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SB 35 Text, Land Use Element/Density Impacts, City Hall's Record (Includes City Attorney memo)
City Staff's Proposed "Implementation Plan" For Land Use Element / Density Increases
New: Add'l Sac'to Bills (Beyond SB 35) That Could Impact Proposed Land Use Element / Density Increases
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New: Person With Gun Allegedly Chases Two People While Shooting At Them, 1600 block Locust Ave. (1st Council dist.); No Persons Hit, Two Vehicles Damaged

2014 to date: Red Xs=homicides; Blue Xs= shootings, person wounded; Brown Xs=shots fired at victim(s), not hit; Purple Xs=shots at occupied residence/vehicle; Green Xs= shots at unoccupied vehicle/residence; Grey Xs=shots fired (no hit, no target identified); Orange X's=non-fatal stabbings. Map is unofficial. A separate map (not shown here) indicates add'l shootings in NLB.

Follow the Money Coverage
New: Campaign & Officeholder Contribs re Incumbents Seeking Re-Election: Councilmembers Gonzalez, Price, Mungo, Uranga, Vice Mayor Richardson & Mayor Garcia

LB Gov't Transparency


New / Follow-Up: Councilwoman Jeannine Pearce Is Served With Notice Of Intention To Recall, Writes These Two Responses (Facebook And Official); Recall Committee Says It Has Financial Resources To Carry Process Through, Expects To Begin Gathering Signatures Soon After First Of New Year

Recall Launched Against 2nd dist. Councilwoman Jeannine Pearce

Recall supporters come to Council meeting to serve Notice of Intent To Recall on Councilwoman Pearce
Eighty Public Speakers, Most Saying "No" To LUE /Recommend Receive and File...And Mayor-Picked Planning Comm'n Recommends "Yes" With Some Map Tweaks; Non-Binding Action Sets Stage For Council Decision On Increased Density
Hotel Developer of Historic Jergins Trust Site (SE Corner Ocean/Pine) Wants 80% Of Hotel Room Tax Over Nine Years (Upfront Increase From 50% Over 20 Yrs)
City Att'y Says Sac'to Density Dictates Mean New LB "Granny Flats" Ordinance Coming To Council Hearing Dec. 12 Can't Require Parking In Some Ways Council Wanted And In Much Of City Except On These Terms
Eleven LB-Area Groups (Incl. Advocates For Rent Control, Affordable Housing, Bicycle/Pedestrian Infrastructure) Say They'll Support Proposed Land Use Element If It Includes Their Strengthening Suggestions That Include...
Focus On Council Incumbent
New / Analysis / Perspective: Councilwoman Mungo Tells Constituents SB 35 Doesn't "Govern" or "Usurp" Local Land Use Element, But We Question That Because...
New / Analysis / Perspective: Councilwoman Mungo Says This In "5th District LUE Fact Sheet", But We Say It Includes Statements That Aren't Factual
New / Analysis / Perspective: Councilwoman Mungo Creates Video re LUE Making These Statements That We Question

New / In Depth: Long Beach City Officials Let These Multiple Sac'to Bills (Beyond SB 35) Pass Without City Opposition (Remained Neutral/Took "Watch" Position) That Could Now Impact Proposed Land Use Element / Density Increases
New: Mayor Garcia Sent This Letter In March, Told Sac'to Lawmakers Long Beach Wanted Them To Enact 2017 Gasoline Tax Hike (SB 1), Said LB Residents "Made It Apparent" By Approving 2016 LB Sales Tax Increase
New: Mayor Garcia Told State Senator That Long Beach Welcomes Inclusion In A Bill That Could Let LB Bars/Restaurants Serve Alcohol Till 4 a.m.
Garcia is quoted in Senator's release as saying it wouldn't work citywide in LB but gives "City & local law enforcement flexibility to allow special events in Downtown Entertainment District," an option Garcia said is "supported by Downtown LB [Business] Alliance"
With PODCAST Audio: Sustainable City Comm'n Member Gonzales Says He Said Opposite Of What Some In Los Cerritos Oil/Wetlands Project Team Say Was Said In Verbal (Not Physical) Encounter After Planning Comm'n Meeting
We also include audio of Mr. Gonzales' testimony during the Planning Comm'n hearing
With PODCAST Audio: Increased City Hall Area Security/Lighting Needed Say Los Cerritos Oil/Wetlands Project Consultants After Team Member Allegedly Physically Attacked, Others Verbally Lambasted After Planning Comm'n Hearing
After Testifying In Support Of Los Cerritos Oil Consolidation/Wetlands Restoration Project, BOMP Consultant Is Allegedly Physically Assaulted Outside City Hall, Possibly By A Project Opponent
First (Again) on "League of CA Cities" Didn't Want You To See What They Told Cities (Incl. Long Beach) About Impacts Of SB 35 And Other Sac'to Housing Bills...But Shows You Here
News / Coverage In Depth
Includes On-Demand PODCAST Extended Audio Coverage
Planning Comm'n Hears Sharply Differing Testimony -- With Prominent Wetlands/Wildlife Groups Non-Committal -- Votes 7-0 To Recommend Council Approval Of Oil Operator's Proposal To Remove Eyesore Surface Drilling, Move Drilling Offsite With 100+ Underground Slant Drilled Wells And Restore 150+ Acres Of SE LB Wetlands

New: Midnight Hour Attempted Armed Robbery, Victim Is Shot, 5100 block Atlantic (8th dist.)
LBPD Releases New Docs And Photos Re Pearce-Cotter Incident
  • As previously reported by, PD didn't arrest and D.A. declined to prosecute Councilwoman Pearce re alleged domestic violence and PD didn't arrest Councilwoman Pearce on suspicion of DUI

  • Exiting LB Dev'ment Services Dir. Bodek Starting Salary At L.A. County Will Be $250k With Employment Contract; Board of Supes Agenda Item Describes Her New Duties
    Text-To-911 Now Operating In Multiple L.A. County Cities...Including Long Beach
    Subsequent development above
    Oil Field Operator's Offer To Remove Eyesore Surface Drilling And Restore 150+ Acres Of SE LB Wetlands (North of 2nd St b/w PCH-Studebaker) By Using Underground Slant-Drilling From Two Offsite Sites Gets Planning Comm'n Hearing
    Amy Bodek, Director Long Beach Development Services, Ankles LB To Become Director Of Regional Planning For Los Angeles County
    City Attorney's Office Sends This Memo To Mayor/Council Re SB 35
    UPDATE: Eight Vehicles (Which Include Two LBTRansit Buses) Involved In Chain Of Collisions At Bellflower/Spring

    With Perspective: At Meeting She Organized And Ran, Councilwoman Mungo Combined Accurate Information With Inaccurate/Misleading Information Re LUE, Density Increase Maps And SB 35...And Declined To Commit On What Portions Of Latest Density Increase Maps She Would Vote To Oppose Or Might Accept

    Jared Milrad Wants To Replace Councilman Roberto Uranga, Launches Campaign Website Saying He's Young, Gay, Progressive, Worked To Elect Hillary, Has A Law Degree, Lived In District 18 Mos. (About 30 Mos in LB); PODCAST: Hear Our Initial Questions And His Responses

    Man Found Shot At Daybreak Friday (Nov. 24), 600 block E. Shoreline Dr.
    Councilmembers Austin, Mungo, Gonzalez ("State Legislation Committee") Don't Ask, City Staff Doesn't Tell, Why City Didn't Follow Committee/Council Voted Policy To Oppose Bills Threatening Local Control And Didn't Oppose SB 35 (Offers "Streamlined" Approval Of Certain Developer-Desired Multi-Unit Housing Projects, Erases Key Public CEQA Appeal Rights And Undermines Local Control)
  • A few hours later at community meeting, Mungo (seeking re-election) tries to downplay SB 35's impacts, offers strange explanation for City Hall failure to oppose
  • At Committee meeting, chair Austin (mulling state Senate run) praises Sac'to gas tax increase, says LB has Sac'to influence, praises Sac'to Dem reps
    Details / Perspective: Compare City Hall's Social Network Claims Re Proposed LUE With This Add'l Information
    Horrifying Bluff Heights Home Invasion Armed Robbery: Multiple Suspects Allegedly Identify Themselves As Law Enforcement, Get In, Pistol Whip Victim And Gun Is Fired With No One Hit
    Perspective / Amnesia File: Making LB Better: Concerned Residents Deserve Thanks For New Seaside Park Synthetic Sports Field Using Natural Materials Instead Of Recycled-Tire "Crumb Rubber"

    Fallout From Pearce-Cotter June Incident: Her Former Chief of Staff Enters Into Plea Agreement w/ City Prosecutor: Admits Probation Violation, Ends Public Intox Case, Must Complete 10 Days Community Service & Remains On Probation
  • Perspective / Viewpoints

    Editorial: Citywide Appreciation Deserved For These LB Residents Who Made Tonight's LUE Hearing Possible

    Editorial: 4 a.m. Bar Bill Is About More Than Booze, Because...
    Podcast Listener's Comment: Agrees in part, disagrees in part, with our Podcast ("LUE + SB 35 = Increase Density's Perfect Storm.")

    UPDATED / New Feature: Podcasts!
    SB 35 + LUE = Increased Density's Perfect Storm

    UPDATE: And hear reader's audio response.

    Perspective: What Are They Hiding? On Nov. 8 Privately-Run "League of CA Cities" Will Advise Officials From Multiple Area Cities On New Funding for Affordable Housing, Changes To Housing Element Law, "Streamlining" Housing Approvals And Options For "Moving Forward" Under Sac'to-Enacted Housing Bills (Presumably Incl. SB 35)...And Group Bars Press/Public Access
    Perspective / Opinion: SB 35: Not A Surprise, Not A Secret, But Shrugged By LB City Hall
    Election Campaign Notebook / Perspective: In Dueling Releases, 5th District Incumbent Mungo and Challenger Dines Campaigns Avoid Mentioning Proposal For LB Airport Customs Facility / Int'l Operations But Both Say They Oppose Increased Density; Compare Their Records
    Perspective: Will Discontent Audible/Visible At Land Use Meetings Bring Grassroots LB Election Candidates Willing To Challenge Incumbents' Records And Offer Meaningful Changes?
    New: Editorial: Councilmembers Don't Ask, And Austin Doesn't Tell, What He Did/Didn't Do On Recent Sac'to Travel Re Density/Land Use Legislation
    Subsequent development above
    Editorial: Council Shouldn't Approve Paying For Councilman Austin's Recent Sac'to Travel Without A Transparent, Businesslike Explanation Of What He Did/Didn't Do On Density/Land Use Legislation
    Editorial: When City Hall Fears A Town Hall

    Some people inside Long Beach City Hall seem to fear an American tradition rooted in a constitutional right eloquently portrayed by Norman Rockwell during the darkest days of WWII...MORE.

    Editorial: The Mayor's Junket
    Opinion: Attitude vs. Platitudes
    by Laurann Wakefield *
    * Ms. Wakefield is a co-founder of ENUF (Eastside Neighborhoods United Fully)

    Perspective / Public Safety Quiz: Blue Line Passenger Is Stabbed On Train Near Anaheim St...So Try This Quiz Re LBPD Police Levels Along Blue Line And For Neighborhoods Citywide
    Publisher's Perspective: Holding Them Accountable: Here's Record Of LB's Sac'to Legislators, Mayor And Council on SB 35
    Opinion: City Hall's Excessive "$100,000 Club" Grows To Gluttonous "$200,000 Club"
    by Ann Cantrell
    Amnesia File / Editorial: Here's How Long Beach Residents Lost The Law That Required City Council To Hold Nine Meetings Per Year In Council Districts And How/Why It Can/Should Return Without Taxpayer Cost
    Publisher's Perspective / Opinion: The Mayor's Campaign Money, And Your Right To Know From Whom It Came
    Perspective / Opinion: Fact Check, Fake News: Re LB's Unemployment Rate
    Editorial: Equity
    Editorial: The Worst Mayor/Council Appointment In Recent History And What To Do About It
    Long Beach's Fireworks Fiasco
    Editorial: For A Green-Light Measure In Long Beach: Letting The People Decide Density And Parking Impacts In Their City, Not Politicians And Development Interests
    Editorial: Unmentioned on Memorial Day in Long Beach
    Opinion / VIDEO: The Late Jack Smith Tells Council THIS About Neighborhood Crime/Safety And Homeless...On Oct. 11, 2016

    Friends of LB Animals
    Adoptable pets and more:

    Reference links

  • Council District Map
  • How To Recall a LB Elected Official
  • Email Your Council Member
  • LB Schools
  • Crime Data
  • Beverly O'Neill Administration
  • Perspective / Opinion: The Mythological Mayor: Beverly O'Neill In Balance
  • Transcript Excerpts of Historic Feb. 13, 2001 City Council Vote on QW Bay "Pike" Development
  • How ELB Traffic Project Was Canceled And $1,000,000 Diverted For Downtown Walkway; Other Projects At Traffic Circle & Iron Triangle Not Delivered As Promised
  • 2003: Independent Consultant Says City Hall "Has Created A False Impression Of Solvency"
  • Deputy City Auditor Report Shows LB Convention & Entertainment Center Operations Cost LB Taxpayers $2.5 Million in FY 2000, $3.0 Million in FY 99; Cumulative operating losses since 1978 opening exceed $60 million; City Auditor Burroughs' Recommended Action: "Receive and File"
  • Video Shows Councilman Garcia Typing, Texting, Seemingly Not Focused On Testimony During Residents' Quasi-Judicial Appeal of City's Planned Handling Of Toxic Contaminated Colorado Lagoon Soil
  • What Some Councilmembers Did While Taxpayers Testified On Toxics

  • Archival Access: Hear What Council Was Told In 1995 About Aquarium Paying Its Bond Debt Without Taxpayer Bailout <
    RecentlyWeeks AgoPast Few Months
    In Depth / With AUDIO: Council Votes 9-0 To Overrule Appeals, Approves Developer-Desired Seven Story Residential Bldg @ 320 Alamitos Ave.
    Appellants raised neighborhood-impacts (incl. parking) similar to those voiced by opponents of city staff-sought Land Use Element revision
    Council Votes 5-3 To Develop Plan To Enable "Recreational" Pot Shops In LB...In Add'n To Medical Marijuana Outlets
    Subsequent development above:
    Density Desired By Developers Versus Neighborhoods With Parking For Residents: Showdown Hearing Is Nov. 14 Re 320 Alamitos Ave. Proposed Seven Story Residential Bldg.; It's Supported By City Staff And Downtown Interests, Opposed By Alamitos Beach Residents (Citing Parking) And LB Citizens For Fair Development Led By Warren Blesofsky (Saying Real Issue Is About Money)
    Nov. 18: Parts Of NLB See/Hear Gunfire Sat Nite: Shell Casings Area 68th/Paramount And Business Window Shot Out 6600 block Cherry Ave. (9th dist.)
    Celebrating A Life, Funding A Farewell: Jerry Caligiuri: The Missing Man In This Year's LB Veterans Day Parade
    Sic Transit: Helen Borgers, 38 Year Jazz Radio Career (88.1 FM KLON/KKJZ) Passes
    Extended VIDEO Coverage: See / Hear 21st Annual Long Beach Veterans Day Parade
    Follow-Up: While L.A. County Sheriff's Dept. Lets Persons Sentenced To Up To 180 Days In Jail Walk Away Without Serving Their Sentences, OC Sheriff Jails Them For Full Term With One Day Credit For Each Day Served (If They Behave)
    City Staff Releases Its Revised Proposed Land Use Element / Density-Increase Maps; See Them Here:
  • Councilman Supernaw swiftly announces he won't be able to support proposed LUE map for district 4

  • LBPD Is Conducting An Investigation Re An Alleged Camera In A Restroom At Long Beach Animal Care Services
    Heartbreak Among Heartfelt Messages, Flowers, Candles From Children, Friends, Neighbors At Woodruff/Conant, Where Terrible Accident Took Life Of Boy Riding His Bike

    LBPD Adds This Information Re Fatal Accident: Boy Riding Bike Is Killed, Girl Riding Along With Him Is Injured, Struck By Vehicle Area Woodruff @ Conant

    First (Again) on See Details Of What Petition-Initiated Long Beach Rent Control Ballot Measure Would Enact
    Taxpayer Diana Lejins' Lawsuit Brings Settlement With Changes/Reforms; Reduces LB Water/Sewer Rates, Repays LB Water Dept. $12 Mil Over Next Four Fiscal Years For "Pipeline Fee" Charged To Water Dept. Customers That City Hall Collected While Scoffing Prop 218 Since 2003/2006
    Council Now Faces Loss Of $7 Mil In Gen'l Fund "Support"...And City Mgm't Delays Addressing Its Impacts Until Discussion Of FY19 Budget AFTER 2018 Elections
    LBPD Says Gang Member on Parole Allegedly Triggered Police Activity From Zaferia To Central LB To Area North Of Gumbiner Park/MoLAA, w/ Alleged Assault On Officer, Stealing Officer's Gun And Carjacking A Vehicle, Leading To Officer Involved Shooting, SWAT Call Out And K9 Assisted Arrest
    Grassroots Community Advocates Gordana Kajer (3rd dist.) And Corliss Lee (5th dist.) File Council Candidacy Papers, Pledge To Turn Races Into Referendum On City Hall-Sought Density, Land Use Element, SEASP And Focus On Environment, Neighborhood Protection And Reforms In Challenging Incumbents Suzie Price and Stacy Mungo
    Countywide Bombshell (After Belmont Shore/2nd St. Battery Outcome): L.A. County Sheriff's Office Admits Under Its Current Jail Criteria, Persons Sentenced To 180 Days Or Less Are Released Same Day
    Subsequent development above
    "Housing Long Beach" Active in Downtown Long Beach Collecting Names/Contact Info For Volunteers Who Could Help Gather Signatures For Forthcoming Long Beach Rent Control Ballot Measure
    Special Report / EXTENDED VIDEO & Photos: Offer City Shouldn't Refuse? See/Hear What We Saw/Heard On Walking Tour of Long Beach Oil Field That Two Profit-Making Firms Offer To Restore To 150+ Acres Of Natural Wetlands For Public Access

    Councilwoman Mungo Tells ELB Residents' Meeting That City Staff Plans To Release Revised Proposed Land Use Element Density Maps Weds Or Thurs (Nov. 8 or 9), And...

    Results Of CONO Multi-Question Surveys: 500+ Residents Attending Land Use Element Workshops Gave These Responses Re LUE, Increased Density, Parking And More
    Follow-Up / Viewpoint: Prop 47 And AB 109 Had Much To Do With 2nd St. Defendant Walking Out Of County Jail Same Day Court Sentenced Him To 180 Days, Because...
    by Councilwoman Suzie Price
    Man Found Yelling/Screaming On 2nd St. In Belmont Shore Is Charged By City Prosecutor With Battery For Striking A Father (Walking With His Two Daughters), Pleads Guilty, Is Sentenced To 180 Days...And Is Released The Same Day
    Subsequent development above
    Perspective / Developing: Is "Housing Long Beach" Prepping A Petition Initiated LB Rent Control Ballot Measure?
    Eloquent Remembrance: Jerry Caligiuri: A Gentle, Kind, Selfless Life Of Service
    by Vivian Malauulu *
    From her Facebook page, with permission. Ms. Malauulu is a member of LBCC's Board of Trustees

    Jerry Caligiuri, Former Council Office Aide, Decades Long Neighborhood Advocate And Civic Volunteer, Is Stricken Suddenly And Passes

    Subsequent development above:
    Father And His Two Daughters Walking Along 2nd St. In Belmont Shore Confronted By Man, Later Observed By Police Yelling And Screaming, Who Allegedly Physically Attacks Dad; Details Emerging
    Amnesia File: Gas Tax Hike Hits Today (Nov. 1); In March, Mayor Garcia Told Key Sac'to Lawmakers That City Supported Passage Of SB 1 Gas Tax Hike, Did So Without Explicit Council Voted Approval, Avoiding Public Discussion; See His Letter (Less Than A Year After LB Sales Tax Hike)
    Statement by the Publisher: If You Believe City Gov't Transparency And Access To Public Records Are Important, Help Pursue This Story
    Coverage in Depth: Internal City Hall Records, Plus Public Chronology, Show How Long Beach City Officials Let SB 35 Advance To Sac'to Passage
    Overnight Gunfire A Little Over A Block North of St. Anthony High School (1st Dist.): Two Suspects, Two Victims, Gunshots Miss
    2018 Amgen Bike Tour of CA Will Start (Men's Race) In Long Beach After 11 Year Absence; Amnesia File: In 2007, LB Officials/Downtown Interests Staged Pre-Event Bike Ballyhoo; Councilwoman Suja Lowenthal Rode Tricycle In Relay Race
    Amgen prep Feb. 24/07
    Feb. 2007 LB-staged pre-event tricycle relay included then-Councilwoman Suja Lowenthal
    Perspective: Developer Doesn't Face CEQA Neighborhood Impacts Of Five-Story "Mixed Use" Development -- 95 Units, Half For Very-Low-Income and Half For Low-Income Rents @ 1900-1940 LB Blvd. -- Because Last Year These Councilmembers Approved "Programmatic EIR" For Impacts Of Projects Within "Midtown Plan"
    View DA "Charge Evaluation Worksheet" With Details Of What CHP, LBPD And DA Found, And DA's Basis For Declining To Prosecute Allegations Of Domestic Battery And DUI Against Councilwoman Jeannine Pearce
    Court Action Filed To Stop SE LB "SEASP" Increased Building Hts/Comm'l Density Rezoning; Los Cerritos Wetlands Land Trust Seeks To Void Council-Approved Enviro Impact Report

    East Anaheim St. Midday Shooting; Man In Vehicle Is Wounded, Woman Is In Custody photo
    Tues. Temp Reaches And Stays At 106 Degrees At LB Airport For Roughly Three Hours (Fortunately At 8% Humidity); Some Cooling Weds But Not Much
    POSTPONED To Nov. 14: Council Hearing Oct. 24 On Developer-Sought, City Staff-Supported 320 Alamitos Ave. Proposed Seven Story Residential Bldg; It's Opposed By Alamitos Beach Residents Citing Parking, And By LB Citizens For Fair Development (Led By Warren Blesofsky) Citing CEQA And Saying Real Issue Is About Money

    Image source: Site Plan Review by Studio 111
    UPDATE: Temp Hits 104 @ LGB With 8% Humidity Monday; More Of The Same Predicted Tuesday, Then Cooling Weds
    Natural Gas Leak From Oil Well Pipe Area PCH/Loynes Triggers Some Evacs/Some Shelter In Place At Nearby Belmont Shore Mobile Home Estates; LBFD And Well/Pipe Owner Termo Manage To Resolve Incident Without Fire Or Explosion

    WLB Midafternoon "Ride-By" Shooting: Hoodie-Wearing Bike Rider Fires Shots At Man In Parked Car, Misses Him, Damages Car, 1900 block Caspian
    Man Hit By Gunfire Shortly Before Dawn, Willmore City Neighborhood
    Oct 19 Planning Comm'n Meeting @ Wrigley's Vets Park Will Consider Approving 95 Very-Low And Low-Income Units In Five Story "Mixed Use" Project, 1900-1940 LB Blvd.; City Staff Memo Explains Sac'to Dictated Developer Density Approval Bonuses/Incentives; No Detailed Project Impact Review Due To June 2016 Council OK'd Midtown Specific Plan "Programmatic EIR"
    Nearly 500 Attend Final City Staff Meeting re Land Use Element/Proposed Increased Density; CONO Leader Fox Goes Beyond, Urges Still-Developing City Reforms

    Photo via CONO Facebook page
    As seen LIVE: Council votes to have City Att'y work with LB Health Dept. to draft an ordinance requiring LB restaurants serving bundled "kids meals" to make milk and water "default choice." Vote was 8-0 with Andrews leaving before the vote. Lead proponent Pearce cites need to prevent obesity and child dental problems, initially proposed allowing 60 calories of juice, then withdrew it; Mungo sought and won amendment allowing 40 calories of juice. No elected or member of the public commented that subject matter of the item isn't the City Council's job. Item as agendized here: "Meatless Monday" Redux? These Four LB Councilmembers Want City Law To Require LB Restaurants To Make Low Sugar Drinks "Default Choice" On Bundled Kids Meals, Proposal On Oct. 17 Council Agenda
    Perspective: Mayor Garcia 100% No-Show, 2/3 Councilmembers Absent To Date At 75% Of City Staff Workshops On Proposed Density Increases; Final Event Is Tonight Oct. 18, 6 p.m., Scherer Park, Area Atlantic/Del Amo
    Councilwoman Price Issues This Extended Statement Re Proposed Land Use Element Height/Density Increases
    Following Large Public Turnouts in SE LB, ELB and Wrigley-WLB, Final City Staff Workshop (Town Hall Public Statements/Q & A + Individual Staff Info Stations) on Proposed Land Use Element Density Increases Will Happen at Scherer Park, Atlantic/Del Amo Weds. Oct. 18 6-8 p.m...And Then... thanks and who as of Oct. 17 at 10:00 a.m. to our knowledge haven't reported the Oct. 14 story reported by us here: New / Extended Audio: Nearly 600 Attend, With Speakers Overwhelmingly Opposed To Increased Density At SE LB City Staff Public Meeting (Town Hall) Re Staff-Proposed Land Use Element

    See How LB-Area Sac'to Lawmakers Voted On (1) Ending Mandatory Increased Prison Time (Restores A Judge's Discretion) When Someone Uses A Gun In Committing Certain Felonies And (2) Reducing From Felony To Misdemeanor Intentionally Giving Someone HIV (Virus That Causes AIDS)
    While City Council Meets Downtown And Hears "Innovation Team" Tout Public Safety Improvements, Four Men Are Shot In Central LB (Area Anaheim St./Walnut Ave.) Leaving Two Dead, Two Wounded

    2014 to date: Red Xs=homicides; Blue Xs= shootings, person wounded; Brown Xs=shots fired at victim(s), not hit; Purple Xs=shots at occupied residence/vehicle; Green Xs= shots at unoccupied vehicle/residence; Grey Xs=shots fired (no hit, no target identified); Orange X's=non-fatal stabbings. Map is unofficial. A separate map (not shown here) indicates add'l shootings in NLB.
    L.A. DA Report Says And Shows Screen-Saves From Cellphone Video Corroborate Cops, DA Concludes Officer-Involved Shooting That Killed Murder Suspect Barry Prak (And Took Life Of K9 Officer "Credo" In Friendly Fire) Was Legally Justified For These Reasons

    L.A. County DA report released images
    Sac'to Dictated Density On "Accessory Dwelling Units" (Granny Flats) Draws Extended Discussion; Councilmembers Try To Mitigate Neighborhood Impacts, Make Initial Changes To Staff-Proposed New Ordinance With Add'l Discussion Coming
    City Health Officer Advises These Precautions As Smoke Plume Turned Sky Orange-Yellow, Dimmed Sun, In ELB From Massive Anaheim Hills Fire

    Oct. 9 2:30 p.m. Panoramic view from ELB as smoke turned sky orange-yellow, dimming sunlight. Photo by Max Pearl
    Midnight Hour Double-Shooting Leaves One Man Dead, Another Wounded, 1200 block E. 56th St. (8th Council district)
    Subsequent development above:
    Sac'to Dictates, LB Council To Consider, These Zoning Changes To Ease Restrictions On "Accessory Dwelling Units" (Granny Flats Not Restricted To Grannies) With No Add'l Parking Req'd (Outside Coastal Zone Or Parking Impacted Areas)
    Extended VIDEO Coverage: See / Hear On-Demand VIDEO of Oct. 4 "Town Hall" On City Staff Proposed Land Use Density Increases

    Rich Dines (Maritime Clerk Active In ILWU, Mayor Foster-App'ted Harbor Comm'r, Contributor To Mayor Garcia's 2018 Re-Election Campaign) Files Paperwork Prepping Fifth District Council Run To Unseat Incumbent Mungo
    He speaks at Oct. 4 Land Use Element meeting, takes implicit swipe at Mungo's record re SB 35 and blasts proposed increased ELB density
    Subsequent coverage above:
    City Staff Adjusts/Modifies Format For Oct. 4 Workshop On Proposed Density Increases, Will Include Town Hall-Type Q&A Along With Information Stations
    City Staff Prepares Document Titled "General Plan Land Use Element Misconceptions and Concerns"; We Link To It Here
    Council Votes Without Dissent To Support Declaring 2nd Monday In October "Indigenous People's Day"; Second Vote Coming Likely Next Week
    Other Council action:
    Oct 2: In less than two minutes, Council voted 8-0 (Austin absent) to "Receive the supporting documentation into the record regarding the debt issuance by the City of Long Beach; adopt a Resolution authorizing the issuance of the Tidelands Revenue Bonds Series 2017 A (Aquarium of the Pacific Project) and Series 20178 (Queen Mary Improvements), in an aggregate principal amount not to exceed $30,250,000; and, authorize the execution of all necessary related documents and actions." Prior to vote, Councilwoman Price asks staff (repeating a question she asked in a previous Council meeting on the issue) if there are any risks in connection with this item that would affect currently budgeted Tidelands items; staff (city treasurer) replies that it would not; no other Councilmembers speak. Further to follow on
    AUDIO: ELB Man And His Wife Were At Las Vegas Concert Where Bullets Missed Them; Hear Him Describe What He Heard, Saw And Did
    Subsequent development above
    LB To Annually Declare 2nd Monday In October "Indigenous People's Day?" These Three Councilmembers Propose It
    Major Turnout At First Of Four City Staff-Organized "Workshops" On Land Use Density Increases And Residents Revolt: Council of Neighborhood Organizations (CONO) Creates "Town Hall" Forum Despite City Staff Planned "Information Station" Format; UPDATED With VIDEO

    In-Detail/On-Demand VIDEO: Density and Land Use/Zoning Game-Changer: Gov. Brown Signs Package Of Bills Incl. SB 35 That Promote And Incentivize Developer-Desired Multi-Unit Residential-Component Projects, Reduce Or Eliminate Grounds For Public Objections, City Denials

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