent developments above
    Comparative Analysis of Number of Vote-By-Ballots Returned (Voted) As Of Roughly April 1 By Council District
    LA County Health Agency Confirms Cases And Deaths From Invasive Meningococcal Disease; Long Beach Hasn't Had Cases This Year But City Health Officer Offers This Advice, Esp. For Men Having Sex With Men
    by Joe Mello, Community Correspondent
    Amnesia File: May 2006: Candidate Bob Foster TV Ads Tell Voters...
    "My top priority will be to add 100 new police officers to help keep our community safe..."

    Company That Printed/Assembled Signs For Independent Expenditure Committee Backing Garcia Says Another Company Distributed Them [Visible On/Around Multiple LB Business Properties, Unclear If With Property Owners' Consent] And Will Remove Them "Immediately After The Elections"
    Garcia And His Campaign Disavow Responsibility; Committee (About Which Foster Has Said "You Don't See My Name On It") Has Collected $101,000 From 13 Contributors; See Them Here
    First (Again) on City Mgm't Offers Non-Responsive Response To Retired LB City Attorney McCabe, Pursuing Public Records Request For Documents Showing Basis For City Mgm't Cost Figure Claiming Privately Built/Operated Civic Center Won't Exceed Current Costs

    City of LB graphic
    LB Firefighters Knock Down Blaze in NLB Apartment Bldg: Area South St./Dairy Ave.

    Tonight's (April 4) First Friday in Bixby Knolls Showcases Summertime Activities For Kidlets Plus Pioneering Long Beach "Urban Farmers" With Fresh Fruits/Veggies Prepared By Chefs At Selected Atlantic Ave. Restaurants"
    5.1 Magnitude Quake, Epicenter Near La Habra, Felt With Moderate Intensity Across Long Beach (Mar. 28)

    3rd dist. Council Candidate Stephen Bello Proposes Getting Money For Wetlands Restoration By "Incentivising" Developers And Using Fed'l Funds To Build Elevated Roadway Extending Studebaker Rd. Across Wetlands To PCH
    Statement draws audible audience displeasure at initial SEADIP advisory committee meeting

    Mayor Foster Endorses 3rd dist. Council Candidate Suzie Price; She Says She's Committed To Continuing Foster's Course Re Fiscal Matters And Will Seek His Advice And Counsel As Councilmember
    Advisory: Multiple Reports of Coyote(s) in Belmont Heights Area

    Area roughly 3rd/Granada. Facebook photo via Dana Buchanan
    Store Clerk Remains In Critical Condition, Was Shot In MiniMart Robbery (7th St. b/w Orange-Cerritos); LBPD Seeks Public's Assistance (Video And/Or Witness Observations) To Help Develop Suspect Description

    Election Notebook: Same Group ("Friends of Long Beach" Supporting Garcia For Mayor) -- About Which Mayor Foster Said "You Don't See My Name On It" Before Its Signs Began Appearing High On Light Poles And Other Areas Possibly Without Property Owner's Consent -- Just Spent Large Sums On Mailers That May Land Shortly; Garcia Has Disavowed Responsibility For Group's Signs
    Long Beach Bar Ass'n Presents Forum With Candidates For City Attorney & City Prosecutor @ LB Playhouse
    Did You Feel It? 2.7 Magnitude Quake (Mar. 24), Epicenter In East Long Beach/Los Altos (Willow/Palo Verde Area) Rattles ELB And Beyond
    City Prosecutor Haubert Says This About Campaign Signs That Sprout On Public and Private Property
    Garcia Tweets This Re Quadruple Shooting (Mar. 23), With One Victim Dead, Outside Business In His Council District
    VIDEO / See It: LBCC Trustee Candidates Spar Over Board Actions That Ended Some Vocational Certificate Programs (Classes Remain) And Enacted "Two-Tier" Prices For Some Intersession Classes; LB/Lakewood Voters Will Decide April 8
    Issues could have fallout in LB city elections, where Trustees Otto and Uranga are running respectively for Mayor and 7th dist. Council

    LBPD Issues This Release On Downtown (6th/LB Blvd.) Quadruple Shooting That Left Compton Man Dead (Mar. 23); Four People (All Adults) Are Shot, One Of Whom Is Dead, In Parking Lot Of Business 600 block LB Blvd.

    Scene shortly after dawn. photo

    Within Noon Hour Saturday Mar. 22: Armed Robbery To Bixby Knolls Business, And Strong Arm Robbery To Person In Central LB
    See Belmont Shore/2nd St. Area Reported Crimes For Past Six Weeks
    On-Demand AUDIO: Hear Candidates For Third Dist. Council Field Questions From Belmont Shore Residents Ass'n
    Signs From Independent Expenditure Committee Backing Garcia For Mayor Appear On Private Property, Sometimes High Up, Making Them Hard To Remove

    First (Again) on Northern CA Businessman, Who Gave $25,000 To Independent Expenditure Committee Backing Garcia For Mayor, Tells He Did So Because...
    Independent Expenditure Committee Surfaces Backing Doug Otto For Mayor: Initial Contributions From Two Individuals Total $25,000
    Independent Expenditure Committee Backing Garcia for Mayor Collects $91,000 From These Eleven Contributors; VIDEO: Foster Told LBRegister Reporter In February: "You Don't See My Name On It."
    See Full Document: City Releases Initial Study Describing New 2nd/PCH Proposed Development (Seaport Marina Hotel site) And What City Staff Believes Likely Impacts Would Be, Seeks Public Comments

    Images from Initial Study
    SCAQMD Received 89 Calls Sunday (Mar. 16) Re "Mystery Stink" Intensely Smelled From Downtown Long Beach East To Roughly Cherry Ave.; Source Still Remains A Mystery
    Postal Service Actions Delayed Delivery Of Sample Ballots/Election Pamphlets Containing Candidate Statements/Ballot Arguments For Some Voters, Not Others; Affected Area Apparently Includes Part Of Voter Rich ELB 5th Council District, Where Mayoral Candidate Schipske Says Her Materials Sat Undelivered While Mailers From Other Candidates Were Delivered
    Mayor Nominates Straight Talk Host/Exec Producer Art Levine and Retired City Att'y Bob Shannon to Water Comm'n And These LB Residents To Other Bodies has learned that one of the three pre-selected developer/operator teams requested to submit competing proposals to build, finance, construct and operate a new Civic Center is withdrawing from the process. "Related California" has chosen not to submit a bid.
    LBPD Arrests Man & Juvenile After Assault, Battery, Robbery Of 19 Yr Old Woman Walking Thru Apt. Complex Near LBPD East Division Station; They're Arrested Barely A Block from LBPD East Div. Stn; DA Charges Man With Attempted Murder And More; Juvenile Is Released To Parents As Investigation Continues
    Subsequent coverage above
    Another "Mystery Stink," This Time Intensely Smelled Across Area From Downtown Long Beach East To Roughly Cherry Ave.
    Pulitzer Prize Winner Nazario Journeys to Long Beach To Discuss "Enrique's Journey"
    by Barry Saks

    VIDEO + Photos: See/Hear It: Emotion Packed St. Baldrick's Day Head-Shaving Fundraiser At Millikan High For Children's Cancer Research Draws Its Football Team + Multiple Cubberley Kids + Firefighters + Supportive Adults; Event Honors Cubberley-Millikan Student Kayleigh Scott, Now An Angel

    Subsequent coverage above
    Postal Service May Be Reason Some LB Voters Have Received Printed Sample Ballots/Candidate Statements But Some Haven't; LB City Clerk Has Election Apps, Sample Ballots, Candidate Statements & Ballot Arguments Online On-Demand
    Man Is Shot Friday Night (Mar 14), Area Paramount Blvd./65th St

    LBPD Finds & Arrests Suspect in Myrtle/Artesia Fatal Feb. Shooting, D.A. Files Murder + Gang Enhancement + Weapons Charges
  • Perspective / Viewpoints

    Editorial: Making A Mayoral Mockery Of Public Safety

    Flashback: Editorial, Nov. 2011: "Would You Want To Live There?"
    Editorial: Council Should Say NO Tonight To Looting $2.6 Million In Pothole, Street, Sidewalk And Infrastructure Funds to Pay For This; We Propose Alternatives
    UPDATE: Council action: Passes 8-0 (Schipske absent) No questions or comments from Councilmembers regarding the use of infrastructure funds for the item.
    UPDATED / Perspective: Fed Up With "Political Graffiti?" We Invite Campaigns And Independent Committees Either To Claim The Signs We Show Here Are Lawful/Consensual Or Remove Them

    This "political graffiti" spotted in Los Altos. Email us your pix to:
    Editorial: The Election
    Editorial: Discussion Of Legal Developments Merited On Proposed Doffing/Donning Settlement Tonight
    Editorial: Mayor Foster's Political Legacy

    Opinion: Proposition A Death Tax
    by Diana Lejins

    Opinion: Crucial City Attorney Position Is No Job For Politically Propelled Johnson

    by Les Robbins
    Mr. Robbins represented LB's 5th Council district from 1988-1998. Photo above by Mr. Robbins

    Election Notebook / Perspective: Beyond A Blooper: Garcia Election Pamphlet Statement Mangles Verb And Makes These Claims; Examine Them Here
    Stories recently published by Dave Wielenga on:


    [Dave Wielenga notes: Last year about this time, OC Weekly assigned this feature on Long Beach City Council member Gerrie Schipske to publisher Dave Wielenga to coincide with the 2013 Long Beach Pride Festival. It was published as the cover story for OC Weekly's May 16, 2013, edition, appearing under the headline, "Could Gerrie Schipske Be Long Beach's first LGBT Mayor?" With the answer about to be delivered -- Long Beach's Primary Nominating Election is April 8 republishes the story.]


  • Opinion: Beware the Endorsement Trap
    by Diana Lejins

    Editorial: The Public Costs of Political Pandering
    UPDATE: Council votes 9-0 to seek city mgm't report on city-operated early education/pre-K program, to be discussed by Council's Joint Use Committee with LBUSD within 120 days (i.e. after April/June city elections.)
    Opinion: The Bear Facts: Foster Endorsing Garcia No Surprise But Speculation Abounds On Reasons Why Now, And Why At All

    by Les Robbins
    Mr. Robbins represented LB's 5th Council district from 1988-1998. Photo above by Mr. Robbins

    Opinion: Former City Mgm't Staffer Who Ran LB's Street Sweeping Tells Council: Don't Advance Process To Contract Out Street Sweeping, Because...
    Miriam Yarden
    Pets & Their People: Calling All Seniors: Adopt An Adult/Senior Dog, Not A Pup, And Enjoy
    by C. Miriam Yarden, B.Sc., MS, APDT

    Editorial: End LB's Contractual Cover-Ups: Disclose Contract Terms That Would Invite Multi-Million Upfront Expense To Pursue Taj Mahal Civic Center

    Recent LB Crimes / Data

    Respondents To Online Personal Ads Go To Meet Intended Contact In 5200 block of Orange Ave...And Are Robbed; LBPD Conducts Undercover Surveillance, Arrests Suspect, Recovers Loss, DA Charges Suspect With Two Robberies; LBPD Believes There May Be Add'l Victims And/Or Witnesses, Seeks Public's Help
    Two Men (Adults) Shot At Midafternoon (Jan. 22), Area 23rd St./Lime Ave.
    Long Beach's First Murder of 2014 Was on Mon Nite MLK Day, Area MLK Ave./New York Street
    Tues Dawn (Jan. 21) Attempted Theft of Car's Catalytic Converter Brings Sizable ELB PD Response
    Perspective: Compare Recent Real World Property Crimes In ELB's Lakewood Village Neighborhood With City Hall's Boastful "Citywide" Crime Stats
    Murders Increase 28% Since 2011; Res. Burgs Increase Roughly 24% (Citywide) Since 2011, 33% since 2010; LB City Hall Says Violent Crime At Historic Lows; Read Its Release
    Tracking Property Related Crimes: SE Long Beach (East of Colorado Lagoon, South of 7th St.), Sept. 10 Thru Nov. 14
    by Matt Fleischman
    Crime maps/data (click icon)


    Pension Initiative Will Remove Roadblocks to Reform
    by Mayor Chuck Reed (San Jose) & Mayor Bill Kampe (Pacific Grove)


    Three Strikes for Reed's Pension Measure?
    by Steve Maviglio

    Additional Perspective / Viewpoints

    Editorial: Council Should Say NO To "Advisory" Fireworks and Pandering MedPot Ballot Measures
    Perspective: 2013 Long Beach "Outrages of the Year"
    Perspective: Reason Foundation Analyzes Long Beach "Full Pension Reform," Says It Leaves $700 Million Unfunded Liability And...
    In Their Own Words: Consumers Blast "Covered California" ObamaCare On Agency's Facebook Page
    Editorial: Obama's Unaffordable Uncaring Act And Congressman Lowenthal's Coming Choice in 2014
    Opinion: "Lie of the Year" Says Tampa Bay Times Obama's "If You Like Your Health Care Plan, You Can Keep It"
    Editorial: Who's Offered Boeing What, And With What Real Dollar Costs/Benefits For Taxpayers?
    Editorial: Council Should Seek Study Session, Hear Pros & Cons, Re "No Kill Equation" Measures Urged By Stayin' Alive Long Beach At LB Animal Shelter; Saving Four Legged Lives Should Trump Two-Legged Resistance To Change
    Editorial: Council Should Direct Management To Issue Request For Proposals To Retrofit City Hall; Committing Taxpayers To Tear It Down To Enable Taj Mahal Project -- Before Obtaining Marketplace Retrofit Facts -- Would Be Unbusinesslike And Irresponsible
    Editorial: Transparency and Taxpayers First: Release the Proposed Consultant Contract Before It Commits City To Millions For Downtown Taj Mahal
    Editorial: No Check, No Balance
    Cong. Alan Lowenthal Provides This Response re (1) CA Cancer Patient's WSJ Op-Ed re "Affordable Care Act"; And (2) If He'll Introduce Or Support Legislation To Allow Greater Freedom / Flexibility
    Follow-up above
    Via Edie Littlefield Sundby: You Also Can't Keep Your Doctor
    I had great cancer care and health insurance. My plan was cancelled. Now I worry how long I'll live.
    Follow-up above: Asks Cong. Lowenthal To Comment On (1) CA Cancer Patient's WSJ Op-Ed re "Affordable Care Act"; And (2) If He'll Introduce Or Support Legislation To Allow Greater Freedom / Flexibility
    Media Review Omits These Details Of Its Role In Reporting 1986 Arrest Of High School Athlete Bobby San Jose
    Editorial: Issue RFP For Retrofitting City Hall (And Main Library); Withhold Costly "P3" Civic Center Commitments Until Public/Council Have Facts To Compare; Release Stonewalled Seismic Study (Exec. Summary) And Significant P3 Costs Now
    Opinion: The Bear Facts: DC Republicans In Disarray And Denial, Hurt Themselves And America's Middle Class And Working People
    by Les Robbins
    ...I think that if I were the Speaker of the House of Representatives I would just kill myself. The Republican Party is in more disarray today than at any time in the past forty years and when you really examine the state of their politics there is little, if any, reason to believe that things will improve any time soon. On the other hand, if they have learned anything from the debacle of the past two weeks they will get their collective acts together and begin to do what the people sent them to Washington to do, which is to legislate, and solve the problems and issues facing American today....MORE

    Editorial: The Dinosaurs
    Transparency: Fair Political Practices Comm'n Says Political Reform Act Allows Our Proposed LB Digital Campaign Transparency Ordinance Re Long Beach Elections; We Say Timely Digital Disclosure Overdue, Paperwork-Era Schedule Untenable In Internet Age
    Opinion: The Bear Facts: Alaska!
    by Les Robbins

    Editorial: Help Us Write The Long Beach Digital Campaign Transparency Ordinance
    UPDATE: On Oct. 7, Governor Brown signed SB 470 into law
    Governor Brown: Please Veto SB 470; Redevelopment Shouldn't Be Cloned Behind Closed Doors, Allowing Money From Blighted Neighborhoods To Be Diverted Elsewhere
    by Dan Pressburg
    Editorial: Realism and Revenue Justify City Examining Feasibility of Private Funds Rebuilding Cyclone Racer
    Keeping Two Sets of Books
    by Jon Coupal
    President, Howard Jarvis Taxpayers Ass'n.

    The Onion Skewers a Familiar Name Over CNN's Miley Cyrus Handling
    Editorial: Gunfire Heard Saturday Nite, 1900 block Chestnut, ANOTHER Reason To Fund ShotSpotter
    Opinion: Losing the War on Drugs: We Should Consider Decriminalizing Them and Treating Abuse as a Health Problem
    by George P. Shultz (former U.S. Secretary of State, now Distinguished Fellow at The Hoover Institution at Stanford University)
    "The war on drugs that has been waged in the United States for over forty years now has failed, just as our national experiment with the prohibition of alcohol failed..." MORE

    Editorial: More Gunfire Reported In Wilmore City, Orizaba Park Areas...More Good Reasons to Budget And Deploy ShotSpotter
    Editorial: Seven Council Shirkers -- We Name Them -- Cancel Aug. 20 Council Meeting, Leaving Only Two Now-Scheduled Council Days To Fix Foster's Proposed Budget That Would Leave Police Levels Unrestored, LBPD's Field Gang Unit At Half Strength, A Paramedic Experiment Pending And ShotSpotter Not Funded
    Editorial: Ripped Off in Rose Park...And Beyond
    Editorial: Which Councilmembers Will Shirk Their Duties And Cancel Their Aug. 20 Meeting Facing A Mayor/Manager Budget That Would Leave Police Levels Unrestored, LBPD's Field Gang Unit At Half Strength, A Paramedic Experiment Pending And ShotSpotter Not Funded?
    Appreciation: Nancy Wride: Onward
    Editorial: They Were Right

    Editorial: Our Election, Their Money

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    Doppler Radar click to enlarge AND view in-motion
    WX Radar from NOAA
    7-Day Forecasts: Shore Lakewood & Marine LGB Details

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  • 2003: Independent Consultant Says City Hall "Has Created A False Impression Of Solvency"
  • Deputy City Auditor Report Shows LB Convention & Entertainment Center Operations Cost LB Taxpayers $2.5 Million in FY 2000, $3.0 Million in FY 99; Cumulative operating losses since 1978 opening exceed $60 million; City Auditor Burroughs' Recommended Action: "Receive and File"
  • New Perspective: "It's Not My Job" Is Wrong Response By City To Toxic Risks To Neighborhood Residents
    by Kerrie Alley
  • Hear Appellant Kerrie Aley's Testimony re City's Planned Handling Of Toxic Contaminated Colorado Lagoon Soil...And City Mgm't Response & Her Rebuttal
  • Read CA Court of Appeal Ruling (Late 2004) Reversing L.A. Council, Chastising Its Councilmembers Who Voted To Deny Appeal After Not Paying Attention To Testimony In Quasi-Judicial Appeal Hearing
  • Video Shows Councilman Garcia Typing, Texting, Seemingly Not Focused On Testimony During Residents' Quasi-Judicial Appeal of City's Planned Handling Of Toxic Contaminated Colorado Lagoon Soil
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  • Archival Access: Hear What Council Was Told In 1995 About Aquarium Paying Its Bond Debt Without Taxpayer Bailout
    Aquarium, Nov. 21/04
    Photo: T'giving wkend 2004 (not typical)
    Study Says Areas Including Downtown LB, Belmont Shore, Los Altos, Bixby Knolls At Estimated Heightened Cancer Risk From Port Operations

    "Draft Estimated Diesel PM [particulate matter] Cancer Risk From POLA and POLB" cited in Diesel Particulate Matter Exposure Assessment Study for the Ports of Los Angeles and Long Beach, p. 8
    24 Hrs. in LB Air: Bixby Knolls AQMD Monitor, Dec. 2003. Details, click photo
    AQMD Air Monitor in LB, Dec. 2003
    2005: Scientists @ LB Conference Say Air Pollution in L.A.-LB Region is High Enough to Cause Illness and Deaths; Economist Says Ports Receive Subsidies That Invite More Growth
    RecentlyAbout a week or two agoAbout two-four weeks ago
    City Staff Says Possible City Purchase Of Belmont Shore (205 La Verne) House For Parking Expected To Reach Council Within 2-3 Months; Deputy City Attorney Tells Council Also Free "On Any Tuesday" With Publicly Agendized Item And Publicly Cast Vote To Instruct City Staff Not To Proceed With Transaction

    City staff drawing presented at Feb. Belmont Shore Parking & Business Improvement Advisory Comm'n.
    LBPD Detectives Find And Arrest Within 7 Days, And DA Has Filed Murder Plus Other Charges Naming Two LB Men (Adults), In 59th/Linden Fatal Shooting
    OC Assemblyman Quietly Introduces Bill That May Undercut Legal Challenges (Including by City of LB) To EIR For BNSF-Sought WLB-Impacting SCIG Railyard
    Subsequent coverage above
    St. Baldrick's Day Head-Shaving Fundraiser For Children's Cancer Research Will Be March 14 @ Millikan High; Its Football Team + Multiple Cubberley Kids + Firefighters + Supportive Adults Will Be Shaved Bald For Donations; Event Will Honor Cubberley-Millikan Student Kayleigh Scott, Now An Angel
    Details / Perspective: LB's 1st Council Dist. Registered Voters Increase 60%, 8,515 Added Since Last Citywide Election (April 2010); Numbers Increase In All Districts But By Smaller Percentages; LB Now Has 260,130 Reg'd Voters
    This Little Girl Has Leukemia And Needs A Bone Marrow Transplant; There May Be A Match Among LB's Diverse Population; Come Take Quick Saliva Test Mar 27 To See If You're It

    See 5th Annual Solar Grand Prix @ Long Beach's El Dorado Park: 400 Creative, Savvy Students On 69 Teams From 19 Schools Race Their Designed/Built Solar Powered Model Cars
    Reported in Video and Photos by Dan Halverson

    Photo by Dan Halverson
    Nearly 1,600 Completed Voter Reg. Forms Found In Trash Can, Area Esperanza/Ocean; Anonymous Caller Tips LB City Clerk's Office Which Notifies Reg-Recorder/County Clerk; Investigation Underway, D.A. Notified
    Fire Rages Through Turn-of-the-Century Bungalow Paralleling 4th St.'s "Retro Row"
    by Cathy Franklin
    Special to

    Photo via LBFFA Twitter feed

    Photo by Cathy Franklin
    Woman Assaulted, Battered, Robbed Within A Block Or Two Of LBPD East Division Police Station; LBPD Seeks Public's Help in ID'ing These Two "Subjects of Interest"

    Subject 1

    Subject 2

    Extended AUDIO: Hear Them: Candidates For 7th dist. City Council
    Extended audio coverage by Joe Mello

    Photo by Joe Mello

    VIDEO: City Clerk Herrera Combines Old School Hit, Cutting Edge Digital Effort -- "Express Yourself" -- Seeking To Increase Vote Turn-Out; See/Hear Press Event: Charles Wright (Watts 103rd St. Rhythm Band) Lets City License His Music At No Charge To Aid Effort

    AUDIO: Hear Them: City Attorney Candidates; Charles Parkin, James Johnson, Matthew Pappas

    Photo by Joe Mello

    AUDIO: Hear Them: City Prosecutor Doug Haubert vs. Challenger Rosemary Chavez

    Photo by Joe Mello's continually growing Election 2014 coverage is collected and visible in special section linked at right.
    U.S. Dept. of Ed Waives Fed'l "No Child Left Behind" Law, Lets CA End STAR Tests Without Penalty And Implement "Common Core" Tests With No Results For Parents/Students In March-June 2014
    Sunday March 9: Pet Adoption Day @ Gelson's: 11 a.m.-3 p.m.
    Subsequent coverage above:
    Sat. March 8 Is 5th Annual Solar Grand Prix, El Dorado Park, Willow/Studebaker; Free To Attend, 400 Creative, Savvy Students On 69 Teams From 19 Schools Will Race Designed/Built Solar Powered Model Cars
    LBPD Says Preliminary Information Indicates NLB Husband-Wife Murder-Suicide, 5800 block Rose Ave.
    Heads-Up: Two West Nile Infected Dead Birds Found In LB 90808; Ominous Early Discovery May Mean Especially Heavy Season
    Wrigley Heights Resident Spots and Reports Suspicious Activity, LB Cops Respond & Arrest Three Residential Burglary Suspects
    Election Notebook: Lowenthal For Mayor Mailer Says She Gets Things Done for Long Beach...But Uses Photo Of San Diego; Campaign Consultant Says It's His Error
  • Sen. Lara Endorses Bonnie Lowenthal...Although Garcia Announced Lara's Endorsement Last Year; It's Dual Endorsement, Lowenthal Campaign Says
  • Former Gov. Deukmejian Endorses Otto; Lt. Gov./former SF Mayor Newsom Endorses Garcia
  • At Forum With Arts Supporters, Garcia Says Playing Trombone In School Shows His Attachment To Arts And Changed His Life
    Here's Deal City Staff Says the City Wants Re New Civic Center; See Details In Full RFP And Full Appendices; We Cite Some Salient Items

    City of LB graphic
    Multiple Photos: Peninsula Berm Erodes, Some Peninsula Homes Report Damages Saturday Night (Mar. 1)

    Multiple Photos: Anti-Gay Kansas-Based Westboro Baptist Church Pickets Lakewood Churches, Draws Counter-Demonstrators; Group Plans To Picket Academy Awards Sun Night And Outside Lakewood High On Monday Morning Mar. 3
    by Jennifer Kelly, Special to
    Includes additional background by

    Mar. 2, 2014 outside First United Methodist Church, Lakewood, CA. Photo by Jennifer Kelly
    Photo Gallery: Justin Rudd Photos (via Facebook): "On The Beach Between The Storms: Belmont Shore"
    Surfers, Dump Trucks, Sea Birds And More (Taken Approx 4:00 p.m. Mar. 2, 2014)

    With Extended On-Demand Audio: Hear It: Mayoral Candidates Field Questions At LBHUSH/Los Cerritos Neighborhood Ass'n Forum

    Who Shot Two Cats With Arrows In NLB? If You Have Any Info, Call These Numbers

    Source: LB Animal Hospital Facebook page

    Long Beach Water Comm'n Declares Imminent Water Supply Shortage, Adopts Mandatory Restrictions That Include Prohibiting Watering Landscape Tues, Weds, Friday, Sunday
    Here's Why Police From LB, Signal Hill & Westminster Had Containment Perimeter, Closed Off Streets, In Area Of Cherry-St. Louis, 19th-21st St. On Feb. 28
    CA Sec'y of State Says Referendum To Repeal Transgender Student Rights Measure (AB 1266, Dubbed "Co-Ed Bathroom Bill" By Opponents) Fails, Falling 17,276 Valid Petition Signatures Short of 504,760 Needed For Statewide Ballot
    CA Secy of State deems invalid roughly 130,000 signatures; Referendum proponents indicate they'll challenge action in court
    by Joe Mello, Community Correspondent
    Subsequent coverage above:
    Heavy Rain Friday With Potential For 1.5-2.5" Says Nat'l Weather Service; City Hall Issues This Release
    Subsequent coverage above:
    Naples Island Alert: City Crews Watchful As Stronger Storm Could Hit Fri a.m. Feb. 28 During Another Higher Than Usual High Tide (6.3 Ft.); City Has Storm Drain Plugs Ready To Prevent Seawater From Backing Up Onto Naples Streets BUT Some Street Flooding May Occur If Heavy Rain Happens At Height of High Tide
    LB Cops Find & Arrest, and DA Charges, Taxi Passenger Who Got Into Argument With Cab Driver About Fare, Allegedly Pulled Out A Gun And Fired At Driver
    Do You Recognize This Man? He's LBPD's Suspect In Sexual Assault Case And Police Are Seeking Your Help in ID'ing Him

    New / Details / VIDEO: What's Foster's Role, If Any, In Independent Expenditure Committee "Friends of Long Beach, A Committee Supporting Vice Mayor Robert Garcia For Mayor?" It's Collected Nearly $50k in 30 Days, Most Of It From Outside LB; Foster Tries To Exit Without Answering Questions; and LBRegister Chase Him And Get This Response

    Includes Extended On-Demand VIDEO: Exiting Mayor Foster Endorses Council Ally Garcia for Mayor; VIDEO: See/Hear Exactly What They Said
  • Foster Praises His Own Record And Garcia; Garcia Praises Foster...Then Says He'd Take City In Different Direction, But Doesn't Cite Actions Under Foster He'd Seek To Reverse
  • Foster Invites No Reporters' Questions, And LBRegister Chase Him Down For One As He Exits

    Councilman Neal, Police Commander Luman, Clergy To Hold Mar. 3 Public Meeting Re NLB's Three Murders This Month, Billed As Town Hall Style Discussion Of Youth Violence, Public Safety Response
    Customers Turn Out To Support Bella Pizza LB in Bixby Knolls Recently Victimized By Crime; Flash Event Promoted Via Facebook by Bixby Knolls Business Improvement Ass'n

    Photo approx. 6:40 p.m.
    Mayoral Candidates Quizzed On Support For Arts At Art Advocates' Forum
    by Cathy Franklin, Special to

    Mayoral candidates assemble for forum; a few arrived after this photo. Photo by Cathy Franklin
  • Long Beach Animal Care Services Says Its Overall Euthanasias Are Down, Dog And Cat Adoptions Up
    Credits Online Pix Of Adoptable Animals By Volunteer Pro-Photographer Cozolino With Increasing Adoptions By 55%

    Subsequent development above Learns City Officials Planning Public Meeting To Discuss NLB's Three Murders Over Past Two Weeks

    Man Is Shot To Death, Late Afternoon Sat. Feb. 22 On Andy Street (North of South St. @ Downey Ave.)

    NLB portion of LB's six 2014 murders to date
    Read Federal Indictment Detailing Political Corruption Allegations Against State Senator Ron Calderon (D, Montebello) and His Brother, Tom Calderon

    On-Demand Extended AUDIO: Hear It: City Hall Appointed Advisory Comm'n On Belmont Shore Parking & Business Issues Hears Public Testimony Nearly Entirely Opposed, Votes 4-1 To Support City Purchase Of La Verne Ave. House Near 2nd St. for Parking Lot; Action Is Advisory; Council Will Make Final Decision

    Man Fatally Shot At Midday Friday In North Long Beach, Area 59th/Linden; Crime Scene Is Roughly One Block From "Uptown Renaissance" Project (Former Atlantic Theater/Future Library)

    Additional coverage above
    Feds Charge Former Owner (Drobot) Of LB's Pacific Hospital In Health Care Fraud Scheme; He Accepts Plea Agreement Alleging State Sen. Ron Calderon Took Bribes To Keep State Law Alive (Now Repealed) Enabling Big Sums For Owner's Companies; Feds Separately Indict Sen. Ron Calderon & Brother Tom on Political Corruption Charges
    Election Notebook: Independent Expenditure Committee Surfaces Seeking To Elect Jack Rosenberg To City Council In 3rd District; See Its Three Contributors (5K Each To Date)
    She's Off: Big Soviet-Military Designed, Now-Commercial Cargo Aircraft Antonov AN-124 Took Off Friday About 11:30 a.m. On Runway 12 (Toward Los Altos/CSULB Pyramid)
    See It: Bixby Knolls Business Improvement Ass'n Exec. Dir. Blair Cohn Delivers Annual "State of the District" Message.

    City Auditor Says Long Beach Harbor Dept. Incurred Excessive Travel Expenses Reflecting A Decentralized System With Limited Oversight
  • Harbor Comm'n President Drummond: "We take the matter very seriously" and will schedule Harbor Comm'n workshop to discuss Auditor's recommendations.
  • PMSA President John McLaurin: "Minor administrative policy changes don't justify removal of a Harbor Commissioner..."
    What's This, Spotted in ELB? See Pix; It's Part of City Hall Contracted Citywide Street Condition Survey

    Photo by Charlie McGrail
    Long Beach Opera To Stage Death of Klinghoffer, Controversial & Infrequently Performed Work Has Drawn Protests & Praise
    Advisory: Feb. 20 Is Bixby Knolls Business Improvement Ass'n "State of the District"
    LIVE Video and On-Demand on
    Advocates Pro/Con Will Be Present At Feb. 20 Meeting Of Belmont Shore Parking/Biz Improvement Advisory Comm'n Re Purchasing House on La Verne Near 2nd St. for Parking Lot; Action Would Be Advisory Only; Council Will Make Final Decision
    UPDATED: Here's Why There Was Weds. Feb. 19 Law Enforcement Activity (LASD) Area 10th/Temple Asks Candidates Seeking To Become Next Third District Councilmember How They'd Vote On Buying House Near 2nd St. For Parking Lot And They Say... Learns Council Closed-Session Vote To Authorize Purchase Offer (Now Accepted By Seller With Contingencies) On La Verne Ave. House Was 9-0
    LBPD NLB Traffic Stop Leads To Arrest of Man On Suspicion Of Possessing Nearly 80 Pounds of Cocaine Plus...

    LBPD photos

    Long Beach Fire Chief DuRee Will Tell City Council: "No Safe Or Sane Way For Consumers To Use Fireworks," Urges Keeping City's Fireworks Ban "Due To Risk Of Injury and Property Damage, Adverse Impacts To Quality Of Life For Residents, Environment & City Services"; Read Full Report
    Says it's believed City's costs for police, fire, public works & parks and rec services would exceed tax revenue from items' sales; Council will hear report Feb. 18
    City Staff Tells Belmont Shore Neighbors That Council's Purchase Offer (Now Seller Accepted) Re House Near 2nd St. For Parking Lot, Made In Closed Session, Isn't Done Deal Because It Requires Add'l Council Vote In Public Session
    Advisory Belmont Shore Parking Comm'n will discuss item at its Thursday (Feb. 20) meeting proposing to support City purchase
    Asked if he supports purchase, Councilman DeLong says "time will tell."

    City Council Voted In November "Closed Session" To Make Offer (Which Seller Has Accepted) To Buy A House Steps From Belmont Shore's Second Street Intending To Tear It Down And Put Up A Parking Lot; Details Divulged -- By City Hall Itself -- In This Memo
    Completing purchase is subject to Council vote in public session
  • Follow the Money / Campaign Contributions For 2014 Long Beach Elections
    Schipske for Mayor Campaign Reports $24,000 In Contribs, Nearly All From Individuals With 87.7% Listing Long Beach Addresses; Two Major PACs Support: CA Nurses Ass'n & Emily's List Mayoral Candidate Damon Dunn Reports $241k In Contributions...Which Includes 125K From Himself; 66% Of Contributors List Addresses Outside Long Beach
    Contributors include former U.S. Sec'y of State George Shultz at Stanford
    Doug Otto for Mayor Campaign Reports Raising $70k (Jan-June 2013); See Details And Contributors
    Patrick O'Donnell 2014 Assembly Campaign Collects $117,000+ In First Six Months of 2013; See Contributors
    Over $20,000 In Contributions To O'Donnell 2014 Assembly Campaign Were Returned By Him (After Dropping 2012 Assembly Bid) And Recontributed By The Contributors in 2013 To His 2014 Assembly Race
    Tonia Reyes Uranga Assembly Campaign Collects $20,000+ In First Six Months of 2013; See Contributors Councilman Neal Announces He'll Pursue NLB-Compton-Carson Assembly Seat, Says He's Raised $94k Thru June 30, Total $100k+ Thru July
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