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New: Several Vehicles Struck By Gunfire, 1900 block MLK; No Persons Hit
New / Follow the Money: Garcia-Run Campaign Has Spent Over $380,000 Since Jan 1 For Gen'l Fund ("Blank Check") Tax Measures A & B...And Some LB Arts-Related Entities (That Could Receive Ongoing Sums If Voters Approve Measure B) Recently Contributed Nearly $20,000
New / Follow the Money: 8th Dist: Dollar Donnybrook: Organized Labor Spends Large Sum For Thrash-Ntuk; Business Interests Spend Big to Re-Elect Austin; Reform Ticket Challenger Ovalle Uses Contribs Mainly From Grassroots Residents
New / Follow the Money: 2nd Dist:Deluge: Over $120,000 Spent Since Jan. 1 To Put Cindy Allen On City Council ($70k+ From These Contribs + $50k+ From Two Indie Committees); Reform Ticket Candidate Robert Fox (Using Mainly His Own Money) Has Spent $60k+; Pearce Endorsee Lara About $10k, Barrera About $5.5k
New: Another L.A. County-Run Election Snafu: At Least One Of LB's "Early Voting" Locations Didn't Receive Any Equipment Or Supplies, Voters Turned Away

Photo by Mary Lou Cook
New / Perspective: LBREPORT.com Seeks District Attorney Review Of Long Beach Mayor/City Council Feb. 18 Actions re Measure B
Publisher raises issue of using public resources at that meeting to promote ballot measure

LB Elections: Follow the Money

NEW: Measures A & B: Garcia-Run Campaign Has Spent Over $380,000 Since Jan 1 For Gen'l Fund ("Blank Check") Tax Measures A & B...And Some LB Arts-Related Entities (That Could Receive Ongoing Sums If Voters Approve Measure B) Recently Contributed Nearly $20,000

NEW: 2nd Dist: 8th Dist: Dollar Donnybrook: Organized Labor Spends Large Sum For Thrash-Ntuk; Business Interests Spend Big to Re-Elect Austin; Reform Ticket Challenger Ovalle Uses Contribs Mainly From Grassroots Residents
NEW: 2nd Dist: 2nd Dist:Deluge: Over $120,000 Spent Since Jan. 1 To Put Cindy Allen On City Council ($70k+ From These Contribs + $50k+ From Two Indie Committees); Reform Ticket Candidate Robert Fox (Using Mainly His Own Money) Has Spent $60k+; Pearce Endorsee Lara About $10k, Barrera About $5.5k
8th Dist + 6th Dist.: These Five Entities + One Individual Just Added $42,500 To Indie Campaign Seeking To Re-Elect Council Incumbents Andrews And Austin
8th Dist: In 8th Dist., UniteHere! Union Adds $50,000 (Producing $125,000) For Organized-Labor Indie Campaign Seeking To Elect Thrash-Ntuk
Follow the Money: Carpenters Union PAC Adds $10k To Garcia-Run Pro-Measure A Sales Tax Campaign; It's Collected Over Half A Million To Date From These Entities To Spend Against Grassroots Taxpayers Relying On Bare-Bones Individual Efforts
2nd Dist: These Persons / Entities Gave These Sums To Elect Cindy Allen To LB City Council (2nd Dist.)
6th Dist: Three Unions Just Gave Nearly A Quarter Million Dollars To L.A. County Labor Fed'n Which Is Allocating Estimated $40,000 In Indie Effort To Elect Suely Saro In 6th District (South Wrigley/Central LB/Cambodia Town)
Mayor Garcia: See Who Gave Maximum Sums To Mayor Garcia's 2026 Lt. Governor Committee (That He's Used Thus Far As A Slush Fund To Support Other Campaigns)
Subsequent coverage above:
These Five Entities Just Gave $170,000 More -- Producing Total Now Nearly Half A Million -- For Garcia-Run Campaign To Continue Imposing Measure A Gen'l Fund (Blank Check) Sales Tax Subsequent cverage above: 8th Dist: $75,000 Labor-Backed Indie Campaign Surfaces In 8th District Backing Thrash-Ntuk
Subsequent coverage above
6th + 8th Dists: These Entities Funded Indie Campaign Supporting Re-Election Of Andrews in 6th, Austin In 8th
Subsequent coverage above Measure A Sales Tax:
LB Firefighters Union Adds $125,000 to $200,000 From Police Officers Union To Fund Garcia-Run Campaign To Permanently Impose "Measure A" (Blank Check) Sales Tax
Shootings: LB Has Had 118 Shooting Crime Scenes (Fatal + Non-Fatal + No-Person-Hit) Since May 7, 2019. Click maps below for details on most recent four.
Special Report / In Depth / Amnesia File: Long Beach Had But No Longer Has An LBPD Field Anti-Gang Unit. How'd That Happen?

Jan 1, 2018 to date: Red Xs=homicides; Blue Xs= shootings, person wounded; Brown Xs=shots fired at victim(s), not hit; Purple Xs=shots at occupied residence/vehicle; Green Xs= shots at unoccupied vehicle/residence; Grey Xs=shots fired (no hit, no target identified); Orange X's=non-fatal stabbings; Blue * asterisk=victim hit, police unable to locate crime scene. Map is unofficial.
On LBReport.com

Man Armed With Shotgun Allegedly Opens Fire Outside Restaurant (Atlantic Just North of Market) Hitting A Man And A Woman, Then Allegedly Shoots At Arriving Police; Shooter Is Dead; One Shooting Victim Last Reported In Critical Condition

Man Says He Was Shot/Wounded WLB Area Anaheim St/710Fwy; LBPD Finds Blood Splatter 1500 W. 15th St.
Afternoon Gunfire In Or Near Wrigley's Veterans Park; Gun Casings Found, No Persons Appear Hit
In Depth w/ AUDIO: Councilmembers Signal Support For Using $1.5 Million From Measure A To Install Artificial Turf Soccer Field In EL Dorado Park; None Mention Cost But Taxpayer Ann Cantrell Does; Mayor Garcia Praises The Project, Councilwoman Mungo Defends City's Hall Record, And Her Own, On Measure A

Image source: City management agendizing memo
Freelancers Fume Over AB 5: Sac'to Dems Mull Tweaks/Amendments But Defend Limits On Workers Choices; Repub Assemblyman Kiley Says He'll Seek Feb. 27 Ass'y Floor Vote On His AB 1928 To Halt Enforcement/Repeal AB 5
LB's 3rd Murder By Shooting In 2020 Is Drive-By In NW NLB, Also Wounds A Man; It's 7th Time In 9 Months Gunfire Has Impacted Coolidge Triangle Neighborhood
Special Report: Five Years Ago: Explosion Nearly Triggered Mass Casualty Release of MHF At Torrance (ToRC) Refinery; Wilmington Valero Refinery Bordering LB Is Only Other CA Refinery That Uses It, Here's What Has And Hasn't Happened Since Then

LBPD Officers Working Violent Crime Task Force (Area MLK/19th) Try To Stop Man On Bicycle; He Allegedly Runs And Remained Uncooperative Despite Electronic Weapon, Allegedly Brandished Firearm And Fires At Least One Shot; Officers Shoot Suspect; He Doesn't Survive

LBPD released photo showing weapon recovered "believed to be in possession" of the suspect.
Shots Fired, Casings Found, No Persons Appear Hit, 800 block Termino (3rd district)
Mayor Garcia Transmits Tweetstorm From Clark County Nevada (Las Vegas) Urging Dem Voters To Nominate Biden For President
Man Is Shot/Killed Overnight In East Village (6th St. b/w Atlantic/Alamitos, 1st Dist.)
L.A. County Sent Some Sample Ballots (Containing The Pro-Con Arguments On LB Tax Measure And Council Candidate Statements) Weeks After Vote-by-Mail Ballots Arrived And Based Its Mailing Schedule In Part On Voter's Political Party Registration
With Extended On-Demand VIDEO: See/Hear Full Comments By Long Beach Police Chief Luna Urging "Hard Look" At Effects Of Some Recent Criminal/Social Justice Changes/Reforms As LBPD Announces Arrests Of Three Juveniles For Two LB Murders + One Attempted Murder + Five Non-fatal Shootings Since Nov. 21
Who Or What Farted (Again)? Another Long Beach-Area Mystery Stink As Hours Of Area Odor (Rotten Egg/Sulfur Type) Reported Along Shoreline From Downtown Eastward And Inland
VIDEO + Audio Podcast ON-DEMAND: See / Hear 8th Dist. Council Incumbent Austin vs. Challengers Ovalle & Thrash-Ntuk On Homeless, Measure A Tax, Public Safety, City Budgets, Campaign Contribs And More

City Quietly Admits It Doesn't Have Publicly Presentable Promised Audits Of 2016 Measure A Funds Thru 2018...But Says It'll Do So For 2019 Forward (As City Seeks Voter Approval For "Measure A-Forever" Tax)
City Survey Shows Roughly A Third Of LB's Magnolia Trees Show Some Impact Of Tulip Tree Scale, Weakening Them/Potentially Dooming Some Of Them, Dropping Sticky Goo On Sidewalks, Streets And Parked Vehicles
LB Health Dept Investigating Hepatitis A Outbreak Associated With DTLB's 555 East American Steakhouse; No Current Threat But Those Who Ate There Around Xmas Eve May Have Been Exposed; Here'sWhat To Do
Man Is Shot/Wounded, 1400 block St. Louis (4th Dist.)
Two Men Shot/Wounded 1000 block E. 16th St. (Near Poly High Athletic Field/CA Rec Center, 6th dist.)
Drive-By Shooting Wounds 17 Yr Old, 5800 block Brayton (9th Dist. Near 8th Dist Border)
Should Council Allow "Micro-Housing-Units" (Possibly 300-350 Sq. Ft) In These LB Areas? City Staff Will Bring Pilot Plan To Council (Part Of Affordable Housing Options Council Requested In 2017)

Dual VIDEO & Audio Podcast Coverage: See/Hear 6th Dist (South Wrigley/Central LB/Cambodia Town) Council Incumbent Andrews + Four Challengers On Density, Homeless, Measure A-Forever Tax, Restoring Police, Restoring Public's Right To Agendize Council Items And More
Second Drake-Park Area Shooting Within Two Days: 16 Yr Old Boy Is Shot/Wounded (1st dist)
LB Business Journal Acquired By Pacific6 Local Corporate Conglomerate That Owns/Operates LBPost.com
20 Yr Old Man & 16 Yr Old Girl Shot Overnight, Willmore/Drake Park Area (1st dist)
Perspective: Long Beach Mayor Garcia Is In Iowa Stumping For Biden (Who Seeks To Derail Sanders, Warren And Others)
City's Economic Development Dept. Offers Three Locations In El Dorado Park For Commercial/Retail Concessions, Comm'l Real Estate Broker Details City's Invited Proposals
Perspective / Viewpoints

Editorial: The Mayor's Club

LBREPORT.com's Choice For 2019 "Outrage of the Year" Is Another Story You May Not Have Read Elsewhere And Will Affect LB In 2020 And Beyond
Here Are LBREPORT.com's Ten "Runners-Up" For LB's 2019 Outrage of the Year; Do You Have Others?
Viewpoint: Disappointed Supreme Court Declined To Review Boise Opinion, Confident Court Will Have Future Opportunities For Broader Conversation; Clarity Needed With Disparity Between Current Laws And Their Interpretation
by Suzie A. Price
Long Beach City Councilwoman, Third District

Editorial: Long Beach Mayor/Council May Let City Block Your Ability To Hear LBPD Radio Channels; Here's How To Say "No!"
Editorial: Sorry, But Councilman Supernaw's Community Hospital Deal Will Eat Millions That Won't Be Available To Continue Providing Fire Engine 17 Beyond Sept. 2021 AND Could Still Leave LB Without Continuing Eastside Acute Care Hospital AND Could Cause City To Lose Its Community Hospital Property Entirely
Follow-up: Gov. VETOES this bill, see subsequent coverage here.
Here's How To Tell Gov. Newsom To Veto Election-Tilting Anti-Taxpayer Anti-Transparency SB 268
Editorial: It's Not Streamlining. It Doesn't Promote Public Participation. It Will Affect Your Ability To Speak And Be Heard When City Council Actions Affect Your Neighborhood And Our City. Here's How To Stop It And Send A Message That The Public's Voices Matter

Perspective: By The Numbers: Here Are LB Taxpayer/Neighborhood-Impacting Public Safety Facts That LB's Mayor/Council Haven't Told You

Editorial: This Happened When A Mentally Ill Vagrant Said He Wanted To Kill A Belmont Shore Business' Manager.
Opinion: LB Dem Partisans Try To Link 1st Dist Council Candidate Morquecho To Trump, While He And Multiple Dems Fail To Link Mayor-Backed Zendejas To Multiple Unpopular Council Actions
Editorial: Our Hearts Are With Candlelight Vigils, But LBREPORT.com Is Done Covering Them. We Urge Action
Editorial: Civics Refresher, Rights And Remedies When LB Council Incumbents Try To Reduce (Not Restore) Your Right To Speak And Be Heard At Council Meetings
Their New City Hall
Editorial: ¡Que barbaridad!

Reference links
  • Council District Map
  • Email Your Councilmember
  • How To Recall a LB Elected Official

  • RecentlyWeeks AgoPast Few Months
    Gunman Opens Fire On A Man And A Woman Walking on Lemon Ave. (6th Dist. Just North of PCH/Near LBCC); Man Is Hit/Wounded
    SB 50, Sac'to Attempt To Increase Housing Production By Imposing Housing Density Overriding Aspects Of Local Zoning On Sac'to Approved Terms, FAILS By Three Votes (Despite Reconsideration), Won't Advance To Assembly
  • Opposition mainly by LA-area Democrats stopped it; LB's Mayor/Council took no position on SB 50 as amended
  • Senator Lena Gonzalez (D, LB-SE LA Coounty) voted "yes"; Senator Tom Umberg (D, SE LB-west OC) was among six Senators not casting vote
    With Ballots About to Arrive, City Mgm't (Fire Chief) Memo Credits Measure A Sales Tax For New Stn 9 Site (Still Under Negotiation/Slated for Future Closed Session), Says "Minimal Impact" Thus Far On Response Times (Doesn't Mention Delayed Response To Awaida Family Triple Fatality)<
    Subsequent development above
    Developing: SB 50 As Amended -- Would Increase Housing Density With Some Local Flexibility On Sac'to Allowed Terms -- Fails Senate Approval By Three Votes BUT Reconsideration Granted Allowing Add'l Vote Jan. 30; LB Senator Gonzalez Votes "Yes"; Senator Umberg Doesn't Vote; LB Mayor/Council Took No Position On Bill As Amended
    Los Angeles and OC Health Depts. Report Their First Cases Of Aggressive Chinese Coronavirus
    Candles in the Wind: Woman Who Perished (Pedestrian Attempting To Cross Palo Verde Ave.) Lost Her Twin Sister Nine Years Earlier In Vehicle Crash; Heartbreaking "Go Fund Me" Page Tells The Story

    Combative And Financially Competitive City Council Races Developing: See Most Recent Campaign Cash On Hand Totals
    Councilman Richardson In New Zealand/Australia Meeting With Their Gov't Ministries To See How They Impose Charges On Their Drivers
    "I Traveled To New Zealand And Australia With Group From Southern California Ass'n Of Governments Because..."
    by Councilman Rex Richardson *
    * Councilman Richardson represents LB's 9th Council district (LB mainly north of South St.) and is 1st Vice President of SCAG's 86-member policy-setting Regional Council.

    Woman Is Fatally Shot, Man Is Wounded, 1600 block W. 19th St.; LBPD Says Its Preliminary Investigation Evidence Suggests "Long-Term Ongoing Personal Dispute" Between Arrested Suspect And Shooting Victims
    Woman Tries To Cross Palo Verde Ave. North of Atherton At Midblock, Is Struck By Vehicle And Perishes; PD Says Speed/Cell Phone Districtation/DUI Not Considered Factors
    Follow the Money: LB Police Officers Union Gives Whopping $200,000 Lump Sum Contribution To Garcia-Run Committee To Fund Campaign For Permanent "Measure A" (Blank Check) LB Sales Tax
    Vandals/Thieves Smash Windows Of At Least 20 (Perhaps Up To 40) Parked Vehicles, Allegedly Steal Cash From Several Vehicles And A Wallet From At Least One, In ELB's 4th Council Dist (Ransom St. b/w PCH-Anaheim, East of Redondo)
  • As seen LIVE: Council votes to deny appeals, sends $85 million (Tidelands funds) revised Belmont Beach and Aquatic Center to Coastal Comm'n (which will decide its fate; appellants plan to appeal.) Should Your Councilmember Vote To Pursue $85 Mil Redesigned/Downsized Belmont Beach Pool/Aquatic Center? Aquatics Supporters Say It's Overdue; Opponents Say It Belongs Elsewhere In The City Without Sea Level Rise And Seismic Risks At Less Cost

    As seen LIVE, no Councilmember mentions "no kill" in discussing LB animal shelter policies; Council motion seeks city management report on issues that have arisen under City's current long-term lease with SPCA-LA before pursuing memorandum of understanding/operating agreement recommended by city management to clarify operational relationship with the group. City Mgm't Plans Council Presentation On Its Animal Shelter Less-Than-No-Kill "Compassion Saves" Practices And Possibly Recommend MOU With SPCA-LA; Both Stances Collide With Positions Of No Kill LB And A Number Of LB Animal Advocates
    by Juli Mullholland
    Special to LBREPORT.com

    Couple Is Robbed/Injured Exiting Vehicle In Los Cerritos/Virginia Country Club Neighborhood; Suspect Flees Before LBPD Arrives...And Weapon Used Was A BB Gun
    Freelance Musicians, Writers And Others Fume On Facebook, Charge AB 5 Interferes With Their Ability To Work As Independent Contractors; All LB Dem Senators/Assemblymembers Voted For It; AB 5's Author (SD Dem Assemblywoman) May Offer Tweaks
    UPDATE: Gov. Newsom asks state lawmakers to allocate $21 mil in FY21 budget for investigations & enforcement
    Two 1st Dist. Shootings In First Two Days of MLK Weekend: (1) 7th/Cedar: Man Is Shot Trying To Prevent Two Suspects (One Believed Known To Him) From Allegedly Stealing His Car (2) 1500 block Chestnut: Two People Shot-At (Rounds Miss)
    Long Beach Mayor/Council Fail To Agendize Voted Position On SB 50 As Amended, Would Mandate Increased Housing Density On Sac'to Approved Terms, Overriding Locally Decided Single Family Home Zoning; City Currently Has No Position On Bill As Amended As It Moves Within Days Of State Senate Vote
    LBPD Suspects 2 Yr Old Child Murdered In Willmore City (In Vehicle Or Residence, Area 900 Block Daisy); Seeks Public's Assistance, Asks Witnesses To Come Forward; See LBPD Release Text
    LBPD East Division Teamwork: Officers Respond To 4th Dist Shots Fired (Loma/15th), Radio Suspect Vehicle Description To Assisting Officers; They Spot Suspect Vehicle, Seek To Make Traffic Stop; Suspect Flees, Crashes At Anaheim/LB Blvd., Is Arrested And Handgun Recovered
    Full Text of Release By Urban Commons (City's Queen Mary Lessee/Operator/Developer Of Adjacent Land) Following Mayor Garcia's State of the City Message
    Complete Text As Prepared For Delivery Of Mayor Garcia's 2020 State of the City Message
    Former 8th District Councilmembers Rae Gabelich & Jeff Kellogg Endorse Juan Ovalle To Represent 8th District; Former Mayor O'Neill, A Peninsula Resident, Joins Downtown Resident Mayor Garcia In Supporting Third Term For Incumbent Al Austin
    In Detail: Governor-Chosen Homeless Task Force Urges State Constitutional Amendment Requiring Cities And State To Fund & Enable Rapid Siting For Homeless-Related Housing Or Face Lawsuits, Possible Court Orders
    Two Men Shot/Wounded, 1100 block E. Artesia, LBPD Suspects Site Involved Illegal Gambling
    Jan. 14 UPDATE: A few hours after LBREPORT.com reported the story below, LBPD's full year 2019 crime numbers (citywide and by LBPD Divisions) materialized on LBPD's website. Perspective: City Issues This Release On Long Beach 2019 Year End Crime Stats; It's Mainly Narrative With Few Numbers And These Omissions
    Special Report / In Depth / AUDIO: Long Beach State Senator Lena Gonzalez Votes To Kill SB 640 That Would Have Allowed Intervention To Treat Severely Mentally Ill Homeless

    In Depth / Developing: With Sac'to Poised To Decide Within Days, LB City Hall Has No Position On SB 50 As Amended That Could Override Single Family Home Zoning And Require Increased Total Residential Density Citywide
    For Your Neighborhood Or Nearby And Statewide: NLB Assemblyman Gipson Co-Authors Bill That Would Erase Public's Right To Raise Neighborhood Impacting CEQA Issues Re Emergency Shelters, Supportive Housing And "Affordable" Housing Projects Proposed In Mixed-Use, Non-Residential Or Infill Sites
    LB Animal Shelter Says It Finished Decade With Fewest Dog/Cat Euthanasias & Highest Live Releases Ever...But No Kill Long Beach Says It's Skeptical Of Some Figures And Faults Mayor/Council For Resisting Add'l Changes
    LB Mayor Garcia -- Who Backed Kamala (2019) and Hillary (2016) Over Bernie -- Now Backs Biden For President
    UPDATE: Garcia's move comes after several other CA Dem pols endorsed Biden
    Council Votes 5-4 NOT To Ask City Att'y To Draft Debt-Bond/Property Tax Increase Nov.2020 Ballot Measure, Supports Suzie Price Substitute Motion To Seek Mgm't Report On Currently Available Fed/State Funds; Doesn't Rule Out Future Ballot Measure Not Focused on Property Owners Or At Lesser Cost
    Vice Mayor Andrews Notified City Clerk To Remove His Name As Co-Agendizer of Richardson Debt-Bond/Property Tax Increase At Midmorning Monday; His Flip On Item He'd Co-Agendized Assured Its Failure
    Eight Councilmembers (Austin Dissenting) Vote To Approve Mayor/Mungo Proposal To Spend Estimated $87,000 More Annually (Gen'l Fund) To Pay All Mayor-Chosen Appointees To City Hall "Advisory" Comm'ns And Double Sums Payable To Charter Comm'ns
    As seen LIVE: Council votes to deny appeals, approve development with two conditions added on motion by Price.. Council Will Hear/Decide Appeals Seeking EIR For Proposed Studebaker/Loynes Business/Industrial Development

    Source: Architect rendering attached to city agendized hearing materials
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