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New: Detailed Coverage: Councilwoman Mungo To Unveil $3+ Million El Dorado Park Artificial Turf Soccer Field Oct. 2, 10 a.m.
New: Overnight Shooting Wounds A Man, Anaheim/Magnolia, Same Area Where Woman Fatally Shot And Female Juvenile Wounded In Dec. 2020
New: LBPD Arrests Four Suspects On Suspicion Of Murders In 1400 block Cedar (June 24) And 900 block Daisy (June 25)
LBPD says its detectives believe murders were gang-related and arrestees "may be responsible for add'l shootings around same time frame"
New / VIDEO: Pressburg Parkway (South St @ Jaymills ) Is Dedicated With Current/Former Community Advocates + Reps Of Current Congressional, Assembly, Council Electeds Attending To Honor Decades Of Volunteer Works By Dan Pressburg

New / Event Advisory: Relay for Life Of Greater LB Teams Walk Round The Clock To Support American Cancer Society At POA Park, 7390 E. Carson St., 9 a.m. Sat Through 8 a.m. Sun With Multiple Events...And You're Invited

New: Documents Show LB Animal Care Services Criminal Investigations Lieutenant Concluded Two Dogs Owned By Urangas Were Maintained In Such A Way As To Cause Needless Suffering And Requested Complaint; Urangas Denied Allegation (A Misdemeanor) And DA Gascón's Office Agreed To Divert Case From Criminal Prosecution
Editorial: Here's What City Hall Offers Taxpayers In Response To Seemingly Homeless Man, Possibly With Drug Items, Along 2nd St/Glendora Ave.
Viewpoint by Doug Krikorian, Special to
New: From Acura Grand Prix Of Long Beach's Jim Michaelian Oozing Optimism For His Upcoming Event To Mayor Robert Garcia Hoping President Biden Saves Him From That Embarrassing Harry S. Truman Post To Ousted USC Football Coach Clay Helton Proving Nice Guys Don't Finish Last For A Job Poorly Done In Financial Buyouts ($10 Million!) To LB's Connoisseur Of Lost Causes Ben Goldberg Turning To Triples To Survive Larry Elder's Beatdown
Mr. Krikorian, an award winning journalist and author of two books, earned multiple awards in his 22 years of writing for the Long Beach Press-Telegram and 22 years for the Los Angeles Herald Examiner. He is happily retired.
New: LBUSD Will Leave 90% Of Unvaccinated Students (Includes All Those Under Age 12) Untested For COVID-19 Each Week
Cong Lowenthal (D, Long Beach) Says $3.5 Trillion Biden-Sought Infrastructure Bill Will Cost Zero. Read His Twitter Reasoning (Retweeted by Mayor Garcia)

UPDATE: And now state Senator Lena Gonzalez (D, Long Beach-SE LA County) enthusiastically joins in.
FDA OKs Third Shot As Booster For Pfizer Vaccine, Applies To Persons 65+ And 18-64 If At High Risk Of Severe COVID-19 Or With Frequent Job Related Exposure (Incl. Teachers, Grocery Workers, Homeless Shelter Workers)
Perspective: Latest LB Health Order Contains COVID-19 Warnings Shrugged By Some At Their Peril And Risks To Others
Signal Hill Police Officer Shoots/Kills Knife Wielding Suspect After Stabbing Outside Signal Hill Market
Gunfire 600 block Magnolia (Barely 5 Blocks From LBPD HQ, CD1/Zendejas); Casings Found, Parked Vehicle Hit
Impassioned Effort To Recall LA County DA George Gascón Fails, Falls Short On Signature Gathering, UPDATE: Leaders Form New Committee, Say They'll Gather Necessary Financial Resources Before Starting New Signature Gathering
Elon Musk's SpaceX Spacecraft, which carried four citizen astronauts into Earth orbit for three days, successfully splashed down off the Florida Coast...and Mr. Musk immediately Tweeted a personal donation of $50 million, on top of $160 million raised by the flight to date for St. Jude's Childrens Research hospital (coverage via here.)

Suspect Arrested -- In Iowa - ID'd by LBPD Detectives For Sept. 4 Double Homicide 900 Block Park Circle; LBPD Chief Luna Puts Human Face On Victims, Displays Their Photos (And Scorns Speaking Suspect's Name) At News Conference

Homicide victims Juan Guizar-Gutierrez and Maricela Honorato
DA George Gascón's Office Used This Procedure To Let Urangas Avoid Possible Criminal Prosecution In Alleged Animal Cruelty Case
Do You Want Your Child In A Roomful Of Unvax'd Children Not Tested For COVID For Over Two Weeks? LBUSD Thinks That's OK, Announces "Pause" In Weekly COVID Tests With No Date For Resumed Testing Pending "Consultation With Health Officials"
Earthquake, Sept. 17 @ 7:58 p.m., 4.3 mag, epicenter 1 km ESE of Carson..
Man Is Shot/Wounded While Walking With Woman In Alley, 1600 block Junipero
Two Days After Avoiding Recall, Governor Newsom Signs Housing Density Boosting SB 9 and SB 10 Into Law
Eastside Voice President Corliss Lee urges voters CDs 1, 3, 5, 7, 9 to replace their Council incumbents in 2022, all of whom shrugged months of pleas by neighborhood groups to agendize Council opposition to the bills (pending since Dec 2020)
Subsequent development above
Council Votes 4-5 NOT To Support Belated Request By Austin/Mungo/Price That Governor Newsom Veto SB 9 (Requires Cities To Allow 4 Units On Single Family Lots) and SB 10 (Allows Council To Approve 10 Units Single Family Lots) With No CEQA Public Input And No Add'l Parking Required Within Half Mile Of Transit.
  • Since Dec. 2020, Any Council Incumbent Could Have Agendized Item "On Any Tuesday" To Oppose The Bills...And None Did.
  • Council action comes despite Council-recited "State Legislative Agenda" that says City would oppose bills threatening local control on issues including land use; in Council discussion, city staff admitted City remains "neutral"
    Newsom Recall Fails; Margin Voting "No" Is Nearly 2 to 1 Statewide, Roughly 70% in LA County And In Political Stunner Majority Of Orange County Voters Voted Against It
    Subsequent development above. Perspective:
    After Failing For Months To Agendize A Council Item To Oppose SB 9 and 10, CD 5 Councilwoman Mungo (With Councilmembers Price and Austin) Re-Agendize Last Week's Brown-Act Blocked Item To Urge Governor To Veto The Bills
    Perspctive: After Failing For Months To Agendize A Council Item To Oppose SB 9 and 10, CD 5 Councilman Austin (With Councilmembers Price and Mungo) Re-Agendize Last Week's Brown-Act Blocked Item To Urge Governor To Veto The Bills
    Surrounded by Dem Party Insiders At LBCC Event, President Biden Urges Voters To Reject Newsom Recall, Praises Mayor Garcia On COVID And Garcia Praises Biden; Outside Fence Opponents Jeer Biden; At Legends In Belmont Shore, Larry Elder Tells Mainly Maskless Crowd He's Going To Win
    Sept. 12: Woman Is Shot/Wounded, Anaheim/Pine (CD 1/Zendejas), Same Area Two Men Fatally Shot Aug 5
    First (Again) on "Invitations" To Attend Biden LBCC Anti-Recall Event Sent To Dem Party Activists And Partisans By Intermediary For Mayor Robert Garcia, Asks For Their Position In Leadership Of Dem Party Group(s) And Seeks Personal Info For Entry Decision To Be Made By Unnamed Persons
    President Biden Sept. 13 Anti-Recall Event Will Be At LBCC ELB Campus...And A Councilwoman Says It Will Be By Invitation Only
    In case you missed it: On 9/11, carried a livestream of NYC Ground Zero ceremony. The names of each of 2,977 men, women and children who perished in the Al Qaeda-launched terrorist attacks at the WTC, the Pentagon and aboard United Flight 93 were read. The 911 Ground Zero ceremony is now available on-demand (use Facebook link below.)

    Two Shootings Within Six Hours In CD8/Austin (no person hit) and border of CD6/Saro/CD1/Zendejas (woman hit/wounded)
    Sac'to Dem Backed Bill That Could Prevent Courts Statewide From Applying Sentencing Enhancements Passes...With Ass'yman O'Donnell and state Senator Umberg Recorded As "No Vote Recorded"
    LBPD Chief Luna To Retire in December
    Despite Shootings And Mayor/Council Failure To Restore LB's Thinned Officer Level, City Hall Release Quotes Luna As Thanking Mayor, Council, City Mgm't
  • Updated COVID 19 Dashboard

    Sept. 17 Updated Health Order
    Sept. 9 Updated Quarantine Order

    New: June 27: Want More Shootings? Here's How To Keep Them Going

    June 22: Did LB's Homeless Services Bureaucrats, Consuming Millions In Taxpayer Dollars, Ever Contact Man Pushing His Belongings Around In Shopping Cart?

    June 12: THIS Is What Democracy Sounds Like

    June 9: No Check, No Balance; Inept Repubs Enable One Party Council In One Party State

    Restoration firm's ad space donated by

    New: Dave Lopez...On Everything
    Scroll down for his library of videos

    Long Beach's Future In Space:
    A Continuing Series

    Latest Long Beach Space Related News

    LB HQ'd Rocket Lab Successfully Launches Satellite for U.S. Space Force

    Photo courtesy Rocket Lab
    Relativity Space, LB-Based Firm Using 3D-Metalic Printers To Build Rockets, Will Take Over Massive Former C-17 Long Beach Plant
    Image via Relativity Space
    Virgin Orbit Uses Its Launcher One Rocket (Mounted Under A Wing Of Its Cosmic Girl Jet) To Put Seven Satellites Into Orbit

    Jan. 2021 image via Virgin Orbit
    Long Beach HQ'd Rocket Lab Gets Contract To Design Two Spacecraft For Scientific Mission To Mars
    Vowing To Change ("Disrupt") Current Space Industry Assumptions, Long Beach Based Relativity Space Announces Plan To Build "Terran R" Fully Reusable Entirely 3D PRINTED Launch Vehicle 20 Times Larger Than Its Previous Rockets; Simultaneously Announces Boosts In Funding And Hiring

    June 5: Another Fully Booked ZERO G Flight Flies From LB Airport; Company Plans Three From LGB In Feb. 2022; We Explain EXACTLY What It Felt Like on Oct. 2020 Flight; Pix Show Publisher Began As A Clumsy "Spaz In Space" But Learned To Work Around Weightlessness publisher Bill Pearl (horizontal on ceiling) aboard Oct. 2020 LGB ZERO G flight.
    Update: LB HQ'd Rocket Lab (Again) Successfully Retrieves Rocket's First Stage Using Parachute Slowed Spashdown; Computer May Have Shut Down Second Stage, Causing Lost Mission
    Port of LB Makes Deal With Elon Musk's Space-X To Use Part Of Port's Pier T To Dock Vessels And Offload Equipment As Part Of Its West Coast Rocket Recovery Operations

    Portion of map accompanying Harbor Comm'n agenda item.
    Long Beach-based Virgin Orbit Plans June Launch Of Satellites For US Dept. of Defense Space Test Pgm, Royal Netherlands Air Force And Poland Based Firm
    For previous coverage and overview of LB space related firms, click here
    Previous Viewpoints By Doug Krikorian

    Ben Goldberg: Connoisseur Of Lost Causes With The Latest Being Campaigning For Larry Elder To Replace Gavin Newsom As The New California Governor

    What A Life For Angelo Marciuliano Of Angelo's Italian Deli Fame: From Growing Up Humbly In The Southern Italy Region of Basilicata To Serving Anthony Quinn As A Waiter At The Legendary Savoy Hotel In London To Being A Private Chef For Generals And Other Military Brass When He Was In The Italian Army To Creating The Famous Italian Torpedo Sandwhich
    Yes, Honestly, There Are Actually A Couple Of Positives To Emerge From The Covid-19 Pandemic In Long Beach---An Outdoors, Champs-Elysee-Like Dining Experience Throughout The City For Restaurant Patrons Because Of The Popular Parklets And An Upscale Covid-19 Belmont Shore Testing Place Called SAMEDAYHEALTH That Is A Thriving Operation In The Midst Of Second Street's Spate Of Business Exoduses
    Krikorian Notes: From The Long Beach Health Department And Its Braintrust, Kelly Colopy And Dr. Anissa Davis, Going A Step Further Than Their LA County Shot Callers To The Notorious Ballot Harvesting Gimmick Certain To Rescue Gavin Newsom To The Memorable Alamitos Bay Weekend Water Polo Festivities To The Naples Wedding Party Bash For Ravishing Rick Paap And Deena Deardurff-Schmidt
    Krikorian Notes: From Suzie Price Snubbing Many Of Her Third District Constituents To Vote Against Throwing Gavin Newsom Out Of Office To The LBUSD Depriving Kids This Summer From Using Its Schools Vacant Playgrounds To Guinness Book Of World Records Candidate Tommy O'Toole Attending San Diego State To Dodger Zealot Big Ben Goldberg Coming Clean About His Team's Tainted 2020 World Championship (60 Regular Season Games!) To Mystery Mayoral Candidate Greg Magnuson (Who In Tarnation Is He?)
    Did Long Beach City Manager Tom Modica Make The Right Call In Shutting Down the Long Beach Sprint Nationals After A Tragic Boating Accident?
    Long Beach Leaders Robert Garcia, Tom Modica, Mary Zendejas, Cindy Allen, Suzie Price, Daryl Supernaw, Stacy Mungo, Suely Saro, Al Austin, Rex Richardson And Roberto Uranga: These People Have No Shame Or Guilt For The Role They've Collectively Played In Daily Shootings And Soaring Crime Rates
    Of Course, That Darling Lady Out Of Smith College & Duke University, Long Beach Health Czar Kelly Colopy, Goes Right Along With The Idiotic L.A. County Indoor Mask-Wearing Edict Even Though She Could Have Spared LB Such Anguish
    Krikorian Notes: From Ol' Blood And Guts Robert Garcia To Give Give `Em Hell Harry Truman To The Daily One Mile Alamitos Bay Swim Of Dr. Mark Hoffer, 86, To The Daily 15-Mile, Five-Hour Walk Of Earth Man Jeff Yount To Connor McGregor's Latest Con Job To Former Long Beach State and NFL player Russ Bollinger Relating Hilarious Bill Belichick Tale To The Belmont Shore Bridge Eyesore
    A Thrilling Evening In Long Beach When The Skies Above Alamitos Bay Became A Dazzling Palette Of Exploding Rockets In Front Of 30,000 Witnesses Who Savored What Will Become Part Of The City’s Sacred Lore
    Krikorian Notes: From Ann Cantrell Voicing Disapproval Of Long Beach's Most Popular Summer Event---The Big Bang On The Bay---To John Morris Taking Strong Exception To Ms. Cantrell's Stance To Bad Stu Ledsam's TWO Life-Saving Rescues To Bill (Bozo) Caplan's Zany Antics To The Phoenix Suns' Blessed Fortune To LB's Scary Rising Crime Rate To Those Two Laughable City Hall Figures Tom Modica And Robert Garcia
    The Many Memorable Characters I've Befriended Across The Decades, Including The Appropriately Named Preposterous One In Long Beach Known Far And Wide As Bad Stu Ledsam
    Krikorian Notes: From No-Bail Insanity To Government Handout Insanity To City Auditor Laura Doud's Exhaustive Investigation Of The Latest Queen Mary Bankruptcy Suitor Urban Commons To K-5 Kids Still Having To Wear Masks And Having Their Temperatures Taken To Novak DJokovic Being The GOAT Of Tennis

    Krikorian Notes: From Long Beach East Division Commander Chad Ellis And Naples Crime Buster Katie Rowe Teaming Up At Colonnade Park Gathering To Discuss Canal Congestion And Patio Thievery To My Earning a Five-Cent Film Residual To Earth Man Walking 14,650 Miles To The Belmont Shore Bridge Still Not Fixed To The Yokel LB Politicians Still Drooling Over The Queen Mary To Former LBSU Pitching Star Kevin Lamp Praising The Late John Gonsalves
    With Encouragement From Long Beach's Very Own Universal Man, Rick Bryson, Wilson High-LB State Grad Torey Edwards Is On The Threshold Of Qualifying For The U.S. Open, Not Impossible For The Only Amateur Golfer In History To Shoot Two Rounds Of 58
    For additional previous Krikorian columns, click here
    Shooting Crime Scenes Jan 1, 2021 Forward
    For June 1-Dec 31, 2020, click here.
    Red = Homicides. Blue = Persons hit. Yellow = Casings found or vehicle or bldg hit

    Special Report / In Depth / Amnesia File: Long Beach Had But No Longer Has An LBPD Field Anti-Gang Unit. How'd That Happen?
    MORE News

    Subsequent development above Sac'to Bill That Could Prevent Courts Statewide From Applying Sentencing Enhancements Is One Vote Away From Heading To Governor's Desk
    Follow-Up To 300 E. South St. Shooting: It Was A Drive-By; The Shooter Remains At Large, But LBPD Has Arrested Shooting Victim For Events After Shooting
    LBUSD Reports 265 Confirmed COVID Cases In 2021-22 School Yr Thus Far Among 252 Students, 12 Employees and 1 Vendor/Visitor; We Provide Link For Numbers At Specific Schools
    City Att'y Nixes Council Vote On Sept. 7 Item To Oppose SB 9 & SB 10 And Seek Governor's Veto, Cites Unintentional Brown Act Violation By Austin...But Says Council Can Properly Reagendize Same Item For Sept. 14 Council Meeting
    Eastside Voice President Urges Political Payback In 2022 To Replace CD 1, 3, 5, 7, 9 Incumbents With Responsive Reform Minded Challengers, Brushes Off Belated Council Action Now
    Initial Time Checks Indicate Rapid LBFD & LBPD Response When Learned Drake Park Fight Became Horrific Double Shooting
    In Second Of Two Sept. 7 Shootings, Gunfire Strikes Vehicle, Casings Found, 300 block E. South St.
    In First Of Two Sept. 7 Shootings, Gunfire Strikes Vehicle, Casings Found, 1300 block W. Willow (WLB)
    Gunfire in Supernaw's CD 4, 1100 block Obispo
    Midafternoon Gunfire In Southern Bixby Knolls, 3300 block Atlantic Ave., Shooter On Foot Misses Hitting Victim In Vehicle, Casings/Strike Marks Found
    Gunfire Strikes Apt. Building, 1400 block E. South St.
    Man And Woman Shot To Death 900 Block Park Circle (CD 1/Zendejas) Near Bembridge House/Drake Park; UPDATE: Did Some Type Of Fight Escalate To Double Homicide, Or Was It Something Else? LBPD Seeks Public's Help in ID'ing Suspect(s)

    On scene photo courtesy Lee Richmond Charley

    Pedestrian (Believed A Teenage Boy) Is Struck/Killed By Vehicle On LCD b/w Willow/Spring Sts.; Driver Remains At Scene; UPDATE:PD Arrests Driver, Booked On Suspicon Of DUI
    Belmont Shore Gunfire Reported Area Roycroft/Ocean, PD Says Rounds Struck Parked Vehicle, No Persons Hit
    Victims Were Father And Son; Double Victim Shooting - Market/Orange (CD 8/Austin); UPDATE: Victims Buying Items At Fruit Stand When Suspects Approach And Open Fire; Uninvolved Vehicle Also Struck
    In Mass Phone Message To Families (Sept. 2), LBUSD Sup't Baker Says Weekly COVID Tests Mean "There Will Be Positive COVID Cases" And These Actions Will Follow
    Councilmembers Austin, Mungo And Price Hastily Agendize Sept. 7 Item To Oppose And Urge Veto "If Necessary" For Sac'to Housing Density Bills SB 9 and SB 10. Their Item Comes After Eastside Voice Urged 2022 Removal Of Council Incumbents In CDs 1, 3, 5, 7 and 9 For Failing For Months To Agendize The Bills For Council Opposition
    SB 9 co-authored by LB State Senator Gonzalez would require (except in historic districts) allowing four housing units on single family lots and prohibit requiring add'l parking within half mile of public transit; SB 10 would let Council majority enact ordinance without CEQA public review allowing up to 10 unit buildings on single family lots within half mile of transit
    Perspective: Larry Elder Has Previously Criticized "Crony Capitalism." His Campaign Just Held Its Aug. 29 LB Fundraiser At Home of Development Firm Founder Whose Co. (Under Grandson) Received Dec. 2016 City Hall Approval To Buy City Owned Atlantic Ave, Property For Roughly Half Of Broker Estimated Fair Market Value And Less Than Highest Bid Received. Does Candidate Elder Think Taxpayers Got Good Or Bad Deal?
    School Officials Downplay Risk While LA County Data Show Rapid COVID Case Increases In Unvax'd 5-11 Yr Olds (Ineligible For Vaccine) And Unvax'd 12+ Students (Can Be Vaccinated But Aren't)
    VIDEO: State Schools Chief Says It's Inevitable Reopened LB Schools Will Have COVID Outbreaks Similar To Those In Earlier Opened L.A. Schools But Says Issue Now Is How To Handle It; LBUSD Sup't Says Teams at Schools Are Trained To Contact-Trace, Minimize And Contain Exposure But Offers No Further Details
    State, County, LB School Brass Hold Press Event Marking Reopening of LBUSD Schools To Classroom Instruction

    Corliss Lee (Pres.Eastside Voice) Urges Homeowners To Vote Out Council Incumbents In 2022 Who Shrugged Pleas To Agendize And Oppose SB 9 (Four Dwelling Units And Possibly More On Single Family Lots) and SB 10 (Up To 10 Units On Single Family Lots)
    Social Network Photos Show Mainly Maskless Crowd At Elder Long Beach Fundraiser
    Man Says He Was Shot/Wounded In Overnight DTLB Drive-By, 200 block N. Pine Ave.
    Two Shootings Within Three Hours -- In Same Area -- Stem From Altercation Between Two Women (Area "North Of RR Tracks" west of LB Blvd.) Leave One Woman With Minor Inujuries And Building Struck By Gunfire
    Recall Election Governor Candidate Larry Elder Bans Press Access To His Long Beach Fundraiser publisher Pearl: "We regret the Elder campaign's refusal to allow press access to its Long Beach event. Unless reversed, voters have a right to ask: 'What does Gubernatorial candidate Elder not want the public to hear him tell his contributors at the Long Beach event?'"

    CDC Report Shows How Quickly An Unvax'd/Unmasked Bay Area Teacher Infected Over A Dozen Of Her Students And Some Of Their Parents
    Man Is Hit By Gunfire From Suspect Firing Into Air, Area 1400 block Santa Fe (CD 1/Zendejas)
    Follow the Money: Her CD1 Has Worst Shootings Citywide. She Was Elected Aided By $30k From Garcia-Gonzalez-LB Police Union Bypassing Candidate Campaign Committee Contrib Limit; See Entities/Persons Who Want Zendejas Re-Elected In 2022
    Contributors include Council incumbents Allen, Price, Saro, Richardson; Multiple Developers, Lobbyists, Unions
    This Sac'to Bill -- On Verge Of Enactment -- Could Stop Courts Statewide From Applying Sentencing Enhancements
    Assembly Approves SB 9 Requiring Cities To Allow 4 Dwelling Units on Single Family Lots (Exempts Historic Districts), Prohibits Add'l Parking Within Half Mile Of Transit
    Action Moves Bill Within One Vote Of Reaching Governor Newsom; Mayor/Council Let Bill Advance Since Dec. 2020 With No Public Discussion Or Opposition
    Council Adopts FY22 City Hall Budget With NO Restorations of LB Police Officers
    Council Votes 7-1 (Supernaw Dissenting, Price Absent) To Oppose Recall Of Gov. Newsom; Again, Councilwoman Mungo Vanishes Before Vote, Reappears Thereafter
    LBPD Investigating Brutal Beating/Robbery of Jay McManus (Palo Verde/Stearns Area) As "Undetermined Death"
    Long Beach Had Three Shootings In One Day (Yesterday Aug 24)...And Just Had Another One Today (Aug. 25), All In CD6/Saro)
    Long Beach Council Resolution Opposing Newsom Recall Election Returns For Enacting Vote Aug. 24. Will Any Public Speakers Speak Pro Or Con? Will Repub Mungo Avoid Recorded Vote Again?
    VIDEO: LA County Newsom Recall Ballot Design And Envelope Violate Sanctity of Vote Secrecy For Over 5 Million LA County Voters
    Judge Lets County Registrar Apply New Prohibitive Cost To County Election Recounts, Stymies Reform Coalition Recount Of 16 Vote Margin Extending Long Beach Measure A Sales Tax
    In Three August Weeks, Long Beach Has Had 16 Shooting Crime Scenes
  • Four Homicides: CD1/Zendejas [double homicide], CD2/Allen, CD4/Supernaw
  • Among Total Shootings (fatal + wounding + casings/strike marks found), CD 1/Zendejas + CD9/Richardson Combined Account For Over Half
  • Highest Were In CD1/Zendejas (6), CD9/Richardson (3), CD2/Allen (2), CD 6/Saro (2)
  • CD1/Zendejas [with double homicide] had higher shooting homicides per capita than Chicago
    Long Beach Has Had Four Five Shootings In Two Days (Thus Far), Five Six In Three Days, Seven Eight Within Past Week; Most Recent Below
  • Aug. 21 (this morning/overnight): Atlantic./61st St. (CD 9/Richardson): Man Shot/Wounded
  • Aug.20: 1100 block Walnut: Woman struck by gunfire
  • Aug 20: 7th St,/Dawson Ave. (CD 2/Allen): Man Shot/Wounded
  • Aug 20: 65th St/California Ave. (CD 9/Richardson): Bullet Casings Found, Victim Not Located
  • Aug 19: 600 Block Olive (CD 1/Zendejas): Man Not Hit
    With LA Council Opposed And LB Council Continued Mum, Ass'y Approps Committee Advances SB 9 (Four Dwelling Units, Possibly Up To On Eight On Single Family Lots Except In Historic Districts, Forbids Requiring Add'l Parking Within Half Mile Of Transit/Frequent Bus Service), Action Sends It To Assembly Floor
    Friends Say Man Was Brutally Attacked, Beaten Area Palo Verde/Stearns (CD 4/Supernaw) Sending Him To ICU; LBPD Actively Investigating
    Man Is Shot/Wounded, Area 9th/Alamitos (CD 1/Zendejas border w/ CD 6/Saro)
    LBUSD Sup't Says All Unvaccinated Students -- Including All Those Under Age 12 - Will Undergo Surveillance Testing Involving Anterior Nasal Swabs
    On 12-1 Vote LA City Council (Dem majority) Votes To OPPOSE SB 9 (Would Require Cities To Allow 4 Housing Units, Potentially Up To 8, On Single Family Lots) and on 11-2 Vote To OPPOSE SB 10 (Would Enable Up To 10 Housing Units On Single Family Lots)
    AUDIO: Councilmembers Mum As President Of Eastside Voice, Corliss Lee, Cites Their Inaction As SB 9 (Four Housing Units And Potentially More On Single Family Lots) And SB 10 (Letting Council OK Up To 10 Units On Single Family Lots) Near Final Passage
    She's Cut Off (Hits 3 Minute Limit) As Tries To Say L.A. Council Will Consider Opposition Today (Aug. 18)
    Council Votes 6-1 (Supernaw Dissenting, Uranga Absent, Mungo Vanished On Vote But Reapparing Minutes Later) To Oppose Newsom Recall
    Midnight Hour Armed Robbery Hits Palo Verde/Atherton 7-11 (Border CD 3/CD 4 Price/Supernaw)
    On-Demand LBUSD Video Webinar On Independent Study Offers Details; LBUSD Staff Proposes Independent Study Policy With Undefined "Opportunities" For Synchronous Teacher Interaction At Various Grade Levels, Less Specific Than LAUSD's Policy
    Four Long Beach Councilmembers - Richardson, Allen, Zendejas, Saro -- Agendize Aug. 17 Council Item To Oppose Newsom Recall
    Special Remembrance: As Afghanistan Falls To Taliban, Recalls Long Beach Servicemembers Who Perished In That Fight

    Man Is Shot/Wounded In 1400 block LB Blvd (CD 1/Zendejas)...Less Than Six Hours After Shooting A Mile Due East (14th/Gaviota/CD 6/Saro)
    Man Is Shot/Wounded In LB's Cambodia Town. 1400 block Gaviota (CD6/Saro), 2 Parked Vehicles Also Struck By Gunfire
    FDA OKs Third COVID-19 Vax Shot For Certain Immunocompromised Individuals...But Not For Persons Who Aren't Immunocompromised
    Subsequent development above:
    LA School District Offered Parents This Online Learning Hybrid As Alternative To Reopened Classrooms. Thus Far LB Schools Won't...Unless LB School Bd Votes To Do So
    Subsequent development above:
    LA Schools Will Require All Teachers To Be Vax'd. Thus Far LB Schools Won't...Unless LB School Bd Votes To Do So
    LBUSD Mgm't Plans To Reopen Schools Without Offering Online Learning Option; Policy-Setting School Board Skeds Special Meeting Aug. 17 On Reopening Health Safety Matters AND Independent Study
    LBPD Officers Safely Defuse Very Dangerous Situation: Responding To Shots Call Area 4th/Orange, Non-Compliant Suspect Allegedly Shoots Toward Officers; LBPD Sets Up Containment, Negotiates With Suspect And SWAT Takes Him Into Custody With No Persons Injured
    AUDIO SPECIAL: In Their Words: Hear What Supporters Of "Peoples Budget" Said In Demanding Council Defund 25% Of LBPD's Budget. They Said They Speak For The "Community." Do They Speak For You?
    Aug 11 Shooting at Mid Afternoon In Willmore City Historic District (CD 1/Zendejas) Gunfire Strikes Multi-Unit Residence And Parked Unoccupied Vehicle
    LBPD Details On CD6/Saro Broad Daylight Shooting 20th/Pacific In Wrigley District
    City Councilmembers Signal They Support Mayor/Mgr. Proposed FY22 Police Budget That Won't Restore Any Of Roughly 230 Officers Erased By Prior/Current Councils
    Three-Time USA Water Polo Gold Medalist And All-Time Olympic Games Goal Scorer (56!) Maggie Steffens Wows 'Em In Belmont Shore
    by Doug Krikorian
    Special to

    USA Water Polo Star Maggie Steffens shows off the gold medal she and her teammates won over the weekend at the Tokyo Games. Seated next to her at Legends is the Naples Gondola Gateway's Big Mike O'Toole.
    CD 8/Austin Has Monday Noon-Hour Shooting, Two Parked Cars Hit/Casings Found 100 block E. Arbor St. (LB Blvd. North of Western End of Scherer Park (Which Recently Shooting Inside Near Its Dog Park)
    CD 1/Zendejas Has Shooting Into Inhabited Dwelling, 1000 Block Pine Ave. (Roughly Three Blocks South Of Recent Double-Fatal Shooting)
  • Editorials / Op-Eds /Perspectives

    Editorial: LB Media as Sheep....and the Silence of the Lambs

    Save This Page. It Shows Willingness Of Long Beach Mayor Garcia To Put Political Sycophancy Above Real Lives Lost And Grim Future For Others
    Biden Admin Blocked Weeks Of Independent Press Access To Now-Closing Long Beach Convention Ctr. Migrant Minor Facility And Mayor Garcia's Tweets Helped Legitimize It
    Editorial: End Double Standard Applied To Homeless Vagrants/Transients Who Refuse COVID Vax
    Editorial: Want More Shootings? Here's How To Keep Them Going
    See Supporters of State Senator Gonzalez Who Applaud This Record. Remember Them When They Endorse Others Or Seek Your Votes For Themselves

    Cindy Allen is with Megan McGuiness Kerr and 3 others: Robert Garcia, Lena Gonzalez, Herlinda Chico
    "Out here with great friends supporting the amazing Lena Gonzalez. We are so lucky to have her representing our city."
    Publisher's Perspective: On Same Day Long Beach Had Three More Shootings, Mayor Garcia Held June 18 Fundraiser For His "2026 Lt. Gov." Committee. His Contributors Applaud This Record
    Perspective / Op-Ed: Veteran Professional Planner/Designer/Former Central CA Councilman Deconstructs Claims By LB-Area State Senator Gonzalez And Her Sac'to Colleagues On SB 9, Explains What It Will Really Mean For Single Family Home Neighborhoods In Long Beach And Statewide
    Op-Ed: Into the Bowels of the Queen Mary
    by Geraldine Knatz, Ph.D *
    * Dr. Knatz was Exec. Director of the Port of Los Angeles (2006-January 2014) prior to which she held management positions dealing with planning and environmental issues at the Port of Long Beach.

    Editorial: From Long Beach to Pomona, Reporters Faced Federally-Desired, Locally-Enabled Block That Manipulated Media Coverage Of Migrant Minor Detention Facilities. That's Not OK.
    Open Letter to Long Beach Council: I'm Leaving Long Beach Because You've Let Parts Of 1st Council District Descend Into Gunfire Ridden, Trash Filled, City Enabled Squalor
    by Emily Mastren *
    * The author, a young woman with an infant daughter, lives in the neighborhood just north of 7th St. west of Alamitos/MLK Ave. in the 1st Council district represented since December 2019 by Councilwoman Mary Zendejas

    Editorial: Council Can And Should Tie Public/Press Transparency String to Aquarium Operator's Request For $5 Mil Loan
    Editorial: LBCC Trustees Should Publicly Release Benchmark Investigations Report And Stop Further Billable Legal Fees In Political Vendetta Against Trustee Sunny Zia
    Outrages of the Year, 2020

    Opinion Outrage of the Year: Cindy Allen's Campaign Contributors. They Funded Candidate'a Evasive Responses On Major Matters Meriting Meaningful Answers
    Follow-Up See Cindy Allen Campaign's Website-Listed Endorsers
    Opinion / Follow-Up To 2020 Outrage of the Year Runners-Up For 2020 Outrages Of The Year; We Have Several, In Detail
    Ooops, We Nearly Forgot To Include THIS 2020 Outrage: Runners-Up For 2020 Outrages Of The Year; "Long Beach State Senator Lena Gonzalez Votes To Kill SB 640 That Would Have Allowed Intervention To Treat Severely Mentally Ill Homeless."

    Reference links
  • Council District Map
  • Email Your Councilmember
  • How To Recall a LB Elected Official

  • LB Elections: Follow the Money

    Measures A & B: Seeks District Attorney Review Of Long Beach Mayor/City Council Feb. 18 Actions re Measure B
    Publisher raises issue of using public resources at that meeting to promote ballot measure

    Measures A & B: Garcia-Run Campaign Has Spent Over $380,000 Since Jan 1 For Gen'l Fund ("Blank Check") Tax Measures A & B...And Some LB Arts-Related Entities (That Could Receive Ongoing Sums If Voters Approve Measure B) Recently Contributed Nearly $20,000
    8th Dist: Dollar Donnybrook: Organized Labor Spends Large Sum For Thrash-Ntuk; Business Interests Spend Big to Re-Elect Austin; Reform Ticket Challenger Ovalle Uses Contribs Mainly From Grassroots Residents
    2nd Dist Deluge: Over $120,000 Spent Since Jan. 1 To Put Cindy Allen On City Council ($70k+ From These Contribs + $50k+ From Two Indie Committees); Reform Ticket Candidate Robert Fox (Using Mainly His Own Money) Has Spent $60k+; Pearce Endorsee Lara About $10k, Barrera About $5.5k
    8th Dist + 6th Dist. These Five Entities + One Individual Just Added $42,500 To Indie Campaign Seeking To Re-Elect Council Incumbents Andrews And Austin
    8th Dist: In 8th Dist., UniteHere! Union Adds $50,000 (Producing $125,000) For Organized-Labor Indie Campaign Seeking To Elect Thrash-Ntuk
    Follow the Money: Carpenters Union PAC Adds $10k To Garcia-Run Pro-Measure A Sales Tax Campaign; It's Collected Over Half A Million To Date From These Entities To Spend Against Grassroots Taxpayers Relying On Bare-Bones Individual Efforts
    2nd Dist: These Persons / Entities Gave These Sums To Elect Cindy Allen To LB City Council (2nd Dist.)
    6th Dist: Three Unions Just Gave Nearly A Quarter Million Dollars To L.A. County Labor Fed'n Which Is Allocating Estimated $40,000 In Indie Effort To Elect Suely Saro In 6th District (South Wrigley/Central LB/Cambodia Town)
    Mayor Garcia: See Who Gave Maximum Sums To Mayor Garcia's 2026 Lt. Governor Committee (That He's Used Thus Far As A Slush Fund To Support Other Campaigns)
    Subsequent coverage above:
    These Five Entities Just Gave $170,000 More -- Producing Total Now Nearly Half A Million -- For Garcia-Run Campaign To Continue Imposing Measure A Gen'l Fund (Blank Check) Sales Tax
    Subsequent cverage above:
    8th Dist: $75,000 Labor-Backed Indie Campaign Surfaces In 8th District Backing Thrash-Ntuk
    Subsequent coverage above
    6th + 8th Dists: These Entities Funded Indie Campaign Supporting Re-Election Of Andrews in 6th, Austin In 8th
    Subsequent coverage above Measure A Sales Tax:
    LB Firefighters Union Adds $125,000 to $200,000 From Police Officers Union To Fund Garcia-Run Campaign To Permanently Impose "Measure A" (Blank Check) Sales Tax
    RecentlyA Few Weeks AgoFurther Past
    Follow the Money: Read Names/Affiliations Of Developers + Lobbyists + Labor Unions + Business Interests + Current/Former Politicians Who Gave CD9 Councilman/Vice Mayor Richardson $168k For Third Term Re-Election; After Spending He's Got $126k Warchest
    Will Early Mass Money Strategy Scare Off Challengers (Incl. Reform Candidates)?
    Perspective: On Aug 10 Long Beach Council Will Discuss Proposed FY 22 LBPD Budget; Mayor/Mgm't Budget Docs Hide LB's Thin Sworn Officer Level, Propose No Restoration Of Any Of Roughly 230 Erased Officers For Taxpayers (Including 48 Defunded Last Year). What Council Incumbents (If Any) Will Say No To This?
    LBUSD Sup't Says All Staff Must Provide Proof They're Vax'd Or Undergo Weekly COVID Testing
    Speedboat Driver Killed In LB Sprint Nationals Race At Marine Stadium Is Recalled, Mourned
    LBPD Officer Involved-Shooting Of Allegedly-Armed Man Follows Signal Hill PD Pursuit Of Armed Robbery Suspect
    Special to Former Signal Tribune Owner/Publisher Neena Strichart -- Fully Vaccinated -- Becomes Serious "Breakthrough" Case: COVID Puts Her In ICU For Nearly Three Weeks Fighting To Breathe; She's Now In Rehab Working To Recover
    Pregnant Woman and Unborn Child Die In Alleged Road Rage/DUI
    Overnight Saturday:
    Man Is Shot/Wounded in 3300 block of Andy St (CD 9)
    UPDATE: LBPD Seeks Public's Assistance In ID'ing Suspect(s), ID's Homicide Victim As 38 Yr Old LB Man, Says Shooting Doesn't Appear Random; Man Is Fatally Shot, 2500 block E. Anaheim St. (Area Molino Ave., CD 4 Supernaw)
    Man Is Shot To Death, Jetty Area 700 block E. Shoreline Drive (CD 2/Allen); UPDATE: Victim a 43 Yr Old Homeless Man
    Double Fatal Shooting: Anaheim/Pine (CD 1/Zendejas)
    UPDATE: Long Beach Got Spectacular View of Intl'l Space Stn Orbiting Nearly Directly Over Us
    Non-elected LB Schools Supt Baker Says NO to Parents Seeking Digital Option To Reopened Classrooms, Will Offer Only "Independent Study" (With No Details Yet Announced). LB Policy Setting School Board: Zzzzzzz....
    Shots Fired, Evidence Found In 1000 block Belmont (CD 4/Supernaw border with CD 3/Price)
    Overnight Hours July 31; LBPD Responds To Two Shootings: Man In Out of City Hospital ER Says He Was Shot In Area Artesia/Cherry (CD 9/Richardson) And Officers Find A Man Shot In A Residence 3100 block Golden (CD 7/Uranga)
    Shots Fired Inside Uptown Bixby Knolls Scherer Park, Crime Scene Near Dog Park And Steps from North Division LBPD Stn; Juvenile Is Hit/Wounded
    Follow the Money: See Names/Groups That Gave Money To CD2 Cindy Allen's "Officeholder Account" In First Half of 2021
    Aug 3 is "Nat'l Night Out"; Local Events Enable Neighborhoods To Meet/Interact With Their Police Officers In Friendly Non-Threatening Environment
    LAUSD Announces All Its Students and Employees -- Both Vax'd And Unvax'd -- Must Participate In Baseline And Ongoing Weekly COVID Testing. So What About LBUSD?
    Yet Another CD 1 (Zendejas) Shooting: 900 block Maine Ave.
    Another CD 1 (Zendejas) Shooting: 10th St./Cedar Ave. Roughly Ten Blocks North of LB's Gleaming New Civic Center; Bullets Leave Strike Marks On At Least One Building In An Alley; UPDATE: Man Is Struck/Wounded While In His Backyard
    Despite Sharp Rise In CODID Cases And Without Vote By LBUSD Policy-Setting School Board, Non-Elected Sup't Baker Announces Students Will Return To Campus In Person Aug 31 -- With No Mention Of Req'd Proof Of COVID Vax And No Mention Of Option Of Online Classes
    Vehicle Driving In Area 10th/Gaviota (CD 2/Allen, border CD 6/Saro) Struck By Gunfire; A Few Minutes Later, A Man Turns Up At Local Hospital With Gunshot Wound
    LBPD Arrests Suspect In DTLB (200 N. Pine) Fatal Shooting Within Hours of Homicide
    Man Is Shot/Wounded In South Wrigley Area Pine/Hill CD 6/Saro); Hours Later, Another Man Is Shot Area W. 16th St. (CD 1/Zendejas)
    Subsequent development above:
    Two Men Shot -- One Is Dead, One Is Wounded -- In Heart of Downtown Long Beach In Area Broadway/Pine (200 block N. Pine)
    LA County Public Health Director Barbara Ferrer says 20% of June COVID-19 Cases Were Among Those Fully Vax'd...But Not To Worry She Says

    Health Advisory: Tyson Foods Inc. Recalls Nearly 8.5 MILLION Pounds of Multiple Ready-To-Eat Chicken Products Due to Possible Listeria Contamination
    Defiant Colonists Sign "Declaration of Independence" In Philadelphia, Document Asserts Right To Self-Rule No Longer Accountable To Royal Authority, Cites "History of Repeated Injuries and Usurpations"
    Consequences uncertain. Read defiant document.

    Mayor Garcia Tacitly Admits He Has No Plan On How To Restore 20% Of City's Police Level That He Voted As Councilman (2009-2014) To Erase, Says City Mgr. Will Offer "Public Safety Plan" That Garcia Suggested And May Focus On More Than Police >hr> Dave Lopez Revisits His Report Ten Years Ago On 1st Grade Girl Whose Parents Showed Her Value Of Helping Others; A Decade Later, Parents and Daughter Thank Him For His Work As She Prepares to Enter UC Berkeley
    As Long Beach Reopens, Its COVID-19 Case Rate And Percentage Of Those Testing Positive More Than Double
    Signal Hill Shooting: Victim Walking Area Cherry/Skyline Dr; Two Men Seek Victim's Cell Phone, Victim Runs, Is Shot/Wounded
    Without explanation, SHPD declines to release victim's gender
    Overnight Uptown Bixby Knolls Gunfire, LB Blvd./San Antonio Drive (CD 8/Austin), Casings Found, No Person(s) Hit
    Sierra Club Los Cerritos Wetlands Task Force Urges Cancellation Of Fireworks Portion of July 3 "Big Bang on the Bay" Citing These Legal Grounds; CA Coastal Comm'n Staff & LB City Special Events Office Disagree
    Highly Transmissible COVID Delta Variant Prompts L.A. County Health Dept To "Strongly Recommend" That Everyone -- Regardless Of Their Vax Status - Mask-Up In Indoor Settings (Incl. Grocery/Retail Stores, Theaters And Workplaces) Where One Doesn't Know Others' Vax Status
    Increase In Flea-Borne Typhus Will Prompt LB Health Dept. Notice
    At Daybreak Gunfire Strikes Man's Vehicle As He Drives In Area Of W. 9th St/W. Anaheim St. (CD 1/Zendejas)
    Two Of The Three Arrested Suspects In Shoreline Drive Drive-By (Outside Hooters) Are Juveniles (Ages 15 & 17); LBPD Says Motive Currently Undetermined But Being Investigated As Possibly Gang Related
    Triple Shooting Outside Shoreline Drive Hooters; Two Men and A Juvenile Standing Outside Are Hit, Shots Came From A Vehicle
    One bullet goes through restaurant's front door; one victim staggers inside leaving blood on floor
    Chief Luna says LBPD was already deploying more officers using overtime after multiple shootings in other parts of town; he credits the heavy deployment with swiftly detaining three persons of interest

    June 26, 2021:

    Homeless Man Shot To Death, 9th St./Daisy Ave. (CD 1/Zendejas)
    Homicide (CD 1/Zendejas): Man Is Shot To Death, Area 14th/Cedar
    Someone Shoots At Man In Parked Vehicle, 6300 block Orizaba
    LBPD Busts Burglary Suspect In Downtown/Retro Row Break-Ins/Thefts
    LA County DA Gascón Files Three Felony DUI-Related Charges Against Driver Who Allegedly Killed Man In Wheelchair Pushing Shopping Cart With His Possessions Across Stearns St. @ Radnor Ave.

    Biden Admin Cuts Nearly $18 Mil From LB's Expected Fed'l Recovery Act Sums; City Mgr Told Mayor In Early July But Mayor Remained Mum On It In Releasing Proposed FY 22 Budget; Due To Biden Cut, City Mgm't Proposes Cutting Roughly $4.5 Mil Previously Allocated For Various Types Of LB Small Businesses; Council Will Have Last Word
    Man Is Shot/Wounded In Broad Daylight 100 block W. Willow (CD 6/Saro) Strip Mall
    Oakland Assemblywoman Says: Make Vaccination Mandatory At Schools, Gyms, Hospitals, Worplaces Etc.
    Mungo Mum After She Agendizes, Supported By Zendejas, Price, Supernaw, Item To Give City Mgm't Authority To Use Part of City's Fed Recovery Act Funds Or Seek Other Funding To Ensure LB Police Levels Don't Reach "Dangerous Lows" But Minutes Before Council Meeting Pulls It Off Agenda (Preventing July 20 Council Discussion and Vote)
    Potential Political Gamechanger: Court Orders State to Include Talk Show Host/Author Larry Elder's Name on Recall Election Ballot
    Council Approves Spending $8.6 Mil On "Safety Recovery Plan" That Doesn't Restore Any Of Roughly 230 Erased/Formerly Budgeted Police
    Long Beach City Mgm't Says Fixing And Keeping Queen Mary Could Cost Less Than Estimated By A Previous City Hired Consultant; Other Options Also Costly Or Costlier
  • Upbeat Port Hired Consultant Says Queen Mary Could Last Another 100 Years
  • Pacific Merchant Shipping Ass'n And Multiple Business Goups Urge City Not To Transfer Ship Back To Port
  • Councilmembers Don't Question Inconsistency In Past vs.Current Cost Estimates, Don't Pursue Who At City Hall Let Ship Decay To Its Decrepit Condition
  • Plans For Adjacent Developable Property Remain Unclear
    Jeff Bezos' rocket launched four-person capsule (with no on-board pilots) successfully completed its roughly 66 mile flight into space and safely returned to Earth after a roughly 10 minute flight.
    Perspective: Manager/Mayor's $8.6 million "Safety Recovery Plan" Won't Restore Any of Roughly 230 Officers Long Beach Council Budgets Erased. It Would Leave LB Taxpayers with Thinner Officer Level Than Nearby Cities. It Would Spend Roughly $4 million for Non-Police Items Labeled "Prevention" With No Evidence They'll Reduce Shootings Or Metrics to Measure Their Success or Failure
    LBPD Arrests Transient On Suspicion Of Shooting Murder Of Woman (1700 block Pine) Police Say He Didn't Know
    Carlos Ovalle, Reform Coalition Co-Founder, Enters Council District 7 Race To Unseat Two Term Incumbent Roberto Uranga
    VIDEO: See Dave Lopez's Eloquent Video Remembrance Of CSULB Coach John Gonsalves
    City Manager Seeks July 20 Council Approval For "Safety Recovery Plan" That Would Tap Temporary Excess Recovery Act Funds For $4.5 Mil To Bolster LBPD Base Staffing and Fund Other LBPD Items + Roughly Half Mil For Parks/Rec "Violence Prevention Pgms" + $3.5 Mil More For "Longer Term Violence Prevention Programs"
    Perspective: Mgmt/Mayor's Proposed FY22 City Hall Budget:
  • No Restored Police Officers (48 Defunded Last Year), No Restored Field Anti-Gang Unit, No Restoration Of Roughly 230 Officers Previously Provided
  • Would Spend (Not Conserve) Fed'l Funds To Maintain (Not Reduce) Current Spending, Leaving Taxpayers With $36 Million "Shortfall" Expected Next Year
    Subsequent developments above
    Woman Is Shot To Death, 1700 Block Pine (CD 1/Zendejas)
    It's second shooting homicide within four days in Zendejas' CD 1
    City of LB Joins LA County In Reinstating Required Masks Indoors Regardless Of Vax Status
    State Senate Judiciary Committee Advances AB 339 To Restore/Ensure Public's Ability To Speak On Council Items Remotely By Telephone
    Council Votes 8-0 To Exempt Revised Roofless Belmont Beach Aquatic Center From Further CEQA Review; City Staff Says Project Meets Coastal Comm'n Recommended Actions; Opponents Say It Doesn't, Seek Revised EIR And Support Alternative Sites.
  • Mayor Garcia and Councilwoman Price urge approval of staff recommendations. Councilman (Coastal Comm'n member) Uranga accuses opponents (who seek pools in underserved areas) of prefering "segregation" keeping them out of shoreline

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