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New: Two Central LB Shootings w/in 24 Hrs: Anaheim/MLK and Orange/16th (6th dist./Vice Mayor Andrews)

New: Attic Fire In El Dorado Park Estates Home Briefly Escalates To Second Alarm, Knocked Down With No Persons Injured
New / Follow-Up: Planning Comm'n Approves Proposed Studebaker/Loynes Business Park; Grassroots CARP/Eastside Voice/Sierra Club Wetlands Task Force + Some Nearby Neighbors May Appeal To City Council And/Or Coastal Comm'n

Source: Architect rendering attached to city agendized hearing materials
New: Public Pushback on 4th St. Parking Meters Prompts City Staff Delay/Possible Tweaks But These Council Votes -- Twice At Same Meeting -- Approved Them; Hear AUDIO
2nd dist. election fallout: Fox blasts meters; Allen contributed to several Council incumbents who later voted for meters; Lara is endorsed by Pearce who made motion to approve them; and Barrera's FB page mum on meters
New: LBPD Seeks Your Help In ID'ing/Locating These "Persons Of Interest" In Connection With Multiple Alleged Peeking-While-Loitering Incidents In (Mainly) ELB Neighborhoods

LB Has 15th, 16th, 17th, 18th, 19th, 20th, 21st, 22nd, 23rd, 24th, 25th, 26th, 27th, 28th, 29th, 30th, 31st, 32nd, 33rd, 34th, 35th, 36th, 37th, 38th, 39th, 40th. 41st, 42nd, 43rd, 44th, 45th, 46th, 47th, 48th, 49th, 50th, 51st, 52nd, 53rd, 54th, 55th, 56th, 57th, 58th, 59th, 60th, 61st, 62nd, 63rd, 64th, 65th, 66th, 67th, 68th, 69th, 70th, 71st. 72nd, 73rd, 74th, 75th, 76th, 77th, 78th, 79th, 80th, 81st, 82 Shooting Crime Scenes (Fatal + Non-Fatal + No-Person-Hit) Since May 7. Click maps below details on most recent four.
Special Report / In Depth / Amnesia File: Long Beach Had But No Longer Has An LBPD Field Anti-Gang Unit. How'd That Happen?

Jan 1, 2018 to date: Red Xs=homicides; Blue Xs= shootings, person wounded; Brown Xs=shots fired at victim(s), not hit; Purple Xs=shots at occupied residence/vehicle; Green Xs= shots at unoccupied vehicle/residence; Grey Xs=shots fired (no hit, no target identified); Orange X's=non-fatal stabbings; Blue * asterisk=victim hit, police unable to locate crime scene. Map is unofficial.
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Updated 1st District Vote Tally Shows Roughly 13%+ Voter Turnout But Little Overall Change: Mary Zendejas Is Elected To LB City Council With Less Than A Third of Ballots Cast

Newly Restored Fire Engine 17 (Argonne Ave.) Swiftly Knocks Down 11 p.m.-hour Kitchen (Grease) Fire At ELB Hof's Hut (Bellflower/Stearns)
Candles in the Wind: One Week To The Day At Site Where Awaida Father/Mother/Son Lives Taken, Their Surviving Parents/Relatives See Massive Outpouring Of Community Support

(1) LBPD Has Presented Its Evidence/Materials To D.A. For Criminal Case-Filing Consideration In Los Cerritos (Awaida Family) Triple-Fatality; (2) At Court Hearing In Comm'l Burg Case, Court Maintains Its Approval For LB City Prosecutor Haubert-Sought $500k Bail, Schedules Next Hearing Dec. 4
Subsequent coverage above:
For Years, Studebaker/Loynes Industrial Property Has Stood Quiet/Undeveloped But That May Now Change. Property Owner Proposes "Studebaker Rd. Business Park"; Planning Comm'n Will Hold Hearing/Vote Subject To Possible Appeal(s)
Follow the Money: On Day Before & On Election Day, These Sources Gave These Sums To Elect Zendejas To LB's City Council
Man Is Shot/Wounded South St. @ UPRR Tracks (b/w Cherry/Paramount)
Continuing Coverage: Re Los Cerritos Triple-Fatality (Awaida Family) Suspected DUI: LBPD Accident Investigator Continue Preparing Information/Materials For Presentation To District Attorney For Possible Filing Consideration; DA's Decision Will Likely Involve Consideation Of Both Factual And Legal Matters
Continuing Coverage: LBPD Arrested Los Cerritos DUI Suspect Navarro On NON-DUI Charges A Little Over Four Months Ago; Here's What Happened Then And Is Happening Now; He's Back In Jail. On City Prosecutor Motion In Comm'l Burglary Case Court Increased His Bail to $500k
City's Queen Mary Lessee (Ship Operator/Adjacent Land Developer) Urban Commons Provides City Mgm't This Plan For Ship Repairs; Read Details In Attachments And City Mgm't's Upbeat Response
Politics For Grownups / Perspective: Mary Zendejas Is Elected To LB City Council; How She Won And The Others Lost
Candidate(s) Votes Percent
MARY ZENDEJAS (N) 608 31.28%
MARIELA SALGADO (N) 491 25.26%
MISI TAGALOA (N) 367 18.88%
RAY MORQUECHO (N) 151 7.77%
JOE GANEM (N) 123 6.33%

Weeks Ago, L.A. County Election Bureaucrats Quietly Decided To Change A 1st Council Dist. Polling Place Location But Didn't Tell LB's City Clerk Or LB Voters Until A Few Days Before Election; Yes, LB's City Council CAN Choose To Have LB's City Clerk Run LB's Elections Again, But...

They're All Gone: Mother Dies, Joining Toddler Son And Her Husband, Killed While Walking In Los Cerritos Neighborhood, Struck By Suspected/Arrested DUI Driver; Funerals For Father And Son Scheduled Monday 1 p.m.@ Garden Grove Islamic Center
GoFundMe Page Has Raised $179,000+
Eduardo Lara, A Contributor To Electing Jeannine Pearce To LB's City Council In 2016, Enters 2nd Dist. Race To Replace Her...And She Swiftly Endorses Him; CSULB Prof Is Also A Boardmember Of LGBTQ Center
Man Stabbed In Vons (Traffic Circle Area) Parking Lot At Midafternoon Sunday
Man Is Shot At Midafternoon Sunday, Area Hill St./Pasadena Ave. (6th Dist.)
In Depth Coverage / Perspective: New Shoemaker Bridge -- Proposed As Iconic New Entrance To Downtown LB -- Might End Up Considerably Less; City Council (Including Its "I-710 Oversight Committee") Hasn't Paid Attention And Some LB Media Outlets Haven't Told You These Details

Outpouring Of Grief And Prayers, GoFundMe Page Raises $134,000+ After Father And (Update) His Infant Son Perish, Mother In Critical Condition, After Vehicle Strikes Them While Walking On Halloween Night In Los Cerritos Neighborhood; LBPD Arrests Driver On Suspicion Of DUI
More ELB Gunfire: Man Is Shot/Wounded 2400 block Granada (4th Dist Near 5th Dist. Border); It's THIRD Shooting Crime Scene Within A Week "East of Redondo" In Councilman Supernaw's District
  • Signal Hill PD investigating reported Hilltop Park gunfire about a half hour later (no victims or casings found)

    Jan 1, 2018 to date: Red Xs=homicides; Blue Xs= shootings, person wounded; Brown Xs=shots fired at victim(s), not hit; Purple Xs=shots at occupied residence/vehicle; Green Xs= shots at unoccupied vehicle/residence; Grey Xs=shots fired (no hit, no target identified); Orange X's=non-fatal stabbings; Blue * asterisk=victim hit, police unable to locate crime scene. Map is unofficial.
    Councilmembers Richardson/Pearce/Uranga Echo October L.A. Council Action, Agendize Nov. 5 Item To Ban Landlords From Issuing "No Fault" Notices And Pursuing "No Fault" Evictions Prior to Jan. 1 Effective Date Of AB 1482 (Sac'to Law Requiring Just Cause For Evictions/Imposing Statewide Rent Cap)
    Detailed Coverage / Politics For Grownups: After Raising $40,000 (Mainly In June 2019) To Seek Re-Election In May 2020, 2nd Dist. Councilwoman Pearce Now Says She Won't...So Who Gets The Money And Whom Will Her Supporters Support? Choices Now Shaping Up: Reform-Ticket Robert Fox vs. Newcomer Jeanette Barrera vs. Mayor/Council Contributor Cindy Allen
    On-Demand VIDEO of News Briefing: 12 Shot/3 Perish At Party At Residence On 7th St. @ Temple
  • VIDEO: LBPD Chief Luna (in prelim info w/ multiple caveats) says it doesn't appear random, appears to be targeted attack but no indication of gang involvement
  • Shooter dressed to conceal his face allegedly walked up from alley behind residence, opened fire, fled in a vehicle
    On-Demand AUDIO: Cindy Allen's 2nd Council Dist. Campaign Kick-Off Draws Multiple Current And Former LB Officials; Ms. Allen Delivers These Remarks (Quick-Launch On-Demand Audio)

    1st Dist. Council Candidates Elliot Gonzales, Joe Ganem and Shelbyrae Black Join In Signing "Reform Pledge"
    Follow the Money Coverage: LB Firefighters Union PAC Just Spent Another Nearly $12k (Cumulated Total Now $17k) In Its "Independent Expenditure Campaign" To Elect Zendejas In 1st Dist. Election
    It's Tapping Recent $10k Contribs ($30k Total) Received From Mayor Garcia's "2026 Lt. Gov. Committee" + State Senator Gonzalez's 2019 Election Committee + LB Police Officers PAC
    ELB Gunfire, Vehicle Struck/No Persons Hit, Anaheim/Bennett (Just West of Ximeno, 4th Dist.)

    Jan 1, 2018 to date: Red Xs=homicides; Blue Xs= shootings, person wounded; Brown Xs=shots fired at victim(s), not hit; Purple Xs=shots at occupied residence/vehicle; Green Xs= shots at unoccupied vehicle/residence; Grey Xs=shots fired (no hit, no target identified); Orange X's=non-fatal stabbings; Blue * asterisk=victim hit, police unable to locate crime scene. Map is unofficial.
    Mayor Garcia Cancels Long Beach "Meet the Mayor" Event To Campaign In Iowa For Dem Pres Candidate Kamala Harris
    LB's City Auditor Says Queen Mary Repair/Maintenance Issues Not Her Job
    Follow the Money Coverage: LBREPORT.com Shows Updated 1st Council District Campaign Contribs And Their Sources
  • Zendejas receives $30k in less than 30 days, total nearly $100k to date
  • Morquecho receives just under $10k, total $35k to date
  • Salgado receives nearly $5k
  • Tagaloa makes an add'l $10k contrib to his campaign
    In Depth Coverage: Mayor Garcia Schedules "Officeholder Account" Contribution Event For Himself Hosted By 2nd/PCH Developer...While Its Developer Pursues Council Appeal To Install Four Large Electronic Message Signs (After Planning Comm'n Allowed Only Two Facing Inward)
    Multiple Updates: Savvy Citizens Flag Down Alert LBPD Patrol Officer And Their Swift Response Likely Prevented Add'l Casualties In Chaotic NLB Bar Shooting: One Man Is Dead, One Man Is Wounded, Shooter Is Killed, Four Persons Hide In Bathroom Until Rescued By PD/SWAT
  • Perspective / Viewpoints

    Editorial: Sorry, But Councilman Supernaw's Community Hospital Deal Will Eat Millions That Won't Be Available To Continue Providing Fire Engine 17 Beyond Sept. 2021 AND Could Still Leave LB Without Continuing Eastside Acute Care Hospital AND Could Cause City To Lose Its Community Hospital Property Entirely

    Follow-up: Gov. VETOES this bill, see subsequent coverage here. Here's How To Tell Gov. Newsom To Veto Election-Tilting Anti-Taxpayer Anti-Transparency SB 268
    Editorial: It's Not Streamlining. It Doesn't Promote Public Participation. It Will Affect Your Ability To Speak And Be Heard When City Council Actions Affect Your Neighborhood And Our City. Here's How To Stop It And Send A Message That The Public's Voices Matter

    Perspective: By The Numbers: Here Are LB Taxpayer/Neighborhood-Impacting Public Safety Facts That LB's Mayor/Council Haven't Told You

    Editorial: This Happened When A Mentally Ill Vagrant Said He Wanted To Kill A Belmont Shore Business' Manager.
    Opinion: LB Dem Partisans Try To Link 1st Dist Council Candidate Morquecho To Trump, While He And Multiple Dems Fail To Link Mayor-Backed Zendejas To Multiple Unpopular Council Actions
    Editorial: Our Hearts Are With Candlelight Vigils, But LBREPORT.com Is Done Covering Them. We Urge Action
    Editorial: Civics Refresher, Rights And Remedies When LB Council Incumbents Try To Reduce (Not Restore) Your Right To Speak And Be Heard At Council Meetings
    Their New City Hall
    Editorial: ĦQue barbaridad!
    UPDATE: Council votes without dissent to approve Opinion: Your Councilmember Will Vote On Whether To Tilt/Rig The Outcome Of March 2020 Election On City Hall-Sought Permanent "Blank Check" Sales Tax
    UPDATE: Council votes without dissent to approve consent calendar without discussion. No member(s) of the public or organizations speak to the Mayor's Honolulu travel.
    Editorial: Mayor Seeks "Consent Calendar" -- No Council Discussion -- Of Taxpayer Costs For His Honolulu Junket...That He Could Pay For Using His Contributor-Funded Officeholder Account Instead
    Editorial: Jan. 2019: Mayor Garcia Tells "State of the City" LB Has "Fiscally Responsible Gov't"; July 2019: Mayor Seeks Council-Declared "Fiscal Emergency," Returns From Honolulu Junket, Agendizes "Consent Calendar" (No Discussion Sought) Council Item Claiming No Fiscal Impact From Trips He Could Pay For -- But Doesn't -- Using His Now Contributor-Funded Officeholder Account
    Perspecive: He's Paid $100k+ Salary By Union Whose PAC Gave These Contribs to Mayor/Several Council Incumbents; He Moved Into LB In 2017 And Within Weeks Mayor/Council Put Him On Planning Comm'n; Now They Just Reapponted Him For Four More Yrs
    Perspective/Opinion: Priorities: Neither Long Beach Mayor Garcia Nor Any LB Councilmember(s) Agendize 21 Shooting Crime Scenes (Fatal + Wounding + No Persons Hit) Since May 5 For June 11 or (Thus Far) June 18 Council Discussion/Action; Mayor Adds Agendized Farewell Ceremony for Councilwoman now state-Senator-Elect Gonzalez
    Perspective / Opinion / AUDIO: On April 30, Long Beach City Council's Public Safety Committee Met; Price and Austin Mum Re Restoring LBPD Field Anti-Gang Unit And Supernaw Offered This Reasoning To Rationalize NOT Restoring It; Since Then, LB Has Had 21 Shooting Crime Scenes (None In His District)
    Opinion: Listen, Speak, Communicate Openly To Protect Students Facing Rising Tide Of Violence Around Some LB Schools
    by Tonia Reyes Uranga
    Ms. Reyes Uranga was the 7th dist. Councilwoman 2002-2010. She is the spouse of current 7th dist. Councilman Roberto Uranga
    Editorial: Tuesday May 14 Will Show If Your Councilmember Will Defend, Preserve And Protect Your Rights To Speak/Be Heard At Council Meetings...Or Move To Reduce/Erase Them

    Friends of LB Animals
    Adoptable pets and more:

    Reference links
  • Council District Map
  • Email Your Councilmember
  • How To Recall a LB Elected Official

  • RecentlyWeeks AgoPast Few Months
    As seen live: Council voted 8-0 to approve (1st dist. vacant) Follow the Money / Perspective: LB Firefighters Ass'n PAC Gave These Sums To These Councilmembers' Campaigns/Officeholder Accounts Who'll Vote On Its New $10+ Million/3 Yr Contract
    Follow-Up / Perspective: Bizarre Council Actions On Homeless/Vagrancy Policy: Some Councilmembers Flip Positions, Some Vanish On Vote, Mayor Avoids Linking Himself To Any Position -- As Slim Council Majority Votes To Send "Letter" Instead Of Higher Visibility Council Resolution To Support Overturning Court Opinion That Blocks Local Laws Against Sleeping/Camping On Public Property Unless Sufficient Shelter Beds Available
    19 Yr Old (18 At Time Of Crime) Pleads "No Contest" To May 2019 Gang-Related Assault/Hate Crime On African-American Teen Just West Of Poly High (1st Dist.): Judge Lowenthal Sentences Him To Eight Yrs In State Prison
    Detailed Coverage / Politics For Grownups: Follow the Money In 1st Dist. City Council Election:
  • Bypassing LB's Campaign Reform Act Contribution Limits, Mayor Garcia's "2026 Lt. Gov. Committee," State Senator Gonzalez's 2019 Election Committee And LB Police Officers PAC Give $10,000 Each -- $30,000 Combined -- To LB Firefighters Ass'n PAC Which Swiftly Spent Over $5,700 (Thus Far) On "Independent Campaign" To Elect Candidate Zendejas
  • Councilman Rex Richardson Used His Contributor-Funded "Officeholder Account" To Give $1,000 To Zendejas Campaign And Two Add'l Organized Labor Entities Give $4,000 To Zendejas Campaign
  • LB Area Chamber of Commerce Gives $1,000 To Morquecho Campaign
    VIDEO: Reform Ticket City Council Candidates Robert Fox (2nd Dist.) And Juan Ovalle (8th Dist.) Sign This "Reform Pledge," Vow That If Elected, They'll Seek Changes In How LB City Hall Currently Operates And Treats The Public
    Earthquake: Fri. Oct 18: 12:20 a.m. Initial magnitude, 3.7, initial epicener WSW of Compton, depth about 24 km, sharp jolt felt all the way into ELB (Bellflower/Wardlow area)

    USGS shake/contour map
    Better Housing for Long Beach / Joani Weir File Fed'l Court Lawsuit Challenging Long Beach "Tenant Relocation Ordinance" And Statewide "Rent Cap/Just Cause Eviction" Law (AB 1482), Alleges They Violate Provisions Of Fed'l & CA Constitutions
  • Council Votes 7-0 (Supernaw Motion) For Community Hospital Lease That Lets LLC Terminate For Any Reason, Requires LB Taxpayers To Pay $1-2 Mil Annually (Up To $25 Mil Over 15 Yrs) Likely Taken From Measure A Sales Tax AND -- In Outcome City Mgm't Calls "Likely" -- Lets LLC End Lease Early Requiring LB Taxpayers To Reimburse LLC For LLC's Costs Incurred And Enabling LLC Or Other Buyer To Buy Community Hospital For Health Care Purposes Other Than Acute Care Hospital
    LB Homeless/Vagrant Council Policy Showdown Coming In Re-Vote Tonight (Oct. 15) On Whether To Support L.A. County's "Friend of Court" Brief Urging US Supreme Court To Reverse Lower Court Opinion That Blocks Local Laws Against Vagrants/Homeless Sleeping Outdoors Unless Sufficient Shelter Beds Available
    Governor VETOES SB 268 Citing Lack Of Transparency, Would Have Let Cities Avoid 75 Word Ballot Summary, Instead Tell Voters To "See Voter Guide" For Taxpayer-Impacting Details Of Ballot Measures Seeking Multi-Level Taxes Or Property-Tax Raising Debt-Bonds
    Some LBREPORT.com readers responded to our editorial and emailed Governor urging veto after LB Council quietly let Mayor Garcia support the bill; all of LB's Sac'to lawmakers voted for it
    Cindy Allen, Contributor To Mayor Garcia/Multiple Council Incumbents And Previous LBPost Publisher/Owner, Enters 2nd Dist. Council Race
    Follow the Money: See Who Gave Recent Large Contribs To Put These Candidates On LB City Council (1st Dist.)
  • To Mary Zendejas: BizFed ("Voice of L.A. County Employers Since 2008") + Ass'yman O'Donnell 2020 Re-Election Campaign
  • To Ray Morquecho: Two Apt. Ass'n Advocacy Groups
  • To Misi Tagaloa: Oakwood Academy
    Bombshells: Proposed Community Hospital Lease Details -- Disclosed Days Before Council Vote -- Would Give For-Profit LLC These Incentives And Could Leave LB Taxpayers With This "Likely" Outcome City Management Memo Acknowledges
    Sun Nite: Homicide, 6000 block Linden (Roughly Two Blocks From Michelle Obama Neighborhood Library, 9th Dist.)
    Sat Nite: Man Is Shot/Wounded 2900 block E. Artesia
    With Perspective: Governor Newsom Appoints Uduak-Joe Ntuk (LBCC Trustee/Dem Party Partisan) As Supervisor In State Oil/Gas/Geothermal Agency
    In Depth Coverage: Gov Newsom Signs Multiple Sac'to Bills Enabling Greater Housing Density, Reducing Local Control; LB's Mayor/Council Remained Mum As Measures Advanced Despite Council Recited Policy To Oppose Bills Reducing Local Control
  • THREE Accessory Dwelling Unit (ADU) bills require cities to permit one -- and possibly TWO -- ADU's on single family lots in most areas; bills also require cities to permit ADUs inside existing multi-unit (apt.) bldgs. up to 25% of bldg's existing units
  • State Senators Umberg & Gonzalez voted "yes" but not Ass'yman O'Donnell
  • LB's New "Billie Jean King Main Library" Will Be Locked/Closed Sundays Despite Measure A Millions And Despite 88k In FY20 Recently Allocated By Council; Four Sunday-Open Branches Will Shrink To Two From Nov.-June, Then None Open Sunday Unless Council Budgets More, Library Mgm't Tells Mayor/Council
    LBREPORT.com Learns That On Oct 1, City Mgm't Agreed As Queen Mary Landlord/Lessor To "Major Change" In City's Lease With Urban Commons Acknowledging Lessee Doesn't Intend To Finalize Entitlements For Its "Queen Mary Island" Project Within Next 24 Months
    Urban Commons requested the change on Sept. 10
    Coverage In Detail: Who Approved Donation Meters Inviting Money For Mayor's Fund To End Homelessness? Who Governs The Privately-Run Non-Profit That Now Will Get The Money To Distribute? Who Voted To Give Them The Money To Distribute? LBREPORT.com Provides Details...And Names Names
    These Councilmembers Met (Again) For Approx Three Minutes As Members Of Their "Housing Authority"...For Which They Can Now Collect $50 Each; Records Show Their Housing Authority "Meetings" In 2019 Have Run Mainly 1 to 4 Minutes
    Despite Andrews Support, Council Falls One Vote Short (With Mungo Exited/Austin Absent) Oct. 8) Of Approving Resolution To Support L.A. County "Friend of Court" Brief Urging US Supreme Court To Reverse Lower Court Opinion That Blocks Local Laws Against Vagrants/Homeless Sleeping Outdoors Unless Sufficient Shelter Beds Available; Lead-Agendizer Price Signals She'll Re-Agendize Item For Re-Vote
    Developing / Perspective: Homeless Data Bombshell: L.A. Times And CA Policy Lab/UCLA Find L.A. And Nat'l Homeless Data Understate Persons With Mental Illness/Substance Abuse; LBDHHS Reviewing Newly Published Data, Response Pending
    Some public perceptions proven correct? New data arguably invite rethinking some current responses to homeless/vagrant issues
    Oct 7: All clear with CSULB suspect in custody.
    CSULB's police list on their activity log: "10/7/2019 2:07:25 PM, call_description: SUSPICIOUS CIRCUMSTANCE, Status: STUDENT SUCCESS CENTER." At late afternoon,CSULB issued the following statement: "This afternoon, the university received an email threatening violence to our campus. Our University Police department immediately responded, and were able to identify a suspect and their location. University leadership issued a shelter-in-place order to help ensure the safety of the campus community. The suspect is now in custody, and there is no current threat to campus. Earlier at 3:48 p.m.: CSULB students were sent alert re credible threat, said out of "abundance of caution" campus closing and to stay away.
    Man Is Shot/Killed NW NLB (69th Way); It's NW NLB's FIFTH Shooting Crime Scene Since June; LBPD Deploys Add'l Resources In Response
    FOURTH Shooting Crime Scene Since June Near NW NLB's Coolidge Park (Coolidge Triangle) Leaves Woman In Critical Condition
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