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Long Beach COVID-19 Cases / Deaths
Total positives (red dots) and deaths (black dots)

Daily new reported positive cases

LB Hospitalizations (from Apr. 20): Red bars = Snapshot 12:01 a.m. Blue bars = Updated daily

Shootings/homicides by Council districtsLBPD levels for taxpayersSee news? Text here or email hereWeather
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News / Perspective: Inequity By The Numbers: Within Recent Six Week Period, LB Had 20 Shooting Crime Scenes. 17 Were In Working Class Parts Of 1st and 6th Council Dists. Their Neighborhoods Have Regularly Endured LB's Highest Numbers Of Homicides. Their Incumbents Were Elected With Financial Support From LB's Police Officers Union PAC And Mayor Robert Garcia
News: LA Mayor Proposes Cutting LAPD Funding After LA Increased Its Police Level Roughly 20%; LB Erased Roughly 20% Of Its Officers, Has Restored Less Than 3%...And These Groups Want LB Mayor/Council To Divest Resources From Policing
VIDEO / Follow-Up VIDEO Surfaces On Instagram Providing Context For Photo Showing Man With Child On Shoulders As LBPD Fired "Less Than Lethal" Rounds
New Do You Have VIDEO/Photos Of Looters? Use This LBPD Portal To Help ID / Bring Them To Justice
New Read Portions Of Codes of Ethics of National Ass'n of Press Photographers and Society of Professional Journalists. Then Consider That May 31 Photo Of Man/Child/Police In DTLB. Your Conclusions?
Special Report Especially Now, We Recall 31st Anniversary Of Radio Beijing's "Radio Tankman" Reporting Tienanmen Square Massacre
New CA Ass'y Will Take Up These Two Bills: (1) CA Study On Reparations For Slavery; and (2) CA Constitutional Amendment Inviting CA Voters To Repeal Prop 209 That Banned Racial Preferences In Gov't Hiring/Contracting/Public Education/College Admissions
New Councilwoman Mungo Tells KNX 1070 Newsradio That Long Beach Was Lucky To Have Limited Vandalism, Damages, Looting To About 170 Businesses Out of 43,000 Citywide
New / Viewpoint Excuses By Long Beach Police & Politicians Dishearten Damaged LB Businesses
by Doug Krikorian. Special to LBREPORT.com
Mr. Krikorian, an award winning journalist and author of two books, earned multiple awards in his 22 years of writing for the Long Beach Press-Telegram and 22 years for the Los Angeles Herald Examiner. He is happily retired in Naples.

New / Viewpoint Mayor/Council, Please Stop Offering Self-Serving Excuses, Start Taking Public Serving Public Safety Actions.
by Annie Greenfeld *
* Ms. Greenfeld is a veteran community advocate. For many years, she lived in Wrigley, was president of Wrigley Association and South Wrigley Neighborhood Advisory Group, chaired the Central Redevelopment Project Area Committee and spoke at countless Long Beach City Council meetings on multiple neighborhood and citywide topics.
LIVE VIDEO and fast breaking events in this column on COVID19 and other stories.. (If audio is muted on a Facebook video feed, click on the displayed Facebook page for direct link.)

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Shootings: LB Has Had 133 Shooting Crime Scenes (Fatal + Non-Fatal + No-Person-Hit) Since May 7, 2019. Click maps below for details on most recent four.
Special Report / In Depth / Amnesia File: Long Beach Had But No Longer Has An LBPD Field Anti-Gang Unit. How'd That Happen?

Jan 1, 2018 to date: Red Xs=homicides; Blue Xs= shootings, person wounded; Brown Xs=shots fired at victim(s), not hit; Purple Xs=shots at occupied residence/vehicle; Green Xs= shots at unoccupied vehicle/residence; Grey Xs=shots fired (no hit, no target identified); Orange X's=non-fatal stabbings; Blue * asterisk=victim hit, police unable to locate crime scene. Map is unofficial.
On LBReport.com

While Looters Looted Other Areas, Drivers Shot-At Along Anaheim St.; One Driver Struck/Wounded Near Alamitos Ave., Rounds Miss Another Driver But Damage Driver's Vehicle At Orizaba Ave.

Detailed Coverage / Perspective: When The Looting Began, LB Ran Out Of Police Officers. By The Numbers: Details On LB's Thin Police Level....And The Legacy Of LB Mayor/Council Actions That Have Left L.A. County's Second Largest City With Significantly Fewer Cops Per Capita Than L.A.

Peaceful Long Beach Protest Turns Into Citywide Looting; Mayor/Council Spending Choices Left City With Significantly Thinner Per Capita Police Level Than L.A.. LB Forced To Seek "Mutual Aid" From Other Agencies, Then National Guard
Barriers Visible At LBPD HQ and New Civic Center, Some DTLB Business Boarding Up In Advance Of Planned Afternoon Demonstration Re Minneapolis PD-Involved Death of George Floyd; Yesterday Peaceful LA Demonstration Turned Into Looting/Rioting
Man Shoots At Five Peeople, Misses Hitting Them, Strikes/Damages Parked Cars, Pine Ave. Just South of PCH; It's Area's Second Shooting Crime Scene Within Two Days (1st dist./Zendejas)
As A Precaution (Not A Response To Any LB Unrest), LBPD Is On A "Modified Tactical Alert," Means More Officers Than Usual Are Deployed And Available
Perspective: Updated Data Show These Increases In LB COVID-19 Hospitalizations After Early May Initial Incremental Recreational Reopenings. What's Next With Newly Allowed Multiple Business Reopenings?
Noon-Hour Shooting Wounds Man On PCH West of Pine (1st Dist/Border of 6th); In Just Over 6 Weeks, LB's 1st + 6th Council Districts Have Had Over A Dozen Shooting Crime Scenes (Persons Hit Incl. A Homicide) + Persons Not Hit But With Casings Founds Or Bldgs/Vehicles Struck
Sac'to Approves LA County/City Sought "Variance" And City Allows Reopening Of Restaurants And Hair Salons (Barbering); Mayor Says Reopenings Will Occur Slowly, Cautions What Happens Next Depends On Responsible Behavior By LB Residents
DA Charges Driver With Murder + Other Felonies Alleging He Led Police On Pursuit And Struck/Killed Pedestrian Walking His Dog (6th/Magnolia); No Charges Filed At This Point Against Six Other Men Arrested On Suspicion Of Burglary at WLB Comm'l Site
New: Man Walking His Dog Is Killed By Driver Fleeing Police. What Happens Next May Depend In Part On These 2018 Sac'to Changes To CA Law
by Sharon Katchen
Special to LBREPORT.com

Would The Two Candidates Seeking To Become LB School Board Member Rep'ing Central LB/Wrigley/WLB Have Voted To Let High School Students Districtwide Opt-In For Letter Grades In COVID-19 Impacted Semester? LBREPORT.com Asked Them. One Replied; The Other Didn't
Sac'to Says Yes And City Of LB Now Allows These Retail Reopenings...AND LA County + City Seek Sac'to "Variance" To Go Further Within Days
In Depth Follow-Up / Extended AUDIO: State Senate Committee Advances SB 902, Would Speed Process (Eliminate Some Public Input/Appeals) To Let Council Majority Rezone Single Family Home Neighborhoods For Increased Density/Multi-Unit Housing
SE LB state Senator Umberg, whose district includes low density parts of 3rd, 4th and 5th dists, voted "yes"
LB State Senator Gonzalez Teams With SF State Senator Wiener On SB 939 To Let COVID-19 Impacted Small Commercial Tenants End Their Comm'l Property Leases Unless Their Landlords Negotiate New Mutually Agreeable Terms; Bill Includes Provisions For Restaurants, Bars, Enterainment And Performance Venues
May 28 Update: Hospitalizations Increase Roughly 13%, Death Toll Flat
May 27: LB Health Dept. Worker Tests Positive For COVID-19; LB Death Toll Rises To 81; Info Comes On Same day LB Announces It Will Join w/ LA County In Seeking Sac'to "Variance" To Enable Add'l LB Reopenings
CA Dept. of Public Health Allows Nearly All Retailing Statewide BUT Subject To Each County's Approval, Leaves Effects On LB Unclear; LA County Hasn't Decided And LB's Separate Health Dept.Hasn't Said What It Favors If Allowed; Sac'to Also Allows Expanded Religious Observances/Ceremonies Under New "Guidelines"
UPDATE: OC Board of Supervisors votes to deem church proceedings "essential," won't enforce Sac'to restrictions>
May 26 update: Latest two LB COVID-19 deaths are NOT associated with long term care facility. LB death toll reaches 75. 65 are hospitalized. 1,605 LB residents to date have tested positive, approx. 1,150 have recovered.
LA County Will Ask Sac'to For Faster Reopenings As Unified County Request Not For Separate Regions Or Cities. So What About Long Beach (With Separate Health Dept)? LB Comment Pending
VIDEO as streamed LIVE: WWII Aircraft Fly Over LB; Memorial Day Event Merits Recalling Why They First Flew
There's No Item On June 2 Council Agenda (Yet) Re Continued Street Sweeping Parking Ticket Relief Despite Mayor/Council May 19 Motion; Item Could Still Be Added By May 29 Agendizing Deadline
Perspective / Viewpoints

Unprepared...Or Clueless And In Denial? Read What Long Beach Mayor Garcia Tweeted Less Than Two Hours Before Looting Broke Out From Downtown To Uptown

Viewpoint Hallelujah! LB Mayor Pleads For Sac'to Permission To Lift Closures That Needn't Have Occurred
by Doug Krikorian. Special to LBREPORT.com
Viewpoint: Speak Up, Mr. Mayor, On Governor's Unwise Edicts. You Can Do That And You Should
by Doug Krikorian. Special to LBREPORT.com
My Beloved Long Beach: A Victim Of Irrational Government Overreach Beyond Reasoned Response To Virus
by Doug Krikorian. Special to LBREPORT.com
Mr. Krikorian, an award winning journalist and author of two books, earned multiple awards in his 22 years of writing for the Long Beach Press-Telegram and 22 years for the Los Angeles Herald Examiner. He is happily retired in Naples.

Guest Essay: Socially We Should Engage. Physically We Should Distance
by David Alpern
Editorial: Re County-Run Election: Supervisor Hahn: Investigate (1) Firing Of LB Polling Place Whistleblower; (2) Politically Discriminatory Practice In Timing Mailing Of Voters' Sample Ballot Materials; And (3) Long Election Day Lines At Several LB Voting Centers; LB Council: Agendize City Clerk Report On Costs/Feasibility Of Restoring LB Control Of LB Elections
The Mayor's Club
LBREPORT.com's Choice For 2019 "Outrage of the Year" Is Another Story You May Not Have Read Elsewhere And Will Affect LB In 2020 And Beyond
Here Are LBREPORT.com's Ten "Runners-Up" For LB's 2019 Outrage of the Year; Do You Have Others?
Viewpoint: Disappointed Supreme Court Declined To Review Boise Opinion, Confident Court Will Have Future Opportunities For Broader Conversation; Clarity Needed With Disparity Between Current Laws And Their Interpretation
by Suzie A. Price
Long Beach City Councilwoman, Third District

Editorial: Long Beach Mayor/Council May Let City Block Your Ability To Hear LBPD Radio Channels; Here's How To Say "No!"
Editorial: Sorry, But Councilman Supernaw's Community Hospital Deal Will Eat Millions That Won't Be Available To Continue Providing Fire Engine 17 Beyond Sept. 2021 AND Could Still Leave LB Without Continuing Eastside Acute Care Hospital AND Could Cause City To Lose Its Community Hospital Property Entirely
Follow-up: Gov. VETOES this bill, see subsequent coverage here.
Here's How To Tell Gov. Newsom To Veto Election-Tilting Anti-Taxpayer Anti-Transparency SB 268
Editorial: It's Not Streamlining. It Doesn't Promote Public Participation. It Will Affect Your Ability To Speak And Be Heard When City Council Actions Affect Your Neighborhood And Our City. Here's How To Stop It And Send A Message That The Public's Voices Matter

Perspective: By The Numbers: Here Are LB Taxpayer/Neighborhood-Impacting Public Safety Facts That LB's Mayor/Council Haven't Told You

Editorial: This Happened When A Mentally Ill Vagrant Said He Wanted To Kill A Belmont Shore Business' Manager.
Opinion: LB Dem Partisans Try To Link 1st Dist Council Candidate Morquecho To Trump, While He And Multiple Dems Fail To Link Mayor-Backed Zendejas To Multiple Unpopular Council Actions
Editorial: Our Hearts Are With Candlelight Vigils, But LBREPORT.com Is Done Covering Them. We Urge Action
Editorial: Civics Refresher, Rights And Remedies When LB Council Incumbents Try To Reduce (Not Restore) Your Right To Speak And Be Heard At Council Meetings
Their New City Hall
Editorial: ¡Que barbaridad!

Reference links
  • Council District Map
  • Email Your Councilmember
  • How To Recall a LB Elected Official

  • LB Elections: Follow the Money

    Measures A & B: LBREPORT.com Seeks District Attorney Review Of Long Beach Mayor/City Council Feb. 18 Actions re Measure B
    Publisher raises issue of using public resources at that meeting to promote ballot measure

    Measures A & B: Garcia-Run Campaign Has Spent Over $380,000 Since Jan 1 For Gen'l Fund ("Blank Check") Tax Measures A & B...And Some LB Arts-Related Entities (That Could Receive Ongoing Sums If Voters Approve Measure B) Recently Contributed Nearly $20,000
    8th Dist: Dollar Donnybrook: Organized Labor Spends Large Sum For Thrash-Ntuk; Business Interests Spend Big to Re-Elect Austin; Reform Ticket Challenger Ovalle Uses Contribs Mainly From Grassroots Residents
    2nd Dist Deluge: Over $120,000 Spent Since Jan. 1 To Put Cindy Allen On City Council ($70k+ From These Contribs + $50k+ From Two Indie Committees); Reform Ticket Candidate Robert Fox (Using Mainly His Own Money) Has Spent $60k+; Pearce Endorsee Lara About $10k, Barrera About $5.5k
    8th Dist + 6th Dist. These Five Entities + One Individual Just Added $42,500 To Indie Campaign Seeking To Re-Elect Council Incumbents Andrews And Austin
    8th Dist: In 8th Dist., UniteHere! Union Adds $50,000 (Producing $125,000) For Organized-Labor Indie Campaign Seeking To Elect Thrash-Ntuk
    Follow the Money: Carpenters Union PAC Adds $10k To Garcia-Run Pro-Measure A Sales Tax Campaign; It's Collected Over Half A Million To Date From These Entities To Spend Against Grassroots Taxpayers Relying On Bare-Bones Individual Efforts
    2nd Dist: These Persons / Entities Gave These Sums To Elect Cindy Allen To LB City Council (2nd Dist.)
    6th Dist: Three Unions Just Gave Nearly A Quarter Million Dollars To L.A. County Labor Fed'n Which Is Allocating Estimated $40,000 In Indie Effort To Elect Suely Saro In 6th District (South Wrigley/Central LB/Cambodia Town)
    Mayor Garcia: See Who Gave Maximum Sums To Mayor Garcia's 2026 Lt. Governor Committee (That He's Used Thus Far As A Slush Fund To Support Other Campaigns)
    Subsequent coverage above:
    These Five Entities Just Gave $170,000 More -- Producing Total Now Nearly Half A Million -- For Garcia-Run Campaign To Continue Imposing Measure A Gen'l Fund (Blank Check) Sales Tax
    Subsequent cverage above:
    8th Dist: $75,000 Labor-Backed Indie Campaign Surfaces In 8th District Backing Thrash-Ntuk
    Subsequent coverage above
    6th + 8th Dists: These Entities Funded Indie Campaign Supporting Re-Election Of Andrews in 6th, Austin In 8th
    Subsequent coverage above Measure A Sales Tax:
    LB Firefighters Union Adds $125,000 to $200,000 From Police Officers Union To Fund Garcia-Run Campaign To Permanently Impose "Measure A" (Blank Check) Sales Tax
    RecentlyWeeks AgoPast Few Months
    AUDIO / Perspective: Hear It: In 62 Seconds With No Discussion, Council Votes 9-0 To Let Its Privatized Civic Center Operator Delay For Up To An Add'l Year Paying Roughly $7.3 Million That City Advanced At Start Of Civic Ctr Transaction; Mayor Garcia Introduces Agenda Item By Telling Council It Should "Go Rather Quickly"
    Detailed Coverage (Incl. Extended On-Demand Audio): LBUSD School Board Votes 5-0 To Deny High School Students Opt-In Choice To Receive Letter Grades In COVID-19 Impacted Semester
    1,600+ online signature petition and student/parent testimony said it would leave LBUSD students less competitive in college admissions than other districts; Board incumbents Kerr (NLB) and Benitez (Central LB) supported action citing equity factors
    Subsequent development above
    Sac'to Bill Would Let Council Majority Override Current Restrictions, Change Zoning To Increase Density And Let Developers Put Multi-Unit Bldgs In Neighborhoods Now Zoned For Single Family Homes, Scheduled for May 26 Sac'to Committee Vote
    Subsequent development above
    LA County Supes Hahn & Barger Agendize May 26 Board Item Seeking Local/Regional Variances From Sac'to Rules To Let Some Parts Of County Reopen Sooner Than Others; LB City Hall Mum On This So Far
    May 22: Three More LB Firefighters Test Positive For COVID-19 (Worked In LBFD HQ); LB Deaths Rise To 70; Mayor Garcia Notes No Major Spikes In COVID-19 Metrics Since Some Limited Activities Resumed Two Weeks Ago, Says City Disagrees With Governor's Office, Wants LB Judged For Reopenings Based On LB Health Dept. Data (Not L.A. County Numbers) While Not Questioning State Standards Themselves
    VIDEO above:
    May 25 WWII Airplane Flyover (See LB Times And Locations) Merits Recalling Why They First Flew
    May 21 Update: Six Add'l Deaths Since May 19, Four Associated With Long Term Care Facilities; 1,495 Total LB Residents Have Tested Positive, Roughly 991 Have Recovered; 62 Hospitalized
    Your Councilmember Voted To Enact This Ordinance, Making It Easier To Enforce LB COVID-19 Orers, As An "Emergency Measure," Taking Effect Immediately
    Subsequent development above:
    Details & Perspective: Privatized Civic Center Operator Seeks Delay In Repaying $7.3 Mil City Advanced In 2016; If Council Says "Yes," City Would Face Add'l Delay In Receiving Sum City Could Use For COVID-19 Budget Deficits; If Council Says "No," City Could Retain Midblock Parcel (Where Old City Hall Stands) For Public Use OR Sell It For More Than LLC Would Repay
    Coastal Comm'n Staff Alleges City-Enabled Peninsula Palm Tree Trimming Rousted Great Blue Heron Nests, Begat Baby Bird Death, Violated Coastal Act, Seeks These Remedies
    May 19 Update: LB COVID-19 Reported Deaths Rise Nearly 20% (62 from 52, City Says Spans May 13-18); 48 Of The Deaths (22.5%) Associated With LB Long Term Care Facilities
    In Depth / Perspective: AUDIO / Amnesia File: LBUSD Respects Public's Ability To Agendize Hot Button School Board Item On "Credit/No Credit" Policy For May 20 Meeting; Compare: Former LB Mayor/City Council Erased Public's Right To Agendize Council Items Over 20 Yrs Ago And Current Mayor/Council Haven't Restored It
    Perspective: On Same Night As Council May Let Civic Center Operator Delay Payment Of $7.3 Million, And Two Weeks After Giving Aquarium Operator $2 Mil Tidelands "Loan", Council Schedules "Study Session" On City's "Fiscal Outlook"...And (Again) Conceals From Public And Press Materials To Be Studied
    May 18: An Add'l Death (Person In Their 80s, Associated With Long Term Care Facility; 1,305 LB Residents (up from 1,298) Have Tested Positive, Approx 848 Have Recovered, 63 (Down From 66) Now Hospitalized
    LB Businessman Kurt Schneiter Boasts On Facebook Of Allowing Activities -- He Describes As An "Experiment" -- At His Iconix Fitness Center; They're Beyond Those Allowed by City Health Officer's Current Order; Among Those Taking Part: Former LB Councilman Gary DeLong
    May 18: An Add'l Death (Person In Their 80s, Associated With Long Term Care Facility; 1,305 LB Residents (up from 1,298) Have Tested Positive, Approx 848 Have Recovered, 63 (Down From 66) Now Hospitalized
    May 17 Update: 1,298 LB Residents (up from 1,271) Have Tested Positive, Approx 830 Have Recovered, 66 (Up From 61) Now Hospitalized, No Add'l Deaths
    May 16 Update: 1,271 LB Residents (up from 1,214) Have Tested Positive, Approx 810 Have Recovered, 61 (Up From 56) Now Hospitalized, No Add'l; Deaths
    Although Street Sweeping Parking Tickets Resume Monday May 18, Mayor + Four Councilmembers Agendize Tuesday May 19 Council Item To Consider Its Impacts And Possible Undefined Relief For Some On Terms To Be Determined
    LBPD Makes Arrests, DA Files Charges, In Ugly San Gabriel River Attack/Robbery On Bicyclist; Boastful Video Helps Bust Four Teens Allegedly Involved...And LBPD Seeks Public's Assistance In Identifying Others
    May 15 Recap: 1,214 LB Residents (up from 1,157) Have Tested Positive, Approx 768 Have Reoovered, 56 (Up From 54) Now Hospitalized, No Add'l; Deaths
    L.A. County Public Health Director Says (For Areas Outside LB And Pasadena) Its Stay At Home Orders Will Likely Continue For Three More Months, Might Be Eased Incrementally (As Now) If Backed By Data But No Major Change In Orders Without Change In Virus And Effective Ways To Fight It
    As seen LIVE, Council approved 9-0: Follow the Money: He Was President Of ILWU Local 13 When Its PAC Gave $50,000 In 2014 To Elect Robert Garcia Mayor. In 2015, Garcia Put Him On LB's "Economic Dev'ment Comm'n." Tonight Four LB Council Incumbents To Whom The PAC Also Gave Election And/Or Officeholder Sums While He Was Union Local's President Will Vote On Garcia's Nomination Of Him To LB's Harbor Comm'n
    May 14 Update: LB Marine Bureau Public-Facing Worker Tests Positive For COVID-19; Total Positive Tests Grow To 1,157 (up From 1,094 w/ Recent Increases Due To Delayed Reporting Of Results From County-Contracted Lab); Two More Persons Die (One In 60s, One In 70s), Death Toll Now 51; 54 Now Hospitalized (Up from 53)
    Details On USAF Thunderbirds Friday Flyover (Map And Times); Part Of Similar Events Nationally Announced In April By President Trump
    On-DEMAND: US Senate Health Committee hearing w/ Dr. Anthony Fauci and heads of CDC, HHS and FDA at this link.
    Long Beach Reform Coalition Files Suit To Require LA County Election Chief To Restart Measure A Recount At Affordable Cost As Traditional Paper Recount
    Follow-Up: Mayor Garcia's Agenda Item Re Opening Streets For Restaurant/Pedestrian Uses Avoids Specifics, Asks City Mgm't To Offer Options, Possibly From Elsewhere, For Council Consideration
    Mayor Garcia Signals 14 Day Pause To Obtain Data Results From Latest Announced Incremental Retail/Recreational Reopenings Before Allowing Add'l Reopenings
    Perspective: What Councilmembers Didn't Do, That They Can And Should Do Now, To Protect LB's Wildlife Baby Birds, Conduct Needed Tree Trimming And Respect LB Taxpayers
    RAND Researchers Offer This Interactive Tool To See Estimated CA COVID-19 Deaths, Confirmed Cases, Reduced State Income And More If Current Restrictions Maintained Or Removed, And In What Amounts And When
    May 13 Update: Positive Test Results Spike to 1,094 (Reflect Delays In Data From Previous Tests); Another Death (Person In 80s), LB Death Toll Now 49; 53 Persons Hospitalized; LB Environmental Services Worker Tests Positive; LB Health Officer Updates Her Order (In Full Here)
    May 12 Update: Three More LB Deaths (Total Now 48), 984 Persons (Up From 953) Have Tested Positive. Roughly 639 Have Recovered, 49 Now Hospitalized
    City Says These Guidelines Must Be Observed With May 11 Reopening Of Beach Bike/Pedestrian Paths, Tennis Facilities; Says "Safer at Home" Order Previously Set To Expire May 15 (Most Recently Amended May 8) Will Remain In Effect TFN Unless/Until Further Amended
    Nov. 11 Recap: Another LB Death (Total Now 45), A Person In 60s In Long Term Care Facility), 953 Persons (Up From 948) Have Tested Positive. Roughly 616 Have Recovered, 50 Are Now Hospitalized
    May 10 Update: Another LB Death (Person In 80s In Long Term Care Facility), 948 Persons (Up From 931) Have Now Tested Positive. Roughly 606 Have Recovered, 50 Are Now Hospitalized
    Hours After San Jose Mayor/Councilmember Propose "Al Fresco San Jose" -- Temporarily Closing Streets For Physically Distanced Restaurant Dining -- LB Mayor Garcia Proposes Much The Same Thing Locally And Says Four LB Councilmembers Support Pursuing Concept Here
    Follow-Up / Perspective Council Votes 9-0 To Give Aquarium Operator Up To $2.1 Mil Tidelands-Tapping Loan (Citing COVI19 Revenue Drop) Without Requiring Decades-Denied Public Access To Meetings Of Operator's Governing Board
    Mayor Garcia dodged question on public access a day earlier at City briefing (AUDIO)
    COVID-19 For Grown-Ups: Who Did And Didn't Decide What's On This List Of What Is/Isn't Re-Opening in Long Beach?
    Third LBPD Officer Tests Positive For COVID-19; Had No Symptoms; Unclear How Many Of Officer's Co-Workers Are Now Quarantined / Unavailable For Deployment Among LBPD's Thin Officer Level
    Queen Mary Says It's Temporarily Suspending Operations
    Longtime Former LB Councilman/Former Mayor/Former LBCC Trustee Tom Clark Passes Away; See VIDEO of 2016 Los Altos Event Honoring Him
    Councilwoman Stacy Mungo Flanigan Withdraws Her Application That Sought Spot On State Redistricting Panel
    Her Pursuit Of The Position And Self-Description Of Her LB Council Record May Now Become Campaign Fodder For Challengers If She Seeks Third Council Term
    Three More Deaths (Two NOT In Long Term Care Facilities; 2 In 70s, 1 in 80s) 931 Persons (Up From 898) Have Now Tested Positive. Roughly 595 Have Recovered
    Several Councilmembers Signal Resistance When City Mgr. Says COVID-19 Budget Responses Could Include Cutting Firefighter/Police Replenishment Academy Classes
    May 8 Recap: 2 More Deaths, One Person In Their 40s; 898 LB Residents Have Tested Positive To Date (Up From 875), Approx. 564 Have Recovered; Hospitalized Curently 50 (Up From 46)
    May 7: Oops: Private Lab's Failure To Report Positive Test Results Since May 1 Creates Anamalous One Day Numerical Spike; New Positive Test Total Jumps To 875; No Add'l Deaths; 46 Persons Now Hospitalized (49 Yesterday)
    May 6 Recap: Only TWO Addl Positive Test Results; 791 Total To Date, No Add'l Deaths
    Subsequent development above:
    Perspective: Openness And Oversight Overdue, Council Will Decide Whether To Give Aquarium Operator $2.1 Mil Loan; See Its Tax Form Showing What It Pays Top Aquarium Staff; Should Council Condition Loan Approval On Aquarium Allowing Public Access To Its Board Meetings And Minutes...Or Enable Status Quo?
    As seen LIVE: May 5 Update: Council votes to have City Att'y redraft this item and bring it back to the Council in a week to clarify concerns over its reach and possible misdemeanor prosecution Should City Council Give Up Its Check and Balance Approval Authority Over City Mgm't Decreed Emergency "Civil Defense" Public Health/Safety Orders? It's On May 5 City Council Agenda
    Msy 5 Recap: 789 LB Residents (up from 768) Have Tested Positive To Date, Apprx. 494 Recovered; Another Death (Man in 70s) Brings Total To 38
    May 4 LB Recap: Amid Protests To COVID-19 Restrictions Bordering On Revolt, Gov. Newsom Signals Changes (He Says Based On Data) Coming May 7 Allowing Some Reopenings In Some Retail Areas And Supportive Sectors; Mayor Garcia Echos Newsom's Stance, Says LB Could See Changes In Some Recreational Areas Before Coming Weekend
    768 individuals (up from 760) have tested positive to date, roughly 475 have recovered; no add'l deaths (death toll remains at 37)
    May 3 Recap: 760 LB Residents (Up From 745) Have Tested Positive, Roughly 467 Have Recovered, No Add'l Deaths (Death Toll Remains At 37)
    LB-Area State Senator Lena Gonzalez Teams With CA Apartment Ass'n To Introduce Bill That Would Have State Taxpayers Pay 80% Of COVID-19-Impacted Tenants' Rent To Landlords Who Voluntarily Agree Not To Raise Rents Thru 2020
    OC Judge Declines To Immediately Block Gov's OC Beach Closure Directive, Sets Full Heaing May 11; Anti-Lockdown Demonstrators Converge (Again) On HB
    May 2 Recap: 745 LB Residents Have Tested Positive, Roughly 445 Have Recovered, Man In His 80's Dies (LB Death Toll Now 37)
    LB Parks/Rec Comm'r Goldberg Calls For Easing Current Stay-Home/Business Closure Orders Now; Some Respondents Say If Current Orders Continue, They'll Begin Ignoring Them
    City Seeks/Collects This Information From Those Participating In Its Online "Reopen LB Survey"
    May 1 Update: 709 LB Residents (Up From 667/Largest Single Day Increase) Tested Positive To Date; 210 (Cumulated) At LB Long Term Care Facilities (Patients+Staff); Roughly 424 LB Residents Have Recoverd To Date; No Add'l Deaths
    April 30 Recap: Symptomatic Homeless Man Swiftly Diverted To Hospital On Intake At NLB Shelter And Tests Positive; 667 Total LB Positives To Date. Roughly 402 Recovered Long Beach Mayor Garcia Offers Excuses But Riverside County Begins Offering COVID-19 Testing For Its Residents Regardless Of Whether They're Showing Symptoms
    Bizarre Incident: Man With Possible Long Guns Shoots At Bldg In 200 Block E. Market St. Officers Find Casings, Caller Reported He Was Pulling A Wagon
    Pushback On Public Health Orders May Produce Long Beach Protest March May 1 Against "Stay At Home" Rules
    AUDIO: Hear Long Beach Woman Describe What Did And Didn't Happen, And What She Faces Now After She Found Homeless Man Sleeping In Her Car
    Tale of Two Cities / Violent Crime Impacting Inequity: 9 Shooting Crime Scenes In Just Over Three Weeks, 8 Of Them In 1st Or 6th Council Districts
    Map shows cumulated fatal, non-fatal and no-person hit shootings in Central LB from Jan. 1, 2018 to date.

    Jan 1, 2018 to date: Red Xs=homicides; Blue Xs= shootings, person wounded; Brown Xs=shots fired at victim(s), not hit; Purple Xs=shots at occupied residence/vehicle; Green Xs= shots at unoccupied vehicle/residence; Grey Xs=shots fired (no hit, no target identified); Orange X's=non-fatal stabbings; Blue * asterisk=victim hit, police unable to locate crime scene. Map is unofficial.
    Huntington Beach Council Votes To Pursue Legal Challenge To Governor-Directed OC Beach Closures; HB Will Close Its Beaches While Legal Challenge Proceeds
    April 29 Recap: Three More LB Deaths (They're At LB Long Term Care Facilities), Death Toll Now 36 (30 At LB Long Term Care Facilities); 629 Positive Test Cases To Date, 377 Have Recovered
    April 28 Recap: Gov. Newsom Signals Consideration To Starting School Year In July-August Instead of Fall, Says Changes Coming To His "Stay Home" Order Putting CA "Weeks Not Months" Form Letting Some Businesses Reopen In Phased Approach; 2 More LB Deaths (Death Toll Now 33, Most In Long Term Care Facilities)
    Read How Councilwoman Mungo Described Her Council Record In Pursuing Seat On CA Redistricting Comm'n; Deadline For Written Public Comments In Response Is 5 p.m. April 29; If She's Chosen, CA Constitution Would Require Her To Give Up Her Council Seat, Triggering Special (No Runoff) 5th Dist. Election
    Mayor Garcia Announces More Testing Locations But Still NONE For Those Without Symptoms, Says LB Weeks Not Months From Meaningful Reopening Changes
    Councilwoman Mungo Seeks Seat On CA Redistricting Panel; If Chosen, CA Constitution Would Require Her To Give Up Her Council Seat
    Can LB Council Loosen Some COVID-19 Restrictions? Maybe, But Subject To These Limits, City Attorney Says
    Follow-Up / AUDIO: Mayor Garcia Responds To Pushback On COVID-19 Restrictions, Says Easing Them Now Would Mean More Deaths
    Uplifting Follow-Up: Locally Owned Company (Save The Day Restoration) Donates Its Time, Crew, Equipment And Supplies To Clean/Sanitize Woman's Car Ransacked And Possibly COVID-19 Contaminated By Scofflaw Homeless Person

    Apr. 26 Recap: 576 LB Residents Have Tested COVID=19 Positive To Date, Roughly 334 Total Have Rocovered To Date; Two Add'l Deaths (Total = 31)
    Apr. 25 Recap: 566 LB Residents Have Tested COVID=19 Positive To Date (About 30% At Long Term Care Facilities), Roughly 323 Total Have Rocovered To Date; No Add'l Deaths (Total = 29)
    April 24 Recap: COVID-19 On Track To Become LB's Leading Cause of Death (Exceeding Murders, Vehicle Accidents And Others); Mayor Garcia Responds To Pushback On COVID-19 Restrictions, Says Easing Them Now Would Mean More Deaths
    In Depth / With AUDIO: LBTransit Driver Tests Positive For COVID-19; New Data Indicates One Can Spread Virus Before Showing Symptoms; On April 17 LBREPORT.com Asked Mayor Garcia 17 If LBTransit And LA Metro Should Do More To Slow Virus Spread; AUDIO: Hear His Response
    City of Long Beach Is Crafting Policy Change To Enable Some Persons To Get COVID-19 Tests Even If They Don't Display Symptoms (Details Developing)
    Coming LB policy shift comes after Gov. Newsom, L.A. County Health Dept. and City of L.A. signaled similar changes
    UPDATE: 2200 Block Clark Victim Was Shot With A Pellet Gun, Taken To Hospital In Critical Condition, Suspect Arrested/Booked On Suspicion Of Attempted Murder

    Photo by Diana Lejins
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