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Continually updated Confirmed LB shootings (fatal + non-fatal + no-hit) since Aug. 1 and homicides since Jan. 1. On July 31, Mayor Garcia recommended a FY19 budget that restored 5 add'l net citywide deployable officers, leaving 186 such officers unrestored. On Sept. 4, Council approved this 9-0. Thin Blue Line: To view LB's per capita police level for taxpayers compared to Los Angeles and Signal Hill, click here
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  • New / Extended VIDEO Coverage: See / Hear The Sights / Sounds Of 65th Annual Daisy Ave. Christmas Tree Lane Parade

    New: LBPD Arrests Suspect In Fatal Shooting Of 24 Yr Old Anna Perez (Pacific/4th St.)
    UPDATE: Sat. Vandenberg rocket launch SCRUBBED seconds before liftoff. United Launch Alliance (ULA) tweets it was "due to an unexpected condition during terminal count. The team is reviewing all data and will determine the path forward. A new launch date will be provided when available."
    New: City Hall-Hired Attorney Says LBPD Use Of Self-Destructing Text Message App Didn't/Doesn't Break Laws Or Jeopardize Criminal Cases Or Violate Public Records Act Or Violate City Hall-Written Policies
    Opinion from publisher Pearl: "In our opinion, the document's defensive contentions invite abuses of the CA Public Records Act that the City Council can and should act to prevent."
    New: "KLBP/Long Beach Public Radio," New Licensed Low-Power Non-Comm'l FM Station Will Have Low Wattage But High Enthusiasm, Station Engineers Race To Meet FCC Air Deadline
    100 watt air signal at 99.1 FM from Port-leased tower expected to cover downtown and nearby areas plus simulcast on internet listenable worldwide

    First (Again) on Long Beach Councilman Roberto Uranga Files 2020 Papers Readying 2019 Run For LB-Huntington Park State Senate Seat; Councilman Austin Filed 2020 Papers In Fall 2017; Candidates From Smaller Cities Also Preparing
    New: Dec. 6: Man Walking In Wrigley District Is Shot/Wounded, Area 20th/San Francisco (7th Dist.)
    First (Again) on Taxpayer Lawsuit Challenging Measure M (Utility Revenue Transfers To Fund Gen'l City Hall Spending) Filed By Plaintiffs/Legal Team That Won Settlement Ending City Hall "Pipeline Fees" Charged To Water Dept. Users
    VIDEO coverage coming: A Long Beach Tradition, Saturday Dec. 8 @ 5:00 p.m.: LB's Daisy Ave. Christmas Tree Lane Parade
    New: Council Votes 7-0 To Reduce Developer's Purchase Price For City-Owned Atlantic/Artesia Parcels (NE corner) By $1 Mil (Nearly In Half)
  • Councilmembers Gonzalez and Mungo leave meeting before voting on the million-dollar item
  • LB's former RDA paid $7.7+ mil to acquire the properties, Council voted in Aug. 2016 to sell them $2.1 mil
    New: Long Beach Council Votes 6-3 To Spend $250,000 For Deportation Legal Defense Fund
    New: SF State Senator Wiener Keeps His Word/Strikes Again: Introduces New Bill -- SB 50 -- Modeled After Last Year's Stalled SB 827 -- That Would Let Housing Developers Override Locally Zoned Neighborhood Density, Build Multi-Unit Housing Density To Sac'to Specified Heights Within Sac'to Specified Distances From Bus/Rail Stns

  • MORE News

    Dec. 4 Midmorning NLB Gunfire, Man Is Shot/Wounded 6000 Block Atlantic Ave. (Roughly Two Blocks North of Michelle Obama Neighborhood Library)

    Council approves this item 7-0 (Gonzalez, Mungo absent) Councilmember Price, Plus Pearce & Supernaw, Agendize Significant Homeless-Related Request: They Want To Know How Many Private, Non-Profit And Public Shelter Beds Currently Exist In Long Beach. Here's Why That's A Very Big Deal
    Periscope / Perspective: Most Of These Impactful Items Are About To Surface During December Holiday Period:
  • (1) Dec. 11: City Hired Consultant's Downtown/Alamitos Beach "Parking Study" (Impacted Residents Say It's Seriously Flawed);
  • (2) Dec. 11: Homeless Recommendations: (Staff-Written After Staff-Led Mayor-Picked "Task Force" Meetings);
  • (3) Dec 11 (or possibly Dec. 18): Letting For-Profit Entity Operate Smaller Version of Community Hospital (Will Council Approve Spending Taxpayer Funds For This And If So, How Much?)
  • (4) Dec. 18: Rescheduled to Jan. 8: Possible "Tenant Assistance" Measures (Staff Has Met With Landlord & Tenant Groups, Discussed Possible Tenant Relocation Provisions)
    State Senator Umberg Is Sworn Into Office As Final Tally Shows Now-Former State Senator Nguyen Lost In SE LB By 3,091 Votes...And Lost The Election By 3,089 Votes
    Former Repub incumbent irked SE LB by voting for Dem-backed SB 562 (enabler for costly new downtown LB Civic Center) & SB 35 ("streamlined" certain increased housing density that overrides certain local zoning req'ts and resident appeals)
    Follow-Up / Perspective: Annamarie Perez, 24, Fatally Shot In Downtown LB Was From LB, Lived In LB, Attended LBCC; "Go Fund Me" Page Invites Help To Pay For Her Funeral
    It's second "Go Fund Me" effort related to a LB homicide in a little less than two months
    Subsequent coverage above
    24 Year Old Woman Is Fatally Shot In Downtown LB (Pacific/4th St.)...And LBPD Says Shooting Appears Related To Verbal Alercation Between Two Groups of Men And Women...And Victim Wasn't Believed To Be Part Of Either Group
    About thirty mins later, a man driving in area 7th/Redondo was shot/wounded
    Long Beach Council Vote Scheduled Dec. 4 To Implement $250,000 Immigration/Deportation Legal Defense Fund
    Driver Crashes At 7th/Redondo After He's Shot/Wounded Nearby
    Occurred roughly thirty minutes after 300 Pacific homicide in DTLB
    Further On Dec. 4 Council Hearing Seeking To Reduce Developer's Purchase Price For City-Owned Atlantic/Artesia Parcels (NE corner) By $1 Mil (Nearly In Half)
  • Revised site plan reduces commercial square footage by 17% compared to price reduction of 47%
  • After LB's RDA paid $7.7+ mil to acquire properties, Council voted in Aug. 2016 to sell them $2.1 mil although it wasn't the highest offered price ("slightly less" staff said at the time)
  • AUDIO / Amnesia File: Aug 2016: Hear Councilman (then-Vice Mayor) Richardson praise project as originally proposed, citing its already included amenities
    Here's Composite Sketch Of LBPD Suspect In Murder Of Fred Taft

    $30,000 reward continues for information leading to apprehension and conviction of person(s) responsible for July murder in ELB's Pan Am Park
    LBFD Says 38th Place Fatal Fire Was Accidental, Victim Had Limited Mobility, Contributing Factors Were Home Oxygen Use And Smoking
    City Staff Asks Council To Cut Nearly In Half Sale Price Of This Taxpayer-Owned Key North Long Beach Property (NE area Atlantic/Artesia), Reducing Price For Buyer/Developer By $1 Million Citing City-Req'd "Community Benefiting Design Features," Using A Sac'to Law Intended To Promote "Economic Opportunity"
    Follow the Money: Mayor Garcia Uses Contributions To His 2018 Re-Election Campaign To Make A Second $50,000 Loan To Garcia-Operated Garcia/Doud-Named Pro-AAA-DDD Committee
    LBPD Impounds Vehicle, Identifies 86 Year Old Woman As Suspect, No Arrests Made At This Point In Alleged Hit/Run (Bellflower/27th St.), Skateboard Rider Remains In Critical Condition
    Free, Fun Nature Walk Thru Los Cerritos Wetlands: Dec. 1, 8 a.m.
    Woman Dies Belmont Shore Area Apartment Fire (38th Place)

    LBFD photo
    Follow the Money: After Election, Garcia/Doud "Good Gov't" Pro-Charter Amendment Committee Collects $13,500 From These Entities
    Subsequent development: Sheriff McDonnell has conceded the election outcome
    Do The Math: Retired Sheriff Lt. Villanueva Now Leads Sheriff McDonnell By 105,036 Votes With Approx. 185,000 Ballots Left To Be Counted; McDonnell Says Appropriate Preparations Underway for An Orderly Transition "If That Becomes Necessary"
    Central LB Gunfire On Thanksiving Night: Casings/Witnesses Found But No Person(s) Hit North of LBCC's PCH Campus (6th dist.); It's Within Blocks Of Other 2018 Shootings/Woundings And At Least Two Homicides And It Comes Less Than A Week After Double-Homicide Area 17th/Alamitos South of LBCC Campus

    Jan 1, 2018 to date: Red Xs=homicides; Blue Xs= shootings, person wounded; Brown Xs=shots fired at victim(s), not hit; Purple Xs=shots at occupied residence/vehicle; Green Xs= shots at unoccupied vehicle/residence; Grey Xs=shots fired (no hit, no target identified); Orange X's=non-fatal stabbings; Blue * asterisk=victim hit, police unable to locate crime scene. Map is unofficial. A separate map (not shown here) shows shootings in NLB
    Overnight Gunfire in NLB, 400 block E. South St. (Border 8th/9th dists)
    LBPD Seeks Public's Help In ID'ing Bicycle-Riding Suspect Believed Responsible For Groping Women
    One Day After 17th/Alamitos Double-Homicide, Shots Heard/Casings Found About A Quarter Mile West, Area PCH/Myrtle Across From Poly High (6th dist.)
    Exiting Governor Brown Pardons Former State Senator Roderick Wright, Dem Rep'd Part of LB, Convicted Of Felonies Incl. Fraudulent Voting & Perjury For Which He Consistently Maintained His Innocence
    State Sen. Janet Nguyen Falls Further Behind Dem Challenger Tom Umberg; LB Votes May Send SE LB-West OC Repub Incumbent Down To Defeat
    Nguyen voted for Dem-backed SB 35 (enabled increased density for some housing developments by overriding local zoning/resident appeal rights) and SB 562 (LB City Hall-sought enabler for Civic Center transaction) Subsequent coverage above
    Sheriff Jim McDonnell Trails Challenger Retired Lt. Alex Villanueva By 86,920 Votes...With Estimated 261,000 Ballots Remaining To Be Counted
    Man And Woman -- LB Residents In Their 50s -- Driving In Neighborhood About A Block South of LBCC's Central LB PCH Campus Are Shot And Killed
    It's LB's fifth shooting crime-scene since Nov. 10, the sixth since Nov. 7

    Jan 1, 2018 to date: Red Xs=homicides; Blue Xs= shootings, person wounded; Brown Xs=shots fired at victim(s), not hit; Purple Xs=shots at occupied residence/vehicle; Green Xs= shots at unoccupied vehicle/residence; Grey Xs=shots fired (no hit, no target identified); Orange X's=non-fatal stabbings; Blue * asterisk=victim hit, police unable to locate crime scene. Map is unofficial. A separate map (not shown here) shows shootings in NLB
    As seen LIVE: Council approves 9-0 Airport Mgm't Seeks Council Approval To Require Increased Carrier Use In "Use 'Em Or Lose 'Em" Flight Slot Rules; Southwest Airlines (With Fewer Slots Now) Supports; JetBlue (With More Slots Now) Opposes; FAA Declines Formal Legal Opinion; City Cites These Factors Incl. Fed'l Req'ts In Seeking Council Action On Expedited Basis
    As seen LIVE: Council approves 9-0 Council Will Vote Nov. 20 On Mayor-Suggested Committee Recommendation To Name Convention Center Exhibit Hall For Former Mayor Kell Garcia-Doud AAA-DDD Campaign Spent Over $6,000 For Oakland Firm To Send/Communicate/Interact Via LB-Local-Appearing Campaign Texts; Did You Receive One Of Them?
    Challenger Villanueva Widens His Lead Over Sheriff McDonnell, Roughly 58,000 Votes Now Separate Them With About 422,000 Ballots Remaining To Be Counted
    Perspective: With Lara Likely Next Insurance Comm'r, Who Might Seek His Vacant State Senate Seat? Man Says He Was Shot/Wounded, Area 10th St./Locust Ave.
    Election Follow-Up: Reform Coalition Campaign Was Outspent Roughly 7 To 1 Against Its Effort To Stop Mayor/Council Sought Term Limits Change
    BBB enacted with largest number of "No" votes among four proposed Charter Amendments
    Follow the Money: One Day Before Election, Garcia Loaned $50,000 From His 2018 Mayoral Re-Election Campaign Committee To Garcia-Run (Garcia/Doud Named) Pro-AAA-DDD Committee...And It Still Leaves Pro-AAA-DDD Committee With $153,000 In Unpaid Bills (Some Possibly From June Pro-Measure M Campaign)
    Follow the Money: Pro-BBB/DDD "Economic and Policy Impact Center" Campaign" Received $15,000 From Two Unions, Spent/Incurred Expenses Over $19,000 In Campaign To Link Term Limits Change To Redistricting Comm'n, Calling Them Both Voting/Civil Rights Issues
  • Perspective / Viewpoints

    Editorial: How Much, If Anything, Should LB Taxpayers Pay So A Private Entity Can Run A Smaller Version Of Community Hospital For Profit On Seismically-Challenged City Land? Public Deserves Overdue Discussion Of Taboo Taxpayer Topic With Overdue Reforms In Mayor/Council Contract Approval Process

    News / Perspective: "Animal Care Visioning Task Force" -- With No-Kill Leaders Muzzled From Membership By Mayor -- Let City Mgm't Run Its Latest Meeting, Offer Information Without Meaningful Challenge, Conduct Proceedings Nearly Inaudible By Audience And Let Public Speak Only After Discussion Of All Agendized Items Was Over

    Perspective: By The Numbers: Councilmembers Gonzalez & Andrews (And Former-Councilman/Now-Mayor Garcia) On Police Officers For LB Taxpayers
    Perspective / Opinion: How Much Will 60-Day Animal License Amnesty Collect And Where Will It Be Spent? Council Said Nothing...But Should
    Perspective / Opinion: Here's Mayor/Council Political Playbook That Propelled Term-Limit Changing BBB...And What Could Happen Next
    Opinion / Amnesia File: Revisiting Robert Garcia's Record As Councilman And Now Mayor On Redistricting; Will Cambodia-Town Votes On DDD Tilt The Outcome On His Desired Term Limit-Changing BBB?
    Perspective: Where Was Mayor Garcia During Oct. 23 Council Meeting?
    Editorial: Independent Or Politically Co-Dependent? Troubling Actions By LB's Incumbent City Auditor
    Editorial: Non-Study Session "To Receive An Update On The Queen Mary"
    Editorial: No-Kill Animal Shelter Advocates Spotted Issues Years Ago That Auditor Acknowledges Now; They Deserve A Seat At The Table; Council Should Agendize Discussion Of Auditor's Report; Mayor Should Add, Instead Of Exclude, No Kill Advocates To His "Visioning Task Force"
    Perspective: A Moral Issue: Hear What LB Fire Chief Said About Firefighting Effects Of Hi-Rise Density...As Mgmt/Mayor Again Fail To Recommend Restoring Downtown Density Fire Engine 101
    Editorial: City Auditor's "Performance Audit" On Animal Shelter Gives Pols Political Cover For Budgets That Begat Issues She Identifies
    Attempting To De-Code Mayor/Council Code of Silence As These Sac'to Bills Advance (SB 905 (4 a.m. Bar Bill) and AB 931 (That LB Police Chief Said Could Endanger Officers And The Public)
    Perspective / Opinion: Long Beach Charter Amendment Hearings Shrugged This State Law Enacted After City of Bell Scandal
    Council & I Didn't Raise Taxes, You Did
    Based on statement by Long Beach Mayor Robert Garcia at Long Beach City Council meeting, July 24, 2018

    Editorial: Yes: On Price-Supernaw-Austin-Pearce Agenda Item Seeking Feasibility Of Administrative Citations To Deter Fireworks Scofflaws
    Editorial: Are LB Taxpayers Better Off Now Than Four Years Ago?
    Editorial: We Say These Decisions By Two LB Mayors, And Past And Present Councilmembers Endorsed By The LB Police Officers Ass'n PAC, Made The Tragic, Fatal Officer-Involved Shooting of CSULB-Bound Feras Morad More Likely
    "Amnesia File" / Opinion: How LB Residents Lost Their Right To Agendize Items For Council Discussion/Action...And Why Restoring That Right Should Be Priority Reform Now
    Ediorial: Mayor Orchestrated Commission Photo Op Offers More Important Agenda Opportunity
    Perspective: Hypodermic Syringe On LB Beach Stabs A Jr. Lifeguard...And It Shouldn't Take A Public Records Act Request To Find Out What Really Happened
    Editorial: The Community Hospital Deal...For Grown-Ups
    Statement by the Publisher / Opinion: More Than Ever
    Op-Ed: Things They Need to Tell Us Before They Lease Community Hospital
    By Gerrie Schipske *
    * Ms. Schipske, an attorney, served two terms as LB's 5th dist. Councilwoman (2006-2014) and is the author of Historical Hospitals of Long Beach

    Editorial: Mayor Garcia's Anti-Reform Charter Amendments
    Perspective: Councilwoman Price Says She Opposes Sac'to Bill That Could Let LB Council Allow 4 a.m. Bar Closings In Parts of LB...But Here's What She Didn't Say And Hasn't Done
    Editorial: Apply This CA Jury Instruction To Mayor/Councilmembers Who Claim Blank Check Measure M Isn't A Tax
    Editorial: "Alternative Facts" In Long Beach
    Perspective: Did Mayor And Your Councilmember Tell You Measure M Isn't A Tax? Compare Exactly What Council Voted To Approve When It Put Measure M On Ballot
    Using Cops As Props

    Friends of LB Animals
    Adoptable pets and more:

    Reference links
  • Council District Map
  • Email Your Councilmember
  • How To Recall a LB Elected Official

  • RecentlyWeeks AgoPast Few Months
    Public Safety Advisory / Info Sought: LBPD Composite Sketch Of Suspect In ELB Indecent Exposure (To 13 Yr Old Girl); If You Recognize Or See Him, Tell LBPD

    LBPD composite sketch of suspect
    Lara Widens His Lead In State Insurance Comm'r Race; If He Wins, It Could Trigger LB City Hall Political Moves Sparked By His Vacated State Senate Seat
    UPDATE: Challenger Villanueva Extends His Lead Over Sheriff McDonnell, Roughly 22,000 Votes Separate Them With About 688,000 Ballots Remaining To Be Counted
    Man Is Shot/Wounded, Area Atlantic/Burnett
    Man Says He Was Shot/Wounded, Area PCH/Henderson (One Block East of Magnolia)
    Someone Shoots At A Car Parked In 200 block Pacific Ave., Misses A Man (Adult) And A Girl Seated Inside, Damages The Vehicle
    Subsequent coverage above
    Mayor Garcia Proposes, CVB Supports, Naming Convention Center Exhibit Hall For Former Mayor Kell; Housing Neighborhoods Committee Will Consider It Tues. Nov. 13...Although That Action Isn't Agendized; Consideration Of El Dorado Library Renaming Is
    Proposal diplomatically sidesteps opposition to Councilwoman Mungo's 2017 proposed renaming of El Dorado branch library
    Special Event Video Coverage: See/Hear It: LB Veterans Day Parade
    Two parts below)

    UPDATE: Sheriff McDonnell Cuts Lead of Challenger Villanueva to 335 Votes...With Roughly 934,000 Ballots Not Yet Counted; At This Point It's Razor-Thin 50.1% For Villanueva, 49.9% For McDonnell
    Source of October Long Beach-Seal Beach "Mystery Stink" ID'd; SCAQMD Cites Crude Oil Tanker Berthed In LB
    Boeing's Former C17 Plant Is For Sale; Readers Learned Over A Month Ago City Council Held Closed Session On Negotiation Of Price/Terms For It, Listed As "2400 and 2401 E. Wardlow Rd."
    Man Standing Outside In Wrigley District Is Shot/Wounded, Area 20th/Pine
    Perspective: LB Reform Coalition Spokesman Says Group "Will Carry On With A Reform Agenda In Development And Sorely Needed In Long Beach" And "Will Carry Forward Mission Of Civic Reform Undaunted"
    City Auditor Laura Doud Issues This Statement On Passage Of City Charter Amendments AAA, BBB, CCC and DDD
    VIDEO Coverage above: This Saturday's Nov. 10 LB Veterans Day Parade & Festival Features Compact Route With These Special Guests Followed By Open Street Fair With Music, Food, Vendors & More
    Too Close To Call: State Senator Lara (D) Leads Steve Poizner (Ind) For Insurance Comm'r; If Lara Wins, It Would Trigger Scramble To Fill His LB-Huntington Park State Senate Seat
    Subsequent development above:
    Stunner/Too Close To Call: L.A. County Sheriff Jim McDonnell Trails Challenger Alex Villanueva By About 5,000 Votes (50.15% to 49.85%)
    All precincts reporting but with provisional and late arriving vote-by-mail ballots still to be counted
    L.A. County Stormwater Parcel Property Tax Assessment Edges To Passage; Here's Online Calculator Estimating Add'l Amount Residential & Business Property Owners Will Pay
    Dem Josh Lowenthal Outpolled By Repub In Pursuing OC Assembly Seat
    Amnesia File: Mr. Lowenthal played key role in helping Robert Garcia reinvent himself from Young Repub leader to Dem Council candidate that launched his political career
    Garcia/Doud-Backed Charter Changes AAA-DDD Pass, Including BBB Letting Mayor/Council Seek Third Terms Without Write-In Req't, Fends Off Opposition From Reform Coalition PAC
    Follow-Up / Perspective: Belmont Shore Residents Say LBPD Swept Belmont Shore Areas to Minimize Visible Vagrants Prior To Anti-Crime March, Speculate It Was Attempt To Downplay Conditions; LBPD Says It's Part Of Continuing City Response To Issues
    City Staff Extends Motorized E-Scooter Pilot Program To Jan. 31
    Says Staff Continues To Evaluate Vendors Participating In The Program & Prepares Forthcoming Report To Council On An Extended Program
    Coroner's Report Says Multiple Gunshot Wounds Killed Fred Taft In Pan Am Park
    Follow-Up / VIDEO / Photos: See / Hear Dia de los Muertos Event, Funded In Part By Shifting $70,000 From 1st Dist. Infrastructure Funds (Request By Councilwoman Gonzalez, Approved By City Council)

    Four Shot/Wounded (One Adult, Three Juveniles) In Shooting (9th Dist, NE of Orange/South), LBPD Investigating As Gang-Related
    LBPD Arrests Two Suspects (Both Adults) In Murder Of Grandfather Jose Corrales, Fatally Shot While Watering His Lawn In WLB Neighborhood
    LBPD Detectives Believe Murder Was Gang Motivated And May Be Correlated To An Altercation Earlier That Day At Nearby Cabrillo High
    Residents March Along Belmont Shore's 2nd St. And Beach In Response To Neighborhood Crime They Link To Scofflaw Vagrants; Organizer Says Neighborhood Needs More Police And Enforcement And Homeless Need Help
    Counter-demonstrators march across street, call event participants vigilantes, say housing is a human right

    Another Report Of A Man Driving Up, Exposing Himself To A Walking 13 Yr Old Girl, This Time In NLB (68th St./Orange Ave.)
    Garcia-Doud "Good Gov't" Committee Paid To Send "Republican Voter Guide" Recommending "Yes" On BBB...Although LB Area Republicans Leadership Recommended "No Position" On BBB
    Members of LB's Cambodian-American Community Sign "Open Letter" Blasting Mayor Garcia And Attempts To Use DDD (Redistricting Comm'n) To Get Votes For BBB (Would Let Mayor/Council Avoid Write-Ins In Seeking Third Terms)
    See parts of this election-related story that reported that you may not have seen elsewhere
    Follow the Money: With Vote By Mail Ballots Flying And Nearing Election Day, As of Oct. 25 Final (Or Near Final) Campaign Finance Reports (Named Contributors, Resulting Cash On Hand & Debts) Show Garcia-Doud Pro-AAA/DDD Had This; Economic & Policy Impact Pro-BBB-DDD Had This; And Reform Coalition Anti-BBB Had This
    In Depth / Perspective: Troubling Timeline On Term Limit Changing BBB: Here's What Mayor/Auditor/City Att'y Did And How They Did It In Putting BBB On The Ballot And What's Happened Now
    Second CA Att'y -- (Yale Undergrad, Georgetown Law School Grad) Whose Law Firm Handles Election Law Matters -- Says Measure BBB Would Allow Mayor & Council Three More Terms (12 More Years), Not One More Term As Mayor/City Att'y Contend
    Reform Coalition opposed to BBB sought law firm opinion after retired Councilwoman Schipske reached same conclusion counter to City Att'y's view
    And Related
    Hear It / Podcast: Q & A With Att'y Whose Firm Handles Election Law Explains Why He Believes Measure BBB Would Allow Mayor & Council Three More Terms (12 More Years), Not One More Term As Mayor/City Att'y Contend, Describes Possible Legal Scenario If Voters Approve It
    This Suspect Exposed Himself & Made Sexual Comments To Teenage Girl Walking In Lakewood Village
    VIDEO: Long Beach Jewish Community Gathers To Remember Victims Of Pittsburgh Synagogue Massacre; Mayor Garcia Speaks, Rabbis Convey Powerful Messages

    Perspective: Walmart Corp Wants To Put A New Building In Northern Vacant Area At ELB's Towne Center For "Re-Imagined" Experience; Does It Need City Hall Approvals? Any Public Input? Do Walmart's Corporate Plans Matter To You In Terms Of Your Everyday Life?

    A Former Slave/Union Soldier Later Lived, Worked & Died In Long Beach; Former Councilwoman Gerrie Schipske Learned His Grave Headstone Was Stolen; Now It Will Be Restored
    NLB Gunfire Damages Vehicles, No Person Hit, 67th St. (south of 91 Fwy) b/w Paramount/Downey Aves.
    Follow the Money: Oct 29: LB Firefighters Ass'n Adds $2,000 To "Garcia/Doud Pro-AAA-DDD "Good Gov't" Committee
    Follow the Money: Garcia/Doud Pro-AAA-DDD "Good Gov't" Committee Contributors Now Include Edison Int'l, PG&E And Panattoni Development Corp. (Total = $22,500)
    Committee Reports As Of Oct. 20 It Had Nearly $42,000 Cash On Hand But With Roughly $79,000 In Outstanding Debts
    Follow the Money: In Final Push, Grassroots LB Reform Coalition PAC Receives $3,200 In Contribs From Three Individuals, Incl. Retired Councilwoman Gabelich
    Man Says He Was Stabbed/Wounded, 5200 block Atlantic (8th dist.), Same Area As Fatal Shooting One Month Ago
    Long Beach Rabbi Perelmuter's Message Following Pittsburgh Synogogue Massacre
    Follow-Up: Supernaw Balks At Conducting Public Outreach Meeting On His Request For Report On Options To "Streamline" (Shorten) Council Meetings, Agrees To Mungo Substitute To Invite Public To Submit Emailed/Digital Comments; Mungo. Uranga And Supernaw Also Signal Resistance To Returning To Four Council Meetings Per Month; Council Seeks Report On Options Within 90 Days
    Woman (Adult Pedestrian) Is Killed In Alleged Hit/Run, 2nd St. @ Tivoli Drive (Naples)
    Mayor Garcia Launches Video Ad Seeking Cambodian Community Votes For His Desired Measures AAA-CCC In Addition To DDD
    VIDEO: Memorial Bench Unveiled Atop Willow Springs Park Honoring Neighborhood Advocate, Community Volunteer Jerry Caligiuri

    First (Again) on LBREPORT,com: New Political Committee Surfaces, Attempts To Link BBB (Lets Incumbents Avoid Write-In Reqt For Third Terms) To DDD (Redistricting Reform/Cambodian Equity) By Portraying Both As Civil Rights/Voting Rights Matters, Receives $10,000 Initial Funding From So Cal Pipe Trades Union
    NLB Gunfire Flies, No One Hit, 6100 block Linden Ave.
    Follow-Up / AUDIO: Council Hears Councilwoman Gonzalez Explain Her ($70,000 City Taxpayer-Funded) Dia de los Muertos/Day of the Dead Event, Assisted By Two Event Supporters
    Follow-Up: Heartfelt Sidewalk Memorial -- Candles, Flowers And Eloquent Written Messages -- To Isaac Jetmore, 17, From McBride Classmates, Friends And LB Residents Expressing Condolences

    Another Central LB Homicide: Man Is Shot/Killed, Just North of LBCC PCH Campus
    Perspective: Point Of Disorder: When These Four Councilmembers Walked Out, They (Again) Scoffed This LB Muni Code / Council Rule...And The Chair And Council Colleagues (Again) Didn't Call Them On It
    Follow the Money: Garcia/Doud Pro-AAA-DDD "Good Gov't" Committee Contributors Now Include Synergy Oil ($10,000), Beach Oil Mineral Partners ($10,000), California Resources Corp ($25,000) And...
    Follow the Money: From Oct 1-20, Grassroots LB Reform Coalition PAC Received $6,800+ In Contribs, Brings Two Month Total To $27,000, Has $10,000 Left In Effort To Defeat Measure BBB (Mayor/Council-Sought 3 Terms Instead of Current 2 Terms + Write-Ins)
    Perspective: Politics For Grown-Ups: Mayor Garcia's Attempt To Use Cambodian Community's Rightful Desire For Redistricting To Boost Garcia/Council-Sought Other Charter Amendments was the only LB news outlet to report what we heard, saw and documented weeks ago

    Perspective: Tale of Two Cities: See These Two Maps, That City Mgm't Quietly Showed To Mayor/Council, Showing Locations Of Graffiti And Illegal Trash Dumping. What Do These Maps Tell You?


    Illegal dumping

    LBPD Adds This Information Re Motorcycle Driver, A Male Teen (Juvenile), Killed In Collision With Another Vehicle, Wardlow @ Gondar (ELB)
    Candles in the Wind: 9:00 p.m. Oct. 23: LB residents bring memorial candles, leave flowers, at site where teen perished

    Motorcycle Driver, A Male Teen (Juvenile), Dies In Collision With Another Vehicle, Wardlow @ Gondar (ELB)

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