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New: Additional Instances Found Of Critical Comments Allegedly "Hidden" From Mayor's Facebook Pages, Says Non-Profit Group Seeking D.A. Seeking Investigation Into Whether Garcia Tried To Put Unconstitutional (First Amendment) Restrictions On Public Comments Critical Of His Policies
Amnesia File: April 2017: Mayor Blocked LB Resident Who Used "@LBMayorsOffice" Twitter Feed To Urge Him To Veto Council Ordinance That Would Let Him And Councilmembers Use Their Contributor-Funded "Officeholder Accounts" To Give Money To Candidates For Other Political Offices; He Unblocked Her...And Didn't Veto The Ordinance
Later Today/Tuesday Aug. 14: Councilmembers Price, Supernaw and Austin Agendize Hot-Button Homeless/Transient/Vagrant Beach Issues Affecting Public Safety/Public Health
  • Seek Mgm't Report On How Better To Address/Enforce Beach Violations And Impacts On Beaches & Residents AND Include Possible Ordinance Changes To Improve Enforceability Of Violations Of Beach Hours, Added Methods To Prevent Alcohol/Drug Use On Beaches And Minimize Trash, Human Waste And Large Scale Beach Littering
    New: Man Shot To Death, Six Blocks North of Civic Center (1st dist.)
    New / In Depth: 4 a.m. Bar/Alcohol Serving Bill -- With LB Included As A Result Of Action By Mayor Garcia -- Nears Final Votes Backed By LB Downtown Interests And LB Chamber; L.A. Councilman Koretz Holds News Conf. With Multiple Groups In Opposition; LB Councilmembers (Except Price) Hide; Ass'yman O'Donnell Opposes; State Sen. Lara (Ins. Comm'r Candidate) Is Among Bill's Co-Authors

  • MORE News

    New / With VIDEO: With Sept. Purchase Decision Looming On LCD Parcel, Olson Co. VP Hears All-No's And No-Yes's From ELB Residents Opposed To Changing Parcel's Comm'l Zoning To Residential For Possibly Dense Housing Development
    Residents cite LUE battle, impacts of new Sac'to legislation; company's next move and decision uncertain

    ELB Shooting, Multiple Shots Fired, Redondo/14th; Woman Is Wounded And Vehicle Damaged
    Coastal Comm'n OK's Up To 120 Slant Drilled Oil Wells On PCH "Pumpkin Patch" & LCWA Five Acre Parcel (NE Corner Studebaker/2nd St.), Opponents Call It Risky Oil Drilling Expansion; Next Step Is Future Commission Vote On Related Plan To Restore Natural Beauty To 150+ Acres Of Eyesore Oilfield Wetlands and Enable Public Ownership/Access; One Comm'r Voices Concern Over Proposed 40 Yr Timeline
    In Depth / Perspective: After Multi-Million Dollar Monsanto Jury Verdict, Will LB's Mayor Or Any Councilmember(s) Agendize Discussion Or Action re Alternatives To Spraying "Round-Up" Weedkiller In LB Parks?
    Subsequent development above
    Mayor Garcia Allegedly Hid Critical Comments On His Facebook Pages Says Non-Profit (That Urges No-Kill Animal Shelter Practices) In Complaint Letter Citing Alleged Examples, Seeks L.A. County District Attorney Investigation Into Whether Garcia Tried To Put Unconstitutional (First Amendment) Restrictions On Public Comments Critical Of His Policies
    See VIDEO With LASD Blow-By-Blow Description And Updated Release Of What Happened Inside LASD Station (Clark north of Del Amo) When Suspect (Man) Overpowered/Punched Civilian Employee (Woman) Taking His Fingerprints; Struggle And Quick Standoff Follow Before Deputies Shoot Suspect (Who Survives)
    Parks/Rec Comm'n OK's 10 Yr Contract With New El Dorado Park Kiddie-Train Operator, An LLC Promising To Create "El Dorado Frontier" With These Add'l Attractions (Free Or Fee Decided by the LLC) With Fees Payable To City Waived For First Five Years

    Source: Parks & Rec Comm'n agenda item
    Gunfire Flies At Midevening, 2000 block E. Spring St. (5th/7th Dist. border with Signal Hill), Shots Reportedly Fired From A Vehicle, No Person Hit But Another Vehicle Damaged
    Urban Commons (City Hall's Queen Mary Land Development Lessee/Ship Operator) Hosted A Dinner Event Tonight (Aug. 9) For Mayor Garcia. So...Who Attended? What Was Discussed?
    Public Blasts As Self-Serving And Costly, Council Votes 9-0 For, Special November Election On Mayor-Sought Changes To Let Mayor/Council Avoid Term Limits For Three Terms Instead Of Two, End Voter Write-In Choices
  • Other measures incl. Mayor/Auditor filtered "Ethics Comm'n", Ethics Comm'n-filtered Redistricting Comm'n, City Auditor tweaks
  • No public speakers support Term Limit changes, except Firefighters union rep and City Auditor Doud who both support all of them
    Council Votes 9-0 To Put Petition-Signature Initiated/Union Backed Hotel Workers Measure ("Claudia's Law" Re Sexual Assaults/Harassment/Mgn't Retaliation/Workload Limits) On Nov. 2018 Ballot
    Unanimous vote belies political fallout from a bitter 5-4 Council vote refusing to enact the measure last year
    VIDEO: LBPD Seeks Your Help In Locating This Suspect Vehicle (See Surveillance Video & Pix) And Its Owner In Connection With Cal Hts Fatal Stabbing (Wardlow/Orange)

    Source: LBPD released images

    Man Is Fatally Shot, Andy St. in NLB
    Follow-Up Mayor Garcia Revises Fiscal Impact Statement Re His Charter Amendments, It Now States...
    Citizens About Responsible Planning (CARP) Opposes Placement Of Mayor-Sought Charter Amendments on Special November Citywide Ballot, Because...
    New Grassroots Group -- "People Of Long Beach" (POLB) -- Forms In Response To Mayor Garcia's Stance On Term Limits, And Rapidly Expands Beyond
    Gathering Storm Over Mayor-Sought Changes To City Charter (LB's Constitution): Multiple Grassroots Advocates Plus Retired Councilmembers Gabelich And Schipske Voice Opposition; Cambodian Community Members Support Redistricting Measure, LB Firefighters Ass'n (Major Funder Of Campaigns For City Hall-Desired Tax Hike And Utility Revenue Diversion) Swiftly Voiced Support For All Five Measures
    Alleged Killer of LBFD Capt. Rosa Dies, Succumbed To Pre-Existing Illness At USC Med. Ctr Jail Ward
    Gunfire In Willmore City Neighborhood Damages Vehicle, 1000 block Del Rey Court, Less Than A Mile Due North of Civic Center
    Man Is Found Deceased (Apparently Natural Causes) On Couch On Sidewalk In Area Of Anaheim St./Cedar Ave.Subsequent coverage above:
    Mayor Garcia Signs And Submits Five False Fiscal Impact Statements Concealing Special Election Taxpayer Costs For His Charter Amendments: It's $470,00-$650,000, And...

    Overnight 2.7 Mag Quake, Epicenter Roughly 1.8 Miles SSW of Signal Hill

    Image source: USGS
    Redistricting Comm'n Advocates Tell Cambodian Community Unjust District Lines Diluted Their Voting Voice; Say Proposed Charter Amendment Could Correct Historic Injustice; New Grassroots Group "People Of Long Beach" (POLB) Cautions Charter Amendment's Text Quietly Allows Mayor/Council Tilt

    Mayor Garcia Moves To Revise Revision To City Charter He Sought And Council Advanced (9-0) Re City Auditor's Right To Access City Docs; See His New Proposed Text; Auditor Doud Signals Her Support For Mayor's Revised Revision
    Perspective / Amnesia File: The Lobbyist: Retired LBPD Lt. Steve James -- Former President of LB Police Officers Ass'n (Union) -- Joins Major Lobbying Firm; Read Firm's Press Release...And Our "Amnesia File"
    Subsequent development above
    Mayor Garcia Concealed, Then Sought And Got Council Approval For Now-Visible City Charter Change That Would Reduce City Auditor's Current Right To Access City Documents
    With VIDEO: City Mgr. Proposed FY19 Budget Would Allocate Two Add'l Quality of Life/Homeless Tasked Police Officers Plus Two More + Possible Detective "Pending" Metro Approval Along Metro Blue Line; Mayor Recommends Also Restoring Six Bike Patrol Officers And Restoring Engine 17, Asks City Mgr "To Identify New Revenue"; See Add'l Details

  • Perspective / Viewpoints

    Perspective / Opinion: Long Beach Charter Amendment Hearings Shrugged This State Law Enacted After City of Bell Scandal

    Council & I Didn't Raise Taxes, You Did
    Based on statement by Long Beach Mayor Robert Garcia at Long Beach City Council meeting, July 24, 2018

    Editorial: Yes: On Price-Supernaw-Austin-Pearce Agenda Item Seeking Feasibility Of Administrative Citations To Deter Fireworks Scofflaws
    Editorial: Are LB Taxpayers Better Off Now Than Four Years Ago?
    Editorial: We Say These Decisions By Two LB Mayors, And Past And Present Councilmembers Endorsed By The LB Police Officers Ass'n PAC, Made The Tragic, Fatal Officer-Involved Shooting of CSULB-Bound Feras Morad More Likely
    "Amnesia File" / Opinion: How LB Residents Lost Their Right To Agendize Items For Council Discussion/Action...And Why Restoring That Right Should Be Priority Reform Now
    Ediorial: Mayor Orchestrated Commission Photo Op Offers More Important Agenda Opportunity
    Perspective: Hypodermic Syringe On LB Beach Stabs A Jr. Lifeguard...And It Shouldn't Take A Public Records Act Request To Find Out What Really Happened
    Editorial: The Community Hospital Deal...For Grown-Ups
    Statement by the Publisher / Opinion: More Than Ever
    Op-Ed: Things They Need to Tell Us Before They Lease Community Hospital
    By Gerrie Schipske *
    * Ms. Schipske, an attorney, served two terms as LB's 5th dist. Councilwoman (2006-2014) and is the author of Historical Hospitals of Long Beach

    Editorial: Mayor Garcia's Anti-Reform Charter Amendments
    Perspective: Councilwoman Price Says She Opposes Sac'to Bill That Could Let LB Council Allow 4 a.m. Bar Closings In Parts of LB...But Here's What She Didn't Say And Hasn't Done
    Editorial: Apply This CA Jury Instruction To Mayor/Councilmembers Who Claim Blank Check Measure M Isn't A Tax
    Editorial: "Alternative Facts" In Long Beach
    Perspective: Did Mayor And Your Councilmember Tell You Measure M Isn't A Tax? Compare Exactly What Council Voted To Approve When It Put Measure M On Ballot
    Using Cops As Props

    Perspective: Long Beach, According to the New York Times
    Perspective / Opinion: Some Major Matters Missing In Mayor's "Homeless Initiative"
    Perspective: Will Mayor Garcia Commit To Serving Full Four Year Term LB Voters Just Gave Him Without Jumping Ship For State Senate Seat In November Or Congress In Two Years? We Asked, And...
    Thoughts on Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., A Half Century Gone
    by Joe Segura (retired Long Beach journalist)
    by Bill Pearl ( publisher)
    Perspective / Opinion: LBCC Candidate Ntuk's Mindless Mailer Invites 2016 Party-Over-Principle Politics For Non-Partisan LBCC Board
    Editorial: Urges This March 6 LUE Motion: Prudent, Neighborhood Protective, Data Driven And Responsible
    Perspective / Opinion: How Some LB Dems Shoved Independent-Minded Dem Schipske Out of State Senate Race
    Editorial: I-710 Travesty
    Perspective / Opinion: Guess Who's Trying To Derail Gerrie Schipske's State Senate Bid
    Perspective: Mayor Garcia Didn't Preside At Council Meeting (One Of His Charter Duties) To Attend L.A. County Democratic Party Event; His Former Online Calendar Has Apparently Vanished And We'd Like To Know If He Took Metro To The Event
    Perspective Via Former L.A. City Planner Platkin Collapses Rationales For "Transit Rich" Density-Dictating SB 827
    It's titled: "The More You Stir it, the More It Stinks: New Planning Legislation from Sacramento"
    Long Beach City Hall Using "Mushroom Treatment" (Again) To Delay Our Reporting This Taxpayer-Impacting Information To You
    Editorial: End LB's Transparency-Mocking Mushroom Treatment As Council's "I-710 Oversight Committee" (Austin, Uranga, Richardson) Prepares To Receive Publicly-Hidden Update And Select "Locally Preferred Alternative" To I-710 Expansion Project
    Point-Counterpoint / Opinion: We Question These Statements Mayor Garcia Submitted For Inclusion In Official Election Pamphlet, And He Says...

    Friends of LB Animals
    Adoptable pets and more:

    Reference links

  • Council District Map
  • How To Recall a LB Elected Official
  • Email Your Councilmember
  • Actively Following These Areas
    4 a.m. Bar Closing Bill (Includes LB + 6 Other CA Cities) Narrowly Advances In Ass'y Committee, Meets Stiff Opposition From Anti-Alcohol Abuse/Public Safety Groups
    State Senate Passes Land Use Impacting SB 828 With Amendments, Requires Cities To Identify 125% And Make Available For Residential Development 100% Of SCAG-Dictated Regional Housing Need, Sends Bill To Assembly
    Fireworks Enforcement By Administrative Citation? Councilwoman Price, Joined By Councilmembers Supernaw, Austin & Pearce (Finally) Agendize Issue For Council Discussion
    Action comes about a year after first suggested this
    In Depth/Perspective: Despite "Warzone" Level Fireworks Last Year, To Date City of Long Beach Hasn't Aggressively/Systematically Applied This Measure That Other Cities Use Against Fireworks Scofflaws
    Amnesia File: reported on it nearly a year ago
    Garcia Proposed Charter Amendments
    Analysis / Perspective: Procedural Irregularities, Substantive Omissions And Emerging Non-Public Process Mark First Hearing On Mayor-Proposed Nov. 2018 Special Election Charter Amendments
    Editorial: Mayor Garcia's Anti-Reform Charter Amendments
    Mayor Garcia's 12-Year "Term Limit" Proposal Tilted Toward Incumbents (That He Labels "Strengthening" Term Limits) Similar To Proposal Rejected By Over 2/3 Of LB Voters; See 2007 Ballot Arguments Pro/Con
    Mayor Garcia Proposes Mayor-Chosen, Council-Approved Advisory-Only "Redistricting Comm'n," Could Allow Council To Continue District Gerrymandering
    Land Use / Density
    Public Views & Comments On City's Emerging Draft Plan For Cherry Ave. Corridor -- From Spring St. to Carson St. -- Including Former C-17 Plant; A City-Hired Architect Mentions Possibility Of Hotel at Wardlow/Cherry
    RecentlyWeeks AgoPast Few Months
    Two Bomb Squad Call-Outs Within Hours To Nearby ELB/Lakewood Locations

    Photo by Charlie McGrail
    Following 5-3 Council Voted Direction In March, Mgm't Recommends Funding LB Immigration/Deportation Legal Defense Fund Using $100k In Current Budget Savings Plus $150k From Proposed FY19 Budget
    Follow-Up: Woman To Be Booked On Multiple Charges After ELB High Speed Pursuit Is 24 Yr Old Culver City Resident...And Has Had Previous Encounters With Area Police Agencies/Judicial System
    Follow-Up: Driver Dies After Horrific Studebaker Rd. Crash
    Includes VIDEO Coverage: A Week After Fred Taft's Murder In ELB's Pan Am Park:

  • PD Says No Suspect Identified, It's Investigating/Reluctant To Confirm/Deny Bias/Hate Crime For Now Until It Has More Evidence;
  • First PD Unit Dispatched From Distant Broadway/Cherry But Nearer Unit Intercepted The Call, Time From Dispatch To First Unit Arrival Was Approx Five Mins;
  • Multiple Residents Cite Lack of Visible Police Presence;
  • Councilwoman Acknowledges No Working Cameras In Park, Says Mayor's New Budget Will Propose More Cameras (No Specifics), Doesn't Indicate If She'll Move To Restore Police Officers Beyond Current Level
  • Separate Grassroots Memorial Ceremony/Rally Strikes Unifying Tone; Neighbor Sets Up Go-Fund Me Page For Family
    ELB High Speed Pursuit After PD Responds To Stolen Vehicle Call, Suspect Allegedly Puts It Into Reverse Toward Approaching Officer, Hitting His Police Car; Chase Ends On Wardlow West of Woodruff With Roll-Over Crash @ Marshall Middle School

    New / Perspective: A LB Tax Hike For More LB "Affordable" (Low Income/Subsidized) Housing & Homeless Programs? Mayor & Several Councilmembers Signal Their Support, Just Not Immediately
    FPPC Enforcement Division Will Investigate Allegations By Taxpayers/Measure M Opponents Schipske/Stout/Lejins/Weinstein That (1) City of Long Beach "Informational" Material Amounted To Campaigning For Measure M; And (2) A Related Measure M Allegation Re Content By Councilwoman Price...But Finds "Insufficient Evidence" Re Mayor Garcia and Councilmembers Andrews and Richardson
    Enforcement Division says it hasn't made any determination about the validity of the allegations or about the culpability, if any, of any of the person(s) identified in the taxpayers' complaint
    Follow-Up: Pan Am, Park Fatal Shooting: LBPD Timeline Of First Calls Received, First Officers Dispatched, First Suspect Description(s) Radio'ed To Field Units And First Units Arrival
    Follow-Up: Did LBPD Receive Any Calls For Service Or Complaints From Public Earlier In The Day Of Pan Am Park Murder Re A Group Gathering/Event In The Park? LBPD Says No Reports Earlier That Day
    Extended VIDEO Coverage Coming
    Community Meeting Scheduled Re Fatal Shooting In Pan American Park: Sat. July 28, 9 a.m., Lakewood Village Community Church; Separate Memorial Service For Murder Victim Fred Taft Planned For 10:30 a.m. Same Morning In Pan Am Park
  • L.A. Superior Court Judge Rules City Council Majority Met Legal Standards In Approving $100+ Million "Belmont Beach & Aquatics Center"; City Staff Will Now Advance Project To Coastal Comm'n.

    As seen LIVE, Council voted 8-0 to advance this item. Fireworks Enforcement By Administrative Citation? Councilwoman Price, Joined By Councilmembers Supernaw, Austin & Pearce (Finally) Agendize Issue For Council Discussion
    Action comes about a year after first suggested this
    As seen LIVE, Council voted 9-0 to advance this item without scheduling it for Nov. 2018 ballot. Subsequent coverage above: Richardson-Gonzalez-Andrews-Austin Want City Mgm't Options For "Local Revenue Measure" -- And Mention Possible Debt Bond -- To Address "Affordable Housing" / "Homelessness"
    Agenda item attaches letter signed by housing developers, establishment figures, advocacy groups
    With VIDEO: Olson Co., Developer Of "For-Sale, In-Town Housing," Holds Community Meeting, Explains Its Purchase/Sale Agreement (In Escrow/Due Diligence Phase) For LBCC Property @ 3320-3340 Los Coyotes Diagonal & 3325 Palo Verde
  • Doesn't Own Property Yet And Doesn't Have Site Plan But Envisions Some Type(s) Of For-Sale Market-Rate Housing; Hasn't Discussed Plans Yet With City Staff Or Councilmember Mungo But Plans To Do So Shortly, Sought To Hear Concerns From Residents First...Who Consistently Cite Density, Traffic, Parking, Infrastructure
    Perspective: "Warzone" CA-Contraband Fireworks (Again) Impact Wrigley, Parts of NLB And Central LB, Sporadic In Parts Of ELB...After Long Beach Mayor/Council Fail To Pursue "Administrative Enforcement" -- Procedure Not Requiring Police But Carrying Hefty Fines -- That Other Cities Use To Deter Fireworks Scofflaws
    Amnesia File: reported on it nearly a year ago
    Friday's (July 6) 109 Degrees At LB Airport Smashed Previous LB Records For This Day AND This Month; Compare Other Cities' High Temps
    Temp Hits 109 Degrees At LGB Friday And Remains b/w 108-109 For Over Three Hours; UPDATE: Forecast Says Saturday Highs From 90 (90802) to 99 (90808), Sunday 82 (90802) to 94 (90808)
    Man Hit By Gunfire While Riding Along L.A. River Bikepath (Near Del Amo Blvd.)
    LBPD Civilian Employee Is Arrested On Suspicion Of Recording People Without Their Knowledge In A Restroom
    Upstart Group Signs "Declaration of Independence" In Philadelphia, Asserts Right To Self-Rule No Longer Accountable To Royal Authority, Cites "History of Repeated Injuries and Usurpations"
    See full text

    Special Event Coverage: Thousands Attend Intensely Personal Memorial Ceremony For LBFD Capt. Dave Rosa

    Photo by Diana Lejins
    Special Event Coverage:
    Special Event Coverage: Text Of Essay -- "America At Half Staff" -- Read During Memorial Ceremony For Capt. Rosa
    Special Event Coverage / VIDEO: Co-Workers, Friends, Family Share Remembrances Of LBFD Capt. Dave Rosa
  • Subsequent development above In Depth/Perspective: Despite "Warzone" Level Fireworks Last Year, To Date City of Long Beach Hasn't Aggressively/Systematically Applied This Measure That Other Cities Use Against Fireworks Scofflaws
    LBPD Confirms Pan Am Park Murder Suspect Is White Man In His '50s But Says Detectives Haven't Found Evidence of Hate Crime Although Evidence Is Still Being Collected And Analyzed
    Family, Friends Gather At Pan Am Park Murder Scene, Fondly Recall Fred Taft

    Bixby Park Area Attack: Man Allegedly Threatening Bystanders, Vandalizing Cars Allegedly Wounds Man With Metal Object; Victim Is Taken To Hospital; Suspect Is Arrested
    Flashback: On Memorial Day 2010,Two People Were Shot/Wounded At An Annual Event In Pan Am Park
  • asks LBPD (response pending) if it knows of any relationship between 2010 and 2018 events
  • June 2010: Then-LBPD Chief McDonnell and then-Councilwoman Schipske held public meeting; see/hear archival coverage
  • July 2018: LB Parks/Rec tells us it has no record of permit issued to any person(s)/entity for July 21 Pan Am Park event
    Coroner Identifies Man Murdered At Pan Am Park As A LB Resident
    Man Is Shot To Death At Afternoon Group Event At Pan Am Park (Old Lakewood Village, 5th dist.)
    Horrific Crash, Studebaker Rd. South of Atherton, Shears Vehicle Into Pieces

    Photo by Charlie McGrail.
    Man Is Shot In Noon-Hour Friday, 300 block W. PCH/Area Cedar
    Mayor-Sought Changes In City Charter Panned, Praised:
  • Former Council Candidate Rich Dines Testifies In Opposition To Mayor-Proposed City Charter Change That Would Let Incumbents Avoid Term Limits For Three Terms And Create Mayor-Picked/Council Approved "Ethics Comm'n"
  • LB Taxpayers Ass'n Calls Measures Self-Serving, Not Public Serving
  • Cambodian Community Members Praise Changes To Redistricting Comm'n Draft Text Made After Non-Public Meetings/Communications With Mayor And Council Staffers, That Now Propose Independent Body With Power To Re-Draw Council District Lines, Saying It Would Enable Their Community's Civic Participation
    L.A. County Bd. of Supervisors Puts Parcel Property Tax On Nov. 2018 Ballot, Residential & Comm'l Property Owners Would Pay To Clean Up/Capture Storm Water Runoff; Online Tool Shows How Much You'd Pay If 2/3 Of Voters Approve It
    Council Chooses Dee Andrews As Its Vice Mayor For Next Two Years; 11-Year Council Vet, Now In Final Two Years Of His Term-Limited Third Term, Had Been Passed Over In Previous Years
    State Senator de Leon, Officially Endorsed Candidate of CA Democratic Party In Seeking To Replace Incumbent U.S. Senator Feinstein, Calls For Impeachment of President Donald Trump
    Mayor Garcia Schedules 3:30 p.m. July 17 Council Meeting -- When Many Are At Work -- On His Desired Charter Amendments, Will Accommodate 5:30 p.m. Terrace Theater Ceremonial (Fake) Swearing-In
    With On-Demand Audio: After Bruising LUE Battle, 5th Dist. Residents Wary, Seek Details Re Density, Height, Traffic, Parking As Housing Developer Olson Co. Mulls Whether To Complete Purchase Of LBCC-Owned Los Coyotes Diagonal Parcel
    Housing Would Require Council Approval To Change Parcel's Land Use/Zoning From Comm'l To Residential

    Taxpayers Schipske-Stout-Lejins-Weinstein File Sworn Complaint w/ Fair Political Practices Comm'n Alleging City of Long Beach Violated Political Reform Act With Materials Described As "Informational" That They Say Amounted To Campaigning For Measure M
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