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Dear Speaker Anthony Rendon:
Please oppose SB 902, SB 995, SB 1085, SB 1120, AB 725, AB 1279, AB 2345, AB 3040 and AB 3107.

These Nine Bad Bills are rushing through the legislature with no Sacramento media left to WARN the public.

The Nine Bad Bills will Destroy Our Communities
  • kill homeownership by banning single-family "zoning"
  • allow 10-unit luxury apartments on almost any block
  • severely cut back on needed affordable housing
  • invite speculators to buy up stable Latino & Black suburbs
  • take away yards and garages in new homes
  • override city councils and kill public hearings
  • gentrify our diverse working-class SoCal areas
  • kill a 108-year-old voter right to save open space
These Communities in Your District are Seriously Threatened by the Nine Bad Bills:
  • Maywood
  • Bell
  • Cudahy
  • South Gate
  • Lynwood
  • Paramount
  • Lakewood
  • (North) Long Beach
  • Hawaiian Gardens
Thank you for listening, Speaker Rendon. We appreciate your hard work.
The volunteer movement at livablecalifornia.org.
Please reach us at contact@livableca.org

"Journalism is printing what someone else does not want printed; everything else is public relations." George Orwell

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Long Beach COVID-19 Dashboard

Hospitalizations daily (light blue) and updated (dark blue)

New / In Detail Forbid Police From Using "Non-Lethal" Rounds or Tear Gas to Disperse Crowds Except In Sac'to Specified Circumstances? Bill Co-Authored By LB State Senator Gonzalez Proposes This And It's Coming To Sac'to Committee Vote In Days
Monday at 1 p.m.: Preview / In Depth / Perspective: "Defunding" / Reducing Funding For Police: With His Proposed Budget Recommendations, Mayor Garcia Will Show If He Supports It, Then It's Council Majority's Decision

Follow the Money See Early Salient Contributors to Cindy Allen Runoff Campaign In CD2 vs. Robert Fox
Allen campaign has spent $108,867 in 2020 to date
Follow the Money Garcia-Run Campaign For March 2020 Tax Measures A & B Racked Up Over $100k In Unpaid Bills; Since Then, These Entities Have Given His Committee These Sums
News / In Depth / AUDIO Long Beach Council On Collision Course With State Agency That Oversees Tidelands Oil Revenue; State Lands Comm'n Att'y Warns Proposed LB Oil Tax Ballot Measure And Existing LB Oil Tax Violate State Constitution, Legislative Grants, and the City’s Obligations As Tidelands Trustee
SLC Att'y: "The Oil Barrel Production Tax, as the City applies it to State interests, unilaterally and unlawfully diverts revenue due the State’s General Fund to the City without the consent of the Legislature, the Governor, or the statewide public. The tax improperly seeks to convert Public Trust assets for expressly municipal purposes, notwithstanding explicit prohibitions by the Legislature and California Supreme Court against doing so. Finally, the tax violates the City’s fiduciary duty to the State as trustee."
Viewpoint by Doug Krikorian
New: What Next From Long Beach Health Boss Kelly Colopy, Hazmat Suits For Our Restaurant Servers?

by Doug Krikorian, Special to LBREPORT.com
Mr. Krikorian, an award winning journalist and author of two books, earned multiple awards in his 22 years of writing for the Long Beach Press-Telegram and 22 years for the Los Angeles Herald Examiner. He is happily retired in Naples.

New: LA County Bd of Supervisors Votes 4-1 (Barger Dissenting) To Put Measure On Nov. Ballot That Would Shift At Least 10% Of Available County Funds To These Purposes Instead of LA County Sherff (incarceration) And LA County District Att'y (prosecution)
Ongoing Survey: Mayor Garcia Volunteers Long Beach To Test "Universal Basic Income." Do You Support This?
Ongoing Survey: LBREPORT.com Invites Your Responses To These Questions About LBPD Violent Crime Focus And Current Mayor/Council Spending Priorities
LIVE VIDEO and fast breaking events in this column on COVID19 and other stories.. (If audio is muted on a Facebook video feed, click on the displayed Facebook page for direct link.)

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Viewpoints By Doug Krikorian
Special to LBREPORT.com. Mr. Krikorian, an award winning journalist and author of two books, earned multiple awards in his 22 years of writing for the Long Beach Press-Telegram and 22 years for the Los Angeles Herald Examiner. He is happily retired in Naples.

Sadly, Our National Pastime No Longer A Pastime For Me
Parklets! Three Cheers For Long Beach Politicians!
Memo To LBUSD Sup Jill Baker: Return The Kids To the Classroom!
A 2 1/2-Hour Commute To Work A Joy To This 86-Year Old Gentleman
Long Beach Politicians Once Again Fail Long Beach
Is Long Beach Destined to Become the City That Never Sleeps?
I Never Thought I'd Live To See These...
Ben Goldberg Exits Long Beach, Now Nearby Refugee In OC
Long Time Long Beach Resident Dave Lopez Climaxes Storied 48-Year TV Career
From Krikorian's Notebook: When Will LB Police Chief Luna Come Clean About May 31 Downtown Long Beach Looting Frenzy?
From Krikorian's Notebook: (1) LBUSD Mgm't Mulls Keeping K-5 Kids Indoors Without Normal Access To Playground, Cafeteria, Auditorium Activities; (2) And More...
Will LB's New School Sup't Allocate Untimely Pay Raise To Serve Students?
Awaiting Governor's Dictate To Decide Fate Of This Year's (July 3) "Big Bang On the Bay"
Mayor/Council Sounds Of Silence After LB Cops Let Some Pillage Our Village
Excuses By Long Beach Police & Politicians Dishearten Damaged LB Businesses
Hallelujah! LB Mayor Pleads For Sac'to Permission To Lift Closures That Needn't Have Occurred
Speak Up, Mr. Mayor, On Governor's Unwise Edicts. You Can Do That And You Should
My Beloved Long Beach: A Victim Of Irrational Government Overreach Beyond Reasoned Response To Virus
Shooting Crime Scenes since June 1, 2020
Red = Homicides. Blue = Persons hit. Yellow = Casings found or vehicle or bldg hit

Special Report / In Depth / Amnesia File: Long Beach Had But No Longer Has An LBPD Field Anti-Gang Unit. How'd That Happen?
On LBReport.com

Possible Drive-By Shooting, Area LB Blvd/Anaheim St.

A Second LB Resident In Their 20's Dies Of COVID-19; City's "Positivity Rate" (Percentage of Persons Tested Who Test Positive) Declines To 10.9% (From 15% A Few Weeks Ago) But LB Rate Remains Higher Than LA County Overall
Another 1st District Shooting: Man Is Shot/Wounded 1700 block Pacific Ave.
LBPD Seeks Public's Help: It Releases These Videos Of Suspect And His Vehicle In Anaheim/Magnolia Liquor Store Robbery That's Now A Murder Investigation

Midday Gunfire 1300 block Elm Ave. (North of Anaheim b/w LB Blvd/Atlantic Ave.); Two Men Say Someone Shot At Them But Missed
Stephen Downing & Beachcomber Pry Loose Previously Blocked Draft Report By Int'l Ass'n of Chiefs Of Police On LBPD Operations And Management
COVID-19 By The Numbers: (1) LB's "Positivity Rate" Dips To 13.5% But Remains Significantly Above LA County And CA; (2) Geographic Inequality; LB Cases Per Capita In Some Zip Codes Over Double To Nearly Triple Others (See Map/Chart) (3) Updated Daily Hospitalizations Now Routinely Top 100 Per Day
Casings Found Proving Midmorning Gunfire LB Blvd./49th St. Rounds Didn't Strike Persons But A 15 Yr Old Boy (Victim) Injured HImself As He Fled
Recall Launched Of Long Beach Mayor Garcia, Proponents Meet Legal Prerequisites, Can Begin Collecting Petition Signatures
Daunting required numbers but grassroots action by Franklin Sims gives residents dissatisfied with Garcia on various grounds an opportunity to show it
AUDIO: Hear Long Beach Councilmembers Collect $50 Each In Taxpayer Paid Perk For Four And a Half Minute July Meeting Of Their "Housing Authority"
A week earlier, Council voted at Mayor Garcia's request to cancel its July 21 Council meeting; he turned up at afternoon Biden political event, Councilmembers collected their pay without conducting public's Council meeting business
In Depth Coverage: Council Approves Changes To Zoning Code Text/Definitions/Allowable Uses Enabling Various Types Of Homeless-Serving Facilities In Certain Commercial, Industrial, Institutional And Mutli-Unit Residential ZonesSubsequent coverage above
State Lands Comm'n Staff Warns Long Beach Proposed Oil Tax Increase May Violate Tidelands Trust, Possibly Trigger Challenge Extending to Sums LB Now Collecting
Man Is Shot/Wounded, 3300 block E. 67th St.
Anaheim/Magnolia Liquor Store Worker Tries To Stop A Theft, Clings To Suspected Thief's Vehicle Hood But Three Blocks Later Is Allegedly Thrown Off; He Perishes At The Scene
LBPD is now investigating suspect's actions as a homicide/murder
Man Is Shot/Wounded In WLB's Summit Neighborhood (1st Council District)
Extended On-Demand Audio: Hear It: LBUSD Staff Describes Its Plans For "Distance Learning" (Online Instruction) And Budget Details At Special Morning Meeting
Follow-Up: Sac'to Legislature's Budget Requires School Districts To Implement THESE Measures For "Distance Learning"
Detailed Coverage / Perspective: Lakewood Does This To Impose Heftier Fines With Easier To Enforce Citations Against Fireworks/Explosives Scofflaws. Long Beach Doesn't. Should We?
In Depth Coverage: Council Approves Sweeping Policy Document Directing City Staff To Implement More Vehicle-Lane Shrinking/Traffic Slowing "Road Diets," Roundabouts, Separated Bicycle Lanes, Pedestrian Promoting Designs In LB Street Projects
Man Is Shot/Wounded In Midnight Hour, Area Anaheim/Walnut (Cambodia Town)
It's sixth shooting crime scene in 6th Council dist. (Andrews) since June 1.
Subsequent coverage above
LB School Board Will Hold Special Monday Morning Meeting (July 20) On How To Implement Instruction/Reopening
Man Is Shot/Wounded In LA County Carmelitos Housing Project (8th dist.)
Follow-Up / Amnesia File: In April, Council Voted (Motion By Supernaw) To Advance $250,000 For Community Hospital Repairs (The Type Its For-Profit Operator Was Technically Supposed To Pay For) Ostensibly To Enable COVID-19 Patient Capacity. Here's What Happened To The Money
COVID-19 By The Numbers: (1) Percentage Of Persons Testing Positive Rises To 15.3%; (2) Updated Daily Hospitalizations Top 100 Each Day Since June 30; (3) 158 Dead Incl. One Person In 20s, Two In 40s (With "Underlying Health Conditions")
Gov. Newsom "Guidance" Re Reopening Schools: LA County + So Cal Counties Directed To Provide Online Instruction Only For Now; Policy Is Consistent With LBUSD's Online Reopening Plan; See Governor's Full Guidance Text
LBUSD School Board Will Hold Special Monday Morning Meeting To Discuss Reopening Plans [UPDATE] And Will Be Virtual/Teleconference Online Meeting LIVE
From ForThe.Org Independently Reported by Kevin Flores: "Long Beach Confidential: Assessment of Police Department Kept Under Wraps Since 2018 Could Soon Be Made Public"
Using Video/Photos From Multiple Sources, LBPD ID's And Arrests Multiple Alleged Looters (From May 31/June 1 Civil Unrest)
Sends cases to DA, which sought its own arrest warrants
15% Of LB Residents Now Testing Positive For COVID-19, Increase Indicates More Of Virus Now Circulating
City announces it will resume its twice-weekly webcast news briefings (that it canceled July 6.)
Life Impacting Choice (Educationally And Medically); Should LBUSD Initially Reopen Online Only? LB's Policy Setting School Board Hasn't Weighed In (Yet) But Has Meeting Scheduled July 20
Perspective / Viewpoints

Editorial: Mayor Garcia Offered Bogus Pretext To Cancel July 21 City Council Meeting; Council Did So And Will Get Paid Without Conducting Public's Business; Garcia Surfaced At Biden Campaign Event; Taxpayers Are Owed That Canceled Council Meeting

Viewpoint: LBPD Should Ask And Get Answers For Public To These Four Questions About Accidental Discharge Of Gun Carried By Retired LBPD Sgt
by John Deats
Viewpoint: Police Response Times And Young Lives: A Budget Warning
by Doug Drummond *
* (3rd dist. Councilman (1990-1998), Harbor Comm'r (2011-2017), LBPD Commander (retired after 29 yrs service)
Editorial: On June 23, The City Council's "Public Safety Committee" Is Poised To Violate Governor's Order And State Law And Let City Staff Manipulate Media Coverage At The ONLY City Council Proceeding Agendized To Date On LB Looting/Rioting, Police Bias/Use of force And Police Misconduct. Here's What To Do About This.
Editorial: Appoint Whistleblower/Experienced Investigator Tomas Gonzales To Vacancy On Citizen Police Complaint Comm'n
Editorial: Ensuring Meaningful Change, Not Sham Tweaks, For LB's "Citizen Police Complaint Commission"
Unprepared...Or Clueless And In Denial? Read What Long Beach Mayor Garcia Tweeted Less Than Two Hours Before Looting Broke Out From Downtown To Uptown
Breaking Code of Silence That Spares Mayor, Council And LB Police Officers Union From Accountability For Their Actions That Left LB Vulnerable To Looting And Problematic Police Responses
Viewpoint: Mayor/Council, Please Stop Offering Self-Serving Excuses, Start Taking Public Serving Public Safety Actions.
by Annie Greenfeld *
* Ms. Greenfeld is a veteran community advocate. For many years, she lived in Wrigley, was president of Wrigley Association and South Wrigley Neighborhood Advisory Group, chaired the Central Redevelopment Project Area Committee and spoke at countless Long Beach City Council meetings on multiple neighborhood and citywide topics.

Guest Essay: Socially We Should Engage. Physically We Should Distance
by David Alpern
Editorial: Re County-Run Election: Supervisor Hahn: Investigate (1) Firing Of LB Polling Place Whistleblower; (2) Politically Discriminatory Practice In Timing Mailing Of Voters' Sample Ballot Materials; And (3) Long Election Day Lines At Several LB Voting Centers; LB Council: Agendize City Clerk Report On Costs/Feasibility Of Restoring LB Control Of LB Elections
The Mayor's Club
LBREPORT.com's Choice For 2019 "Outrage of the Year" Is Another Story You May Not Have Read Elsewhere And Will Affect LB In 2020 And Beyond
Here Are LBREPORT.com's Ten "Runners-Up" For LB's 2019 Outrage of the Year; Do You Have Others?
Viewpoint: Disappointed Supreme Court Declined To Review Boise Opinion, Confident Court Will Have Future Opportunities For Broader Conversation; Clarity Needed With Disparity Between Current Laws And Their Interpretation
by Suzie A. Price
Long Beach City Councilwoman, Third District

Editorial: Long Beach Mayor/Council May Let City Block Your Ability To Hear LBPD Radio Channels; Here's How To Say "No!"
Editorial: Sorry, But Councilman Supernaw's Community Hospital Deal Will Eat Millions That Won't Be Available To Continue Providing Fire Engine 17 Beyond Sept. 2021 AND Could Still Leave LB Without Continuing Eastside Acute Care Hospital AND Could Cause City To Lose Its Community Hospital Property Entirely
Follow-up: Gov. VETOES this bill, see subsequent coverage here.
Here's How To Tell Gov. Newsom To Veto Election-Tilting Anti-Taxpayer Anti-Transparency SB 268
Editorial: It's Not Streamlining. It Doesn't Promote Public Participation. It Will Affect Your Ability To Speak And Be Heard When City Council Actions Affect Your Neighborhood And Our City. Here's How To Stop It And Send A Message That The Public's Voices Matter

Perspective: By The Numbers: Here Are LB Taxpayer/Neighborhood-Impacting Public Safety Facts That LB's Mayor/Council Haven't Told You

Editorial: This Happened When A Mentally Ill Vagrant Said He Wanted To Kill A Belmont Shore Business' Manager.
Opinion: LB Dem Partisans Try To Link 1st Dist Council Candidate Morquecho To Trump, While He And Multiple Dems Fail To Link Mayor-Backed Zendejas To Multiple Unpopular Council Actions
Editorial: Our Hearts Are With Candlelight Vigils, But LBREPORT.com Is Done Covering Them. We Urge Action
Editorial: Civics Refresher, Rights And Remedies When LB Council Incumbents Try To Reduce (Not Restore) Your Right To Speak And Be Heard At Council Meetings
Their New City Hall
Editorial: ¡Que barbaridad!

Reference links
  • Council District Map
  • Email Your Councilmember
  • How To Recall a LB Elected Official

  • LB Elections: Follow the Money

    Measures A & B: LBREPORT.com Seeks District Attorney Review Of Long Beach Mayor/City Council Feb. 18 Actions re Measure B
    Publisher raises issue of using public resources at that meeting to promote ballot measure

    Measures A & B: Garcia-Run Campaign Has Spent Over $380,000 Since Jan 1 For Gen'l Fund ("Blank Check") Tax Measures A & B...And Some LB Arts-Related Entities (That Could Receive Ongoing Sums If Voters Approve Measure B) Recently Contributed Nearly $20,000
    8th Dist: Dollar Donnybrook: Organized Labor Spends Large Sum For Thrash-Ntuk; Business Interests Spend Big to Re-Elect Austin; Reform Ticket Challenger Ovalle Uses Contribs Mainly From Grassroots Residents
    2nd Dist Deluge: Over $120,000 Spent Since Jan. 1 To Put Cindy Allen On City Council ($70k+ From These Contribs + $50k+ From Two Indie Committees); Reform Ticket Candidate Robert Fox (Using Mainly His Own Money) Has Spent $60k+; Pearce Endorsee Lara About $10k, Barrera About $5.5k
    8th Dist + 6th Dist. These Five Entities + One Individual Just Added $42,500 To Indie Campaign Seeking To Re-Elect Council Incumbents Andrews And Austin
    8th Dist: In 8th Dist., UniteHere! Union Adds $50,000 (Producing $125,000) For Organized-Labor Indie Campaign Seeking To Elect Thrash-Ntuk
    Follow the Money: Carpenters Union PAC Adds $10k To Garcia-Run Pro-Measure A Sales Tax Campaign; It's Collected Over Half A Million To Date From These Entities To Spend Against Grassroots Taxpayers Relying On Bare-Bones Individual Efforts
    2nd Dist: These Persons / Entities Gave These Sums To Elect Cindy Allen To LB City Council (2nd Dist.)
    6th Dist: Three Unions Just Gave Nearly A Quarter Million Dollars To L.A. County Labor Fed'n Which Is Allocating Estimated $40,000 In Indie Effort To Elect Suely Saro In 6th District (South Wrigley/Central LB/Cambodia Town)
    Mayor Garcia: See Who Gave Maximum Sums To Mayor Garcia's 2026 Lt. Governor Committee (That He's Used Thus Far As A Slush Fund To Support Other Campaigns)
    Subsequent coverage above:
    These Five Entities Just Gave $170,000 More -- Producing Total Now Nearly Half A Million -- For Garcia-Run Campaign To Continue Imposing Measure A Gen'l Fund (Blank Check) Sales Tax
    Subsequent cverage above:
    8th Dist: $75,000 Labor-Backed Indie Campaign Surfaces In 8th District Backing Thrash-Ntuk
    Subsequent coverage above
    6th + 8th Dists: These Entities Funded Indie Campaign Supporting Re-Election Of Andrews in 6th, Austin In 8th
    Subsequent coverage above Measure A Sales Tax:
    LB Firefighters Union Adds $125,000 to $200,000 From Police Officers Union To Fund Garcia-Run Campaign To Permanently Impose "Measure A" (Blank Check) Sales Tax
    RecentlyA Few Weeks AgoFurther Past
    LBUSD To Start New School Year Online (And Will Remain Exclusively Online Thru At Least Oct. 5)
    Miraculously, No Major Injuries After Four-Vehicle ELB Hit/Run

    Photo courtesy Ghazal Seino
    LBPD w/ SWAT Arrest Belmont Shore Residential Burglary Suspect Who May Have Earlier Committed Armed Robbery At 2nd St. Business
    LB Aquarium Operator Sought/Qualified For Fed'l "Paycheck Protection Program" Loan Of Up To $2.5 Mil
    In May, operator sought/received Council approved $2.1 mil Tidelands-tapping loan to ensure its ability to make mid-October payment due City
    Subsequent coverage above
    Want More Lane Narrowing "Road Diets," Roundabouts And Traffic Slowing Measures? Council Will Vote July 14 On This Plan Promoting Them Citywide
    On July 14, Council Could Adopt These Zoning Changes Allowing These Homeless Facilities In These Commercial And Mutli-Unit Residential Areas
    UPDATED With Local Details: JetBlue Leaving LB Airport Effective Oct. 6, Will Shift Market Focus To LAX
    Council Pursues November Ballot Measure To Raise LB's Oil Barrel Production Tax, Signal They Favor Spending Its "Blank Check" Revenue To Address Equity Issues
    Did Gang Members Convoy/Coordinate Travel From North Long Beach To E. 7th St. Location For Pre-Halloween Mass Shooting/Murder Of Non-Gang Members? Consider LBPD Release/News Briefing
    Mayor Garcia Cancels Webcast Briefings As COVID-19 Cases Soar, Explosive Fireworks Persist. Gang Shootings Plague Working Class Neighborhoods And A Recall Advances
    Perspective: Teachable Moment: Face Or Erase Scientists Robert Millikan & David Starr Jordan For Their Odious Eugenics Words?
    Midday Drive By Shooting Narrowly Misses Hitting Man & Woman, NLB Ramona Park Neighborhood
    It's the third shooting crime scene within a week in separate parts of NLB's 9th dist, follows three homicides in late June
    LBPD Arrests Three Suspects In Recent Rose Ave. (Cambodia Town) Murder, Says It's Investigating Recent Similar Shootings All Believed Gang Related And Involving Many Of Same Suspects
    Man Is Shot/Wounded In Predawn Hours Along Artesia Blvd. Corridor Near Paramount Blvd..
    Between July 2-4, City Found 9 Businesses (Out of 655 Visited) Not Complying With Apects of City's COVID-19 Health Order, Gave Them This Administrative Citation Warning Notice...And Here's What Happened
    July 8, 1:19 p.m.: Councilwoman Zendejas' office says Webex "experienced a complete failure to host the meeting...will be rescheduling..." Following Recent Shootings, Vice Mayor Andrews Says He And Councilwoman Zendejas Are Working With LBPD Commanders To Hold A July 8 Online "Public Safety Townhall" On "Recent Crime Activity In City"; Will the Electeds Themselves Participate and Field Questions?
    Summary: In first of two req'd votes, Council votes 9-0 to approve zoning changes expanding allowable locations and types of homeless facilities. Some changes prevent or minimize public appeals of impacts. Enactment requires second Council approval vote July 14 Should Council Change Zoning Code To Invite Multiple Homeless Facilities/Services In These Locations On These Terms? First Of Two Council Votes Could Come July 7
    Summary: Council votes 9-0 to advance "violence interruption strategies" proposed by four Councilmembers. No Councilmembers sought restoration of LBPD field anti-gang unit Four Councilmembers Respond To Recent Shootings/Homicides By Proposing "Violence Interruption Strategy" With These Items...That Don't Include Restoring LBPD's Field Anti-Gang Unit
    July 7 Council Item By Mayor Garcia + 3 Councilmembers Proposes Nov. 2020 Ballot Measure To Increase LB's Oil Barrel Production Tax (Not Paid By Most Residents Unless They Own An Oil Well)
    Also proposes advisory ballot measure on whether to use future cannabis revenue for equity purposes
    Video Screen Saves Show LBPD Unit Approach And Drive-By Ignited Illegal Fireworks (9th Dist.). Why?

    Residents Decry (Their Frequent Term) "City Fail" On July 4-5 With Worsened "Warzone" Levels Of Bombs And Explosives; Some Say LBPD Drove-By/Didn't Stop Visible Illegal Activity; LBFD Dealt With Ten Tree Fires Plus Ten Others Of Various Types

    July 4, tree set afire, Knoxville Ave. near Heartwell Park. Photo courtesy Ghazal Seino
    LB Had 21 Shooting Crime Scenes In June. Long Beach Crime Stats Won't Show Any Of Them. To Show What City Stats Don't, LBREPORT.com Debuts Dashboard Displaying Shootings By Council District...And Now There's A Threat To Continued Access To That Data
    Defiant Colonists Sign "Declaration of Independence" In Philadelphia, Document Asserts Right To Self-Rule No Longer Accountable To Royal Authority, Cites "History of Repeated Injuries and Usurpations"

    Transcript of President Trump July 3 Speech @ Mt. Rushmore
  • Cites themes, previously bipartisan in acceptance, on America's role in advancing freedom
  • Likens "cancel culture" to "left wing fascism" with intolerant demands to erase history in schools, newsrooms, popular culture and corporate boardrooms
    Man Is Shot/Wounded 14th St./Rose Ave (Cambodia Town/6th dist.), Virtually Same Location Where Man Was Shot To Death June 29
    Midafternoon Gunfire At NLB's DeForest Park Just Blocks From Fatal Shooting Two Days Earlier
    by Bill Pearl and North LB News publisher Dan Pressburg
    Seal Beach, Huntington Beach, Newport Beach Join LA County And Long Beach In Closing Their Beaches Over July 4th Holiday
    Lakewood CANCELS Its Planned July 3 Fireworks Displays; L.A. County Nixed The Events
    Man Is Shot/Killed 400 Block Adair St. (9th dist.); It's Third Homicide In Parts of NLB In Three Days
    It's in addition to teen shot/wounded near Obama Library and two women shot/wounded during Orange/South St. homicide vigil
    Follow-Up: LBPD Says Multiple Shooters Opened Fire At Orange Ave./South St. Vigil (Leaving A Woman Dead And Two Wounded); No Suspects In Custody On That Yet...But LBPD Has A Suspect In Custody In Underlying Homicide A Day Earlier
    City Mgm't Gives Mayor/Council This Memo Displaying Racial/Ethnic Data On LBPD Traffic Stops, Officer Involved Shootings Along With LB Homeownership, Health Outcomes And Education/Employment. What Do These Data Tell You?
    Follow The (State Taxpayer) Money: After Meeting With Black Lives Matter LB, Mayor Garcia Will Ask Council To (1) Allocate $1 Million For "Black Health Equity Initiative" To Address Health Disparities And Build Groups With Capacity To Do So; And (2) Allocate Add'l $1 Mil To Other LB Community Groups Involved In Other COVID-19 related Responses
    In Depth Coverage: These Congressmembers (Libertarian + Conservative Repub + Multiple Dems) Introduce H.R. 7085 To Repeal "Qualified Immunity" That Currently Shields Police Officers From Lawsuits If They Violate Fed'l Civil Rights, Invites High Visibility Collision b/w Police Reform Advocates, Police Officer Unions, Pols They Support And Raises Major Policy Issues Pro/Con. Where's LB On This?
    City of LB Says July 4th Block Parties Not Allowed, Along With Pro Fireworks Displays, Per Sac'to Order; LB Muni Band Concerts Also Canceled For This Summer
    Bizarre Turn: A Gun Carried By A Retired LBPD Sgt. Somehow Accidentally Discharges, Wounding Him At Spring/Bellflower Service Stn/Convenience Store; He's Among Group Of Retired Officers Who'd Posted Private Social Network Comments That Journalist Shaun King Says Show A Plot To Assassinate Him

  • June 29, 9 p.m.: 5800 block Orange: Three Women Are Shot; One Dies; They Were Attending A Vigil For Man Fatally Shot At Same Location Less Than 24 Hrs Earlier
    Dusk June 29: Another Central LB Shooting And It's A Homicide, 1400 block Rose Ave. (6th dist./Cambodia Town)
    Midday June 29: 16 yr Old Is Shot/Wounded 5800 block Atlantic (Near Michelle Obama Library)
    June 28: Man Fatally Shot, 5800 block Orange Ave.
    Midmorning Sunday: Man Is Shot/Wounded 1400 block Cedar (just north of "14th St. Park"/1st dist. Zendejas)
  • Follows June 24 fatal shooting in nearby Seaside Park
  • Area's two November LB Schoolboard runoff candidates haven't urged restoring LBPD field anti-gang unit or opposed calls by some to "defund" (reduce) funding for police or eliminate on-campus school safety personnel
    5 More Shooting Crime Scenes In Less Than 12 Hrs; UPDATE: Man shot June 24 in Seaside Park Dies
  • June 27: 9 p.m. hour: 9th/Magnolia (near Daisy Ave.): Man shot/wounded (1st dist./Zendejas)
  • June 27 9 p.m. hour: 17th/Gundry: Shots fired/casings found/no-persons hit (6th dist./Andrews)
  • June 27: 10 p.m. hour: 14th/Gardenia. Man is shot/wounded (4th/6th border Supernaw/Andrews)
  • June 28: 12 a.m. hour: 4th/Walnut: Shots fired/casings found, witnesses say drive-by shooting (victim not located) (2nd dist/Pearce)
  • June 28: 1 a.m hour: 15th/Chestnut: Shots fired at man in vehicle (miss him, damage vehicle) (1st dist/Zendejas)
    LB Has Two MORE Shootings Within Past 24 Hours; Within Past Three Days, SEVEN Persons Have Been Shot In Central LB/WLB...And One (At Seaside Park) Has Died
    Citizens and arriving police officers performed life saving measures trying to save shooting victim's life.
    As Promised, City Prosecutor Haubert Provides Public With This Written Report Within 72 Hrs Of Implementing These New Measures Against Fireworks/Explosives Scofflaws
    Replace Police On Metro A-Line (Blue Line) With Unarmed "Ambassadors" To Handle Unspecified Non-Violent Crimes And Shift Resources From Armed Responses To Various Issues Metro Riders Encounter? LB Mayor Garcia And Metro Board Majority Just Voted To Pursue This. Metro's LBPD Contract Expires In 2022.
    Chief Luna Cautions Against Further Defunding LBPD, Says Reductions Could Harm Officer Training That Has Reduced LBPD Use of Force Incidents & Officer-Involved Shootings
    Within Two Days, Six People Are Shot/Wounded At Four Crime Scenes In Central + WLB
    Includes AUDIO: LBREPORT.com Seeks, LBPD Indicates It Has No Immediate Plans To Release VIDEO Chief Luna Described At June 23 Public Safety Committee Meeting As Showing A Man With Child On Shoulders (Viral Photo) Allegedly Trying To Position Himself In Front Of Officers Trying To Fire "Less-Than-Lethal" (But Potentially Injurious) Rounds
    Includes AUDIO: Council's Public Safety Committee (Price, Supernaw, Austin) Fails To Allow Telephonic Public Testimony At Its June 23 Meeting, Where Chief Luna Presents "Lessons Learned" From Looting/Lawlessness:
  • Chief Luna Calls May 31 Roughly 4 p.m.-10 p.m. "Six Hours Of Chaos," Says LBPD Prioritized Protecting Life, Defends Officer Actions But Repeatedly Voices Regret For Looting/Business Losses
  • AUDIO: Denies Mayor/Mgr/Higher-Ups Told Officers Not To Stop Looters, Says Supervisors Didn't Consider It Safe To Do So
  • AUDIO: Says At Least 214 LB Businesses Looted/Had Crime-Reproted Damages, Acknowledges Total May Be 300+ If Includes Others Impacted But Not Crime-Reported
  • Says Some Curfew Citations May Turn Into More Serious Charges as LBPD Examines VIDEO And Other Evidence
    Subsequent coverage above
    "Defund" LBPD Officers Along Metro A-Line (Blue Line)? Metro Board -- With LB Mayor Garcia As A Member -- Could Vote Today To Pursue A Process To Shift Resources Away From Armed Law Enforcement
    LBPD Investigating, No Motive Yet Determined, After Caller Called Reporting Someone Broke Into Their Residence (1000 block Almond Ct.), Caller Opened Fire And Officers Find Two Adults Fatally Shot. PD Says One Of The Residents And One Deceased "Were At One Time Asociates."
    As carried LIVE: Council votes 9-0 to proceed with these recommendations: With Scofflaws Detonating Explosives Shaking Multiple Neighborhoods, Councilman Austin (Joined By Zendejas, Andrews & Richardson) Seek Multiple City Mgm't, City Att'y And City Prosecutor Actions Going Beyond Previous Talk
    City Prosecutor Haubert Launches Online Public Portal To Report Fireworks Scofflaws, And Warns Property Owners Who Shrug Pyros On Their Property They Could Face Prosecution
    LBPD Doesn't Systematically Compile, Analyze Or Provide Numerical Data On Victims Of Neighborhood Shootings Disproportionately Impacting City's Working Class/Historically Disadvantaged Areas
    Data gap is in addition to lack of listed shooting crime stats in LBPD released crime stats. LBPD stopped providing stats on multiple serious crimes by Council districts over a decade ago
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