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New / Follow-Up In Depth: Mayor Garcia Says Housing Need Requires "Densifying" Downtown, Along Midtown Specific Plan Area, Parts of Central LB And NLB (Where "It's Appropriate") But Not Parts Of "Suburban Communities" (He Doesn't Define) One Day Before Politically-Potent Neighborhood Push-Back At Planning Comm'n; A Day Later, He Moves To Temporarily Delay Council Action On Land Use Maps That Would Advance What He Said He Supports
Follow the Money Coverage
New: Campaign & Officeholder Contribs re Incumbents Seeking Re-Election: Councilmembers Gonzalez, Price, Mungo, Uranga, Vice Mayor Richardson & Mayor Garcia

LB Gov't Transparency


Statement by the Publisher: Entering Year 18

Subsequent development above As Seen LIVE: Neighborhood Groups/Individual Residents Testify Against Proposed Increased Density/Increased Height Maps; Planning Comm'n Votes (4-1) To Recommend Sending Maps Back To Staff For Add'l Public Input *BUT* City Mgm't Says It Will Send Maps To Council On Oct. 3 For Approval (With Or Without Council-Desired Map Changes) To Proceed With Land Use Changes
Dev. Services Dir. Bodek says Council item is already scheduled for Oct. 3

LBPD Offers This Info Re Midafternoon Homicide, Man Fatally Shot In Neighborhood About A Block North of Poly High (Near Myrtle Ave.)
Long Beach Animal Advocates (Newly Organized Grassroots Animal Rescue Volunteers) Urge Council To Budget Add'l Funds For Animal Shelter; Councilmembers Offer None Immediately; Group Launches Facebook Page, Pledges Continued Pressure
Councilwoman Mungo Asked, And Mayor Garcia Facilitated, Moving Upcoming Aug. 22 Council Meeting To Fifth District, Effectively Giving Her Neighborhood Platform As She Enters Possibly Contentious Re-Election Cycle
Retired 8th Dist. Councilwoman Gabelich Urges Planning Commissionn NOT To Approve Staff-Sought Increased Density/Increased Building Heights, Advises Sending Land Use Changes Back To Public For Stronger Community Input, Not To City Council For Enactment
Citywide Neighborhood Advisory / Heads Up/Do You Want This? See Maps Showing City Staff Recommended Increased Density/Increased Bldg Hts Citywide And In Your Neighborhood; Mayor-Picked Planning Comm'n Will Make Voted Recommendations This Thurs. Aug. 17; Council Majority Will Decide In Coming Months
Perspective: Future File? What May Or May Not Occur If Mayor-Picked Planning Commission Recommends (Aug. 17) And City Council Subsequently Approves City Staff Desired Density
Fire Breaks Out At Homeless Encampment Along 405 @ Cherry Ave, Ignites Spot Fire Across Freeway Lanes
Midafternoon Shooting, 2600 block E. 56th St.
VIDEO / See It: Pres. Trump Engages In Extended, Confrontational Q & A With Reporters Re Charlottesville, His Responses To It, Their Coverage Of It And More
Homicide: Man Is Fatally Shot Sat Nite Area 7th St./Orange Ave.
In Detail: LB Airport Mgm't Recommends Changes To LB's Airport Ordinance, Will Launch Public Review Process Seeking Input From Air Carriers, Interested Parties And Public
  • Proposed changes would increase fines for curfew violations, add possible flight slot forfeitures for chronic violators, and also encourage increased use of current flight slots by penalizing "squatters" that under-use their slots
  • Says changes prompted by increasing number of curfew (10 p.m./11 p.m) violations and are based on "initial analysis and consideration" by City Att'y w/ outside Council and "preliminary discussions" with FAA
  • Decision will ultimately come to City Council for approval/rejection
    City Prosecutor Haubert Requested, And JetBlue Has Agreed To Pay, Doubled-Sums Under Consent Decree Re First Six Violations In Each Calendar Quarter Of LB Airport Ordinance's 10 p.m./11 p.m. Curfew
    At Council Budget Session, No Councilmember(s) Propose Adding (Restoring) Any Further Citywide Neighborhood Deployable Police Officers For Taxpayers After Mayor/Mgm't Propose Adding Zero In FY18
    Councilman Supernaw also mum on Mayor/Mgm't budget's failure to restore Fire Engine 17 at Station 17
    Demonstrators Urge Making Long Beach A "Sanctuary City"; One Councilmember Wary, Others Mum; Sac'to Bills In Limbo, Trump DOJ Threatens Some Cities With Fed Grant Funds Cut-Off Unless Locals Cooperate With Fed Immig Agents
    Special to by Barry Saks

    Photo by Barry Saks
    Developing: U.S. Defense Intel Agency Analysts Say North Korea Can Now Make Missile-Ready Nuclear Warheads; Trump Warns NK Best To End Its Threats Or Face "Fire And Fury Like The World Has Never Seen"; Amnesia File: Read Pres. Clinton's 1994 Statement re Deal His Admin Negotiated With North Korea
    Huntington Beach Residents Commend, And HB Council Suggests Cost Saving Option In Seeking Further Update In 90 Days, In Ongoing Study Of Non-Toxic Weed Killing In Its Parks, Medians, Public Facilities...Which LB Councilmembers Have Thus Far Refused To Agendize/Discuss
    LB Citizens About Responsible Planning (CARP) Leadership Unanimously Votes To Urge Mayor/Council's Planning Comm'r LaFarga To Decline Appointment, Urges Someone With Long-Term LB Residence And History Of Supporting LB Residents And Neighborhoods; Meanwhile, Ass'y Speaker Rendon Appoints Him To State's "Little Hoover Comm'n"
    Dramatic LBPD Hostage Rescue After Man Allegedly Holds A Woman Hostage As A Human Shield With Stabbing Instrument At Her Throat And Threatens To Kill Her (After Allegedly Stabbing Another Woman Who Escaped); PD Negotiates With Him But Says His Constant Threatening Behavior Led To Officer-Involved Shooting So Victim Could Be Rescued
    Man Is Shot, Predawn, 2300 block E. 14th St. (West of Junipero, East of Cherry)
    Subsequent coverage above
    Huntington Beach Council Will Consider Initial Results/Costs/Benefits Of Using Non-Toxic Weed Killing-Methods In Its Parks, Medians, Public Facilities...While LB's Council Has Refused Public Requests To Agendize/Discuss The Issue
    Follow the Money: Mayor Garcia & Vice Mayor Richardson Become First Two LB Incumbents To Use Their Contributor-Fueled "Officeholder Accounts" To Fund Elect/Re-Elect Campaigns Of Other Pols
    Richardson used his officeholder account to give money to help re-elect Council incumbents Gonzalez & Uranga + LB School Boardmember Kerr; Garcia used his officeholder account to help elect new L.A. Congressman and tried to elect new Signal Hill Councilman
    Follow the Money: See Councilwoman Gonzalez Re-Elect And Officeholder Contribs: Mainly Corporate, Development, Organized Labor & Special Interests
    Follow the Money: Roughly 500 Contributors (People + Corps + Special Interests) Fueled Mayor Garcia's Re-Election Campaign In April-May-June 2017; See Who Gave $241k
    Follow the Money: See Details Of Vice Mayor Richardson $70k Re-Election Campaign Contribs; Of Those Giving Over $100, Only 14 Listed NLB Zip Code 90805...And Only 8 Were Individuals Listing 9th dist. Addresses
    City Mgm't/Mayor Cite Fewer Animal Shelter Killings; Stayin' Alive Long Beach Disputes Metrics, Blasts Mayor, Says City Hall Could Do More To Promote Adoptions/Reduce Killings; Mgm't Proposed FY18 Budget Includes Two New Animal Shelter Staffers (Health Tech For Intake + Communications Specialist)
    Family & Friends (Two Legged + Four Legged) Celebrate Life Of Animal Behavior Expert And Author Miriam Yarden, Taught People How Their Pets Think

    Perspective: At Council's First FY18 Budget Hearing, Mayor Garcia Makes These Arguably Misleading Statements About His Recommended Budget's Police Levels
    Appreciation / Celebration of Life: Miriam Yarden: Renowned Animal Behavior Expert And Author Taught People How Their Pets Think; Celebrate/Honor Her Life At Rec Park On Aug. 4
    Council Of Neighborhood Organizations (CONO) Votes To Call On Mayor/Council To Rescind LaFarga Appointment To Planning Comm'n
    F&M Bank (Anaheim St. Branch) Robbed Shortly Before Closing Time, Weds. Afternoon
    Man And Woman Shot/Wounded In WLB, Hours Before Anti-Crime Themed "National Night Out"
    Mayor Garcia's "Officeholder Account" Received $1,000 Contrib From Union PAC Whose Union Leadership Includes Official Who Moved Into LB In May And Garcia Appointed In July To Fill Sudden-Announced Vacancy On LB Planning Comm'n; Garcia Used His "Officeholder Account" To Give Funds To Pro-Rent Control "Housing Long Beach" And To L.A. Dem Congressional Candidate
    Perspective: Mayor Garcia Wants Council To Approve In FY18 Budget:
  • NO Add'l Citywide Neighborhood Deployable Officers (Total Officers Restored In FY17 Were 17 Out of 208 Erased); However Add'l Police Academy Class "Expected To Result In Significant Add'l Officers Over Authorized Strength Levels in FY18," Unclear if For Contracted Or Citywide Officers) Or Will Offset Expected Retirements in FY19)
  • NO Fire Engines Restored At Station 17 (Argonne Ave.), Station 1 (Magnolia/Broadway second unit for density/high rises) or Station 18 (Palo Verde/Wardlow)
  • NO Disclosure In Mayor/Mgm't Docs We Can See That Budget Would Show Roughly $7 Mil Deficit If Mgm't Hadn't Switched (Without Council Approval) From "Reasonably Conservative" Estimated Revenue To (Riskier) "Reasonably Optimistic"
    Perspective: Follow-Up: Who Knew, And When Did They Know, Proposed FY18 Budget Used Figures Contrary To City Financial Policy That Conceal Roughly $7 Mil FY18 Budget Deficit?
    Perspective: L.A. Residents Revolt Against Lane-Shrinking "Road Diet," Threaten Their Councilman's Recall And Get Results; LB Residents Voice Opposition But Haven't Pursued Political Action (On This Or Other Issues) Challenging Up To Five Council Incumbents, And Get No Results
    Bombshell: City Mgm't Admits Changing Its FY18 Budget Revenue Assumptions From Council-Approved "Reasonably Conservative" To "Reasonably Optimistic"...And Says Without Doing This, Proposed FY18 Budget Would Be Roughly $7 Mil Short Of Balanced
    City Prosecutor Haubert Cites Need To Avoid Possible Appearance of Conflicting Interest (Since Council Votes On His Office Budget) In Handing Matter Involving Councilwoman Pearce Back To D.A. For Possible Misdemeanor Consideration
    Do You Recognize This Suspect In Two Fast-Food Restaurant Armed Robberies? If So, Please Call LBPD

    LBPD Says This Led To WLB Officer Involved Shooting
    Councilman Uranga Says He Wants City Attorney-Options To Maintain Compliance w/ LB Airport Ordinance "Up To And Including Enhanced Penalties And Fees" For Flights Beyond 10 p.m.-11 p.m. Curfew, Says He (And Multiple Unnamed Councilmembers) Have Asked City Attorney For This
    Vehicles Hit By Gunfire, Drivers Not Hit, 1700 block Daisy Ave. (1st Council dist.)
    Man Is Shot To Death, Predawn Hours Southern End of LB's Historic Willmore District (1st Council District)
    Councilman Supernaw Says It's "Clearly Time" To Look For Solutions To JetBlue Flights Beyond 10 p.m./11 p.m. LB Airport Curfew And He Anticipates A "Major Announcement" Within Next 30 Days
    Perspective: Fireworks Fiasco Follow-Up: Council's Public Safety Committee Makes No Voted Recommendations To Council; Unmentioned: Some Cities Impose Administrative (Non-Criminal) Fines Up To $1,000, Some Aided By Smartphone Video...So Why Isn't Long Beach?
    Councilmembers Ask Proposed Appointees No Questions, Vote 8-0 To Approve Mayor Garcia's Choices For Neighborhood-Impacting Planning Comm'n and Health-and-Economy Impacting Harbor Comm'n
    Council Votes 9-0 To Seek Management Report on Equity / Allocation of City Resources In Parks
    Man Is Shot/Killed, Two Women Hit By Gunfire/Wounded, 2800 block Walnut Ave. In Signal Hill (Parking Lot Of An Adult Entertainment Club)
    Subsequent coverage above:
    Councilwoman Gonzales, Joined By Uranga, Richardson & Andrews Seek City Mgm't Report On "Park Equity"
    Subsequent coverage above:
    Mayor Garcia's Choice For LB Planning Comm'r Appears To Have Been City of Los Angeles Resident Until Fairly Recently; He's In Leadership Of Union Whose PAC Gave These Campaign And "Officeholder" Contribs To Garcia And Several Councilmembers; UPDATE: Mayor Garcia's Chief of Staff Provides This Statement
    Subsequent coverage above
    Garcia Wants Two Former Councilmembers/Vice Mayors -- Frank Colonna And Bonnie Lowenthal -- on Harbor Comm'n, And Building Trades Union/Pro-Port Josh LaFarga On Planning Comm'n
    West Long Beach Residents (1st Council District) Reported Fireworks...But LBPD Finds Multiple Gunshots Were Fired Near A Large Group Of Family/Friends; No One Hit

    2014 to date: Red Xs=homicides; Blue Xs= shootings, person wounded; Brown Xs=shots fired at victim(s), not hit; Purple Xs=shots at occupied residence/vehicle; Green Xs= shots at unoccupied vehicle/residence; Grey Xs=shots fired (no hit, no target identified); Orange X's=non-fatal stabbings. Map is unofficial. A separate map (not shown here) indicates add'l shootings in NLB.
    In Seal Beach, Nan And Woman Found Dead In Apt. After Woman Phones Police, Call Disconnects, Shots Heard, Neighborhood Told To Remain Indoors Amid Lengthy SWAT Reponse
    In Depth / Perspective: Internal City Recs Show Mayor/Mgm't Worked Outside Of Public View To Support Sac'to Gas Tax Hike...Even After Sac'to Added Text -- Opposed By Sierra Club/Coalition for Clean Air -- Making It Harder For AQMD To Curtail Some Port-Related Pollution Sources; Tax Hike Will Give LB City Hall $11 Million Annual Windfall For City Street/Road Work
    Councilwoman Price swiftly suggests Council-wide discussion to reassess current Prop A (LB sales tax hike) priorities
    LBPD Tells Council's Public Safety Committee That LB Currently Has Two "Quality of Life" Police Officers (One Each Assigned To East And South Divisions) Who Also Handle Homeless/Transient/Vagrant Crime Issues Citywide "As Necessary"; Committee Makes No Voted Recommendation; Austin Signals He'll Raise Issue In Council's FY18 Budget Actions (Coming In Aug-Sept.)

    Councilman Supernaw Signals He Plans To Agendize Item To Examine LB Airport Fine Structure, Seeking Better Deterrent, Prompted By JetBlue Flights Beyond 10 p.m./11 p.m. Curfew
    LBPD Issues This Statement With Add'l Information Re June 3 Incident Involving Councilmember Jeannine Pearce And Her Former Chief of Staff Devin Cotter
    Can You Help LBPD Identify These Two Suspects Who Violently Robbed A 62 Yr Old Woman Walking In Area of Linden/9th St. on May 10? See Surveillance Video And Screen Grabs
    They approach her from behind, one punches her in faces, knocks her to ground and they steal her cell phone.

    Coverage coming
    Councilwoman Price Adds Report On July 4th Fireworks To Tonight's (July 13) Public Safety Committee Meeting, 6 p.m. @ LBFD Training HQ, 2249 Argonne Ave.; Also On Agenda: Reports Re "Quality of Life" Items (Presumably Homeless-Related Neighborhood-Impacting Issues)
    Council Votes To Create A "Business Support Team" For Molina Healthcare, With No Indication Company Wants It Or Needs It At This Point Or What Public Resources City Could/Would Offer Private Firm
    Council Committee Votes 2-1 To Withhold Action For One Year On Mungo-Advanced Proposal To Rename El Dorado Library The "Ernie and Jackie Kell Neighborhood Library"
    Mayor Garcia Abruptly Pulls His Desired Airport Advisory Commission Appointee From July 11 Council Consideration After Airport-Impacted Residents Raise Issues
    Subsequent development above
    The Origin, Status And Next Steps Re Proposal To Rename "El Dorado Neighborhood Library" the "Ernie and Jackie Kell Neighborhood Library"
    Subsequent development above
    Four Long Beach City Councilmembers Agendize Item Asking City Manager To Assemble "Business Retention Team" To "Develop Strategy" And "Identify All Available Benefits And Opportunities" To "Attract And Retain Molina Healthcare's Key Operations And Health Care Services In Long Beach"
    Subsequent development above:
    Council's Public Safety Committee (Price, Austin, Supernaw) Schedules Meeting @ LBFD Training HQ, 2249 Argonne July 13, For City Mgm't Reports Re "Quality of Life" Items (Presumably Homeless-Related Neighborhood-Impacting Issues)
    Subsequent development above
    Mayor Garcia Wants Council To Approve His Latest Choice For Airport Advisory Comm'n, Although He Hasn't Said How Long She's Lived in LB And Her Husband Is Former FAA Official Who's Now Att'y for L.A. World Airports And Previously Handled Legal Matters For L.A. And SF Airports

  • Perspective / Viewpoints

    Publisher's Perspective / Opinion: The Mayor's Campaign Money, And Your Right To Know From Whom It Came

    Perspective / Opinion: Fact Check, Fake News: Re LB's Unemployment Rate
    Editorial: Equity
    Editorial: The Worst Mayor/Council Appointment In Recent History And What To Do About It
    Long Beach's Fireworks Fiasco
    Editorial: For A Green-Light Measure In Long Beach: Letting The People Decide Density And Parking Impacts In Their City, Not Politicians And Development Interests
    Editorial: Unmentioned on Memorial Day in Long Beach
    Opinion / VIDEO: The Late Jack Smith Tells Council THIS About Neighborhood Crime/Safety And Homeless...On Oct. 11, 2016

    Editorial: Missed Opportunities Leave Long Beach Aquatics Center Out of Long Beach's Control
    Opinion: Council Majority Got It Wrong On Aquatic Center, Invites Court To Reject Flawed EIR And Coastal Comm'n Staff To Disapprove Flawed Size/Site/Height Plan
    by Ann Cantrell *
    * Ms. Cantrell was an appellant on behalf of CARP (Citizens About Responsible Planning) in the City Council hearing on the Belmont Beach Aquatic Center.

    Editorial: One Councilmember, Or More, Should Agendize Vote To Restore LB's Prior Law And Reverse Election-Tilting, Incumbent-Perpetuating Officeholder Account Changes

    Editorial: Mayor Garcia: Veto That Ordinance
    Editorial: Is Reporting This, Because...
    Significant Update: Material Now Online (Formerly "Non-Study Session")
    Pool Point/Counterpoint
    To City Council: Build Aquatics Center At Belmont Plaza Because...
    by Lucy Johnson, Vice President & Development Director
    Aquatic Capital of America.


    To City Council: Obsession Trumped Reason When Planning Comm'n OK'd Belmont Plaza Pool Rebuild; Same Project Could Be Built On Smarter Sites At Less Cost
    by Joe Weinstein, Ph.D.

    Perspective: Schipske Eyes 5th District Council Return, As Questions Arise About Her Record Re Int'l Airport And (Surprisingly) Openness
    Editorial: No on Police Union Contract Today, Because...
    Editorial: Council Hasn't Pursued -- But Could And Should Seek -- Overdue Responsible Measures To Better Protect LB's Airport Ordinance Before Inviting Int'l Flights
    Entering 2017

    Public's Money, Public's Business, Unbusinesslike Mayor/Council Response To Public
    Jan. 1, 2017: The Highest Sales Tax Rate Among Neighboring Cities And Among The Highest In CA

    Giving Away Tax Dollars, Croney Capitalism/Corporate Welfare

    Editorial: What's This?

    Perspective: Mayor Garcia Says He Spoke With Michelle Obama At WH Staged Event...But City Hall Still Hasn't Released Docs Showing What She Said Months Ago When He (And Councilman/Now Vice Mayor Richardson) Invited Her To Attend Opening Ceremony Of LB Library Named In Her Honor

    Op - Ed: Rethinking AES Power Plant On Los Cerritos Wetlands: We Can Do Better
    by Elizabeth Lambe, Executive Director, Los Cerritos Wetlands Land Trust
    Digital Editorial Cartoon: Polling and Press, Past is Prologue

    Opinion: Vote Yes on Measure MM and NO on MA
    by Diana Lejins *
    * Ms. Lejins heads Advocates for Disability Rights and is a long-time proponent of access to medical marijuana

    Editorial: Homeless Parking Lot Proposal Scrimped On Public Notice, Fails To Consider Unintended Consequences, Deserves Fact-Check, Scrutiny And Vetting First In Council Committee
    UPDATED Editorial: Ending Mayor/Mgm't Manipulative Mushroom Treatment Leading Up To Homeless "Study Session"
    Editorial: Reschedule Coming Camouflaged Council Vote On Controversial Less-Than-Transparent "Road Diet" Proposed Along Nearly Two Miles of Ocean Blvd. (Livingston Dr. To End of Peninsula)

    Editorial: LB Firefighters Union Prez Pens These Pusillanimous Words As Mgm't/Mayor Propose To Leave Fire Stns (Including Stearns Park area Stn 17) Without Fire Engines and NLB Stn 12 Without Paramedic/Rescue
    Editorial: Restore At Least 35 Officers For Taxpayers...Now
    Counter-Point: A Responsible Budget -- That Restores Public Safety
    Text from mass emailing sent by Mayor Robert Garcia
    Opinion / Point-Counterpoint: Comments Re Police Shootings And Upcoming Dem Convention:
  • Steve James on Facebook: Scheduling Appearance By Michael Brown's Mother (Ferguson, MO) Is "Slap To The Face Of All Law Enforcement" (Personal Comment by LBPOA Pres; Group Has Taken No Position At This Time)
  • Dem Convention Website Text Describing Its Upcoming "Mothers of the Movement" Event
  • Aug. 2014 Open Letter To Youth of Ferguson, MO by Long Beach Councilman (Now Vice Mayor) Rex Richardson
  • Grand Jury Conclusion and US DOJ Conclusion re Ferguson MO police shooting
  • Fraternal Order of Police Statement ("Shocked, Angered, Saddened") re Dem Convention
    Opinion: Future File: Results Of SEASP (Son of SEADIP) Reviewed in 2026
    by Joe Weinstein, Ph.D.

    Perspective / Opinion: In the Running for Long Beach Outrage of the Decade

    Editorial: LB's 2016 Elections
    Perspective / Opinion: Is That All There Is? By The Numbers On "More Police" Under "Measure A" Sales Tax Hike
    Perspective / Opinion: How Many Bogus Arguments Can You Spot In This Last Minute Facebook Item By the LB Firefighters Ass'n Urging Votes For City Hall's Blank Check Sales Tax Increase To 10% (Measure A)? Here Are A Few We See, Plus Our Comments
    Perspective / Opinion: How Many Bogus Arguments Can You Spot In This Facebook Item From One Of Mayor Garcia's Ten Office Staffers, Urging Votes For City Hall's Blank Check Sales Tax Increase To 10% (Measure A)? Here Are A Few We See, Plus Our Comments
    Editorial: LB's New Sample Ballot And Election Practices?

    Editorial: LB City Hall's Public Works Infrastructure Scandal: Going Where Facts Lead Without Flinching, Avoiding Damage Control/Cover-Up
    Statement by the Publisher / Opinion: No On Measure A Sales Tax Hike...To Build A Better Long Beach
    Editorial: Censored In East Long Beach?
    Editorial: How Many Bogus Statements Can You Spot In PT Editorial Supporting City Hall-Sought Sales Tax Increase To 10% (Measure A)? Here Are A Few We See, Plus Our Comments
    Editorial: How Many Bogus Statements Can You Spot In This Letter Signed By Presidents Of LB Police Officers/LB Firefighters Unions Supporting City Hall-Sought Sales Tax Increase To 10% (Measure A)? Here Are A Few We See, Plus Our Comments
    Editorial: How Many Bogus Statements Can You Spot In Gazettes Editorial Backing City Hall-Sought Sales Tax Increase To 10% (Measure A)? Here Are A Few We See, Plus Our Comments

  • Friends of LB Animals
    Adoptable pets and more:

    Before summer heat hits, let Charlie check your A/C.

    Reference links

  • Council District Map
  • How To Recall a LB Elected Official
  • Email Your Council Member
  • LB Schools
  • Crime Data
  • Beverly O'Neill Administration
  • Perspective / Opinion: The Mythological Mayor: Beverly O'Neill In Balance
  • Transcript Excerpts of Historic Feb. 13, 2001 City Council Vote on QW Bay "Pike" Development
  • How ELB Traffic Project Was Canceled And $1,000,000 Diverted For Downtown Walkway; Other Projects At Traffic Circle & Iron Triangle Not Delivered As Promised
  • 2003: Independent Consultant Says City Hall "Has Created A False Impression Of Solvency"
  • Deputy City Auditor Report Shows LB Convention & Entertainment Center Operations Cost LB Taxpayers $2.5 Million in FY 2000, $3.0 Million in FY 99; Cumulative operating losses since 1978 opening exceed $60 million; City Auditor Burroughs' Recommended Action: "Receive and File"
  • Video Shows Councilman Garcia Typing, Texting, Seemingly Not Focused On Testimony During Residents' Quasi-Judicial Appeal of City's Planned Handling Of Toxic Contaminated Colorado Lagoon Soil
  • What Some Councilmembers Did While Taxpayers Testified On Toxics

  • Interactive Map: AQMD Multiple Airborne Toxics Exposure Study (MATES III)
    Mates3 broad

    Archival Access: Hear What Council Was Told In 1995 About Aquarium Paying Its Bond Debt Without Taxpayer Bailout
    Study Says Areas Including Downtown LB, Belmont Shore, Los Altos, Bixby Knolls At Estimated Heightened Cancer Risk From Port Operations

    "Draft Estimated Diesel PM [particulate matter] Cancer Risk From POLA and POLB" cited in Diesel Particulate Matter Exposure Assessment Study for the Ports of Los Angeles and Long Beach, p. 8
    24 Hrs. in LB Air: Bixby Knolls AQMD Monitor, Dec. 2003. Details, click photo
    AQMD Air Monitor in LB, Dec. 2003
    2005: Scientists @ LB Conference Say Air Pollution in L.A.-LB Region is High Enough to Cause Illness and Deaths; Economist Says Ports Receive Subsidies That Invite More Growth
    RecentlyWeeks AgoPast Few Months
    From July 1-4, LBPD + LBFD Issued 46 Fireworks + Misdemeanor Citations, Made 40 Felony + Misdemeanor Arrests; In 45-Min Period On July 4th, City Dispatch Center Received 715 Calls (911 + non-emergency) At Average Rate of 16 Calls Per Minute
    Multiple Long Beach Neighborhoods Report "Warzone"-Intense Fireworks
    Wrigley, NLB, WLB, Downtown-Adjacent, Bluff, Shore hard hit; constant roar heard in Los Cerritos and ELB (the latter mainly spared)
    Vice Mayor Richardson tells NLB resident on Facebook: "welcome to the neighborhood," advises talking to neighbors, posting lawn signs

    Upstart Group Signs "Declaration of Independence" In Philadelphia, Asserts Right To Self-Rule No Longer Accountable To Royal Authority, Cites "History of Repeated Injuries and Usurpations"

    LBCC Told Taxpayers This In Seeking Property Tax Hike But Now Says No Public Reports Planned For Now On Possible Joint-Uses With City And Others For Planned ELB Aquatics Center

    Map displays east at the top, with Carson St. vertically on left half of page. Source: Source: portion of LBCC Facilities Master Plan, May 2016
    Long Beach Consumers Now Pay 10.25% Sales Tax, Highest Rate in State (Tied With Only A Few Other Cities)
    Man Is Stabbed In Downtown LB In Midnight Hour, 400 block E. Third St.; PD Says NOT Believed Gang Related
    UPDATE: Man Dies, Among Six People Transported To Hospitals After Pre-Dawn Crash, Anaheim/LB Blvd.

    LBFD photo
    Here's What LB Parks/Rec And LBUSD Are Doing Re Using "Roundup" Weed Killer As Sac'to Prepares To List (And Monsanto Will Appeal) Adding Glyphosate To Prop 65 Chemicals "Known To State To Cause Cancer"
    Photo Gallery: See Brightly Packaged "Artillery Shells" And Mortar-Style Rockets -- And Their Firing Details ("Light Fuse And Get Away") -- Made in China, Seized by LBPD From NLB Garage...As LB Police And Pols Repeat: "All Fireworks Are Illegal in Long Beach" photos
    Will Long Beach Continue Using Roundup In Parts Of Its Parks...After Sac'to Agency Adds Glyphosate (In Monsanto's Roundup Weed Killer) To Prop 65 Chemicals "Known To State To Cause Cancer"?
    With Both Sides Lawyered-Up, Councilwoman Pearce Alleges She Was A Victim Of Domestic Violence; Her Former Chief of Staff Cotter Says He Wasn't Perpetrator Of That Conduct
    Garcia Mayoral Re-Election Campaign Is Assisting Re-Election Campaigns Of Council Incumbents Mungo, Gonzalez And Richardson
    VIDEO: Car Fire Spreads To House, 6800 block E. 10th St. (E. of Studebaker, S. of Anaheim Rd.)

    Photo source; reader
    Ass'y Speaker Rendon Will Withhold Action -- For Now -- On Proposed State Gov't Run "Single Payer" Health Care System (Sen. Lara's SB 562), Calls Current Bill "Woefully Incomplete" But Says It's Not Dead (Read Full Statement)
    Follow-Up: CHP Was On Scene Of Pearce-Cotter Incident (Shoreline Dr.) With LBPD For Roughly 90 Minutes, CHP Recs Indicate
    Tasked To Handle Fireworks Law-Flouters And Simultaneously Start Policing Metro's Blue Line July 1, LBPD Will Deploy 12 Officers On Blue Line Per 24 Hr Period Initially Using Overtime, Acknowledges These Officers Won't Be Available Citywide BUT Says They Will Support July 4th Mission...And Chief Luna Says All Officers Will Work July 4th Unless They Have Scheduled Vacation Or Unusual Circumstances
    Long Beach Unemployment Rate Reaches A Local Low; Compare It To Rate In Nearby Cities
    Urgent: Public Health Alert: New Mosquito Type -- That Can Transmit Birth-Defect Causing Zika Virus And Bites In Daytime -- Is Found in NLB

    Photo: Greater L.A. County Vector Control District
    In Addition, More Common Mosquito Carrying West Nile Virus Found In 90808; Take Sensible Precautions
    As seen LIVE, Council votes to seek report from city mgm't/staff on feasibility of free voluntary online bike registraton program, including an app. Bike Thefts, Including Her Own, Prompt Councilwoman Price To Propose Free, Voluntary Online Bike Registration System & App
    In Detail: Density Watch: City Staff Revises Some Of Its Proposed Land Use Changes, Now Seeks Four And Five Story Bldgs. In Comm'l Areas Along Parts Of Bellflower Blvd., LCD With Three Stories At Spring/Palo Verde
    LB's Grassroots Citizens About Responsible Planning (CARP) Files Court Suit Challenging Council's 6-2 Approval Of Belmont Beach Pool And Aquatic Center EIR And Joins In Multiple Appeals Of Council Approval Of Coastal Development Permit, Now Significantly Joined By Appeals Submitted By Coastal Comm'n Chair and Vice Chair
    Former Councilwoman Schipske Mulls Run For SE LB/West-Central OC State Senate Seat (Currently Held by Repub state Sen. Nguyen), Had Mulled 2018 Write-in To Replace Councilwoman Mungo And Return To City Hall
    LB Cops Bust Three Men Allegedly Selling High Powered Fireworks (4400 block Myrtle)

    LBPD released photo
    As Seen LIVE: Blunt Push-Back From Wrigley Residents, Modest Push-Back From Some (Not All) Councilmembers, No Push-Back From ELB Residents At Council Study Session On Proposed Density-Inviting Re-Write Of Land Uses Citywide

    As Seen LIVE: Council Votes To Direct City Att'y To Draft Ordinance (For Coming Council Votes) Banning RV/Oversize Vehicle Parking On City Streets In All Residential Neighborhoods (With Limited Permit-Allowed Time Periods To Load/Unload Vehicles)
  • Would let RV parking continue in certain comm'l/industrial areas subject to limitations for streets evaluated individually
    Subsequent development above
    Council To Consider Banning RV/Oversize Vehicle Parking In All Residential Neighborhoods
  • City staff advises letting RV parking to continue in certain comm'l/industrial areas subject to limitations for streets evaluated individually
  • Two thorny issues remain: Persons living in RVs without permanent residences and Coastal Comm'n approval for ban in Coastal Zone
  • In Depth: It's Big, Could Affect Properties And Neighborhoods Citywide And It's Coming To The City Council And Planning Comm'n For "Study Sessions" On June 13 and June 15: It's A Proposed Rewrite Of All Of City Hall's Allowed Land Uses Citywide; Some Proposed Changes Invite Higher Buildings/Increased Residential/Comm'l Densities

    Councilwoman Mungo Signals Her Support -- On These Terms -- For Land Use Changes That As Proposed By City Staff Would Invite These Density Increases In Parts Of Her ELB District And Beyond
    Details / Perspective: LB-LA Mayors Sign Doc Declaring They Commit To Ports' "Progress Toward...Ultimate Goal" Of Zero Emissions For "Cargo Handling" Equipment By 2030 And By 2035 For "On-Road Drayage Trucks" Serving The Ports"; Also Includes Some Actions (Incl. Port-Written Update To Its "Clean Air Action Plan") Already Taking Place, Planned Or Expected
    LBPD Provides Details After Dog Attacks Woman, Officers Try Non-Lethal Methods Before Shooting/Killing Dog
    Girlfriend/Boyfriend (Both Adults) Argument + Gun = Fatal Outcome: LBPD Says She Fired Shots In His Direction (Area Studebaker/Spring), Then Allegedly Pointed Gun At Responding Officers And Officer-Involved Shooting Followed...And She Perishes

    Chief Luna Says LBPD Is Reviewing Circumstances Surrounding June 3 Incident Involving Councilwoman Pearce To Ensure Field Actions Were Consistent With Its Policies/Procedures
  • With ongoing investigation, add'l details and circumstances not being released "at this time"
  • Denies LBPD has policy directing special "handling" of public officials; says LBPD does have notification guide within its policy requiring appropriate notifications when incident involves arrest or serious criminal conduct re a city employee or VIP
    New: What Happened In Predawn Hours of June 3 That Led LBPD To Administer Field Sobriety Test To Long Beach Councilwoman Jeannine Pearce -- That LBPD Says She Successfully Completed -- After Detaining Her And Her Former Chief Of Staff (In Car She Drove), Then Released Them But Later Arrested Him For Outstanding DUI-Related Warrant And Alleged Public Intoxication? Was Any Domestic Violence Alleged And If So Against Whom?
    ENUF -- Eastside Neighbors United Fully -- Launches Facebook Page With Plainly Worded Statement, Desires "Reduction of Crime...Tired Of Theft, Panhandling, Drugs and Vagrancy," Differentiates Between "Truly Homeless And Criminal Population That Preys On Us While City Gov't Sleepwalks"
    Subsequent development: Council votes unanimously to approve with modifications, at staff's request, that let staff add add'l project locations and allow flexible time periods of "up to" 25 years depending on locations.
    Council Will Decide June 6 On 25-Year Contract To Have This Private Firm Deliver Solar Power To These City-Owned Locations, Reducing Carbon Footprint, Providing Predictable Costs And Currently Anticipated Savings (Although Not Absolute Future Guarantee Of Lowest Possible Costs)
    Firm's Sr. VP For Gov't Affairs Is Retired City Mgr. James Hankla
    AUDIO: On Tiananmen Square Anniversary, Hear Courageous 1989 Report By Radio Beijing's "Radio Tankman"

    Subsequent developing above
    Faced With Transient/Vagrant/Drug Addict-Related Neighborhood Crime And Mayor/Council Delays, 3rd Dist. Residents Form (Tentative Name) "ENUF: Eastside Neighbors United Fully"
    Separately a resident creates a Facebook "Alert" after her bike is stolen from her front porch
    Amnesia File: Long Beach Mayor Garcia Blasts President Trump, Boasts He's Joined "Climate Mayors" BUT [Amnesia File] Remained Silent, Didn't Veto Council Action That Overruled Enviro Appeals And Extended Contracts To Continue Storing Coal/Bulk Petroleum Coke For Export Thru Port of LB For At Least 15 More Years
    In Detail: Potential Game-Changer? Some Opponents Of SEASP (SE LB) Rezoning Density In Area Of 2nd/PCH Propose "Baseline Land Use Allocation" Policy Used In Santa Monica, Would Apply Real-World Results Instead of Consultant/City Staff Predictions on Proposed Development's Impacts; Planning Comm'n Votes Without Dissent To Recommend Council Approve Staff-Supported "Reduced Intensity Alternative" (Would Allow Up to 5 Stories In PCH/2nd Area But Up To 7 Stories, Inviting Hotel) On Up To 20% Of Area On West Side of PCH (Marina Pacifica)

    AUDIO: City Prosecutor Previews Measures He'll Recommend Including In Council-Sought Future Mgm't Report On Dealing With Homeless Issues

    Victims Vent On Facebook Over Bike Thefts, Several Blame Tweakers/Drug Addicts/Vagrants; Councilwoman Price Discloses She's Become A Crime Victim (Bike Theft on 2nd St.), Will Propose "Chop Shop & Bike Registration" Council Item In June, Says "We Need To Be More Vigilant"
    Attn: SE LB: Do You Want Comm'l Areas Along PCH/Vicinity 2nd St. Rezoned To Allow Five Story Buildings With Seven Stories Under Certain Circumstances For 20% Of Project Area? It's Part Of Proposed SEASP "Reduced Intensity Alternative" That City Hall Staff Will Ask LB Planning Comm'n To Approve On Thurs. June 1

    Perspective: These Sac'to Dems Just Killed These Bills That Would Have Enabled Modest Regulation/State/Local Oversight Of Some Residential Neighborhood Group Homes / "Sober Living" / Drug Recovery Facilities; See Sac'to 2016 Graveyard Of Similar Bills
    LBFD Rules "Accidental" Cause of Fatal Apt Fire, 1500 block Magnolia Ave., Says "Smoking Materials On And Around Victim's Bed"

    LBFD photo
    Coverage in Depth / Perspective: Rift Now Visible Between Mayor/Council And Taxpayers Who Seek Prompt, Tougher City Public Safety Response To Alleged Homeless/Transient-Related Neighborhood Crimes; Council Seeks City Mgm't Report To Pursue Development Of "A Holistic Approach To Homeless And Residential Quality of Life"
    Council Votes 8-0 To Launch City Hall "Study" With Aim (In Five Years) To Hand Out Lucrative Franchises To Waste Hauling Firms To Handle LB Businesses/Apts On City Hall-Decided Prices And Terms
    Supporters Tout Efficiency And Recycling Benefits With Fewer Polluting Street Clogging Trucks; Opponents Say Ending Competition/Choice On Price/Terms/Services Would Hurt Consumers/Renters
    Subsequent development above
    Perspective / Opinion: Amid Neighborhood Uprising Over Neighborhood Crime, Councilwoman Price Agendizes Item Re "Comprehensive Strategy" To Address Homelessness/Quality of Life Issues...With No Commitment To Restore Police Or Park Rangers For Taxpayers In FY18
    See City Mgm't memo quietly sent to Mayor and all Councilmembers in March re "State of Homelessness In Long Beach"
    Councilwoman Mungo Will Keep Item On May 23 Council Agenda To Begin Process Of Renaming El Dorado Neighborhood Library The "Ernie and Jackie Kell Neighborhood Library" AND Emphasizes Process Will Include Community Outreach For Public Input
    Weeks After Filing Papers And Holding Downtown Campaign Fundraiser, Mayor Garcia Tweets He's Seeking A Second Term As Mayor, Seeks Contribs
  • Richardson/Gonzalez/Andrews Advocate ("Request A Study") Letting City Hall Grant Lucrative Franchises To Waste Hauling Firms On City Hall-Set Prices/Terms To Handle LB Businesses/Apts; Supporters Tout Efficiency With Enviro Benefits; Opponents Say Ending Competition/Choice On Price/Terms/Services Would Hurt Consumers/Renters
    When Babe Ruth Came To Long Beach
    By Joe Segura
    Special to

    In Detail: Council Votes 6-2 (Pearce absent but says she'd vote "no") To Send Belmont Shore Aquatic Center To Uncertain Future At Coastal Comm'n; Councilman / Coastal Comm'n Member Uranga Votes "No", Disputes City Staff's Coastal Act Reasoning, Says Coastal Comm'n May Make Major Changes Incl. Height; City Staff (And Supportive Councilwoman Price) Acknowledge What Comes Back To Council May Be Different Than What Public Was Shown And Told Thus Far
    May 17 situation cleared: East side of Woodruff/north of Los Coyotes; initial info per LBPD PIO Sgt. Brad Johnson: Approx. 7:35 a.m., officers dispatched to area Woodruff/Rosebay re suspicious person, possible suspect from possible domestic violence situation earlier this morning in which suspect was believed armed with a gun; subject was sleeping in victim's vehicle from the earlier call; suspect allegedly runs from arriving officers; containment was set up in area where he was last seen (LCD/Senesac) K9 requested and on scene; suspect found hiding in a backyard and taken into custody; daughter located and is safe; investigation ongoing.

    Subsequent development above Coastal Comm'n District Director Tells City Council "Best Practice" Should Avoid Locating Belmont Beach Aquatic Center In Area Subject To Sea Level Rise/Shoreline Erosion; Letter Reveals Coastal Comm'n Staff "Has Previously Recommended" City Consider Relocating It To Site Not Affected By Sea Level Rise/Wave Action
    Letter Also Requests City To Address Increased Height Issue "And Provide Clarification" On How Project Would Be Consistent LB's Current Local Coastal Program (LCP) Without Need For Amending LCP

    Subsequent development above: Mayor Garcia Told U.S. Senator Feinstein That City Seeks $60 Mil For Belmont Beach Aquatics Center...Months Before Public Hearings And Votes By Planning Comm'n And City Council On Whether To Approve It
    See other items on City Hall "wish list" for fed'l funds
    On-Demand VIDEO Coverage: Celebration of Life for Former Mayor Ernie Kell

    SCE Belmont Shore Upgrade / Planned Outage Left Some (Not All) Belmont Shore 2nd St. Businesses Without Power For Much Of Business Day And Some Into Evening (May 11)
    VIDEO coverage above
    Celebraton of Life Of Long Beach Mayor Ernie Kell Is Today (11 a.m., LB Yacht Club)

    Man Robbed Of His Personal Property At Gunpoint, Shot(s) Fired Misses Him, 4600 block LB Blvd.
    Man Shoots At Man...And Misses; 300 block E. Shoreline Dr. (Area Rainbow Lagoon Park)
    Coastal Commissioner Roberto Uranga Reappointed By State Senate Dem Leadership, Could Now Cast Significant Commission Votes on Belmont Plaza Aquatics Center And SEASP
    In Feb. 2016, Uranga was among Coastal Commission one vote majority that fired its Exec Dir. Charles Lester
    Council Votes 6-0 To Approve $10.5 Mil Loan -- That Banks Won't Make And Carries "Not Insignificant Risks" To LB's Tidelands Fund -- On Top Of $15 Mil Council Obligated LB Taxpayers' Tidelands To Spend For Aquarium Expansion; City Mgm't Promises Increased Aquarium Reporting To Council Of Changes In Circumstances In Aquarium Fundraising/Project
    Council didn't add condition to enable public notice and public access to Aquarium's governing board meetings for public oversight and transparency
    Council Votes 8-0 (Andrews Absent) To Give Money From 6th District Infrastructure Funds Allocable In Councilman's Discretion To Private Owner of Iconic "VIP Records" Sign For Its Historic Preservation
    Should City Council Approve $10.5 Mil Loan -- That Banks Won't Make And Carries "Not Insignificant Risks" To LB's Tidelands Fund -- On Top Of $15 Mil Council Has Obligated LB Taxpayers' Tidelands To Spend For Aquarium Expansion While Its Board Blocks Public Access To Its Meetings And Minutes?
    Council has opportunity to add condition to the loan to require public notice and public access to Aquarium's governing board meetings, enabling overdue public oversight and transparency in Aquarium's spending of public's money
    Man Is Shot/Wounded, 700 block Washington Pl., About A Block West of Newly Opened "Gumbiner Park" (Plaza) (1st dist.)
    Man Is Shot/Wounded Before Dawn, 29th St. Just West of LB Blvd. (6th dist.)
    Updated: Here's What Happened In ELB Conant Area Armed Robbery: The Two Victims Are Women Between 65 and 90 Years Old; They Heard Their Dog Bark And Found An Armed Man Inside Their Home, Who Allegedly Steals, Crashes Car
    D.A. Files Felony Charges, LBPD Provides Details
    This 500 block Cherry Ave. Murder Suspect Is Found And Arrested In North Las Vegas

    Further Re SUV Crash Into Restaurant, PCH West of Cherry; Driver Dies (Was Ass't Swim Coach @ Wilson High, Teacher At Bixby Elementary); Woman Trapped Under SUV Was Aided By Good Samaritan With Tire Jack And Rescued by LBFD

    LBFD photo
    Four Belmont Heights Pedestrians (Broadway/Roycroft) Robbed At Gunpoint
    As seen LIVE At Thurs. May 4 Planning Comm'n study session re SEASP (SE LB rezoning), city staff proposes less intense growth than it previously proposed BUT continues to support up to 7 story building heights under some circumstances along parts of PCH near 2nd St. (red areas on map below.) Public speakers generally pleased with less intense growth (although some favor leaving conditions as they are) but several displeased with proposed increased allowable building heights. Traffic continues to be issue for multiple public speakers. Formal hearing for Planning Comm'n recommendations to Council comes on June 1. Further to follow.

    To view the hearing draft of the SEASP Plan, click here.

    Subsequent development above:
    Armed Man Confronts Woman At Home In ELB Conant Neighborhood, Steals Her Car, Is Involved In OC Traffic Collision And Is Now In Custody
    ELB Teen Is Mugged/Robbed While Walking Home In Neighborhood Near Cubberley K-8 School
    Council Directs City Staff To Develop "Affordable Housing" Measures For Further Considertion/Possible Action That Include Property Tax-Increase Debt Bond, Less Required Parking And Fewer Opportunities to Challenge EIRs
    Multiple public speakers urge rent control, unjust eviction ordinance; Mayor Garcia [entering 2018 election cycle] and Councilmembers remain non-committal on those issues, Garcia says he's awaiting data from city staff on rent levels
    Long Beach Marchers Mark May Day With March From MacArthur Park To City Hall...But Unlike L.A. No LB Elected Officials Visible
    Special to by Barry Saks

    Photo by Barry Saks
    Subsequent development above
    Councilman Andrews With Mayor Garcia Seek Council OK To Give $80k From 6th District Infrastructure Funds Allocable In Councilman's Discretion To Private Owner of Iconic "VIP Records" Sign For Its Historic Preservation
    Their agendizing memo doesn't mention using "officeholder accounts" (kept by Mayor and 7 other Councilmembers) to avoid tapping taxpayer funds
    LB-Based Molina Healthcare Corp Board Removes John Molina & Dr. Mario Molina From Their Executive Positions; They Remain As Board Directors; Company Release Cites "Disappointing Financial Performance"
    In Depth / AUDIO / Perspective: Hear What Happened At Councilwoman Mungo's Community Meeting When ELB Resident Tries To Tell Her (Accurately) That City Hall Staff Is Proposing Increased Density With Three Story Comm'l Bldgs At Palo Verde/Spring Plaza Area (Where There Are Now Mainly One Story Bldgs)

    Do You Want Property Tax-Increase Debt Bond, Or Less Required Parking Or Fewer Chances to Challenge EIRs As Measures To Promote Affordable Housing? They're Among City Staff Recommendations For Council Consideration At Tonite's May 2 City Council Meeting
    Man Is Shot/Wounded, 4th St./Oro Court (one block east of Chavez Park, 1st dist.)
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