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Long Beach COVID-19 Dashboard

March 2 City released data:

Seven day positivity rate (percent of tests performed showing COVID-19 positive) down to 3,3 from 3.8%, 3.9%, 4.2%, 4,4%, 4.9%, 5.5%, 5.8%, 6.1%, 6.3%, 6.5%, 7.2%, 7.3%, 7.6%, 7.7%, 8.1.%, 8.9%, 9.7%, 10.0%, 10.3%, 10.4%, 10.7%, 11.1%, 11.6%, 12.3%, 12.7%, 13.5%, 14.2%, 14.7%, 15.1%, 15.5%, 15.7%, 15.9%, 16.3%, 16.9%, 17.2%, 17.3%, 17.5%, 17.6%, 17.5%, 16.7%, 16.0%, 15.0%, 14.8%, 14.7%, 14.6%, 14.9%, 14.7%, 14.4%, 14.0%, 13.6%, 13.2%, 12.9%, 12.7%, 12.4%, 12.1%, 11.5%, 10,7%, 10.2%, 9.9%, 9.3%, 7.25%, 6.8%, and 6.4% smoothed over 7 days. Testing positivity in lowest-resourced areas (health equity metric) = 22.4%.

Daily new 7 day case rate down to 9.1 per 100k down from 10.8, 12.0, 12.7, 13.6, 14.8, 19.1, 20.7, 23.2, 25.5, 27.1, 33.6, 34.6, 35.4, 35.5, 39.2, 41.0, 55.1, 55.9, 6 1.1, 69.3, 75..0, 78.7, 89.9, 91.7, 105.4, 113.6, 131.7, 141.0, 149.1, 155.7, 158.6, 141.6, 134.4, 139.6, 141.5, 135.6, 133.0, 129.4, 122.8, 114.7, 117.5, 130.7, 134.3, 131.1, 128.3, 130.9, 129.8, 124.2, 118.7, 117.1, 110.7, 106.4, 100.1, 95.4, 88.7, 81.1, 74.1, 68.3, 50.3, 46.5, 39.8, and 36.7 in preceding days.

Long Beach deaths reach 850, from 837, 832, 829, 826, 818, 808, 802, 797, 787, 777, 776, 760, 754, 739, 727, 722, 710, 705, 694, 679, 666, 663, 649, 634, 618, 596, 577, 535, 520, 506, 499, 484, 460, 447, 420, 402, 395, 391, 380, 358, 347, 341, 333, 319, 315, 311

Jan.26, 2021 City updated Health Order (full text)
LB Case Rate Trend and Positivity Rate Last 60 Days

Feb. 10: A public facing LBPD employuee at West Divison has tested positive, last at work Feb. 7
Feb 10: A public facing LBFD employee has tested positive, last at work Feb, 8
Feb. 1: A public facing Parks/Rec employee in ite Maintenance Bureau tested positive for COVID-19, last at work Jan 27.
Jan. 29: A public-facing LBPD employee in Port Patrol Division has tested positive for COVID-19, last at work Jan. 27.
Jan 28: A third person IN THEIR 20's has now died from COVID-19.
A public-facing LBPD employee in South Division has tested positive for COVID-19, was last at work Jan. 26.
Jan. 26: A public-facing LBFD employee has tested positive for COVID-19 and was last at work on Jan.15
Five public-facing LBPD employees have tested positive for COVID-19, including a West Divisioln employee (last at work Jan. 22); an employee assigned to Security Services Division (last at work Jan. 19); two South Division employee (last at work Jan. 18 and Jan. 16); North Division employee (last at work Jan. 17);
A public-facing Parks/Rec employee in Community Recreation Services Bureau has tested positive (last at work Jan.14)
A public-facing Public Works employee assigned to the Environmental Services Bureau has tested positive last at work Jan.12),
Jan. 21: A public-facing LBFD employee assigned to Station 1 has tested positive for COVID-19, last at work Jan. 13. A public facing LBFD employee assigned to Station 13 has tested positive for COVID-19, laat at work Jan. 13.
Jan 20: A public facing LBPD North Division employee has tested positive for COVID-19, last at work Jan. 14.
Jan. 19: A public-facing East Division LBPD employee has tested positive for COVID-19, last at work Jan. 16.
New: Senior Citizen Is Struck/Wounded By Gunfire, 17th/Gundry South of LBCC Central LB Campus (CD 6/Saro).
Shooting Crime Scenes Jan 1, 2021 to the present
Red = Homicides. Blue = Persons hit. Yellow = Casings found or vehicle or bldg hit

New: By The Numbers: In Feb. 2021 Per Capita, Four Long Beach Council Districts (Again) Equaled (And Two Exceeded) Chicago Person-Hit Shootings
New: Afternoon Gunfire Alamitos Beach, 4th St./Hermosa Ave.
Editorial: LBCC Trustees Should Publicly Release Benchmark Investigations Report And Stop Further Billable Legal Fees In Political Vendetta Against Trustee Sunny Zia

Long Beach's Future In Space: A Continuing Series: How Mars Perseverance Rover Benefited From 2015 Cal Tech Experiments On Zero G Aircraft; Plane Begins Its 2021 Nat'l Tour in Long Beach
New / In Detail / Perspective: Long Beach City Hall Gave Media Inflated Number of LB Residents Vax'd By City, Included LB Residents Vax'd Outside LB
New / Perspective: Councilman Austin's Recent Zoomed "Community Update/Town Hall" Ducks Discussing District's Dozen Shootings Since Jan 1. NLB Combined (CD 8 + CD 9) Has Had 26 Shootings In 7 Weeks
Viewpoint by Doug Krikorian, Special to LBREPORT.com
New: Krikorian Notes: From Gavin Newsom Praising Long Beach Mayor Robert Garcia As Though He's Destined For Mt. Rushmore To Newsom Hoping The Rest Of California Follows The Jill Baker LBUSD Path (???) To The Tiger Woods Car Accident To Bad Stu Ledsam's Son Kyle's Big Award To Vons Pavilion GM Steve Carr Performing Cashiering Duty To My Watching the Amazing Emerzian Twins Next Week In Michigan
Mr. Krikorian, an award winning journalist and author of two books, earned multiple awards in his 22 years of writing for the Long Beach Press-Telegram and 22 years for the Los Angeles Herald Examiner. He is happily retired.

New/ Coverage in Detail: Read His Opinion: Fed'l Court Judge Denies Grocers' Request To Block Long Beach "Hero Pay" Ordinance While Lawsuit Challenging Measure Continues

New: Rec Park Area Residents Suffer Multiple Shattered Car Windows; LBPD Arrests Suspect For That And More
Follow-Up: CA Health Dept. Spox Mum On Long Beach Bending State Rules To Vax ILWU Dockworkers Now And Vax Mayor/Concilmembers in mid-January
New: Long Beach Bent Newsom-Admin Vaccination Rules (Again) To Let ILWU Dockworkers Jump Ahead Of Others As "Food & Agricultural" Workers
UPDATED: Now It's A Homicide: Two Men And A Woman Shot/Wounded, One Of The Men Dies, 300 block E. 25th St. Following Argument
New / Perspective: Councilmembers Let Civic Ctr Operator Avoid Paying $1 Mil Firm Was Supposed To Pay City; City Mgm't-Negotiated Deal Cites Operator's Economic Development Setbacks But Fails To Reduce Escalating Annual Sums Operator Seeks From Budget-Strapped City...And No Councilmembers Question Or Discuss Taxpayer Impacts Of Deal
New: THREE Shootings Within Just Over Three Hours Feb 20-21 Leave Three Persons Wounded, Residences/Vehicles Struck
New: Man Is Shot/Wounded 5800 block Brayton (CD 9/Richardson)
New / Perspective: By THEIR Numbers: (1) 34,000 of 52,000 LB Residents Who Got First COVID-19 Shot Haven't Yet Received Second Shot And (2) City Still Scheduling Appointments For Some In Priority Groups Who Still Haven't Gotten Their First Shot
New / On-Demand VIDEO: LBUSD Mgm't Signals March 29 Reopening for K-5 Students, Teachers/Staff Will Have Opportunity To Be Vax'd; District Acknowledges Parents Are Split, Will Be Offered Choice of Classroom Or Distance Learning; Middle And High Schools Reopening Will Require Lower COVID Case Rate Than Now, Tentative Mid School Return April 20, High School Seniors April 19 With Grades 9-11 April, 26.
VIDEO / Did You See It? LB got a good view of Int'l Space Station orbiting from SW to NE from 5:45 a.m. to 5:50 a.m. on Feb. 18. It's the moving light illuminated by sun) visible near top of screen.

New / Follow-Up: District Attorney's Office Files First Degree (Felony) Residential Burglary Charge Against LBPD-Arrested Suspect In Break-In At 85 Yr Old Woman's Belmont Shore Home; If Convicted, He May Face 2, 4 or 6 Years In State Prison
New: In Addition to Homicide (CD1/Zendejas), LB Had Two No-Person Hit Shootings On Same Day: One in CD 1 (Zendejas) And One In CD 9/Richardson)
New: While Council Boasts of Beautifying City Hall-Adjacent Lincoln Park, LBPD Finds Man Shot To Death In DTLB-Adjacent "East Village," 600 block Olive Ave.; It's Second Homicide in CD 1 (Zendejas) Since Jan 1, Second CD 1 Shooting Within 48 Hours
Former Councilwoman/Former Mayor Eunice Sato, Sic Transit

Eunice Sato Passes At 99; EXCLUSIVE: Hear AUDIO Of Her At Memorial Day Ceremony Speaking About Historical Events And Her Life

New: Developments On Possible Initial School Reopenings: CDC, Sac'to, LA County; LBUSD Sup't Plans Feb. 17 School Board Briefing; What Will Elected School Board Members Allow/Support/Oppose?
New: Los Altos Sears To Close; What Land Use Changes Might Advancing Sac'to Bills (If Enacted) Invite For Kmart, Sears, Ralphs Parcels?
New: DTLB Shooting: Man Is Wounded, Woman Possibly Also Wounded, In Gunfire 600 block Pacific Ave. (CD 1/Zendejas)
New / Perspective: While Long Beach City Hall Bemoans Budget Deficit (Spending Exceeding Revenue), Blames COVID-19 And Risks Spending Part Of City's Emergency Reserves, Neighboring Lakewood (Also Facing COVID-19) Shows Budget SURPLUS
Subsequent develolpment above:
Follow-Up: Here's What's Happened Thus Far On Krikorian-Commented Break-In At 85 Yr Old Woman's Belmont Shore Home By Suspect Using Her Bathroom To Take A Shower
Bullet Flies Into Occupied Church, 4100 block Cherry Ave. (just north of Carson St.)
WLB Gunfire (2900 block Adriatic/CD 7 Uranga) Strikes Vehicle, No Person(s) Hit
Mayor Garcia-Backed Dems Win Party Policy-Steering Spots, Outpoll Progressive/Indie Challengers
by Joe Brizzolara
Special to LBREPORT.com

CDC Guidance Says Schools Can Reopen WITHOUT Teacher/Frontline Staff Vaccinations With Multiple Other Protective Measures Including Possible "Screening Testing," Leaves Key Decisions To Locals
Detailed Coverage / Extended On-Demand Audio: Coastal Commissioner (LB Councilman Uranga) Motions Give City Mgm't What It Wants -- Approves Belmont Beach Aquatic Center -- BUT Coastal Comm'n Adds What City Hall Doesn't Want: Req't To Actually Implement Equity Promises -- To Be Reviewed By Comm'n Before Final Approval
Coroner Identifies LB Woman, 29, Who Died In Single Vehicle Accident (Studebaker Rd/Spring St); LBPD Says She May Have Suffered Medical Emergency That Caused Her To Lose Control
Man Is Shot/Wounded Sunday Afternoon, 5400 block LB Blvd. (CD 8/Austin)
LA County DA Spokesman Says Materials Sent In August By Grassroots Group Alleging Voter Registration Fraud By Then-Candidate Cindy Allen Remain (Under New DA George Gascon) "Under Review" (No Change From Early November Statement Under Then-DA Lacey)
In CD1 Neighborhood (15th/Magnolia) With 5 Shootings Within 5 Block Radius Since Jan 1, Officers Respond When A Man Allegedly Brandishes A Gun, Refuses To Drop It, They Shoot Him, He Dies

LBPD released photo of gun recovered at the scene
LBPD Confirms Sat Afternoon Shooting 5400 block Olive (CD 8); PD Says It's Gang Related
LIVE VIDEO and breaking events in this column. (If audio is muted on a Facebook video feed, click on displayed Facebook page for direct link.)

Long Beach's Future In Space:
A Continuing Series

Latest Long Beach Space Related News

After more than three years of delivering reliable access to orbit, Rocket Lab is planning to go public on the Nasdaq. Space is open for business. http://rocketlabusa.com/investors

Posted by Rocket Lab on Monday, March 1, 2021

We've officially completed and buckle-tested the Stage 1 Iron Bird tank demonstrator model! Check out these shots of the...

Posted by Relativity on Wednesday, February 24, 2021

For overview of LB space related firms and previous coverage, click here

Restoration firm's ad space donated by LBREPORT.com
Viewpoints By Doug Krikorian

Krikorian Notes: From A Most Surreal Development That Has Me In A State Of Giddiness---Our Beloved Long Beach Actually Now Serious About Building A New Swimming Pool After Coastal Commission Approval And Strong Endorsements From Such Local Leaders As Mayor Robert Garcia and City Manager Tom Modica and Their Political Accomplices To Mike O'Toole Doing a Solo, He-Man Rowing Act On A 32-Foot Gondola Carolina Filled With 14 People Around Naples Canals To Jill Bakerís Typical Back-to-School Delaying Tactics To My Receiving My Periodic SAG-AFTRA Residuals From My Once Flourishing Acting Career That, Sadly, Went The Way Of My Once Flourishing Radio Career
Long-Time Belmont Shore Resident Dorcas Baldwin, 85, Endures Frightening Experience Of Homeless Man Breaking Into Her Bay Shore Avenue Home And Taking A Shower Before Long Beach Cops Come To The Rescue
CIF Southern Section Commissioner Rob Wigod Hoping Gavin Newsom And His Health Department Toadies Come To Their Senses For Projected High School Sports Restart On March 19
Terry Antonelli Orchestrating Rise Of LíOpera After Its Tragic Fall In The Great Long Beach Memorial Day Pillage & Plunder Festival
Krikorian Notes: From Mayor Garcia's Spineless Speech To Jill Baker's Passing The Buck Alliance With Gavin Newsom To A Positive Long Beach Vaccination Experience To Welcoming New Neighbor George Gascon To Mike The Hammer Bludgeoning Me About Boxing To The Amazing Tom Brady
The Memorable Life Of Tommy Lasorda: From World Series Titles To Slim-Fast Diets To Obscenity-Laced Jim Healy Tapes To Pitching To Jack Clark To A Sacred Legacy Of Laughter And Success On The Ball Yards Of America
"A Lady Shrieking "Wear A Mask!" On Bay Shore Ave. Results In A Mask-Wearing Epiphany For Our Columnist
A Christmas Tale Of Reflections And Remembrances
Krikorian Notes: From New LA County DA George Gascon Moving To Naples To LBUSD Superintendent Jill Baker Continuing To Stunt Growth Of 70,000 Students To Distress Of Locked Down LB Entrepreneurs Jeff Cozart, Mike Neufeld, John Sangmeister To LBís Very Own Kato Kaelin, Steve Folger, Squiring Kelly Clarkson In Nashville
Krikorian Notes: From Joe Jost Owner Ken Buck Sounding Off On The Lockdowns To Big Ben Goldberg's Boat Parade Party In Huntington Harbor To Bob Ludlam Departing LB For Prescott -- The Leisure World of Arizona -- To LB State President Jane Close Conoley Not Faintly Resembling Her Esteemed Predecessors To Mike (The Hammer) DiMarzo Invading Miami For Nightclub Frolic To LB State Women's Soccer Coach Mauricio Ingrassia Suddenly Looking Like A Matinee Idol
When Is LBUSD Superintendent Jill Baker Going To End Her Calamitous Lockdown That Has Caused So Much Chaos And Heartache And Disruption Among 70,000 Students?
Krikorian Notes: From Councilman Rex Richardson Displaying Courage To Show Up At A Long Beach Restaurant Association Meeting To The Countless Millions Lost On Unoccupied LB Buses To LB Health Czar Kelly Colopyís Latest Mean-Spirited Edict To the Irritating Silence Of LB City Manager Tom Modica To LB Mayor Robert Garcia Ignoring His Constituents For Political Reasons To Bob The Black Labrador Parading Down The Peninsula Boardwalk Holding A Large Palm Limb In His Mouth
How Many Long Beach Restaurants Will Be Forced to Close After Latest Lockdown Lunacy?
Where's Krikorian? Temporarily On "Injured Reserve List" Recovering From Shoulder Replacement Surgery
Krikorian Notes: From Nico's George Mlouk Praising LB Mayor Robert Garcia For Working To Help LB Restaurateurs To A Plea To LB Health Czar Kelly Colopy To Restrain Her Overzealous Sleuths To Lakers Deserving NBA Title To LeBron James Turning Anthony Davis Into Passionate Competitor To Vital Contributions Of Lakers Coach Frank Vogel And GM Rob Pelinka To Sadness Of Passing Of The Great Joe Morgan And Its Impact On Maury Wills' Hall Of Fame Chances
Famous Long Beach Restaurateur Phil Trani Days Of Joyful Memories And Pandemic Miseries
Krikorian Notes: From The Irritating Silence Of The Long Beach Politicians In Not Supporting Their Citizens To The Whereabouts Of LB Mayor Robert Garcia To The Whistles Favoring The Lakers Against The Nuggets To The Greatness of Patrick Mahomes To The End Of A European Vacation Streak That Started In 1989
LBUSD Superintendent Jill Bakerís 70,000 Student Online Virtual Teaching Miscalculation A Disaster!
Krikorian Notes: From The 9 Unworthies Of The LB City Council To The LB Upstick In Shootings And Speeding To Restauranteur John Morris Horseback Riding On A Wyoming Mountaintop To The Walking Adventures Of Earth Man
Jeff Cozart's Time Of Torment: Will His Belmont Athletic Club Survive Gavin Newsomís Latest Lockdown?
Krikorian Notes: A Labor Day Elegy For Those In The Long Beach Business Community Who Were Violated In The Memorial Day Looting Frenzy To The Palm Tree Limbs Littering 2nd Street To The Scooters Littering The Belmont Shore Bridge To The Virtual On-Line Spectacle At Big Mike O'Toole's Household
Krikorian Notes: From Long Beach Mayor's Ascent To Dem Stardom Because Of Lockstep Embrace Of The Party's Policies To The Enchanting Parklet Dining On 2nd Street To Tearing Down The Hoops in Belmont Shore To Greg Silver's LB Departure To Huntington Beach To Bob Rice Protecting Me From Isiah Robertson
Don Kramer Was A Character Like No Other With His Zaniness, Goofiness, Joyfulness, Kindliness Who Left All Who Knew Him With Lasting Memories Of Slapstick Antics And Mirthful Anecdotes
Krikorian Notes: From Majority Of LB Teachers Skipping Classrooms For The Comforts Of Home To Dr. Jill Baker Becoming Another Maria Montessori To Terry Antonelli Discussing Resurrection of L'Opera To Mayor Robert Garcia Touted By MSNBC's Brian Williams As A Future U.S. Senator To Kershaw's Magical Transformation
Long Beach's Renaissance Man, Chuckie Miller, Reflects On His Entrepreneurial Life And On Racial Inequity
Krikorian Notes: From LB's Elected Leadership's Reimagining Delusions To the Gaslamp's Outdoor Wall Video Band Show To The Ghastly USC Coach, Clay Helton
FDR's Grandson, Delano Roosevelt, Talks Democratic Party, JetBlue, Long Beach And His Life
LBPD Chief Robert Luna: Stand Up For Your Fifty Ousted Cops!
What Next From Long Beach Health Boss Kelly Colopy, Hazmat Suits For Our Restaurant Servers?
Sadly, Our National Pastime No Longer A Pastime For Me
Parklets! Three Cheers For Long Beach Politicians!
Memo To LBUSD Sup Jill Baker: Return The Kids To the Classroom!
A 2 1/2-Hour Commute To Work A Joy To This 86-Year Old Gentleman
Long Beach Politicians Once Again Fail Long Beach
Is Long Beach Destined to Become the City That Never Sleeps?
I Never Thought I'd Live To See These...
Ben Goldberg Exits Long Beach, Now Nearby Refugee In OC
Long Time Long Beach Resident Dave Lopez Climaxes Storied 48-Year TV Career
From Krikorian's Notebook: When Will LB Police Chief Luna Come Clean About May 31 Downtown Long Beach Looting Frenzy?
From Krikorian's Notebook: (1) LBUSD Mgm't Mulls Keeping K-5 Kids Indoors Without Normal Access To Playground, Cafeteria, Auditorium Activities; (2) And More...
Will LB's New School Sup't Allocate Untimely Pay Raise To Serve Students?
Awaiting Governor's Dictate To Decide Fate Of This Year's (July 3) "Big Bang On the Bay"
Mayor/Council Sounds Of Silence After LB Cops Let Some Pillage Our Village
Excuses By Long Beach Police & Politicians Dishearten Damaged LB Businesses
Hallelujah! LB Mayor Pleads For Sac'to Permission To Lift Closures That Needn't Have Occurred
Speak Up, Mr. Mayor, On Governor's Unwise Edicts. You Can Do That And You Should
My Beloved Long Beach: A Victim Of Irrational Government Overreach Beyond Reasoned Response To Virus
Outrages of the Year, 2020

Opinion Outrage of the Year: Cindy Allen's Campaign Contributors. They Funded Candidate'a Evasive Responses On Major Matters Meriting Meaningful Answers
Follow-Up See Cindy Allen Campaign's Website-Listed Endorsers
Opinion / Follow-Up To 2020 Outrage of the Year Runners-Up For 2020 Outrages Of The Year; We Have Several, In Detail
Ooops, We Nearly Forgot To Include THIS 2020 Outrage: Runners-Up For 2020 Outrages Of The Year; "Long Beach State Senator Lena Gonzalez Votes To Kill SB 640 That Would Have Allowed Intervention To Treat Severely Mentally Ill Homeless."
Shooting Crime Scenes Jan 1, 2021 Forward
For June 1-Dec 31, 2020, click here.
Red = Homicides. Blue = Persons hit. Yellow = Casings found or vehicle or bldg hit

Special Report / In Depth / Amnesia File: Long Beach Had But No Longer Has An LBPD Field Anti-Gang Unit. How'd That Happen?
On LBReport.com

Long Beach Police Chief Luna Struck/Injured By Vehicle While In Walking In Crosswalk Near El Dorado Park Nature Center; He's Recovering, Driver Is Cooperating With Investigation

Subsequent development above Equity (SE LB Location) Is Key Issue In Upcoming Coastal Commission Hearing On Belmont Beach Aquatic Center
Man Shot, But Where? He Says 1500 block Henderson But Police Say No Casings Found And He's Uncooperative In Investigation
Special Remembrance: The Life and Times of Thomas R. (Tomas) Gonzales
By his wife Ginny Ransom-Gonzales, CPA
Unbroken/Unbowed Whistleblower Tomas Gonzales Towered Above LB's Electeds, Then And Now
Long Beach Had Beautiful View Of Space Station Orbiting Above, Previewed By LBREPORT.com Advisory
Mayor Garcia Signals He Favors Council Discussion Of Supernaw-Invited/Mgm't-Suggested But Not Implemented Use Of Council Committees To Curtail Public's Ability To Address Council
City of Long Beach Is Sending Inaccurate/Misleading Information To Persons It Gave First Vaccine Shots Re Up To 42 Day Delay In City Providing Second Shots; Compare What CDC Actually Says
16 Yr Old Boy Is Shot/Wounded, PCH/Pine, During Feb. 2 Council Meeting
Re Muliple Shooings: Council Seeks Mgm't Report Within 30 Days But Takes No Actions To Restore Defunded Officers, Restore Field Anti-Gang Unit
Follow the Money: These Persons/Entities Gave Money To Elect Cindy Allen In CD2 In Last Quarter Of 2020 ...And Some Gave Sums After She Was Elected; Her Campaign Reports Spending $240,000+ In 2020 To Put Her On Council
Midafternoon Gunfight - With Rounds Exchanged Between Multiple Suspects -- Sends An Uninvolved Woman To Hospital In Neighborhood West of LB Blvd., South of Market St (CD 8/Austin)
City of Long Beach Says It May Delay Second Shots Of COVID-19 Vaccine For Up To Six Weeks/42 Days. Compare What City Media Release Says With What CDC Says
By The Numbers: In Jan 2021, Per Capita 4 Long Beach Council Districts Equaled, 3 Exceeded Chicago Person-Hit Shootings
Kroger To Close Ralphs (3380 N. LCD) And Food4Less (2185 E. South) Following Mayor-Backed/Council Approved (9-0) Hero Pay Ordinance
Multiple Sources: KMart at Bellflower/Spring Plans to Close April 18
Publisher's First Person: LBREPORT.com Publisher Pearl Is Vax'd, NO Thanks to City of LB or "VaxLB"; We Explain How We Got It (65+) From LA County Dept. of Public Health
Perspective / Viewpoints

New: Independently produced VIDEO opinion ("The Memo") by Franklin Sims

Att'n LB Dems: Now's Your Moment To Apply Political Velcro To Some of Cindy Allen's Campaign Enablers. Here's How
Follow-up above
Att'n LB Dems: Want To Apply Political Velcro To Some of Cindy Allen's Council Campaign Enablers? It's Easy But You Have To Act Fast
Editorial: City Attorney's COVID Memo Omits Legal Developments, Gives Mayor/Council Political Cover To Do Nothing
Guest Commentary: My Grown-Up Votes On Ballot Measures
by Lisa Ramelow *
* Ms. Ramelow is a Long Beach writer.
"Iíve been working on staying out of politics. But I do slip every now and then..."MORE

Editorial: Eleven Years Gone, Remembering Melody Ross, Regretting Current LB School Board Election That Failed To Prioritize Ridding Campuses of Gangs

Editorial: No Longer About Explosives/Fireworks; Now It's About Lies
Might August Allegations, Downplayed By Allen During Campaign, Cost Her Newly Elected Office? Taxpayers Deserve Enforcement Agencies' Decision On The Merits
Opinion Counterpoint Councilwoman Price Says She Did -- And Does -- Support Prop 20, Cites Her Record Urging Fix For Props 47/57/AB 109 And Collecting Thousands Of Signatures to Put Prop 20 On Ballot
Opinion: Long Beach Mayor/City Councilmember(s) Could Have -- But Didn't - Agendize Item To Support Prop 20 (Reforms Parts Of Current CA Laws That Invite Business Thefts and Neighborhood Impacting Crimes)

Reference links
  • Council District Map
  • Email Your Councilmember
  • How To Recall a LB Elected Official

  • LB Elections: Follow the Money

    Measures A & B: LBREPORT.com Seeks District Attorney Review Of Long Beach Mayor/City Council Feb. 18 Actions re Measure B
    Publisher raises issue of using public resources at that meeting to promote ballot measure

    Measures A & B: Garcia-Run Campaign Has Spent Over $380,000 Since Jan 1 For Gen'l Fund ("Blank Check") Tax Measures A & B...And Some LB Arts-Related Entities (That Could Receive Ongoing Sums If Voters Approve Measure B) Recently Contributed Nearly $20,000
    8th Dist: Dollar Donnybrook: Organized Labor Spends Large Sum For Thrash-Ntuk; Business Interests Spend Big to Re-Elect Austin; Reform Ticket Challenger Ovalle Uses Contribs Mainly From Grassroots Residents
    2nd Dist Deluge: Over $120,000 Spent Since Jan. 1 To Put Cindy Allen On City Council ($70k+ From These Contribs + $50k+ From Two Indie Committees); Reform Ticket Candidate Robert Fox (Using Mainly His Own Money) Has Spent $60k+; Pearce Endorsee Lara About $10k, Barrera About $5.5k
    8th Dist + 6th Dist. These Five Entities + One Individual Just Added $42,500 To Indie Campaign Seeking To Re-Elect Council Incumbents Andrews And Austin
    8th Dist: In 8th Dist., UniteHere! Union Adds $50,000 (Producing $125,000) For Organized-Labor Indie Campaign Seeking To Elect Thrash-Ntuk
    Follow the Money: Carpenters Union PAC Adds $10k To Garcia-Run Pro-Measure A Sales Tax Campaign; It's Collected Over Half A Million To Date From These Entities To Spend Against Grassroots Taxpayers Relying On Bare-Bones Individual Efforts
    2nd Dist: These Persons / Entities Gave These Sums To Elect Cindy Allen To LB City Council (2nd Dist.)
    6th Dist: Three Unions Just Gave Nearly A Quarter Million Dollars To L.A. County Labor Fed'n Which Is Allocating Estimated $40,000 In Indie Effort To Elect Suely Saro In 6th District (South Wrigley/Central LB/Cambodia Town)
    Mayor Garcia: See Who Gave Maximum Sums To Mayor Garcia's 2026 Lt. Governor Committee (That He's Used Thus Far As A Slush Fund To Support Other Campaigns)
    Subsequent coverage above:
    These Five Entities Just Gave $170,000 More -- Producing Total Now Nearly Half A Million -- For Garcia-Run Campaign To Continue Imposing Measure A Gen'l Fund (Blank Check) Sales Tax
    Subsequent cverage above:
    8th Dist: $75,000 Labor-Backed Indie Campaign Surfaces In 8th District Backing Thrash-Ntuk
    Subsequent coverage above
    6th + 8th Dists: These Entities Funded Indie Campaign Supporting Re-Election Of Andrews in 6th, Austin In 8th
    Subsequent coverage above Measure A Sales Tax:
    LB Firefighters Union Adds $125,000 to $200,000 From Police Officers Union To Fund Garcia-Run Campaign To Permanently Impose "Measure A" (Blank Check) Sales Tax
    RecentlyA Few Weeks AgoFurther Past
    Within Most Recent Five Days (Jan. 27-31) LB Has Had Five Shootings; Three Were In Parts Of NLB
    LB has had at least 36 shooting crime scenes since Jan 1
    Nat'l Vaccine Shortage + Outcome Of Mayor Garcia Vax Policy = No LB First Vaccine Doses In February and Possibly March
    Peerspective: Facing And Fixing LB's Crime Stat Data Gaps
    City Bent COVID-19 Vaccine Rules To Let LB Mayor, Councilmembers Get Vaccinations Ahead of Prioritized Others
    For Several Days LB Health Dept. Quietly Gave Vaccinations At Day's End To Some Without Appointments
    Others 65-74 and education sector employees turned away
    Amid Public Pushback On 3701 Pacific Place (Los Cerritos) Parking/Storage Project, Councilman Austin Seeks Ambkguous Mgm't Report On L.A River-Adjacent Park Projects
    City of Long Beach Spox Admits It Has 15,000 Persons On Its 65+ Vax "Waiting List"
    Read Details Of Gov Newsom's Newly Imposed "My Turn" Vax Distrib System; It's "Don't Call Us, We'll Call You" System Letting Sac'to Decide Who Gets Vax'd Locally And When; City Hall Implements Via Its "VaxLB" Page
    No, Long Beach. It's Probably NOT "Your Turn"(Screen save VaxLB, Jan. 26, 2021.)

    Statement by the Publisher: I'm 65+, Immune Compromised With Underlying Health Issue. I Sought Vaccine Appt'ment Jan. 14. Some Got Vax'd But I Got Nothing And Undisclosed Number Of Others Got Digital Brushoff...And See What City Staffers Offered Me (And I Refused)-
    LB Health Dept. Will Use/Distribute Vaccine Lot In Which Multiple Potential Adverse Events Reported When Used Elsewhere; City Says CDC & Sac'to Have Cleared It For Use
    Gov. Newsom Says Sac'to System Will Control/Tell Residents When/Where They Can Get COVID-19 Vaccines, Also Lifts Statewide Lockdown To LA County (Despite Purple/Virus Widespread Category) To Resume Outdoor Dining, Outdoor Gyns, Hair Salons
    CD 6/Saro Shooting Targets Man And Woman Walking In 2300 block L ime; Rounds Hit/Wound Him, Miss Her
    Long Beach HAD Three Jan. 22 Shootings (Incl A Homicide)..And CD 6 Just Had Another Shooting At Midafternoon Jan. 23; LBPD Tweets It Will Use Overtime To Deploy Add'l Officers; Avoids Mentioning Mayor/Council Sept. 2020 Officer Defundi
    Man Is Shot to Death At Midafternoon, Alley/1500 block Elm (CD1/Zendejas)
    City Of Long Beach Now Admits Roughly a Fifth Of Its Residents -- Those Deemed At High Risk (Age 65+, Food Workers and Education Employees) -- May Not Get Vax'd For "Several Weeks"
    LBUSD Has Only Roughly 1,000 Vaccine Doses Currently Available For Jan 25 Vaxing Of Teachers/Related Staff Touted By Mayor Garcia
    UPDATED to include subsequent City Mgm't release
    Publisher's First Person: Mayor Garcia. City Mgr. Mum When Asked How Many Persons Are Now On City's COVID-19 "Waiting Lists" For Vaccine App'tments, How Many Are Between Ages 65-74 (CDC Priority), And With Whom Mayor/Mgr Have Communicated In DC and/or Sac'to to Increase LB Vax Supply Naming Names And Responses
    Publisher's First Person: We Heard Some Vaccine Was Available Thru LB Convention Ctr Webpage. We Tried. Here's What Happened
    Man Is Shot/Wounded Anaheim/MLK (CD 6/Saro)
    It's LB's 26th shooting crime scene since Jan.1 ed.

    Publisher's First Person: LBREPORT.com Makes Public Records Request Seeking Docs Disclosing City's Vaccine Levels, Who Got It, And How; And Today Asks Mayor And City Mgr To Publicly Disclose Number of Residents On City's Vaccine Appointment "Waiting List"

    Source: "It's Your Turn" page on www.longbeach/gopv/vaxlb page re 65-74 age group.viewed 10:30 a.m. Jan. 21, 2021.
    UPDATE: Publisher's First Person: While Mayor Holds Mass Vaccination Media Event And Some Age 65+ Are Vax'd, Many Others Report Digital Brushoffs And Delays That May Extend Into February
    A New Chapter For Queen Mary: City Hall's Operator Files For Chapter 11 BK Protection
    Did Council's two Dec. closed sessions agendized to discuss "lease amendment" violate Brown (open meetings) Act?

    Grassroots Riverpark Coalition Aims To Build Previously Planned L.A. River Park Using Public Funds/Grants, Receives Support From Assemblyman (Possible LB Mayoral Candidate) O'Donnell
    Group must first stop Council from approving neo-industrial project enabled by 2018 LUE vote by Council incumbent Austin
    Subsequent development above
    Publisher's First Person: Long Beach Mayor/City Hall Mgm't Get Vax, Some Residents Get App'tments, Others Say They Got Email/Voice Mail/Digital Brush-offs. I'm 65+ And Here's What I Encountered
    Gunfire Area 4900 block Los Coyotes Diagonal (SW of Stearns @ Beverly Plaza) Strikes Three Parked Vehicles And Two Residences, CD4/Supernaw)
    Two More Shootings: 5200 block LB Blvd (CD 8) 400 block Magnolia Ave. (CD 1)
    By our tally now 16 shooting crime scenes since Jan. 1
    Car To Car Shooting Along Cherry Ave. Between Market/South Streets Minutes Before Mayor Garcia Begins His "State of the City Message" Which Doesn't Mention Crime Or Multiple Recent Shootings
    Now It's 23 Shootings Since Jan 1: Three Shootings Within Four Hours In Central LB (CD 4 + CD 1) And NLB (CD 9), Persons Not Hit But Two Residences And A Vehicle Struck, Casings Found
    A fourth shooting (23rd) occurred under somewhat different circumstances.
    LA County Health Dept. Warns Of COVID-19 Outbreaks Linked To Workplaces Incl. Grocery Stores, Warehouses, Manufacturing And Logistics Facilities, Also Cites Increases In School Daycare Settings
    Mayor Garcia Volunteers Long Beach To Test "Universal Basic Income." Do You Support This?
    LBREPORT.com Invites Your Responses To These Questions About LBPD Violent Crime Focus And Current Mayor/Council Spending PrioritiesNow 19 LB Shootings (Two More In NLB) Since Jan 1: (1) 300 block Plymouth (CD 8), Casings Found But No Person(s) Found Hit; (2) Man Shot, Possibly In Area of Artesia/LB Blvd. (CD 9) But No Crime Scene Found a
    Now 17 LB Shooting Crime Scenes Since Jan 1: Boy Is Shot/Wounded, Multiple Vehicles And A Residence Are Struck By Gunfire, Area 10th St/Myrtle Ave. (Border CD 6/Saro and CD 1/Zendejas)
    Comes 24 Hrs After Mayor Garcia Delivers "State of City" Message With No Mention Of Public Safety Or Plan To Restore All Or Some Of 200+ Officers LB Taxpayers Had And No Longer Have
    Perspective: LB's First Murder Victim of 2021 Lived In Homeless Encampment, Just Over A Mile Due East of Multi-Million-Dollar NLB Homeless Facility
    Woman Is Shot/Wounded Riding Her Bike At Predawn, Del Amo @ Pacific (CD 8)
    Six More LBUSD Preschool Sites Report COVID-19 Cases, Districtwide Total Since Sept. 1 Nearing 200 (Employees + Students + Vendors/Visitors)
    Some Notices Include Quarantine Directive Instructing Child To Quarantine For At Least 14 Days

    Man And Woman Shot/Wounded in NLB's Coolidge Triangle (CD 9/Richardson); It's NINTH LB Shooting Crime Scene (Central LB + NLB) Since Jan. 1
    Long Beach Had 36 Murders In 2020 (Up From 34 In 2019 And Higher Than 5 Year Average); See Which Council Districts Had Most
    LBPD COVID Outbreak Impacts 13 Uniformed Employees, One Is Hospitalized
    Community Hospital License to Partially Reopen Is For Four Months. What Procedural Step(s) Must It Take To Operate Beyond With Add'l Services? CA Dept. of Public Health Says....
    LBUSD Sup't (With Six Other School Dist Sup'ts) Tells Governor: Remove Our Local School Dist. Decisionmakng, Preventing Supt, School Board Or Community Groups From Refusing To Apply Sac'to-Decided COVID-19 Reopening Standards
    LBUSD Sup't Baker says she'll provide information to School Board in closed and open session next week
    In His "State of City" Message, Mayor Garcia Fails To Mention Public Safety/Crime/Shootings (Our Updated Unofficial Tally = 16 Shooting Crime Scenes Since Jan 1) Or Looming Queen Mary Costs Oe Restoring Defunded Officers Or Requiring Community Hospital Lessee/Operator To Reimburse LB Taxpayers For $250k Public Resources (Advanced For "Elevator Repairs") While Hospital Remains Only Partially Reopened With Limited Services Under Four Month State License; Garcia Focuses On COVID-19 (In Which City Followed Directives From Sac'to/Gov Newsom And LA County )
    All House Dems -- Plus 10 Repubs -- Pass Resolution Impeaching President Trump; Next Step Awaits Uncertain Senate Action
    All House Dems (Plus One Repub) Pass Resolution Urging VP Pence To Use 25th Amendment To Declare President Trump Unable To Carry Out His Duties And Remove Him; With Pence's Refusal, House Vote On Impeachment Resolution Will Follow This Morning (Jan. 13)
    Developing; Read Them: This House Resolution Asks VP Pence To Invoke 25th Amendment To Remove President Trump; If Pence Declines, House Vote On This Impeachment Resolution Will Follow
    LBREPORT.com To Livestream Upcoming House Actions
    Following Fiery Trump Address, Mob Overruns US Capitol; Some Lawmakers Shelter In Place, Others Flee; A Woman Is Shot/Killed; When Order Restored Senate/House Complete Electoral Vote Count; Multiple Repub Senate/House Members Drop Their Previously Signaled Objections, And Join In Confirming Election Of Biden/Harris
    Cong. Lowenthal calls for impeaching President Trump
    Subsequent development above
    Community Hospital License Is For Four Months, Allows Only Partial Reopening Now, May Require Add'l Inspections For Further Services
    If You See Something And Say Something, CA's "Racial and Identity Profiling Advisory Board" Recommends Police Question YOU About Your Possible Racial/Ethnic Biases, Possibly Have YOU Apologize And Perform Community Service For Group Working With Persons Of Color Or Possibly Undergo Court Ordered "Cultural Sensitivity Training"
    Cites Police Racial/Ethnic Disparities In Police Stops/Arrests And "Bias By Proxy"
    COVID Outbreak at Fire Stn 14
    Long Beach's COVID Positivity Test Rate Hits 16% -- A Disturbing New High -- BUT 7 Day New Case Rate Dips To 117.5 Per 100k From 130.7; LB Deaths Now Total 401
    In Depth / Perspective: State Agency Docs Show LB's State Legislators Told Governor Community Hospital Was Ready To Reopen (When It Wasn't) And Sought Share Of COVID-19 Emergency Funds To Ensure Enough Capital To Pay LLC's Employees/Provide Services (Unexplained To Partially Reopen A Fraction Of Hospital's Capacity)
    A month later, LB City Council advanced LLC/operator $250,000 for repairs LLC/operator was req'd under its lease with City to pay for
    Two Shootings End 2020: NLB and Southern Central LB (Rose Park)
    If Your Neighborhood Gets Pounded (Again) By Illegal Fireworks/Explosives, Here's The LB City Council's 2020 Record On The Issue
    Community Hospital Operator, Given License For Up To 158 Beds, Will Partially Reopen Jan. 4 With 11 ICU Peds + Space For 40 Other Patients; No COVID-19 Patients, Only Prearranged Transfers Of Others From Other Facilities, No Walk-Ins, No Emergency Room For Now
    No mention in City release of repaying LB taxpayers for $250,000 advanced by April 2020 Council vote for repairs MWN's lease required LLC to pay for
    Another Wrigley Shooting In Veterans Park (Second Within 10 Days), This Time It's Drive-By With No Persons Hit
    Long Beach Health Dept Pleads With Public: Stay Home Over New Year's Weekend
    Perspective: Politics for Grown Ups/Elections Matter: In ELB's Fifth District, Former Councilwoman Schipske And Businessman John Osborn Signal They May Run; Mungo Mum
    QM Special Meeting Closed Session: (1) Councilmembers Allen, Supernaw, Mungo Not Present On Opening Roll Call, Not Immediately Clear If They Entered Meeting At Some Point Later On Queen Mary Lease Amendment Terms; (2) City Att'y Parkin Says No Publicly Reportable Action At This Time From Closed Session
    Subsequent development above
    Something's Up re Queen Mary: Council Skeds ANOTHER Closed Session Monday Dec. 28 Re Lease Amendment Terms For Queen Mary Lessee Urban Commons
    Man Is Shot/Wounded, Multiple Parked Vehicles Hit, At Least Two Houses Struck By Gunfire, NW NLB (LB Blvd/Scott St.)
    Another CD 4 (Councilman Supernaw) Shooting: Man Is Shot/Wounded In 1100 block Obispo (One Week After 14 Yr Old Child Found Fatally Shot 1400 block St. Louis)
    CA Gov Newsom Chooses CA Sec'y of State Alex Padilla To Fill Kamala Harris Senate Vacancy
    Two Saturday (Dec. 19) Shootings (1) Pike Paseo (Midafternoon) (2) Wrigley UPDATED LOCATION Veterans Park Rec Center (Mid-Evening)
    When 14 Yr Old Cambodian Child Is Found Shot To Death In Killing LBPD Investigates As Gang Related, Newly Elected Councilwoman Suely Saro -- Who Opposes Restoring LBPD's Field Anti-Gang Unit -- Says "Donít Be So Quick To Judge When 'Gang-Related' Is Mentioned" And Offers These Diversions
    Cambodian Child, Age 14, Was Fatal Shooting Victim Found Deceased 1400 block St. Louis (CD 4/Supernaw)
    Amnesia File: Includes transcript of Supernaw telling taxpayers (April 2019) to stop raising issue of Council's failure to restore LBPD field anti-gang unit
    Two More LBUSD K-5 Locations (Holmes & Signal Hill) Report Possible COVID-19 Exposures
    Two More LBUSD K-5 Locations (Buffum and Plymouth) Report Possible COVID-19 Exposures...And Buffum Closes its Head Start Program Until Reopening Jan. 4
    New LA County DA George Gascon For Grown-Ups; He Didn't Hide His Views; He Was Elected And Here's Who Endorsed Him
    City Mgm't Says Council Should Require Proponents Of Aerial Gondola Connecting DTLB With "Queen Mary Island" To Show Secured Funding For At Least 80% Of $500,000 Feasibility Study Cost
    Advises using private funding but invites seeking Port or other grants, says Council may add City funding later
    AUDIO: Councilman Uranga Offers These Gracious Words In Adjourning Council Meeting In Honor Of Tom Stout
    Fatal Shooting In Supernaw's 4th Dist: 1400 block St. Louis
    Long Beach COVID-19 Numbers Continue To Surge
    Long Beach COVID 7-Day Smoothed Positivity Rate Rises Sharply Despite City Concealing Daily Rises, Offers Public Only 7-Day Smoothed Figure Diluted By Data Up To A Week Old
    Council's Vice Mayor, Their Choice, Their Votes, But LB Voters Will Decide If It Will Help Or Hurt Possible Mayoral Run By Rex Richardson
    Councilman Richardson Agendizes Dec. 15 Council Item To Begin Steps To Rename NLB's South Street Parkway As "Pressburg Parkway," Would Recognize Years of Civic Activism by Dan Pressburg
    Inequity By The Numbers: In December Thus Far, Long Beach's CD 1 Has Had More Shootings And Homicides Per Capita Than Chicago.
    In Sept., Council voted to defund nearly 50 more officers in addition to 180+ not previously restored, including former field anti-gang unit
    Pacific6/MWN Principal John Molina Said Recent Movie Shoots Using Community Hospital During COVID-19 Crisis Surge Were "Planned Months Ago"...But City Mgm't Says Most Recent Film Shoot (Dec. 21-23) Permit Was Requested Dec. 14 And City's Special Events/Filming Office Approved It Dec. 21
    Garcia Tweets Concept of Nat'l COVID Memorial As If It's His Idea, But It's Not; Fed'l Bill Proposed It In July, NPR Article Detailed Concept In Early December
    Despite Life Endangering COVID-19 Lack of Hospital Capacity, And $250,000 In Repairs LB Taxpayers Paid For With No Req't To Do So, Long Beach Community Hospital Remains Closed And Is Being Used As A Movie Filming Venue
    City management blocks LBREPORT.com from questioning Mayor at "news conference," imposes these press restrictions

    Alarmed By COVID-19 Surge, City of Long Beach Issues Official Statement: Says Gather Only With Familymembers For Christmas, Warns Of "Even Stronger Surge" Unless Residents Make Sacrifices
    "If we donít want to see another, even stronger surge, we need to make sacrifices this holiday season. Stay home as much as you possibly can; wear a face covering over your nose and mouth whenever you are out; and whatever you do, donít gather with others outside your household, either inside or outside. Our lives depend on it."
    LBUSD Sup't Cites COVID-Surge To Continue Distance Learning/Keep Campuses Closed Thru At Least March 1 And Possibly April 12
    Three More LBUSD Campuses Send K-5 Parents Notices Their Someone On Campus [Cites Dates] Had COVID-19 And Their Child May Have Been Exposed
    Subsequent development above
    Council To Hold Closed Session Re Lease Amendment Terms For Queen Mary Lessee Urban Commons
    Now It's LB's Latest Murder: Man Shot In CD1's Drake Park (900 block Loma Vista) Dies
    He Was With A Woman Getting Items Out of Their Vehicle When Group Allegedly Confronted And Shot At Them; LBPD Provides These Details
    Another CD6 Shooting: PCH/Daisy
    Another CD1 Shooting -- Anaheim/Chestnut (Northern Edge of Willmore City Just Blocks From Drake Park Where Man Was Shot Less Than 24 Hrs Earlier)
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