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Continually updated Confirmed LB shootings (fatal + non-fatal + no-hit) On July 31, 2018 Mayor Garcia recommended a FY19 budget that restored 5 add'l net citywide deployable officers, leaving 186 such officers unrestored. On Sept. 4, 2018 Council approved this 9-0. Thin Blue Line: To view LB's per capita police level for taxpayers compared to Los Angeles and Signal Hill, click here
Elective districtIncumbent2019 Shootings2019 Homicides2018 Shootings
2018 Homicides
Mayor Garcia
Dist. 1
Most recent here
Dist. 6
[One 2018 crime scene = 2 deceased]
Dist. 8
Most recent here
[One 2018 crime scene = 2 deceased]
Dist. 9
[One 2018 shooting = 4 victims]
Dist. 2
Dist. 7
Dist. 4
Dist. 5
Dist. 5/7 (border)
Dist. 8/9 (border)
Dist. 2/3 (border)
Dist 1/6 (border)
No crime scene located
Dist 1
No crime scene located

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    New / Amnesia File / Perspective: Mayor Garcia Said Long Beach Has "Fiscally Responsible Gov't"...So Why Don't LB Taxpayers Have 186 Citywide Deployable Cops LB Previously Had? Amnesia File: See What Taxpayers Had As Mayor Foster Presented His First Recommended Budget (FY07)

    New: Man Is Shot/Wounded In Midnight Hour 900 block Cedar, It's Second Shooting Within Two Days In 1st Council dist. (Gonzalez)
    New: Retired LBPD Sergeant Takes His Own Life
    New / Perspective: In "State of the City," Mayor Garcia Says City of LB Has "Fiscally Responsible Government" And...
    New: Advocates Urging No Kill Animal Shelter Policies Hold Well-Organized Visible/Audible And Digitally Distributed Demonstration -- In The Rain -- Outside Mayor Garcia's "State of the City" Speech
    UPDATE: Location ID'd: LBPD Detectives Now Believe Woman Was Fatally Shot In 5400 Block of Paramount Blvd. (8th dist.)
    New: Man Is Shot/Wounded In Midnight Hour, 900 block MLK (1st dist.)
    New: Long Beach Councilman Rex Richardson Seeks Council Voted Approval On Jan. 22 To Recognize Third Tuesday In January Each Year As "National Day Of Racial Healing"
    New / Perspective: July 2018: Mayor/City Mgr. Seek Tighter Control Over Discussion/Votes On "Unapproved" Topics By City Hall "Advisory Comm'ns" And Council Defers Public Action; Jan. 2019: Mayor/City Mgr Quietly Create "Working Group" Of Mayor-Picked Comm'nrs (Who?) To Review (When? Where?) Possible Changes (What?) To Advisory Bodies, Plus Possible Increased Compensation For Some Advisory Body Appointees

    MORE News

    New / Point-Counterpoint: City of Long Beach Cites These Figures On Its Animal Shelter Euthanasias/Adoptions; No Kill LB Cites These Figures Obtained Under Public Records Act To Challenge City Narrative

    New: LBPD Update On Traffic Accident That Took Life Of 36 Yr Old Long Beach Journalist
    New: Large Turnout, Close Votes Net "Blue Revolution"/Progressive Dems (Favoring Leftish Policy Shifts) At Least 10 Of 14 Delegate Slots To CA Dem Party Convention; One Tie-Vote Prompts Coin Toss, Reversed Result On Recount And Decision To Send All Ballots To Sac'to CA Dem HQ For Final Recount
    LB Cambodian-American Community Flexes Its Political Muscle Electing Dem Party Establishment-Backed Delegate

    Crime Stats for Grownups

    New / Analysis: These Long Beach Areas Had The Highest Numbers Of 2018 Violent Crimes Against Persons (Murder+Rape+Robbery+Aggravated Assault)
    New / Analysis / Perspective: A Town Without Shootings? Long Beach Crime Stats Hide Shooting Numbers And Locations Despite "Recalculation" Of Aggravated Assaults
    New / Analysis / Perspective: See ELB/Lakewood Village Norse Way/Viking Way & Nearby Neighborhood Details; You Decide: Is Crime "Up" Or "Down?" Is That The Right Question?
    New / Analysis / Perspective: Initial Review: City Says Crime Stats Show Crime Is "Down," But Here's What It Doesn't Say But Should

    Statement by the Publisher: How Used CA Public Records Act To Prevent Immediate Destruction Up To Three Decades Of Long Beach History In These City Records
    Crime Stats: Councilwoman Mungo Just Told 5th Dist. Residents East Division Crime Is Down 8%; Is That True And What Does That Mean And Not Mean?
    Council Votes 7-0 (Austin Absent, Gonzalez Present Earlier But Absent On Vote) To Destroy Decades Of City Records; Public Records Act Request For Them Prevents Their Immediate Destruction
    Salient Transcript And AUDIO: Council Votes 7-0 (Austin Absent, Gonzalez Absent/Exiting Prior To Vote) To Approve Kitten Nursery With Contractual Gag Order On Negative Social Network Or Other Public Statements By Two Groups Paid To Run It
    Subsequent development above
    City Moves To Destroy Years Of Records (2012 and Older) From Financial Mgm't, Economic Dev'ment (Incl. Former Redevelopment Agency) And Council Offices For Districts 2, 4 & 5
    Item is scheduled for "consent calendar" approval at shortened, low visibility Council meeting
    Subsequent development above
    Former Councilwoman Schipske Asks City Attorney To Stop Destruction Of Her Former Council Office Records, Withdraw Item And Provide Index Of Items In Boxes
    Subsequent development above
    Perspective: Decades Of City Records Proposed For Destruction Are Priceless Treasure Trove Of Long Beach History
    Perspective / Viewpoints

    Opinion: Skepticism Warranted Over Some Of LBPD's Upcoming 2018 Crime Stats, Because...

    Opinion: Long Beach's 2018 "Outrage of the Year" And Its Impacts For 2019 And Beyond

    Editorial: Shots Fired (Again) In Long Beach Neighborhood Left These Bullet Casings Found By Resident; Gunfire-Location Technology Could Have Told Cops Shooting Site In Seconds To Help Nab Shooters Like This, But Long Beach Politicians Evade It, Because...

    Editorial: Should City Council Adopt These Just-Released Taxpayer-Costly, Neighborhood-Impacting Homeless / Low Income Housing Policies Without Asking What Public Thinks? See What Mayor-Picked "Task Force" Wants Council To Adopt
    Editorial: How Much, If Anything, Should LB Taxpayers Pay So A Private Entity Can Run A Smaller Version Of Community Hospital For Profit On Seismically-Challenged City Land? Public Deserves Overdue Discussion Of Taboo Taxpayer Topic With Overdue Reforms In Mayor/Council Contract Approval Process
    Perspective: "Animal Care Visioning Task Force" -- With No-Kill Leaders Muzzled From Membership By Mayor -- Let City Mgm't Run Its Latest Meeting, Offer Information Without Meaningful Challenge, Conduct Proceedings Nearly Inaudible By Audience And Let Public Speak Only After Discussion Of All Agendized Items Was Over

    Perspective: By The Numbers: Councilmembers Gonzalez & Andrews (And Former-Councilman/Now-Mayor Garcia) On Police Officers For LB Taxpayers

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    Councilwoman/State Senate Candidate Lena Gonzalez Won't Be In Long Beach For Jan 8 City Council Meeting; She'll Be In Sacramento Using Teleconference To City Hall...So Why Is She There And Not Here, And Who'll Pay For Her Food/Lodging/Travel?
    LBPD Says Driver Hit/Ran After Striking/Dragging 79-Yr Old Man Crossing South Street @ Paramount Blvd.
    Motorcylist Perishes After Colliding With SUV, Lakewood Blvd. north of Willow St.
    L.A. County bomb squad rendered safe suspected old explosive device; LBPD PIO says it was the reason for LBPD/LBFD presence on Carita St. just east of Clark Ave. photo
    Long Beach Councilman Austin Is IN State Senate Race, Enters With Endorsements Of LB Council Incumbents Andrews, Price And Supernaw; Voters In Roughly Half Of LB (And Beyond) Will Decide Between Austin, Fellow Dem Council Incumbent Gonzalez (Backed By Mayor Garcia, Councilman Richardson And Exited Incumbent Lara) Or Four S.E. L.A. County Electeds
    Sunday Afternoon South Wrigley Shooting, 2100 block Oregon Ave., Rounds Miss Hitting Victim
    Man Shoots At Group, Area 5th/Pine (Sun 1:50 a.m.) In Second DTLB "No Person Hit" Shooting Within Two Days
    Sat Night LB Downpour Triggers Flash Flood Warning; A Few Hours Earlier A Funnel Cloud Developed Off The Coast
  • Between 8:53 p.m. and 9:53 p.m., NWS monitor at LB Airport recorded 0.36" of rain. 0.30" fell between 9:33 p.m. and 9:48 p.m.
  • 9:40 p.m. Flash Flood Watch issued for "southern Los Angeles County in southwestern California until 12:45 AM PST.
    Earlier in the day, a funnel-cloud developed off the coast of LB traveling past southern L.A. County

    Source: NWSLosAngeles Twitter feed
    Uranga Drops Out Of State Senate Race, Endorses Gonzalez...Leaving Austin (With $14k Collected Since 2017) Only Other LB Incumbent In Race Besides Gonzalez
    Four other SE L.A. County electeds have also filed candidate fundraising paperwork
    Your LB Utility Bill For Gas Use Likely Spiked Up In December But Will Decline For January, Because...
    Fri. Noon-Hour Gunfire In Downtown Long Beach -- 600 block E. Ocean -- Strikes/Damages Two Parked Vehicles, No Persons Hit Follows-Up On Council-Approved Destruction Of Decades Of LBPD Records Days Before New State Law Would Have Made Them Publicly Accessible
    Story was first independently reported Flores & Brizzolara on
    LB Commercial Real Estate Council Skeds "New Year Mixer" With State Senate Candidate/LB Councilwoman Lena Gonzalez, Online Invite Says She "Supported Over $4 Billion Comm'l Real Estate Investment & Development Downtown"
    Her husband is group's prez
  • Long Beach's 1st + 6th Council Districts Combined End 2018 With Homicide Rate Approaching City Of Compton
    NLB Afternoon Gunfire, Parked Vehicle Struck, Locust Ave. Just North Of South St.
    Central Valley Sheriff Says Police Officer's Murder Could Have Been Prevented If Sac'to Hadn't Enacted SB 54/"Sanctuary State" Law; LB Councilwoman Gonzalez Now Seeking State Senate Seat Led Effort To Put City of Long Beach On Record Supporting SB 54; Roughly Half Of LB Will Now Vote On Her; Will This Affect Your Vote And If So How And Why?
    Perspective: Latest Long Beach "Ghost" Shootings (See Casings Found In Wrigley), Like Countless Uncounted Others, Won't Appear In City's Official Crime Stats, Because...

    Recycle Your Xmas Tree For Free By Doing This
    UPDATE: Following-up on a Christmas Eve report, LBPD confirms that a deceased man (adult) was found floating in waters just off Long Beach (500 block Queens Way). LBPD PIO Shauna Dandoy says detectives indicate there were no obvious signs of trauma.
    City Moves To Delay For Up To Two Months Decision On Releasing Public Records Sought By Re $1 Mil Price Cut For Developer/Buyer Of Atlantic/Artesia Properties
    Publisher's Podcast: Hear Mayor/Councilmembers Justify, And Publisher Comment On, $4.3 Mil More For New Civic Center "Critical Technology Needs Infrastructure" Incl. $1 Million "Media Wall"...And Then Voice Your Comments For Follow-Up Podcast
    Council Votes 7-0 (motion by Mungo, seconded by Andrews) To Spend $4.3 Mil More -- On Top Of $7.05 Mil Council Approved In March -- For New Civic Center "Critical Technology Needs Infrastructure"; New Increase Includes $1 Million For "Media Wall"
    "KLBP/Long Beach Public Radio" Is UP + ON, Meets And Beats FCC Deadline, Pilot Pgms Running Now, Will Be Part Of Coming Content; 100 Watt Air Signal At 99.1 FM Hits Downtown/Nearby Areas PLUS Stereo Internet Simulcast Makes Station Accessible Worldwide
    Via MWN LLC Reps Update Status Of Their Proposal To Open/Operate Smaller Version Of Community Hospital On City-Owned Seismically-Challenged Site
    Reporter who attended community meeting says no mention by Councilmembers Supernaw or Price, or audience inquiries, re spending taxpayer funds, if any, to facilitate deal
    City Staff Acknowledges Possible $17.1 Mil FY20 Deficit UNLESS Council Raises Parking Fines/Ambulance Fees "To Maximum Extent Feasible" AND Other Projected Revenue Materializes AND Assumes NO Add'l Restored Police Officers Or Fire Services AND Doesn't Include Upcoming New Contracts For City Employee Unions
    Projection not visible online until less than an hour before "study session," no narrative memo provided, just Power Point
    Sen. Wiener (D, SF) Reintroduces His 4 a.m. Bar Closing Bill, Would Let LB Council Majority Decide Here; Outgoing Gov Brown Vetoed It, Incoming Gov. Newsom Might Allow It
  • Nov. 2017: Mayor Garcia told Sen. Wiener 4 a.m. bar closings wouldn't work "citywide" in LB but supports them for "special events" in downtown entertainment district
  • Exited state Senator Lara (who co-authored previous 4 a.m. bar bill) and Mayor Garcia have both endorsed downtown LB Councilwoman Gonzalez now seeking Lara's vacated state Senate seat
    LBPD Find/Arrests, D.A. Charges This Long Beach Man In String of Armed Robberies Alleged At LB Businesses From NLB to Bixby Knolls To ELB To Central LB to Downtown...And Signal Hill PD And Las Vegas PD Indicate They Had Similar Robberies

    Woman Wounded By Gunfire, Atlantic Ave. South of South St.
    It's second shooting along Atlantic Ave. within two weeks not far from Michelle Obama Neighborhood Library
    LB City Prosecutor Prosecutes Man For Allegedly Video Recording His Co-Workers (Men and Women) Using Bathroom; Defense Cites New Sac'to Law Letting Judges Divert Mentally Ill Defendants Out of Criminal Trials; If Judge Doesn't Divert And If Defendant is Convicted/Sentenced In Certain Ways, Feds Could Deport Him. You Be The Judge...And Explain Your Ruling
    Special Event Coverage: Sights / Sounds Of 65th Annual Daisy Ave. Christmas Tree Lane Parade

    Long Beach (Northern Downtown/Adjacent Central/WLB) Councilwoman Lena Gonzalez Announces She's Running For Vacated State Senate Seat With Endorsement Of Immediate Past Incumbent Ricardo Lara
    Two other LB Council incumbents -- Austin and Uranga -- have also filed campaign paperwork positioning themselves for the state Senate seat
    Subsequent development above
    City Mgm't Seeks Council Approval To Spend $4.3 Mil More -- On Top Of $7.05 Mil It Authorized In March -- For New Civic Center Technology Upgrades
    Eyesore Oil Rigs/Pipes Will Disappear Over One To Two Decades, Wetlands North of 2nd St. (b/w PCH/Studebaker) Will Be Restored To Its Natural Beauty And Conveyed Public Ownership, As Coastal Comm'n Votes 6-3 (Motion By Uranga) To Permit Oil Firm To Drill 120 New Less Visible Slant-Drilled Wells From Pumpkin Patch And NE Corner 2nd/Studebaker
    Issue splits usually allied enviro/wildlife/wetlands advocates

    City Staff Doesn't Currently Plan Dec. 18 Public City Council Agenda Re Community Hospital BUT May Schedule Closed Session Update For Council Re Real Estate Negotiations
    Downtown LB Councilmembers Pearce & Gonzalez Hear But Don't Pursue Omissions/Flaws In City-Hired Consultant's "Parking Study" Cited By Parking-Impacted Alamitos Beach-DTLB Residents (TAPS); Council Votes To "Receive And File" Study While Warm To Creating City "Parking Manager" And Pursuing Use Of Nearby Business' Parking Lots For Overnight Residents' Parking
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