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New: Marine Advisory Commisioners Unanimously Sign Letter Urging Mayor/Council To Rethink Narrowing Marina Drive, Residents Amplify That Concern And More As City Staff Outlines Upcoming "Alamitos Bay Parking/Circulation Master Plan"
New / Follow the Money: Updated: Between April 21-May 18, Lena Gonzalez's State Senate Campaign Received Contribs Over $150,000; Jack Guerrero Campaign Received $7,800+ (Of Which $5,000 Was Loan By Him Personally To His Campaign); Since Jan. 1, She's Spent Over $640,000; He's Spent About $26,000
New / Further Follow-Up: Further Re Cellphone Video'd After-School Poly High Street Fight: D.A. Charges 18 Yr Old With Assault w/ Deadly Weapon + Violation Of Civil Rights + Dissuading Witness By Force/Threast + Battery; He Pleads Not Guilty; If Convicted As Charged, He Faces Possible Max Sentence Of Life + 17 Yrs
New / In Depth: Assembly Poised To Vote On Whether To Advance Proposed Constitutional Amendment Inviting Voters To Change Prop 13's 2/3 Voter Approval Req't, Would Lower It To 55% For New/Increased Local Taxes On Multiple Spending Items
  • Howard Jarvis Taxpayers Ass'n Blasts It; Mayor Garcia Signed Letter Saying City of LB Supports It
  • Ass'y Vote Could Send It To State Senate Where A New LB-Area Senator -- Garcia-Endorsed Gonzalez or HJTA-Endorsed Guerrero -- Will Vote To Advance Or Stop It
    Special Report / In Depth / Amnesia File: Long Beach Had But No Longer Has An LBPD Field Anti-Gang Unit. How'd That Happen?

  • Subsequent development above: Follow-Up To Cellphone Video Of After-School Fight Near Poly High: LBPD Arrests/Books 18 Yr Old On Suspicion Of Attempted Murder/Alleged Participation In Felony Street Gang And Takes Two Other Male Juvies Into Custody And Believes There May Be Other Suspects
    LBPD urges community to report criminal activity directly to police, says posting a video or status update on social media shouldn't be substitute for a crime report.
    LB Has THIRTEENTH Shooting Crime Scene Within 15 Days: Man Struck By Gunfire Walking In Hellman Neighborhood, 800 block Cerritos Ave. (1st dist.)
    Council Majority With Mayor's Tacit Approval Pushes "Tenant Relocation Assistance Ordinance" Thru First Of Two Req'd Council Votes (6-3), Narrowly Derails Attempt (4-5) To Delay Second Enacting Vote Until After (Ordinance Opponents Assume) Gonzalez Will Be Off Council In Sac'to Senate Seat
    In State Senate Runoff Large Contribs ($1,000+ And Above) Since April 20, LB Councilwoman Lena Gonzalez's Campaign Received $135,000+ From These Entities/Groups/Individuals; Runoff Candidate Cudahy Councilman Jack Guerrero's Campaign Received $5,000 From Himself
    PLUS: In Case You Missed It, Now HEAR IT, ON-DEMAND
    Gonzalez v. Guerrero (unedited in May 6 candidate forum)

    PLUS Podcast On-Demand AUDIO Click Here

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    On LBReport.com

    Councilman/Vice Mayor Dee Andrews, Who Has Rep'd South Wrigley-Poly High-Cambodia Town Since 2007, Seeks Re-Election In 2020 With These Endorsers

    LB Has TWELFTH Shooting Crime Scene Within Two Weeks: Someone Shoots At Woman Driving On MLK Ave. Near 11th St. (6th dist.)
    Coroner Identifies Woman Who Perished In Midnight Hour WLB Mass Shooting
    SIX People Shot -- Grandmother Dies + Five Adults Wounded -- WLB Area PCH/Canal (1st dist., about a block east of Santa Fe); It's LB's ELEVENTH Shooting Crime Scene Within 11 Days
    Friday Morning: LBPD Issues Statement, Says Does Not Believe Any Of The Recent Shootings Are Related To Each Other
    In Depth / Perspective: Internal City Records Obtained By LBREPORT.com Show What Mayor/City Mgm't Told Angels Compared To What City EIR Told Public Re LB Arena-Adjacent "Elephant Lot" (Unavailable For City Pool Rebuild)
    Follow-Up / In Depth: Sac'to Senate Committee Halts -- For Now -- SB 50 (Would Preempt Aspects Of Local Single Family Home Zoning To Promote Density) BUT Lets It Advance In 2020 Possibly With Amendments; Bill's Author Says He's "100% Committed" To It
    Over half of LB is voting now on new state Senator who'd cast vote on SB 50. LB Councilwoman Lena Gonzalez is endorsed by SB 50's author and told a May 6 Wrigley forum she opposed SB 50 as then-written. Her runoff opponent is Cudahy Councilman Jack Guerrero, who said he opposes SB 50 regardless of amendments on principle to protect local community zoning control. Hear audio clip
    Without Public Discussion Or Publicly Voted Approval By City Councilmembers, LB City Mgr. & Mayor Offered Angels Draft Non-Binding (Still Publicly Concealed) "Term Sheet" To Enable Potential Development Of Mixed-Use Sports/Entertainment/Housing Development On Publicly Owned "Elephant Lot" And Adjoining Parcels
    Council Directs City Att'y To Draft Ordinance Containing Three Provisions That -- If Not Removed In Two Upcoming Council Votes -- Would Become Near Permanent Reduction In Public's Ability To Speak On Agendized Council Actions...While Councilmembers Balk/Resist "Streamlining" Their Meetings By Limiting Their Own Speaking Time
    Monday Late Afternoon: TENTH LB Shooting Crime Scene Within A Week: 3000 block Santa Fe; Suspect Opens Fire On Two Victims Seated In A Vehicle
    UPDATE: Victim Was 63 Yr Old Woman; Suspect Is 27 yr Old Man; Man Physically Attacks/Beats A Woman, Then Grabs A Nearby Motorized Scooter And Uses It To Beat Her More; Brutal Midday Attack Kills Her (A Block South of NLB's Ramona Park); LBPD Has A Person Of Interest In Custody
    Four To Six Men Wearing Ski Masks, At Least One Armed With Firearm, Make Forced Entry To Lakewood Village Home, Take Multiple Items Including Handbags And Jewelry Belonging To Two Female Victims (Adults) Who Observed Suspects But Didn't Interact With Them During Incident
    Subsequent development above: In Depth / Perspective: Council Action May 14: Some Supernaw-Sought/City Staff-Suggested Council Meeting "Streamlining" Rules Could Significantly Limit Public's Ability To Speak On Agendized Items Of Public's Business At Council Meetings
    Council Votes 8-0 -- With State Senate Seeking Candidate Gonzalez Absent -- To Oppose SB 50 Unless Amended To Exclude LB
    Action comes after bill has advanced thru its only scheduled state Senate policy committees, where SE LB-area state Senator Tom Umberg (D) (90815/90803) voted "yes" (April 2)
    LBREPORT.com Seeks/Obtains 540+ Pages Of Internal City Records Re Angels Contacts; Despite City's Continued Withholding And Redactions, Our Initial Review Shows...
    VIDEO Coverage: Community Grieves At Candlelight Vigil For LB Professional Dogwalker Who Perished (With Five Dogs) In 3rd/Temple Crash After L.A. Man Driving Allegedly Stolen Vehicle Triggered LBPD Pursuit
    Subsequent coverage above, with video:
    Candlelight Vigil Scheduled For LB Woman Killed (With Five Dogs) In 3rd/Temple Crash After L.A. Man Triggers LBPD Pursuit Driving Allegedly Stolen Vehicle
    Man's Girlfriend Is Killed (Area 10th/Atlantic); He's Arrested For Murder
    LBPD Investigating Market/Pine Shooting As Gang-Related, Other Details Still Sketchy
    Hours Before LB Council Votes On City Stance re Sac'to's SB 50 (Increased Density/Overrides Some Aspects Of Local Residential Zoning): (1) Councilwoman/State Sen. Candidate Gonzalez Says She Opposes SB 50 As Currently Written; (2) Housing LB Issues Release "Oppose Unless Amended" (Full Text)
    Related: At last night's candidate forum, state Sen. candidate Guerrero flatly opposed SB 50 -- not simply "as amended" -- based on its loss of local community control
    Exclusive VIDEO/AUDIO Coverage: See It/Hear It, Unfiltered/Unspun: LBREPORT.com Has The ONLY Extended VIDEO Plus On-Demand AUDIO Podcast Uncut Coverage Of Gonzalez vs. Guerrero LB-Area State Senate Election Forum
    PLUS Podcast On-Demand AUDIO Click Here
    When you need to know what really happened, it's on LBREPORT.com

    Shots Fired After Altercation, Miss Hitting Victim Outside Restaurant In Shopping Plaza (SE Quadrant Carson/Cherry)
    Shots Fired At Late Afternoon Sunday, Wrigley Area Golden Ave. South Of Spring; Casings Found, No Person(s) Hit

    In Depth: Did You Recently Receive Text Message From Gonzalez State Senate Campaign? Her Campaign Is Paying Oakland-Based Firm To Send Them; See Details
    LB Now Has Its First Measles Case Since 2015; See Locations Where Contagious Person Was
    First (Again) on LBREPORT.com: Mayor Garcia Holds Invitation-Only "Reception" For State Senator Umberg Who Took Office Five Months Ago And Voted "Yes" On SB 50 (Sac'to Override Of Local Control On Aspects Of Single Family Home Zoning) In April Committee Hearing; What, If Anything, Did Garcia Tell Sen. Umberg As SB 50 Advances Now?
    Among invited electeds and Mayoral appointees was LB Councilwoman Lena Gonzalez, now in runoff for a state Senate seat
    Councilwoman Price Signals Her Opposition To SB 50, Will Urge Council To Oppose Sac'to Local Zoning Preemptive Bill In May 7 Scheduled Vote
    Detailed Coverage / Follow-Up: UPDATE: SB 50 Amendments Prompt This Analysis/Commentary By Former L.A. City Planner Dick Platkin Published By Citywatch L.A.
    Argument @ Orizaba Park Leads To Stabbing, 16th St./Obispo
    Follow the Money In LB Area State Senate Runoff Between March 10 And April 20
  • Gonzalez Campaign Collected $250k In Contribs From Organized Labor, Corporate Interests And Party Partisans, Has $152,000+ Cash Entering Runoff
  • Guerrero Campaign Received Just Under $3k Cash, All From Individuals (Largest Contrib $500), Has $1,200+ After He Loaned His Campaign $10,000 To Pay County To Print His Candidate Statement In Voter Pamphlet
    Sac'to Ass'y Committees Advance Two Bills That Would Mean Big Changes In Landlord/Tenant Relationships: Capping Maximum Annual Rent Increase And Requiring "Just Cause" For Evictions
    LB Councilwoman Gonzalez, now seeking state Senate seat, could cast votes on both if elected in just weeks
    Domestic Dispute Between Two Men Leads To Shooting, Willow/Studebaker (Area El Dorado Park)
  • Perspective / Viewpoints

    Editorial: Tuesday May 14 Will Show If Your Councilmember Will Defend, Preserve And Protect Your Rights To Speak/Be Heard At Council Meetings...Or Move To Reduce/Erase Them

    Perspective: Will LB Council Vote Nixing No-Kill Animal Shelter And Dissing Its Advocates Sway Votes In Current And Coming LB Elections?
    Council's May 7 Choice: Approve Verbally Fogged Animal Shelter Killing Policies Or Allow Overdue Agendized Discussion Of No-Kill Shelter Policies
    Editorial: LB Animal Shelter Advocacy: An Appreciation And Caution To Ignore Promises, Judge Actions, Keep Pressure On And Practice "Trust But Verify"
    Publisher's Perspective: Competitor Declines LBREPORT.com's Offer To Co-Host State Senate Candidate Debate
    City Hall Is Concealing Its Animal Shelter Report So Public (And Press) Can't Study It Before "Study Session"; Here's What To Do About It
    Opinion: Long Beach Suddenly Lurches Toward Rent Control
    by Ian Patton *
    * Mr. Patton is a political consultant with Cal Heights Consultancy, owner of a small, family-run rental property, and volunteer executive director of the Long Beach Reform Coalition (a local government accountability network, which has not taken a position on rent control or other housing issues, but includes member organizations which may have positions on those issues.)

    Perspectives / Opinions: Veteran LB Journalist/Q Voice News Founder/Publisher Phillip Zonkel Opines State Senate Candidate Lena Gonzalez Has Shown "Poor Leadership On LGBTQ Issues"; Gonzalez Supporter Cory Allen Responds
    Opinion: Unwisely Trying To Cover A Camera Lens Then, But Actually Worse Now Because...

    Screen save from LBREPORT.com video following 1st Council district FY17 Community Budget meeting, Aug. 25, 2016
    Opinion: State Candidate Gonzalez's Silence On Our Straightforward Newsworthy Questions (Re Bills To Tax Big Oil, Override Local Zoning To Incentivize Low Income Housing, And Former Sen. Lara's Record) Has Become Independently Newsworthy; Since She Hasn't Answered For Over Ten Days, We Went To A "Meet Lena" Event, And...
    Statement by the Publisher: Pitching the Angels
    Editorial: Council's Public Safety Committee Will Meet Tuesday, Hasn't Agendized These Issues But Should
    LB Serf Report: A "Deal" For Community Hospital?
    Editorial: At Council Meetings, LB Councilmembers And Mayor Shrug This LB Law That Applies To Them
    Editorial: Shrugging Public Safety Reality, Leadership of LB Police Union Endorses Councilwoman Gonzales For State Senate
    Editorial: Homeless Shelter Costs For Grownups: Will LB Councilmembers Pursue Pesky Questions And Demand Meaningful Answers To Taxpayer Issues Re 24-Hour Homeless Facility?

    LBREPORT.com photo

    Perspective: State Senate Committee Enacts New Rule For Its Meetings, Won't Use Pronouns "He" Or "She," Specifies Gender-Neutral "They"; What's Next? Will LB-Area State Senate Candidates Propose This For Their Council Meetings?
    Amnesia File / Perspective: Mayor Garcia Said Long Beach Has "Fiscally Responsible Gov't"...So Why Don't LB Taxpayers Have 186 Citywide Deployable Cops LB Previously Had? Amnesia File: See What Taxpayers Had As Mayor Foster Presented His First Recommended Budget (FY07)
    Skepticism Warranted Over Some Of LBPD's Upcoming 2018 Crime Stats, Because...
    Opinion: Long Beach's 2018 "Outrage of the Year" And Its Impacts For 2019 And Beyond

    Editorial: Shots Fired (Again) In Long Beach Neighborhood Left These Bullet Casings Found By Resident; Gunfire-Location Technology Could Have Told Cops Shooting Site In Seconds To Help Nab Shooters Like This, But Long Beach Politicians Evade It, Because...

    Editorial: Should City Council Adopt These Just-Released Taxpayer-Costly, Neighborhood-Impacting Homeless / Low Income Housing Policies Without Asking What Public Thinks? See What Mayor-Picked "Task Force" Wants Council To Adopt
    Editorial: How Much, If Anything, Should LB Taxpayers Pay So A Private Entity Can Run A Smaller Version Of Community Hospital For Profit On Seismically-Challenged City Land? Public Deserves Overdue Discussion Of Taboo Taxpayer Topic With Overdue Reforms In Mayor/Council Contract Approval Process
    Perspective: "Animal Care Visioning Task Force" -- With No-Kill Leaders Muzzled From Membership By Mayor -- Let City Mgm't Run Its Latest Meeting, Offer Information Without Meaningful Challenge, Conduct Proceedings Nearly Inaudible By Audience And Let Public Speak Only After Discussion Of All Agendized Items Was Over

    Perspective: By The Numbers: Councilmembers Gonzalez & Andrews (And Former-Councilman/Now-Mayor Garcia) On Police Officers For LB Taxpayers

    Friends of LB Animals
    Adoptable pets and more:

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  • Council District Map
  • Email Your Councilmember
  • How To Recall a LB Elected Official

  • RecentlyWeeks AgoPast Few Months
    Recent Pacific Ave. "Beach Streets" (Open Street) Event Cost Quarter Million Dollars: $200k From Metro + $50K From LB City Hall's "Special Advertising & Promotion Fund" (Same Source Used For $1 Million New City Hall "Media Wall")
    Councilmembers Austin & Mungo Agendize May 7 Council Item To Oppose SB 50
    Feds Foil Alleged Mass Casualty Attack Planned For Long Beach Bluff Park Political Rally; Arrest/Charge SFV Man, US Army Veteran (Afghanistan)
    Enjoy Free Saturday Morning (May 4, 8 a.m.) Nature Walk Thru Los Cerritos Wetlands; This Month It's A "Raptor Ramble" (Details Here)
    Man Driving Thru NLB Neighborhood (55th/Orange) Hears Something Hit His Vehicle's Roof; It's Gunfire
    Monday Noon Is Deadline For Single Councilmember To Agendize SB 50 For May 7 Council Action (Support/Oppose/Oppose Unless Amended As Specified)
    In Oct. 2018, Council's "State Legislation Committee" (Austin, Gonzalez, Richardson) sent Council local control policy that Council approved in Nov. 2018 but City hasn't cited to oppose SB 50
    Fourth Central LB Shooting Within 10 Days: Wounded Man Arrives At Hospital, Says He Was Shot Saturday Nite Near MLK/16th St.
    Police say he was uncooperative, can't find evidence of shooting at victim-specified location
    Details Of Updated Advancing Pro-Density Neighborhood-Impacting SB 50
    Councilwoman Mungo signals plans to bring SB 50 issue to Council; SE LB state Senator Umberg has already voted once for SB 50 in Committee; LB Mayor Garcia remains mum
    LBPD Opens Case Re Porch-Mail-Snatching Suspect After Suspect Is Spotted Back In Neighborhood, Detained And Released; Victim Didn't Say She Didn't Want Prosecution But Declined Initially To File Formal Report; Her Experience Sheds Light On LBPD Crime Stats That LB Pols Cite In Claiming Neighborhood Crimes Are "Down"
    Argument Heard, Gunfire Follows, Hits Residence & Unoccupied Vehicle, 1000 block Cerritos
    Subsequent development above Exclusive / With AUDIO: Long Beach Resident Whose Viral Video Showed Stranger On Her Doorstep Taking/Opening Her Mail, Spots Same Person Back In Her Neighborhood, Calls Police Who Respond, Detain...And Release Her
    Continuing Coverage: Senate Committee Advances SB 50, Measure With Sweeping Preemptive Powers Overriding Local Single-Family-Home Zoning Along Sac'to Specified Bus/Rail Routes And In "Jobs Rich" Neighborhoods
    LBREPORT.com Invited Statements From City Council's "State Legislation Committee" -- Austin, Gonzalez, Mungo -- And Supernaw Re Their Records On SB 50; One Of Them Responded
    Another LB "Ghost Shooting": Man Is Shot, He Says Area Atlantic/Artesia; Police Search But Can't Find Witnesses Or Evidence At That Location
    Perspective: Sac'to's SB 50 Could Override Local Zoning, Give Developers Incentive To Put Multi-Unit/Multi-Story Housing In Single Family Home Neighborhoods...And LB's Mayor/Councilmembers Are Quietly Letting It Happen
    Gunfire Inside North Alamitos Beach Residence, No Person(s) Struck
    LB's Mayor/Council Continue Mum On SB 50 (Would Override Locally-Decided Single Family Home Zoning To Allow Multi-Unit Housing Density Along Certain Bus/Transit Routes AND In Areas Considered "Jobs Rich") As It Approaches Second Sac'to Committee Hearing
    L.A.'s City Council recently voted to oppose it; see statewide map (zoomable to include LB) created by opposition groups
    Verbal Dispute Before Shots Fired At Parked Unoccupied Vehicle, MLK/19th St. (6th dist.)
    VIDEO / Perspective: No Crime? No Crime Stat? See Video Of What LB Resident Recently Encountered On Her Doorstep. How Many Others?
    Man Is Shot/Wounded Shortly Before Midnite, 800 block Alamitos
    Three-Judge 9th Circuit Fed'l Appeals Panel Upholds CA's "Sanctuary State" Law Against Trump Administration Challenge; Action May Send State vs. Fed'l Immigration Law Issue To U.S. Supreme Court
    Not A Debate (No Verbal Intercourse) But A Forum For State Senate Runoff Candidates Lena Gonzalez vs. Jack Guerrero: May 6, 7 p.m., Wrigley Ass'n/Veterans Park
    "No Kill" Term Taboo But City Mgm't Announces "Compassion Saves" Policies That Recite Similar Goals But (For Now) Without Implementing Details, No-Kill LB Advocates Cautiously Supportive But Wary
    AND Related Response:
    Opinion: "Compassion Saves" is Not No Kill; It's Less...And Less Than Long Beach Deserves
    by Patricia Turner, Ph.D.
    No Kill Long Beach

    Man Riding Bicycle Is Shot, Says It Happened Overnight On Anaheim St. Approaching Obispo Ave.
    LBPD learn of shooting hours after victim takes himself to hospital; it's second Zaferia area shooting within three weeks
    Councilman Uranga Responds To LBREPORT.com Re Access To Study Session Materials
    And we reply
    Propelled By Mayor/Council-Signaled Support, These Groups Will Meet To Organize Support Strategy For LB Debt-Bond Tax-Increase 2020 Ballot Measure (Affordable/Subsidized/Low Income Housing)
    Att'n LB Gunfire-Impacted Neighborhoods/Business Groups: This Firm Says It Has New Gunfire Location System That's Less Expensive, More Flexible And Gives Data Directly To You That Can Be Shared With LBPD
    Are You Willing To Test It? Would You Like Your Councilmember To Use His/Her Contributor-Funded "Officeholder Account" Or City Budgeted Sum To Test It In Your Neighborhood?
    City Mgm't Memo Mixes Fact With Unsubstantiated Estimate On "Needed" Homeless Beds And More
    In Depth: Sac'to ID's These State-Owned Property Parcels In LB For Possible Consideration As Sites For Affordable (Subsidized/Low Income) Housing; See Details
    Subsequent coverage / response above Mayor's Office And A Council Office Unhelpful -- Thus Far -- As Residents Seek Public Access To City Mgm't Report On Animal Shelter Prior To Publicly-Scheduled Council Study Session
    Gunfire b/w Del Amo & RR Tracks, East of LB Blvd., Strikes Vehicle And Residence, No Person(s) Hit
    Latest LB "Ghost Shooting": Overnight 1100 block E. 4th St. (Orange Ave. near Senior Center)
    Witness sees man fire handgun at passing vehicles; residents hear it; shooter vanishes...while LB Council fails to fund/deploy digital ShotSpotter
    LB Health Dept. Confirms Possible Measles Exposure In Long Beach From Someone Flying Out Of LB Airport At About Dawn Or Shortly Thereafter On March 30 And April 7
    Sac'to Bill, Strongly Opposed By LB's Police Officers Union, Would Limit Legally Allowed Circumstances For Justifiable Police Deadly Force; It Just Advanced In A Sac'to Committee; Where Are LB's Electeds (Including A State Senate Candidate) On This?
    See lists of supporters/opponents
    Flashback: Others now reporting what LBREPORT.com reported in February: Some Or All Of The Major U.S. Dem Presidential Candidates Will Likely Come To Long Beach Nov 15-17 Because...
    Follow-Up: With LB Mayor & Council Mum, L.A. County Health Dept. Urges SCAQMD To Order Phase Out Of MHF Used At LB-Adjacent Valero Wilmington Refinery (And Torrance ToRC Refinery), Warns Large-Scale Release, While A "Low Probability Event Would Have Potentially Catastrophic Impacts On Surrounding Communities"
    In Depth/Perspective: If You Call 9-1-1 In Long Beach And Report A Crime In Progress -- Even Some Felony Crimes In Progress -- You May Not Receive A "Priority One" Police Response; To What Extent Is That Due To Mayor/Council Budget Actions That Haven't Restored Over 180 Citywide Deployable Police Officers That LB Taxpayers Had And No Longer Have?
    AUDIO Follow-Up: Howard Jarvis Taxpayers Ass'n Says ACA 1 (Sac'to-Written Constitutional Amendment That Would Lower Voter Approval Level For Cities To Raise Taxes) Is "Attack On Prop 13," Group's Legislative Director Says LB Councilmembers Should Cast Public Vote Showing If They Support Or Oppose This
    In March, Mayor Garcia told Sac'to lawmakers City of LB supports ACA 1 without Council vote on whether to support it
    At 8:53 p.m. April 9, LB Airport recorded wind gusts of 45 mph, sustained winds of 36 mph. At 9:53 and 10:53 p.m., gusts continued at 41 mph with sustained winds from 25-29 mph. Palm fronds and some tree branches are flying, and some trees and wires are down in various parts of town.
    Under LB Airport's New "Use 'Em Or Lose 'Em" Rules," JetBlue Will Give Up 10 Flight Slots Which Will Go To Other Carriers; JetBlue Will Continue To Fly 24 Slots
    LB Councilwoman / State Senate Candidate Gonzalez, Facing Social Network Fire For $1.1+ Million Spent By Major Oil Companies In Independent Campaign To Elect Her To Sac'to, Seeks LB Council Vote Tonight To Support Bills To Phase Out Single-Use Plastics By 2030
    Remains mum on Sac'to legislation seeking CA oil severance tax
    Armed Robbery To 7-11 Studebaker @ Anaheim
    LB Rent Control Advocates ("Housing LB") Seek Immediate Moratorium On Evictions And Large Rent Increases Until Council Finalizes Forthcoming "Tenant Relocation Assistance Ordinance"
    Subsequent development above
    LB Airport Mgm't Says JetBlue Not On Pace To Meet Council-Approved "Use 'Em Or Lose 'Em" Flight Slot Rules (To Deter "Slot Squatting"), Asked Carrier For Its Plans To Do So; JetBlue Issued This Corporate Statement Without Specific Plans...And LB Airport Hasn't Told Us What JetBlue Has Or Hasn't Told Them
    Swift & Savvy LBPD Work Locates Stolen Doggie "Chewie," Reunites Him With His Owner, Arrests Two South Gate Women

    LBPD provided photo
    Sunday Night Gunfire Rousts Wrigley Residents, Alley In 2200 block Locust (6th dist.); Garage Hit, No Person Wounded
    George's 50's Diner Held A Car Show And These Cars And Their Owners Showed Up
    Photo Gallery by Tom Stout
    Special to LBREPORT.com

    Sic Transit: Martha Thuente: North Long Beach Civic Presence, Community Volunteer, Neighborhood Improvement Advocate

    Photo source: LB Neighborhood Resource Center Newsletter, Fall 2006
    Man Is Stabbed After Thurs. Night Fight, 5200 Block E. 2nd St./Belmont Shore
    Follow-Up: Long Beach Accountability Action Group Warned LB Officials -- Including Councilwoman Mungo And City Mgm't. -- Of Chronic And Worsening Transient Presence And Previous Fires In Or Near Area Of April 3 Nature Center Blaze; LBPD Indicates A 43-Yr Old Transient Is Arrested/Booked On Suspicion Of Alleged Arson
    In Depth / Perspective: SB 50, Sweeping Measure To Override Single Family Home Zoning Re Housing Density, Locations, Parking, Bldg Hts. Near Some Transit AND In Sac'to-Decided "Jobs Rich" Areas, Advances Alongside Similar But Less Sweeping SB 4; LB Mayor/Council Mum (Incl. State Senate Candidate Gonzalez)
    Recently elected SE LB area State Senator Tom Umberg (Dem) voted "yes" to advance both measures
    In Depth: Mayor Garcia Sent This Letter Telling State Lawmakers City Supports Sac'to-Written Constitutional Amendment -- That Howard Jarvis Taxpayers Ass'n Opposes As Attack on Prop 13 -- To Reduce 2/3 Voter-Approval Req't To 55% For Local Debt-Bonds And Special Taxes For "Affordable" Housing, Homeless Supportive Housing And Very Broadly-Defined "Public Infrastructure" Spending
    Wednesday, 5:00 p.m. hour:

    Quotes Of Note From Councilwoman (State Senate Candidate) Gonzalez And Mayor Garcia At Council Meeting Directing City Att'y To Draft LB "Tenant Relocation Ordinance"
    Council (6-3) Directs City Att'y To Draft "Tenant Relocation Ordinance" Incl. Trigger By Rent Increase Beyond City-Allowed Percentage With Tenant-Desired Exit Or Landlord Eviction Beyond City-Allowed Reasons
    Landlord would pay exiting tenant two months rent plus $2,000 payable to senior or disabled tenants (possibly from city funds, but if not, then landlord funds.)
    Subsequent development above
    Price, Richardson Signal Emerging Council Split On City Staff Proposed "Tenant Relocation Ordinance" Coming To Council April 2
    Subsequent development above
    Gathering Long Beach Political Storm Over City Staff Proposed "Tenant Relocation Assistance Ordinance" (April 2 Council Agenda Item)
  • Housing Long Beach: "We're having a hard time finding the protection parts" then later "Let's get this done. It's a start."
  • Mike Murchison (Small Property Owners Alliance) "This is a form of rent control whether described as this or not."
  • Robert Fox: "It IS rent control and "just cause eviction" by another name."

    Analysis / Perspective: By The Numbers: Long Beach Decided State Senate District Initial Election...So What Now?
    City Staff Memo To Council/Mayor Recommends AGAINST Using Administrative Enforcement To Deter/Punish Fireworks Scofflaws
    Escrow/Due Diligence Period Extended For Housing Development Firm's Possible Purchase Of 3320-3340 Los Coyotes Diagonal/3325 Palo Verde
    First (Again) on LBREPORT.com / With AUDIO: Vice Mayor Dee Andrews -- 6th Dist. Council Incumbent First Elected In 2007 -- Will Seek Re-Election To Fourth Four-Year Term In 2020; AUDIO: Hear Him Say What He Told His Officeholder Account Contributors
    Man Is Shot/Wounded, Area 7th St./Lime Ave., Not Believed Gang Related
    LB Transit Bus Clips Multiple Parked Cars, Area Pacific Ave./Anaheim St.; PD Takes Driver To Facility To Determine If He Was Impaired
    As Suspected, Oregon Ave. Couple Died In Murder/Suicide
    VIDEO: Ann Cantrell Is Honored By Assemblyman Patrick O'Donnell Among 2019 Women of Distinction

    Photo Gallery: Famed Clydesdales Bring Bud Brewskies To Belmont Shore, Up-Close Views As Exquisite Equines Prepped In Shoreline Lot For Second Street Appearance
    Photo Gallery by Tom Stout
    Special to LBREPORT.com

    UPDATE: Includes 2nd St. VIDEO clips by Ben Goldberg and Justin Rudd

    Follow the Money: One Day After Initial State Senate Election: Oil/Gas Industry Funded PAC That Spent $1.1 Mil To Support Gonzalez Swiftly Spent Thousands More For Consulting, Expenses & Digital Media; On Election Day And Day Before, Alan Lowenthal's Congressional Committee, L.A. County Firefighters And Others Gave Gonzalez Campaign Thousands
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