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Continually updated Confirmed LB shootings (fatal + non-fatal + no-hit) since Aug. 1 and homicides since Jan. 1. On July 31, Mayor Garcia recommended a FY19 budget that restored 5 add'l net citywide deployable officers, leaving 186 such officers unrestored. On Sept. 4, Council approved this 9-0. Thin Blue Line: To view LB's per capita police level for taxpayers compared to Los Angeles and Signal Hill, click here
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  • New / In Depth: It's Potentially Lethal, So Corrosive It Could Kill Or Injure Thousands For Miles Around If Released In A Refinery Explosion, Industrial Accident Or Earthquake; It's Used By Only Two Refineries In CA And One Is LB-Adjacent Valero Plant In Wilmington; SCAQMD Has Proposed A Rule To Phase-Out/Convert To Safer Product (With Costs) OR "Mitigate" Risks And Continue Using Modified Hydrofluoric Acid (MHF); Torrance Residents Seek Phase-Out/Conversion; Refineries/Unions Support "Mitigation"; So Where's LB? SCAQMD Will Hold Committee Hearing On This In Wilmington On Sept. 22 reported in detail on this issue in April
    New: Two Shootings: 600 W. 7th (1st dist), 1900 W. Willow (7th dist.)
    New / Follow-Up: City of Long Beach (City Mgr + City Att'y) Will Initiate "Independent Outside Review" (By Some Presently Unidentified Firm) Of LBPD Message-Deleting App; DA Refers Issue To Its Justice System Integrity Division
    New: Supporters Open Their Wallets At First LB Reform Coalition PAC Fundraiser To Defeat Their First Target: Incumbent Mayor/Council-Sought Measure BBB That Would Allow Three Terms (12 Yrs) Instead of Current Two Terms + Possible Write-In

    MORE News

    New: No-Kill Animal Shelter Advocates Submit L.A. County Civil Grand Jury Complaint Seeking Investigation Of Whether Long Beach Mayor Garcia Attempted To Restrict Public's First Amendment Rights By Allegedly Hiding Social Network Comments Critical Of Him And City Animal Shelter Practices

    Coroner Identifies Man Who Died After LBPD Used Taser To Subdue Him In Belmont Shore; He Was 50 Yrs Old
    Shooting, 4900 block Bellflower Blvd. (Lakewood), Familial Relationship
    Council Votes 6-0 To Initiate One Year "Pilot Program" For 1,2,3,4 Or 5 Homeless Parking Lots In Locations To Be Decided In "Competitve Process" (With Results Shared With Mayor/Council Via Type of Memo Not Always Agendized)
    Would Provide Portable Toilets, Access To City Homeless Services
    Subsequent development above
    LBPD Used Mobile App That Caused Certain Texts/Communications To Vanish And Become Inaccessible; City Issues This Statement
    Beachcomber columnist Steve Downing uncovered the story
    Man With A Gun Reported 15th St. b/w Atlantic/MLK (southern end of Poly High) Triggers Lockdown, PD Response, Text Alert To Parents, Students Escorted Out
    Subsequent development above
    An Unexplained Death In Belmont Shore: 100 block Santa Ana: LBPD Tasers A Man...And He Dies Submits Brown Act Cease/Desist Letter Following Mayor's Public Comment Action
    LBPD PIOs Arantxa Chavarria and Officer Ivan Garcia tell that at 11:01 a.m. on Sept. 18 officers responded to reports of gunfire in the area of LB Blvd/Artesia Blvd.; in 1 p.m. hour, Artesia was closed b/w LB Blvd. and 710 freeway in the investigation; officers (per PIO Garcia) found evidence of gunfire and recovered a firearm but all suspects gone; a nearby school was put on a precautionary lockdown lifted as of 1 p.m.. Further to follow.

    Subsequent development above:
    Homeless Parking Lots? Councilmembers Pearce, Gonzalez, Price & Uranga Propose Starting With Two In Unspecified Locations With Portable Toilets/Access To City Homeless Services But No Add'l Police Services Or Publicly-Enforceable Security/Liability Req'ts, Nearly Quarter Million Dollar Cost In First Year Roughly Half For Administrators
    Three of the supportive Councilmembers use minimal public notice ("weekend surprise") to agendize long-planned item
    Perspective: Long Beach (Unofficial Tally) Just Hit Total Number Of 2017 Homicides...With Three And A Half Months To Go In 2018; See "Tale of Two Cities" Distribution Of Shootings (Fatal + Non-Fatal + No Person Hit) By Council District
    VIDEO: Extended Portions Of Presentation Of Concept For Long Beach Aerial Tramway, Connecting Downtown With Shoreline. Presented by Clay Sandidge of Muni-Fed Energy To Meeting of LB Comm'l Real Estate Council

    Man Shot To Death, 1200 block Chestnut (roughly 1 mile due north of City Hall)
    Re Mayor Garcia Allegedly "Hiding" Comments Critical Of His Animal Shelter Stance: DA's Office Takes No Position On Allegations, Say It Handles Criminal Matters And If There's Any Legal Remedy It's A Civil Matter; Director Of Non-Profit "No-Kill Advocacy Center" Indicates He's Mulling Possible Add'l Steps
    Gated Housing Development On Former Will J. Reid Scout Park (4747 Daisy Ave.) Sells All 131 Homes, Offered Starting "In The Low $600,000's"
    EIR challenge by CARP brought settlement downsizing heights to eliminate three stories, increase parking
    Perspective / Continuing Series: Rethinking LB's Downtown Shoreline Development: A Former City Hall Needlessly Destroyed A Key Shoreline Attraction; In Upcoming Visioning Process, LB's Current City Hall Can Correct This
    With No Discussion, Council Authorizes City Staff To Seek $12 Mil State Grant For "Homeless Emergency Aid" By Agreeing To Suspend Strict Application Of LB Ordinances/Rules On Housing, Zoning, Health/Safety Standards, Potentially Letting Homeless Occupy Currently Unspecified Parks, Schools, Vacant or Underutilized City Owned/Operated Facilities
    Sac'to Agency Says City Is Supposed To Do This To Access $12 Mil State Funding For "Homeless Emergency Aid Program" That Would Do This
    Council voted Sept. 11 without discussion to suspend strict application of LB ordinances/rules on housing, zoning, health/safety standards, potentially letting homeless occupay currently unspecified parks, schools, vacant or underutilized city owned/operated facilities
    Shots Fired At A Parked/Unoccupied Vehicle, 2300 block Olive; LBPD Locates/Arrests Suspect
    It's third 6th district shooting within three days
    Don't Miss Sept.15 Deadline To Submit Claim For LB Telephone Tax Refund
    Subsequent development above
    City Hall Can Get $12 Mil For "Homeless Emergency Aid" IF Council Suspends Strict Application Of LB Ordinances/Rules On Housing, Zoning, Health/Safety Standards Potentially Letting Homeless Occupy Parks, Schools, Vacant or Underutilized City Owned/Operated Facilities; What Should Your Councilmember Do?
    Continuing Series / Perspective: Rethinking LB's Downtown Shoreline Development: Compare What City Hall Promised In 1960 Shoreline Development "Master Plan" (Map) And 1964 City Hall Report (Text) With What The Public Has Now...In Visioning What The Public Should Have In The Future

    Argument Escalates To Murder, LBPD Says, When Driver Allegedly Gets Into Argument & Runs Over Man In NLB, Later Crashes Into Parked Car Area 10th/Obispo
    Man Is Shot/Wounded, 1400 block Rose Ave. (6th Dist)
    Man Shot To Death, 500 block Rhea (6th Dist.)
    Garcia Flips Name Of His Measure M Campaign Committee to Mayor/Auditor Committee "To Support Good Gov't Measures AAA, BBB, CCC, DDD"
    Retired Councilwoman Schipske At Anti-BBB (3 term-limit instead of 2-plus-write-in) Event: Councilman Austin Told Me In January That Mayor Garcia Had Made A "Deal" Re Term Limits; Austin Denies Such Conversation
    Rethinking Long Beach's Downtown Shoreline Development: Add'l Info Needed Says City Hall-Hired Consultant On Proposal To Use Private Funds To Rebuild/Operate Cyclone Racer Roller Coaster; See Conceptual Images

    U.S. Constitution's 8th Amendment (Cruel & Unusual Punishment) Bars Cities From Prosecuting Homeless Criminally For Sleeping On Public Property If No Sleeping Space Is Practically Available In Any Shelter, Fed'l Appeals Court Rules
    Taxpayer-Impacting Details On What Council Approved In FY19 City Hall Budget
    Perspective / Viewpoints

    Editorial: Non-Study Session "To Receive An Update On The Queen Mary"

    Editorial: No-Kill Animal Shelter Advocates Spotted Issues Years Ago That Auditor Acknowledges Now; They Deserve A Seat At The Table; Council Should Agendize Discussion Of Auditor's Report; Mayor Should Add, Instead Of Exclude, No Kill Advocates To His "Visioning Task Force"
    Perspective: A Moral Issue: Hear What LB Fire Chief Said About Firefighting Effects Of Hi-Rise Density...As Mgmt/Mayor Again Fail To Recommend Restoring Downtown Density Fire Engine 101
    Editorial: City Auditor's "Performance Audit" On Animal Shelter Gives Pols Political Cover For Budgets That Begat Issues She Identifies
    Attempting To De-Code Mayor/Council Code of Silence As These Sac'to Bills Advance (SB 905 (4 a.m. Bar Bill) and AB 931 (That LB Police Chief Said Could Endanger Officers And The Public)
    Perspective / Opinion: Long Beach Charter Amendment Hearings Shrugged This State Law Enacted After City of Bell Scandal
    Council & I Didn't Raise Taxes, You Did
    Based on statement by Long Beach Mayor Robert Garcia at Long Beach City Council meeting, July 24, 2018

    Editorial: Yes: On Price-Supernaw-Austin-Pearce Agenda Item Seeking Feasibility Of Administrative Citations To Deter Fireworks Scofflaws
    Editorial: Are LB Taxpayers Better Off Now Than Four Years Ago?
    Editorial: We Say These Decisions By Two LB Mayors, And Past And Present Councilmembers Endorsed By The LB Police Officers Ass'n PAC, Made The Tragic, Fatal Officer-Involved Shooting of CSULB-Bound Feras Morad More Likely
    "Amnesia File" / Opinion: How LB Residents Lost Their Right To Agendize Items For Council Discussion/Action...And Why Restoring That Right Should Be Priority Reform Now
    Ediorial: Mayor Orchestrated Commission Photo Op Offers More Important Agenda Opportunity
    Perspective: Hypodermic Syringe On LB Beach Stabs A Jr. Lifeguard...And It Shouldn't Take A Public Records Act Request To Find Out What Really Happened
    Editorial: The Community Hospital Deal...For Grown-Ups
    Statement by the Publisher / Opinion: More Than Ever
    Op-Ed: Things They Need to Tell Us Before They Lease Community Hospital
    By Gerrie Schipske *
    * Ms. Schipske, an attorney, served two terms as LB's 5th dist. Councilwoman (2006-2014) and is the author of Historical Hospitals of Long Beach

    Editorial: Mayor Garcia's Anti-Reform Charter Amendments
    Perspective: Councilwoman Price Says She Opposes Sac'to Bill That Could Let LB Council Allow 4 a.m. Bar Closings In Parts of LB...But Here's What She Didn't Say And Hasn't Done
    Editorial: Apply This CA Jury Instruction To Mayor/Councilmembers Who Claim Blank Check Measure M Isn't A Tax
    Editorial: "Alternative Facts" In Long Beach
    Perspective: Did Mayor And Your Councilmember Tell You Measure M Isn't A Tax? Compare Exactly What Council Voted To Approve When It Put Measure M On Ballot
    Using Cops As Props

    Friends of LB Animals
    Adoptable pets and more:

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  • Actively Following These Areas

    Assembly Approves 4 a.m. Bar Bill That Includes LB Due To Mayor Garcia's Action; O'Donnell Votes "No"; If Senate OK's Amendments And Governor OK's It, LB Council Will Decide Whether To Allow Alcohol Service To 4 a.m. In LB, And If So, In What Parts of Town
    4 a.m. Bar Closing Bill (Includes LB + 6 Other CA Cities) Narrowly Advances In Ass'y Committee, Meets Stiff Opposition From Anti-Alcohol Abuse/Public Safety Groups
    Mayor/Council Proposed Charter Amendments

    AUDIO: Hear It: City Mgr. Is Mulling $50,000-$100,000 Expenditure For "Educational" Mailers re Mayor/Council Sought Charter Amendments
    Public Blasts As Self-Serving And Costly, Council Votes 9-0 For, Special November Election On Mayor-Sought Changes To Let Mayor/Council Avoid Term Limits For Three Terms Instead Of Two, End Voter Write-In Choices
  • No public speakers support Term Limit changes, except Firefighters union rep and City Auditor Doud who both support all of them
    Mayor Garcia's 12-Year "Term Limit" Proposal Is Similar To Proposal Rejected By Over 2/3 Of LB Voters; See 2007 Ballot Arguments Pro/Con
  • RecentlyWeeks AgoPast Few Months
    Thin Blue Line: Graph Shows LB's Budgeted Police Level For Taxpayers, Compared To L.A. And Signal Hill In Council Enacted FY19 Budget

    Court Approves Agreed/Revised Opposition Ballot Arguments/Rebuttals To Two City Hall-Sought Charter Amendments (Redistricting Comm'n And City Auditor Changes); City Action Doesn't Affect, And Didn't Allege Actionable Flaws In, Argument/Rebuttal In Opposition To Mayor/Council-Sought Term Limits Extension (Measure BBB)
    As seen LIVE: ELB taxpayer Diana Lejins read aloud portions of a letter from her attorney alleging that that the Water Dept. rate increase (based on Measure M) is unlawful [under Prop 218]. Angela Kimball (resident of LA County "island" (Woodruff at Harco) said she and her neighbors had no opportunity to vote on Measure M (an issue also raised in the attorney's letter.) Ms. Lejins reminded the Council that she is the taxpayer who sued and won a settlement that ended City Hall imposed pipeline fees. A few minutes later, Council without comment votes without dissent to approve Water Dept. rate increase as part of City's FY 19 budget. First (Again) on Is Measure M (Utility Revenue Transfer/Diversion) Headed For Court Challenge? Law Firm That Sued, Got Settlement And Ended City Hall's Water/Sewer "Pipeline Fees" Informs City It Considers Measure M Invalid/Unconstitutional Under Prop 218
  • Also raises issue affecting Signal Hill and ELB-adjacent "L.A. County island" residents who couldn't vote on Measure M
    As seen LIVE: On floor motion by Councilman Richardson, City-offered reward raised from $10k to $20k (making total $30k combined with County.) Vote was 9-0. $20,000 $30,000 In Offered Rewards -- $10k 20k From City of LB + $10k From County -- For Information Leading To Apprehension Or Conviction Of Person(s) Responsible For Murder Of Fred Taft (Shot To Death July 21 In ELB's Pan Am Park)
  • Perspective / A Developing Series: Rethinking Long Beach's Downtown Shoreline Development

    "Building a Better Long Beach" Power Point slide
    AUDIO / Hear It: City Mgr. Is Mulling $50,000-$100,000 Expenditure For "Educational" Mailers re Mayor/Council Sought Charter Amendments
    LB Taxpayers Ass'n member Caroline Byrnes gets the answer during Q & A at "Beer & Politics"
    Start Middle & High School Schooldays No Earlier Than 8:30 a.m.? Sac'to Lawmakers Just Passed A Bill Mandating This To Take Effect July 2021 (Or When School District's Union Contract In Effect In July 2019 Expires); Will Governor Brown Sign It Into Law, Let It Become Law Without His Signature, Or Veto It?
    CA PTA & American Academy of Pediatrics supported; CA Teachers Ass'n and statewide School Boards Ass'n opposed; State Senators Lara and Nguyen voted "yes"; Ass'yman O'Donnell voted "no"
    LASD Arrests Supsect For Alleged Sexual Assault Of Female Juvenile In Restroom At Lakewood High And For Alleged Sexual Assault Less Than Three Hours Earlier Of 29 Yr Old Woman In Bellflower
    Follow-Up: FPPC Clears Councilwoman Price Re July Allegations Centered On Measure M-Related Communications
    VIDEO: See Highlights of Sept. Los Cerritos Wetlands Land Trust Nature Walk...And Get Ready For October Event
    With AUDIO: Mayor Garcia Balks At Restoring 180+ Police Officers He Voted (As A Councilman) To Erase, Defends His And Council's Current Rate Of Restorations
    Perspective / A Developing Series: Rethinking Long Beach's Downtown Shoreline Development

    Graphic created by Dan Gutierrez from SoCal Stair Climbers Facebook page, used with permission.
    Garcia @ "Beer & Politics":

  • Declines to say if he'll take advantage of his proposed Term Limits Charter Amendment for third term for himself
  • Indicates Corps of Engrs breakwater modification "options" coming within months but seeks to downplay expectations of what they'll do
    CA Dem Party Chair Calls For Boycott Of In-N-Out Burgers, Because...
    Gang Detectives Investigate Shots Fired, Motive Unknown, 1600 block E. 1st St. (Alamitos Beach)
    LBPD Detectives Witness Person In Vehicle Shoot At Person On Sidewalk, Area 8th/Pacific; Victim Not Hit/Runs Away As Detectives Follow Suspect Vehicle, Conduct High Risk Vehicle Stop Anaheim On-Ramp To N. 710, Take Vehicle Occupants Into Custody
    Man Is Shot/Wounded At Midmorning, 5300 block Long Beach Blvd
    Assembly Approves 4 a.m. Bar Bill That Includes LB Due To Mayor Garcia's Action; O'Donnell Votes "No"; If Senate OK's Amendments And Governor OK's It, LB Council Will Decide Whether To Allow Alcohol Service To 4 a.m. In LB, And If So, In What Parts of Town
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